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I'll be my own hero

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"Here's the sad truth. All men are not created equally." 



Midoriya Izuku was born a quirkless alpha.

This was constantly repeated to him throughout his 15 years of living. Almost everyone knew that he was a quirkless alpha, and often felt pity for the young, undesirable teen. No beta-let alone an omega- would want him. And, why would they? They would be stuck with a quirkless, weak Alpha.  In a society where Alphas were top of the social food chain, Izuku was even lower than the quirkless omegas. Hell, some of the best-known heroes were Alphas. Being a useless alpha was a death sentence in this cruel society. At the age of 4, Izuku learned the sad truth of the beautiful yet cruel world he lived in. All men were not created equally. This was something the young teen knew from experience to be true, considering he was just beaten up again by school bullies.

Izuku lets out a whimper of pain as he stumbled back onto his feet, pain spreading throughout his face as his cheek began to swell. As he stood up with pain, a deep growl vibrated throughout his body as his inner Alpha paced back and forth from the depths of Izuku's conscience. Pure anger and hatred poured from the beast, demanding to seek vengeance on the fools who dared to challenge him. Izuku simply ignored the feeling, trying his best to soothe the beast within.

Why not fight? We're alpha. We are strong. 

We don't have a quirk. We wouldn't stand a chance. We'll find a way to prove them wrong.

The beast huffs, but doesn't say another word.

With a disheartened sigh, he began picking up his scattered school supplies and shoving them back into his battered school bag. A sad smile forms on his face as he notices his hero notebook ripped in half. This was the fourth notebook they had destroyed, at least this time he could easily repair it with tape. The other notebooks were lost for good, either being destroyed in fire, soaked in water or in one instance splattered with paint.

Once everything was placed back in his bag, Izuku dusted off the dirt from his school uniform. He attempted to fix his unruly green hair, but overall failed to make himself even slightly presentable. A tight smile appears on his face as he made his way back home. He had once again been jumped on his way home, the reason was always the same. He was the skinny quirkless alpha, the prey and toy for all who wanted to let off steam.

As he approached his apartment door he quickly uses the back of his sleeve to wipe the blood off his nose, wincing in a pain as he tries his best to be gentle. Straightening himself out, Izuku puts on a brave smile as he opens the front door and walks inside. 

“Mom I’m back.” Izuku announces cheerfully hoping his mother wouldn't suspect a thing as he took off his shoes and quickly tries to make his way to his room. Unfortunately, his fool-proof tactical retreat plan was foiled when his mother grabbed his hand stopping his motion. He stood there with his back facing her, praying she would let him go, but knowing deep down that she wouldn’t. Izuku gulped as he turned around and gave her a hesitant smile.

“ H-Hi mom.” Izuku stutters as his mother gasped at his black eye, bruised cheek, busted lip, and bloody nose.

“ Izuku!” Inko yelled, concern echoing in her voice as she gently cupped her son's freckled face turning it left and right, trying to determine how badly he was hurt.  A distressed scent was soon oozing off Inko as she watched her son wince in pain.

“Mom I’m okay. I swear I’m alri-” Izuku starts but is interrupted as his mother pulls him into a gentle hug.

“ This is the fifth time this month that you've come home looking like this Izuku! It’s not okay sweetheart. This isn’t right just because you're different !” His mother sobbed missing how Izuku flinched at the word different. The freckled boy sighs as he then releases a soothing scent to calm his omegan mother.

This prejudice has become a regular occurrence in Izuku's life. Being what he was meant he would be ostracised by everyone else who was deemed “normal” by society's standards. It was something that Izuku had somewhat accepted as being his reality, but despite it all he tried his hardest every day to not let it get to him. It was hard considering that he didn’t have any friends. But if he had his parents he was going to be okay. He had to be okay.

Mother and son hugged for a few more minutes until they heard the front door open and close.

“ I’m home.” A tired voice announces as the owner clears his throat, causing Inko and Izuku to break apart. A musky earthy scent fills the air as the older alpha made his way to the living room.

“ Oh welcome home honey.” Inko says trying to sound happy as if she wasn't just crying a few seconds ago.

“ Um hi  dad.” Izuku murmurs as he bows his head, trying to hide his injuries from his step father.

A sad sigh escapes the older man as he walks to his step son and gentle lifts his chin. Izuku closes his eyes as his stepfather pulls him into a hug inhaling the calming scent the older alpha was releasing.

“ Izuku my boy, this is the fifth time this has happened. Inko can you go get the first aid kit please?” Toshinori says to his mate as he gently leads his son to the couch and sits next to him.

Yagi Toshinori was a tall skinny man, who-known by very few people- was the number one hero, All Might. Izuku was barely 8 years old when he first met Toshinori and learned his precious hero was a lanky man with disheveled blond hair with two ridiculously long bangs. At first Izuku didn’t believe him, but soon became a believer when he saw the man transform into the taller overly muscular version of himself. Even his personality changed a bit from unenthusiastic and dull to being ecstatic and friendly. After that day, Izuku began to see Toshinori as himself rather than the hero persona he had idolized. The day Toshinori married Inko was the day Izuku accepted him as his real father despite the fact they weren't biologically related. To Toshinori, Izuku had become his son the moment he met him and it hurt to know he was being punished for being different.

“ You can change this Izuku. If you just say yes and accept one for all, then this can all go away son.” Toshinori voiced, hoping that maybe this time Izuku would change his mind.

Izuku stayed quiet staring at his hands, suppressing the need to sigh. It was the same old conversation they had whenever he came back home beaten up. Not many knew that the Hero of Peace was in fact born a quirkless Alpha just like Izuku. The only difference was that he became the 8th user of the One for All quirk in his late teens. One for all was a special quirk that was only obtainable through ingesting the DNA of the previous user, which meant eating their hair. It gave the user stockpiled power, granting them superhuman strength, superhuman speed, greatly enhanced agility, enhanced reflexes, high durability and even the ability to jump extremely high. Of course, Izuku had thought about it but it all came down to the fact that he wanted to prove to everyone he would be just fine regardless of having no quirk. Deep down Izuku did want to be a hero but he wanted to be a hero for those who were just like him, quirkless. He felt as if he would betray those who suffered just as much he did daily, and it would be cheating if he gained a quirk while others like him weren't as lucky.

He wanted to be an example and maybe hope for others like him, but in his own way.

“I really appreciate it Dad, but my answer remains the same. I know I must sound ungrateful but honestly I’m okay being quirkless. If I have you and mom, I’m going to be okay.” Izuku answers adamantly, offering a reassuring smile despite his busted lip.

A somber look crosses Toshinori's face at his son's words. As a parent, it hurt knowing his son was so isolated that he was satisfied with only having his parents by his side. If only he could introduce him to new people who didn’t know him. 

Wait a minute.

“ I got it!” Toshinori yells as he leaps onto his feet, suddenly transforming into his hero persona All might.

Izuku couldn't help but wince at All Mights boisterous voice.

“ Izuku my boy, why don’t you accompany me to U.A High as part of community service! It works out perfectly! You’ll be homeschooled for high school so it won't complicate your studies.” All Might announced as Inko walks back into the living room, first aid kit in hand.

“What?!” Izuku yelps as he scrambles up from the couch.

“Why would I do that? People would take one whiff of me and know I’m an alpha. Then they’ll start asking questions about my quirk and you know how horrible I am at lying.” Izuku rambles anxiously as All might dismissively waves off his worries.

“ Izuku you’ll be visiting a school where the kids hide their scent with soaps or suppressants. Its bullet proof!  You’ll finally be able to make friends!” All Might happily exclaims as he pulls Izuku in for a bone crushing hug. Izuku lets out a whimper knowing that no matter what he says his father wouldn’t listen.

He could only hope things won't end in disaster.

Little did Izuku know that disaster was Todoroki Shouto's middle name.