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Asch was sitting in a warm cave with Thunders while their husbands went out hunting with the clan, Finnik and Asch were guests of the Frostwolves and Thrall had them stay close. Thunders was sitting snugly by the fire, nursing Thrall's third son, Phera.


The Warchief had been busy with his wife, her belly poked under the furs and Asch touched her own flat stomach, Thunders notices and giggles. "They will come, do not fear" Asch doubted that, showing it upon her face. Thunders shifts, and pretty purple skin hidden by her dress is revealed, a funny looking marking pasted on her belly. Asch tilts her head, blinking, "what is that there?" Thunders looks down, holding her son steady. "Oh! This?" The Nightelf pulls her robes down further, exposing a brown circle with symbols. Left was a small flame, the top was wind, the bottom was water, the right earth and in the middle of her stomach was a symbol for a lightening bolt.

"You'll think it's silly," she says while putting her son in the furs. "It's a blessing all Shamen paste on their mates, it's suppose to bring fertility...." Thunders runs her hands over it lovingly. "It must work, I've been given three boys!" Asch blinks, the ink looks washable, easily taken off. The brown contrasted the elves skin, but the mere fact of its being made Asch feel strange and jealous. Finnik was a Shamen too, he had never done such a thing. "It's to bring babes? When do you put it on?" Thunders fixes her robes back in place and answers with a cheery smile, "before we make love, Thrall draws the ink on, he's asking the elements to bless our coupling and quicken my womb. Now he just asks for another healthy babe." Thunders leans toward her, a sly smile, "he's wants a boy but I can ask the elements of things as well- I want a girl!" Her giggling only makes Asch frown more.

Finnik has never once tried this when they made love, Asch has tried Bloodelf remedies, herbs and salves, nothing has worked so far. Thunders didn't seem to notice her cloudy mood as the horns blew, the hunt has returned. The Wintersaber behind Thunders picks it's massive head up at the noise, looking lazily at the thin mouth of the cave, licking his teeth. Silver has been with Thunders for many years, though the Saber was young still it had aged with knowledge. Asch had been only recently chosen by one of the Frostwolf Cubs, the little beast was tripping on his paws and yipping at the entrance as the hunters passed. Asch had chosen Havoc as a fitting name for the creature.

When Thrall and Finnik returned they were smiling and boisterous, hauling a massive stag to the back of the cave "my love!" Thunders beckons as they place the beast on the table. Asch watches as the two embrace, politely because of their guests. Finnik chuckles warmly, washing his hands in a clay bowl full of water while watching them. Yellow-Ear saunters in with Snowsong, both wolves have their luscious chest fur and muzzles covered in pink from blood, Havoc yips and prances toward them. "I'll be back in the morning to help you skin the beast." Finnik says, Asch gathers herself, knowing that he wanted to part. to give Thrall and his wife the privacy.

The other Orc claps his hand on Finnik's shoulder, telling him to get rest and have a warm night. Thunders says a small goodbye and Asch shares it, Finnik ushers her out with his wolf not far behind, Havoc cradled in her massive jaw.

Asch's frown sets deep as they enter their cave, Finnik notices and tilts his head "what's wrong?" Finnik was a handsome man, Orc he may be but very pleasing to look at. His jaw was set and covered in a black beard, short and kept nice, it extended beside his ears and up to his matching hair. Finnik kept his hair long and in a fox tail, with two long trails that were threaded with feathers and beads, braided nice and tied simply. His eyes were a shade of blue, Asch could never tell which blue, they always seemed to change from laser to sky, then cobalt to ice. Right now they were warm and deep, like an ocean. His tusks were kept sharp, silver rings were cut through them and placed around, much like the matching earrings he wore on his tall ears.

Asch never thought she would marry an Orc, a Bloodelf was suppose to marry another Bloodelf, and have pretty babies. Not an Orc. Asch was peachy skinned and green eyed, pale snow hair and had a perky nose. She was small compared to her husband, his arm was bigger then her torso, but that hadn't stopped her from loving him. Though, she was angry with him now.

Asch huffs, staring at him with squinting eyes, Finnik holds his hands out to her, but she arches away. "Thrall places a blessing on Thunders' womb every time they make love- she says it's a Shamen thing. Why don't you?" Finnik looks shocked, then confused and strange all at once, as if he doesn't understand her question. "What?" He manages through winded surprise, Asch narrows her eyes further and props her hand on her hip, "I know you know what I mean Finnik! It's a fertility symbol! Why don't you do it to me?! Don't you want me having your babies?!" Finnik stares at her with big eyes, those blue beautiful eyes, he stumbles over his words before whispering: "you... Want to have m-my babies...?"

Asch ignores his question and throws her hands up, "it probably doesn't even work does it? But the mere fact you didn't think to do it makes me upset! You don't want a family do you?" Again, Finnik's expression continues to spiral into deeper confusion and he asks the same again, "you... You really want my babies?" Asch scowls deeply. "Of course I do! What did you think I wouldn't? I'm not barren or too small- if that's what you're worried about! I can carry an Orc child! I married a Clan leader- I know what that means you know! You need an heir!" Asch was steaming, almost yelling at him as she ended her rant.

Whether or not Asch wanted a baby was out of her control, she had to have one so Finnik's clan had another leader, that was her duty, like her mother always said. Spread your legs and breed, little one. It's your duty as a wife to give your husband sons. Asch had been told this before, she knew it was expected of her, even more then it would have, now she was married to an important man. Her mother would be proud if she knew, disgusted by the fact he was an Orc, but still proud. Bloodelves crave status and power, Asch didn't much. Finnik has given her the ear of the Warchief and great standing. Though he was an Orc, her father would say power was power. Asch does not believe her father would be pleased with Finnik.

"I... I didn't think you..." He was slow, like his brain was catching up. "That you... I'm an Orc..." Asch snorts at this "I know that! What of it?" Finnik stares at her as if she was crazy "it's one thing to marry an Orc... You're a Bloodelf, their babies aren't... Orcs" Asch's mouth hangs open, then snaps shut. Finnik thought...

"Finnik Hellhammer I married you because I like Orcs! Do you think I'd hate our baby because it might look like you?!" There was shame ghosting his face and Asch knew without him saying it that it was exactly his thought. Orcs may not be the most attractive when compared to Bloodelves, but if she wanted to marry her own kind her father would have saw to it. Finnik was quiet, probably embarrassed by himself and his foolish words. Asch sighs, softening a little, "I married a silly man." Finnik perks up as she walks toward him and touches his face with soft fingers, cupping his cheeks. "This is why you're so afraid to fill my womb? That a pretty Bloodelf shouldn't be reduced to carry an Orc baby?" She makes a tisking sound and runs her thumb across his furry cheek, ruffling his groomed beard. "I want to give you litters Finnik, our babies will be as handsome as their father, as strong too. Let me give you sons." Finnik looks dizzy from her words, but bounces back with a deep growl and picks her up in one swift motion.

Asch gasps as shes picked off the ground like nothing. Finnik grabs her bottom in his hands and squeezes the flesh, carrying her to the big bed full of furs. She's dropped with playful roughness, his gaze unblinking and lustful. Asch yips as her dress is pushed upward roughly with his hands, "my pretty mate." Finnik says lovingly, smelling her skin and kissing her belly, "stay put." He says before vanishing into the room.

"You want my baby? I'll give it to you pretty elf." Finnik rips the silky dress and throws the remnant on the cave floor. His other hand is poised to paint with the clay like paste. It was artful and felt warm, her pink belly was marred with the funny substance and Finnik muttered a few prays in Orcish before smiling devilishly at Asch. His fingers rub between her folds, running slick and easy, "so wet." Asch whimpers as his fingers probe.

It didn't take long for Finnik to find himself atop her, thrusting his cock between her thighs and sucking lewd marks into her flesh. "N-Not where they can s-see." She moans helplessly, arching her neck into his preying mouth. Asch was thrashing about under him, moaning and shaking as he fucks into her with abandon, her little hips try and match him, but Finnik traps her, forcing her still. She protests, trying harder, but the little elf is no match for him, so she whines and nips his skin. Finnik snarls, ripping himself away from Asch before flipping her onto her belly. Asch gasps as he pushes his full length back inside her, his wide hands forcing her hips up to him. Asch's back was bowed harshly, Finnik's hips jolt her forward and Asch shivers with pleasure.

Her mother had promised pain from this, warned her to be good and wait for her husband to finish. Finnik never finished without her and he never hurt her. Finnik always assured her pleasure over his own. Orcs were savage and carnal in their couplings, Asch's body was used and spent each time Finnik had his way, but it didn't feel like what her mother described. It didn't feel like he was taking what was rightfully his, not abusing her body for his pleasure and need. It felt like they were one, that he was sharing with her. Asch felt equal, even as he bent her over like a dog and held her down with a firm hand. Asch could easily break free and have Finnik beneath her, he would surly enjoy the sight of his little mate in his lap but Asch liked the warm feeling of his body looming over her.

Wives of Orcs were equal to each other in their culture, in estate and titles, what Finnik was, Asch was as well. She was granted wife of the clan, named so and commanded the respect. If Asch had married one of her own, she would have been the wife of them and her estate would be flooded into his.

Asch had been given power she had no idea how to wield, but Thunders had said it wasn't pertinent she need too. Much like her own culture, it would be Finnik who would do it for her, though it was nice to have the choice. So Asch was content with her power as she was pressed to the sheets and rammed into. Finnik was rough with her, but it never hurt. Hopefully soon, with much vigor and Shamen spells, she would be clan mother and carry their first baby.

Finnik's breath was ragged and short, "I want to have you all night" he whispers into her ear, tugging the tip. Asch jolts, a straggled noise escaping her gaping mouth. Her eyes were half lidded and cloudy as Finnik lewdly swipes his tongue along her spine, the familiar burn in her stomach coming back as he thrusts deeper. Petting her hip with his hand, slowly moving to tease her cunt with the blunt of his finger.

"H-Harder! Deeper! Please!" She babbles, Finnik's finger swirls around her nub, humming. "Too hard and I'll break you" his voice was strained, but he chuckles anyway. Asch thrashes, head shaking, wiggling her hips into him. Finnik's cock shoves deeper inside, but his pace doesn't grow, Asch huffs angrily. Finnik could hurt her, she knew that danger when she met him. Knows it now as he's on top of her. She can't help but tingle at the thought, no male elf could, no matter how rough, they could never hurt her like an Orc might. Finnik was a powerhouse of bulky muscle and strength. Orcs were built for abuse and tremendous labors. Bloodelves were dainty, even men. Asch wasn't suppose to like rough and harsh sex, she was soft and sweet, certainly not suppose to get sweaty and have muck painted on her pretty skin. Mother would hate Finnik, she knew it with all her being. Daddy would roll over and die if he heard his baby girl liked being fucked on her belly like a bitch in heat.

Daddy would try and kill Finnik when they met, but the two had to meet at some point. Asch couldn't pretend they didn't exist. Her brother Eli might be harsh, probably fight with Finnik. Finnik would go easy on him, because now her stupid brother was his family and Orc's treasure family. No matter how foolish. Asch enjoyed the simplistic nature of Orc's, they took care of one another and loved the earth. Bloodelves were tricky and underhanded, it was exhausting to deal with the politics. Orc's were straightforward, they fight, they make up, foulness forgotten. Bloodelves never forget slights, no matter how small. Asch's neighbor still scowls at her, because Asch had stepped on flowers. Asch paid for the replacement and apologized, but that doesn't matter to elves.

Asch would be tired and sore tomorrow, but she had been today as well, she cornered Finnik each chance she got, because they wouldn't get to when they arrived in Silvermoon. Daddy might not even let them sleep in the same room. Asch hoped not. Orc men get uneasy when their mates aren't by their side, at least from past experiences they don't. Asch knows Finnik is snappy when she isn't around, she tempers him as he likes to praise, keep him stable and in tune with the elements.

Finnik would be restless in a bed without her and be snappy because of sleepless nights. He has been before when she couldn't be with him, Thrall says he's near insufferable, but Thrall is the same way. All Orcs must be. Thunders says so too. Asch hasn't met many other wives to confirm her theory further.

Asch gasps loudly as Finnik picks her up and holds her too him. Growling in her ear, Asch crashes with him, feeling his cock throb and gush inside her, cupping her belly.


Finnik rode close to her on Yellow-ear as Asch held the reins of her Hawkstrider. Thrall and Thunders had let them part, they were close to Silvermoon now and Finnik became grumpy. "They aren't that awful," Asch huffs, knowing it didn't matter to him. Finnik gives her a long stare before answering, "liar. Your father might think I'm your guard but we have to tell them. They will be awful." Asch bit her lip, her father didn't know about their marriage, he wouldn't like it anyway and call it fake. Without the papers or proof, Finnik and Asch weren't married by Bloodelf standards. Though their union was very real to Trolls, Orcs, Tauran and Forsaken, her father would scoff and say that getting married by a Shamen surrounded by dirt could hardly count as an actual ceremony, dismissing the whole thing.

Asch was worried, Finnik took her virginity the night they married, her father would be furious since he'd consider her unmarried. He would say horrible things to him and call Asch a whore. He had done so before to her little sister Vela, after she had only kissed the bread makers boy. Asch had later found out through her giggling sister that he had not only just kissed her. Asch had giggled with her, knowing the boy was harmless and out for her sisters best interest, but having no estate Vela couldn't marry him. Father wouldn't allow it and seek out a better match, unknowing Vela was spoiled. Asch's father had tried with her many times, desperately trying too get her too marry, he could make the match, but could not force her to say yes.

It frustrated him, so much in fact that he had grown to disregard his first daughter. Donating his time to Eli instead, also forgoing Vela for being a lost cause and a whore, so he says. Eli was his golden child, blond and sculpted. Eli never disappointed their father, but still loved his sisters, sometimes even attempting to quell their fathers rage when wrought against either sister, usually it worked. Asch was certain when she bought her Orc husband into the mix to meet her dear parents that Eli's skill against their father would not work in the slightest.

Silvermoon was dazzling, colored in bright pearl whites and lavish sheer silks, from deep blood reds to velvet purple. Asch was always taken by it, Finnik was scowling harshly at everything that passed him. The wolf her husband was riding looked as uneasy as her master. Asch tuts, sighing while looking at him, "please my love, we'll get through this." Finnik snorts, "maybe." He still looks fowl "thank gods I didn't get you pregnant. They'd have my head." Asch puckers and straightens, hiding no anger she felt for his statement.

By the sheepish gulp, he knew as well. "Asch... you know what they would say." Asch did. They would say it was rape and make a huge seen, shame Finnik and possibly disown her.

Her home was the biggest in the district, her guards greeted her, ushering them inside. "I'll take your mounts," Asch gave him the reins of her Hawkstrider, while Finnik snarls. "She is no mount!" The guard upturns his nose, "the wolf cannot go inside." Finnik juts his jaw, "Yellow, off be back by sun down." The wolf would find a place to sleep, Asch watched her trail off with simple twitch of her tail and Finnik stood tall by Asch's side. "Is Eli home?" The guard smiles lightly, "yes, the young master is in the flower grounds with Lady Vela." Asch smiles, looking at Finnik. "Let's go see them, come." Asch tugs him, knowing by heart the way. Finnik loved nature as a Shaman, Asch could feel his shoulders relaxing as they cut through the trees and flowers.

Asch perked up when she saw the black fluffed hair of her sister peaking out of a cherry tree. "Vela!" Finnik let her go and sauntered quietly behind as the other girl jumped up, flowers of all color in her bushy hair "Asch?" Vela gasps, "Eli, Asch is home!" Another elf emerges, hair full of blossoms, winding around his long pale hair. "And she's brought ah- she's brought someone!" Vela comes to her sister, hugging her tightly, Finnik stays close behind. Asch looks at him, flushed cheeks and pretty smile. "Eli, Vela this is my husband. Finnik Hellhammer." The two look at him with the same wide green eyes, blinking at his frame like they had never seen an Orc. Maybe that was true, maybe the two had never. Yet, they surprised him and smiled, Vela giggling "my, we thought she'd never." Eli says teasingly "a mysterious adventurer is he?" Eli chuckles warmly, "Asch said she was always going to marry an adventurer." Asch colors brightly at this, Finnik eases, offering a smile himself. "I am, in fact I found her on one of many exploits. Caught in a tree." Eli goads him into telling the full story, completely revealing in his little sisters embarrassment.

"And she doesn't drive you crazy?" Finnik sits on the stones, "of course not."