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this kid

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this kid

this kid thinks he loves you
and in another world maybe he could have
but not in this one

in this world you're a broken peice of nothing
you're burned out and
beaten up, too many scarswheredthisonecomefrom?

he deserves something pure
someone who fits with him smoothly not
rough ragged ripped like you are
not beast burden brash like you are

you don't know what i need,
he spits,
 but you beg to differ
because weren't you him ages
bright-eyed brilliant brazen

you wonder what you'd be
if that woman who
hadn't put her fithy hands on
filthy you
would you still be bold beautiful breathtaking?
or would some other vice
have destoyed you instead?

but it's too late
for thoughts that make you
want to
scream sob snarl

so you push his
long fingers off your arm and
move past and hope he
moves on
(he doesn't move on and soon
you stop pushing)