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All Lost Time Traveler's

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The end of the golden mile, The Worlds End. Gary King was to say the least, piss drunk. Maybe finishing this crazed idea of his alone was a bad idea... it was worth it... the coming morning was going to suck, A lot.


The Morning


The first thing Gary noticed when he woke was the headache, the pool of vomit and the glowing blue light shining right into his eyes


"You ok luv?" a cheery voice says far to close to Gary's ears for his headaches sake,

All he could manage was a long drawn, exhausted groan,

"How many did you have luv? By the looks of ya I'd say at least 7!"

"12... and can you please shut up" Whoever this was defiantly wasn't helping the hangover headaches.



It was quiet afterwords. Leaving Gary to ponder who the hell this was and what the blue glow was when he awoke. He managed to stand after a while and ended up looking out the window, Newton was nowhere to be seen nothing but a black starry void and the green of the lawn. The sign at the end of the way had a smaller sign underneath it that hadn't been there the night before. 


"Through semi blurred vision the sign read"

Welcome to the End Of The World where all lost time travellers can meet up for a friendly chat and pint.




"Fuck. My. Life." Gary muttered as a pair of phone booths phased into existence at the end of the way.



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As the phone booths became physical rather than corporeal a well dressed man in a suit stepped from one while grubby teenagers stepped out of the other. Tracer naturally, blinked out the front door sprinting past a poor alcohol addled Gary who ended up stumbling after her. The gravel driveway crunching under his feet.


“Where did you steal that T.A.R.D.I.S?”

“We didn’t steal it dude” replied a rather excited Bill

Ted finished his thoughts “It was given to us by the most excellent lords of the future”

“Cheers luvs! Whats up with the phone booths what is it 1989!” Tracer chimed in


Gary King stood in a stupor at the scene before him, orange leggings, a brown suit, a 2 terribly dressed teens. In poor Gary’s head a shitstorm was unfolding because of the situation What did I do to deserve this… maybe this is my own personal hell created because of all the sins of youth, Maybe I’m was dead, maybe---


His thoughts were cut short by the rather ragtag group of time travelers who had begun arguing about how this all came to be.


“I dunno about you loves but I’m just displaced from my time”

“We came here because… why did we come here Bill?”

“To spread our excellence of course!”

“Oh yeah”

“Well you both seem to be right friendly I don’t know about Mr Grumpy over there” The Doctor gestured to the ever confused Gary

“He’s just pissed from last night don’t worry luv!”


“What’s pissed.. Like angry or…” Bill and Ted questioned in unison

“You yanks know nothing it means the same as Arseholed, Battered, Bladdered, Blotto, Bollocksed, Canned, Cucumbered…”

“It’s a long list” The Doctor interrupted


Bill and Ted were still confused as they were quite thick and didn’t quite get the British words “drunk”. So they resorted to arguing which lead to a small fight which escalated a bit more to a pulse bomb, a sonic screwdriver and a 80’s style phone booth flying away on lighting with the words

“We’ll be back with excellent friends just you wait” Hanging on the wind


Gary King who stood and watched this display was dumbfounded but, happy. He didn’t have to talk to any Americans today. Which calls for a certain kind of celebration.


“Do you two want a pint? The taps still work”

The answer was a plain and uniform yes from the two lost time travelers.


Meanwhile in another universe


“Skynet just sent a it’s last Terminator to somewhere called nullspace 0,0,0,0,0,0,0 never mind the zero's it just keeps repeating”

“The hell is that?!?!”

“It could be coordinates to something that Skynet could use against us we should send someone after it just incase”

“Good idea sir. I'll go get Kyle ready” 


The time machine fired up and the static electrical charge fired off Kyle to dispatch the Terminator.


Both The Terminator and Kyle have no idea what they are heading into.


Meanwhile in yet another universe


“Max… MAAAAX just show me what happens when you rewind while hyped up on 8 energy drinks”

“Chloe… I don’t know it sounds bad… and I don’t want to test anything too dangerous”

“Awww… but I’ll be fun!”

“Ok… but you hold my hand so you can experience it to…”



8 Energy drinks later and the familiar red and black outline swirled around the Max and Chloe and they were whisked off to a far away pub.


Meanwhile on an alien planet in another universe


Billy Pilgrim was unlucky sure… Alien sex slave was the worst thing for him yet… until his death and rebirth as he is pulled towards an empty void.


“That’s a bar maybe my luck is turning around”