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Undercover in 155

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Undercover in 155 by Fatladysing

Title: Undercover in 155
Author: Fatladysing
Summary: Scully as Delilah
Spoilers: none
Keywords: Slash (sort of)
Rating: PG
Archive: Pretty much anywhere, just let me know first.
Disclaimers: Scully is borrowed from our friends at Fox and 1013. I promise not to make any profit off the borrowing.
First Posting: October 11, 2001
Feedback: Yes, please at:
Note: For Rachel, who suggested this as a cure for writer's block.

Undercover in 155
by Fatladysing

The agents move about silently, collecting the evidence. They work around the twosome locked in a farcical standoff in the middle of the room. The smaller woman (buttons halfway undone, skirt hiked up one bare thigh) pinning the other in the sights of her ridiculously large firearm. The darker woman, her own arm extended, points an expensive Italian leather shoe at her assailant in defense and accusation.

The agents pick through glass vials and small plastic bags. The faint smell of latex and talc mixes with the sweet burn of weed and the thick scent of sex. They avert their gazes from the flushed skin exposed as the gun is shifted into a two-handed grip. Those slower to look away catch a glimpse of surgical tape and the discreet outline of a surveillance mic wrapped tightly under her breasts.

If they wonder why the auburn-haired agent let it progress so far, they do not say.

* * *



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