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Negan One-Shots

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“Fuck you,” you snarl as Negan points the bat in your face. “Quit fucking talking and use it if you’re going to use it.”

He grins. “Well, well, fucking well!” he drawls. “You’re a fucking spitfire, aren’t you? I fucking like that.”

“It’s not going to do you any fucking good,” you retort. You cross your arms across your chest, then reach out and poke the end of the bat with one finger.

“I knew you were fucking chicken,” you add sharply.

His eyes narrow. “I am not fucking chicken, sweetheart,” he growls.

“Then fucking prove it.”

He stands slowly, sucking his teeth.

Then he yanks you up by the collar of your jacket, dragging you after him as he exits the trailer.

He stops, throwing you forward so you land on your back in front of your people.

He hits you in the shoulder with the bat. It smarts, and you’ll definitely have a bruise, but you can feel that there’s no permanent damage. Your leather jacket even protected you from the barbed wire.

The next hit embeds the bat in the ground right next to your head.

“If you wanna fucking die, doll,” he hisses, “fucking do it yourself. You’re not going to fucking goad me into fucking doing it for you. Now are you going to fucking cooperate or not?”

“Make me,” you dare him through gritted teeth. You may not have a choice, but you’re not going to make it easy for him.

“Oh, honey.” He smirks. “I love a challenge.”

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“You made gingerbread zombies?” Negan wonders, picking up a cookie that appears to be artfully missing an arm.

“Yes?” you answer him uncertainly. He catches the curious lilt in your voice and smirks.

“What happened?” He chuckles, coming over and wrapping an arm around your waist, kissing your temple affectionately.

“They brought the daycare to see the kitchen and apparently the kids thought it would be less conspicuous to just eat a few limbs off of each cookie instead of stealing them whole.”

“Little fuckers are too fucking smart for their own fucking good,” Negan observes. He turns the little man over in his hand, studying it. “It’s still pretty fucking cool, though.”

He chomps off the head, swallowing before he wiggles what’s left in your face. “Now he can’t bite anybody.”

“Thank goodness you’re here to save us all,” you tease.

Negan winks at you. “You’d be fucking doomed without me,” he agrees.

“You’re humble too,” you joke, nudging him with your shoulder. “I don’t know why I put up with you.”

Negan leans down and nuzzles your cheek playfully. “Because you like my fucking dirty sense of humor and I fuck you so fucking good,” he whispers, clasping his other arm around you and raining kisses all over your face.

You giggle as Negan lifts you onto the counter, pushing your skirt up and pulling your panties down as he shoves the rest of the gingerbread in his mouth.

“I ate my cookie,” he announces, grinning wickedly between your thighs. “Now I’m going to eat you.”

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You’re leaning against the headboard of Negan’s bed. The only sound in the room is your knitting needles clicking away. He found a store on his last run and brought you back a whole truckload of yarn and other supplies.

When the door opens, you glance up excitedly, slipping carefully to the edge of the bed, the blanket you’re working on covering your stomach and thighs. Negan sighs, running his bare hand through his hair. Lucille is hanging at his side and his leather jacket is still on. He’s clearly tired, but he smiles at you.

“Hey there, honey,” he murmurs. “You okay?”

You nod shyly, smiling back at him. “Something happened while you were gone,” you tell him, setting the blanket aside and standing up. His eyes widen and his smile broadens until it reaches his eyes. They sparkle as he looks at you proudly.

“I like that,” he purrs, tilting his head to the side. “Damn, sweetheart. I could look at you all day.” He twirls his finger in the air. “Turn for me?” he requests, and you gladly oblige, blushing.

Negan sets Lucille aside and starts to undress until he’s in nothing but his boxer briefs. You move the knitting off the bed. Then he’s behind you, slipping your shirt over your head so you’re only wearing your bra and panties. He drops a kiss on your shoulder, his large, strong hand cupping the newly visible swell of your tummy as he pulls you back against him, rocking you back and forth gently.

After a moment, he lifts you, settling your body into the nest of sheets, blankets, and pillows he’s amassed on the bed over the past few months to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible. He crawls in next to you, resting his head on your belly, caressing it with his hand. You shiver a little and he looks up at you, concerned. “Honey?” he whispers, and you smile at him again.

“It feels nice,” you answer quietly, and he smiles again too, pressing a kiss to your soft, tight skin.

“Do you think the baby’s a boy or a girl?” he wonders. You stroke his hair and shake your head.

“I don’t know yet. Dr. Carson says we should be able to find out in a month or so.”

“Okay, sweetheart.” He brushes his nose against you. “Now relax. I’m going to sing to my favorite girl and my baby.”

You lean back, closing your eyes, still stroking his hair. You giggle and feel him grin against your skin in response as he softly starts to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

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You’re on your knees, just like he ordered, your head bowed. You keep your hands from shaking by balling your skirt up in your fists and pressing your fingers into your thighs. What you can’t control are your eyes. Your gaze is fixed on him, following every movement he makes. He’s perfectly in control, and you doubt that there’s anything anyone could do that would shake him.

“I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse,” he says. “You people have been surviving out here for a long time, and that’s impressive. That means you can be useful to me, and I can damn sure be useful to you. So here it is. You come work for me. You provide for me, and you reap the benefits.” He pauses, his eyes sweeping over your group. “Any takers?”

You carefully glance to your right, waiting to see who will answer. Your situation isn’t good; you don’t have much left, and your base is a joke. Whatever he has, they should all want it. But they’re stubborn, so they’re trying to resist.

“Really? Nobody?” He surveys the line, his tongue making a sucking sound against his teeth. “Well, that’s no good.” He lets the bat fall from his shoulder and taps it against his leg, and then he tilts his head as his attention falls on you. Your breath catches in your throat as he leans down in front of you, balancing the bat on the ground and resting his wrist on it.

“How about you, doll?” he wonders, grasping your chin in his gloved fingers and lifting your face so he can look at you. “Damn, you are a pretty little piece. Tell me what you’re thinking, honey.”

You take a deep breath, licking your lips before answering. “I think it’s a good offer, and that we should take it,” you answer. You try in vain to keep your voice steady, but it quivers.

“Mmm,” he chuckles. “You’re smart.” He brushes his thumb over your lips and you can’t suppress a gasp at the feel of the rough leather against your soft skin. “I have a better offer for you,” he reveals, his eyes glinting mischievously.

“A better offer?” you ask, your voice barely above a whisper.

He nods. “Ever been married, sweetheart?”

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I met Negan at the end of the world when he tried to drown himself in my ocean.

I pulled him from the waves and swam him back to the beach, where I sat by his side until he woke up.

He was angry. The dead were walking, he’d lost his wife, and nothing mattered to him anymore.

He said that as soon as I left, he would just try to die again.

So I shed the skin from my shoulders, handed it to him, and told him I was going to stay.

He was confused, of course, until I explained what I was.

I’m a selkie. A creature of the sea. We’re lured by the saltiness of tears, and can be trapped when a human takes our skin.

It’s rare that a selkie chooses to leave the ocean by sacrificing their skin.

But I was happy to give Negan mine.

I still don’t know what he did with it. Traditionally, selkie skins are hidden by the humans who take them so that the selkie can’t return to the sea. The most desperate will burn them so they can’t ever be retrieved, which means the selkie can never go back home.

I know Negan didn’t burn my skin. He wouldn’t want me to close that door forever.

I miss the ocean every day.

I would miss Negan more.

But now it’s really over.

The dead have won, and everything is gone.

Except for us.

So we’re sitting on the beach, back at the end of the world, where it all started.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save the world,” Negan apologizes softly.

I lean my head against his shoulder. His leather jacket is warm.

“It was never your job to,” I reply. “But I’m proud of you for trying.”

He smiles sadly. “At least I can still save you.”

He slowly strips his jacket off and drapes it over my shoulders.

I look at him curiously, but before I can ask, the lining of the jacket brushes gently against my bare arms and my body grows cold.

“You were wearing my skin all this time?” I ask quietly.

Negan nods. “I wanted it close in case you needed it.” He takes my hand, lifting it to his lips and kissing it. “Now you can go home.”

Tears start to drip down my cheeks. “I don’t want to leave you,” I whisper. “Home doesn’t mean anything without you.”

“You have to,” Negan protests gently. “The herd is coming. You’ll die.”

“I don’t care, as long as I’m with you.”

“I care.”

“But what will happen to you?” I wonder. We’ve lost all of our weapons. Negan doesn’t even have his knife anymore.

“I’ll be fine.”

“You won’t be fine. They’ll tear you apart.”

“I’ll be fine,” he repeats. “As long as I know you’re out there.”

He’s never truly understood the depth of my feelings for him. He doesn’t think he deserves to be loved.

“But I won’t be fine,” I murmur. “Not without you.”

I get up and stand at the edge of the ocean, letting the tide wash over my feet. My whole body is tingling.

Now that I have my skin back, the ocean is calling to me.

Negan embraces me from behind and presses a gentle kiss to my neck. “You will be. Promise me that you’ll go on, even without me. Promise me that you’ll remember me. Promise me that you won’t give up.”

“Like you are?” I’m bitter. I know I shouldn’t be. He’s out of options.

I just wish I could change that.

“I’m sorry.” I fold my arms and stare at the horizon. “I just don’t want it to be this way.”

“I know.” Negan turns me to face him, tucking my hair behind my ears and cupping my face in his hands. He kisses me tenderly, deeply. “I love you.”

That’s when I know he’s really saying goodbye.

He’s never said he loves me before.

“I love you, Negan,” I sob, burying my face in his chest. He’s cold and he’s weak, but he’s still the man I remember from that first day. “I wish I could bring you back to the sea with me.”

He looks over his shoulder. I can hear the herd in the distance; they’ll be here soon.

“Take me with you,” Negan decides.

I shake my head. “You’ll die.”

“I’m going to die anyway.” Negan sighs. “When I met you, I was trying to drown myself.” He strokes my cheekbone. “Help me finish what I started.”

I want to say no. How can I agree to help him die? Even if it’s the only choice left, I don’t know if I have the strength.

And I wasn’t lying. My life is going to be meaningless without him.

That helps me make a decision.

“I will,” I give in. “On one condition.”

I slip out of his jacket and drop it on the beach before taking his hand and stepping into the waves.

He tugs me back. “You’ll drown without your skin, Robin.”

I look at him longingly; my eyes are full of tears again.

“I know, Negan.”

“No, Robin. Don’t.” He starts to cry and I pull him to me, pressing my cheek against his.

“You can survive,” he argues. “Put on your skin. Go back to the sea. Please.”

“You can’t make me.”

The waves lap over my toes, and before Negan can protest again, I start to sing.

How much do I love you?
I’ll tell you no lie
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

How many times a day do I think of you?
How many roses are sprinkled with dew?

Negan smiles sadly as he continues the song.

How far would I travel
To be where you are?
How far is the journey
From here to a star?

And if I ever lost you
How much would I cry?
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

“All right,” he relents. “We’ll do it together.”

I look back; the herd is closer and louder now.

“Do you think we’ll turn?”

“Probably. We don’t have anything that will destroy our brains.”

“At least we’ll be together.”

It’s the last thing either of us says.

We tangle our fingers together and walk into the waves.

We move slower and slower as we get deeper and deeper.

Finally, when my feet won’t touch the bottom anymore, Negan takes me in his arms, holding me tightly against his chest.

He wades as far out as he can. When his feet won’t touch anymore, he keeps going, forcing us down into the water.

Drowning is peaceful if you don’t fight it.

So I breathe in and let my lungs fill. Negan does the same.

My tears could fill a million oceans as I feel him die in my arms.

It takes me just a little longer; even in my human form, I’m more adapted to the water.

We sink further. The seaweed tangles around our legs, holding us tightly in place.

The sea grows dark as the sun sets on everything.

But at least we’re together.

Here in the ocean at the end of the world.

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You sit under a tree just outside the walls of Alexandria, holding the squirming bundle of fur against your chest. “I know you’re hungry, Pres,” you tell the puppy. “Here you go.” You give the dog the little bit of food you’ve been able to save from your own rations and he starts to eat eagerly.

You wish you could bring him inside to your house, but you can’t risk anyone seeing him. You haven’t been here that long, so you don’t know anyone very well, and you’re afraid they would tell you that they can’t afford to waste resources on a dog, especially now that you’re giving supplies to Negan. But the tiny chocolate lab is so sweet that you can’t resist.

Once he’s finished eating, President curls up against your neck and puts his little head under your chin. You hold him, petting him gently and nuzzling his ear.

You’re so absorbed that you don’t notice Spencer until he’s right in front of you.

“What’s that?” he wonders incredulously. You just manage to suppress the urge to roll your eyes.

“It’s my dog,” you reply worriedly. He arches an eyebrow, clearly sensing an opportunity.

“Your dog, huh? I’m sure Rick wouldn’t be pleased about this.” A nervous knot settles in your stomach as Spencer confirms your earlier thoughts and the corner of your mouth twitches. Of course he’s going to make you ask.

“Please don’t tell Rick?” you sigh. “I’ve been feeding him off of my rations. I’m not taking anything extra.”

Spencer looks you over, licking his lips lasciviously. “I won’t tell Rick,” he relents, “as long as you do something for me.”


Later that week, you’re in your kitchen when Spencer comes to collect. He walks in the front door without asking, standing behind you and pressing his erection against your bottom.

This is what you had expected. You don’t have much else to give, after all.

And honestly, you don’t mind. Spencer is an ass, of course, but he’s attractive enough, and a good orgasm never hurts, as far as you’re concerned.

You hear the snap of a condom being put on; as Spencer pulls your panties down to your knees and proceeds to push into you immediately, you realize that you probably aren’t even going to get an orgasm out of this at all, let alone a good one. At least the condom is lubricated.

You’re tempted to say something sarcastic, or lean your elbow casually on the counter so you can put your chin in your hand as a sign of boredom, but you resist. If you upset him, he might go back on his promise.

He might do that anyway, but you’re certainly not going to bring it up and give him the idea.

You glance up the hall when you detect movement out of the corner of your eye, not expecting to see a very tall man in a fitted leather jacket leaning in your doorway. Then you note the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire slung casually over his shoulder and realize who he is.


He clearly observes how disinterested you are in Spencer thrusting into you from behind. Spencer pulls out before he finishes, you make a face that gets Negan to start laughing, and Spencer finally catches him watching. You guess that Spencer is making his own face now, judging by Negan’s reaction, but your gaze is firmly settled on him, so you couldn’t care less about what Spencer is doing.

Everyone had failed to mention how extraordinarily handsome Negan is. Besides being tall, he’s lean and toned, with thick dark brown hair that boasts a faint smattering of gray. His hazel eyes look almost golden in the sunlight, and boy, does he have dimples. Wow. He’s clean-shaven, so they’re perfectly visible and sinfully adorable. Yes, please.

Unlike Spencer, who’s basically a glorified frat boy, Negan looks like a man who actually knows how to use his dick.

Spencer finally sputters behind you, but Negan lets the bat swing down from his shoulder and clicks his tongue against his teeth. “Don’t even fucking think about it, pretty boy,” he cautions. “Get the fuck out of here.” You have the extreme pleasure of watching Spencer scurry away.

Well, at least you got some kind of satisfaction out of the experience.

You look at Negan curiously, reaching down and slipping your panties back into place before smoothing the skirt of your dress. He tilts his head and looks at you. “Wanna tell me what the fuck that was fucking about, sweetheart?” he inquires, slowing walking toward you. “Did you want him to do that?” He points after Spencer with the bat. He seems genuinely concerned.

You shrug. “Sort of?” you answer uncertainly.

Negan raises an eyebrow. “Fucking explain before I go fucking knock his fucking block off.”

For a split second, you think about not explaining, but then you give in. “It was in trade for a secret he kept for me,” you admit. “I found a puppy just outside the walls. I keep him out there in a hollow tree, and I’ve been saving part of my rations for him. Spencer said it wasn’t allowed, and that if I wanted him to keep the secret, I’d have to do something for him in return. I didn’t know he meant that, though I wasn’t surprised. And honestly, I wasn’t opposed to the idea.” You pause. “I probably would have been if I had known how bad it would be. And how small his dick is.”

Negan snorts and you smile appreciatively. You wonder what he’s going to say next, and then he surprises you. “You have a puppy?” he asks, running a hand through his hair, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

You chuckle. He looks like a kid in a candy store. “Yeah, I do.”

“No fucking shit, doll. Show me?” He offers you his arm and you walk over to him, slipping your hand around his elbow.

“All right.”


You lead Negan to the tree outside of the walls. When you get close, President sticks his head out, wiggling as he wags his tail excitedly. You’ve taught him not to bark and to stay put when you’re not there, but you didn’t want to tie him up in case any walkers wandered by and he needed to get away.

Negan sets his bat down in the grass and bends over to scoop the puppy up into his arms. “Hi, puppy!” he coos, giving the dog a big smile. “What’s his name?”

“I call him President,” you say a little sheepishly, wondering if he’ll think the name is stupid.

“President! What a big name for such a little guy!” Negan actually giggles as President licks his face eagerly. “You’re welcome!” he teases, plopping down on the ground and flipping the puppy into his lap so he can rub his tummy. “I bet it’s because you are the cutest fucking dog in the world! Aren’t you, buddy? Aren’t you?”

You smile genuinely, sitting down next to Negan and watching him play with President. You realize that you’re actually relaxed and happy for the first time since coming here. Negan lifts his arm, putting it around your shoulders and drawing you close so you can lean down and scratch behind President’s ears.

“You know,” he ventures, “if you came with me, you wouldn’t have to fucking hide him. You could keep him. And if it’s not too fucking forward of me to suggest, sweetheart,” he snickers, “I could show you what a real fucking man can do in the bedroom too.” He looks sideways at you and winks.

You raise your eyebrows, blushing just a little as he gazes at you. He bites his lip and grins as your cheeks turn red.

You know that you’re not supposed to like him, but he’s charming and handsome and nice to your dog.

“Can I come with you, then?” you request lightly. He leans over and kisses your cheek.

“Fuck yes you can, honey. Let’s fucking go.” He stands, slipping President inside his leather jacket. The puppy happily snuggles against Negan’s chest and he zips up a little so he can keep his arm around you as you walk, the bat dangling loosely from his other hand.


Back inside Alexandria, Negan leads you to Rick’s house. He asks Carl to sit outside and play with President while he takes care of business. “Business?” you question as he gently lifts you onto the kitchen table, propping the bat up in one of the chairs.

“The business of making you fucking wet, sweetheart,” he informs you, running his hands up your thighs so he can lift your dress over your head. It’s immediately clear that Negan knows how to touch a woman; his fingers are slightly rough, and they drag over your skin with just the right amount of pressure to give you goosebumps. Once your dress is gone, he pulls you forward to press his hips against yours. You moan as you feel his erection against your core and start to undo his belts.

He sheds his jacket after you unzip it, leaning down and grabbing your shoulders as he kisses you. His kiss is hot and open-mouthed, slow and sensual. His tongue flicks over your lips before coiling into your mouth, and you feel a rush of pleasure between your thighs. Jesus, you’re wet just from his kiss. You grip his arms and whimper and he chuckles against your mouth.

“You fucking like that, honey? Yeah, I bet you fucking do. No small fucking dicks here, and I’ve got enough fucking tricks to keep you fucking coming all fucking night long.” He unhooks your bra and slips it down your arms as you unfasten his last belt and open his pants. You put your arms around his neck as his fingers find your nipples, circling them so they harden into tight peaks. He watches your face as he starts to roll them between the pads of his fingers; you whimper and he laughs deeply, nuzzling your face as he continues to kiss you.

“Help me the fuck out, sweetheart,” he purrs. You push his boxer briefs down enough for his cock to spring out as he keeps fondling your breasts. You wrap a hand around him, gasping as you lean back a little so you can look down.

“Fuck, Negan, your dick is perfect,” you pant. And it really is. He’s long and thick and straight, and as you start to squeeze and stroke him, you savor how hard he is for you. He rocks forward into your hand as he pinches your nipples, making you squeal.

“Fucking tell me what you fucking want, princess,” he whispers huskily. “This is about you.”

“I want you to fuck me like I deserve,” you beg. He smirks, lifting you off of the table and turning you around so your back is flush with his chest. He slowly pushes you down, his stiff length pillowed against your rear as he bends you over at the waist. You reach forward and curl your fingers around the wood, hanging on tightly as he shoves your panties to the side and positions himself at your entrance.

“Hang the fuck on, honey,” he groans, sinking slowly into your tight heat, his hands gripping your hips. You feel yourself stretch wide as he goes deeper and you moan loudly.

“Fuck, Negan, you’re so big!” You push back against him wantonly, trying to get more of him inside you. He slaps your ass hard as he bottoms out, staying still for a moment, letting you adjust before he starts thrusting in and out in earnest.

“Fuck, sweetheart, you are fucking tight as shit!” Negan’s voice is breathless as he sets a rough pace, running his hand from the base of your neck to your spine, making you shiver. Your hips lift as he pounds into you and he slides his hand over your belly, his long, dexterous fingers finding the little nub of pleasure at the apex of your thighs. He circles it lightly, teasingly, and your whole body bucks against the table. “Holy shit, doll!” he grinds out as you unexpectedly start to come around him.

“Negan, Negan, oh fuck, Negan, yes!” you yell, gasping and quivering as he keeps fucking you through your orgasm. You try to twist away from his fingers as you get more sensitive, but he’s not having it. He rubs you harder, growling as he starts to pulse inside your slick passage.

“Fucking come for me again, princess,” he murmurs, bending over so he can go even deeper and brush kisses all over your shoulders. Unbelievably, you feel yourself obeying him, and you scream his name even louder this time as you clamp down on his perfect dick and he empties himself inside of you.

You fall down onto the table, breathing hard. Negan rests lightly on you for a moment, kissing whatever skin he can reach, finally leaning up enough so he can turn your head and kiss your lips. “That was just a fucking preview, sweetheart,” he promises, standing up and pulling out of you so he can start putting himself back together.

As you lay against the table attempting to catch your breath, you hear Spencer’s voice outside. You roll your eyes, wondering what he wants, and Negan chuckles. He walks lazily into the kitchen, grabbing a towel and wiping himself off, then wandering back over to you.

He helps you sit up and hands you the towel. “Fucking clean yourself up, honey,” he orders, cradling your head in his large hand and kissing your forehead. He glances back over his shoulder. “And don’t fucking worry. I’ll fucking sort this fucking prick out for you.” He laughs heartily, bending to give you another quick kiss on the mouth.

He winks. “And then I’ll give you some more of mine.”

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Rick gasps, looking at the carnage around him. It’s difficult to process the stark difference between the world he had thought was real, so sparse and stripped, and this one, shining and blazing and filled with advanced technology.

He listens to Michonne’s explanation with growing dread. It had been hard enough waking up in a zombie apocalypse. Waking up and finding out that that zombie apocalypse had been fabricated by aliens who were trying to take over the world was even harder.

“It turns out that all of this, everything we’ve been living through, the fall of civilization, the dead coming back to life, all the lives lost… our lives ruined – it was all part of a diabolical plan! An unknown alien civilization came here for our water – it’s like a currency for them. They brought about the downfall of our civilization by causing our dead to come back to life and attack us. Now they’re rounding up what’s left of us – turning us into a slave race to help them harvest the water. But we’re fighting back – working to unite what’s left of humanity in one final battle.”

A strange mechanical noise fills the air, causing Michonne to stop speaking and look around worriedly. When nothing happens after a moment, she continues.

“We managed to send a message to a rebel named Negan. People say he’s The Savior. He might be our only hope.”

A deep, dark chuckle erupts behind Michonne. “Negan can’t save you now,” The Governor assures her. Before she can move, he’s used the giant claw that’s replaced his hand to rip the top of her head off, holding it in front of Rick, a trophy dripping with blood.

Rick’s eyes widen as he sees that Lori is clinging to The Governor’s leg, looking at him in terror.

He doesn’t know what to do. There’s not enough time. He hasn’t been able to learn about this world yet.

“Join us or die,” The Governor threatens, his voice smooth and calm. Rick grits his teeth, desperately trying to think of something, anything, he can do.

“That won’t be fucking necessary, since you’ll be doing all the fucking dying,” a smooth, confident voice interrupts. The Governor’s eyes narrow in anger and Rick turns in time to see the newcomer smirk. “Hi.” He winks. “I’m Negan. I hear you’re in need of The Savior.”


Negan certainly looks like a man who could do some saving. He’s tall and imposing, with a sculpted jaw, a smooth face, a dimpled chin, and slicked back dark hair. The black leather bodysuit he’s wearing shows off every inch of thick muscle covering him. He’s got three utility belts; trinkets dangle from each one, but Rick doesn’t understand their significance. His boots are knee-high and red, and there’s an ostentatious red collar popped up around his neck as well.

Rick’s mouth drops open and Negan grins, showing off a mouth full of pearly white teeth. “I know. I fucking look like a fucking rock star from the fucking 1980s.” He shrugs. “Fucking whatever. I make it look fucking good.” He glances down between his legs. “Shows off my fucking package real fucking nice too.”

The Governor finally finds his voice. “You can’t defeat me!” he spits, dropping Michonne’s head and pushing Lori away, clearly preparing for a fight.

“Is that why you’ve been fucking trying so fucking hard to fucking avoid me?” Negan wonders. “We can fucking dance, man. But once you fucking meet Lucille, I’ll be adding that fucking eyepatch to my belt.”

He swings a deadly-looking stainless steel bat down from its perch on his shoulder. It’s intimidating on its own.

Then he flicks a switch and bright red laser beams twine up the bat in the shape of barbed wire.

The Governor growls, picking up Michonne’s discarded laser katana. “I’m going to kill you,” he promises.

Negan laughs. “You can fucking try.”

Suddenly, both men are moving unbelievably fast. Rick didn’t think that a man Negan’s size could maneuver like that. He swings the bat with alacrity, meeting every slash of The Governor’s sword, the lasers clashing loudly with each blow. Once Rick is able to focus, he actually realizes that Negan is only defending; he’s not making any offensive attacks at all.

And it’s working. The Governor is clearly not used to using a weapon like Michonne’s, and he’s tiring quickly, especially because he can only use one hand effectively. Negan keeps the claw hand at bay with a red shield glove he’s wearing on one arm; it’s too large and slippery for The Governor to get a grip.

“I thought you were going to fucking kill me!” Negan taunts.

The Governor roars and brings his claw hand down on Negan’s shield as hard as he can. Negan twists his arm at the last minute so that the claw gets stuck on the shield and The Governor can’t pull it away.

Then he brings the bat down on the claw’s wrist, severing it in a bright flash of red sparks.

It doesn’t hurt The Governor, but it does make him angry. He lashes out clumsily with the sword, not realizing that it’s the move Negan’s been waiting for.

Negan spins, raising the shield so it catches the sword. At the same time, he swings the bat in a smooth arc and takes The Governor’s arm off at the shoulder.

This time, The Governor’s scream is one of pain. He falls to his knees as Negan transfers the bat to his shield hand, reaching down and snapping the eyepatch off of The Governor’s face. “I fucking told you I’d be fucking taking this,” he growls.

Then he swings the bat into The Governor’s head and it explodes in a shower of blood, splattering the onlookers as he falls to the ground. Negan lets him suffer in agony for a moment as he neatly ties the eyepatch onto one of his belts.

Then he raises the bat and brings it down on The Governor’s head over and over, until there’s practically nothing left.

Rick stares at Negan in awe, then looks at The Governor’s splattered head on the ground. “Is it over?” he wonders.

“Not by a fucking long shot,” Negan reveals. “So find your fucking nuts, whoever the fuck! We’re just getting fucking started.”

Chapter Text


“Could you be a dear and tell me what house this sorry fuck lived in? I heard a nasty rumor that he has a pool table.”

You bite your lip, your face flushed. He’s tall and handsome and powerful and he’s looking at you, but you can’t seem to speak. He smirks as he moves closer to you; his eyes are warm. You ball the fabric of your skirt up in your fists, breathing hard as his rough fingers grasp your chin and lift your face to his.

“Did I fucking scare you, sweetheart?” he asks. You shake your head. “Good,” he purrs. “I’m Negan.”

“I know who you are,” you answer breathlessly. He smiles broadly.

“Well, now I fucking know that there’s at least one smart fucking person here,” he muses, tilting his head. “You’re fucking gorgeous, doll,” he continues. “Has anyone ever fucking told you that?”

You lick your lips and the corner of Negan’s mouth lifts seductively. “No,” you reply quietly; he raises his eyebrows in surprise.

“What kind of fucking idiots are you fucking hanging out with, darlin’?” he scoffs. “Then again, you are here, so I guess that fucking answers that fucking question.” He pauses. “Do you fucking play pool, honey?”

“I’ve never played,” you admit. The words catch in your throat as he moves his hand to carefully smooth a loose strand of hair over your ear.

“Would you like to fucking learn?”


Negan grips you by the waist and lifts you so you’re sitting on the edge of the pool table. Your skirt rides up; you resist the urge to smooth it back down when you see him staring hungrily at your thighs. He leans over, bracing his arms on either side of you. The tip of his nose touches yours and you feel your arms prickle with goosebumps. When he speaks, his voice is deep and sensual.

“Why don’t you fucking help me get some of these fucking clothes off, sweetheart? It will be fucking easier to fucking play without them.” You raise your shaking hands to his neck and start to carefully untwist the soft red fabric there. “Calm down, darlin’,” he soothes you gently. “If you’d like to go, you can. I’m not going to force you to do anything.”

You smile shyly up at him; you’re shaking because you’re excited, not because you’re nervous. “I want to stay,” you whisper sincerely, tugging on his untied scarf to draw him closer to you so you can tenderly kiss his cheek. His skin is hot. He smiles down at you as he straightens back up so you can undo the belt on his jacket. You tug gently on the buckle until you can unzip and part the leather folds, pushing them away from his body and slowly running your hands over his chest, feeling the definition of the taut muscles under the thin skin of his white t-shirt. His breathing gets heavier as you delicately pull the glove off of his right hand one finger at a time, kissing each fingertip as it’s exposed.

“So fucking sweet and brave,” Negan hums, shrugging his shoulders to slip the jacket off and catching it in one hand before it hits the floor. “Where have they been fucking hiding you, honey?” He steps away to drape his discarded garments over a nearby chair, studying you as he toes his boots off and removes both of his belts, waiting for you to answer.

“They found me a week ago,” you explain. “I lost my group recently. I was alone.” Negan frowns, grabbing a pool cue from the rack on the wall and chalking it. When he purses his lips to blow gently on the end of the cue, your feel your cheeks flush again. He grins at you devilishly as he walks back over to the table, hooking one firm, strong arm around you and lifting you onto the floor. He places his hand on your hip, turning you around so that his chest is pressed against your back.

“Hold the cue like this,” he instructs, his fingers curling over yours as you grip the thin wooden stick in your hand. He leans forward to remove the rack from the balls, and you suck in your breath sharply as his very hard erection presses against your backside. “You fucking like that, princess?” he teases, his chin on your shoulder. You nod in response, arching against him, wanting to feel more. He sets the rack on the side of the table, bringing his hand back to caress your bare thigh. His touch is sturdy and sure. “Go ahead and hit the ball,” Negan urges.

You attempt to steady yourself, which is difficult to do when all you want to concentrate on is his hand carefully holding your thigh and his throbbing manhood pulsing against your bottom. He pulls your hand back and then you snap the cue forward. As you hear the crack of the two balls meeting, Negan moves the hand between your legs up and cups your warm, wet center. You jump and moan as he grips you tightly, his long fingers rubbing against your clit through the damp cloth of your underwear.

“You know, darlin’,” he rumbles, putting his mouth up against your ear, “you don’t have to fucking stay here. You could always come back with me.” He sets the pool cue down on the table and turns you, pushing your skirt up as you put your arms around his neck and pull him down to your mouth. He twists your panties in his hands as he presses his lips against yours, and as you open for him, allowing his tongue to explore you, he jerks the thin, delicate material sharply, ripping it off and letting it fall to the floor.

You groan into his mouth and he grips your thighs in his hands, pulling them apart as you slide your own hands down his muscled torso to the waistband of his pants. You pop the button open, unzipping him and pushing the fabric down until it’s bunched around his knees. You yank his boxer briefs down too, making his heavy cock spring out into your hands. It’s his turn to groan as you stroke him slowly, savoring the feel of him between your fingers. He’s long and thick and so hard for you, and it’s completely intoxicating.

Negan swaps places with you so that he’s leaning against the pool table, his hands coming up to frame your face and pull you into another deep kiss. You press into him heavily, your hand still wrapped around his throbbing length. When he breaks the kiss, he’s breathing hard, his voice low and gravelly as he speaks. “You wanna fucking suck on my big fucking dick, sweetheart?” You nod eagerly and he slides one hand into your hair, gripping it tightly, pressing down on your shoulder with the other. You pull his pants down the rest of the way as you sink onto your knees, tugging them off and running your hands up his corded legs.

Negan gazes down at you with lidded eyes as you slide one hand up underneath his flimsy shirt, rubbing your palm over his tight stomach and wrapping the other around the base of his cock. You meet his gaze, smiling up at him as you playfully flick your tongue over his swollen head. He chuckles, his hand tugging on your hair a little harder. “Oh, so you’re a fucking tease, are you?” he scolds. You flick your tongue over him again and then suck just his tip into your mouth. He makes a noise low in his throat and twitches his hips, his head dropping back a little.

“Don’t fucking tease me, honey,” he growls. You can tell that it’s not a request; it’s an order. Your hands tighten on him as you slide your mouth down his thick shaft, swallowing him whole. His hips come up and away from the table so he can push himself further into your mouth, his other hand creeping down to tangle in your hair so he can hold your head firmly in place. You moan around him as he starts to thrust into your mouth, licking and sucking as fluid begins to leak from him. He tastes like skin and sweat, like a real man, and you revel in it.

Your hands tremble, and you resist the urge to touch yourself as you continue to suck on him, moaning once more as he hits the back of your throat. Negan bites his lower lip and hisses as your mouth touches the fingers you still have wrapped around the base of his dick. “Fuck, darlin’, you are a fucking fantastic cocksucker. I definitely want to fucking take you home with me.” He lets go of your head, letting you bob up and down on his hard length at your own pace for a minute before gently gripping your shoulders and pushing you away. Your mouth slips off of his cock with a loud pop and you look up at him, your swollen lips forming a pout.

He chuckles, pulling you back to your feet so he can kiss you roughly. “Mmm, sweetheart. I taste fucking good on you.” He bites your lower lip as you push his shirt up, your hands running through the hair on his chest and under his arms. He pulls the shirt off the rest of the way, tossing it aside and moving behind you, his lips caressing your jaw, your neck, and your shoulders. He pulls your dress over your head and your breasts fall free, your nipples aching as his hands briefly brush them through the wispy material.

Negan lifts you onto the pool table on your knees, making sure your legs are splayed apart so he has complete access to you. “Fuck, honey, you are so fucking beautiful,” he rasps, pressing his chest against your back again. He wraps one arm around your shoulders, grabbing himself in his other hand. You gasp loudly as he traces your entrance with the head of his cock. “Do you want me to fuck you, darlin’?” he murmurs in your ear, his teeth biting down on the lobe gently. You groan in response, quivering in his arms.

“Yes, Negan, please!” you beg, and then you feel yourself stretch around him as he pushes all the way inside of you, the hand he used to guide himself in slipping around to your front so he can gently circle your clit with his fingers. Your hips buck and he holds you down, pulling out about halfway and then thrusting back in, slowly at first, and then faster. You cover his hands with yours, gripping him hard, your moans getting louder and more urgent as he increases his pace.

He looks over your shoulder, watching your chest bounce as he moves faster and faster. He slips his arm down until it’s under your breasts, lifting them up, his hand squeezing one, his thumb flicking over your hard nipple. His fingers press harder between your legs and he pushes you down, spreading you wider. Your muscles ache as your legs stretch as far as they can go, but you wouldn’t ask him to stop for anything. He moves his fingers in quick, tight circles as he thrusts into you, his other hand wandering over your breasts, plucking at each of your nipples, gently at first, then harder. You’re moaning so loudly now that you know anyone walking past the house will be able to hear you, but you just don’t care.

Negan slides his hand up from your breasts to your throat, gripping it just tight enough to be pleasurable. He places his mouth right against your ear and hisses, “Now you’re going to fucking come all over my fucking big, hard dick, sweetheart. Let yourself fucking go.” He thrusts up into you as hard as he can, twisting your clit between his fingers and tightening the hand around your throat. You let out a keening wail as you start to orgasm. He keeps moving and your head falls back against his shoulder, your body shaking violently as he makes sure you don’t stop coming. “Fuck yeah, babygirl, just like that.” He speaks into your ear, running his lips up and down your jaw.

“Fuck, Negan!” you finally gasp as your legs give out. He laughs huskily, pulling out of you and quickly lifting you by the waist, turning you so that your tender breasts are pressed against his chest. Smiling wickedly, he sets you down on the pool table again, placing one large, firm hand on your stomach and pressing you back until your skin brushes against the soft green felt. Your ass is mostly hanging off the edge of the table, making it hard for you to stay in your current position, but you understand why when Negan pushes your legs together and wraps one hand around your ankles so he can spank you hard with the palm of his other hand.

You yelp and he snarls; it’s a deliciously dangerous throaty sound. You spasm as he smacks you one more time, then pushes himself inside you again. Your thighs are soaking wet when he pulls them apart roughly, slipping both of your feet over his shoulders so he can continue pounding into you mercilessly. You pant and whine as he fucks you, your hands flailing behind your head, sending the pool balls careening to the other end of the table. Every single stroke is slow and hard, his cock pulling almost all the way out of you each time before he thrusts back in.

As you writhe beneath him, you realize that you’re already close again. He’s not even touching your clit; you’re coming just from having him inside of you. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, Negan, yes, oh, oh!” you cry out, your body arching up off of the pool table as you clench around him a second time, your hands twisting into your hair as his slide under the small of your back to lift you up so he can give you a hot, messy kiss. He’s tense, still hard as iron inside you, and as you go limp beneath him, he pulls out, grinding his teeth together in frustration.

“Finish me the fuck off with your fucking pretty mouth, honey,” he manages to get out, and before he’s even done talking, you’re sliding onto your knees in front of him. He leans over, bracing his hands against the edge of the pool table as you move yours down to grip his ass. His cock is dripping wet from being inside you, but you don’t hesitate, swallowing him eagerly, humming around him to send sensual vibrations up and down his shaft. “Fuck, yes!” Negan groans, his hips working furiously, pushing himself in and out of your mouth. “Fuck, doll, I’m close,” he pants. “Do you want me to pull out?” You shake your head and hold his hips tightly against your face, sucking on him hard, and then he’s finally roaring out his own orgasm, filling your throat with his hot come. You struggle to swallow everything he gives you, but you manage, pulling away from him once he’s done and breathing heavily.

You sag against him, resting your head on his thigh. Negan slides a hand into your hair, massaging your scalp gently. As his breathing slows, he sinks down to the floor, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and pulling you with him until you’re both stretched out on the carpet. You lay your head on his arm, gazing up at him, tracing lazy circles across his chest with your fingers. He looks down at you and smiles, one arm tight around you. He brings his other hand up to brush your hair out of your face. “It’s been a long fucking time since anyone fucked me that fucking good, sweetheart,” he chuckles. “Are you fucking okay down there?”

You sigh contentedly, letting your fingers drift up to run over his lips. “I’m perfect,” you answer. “I’ve never been fucked like that before,” you confess, grinning up at him. He grins back.

“Always fucking happy to deliver a fucking first, darlin’,” Negan smirks. “Now, have you thought about coming with me?”

You lean up, running a hand over his smooth cheek, bending down so your mouths almost touch. “Will we get to do this again?”

His hands move and he gently cups your face. “Honey, we can fucking do that and more whenever you fucking want.”

You smile. “Yes, Negan. I want to come with you.” You kiss him softly and he kisses you back.

You’re surprised at his gentleness. This world is rough and violent, but this fierce man being gentle with you gives you hope.

He smiles wickedly, sitting up and flipping you beneath him. “Well, doll,” he declares mischievously, “I think that fucking decision deserves another fucking round.”


Later, you’re sitting on the porch, perched in Negan’s lap. He’s whispering all the dirty things he wants to do with you in your ear, and you find yourself blushing and laughing playfully at every word.

You don’t have any illusions about what’s happening here; you know he’s not madly in love with you. But you haven’t been happy in a long time, and you’re willing to take it wherever it comes from.

Suddenly, a voice rings out from the sidewalk. “I thought we had an agreement?!” Rick screams angrily. You tense and Negan lifts you off of his lap, standing and sliding in front of you protectively.

“Stay back there, princess.” You nod, putting your hands on his sides and peeking out from behind him.

“Oh, Rick,” Negan drawls, and his voice takes on that charismatic, authoritative tone that attracted you earlier. “So fucking good to see you, my friend. I’d shake your hand, but I’ve been…” He laughs, looking back at you. “…playing pool for the last three hours, and my shoulder is absolutely killing me.”

Chapter Text



I twist, struggling as the men carry me into the clearing. They’re drunk and clumsy, but there are too many of them. I can’t get free.

They drop me in front of another man who’s leaning against a gnarled tree. I look up at him fearfully, my hair falling into my eyes.

He squats, smoothing the stray locks away from my face and cupping my chin in his long fingers.

Now that I can see him clearly, I notice that he looks strange.

Overall, he’s quite handsome. Tall and robust, deep hazel eyes, dark brown hair, matching beard streaked through with silver.

But small details make a difference. His ears are slightly pointed, and he has tiny protuberances on his forehead that almost seem like horns.

As if that isn’t odd enough, he’s also completely naked.

It’s difficult not to stare, though I’m making my best effort. But if his face can be described as handsome, his body is some other word that hasn’t been invented yet. He’s toned and muscular, covered in dark curls of hair, and…

I gulp.

He’s hard. Like, standing straight up against his belly hard.

I’m a virgin, but I do have the Internet, and I’ve never seen a man so… big. He’s long and thick and pulsing, jutting out proudly from yet another tangle of dark hair. His balls are also large, as well as very symmetrical and drawn up tightly against his body.

I’ve never thought of the male form as particularly aesthetically pleasing, but he certainly proves that theory wrong.

The funny thing is that he doesn’t seem bothered by it at all. In fact, he’s acting like it’s normal.

“Well, well, fucking well,” he drawls, smiling at me brilliantly. His teeth are perfectly straight and blindingly white. He licks his lips, glancing at the men who brought me. “What the fuck do we fucking have here?”

“Tribute, Negan,” one of the men slurs. “She’s a virgin.”

I blink in surprise. I have no idea how he knows that.

“Is she now?” the naked man wonders. He sticks his nose in my hair and breathes in deeply, then sighs happily. “Mmm, fuck yeah she fucking is,” he confirms.

My cheeks flush. How can he tell?

He waves his hand dismissively. “Simon, give them all the fucking wine they can fucking carry,” he orders. The men whoop excitedly.

My captor smirks. “Now get lost, you sorry shits! Leave me the fuck alone with her.”


Once our audience is gone, I reach behind the woman’s neck to undo the gag that’s keeping her quiet.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” I ask, gathering her up in my arms and carrying her behind the tree where I hold court to a large clearing. She gasps as I lift her, clinging to my neck.

There’s a large bed in the center of the grassy circle. It’s made of moss; the sides overflow with ivy and flowers that have twined together into a dense growth.

She looks at me. Her face is panicked, so I smile at her and kiss her forehead soothingly. “You’re safe with me,” I assure her.

“You just traded wine for me,” she blurts out incredulously.

I nod. “I did,” I acknowledge, setting her in the center of the bed and reclining on my elbows beside her. “I hope they enjoy it,” I muse. “Since it’s going to kill them.”

She stares at me curiously, steadfastly avoiding anything below my neck. “What?”

I chuckle. “The wine,” I clarify, “is poisoned.”

“Why?” She wrings her hands together slowly and bites her lip.

She really is very fetching.

“Because I don’t like it when men hurt women,” I answer honestly.

“Then what are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing you don’t ask me to.” She frowns and her eyes flick briefly to my crotch. “Despite that.” I reach up, stroking her cheekbone tenderly with my knuckles. “What’s your name?” I repeat.

“Robin,” she finally tells me.

“Well, Robin, it’s lovely to meet you. I apologize for the circumstances. I’m Negan.”

“What are you?” She tentatively touches the tips of my ears and my horns.

“I’m a satyr,” I reply, wondering if she’ll know what that is.

“A satyr?” She pulls her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and relaxing a bit. “Like in Greek mythology?”

“One and the same.”

She frowns briefly. “I thought satyrs had goat legs.”

I shrug. “Some of us do. Some of us are different.”

“Is that why you’re, um…?”

I raise my eyebrows at her and grin cheekily. “Hard all the time?” I tease. “Yes. Part of the job, you know. Satyrs always desire sex. We draw power from it.”

“Is that how you know I’m a virgin?” Her voice is incredibly shy now.

“Yes. Men say they’re bringing virgins all the time, but they’re usually lying. I can smell it all over you, though.”

“Is being a virgin important?”

“There is great pleasure in claiming someone who has never been had. I do give extra spoils for virgins, though that’s more to increase the likelihood that women are brought to me untouched.”

“But all the spoils are…?”

“I don’t discriminate when it comes to scum, Robin.”

She keeps chewing on her lip; I put my thumb on her chin and tug it down so she stops. “You’ll worry that lip right off,” I observe quietly.

She takes a deep breath, clearly trying to calm herself. “So what happens now?”

“Now you have a choice. I can have someone take you home; I promise that you’ll get there safely.”

She doesn’t say yes immediately, which means she’s intrigued. “Or…?” she prompts me, blushing fiercely.

“Or you fulfill your role as tribute and stay with me.” I run my hand delicately up and down her arm. “You’ll be cared for. You won’t want for anything.”

“And I would have to… give myself to you?” She balls the fabric of her dress up in her fists; I pry her fingers loose so I can lift them to my mouth and kiss them.

“Well, you don’t have to. I’d like you to, though. But only when you’re ready, Robin.”

“But what about…?” She looks between my legs and her cheeks glow brighter.

“I’ve managed before now, Robin. I’ll be all right.”

She lays down and turns onto her side, resting her head gently against my shoulder. I brush my nose over hers indulgently. “Can I ask more questions, or…?”

“Ask me anything you’d like.”

“If I stay, do I have to stay forever?”

“You can leave whenever you want.”

“Can I get pregnant?”

“You will if I finish inside you. Satyrs are extremely fertile. But I promise our babies are adorable.”

I grin and wink as she giggles. “Will protection work?”

I shake my head. “Too powerful.”

She giggles again. I’m glad that she seems more at ease.

“Are there… other tributes?” she inquires timidly.

I rest my cheek against hers and put my lips to her ear. “Getting possessive already, Robin?”

She turns her head, hiding her eyes from me. “I was just wondering,” she admits shyly.

“You would be the first to stay,” I inform her.

Her eyes jump back to mine. “You’re all alone?” She places her palm over my heart; I can feel her fingers trembling. “You don’t have a lover, or a wife, or children?”

I shake my head sadly. “I’m grateful that you’re touched by my loneliness, Robin.” I curl my arms around her as I speak, being careful to angle my body just right so that I don’t frighten her. “You’d be the first tribute to say yes in a long time,” I reveal. “Women used to be honored to be tributes, but that’s just not the way it is now.” I hesitate, not wanting to ruin the mood, but I need her to have the whole truth.

“Most of my brothers just take what they want from tributes and then toss them aside. I like to keep mine. Every one I’ve ever had has left eventually, and none have ever wanted children with me. I can hardly blame them; they needed to lead their own lives. But just once, I wish someone would stay.”

She touches my cheek sympathetically, curling her other hand around my neck. “How old are you, Negan?”

“I was born at the height of my people’s power,” I respond vaguely. To be honest, I’m not really sure how old I am, and I’m not in the mood to do the math. “By the time I was of age, things had changed.”

“Do you live forever?”

I nod. “You could too, if you decided to stay permanently.”


“By becoming a nymph. Nymphs are the natural mates of satyrs; our race is only male. You’d be a spirit of nature, and you’d always be by my side.”

“How does that happen?”

“You have to really want to stay,” I tell her. “Deep, deep in your heart. If you do, you’ll start to change.”

“A nymph. What kind of nymph would I be, do you think? There are different ones, aren’t there?”

“There are.” I study her carefully. “You’d be a forest nymph, Robin,” I decide, running my hands through her hair and looking deep into her eyes. “Dark hair and eyes, pale skin and pink cheeks. The hidden beauty in the darkness. Your name fits too.”

She turns pinker at my words, then leans up and gently presses her lips to mine. I make a sound of longing in the back of my throat.

Every time she touches me, I crave more.

“I want to stay, Negan,” she breathes. “Just tell me what to do.”


My heart is beating fast in my chest, but I’m telling the truth.

I don’t know why, but I want to stay.

Maybe it’s because he seems so lonely. I understand what being lonely is like.

I don’t have anyone. So staying here with Negan and making a family of our own sounds very appealing.

I’d be a liar if I didn’t also admit that living forever is enticing.

And something like this is never going to happen to me again, so I may as well see how it plays out. Negan seems good, and I think he deserves a chance.

I sigh as he runs his hands up and down my sides, tracing the curves of my body. “You feel beautiful, Robin,” he whispers. “I want to see you.” He slides carefully to the opposite side of the bed, stretching out on his side, his cheek cupped in his hand.

He nods at my dress, his eyes hungry. “Take it off, please.”

I get on my knees so I can pull my dress over my head. My skin starts to flush as Negan gazes at me hungrily, his fingers barely brushing his erection as he peers at my body.

When I start to push my panties down, he sucks his teeth in protest. “Leave those on for now,” he requests. “Show off for me.”

It’s flattering, but also strange. I feel artless, as though I have nothing to offer.

But his eyes sear into me and give me the courage to try.

I turn my back to Negan, looking at him shyly over my shoulder, holding still and letting him take me in before I spin. I graze my thigh with my fingers as I play with my hair and smile anxiously. Negan grins at me and I giggle, gliding my fingers teasingly along the waistband of my panties.

“You’re a very sweet woman, aren’t you, Robin?” Negan tugs on his cock as he stares at me and I feel myself turn pinker.

“I’m sweet, yes,” I agree softly. “But I can be other things too.”

“Can you?” He slips off of the bed and walks to the end of it, looking at me slyly. “Keep showing me.”

I turn one more time, wiggling my hips, reaching back and grabbing my bottom, making it bounce a little. I may be nervous, but I’ve thought about this moment a lot.

The only things I’m worried about are satisfying someone who never runs out of stamina and being able to fit him inside me.

But I try to banish those thoughts to the back of my mind for now.

I lay down on the bed, arching my body, rocking back and forth, kicking my feet playfully. Then I roll onto my back, dragging my fingers over my stomach, feeling my breasts quiver.

I roll over again, putting my hand in my hair. I hope I’m being sexy enough; it’s hard to tell when you can’t see yourself. Negan chuckles and steps closer to the end of the bed. “So innocent,” he rumbles. “You’re guileless, Robin, but you’re trying so hard. I like it.”

“Show me how much you like it?” I rise to my knees again as Negan crawls onto the bed on his, clasping my sides. I put my arms around his shoulders, trying not to be distracted by his enormous pulsing length.

That proves impossible when Negan pulls me to him, sliding his large, warm hands down to my backside and squeezing it as he kisses me.

His kiss is surprisingly gentle. I lay my palm over his heart just like I did before, kissing him back tentatively.

When he opens his mouth, I can’t help but follow his lead. His soft tongue caresses and flicks mine sensually, and I feel myself start to melt.

I cup his neck in my hands before dragging them down his chest, my fingers tangling in all of his dark body hair. When I trace the muscled lines of his belly, he reaches down and grabs one of my cheeks in his hand.

“Touch me, Robin,” he begs. “Please!”

I’m scared, but I’m also curious.

So I rest my fingers on his achingly hard cock, groaning as I feel it twitch.

Negan groans too. “Don’t stop.” He splays his fingers over my neck and deepens our kiss. I keep stroking, my movements slow and searching. It’s more than enough to get a reaction from him.

“Oh, Robin,” he breathes. I massage him gently as he kisses his way down my neck and then unexpectedly takes one of my nipples into his mouth.

I whimper as his hands wander all over me until he slides one between my legs, rubbing me lightly through the flimsy fabric of my panties.

He rubs harder when he starts to suck my other nipple. He’s rougher this time, and I press closer to him, wriggling. He kisses his way back up my chest to claim my lips, pulling my hand back to his crotch, leaning into my touch as I shiver.

“Don’t be afraid, please,” he soothes me. “I know it’s intimidating, but I swear I won’t hurt you.”

He kisses me once more, his tongue finding my mouth right away this time. I kiss him back excitedly, my desire rising. He rubs me and our hips rock together as we stimulate each other.

“You said you could be more than sweet,” Negan reminds me. “Show me how.”

His cock is red and throbbing with need.

I lick my lips. There’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and now I can do it to him.

I start to kiss my way down his torso. When I reach his cock, I grip it in my hand, licking it. He tastes like sweat and skin and the forest.

I like it, so I glance up into his eyes and then take him into my mouth.


I look down at Robin, gasping as she swallows me. I didn’t think she would be so enthusiastic, especially because of my size.

My endowments can be intimidating, even for experienced women.

She bobs her head up and down, her fingers delicately tracing the veins on my cock as she sucks me.

She pulls free and starts to lick me; I grunt. “Do you like the way I taste, Robin?”

“Mmhmm.” She starts to bob her head once more, going further down each time, testing herself. She sucks harder, making little noises of pleasure around my cock; I have to fight not to take her head in my hands and thrust into her pretty little mouth.

She pulls her lips off of me with a loud pop, licking up and down my shaft again, glancing up at me curiously. “When you finish,” she wonders, “do you just stay hard?”

I chuckle and run a hand through her hair. “Yes, Robin.”

“But you still…?”

“Come? Yes, I do.”

“Okay.” She lingers on my swollen head this time as she sucks, caressing my balls with her delicate hands.

Experience is nice, but her innocence is completely alluring. She’s unsure, but she wants so desperately to please, and so far, she’s very adventurous.

I run my hand down her back, reveling in how smooth her skin is. She pulls her head away, flicking her tongue all over my cock before starting to suck it more. I can tell that she’s starting to feel comfortable and enjoy herself.

I start to run my other hand over her back too, massaging her curves firmly as she eats my cock, biting my lip and getting lost in the sounds she’s making.

I could let her keep going. I’m tempted to as she quickens her pace and sucks even harder. But I don’t want to push her too far just yet.

I think having some pleasure of her own would help her relax.

I squeeze her ass, watching it jiggle when I let go of it. She’s a thick, bouncy little thing, and I like it.

Then I cup her cheek in my hand and draw her back up to kiss her. She’s a delectable kisser. Her mouth is pink and soft and her lips are full, and she gasps so prettily when we’re pressed together.

I move my other hand to her neck, tipping her chin up with my thumb, flicking my tongue against hers rapidly and repeatedly. When I break away, she lowers her head back to my crotch; I chuckle, but I don’t stop her.

I want her to be happy. I want her to have everything she needs.

As she works my head and balls, I slide my hand underneath her, playing with her nipple, making her squirm. She whimpers, letting me pop free from her mouth briefly before swallowing me whole, sucking noisily.

It takes all of my willpower to hang on, but I do.

The sound she makes every time she lets me slip from her mouth is gorgeous, and each time she takes me back in, she’s more and more passionate. I fondle her back and then her head, ruffling her wavy chin-length hair.

She responds to my touch by going faster and deeper, sucking loudly, working my head, licking my shaft, running her lips up and down it, feeling every vein, tasting my skin.

Then she pushes her mouth down even further. I feel myself hit the back of her throat and gasp, rocking my hips involuntarily. “Robin, if you don’t stop, I’ll…”

I don’t want her to stop, but I don’t want to scare her either.

She responds by doing it again. As she swallows around my cock and strokes my balls, I feel myself spasm. I tangle my fingers in her hair and try to push her back, but she pushes forward instead.

Then I can’t hang on anymore and I’m spilling inside her mouth. I can tell that she’s a little surprised, but she’s not fazed for long.

She opens her eyes and gazes up at me as she keeps swallowing. I run my hands through her hair as I shudder, my chest heaving as I spurt down her throat one last time.

She moans softly as she pulls free, gasping, her lips swollen. I smile down at her, reaching to pull her up to me, devouring her mouth with mine, tangling our tongues together so I can taste myself on hers.

She smiles back and giggles against my lips, reaching down and tugging on my slick cock.

I finally find my voice. “Oh, now you’re into me, huh, Robin?” I tease breathlessly. “Turn around and get on your hands and knees.”

She blushes and obeys, looking back at me bashfully as I start to tug her panties down.

I pull them to her knees and then push my face between her legs, kissing and licking her damp entrance eagerly.

Robin squeals; I grab her ass, holding her still and sucking at her noisily, pleased when she squirms.

She squirms even more when I lick my way up to her puckered asshole, sealing my lips around it and skimming my tongue over it, seeing what she likes. She whimpers loudly when I kiss it, which is a good sign.

But she cries out even louder, her fingers digging into the moss of the bed, when I swirl my tongue across her mound.

I pant loudly enough for her to hear as I switch between her pussy and her ass, rubbing my fingers through her slickness, kissing and sucking and licking, listening to her gasp.

Her crevices flutter and I know what she needs. I kiss the fleshy spot where her bottom meets her thigh and she whines in protest at the loss of my mouth.

“Tell me if this is okay, Robin,” I rasp, gently working one finger into her tight entrance.

“Oh, Negan, yes!” She squeals loudly as I thrust my finger in and out of her slowly, feeling her muscles contract as her body begs to be filled.

“Do you want me, Robin? I need you to say it, or I won’t take you.”

“Yes, Negan, yes, I want you! Oh, please!”

“Then turn over.”


I obey quickly, watching as Negan tugs my panties the rest of the way down my legs and tosses them aside. I hadn’t expected to be this excited or want him this much, but I’m glad that I do.

I liked tasting and swallowing him. I’ll do it again if he lets me.

He gazes at me darkly, pushing my thighs apart, pinning one to the bed with his large hand and hiking the other up over his shoulder before he lowers his mouth and starts tasting me again.

This time, his mouth finds a little spot between my legs that drives me wild. I gasp wantonly as his tongue coils around it, wriggling when he kisses and sucks it. “Negan!” I pant, digging my hands back into the bed.

My belly tightens as he licks me one more time and then sits up. He rubs his cock over my wet folds and I sit up on my elbows, watching him apprehensively, biting my lip.

“Are you all right, Robin?” he wonders, holding himself still. I lift my hips, rubbing myself experimentally against his massive length.

“I just don’t know if it’s going to fit,” I confess. Negan smiles.

“You let me worry about that, Robin.” He places his tip at my entrance, but doesn’t push in yet. “Do you still want me?”

“More than anything,” I murmur truthfully.

“If you decide you want me to stop, all you have to do is say no.”

“I understand.”

He enters me slowly. I reach down, gripping my thighs, feeling myself stretch around him. My leg is still resting over his shoulder; I press one of my palms into the bed to steady myself so I can keep watching.

Negan spreads his hand out over my belly, holding me still. He waits for me to adjust, and then he pushes forward more. He does this several times before he stops completely.

It feels different than I thought it would. Better. So I’m not surprised when I find myself looking at him desperately and asking, “Why are you stopping?”

His shoulders are tight with the effort of staying still as he responds. “You’ve never done this before, Robin,” he observes. “And I’m not small. I’m not even average. It might be too much for you, like you said. We should take it slow.”

“I want all of you, Negan,” I whimper. “Please.”

He pushes forward slowly. I feel pressure; it’s a little strange, but it doesn’t hurt like I thought it would. I cry out softly and Negan quickly leans over me, pressing my leg down and pulling out of me a little as he kisses my lips comfortingly. I hang onto his shoulders and let out a shaky breath. “I’m all right,” I assure him.


I nod. “Please keep going,” I request.

He slips slowly into me again, pushing further this time. I whimper and arch my back as Negan pants, “That’s all the way in, Robin. Are you still okay?”


Once I’ve said that, he starts to move steadily. He keeps his eyes locked on mine, paying careful attention to my reactions.

When he sees that I’m enjoying it, he bends over further, pushing my leg down more, going deeper, kissing me repeatedly.

I grab his shoulders and his arms, rocking with him, unable to stop touching him. “Do I feel good?” I wonder urgently, hoping that he’s pleased.

He raises himself up on his arms, moving faster, running a hand through his sweat-soaked hair and nodding. “You feel incredible, Robin. So hot and tight and wet. Oh, you’re divine.”

I laugh softly at his little joke, but the sound quickly turns into a moan. I run my hands down Negan’s chest and belly, shuddering as he leans over to swallow my moans and starts to move faster. One of his hands curves shakily over my breast before wandering between my legs.

He rubs vigorously and I tighten around him. I feel like I’m on the edge of something amazing, and I never want it to stop.

Negan seems to sense how close I am. He abruptly pulls out of me, kissing his way down my body, stopping to briefly suck on a nipple before his lips settle between my legs. “Negan!” I groan and he smirks.

He sits back up and pushes inside of me, his hand rubbing that spot at the apex of my thighs again. Then he stretches out on top of me, his hands roaming, squeezing my breasts as he seals his mouth over mine, his thrusts fast and erratic now.

Negan bites my lower lip, pinching my nipples, his belly brushing against that magical spot as he writhes. “Come for me, Robin,” he pants.

I slide my hands down to his bottom and squeeze it excitedly. “Only if you come inside me,” I gasp.

He shoves all the way in one more time and then I’m overcome by sensation.


I hold Robin as she starts to come around me, one hand buried in her hair, the other pressed into the small of her back. I keep thrusting even as I spill inside her. Her leg is taut against my chest, hanging over my shoulder, the other wrapped firmly around my thigh, her hands squeezing my ass desperately as I empty myself again.

I hope there are going to be many more times, both tonight and after. But I don’t want to hurt her or push her too far too fast.

I sit up, watching as the last quiver of Robin’s orgasm moves through her, intending to cradle her in my arms and let her rest.

Then she surprises me by reaching out and grabbing my shoulders. She pulls me down for a kiss and whispers, “I want more, Negan.”

I chuckle. “Are you sure, Robin? I don’t want to rush you.”

“More. Now,” she insists. I chuckle again, kissing her briefly.

“Then turn around,” I encourage her.

She does, sneaking her hand behind her so she can rub my cock. I run my hands over her full breasts, kissing her shoulders as I tease her hard little nipples.

Robin squeezes and strokes me harder. “I want this, Negan,” she purrs.

I put my hands on her sides and bend her over gently. “So impatient,” I growl in her ear, kissing her neck and reaching between us, lining my cock up with her entrance. “Right here?”

“Yes, Negan. Please.” I smile at her eagerness as I sink all the way inside her and then hold myself still.

“Go ahead, Robin. Use me to make you feel good.”

She spreads her legs wide, bracing her arms and starting to rock back onto my cock. She takes it as deep as she can each time as my hands move over her sides and back, entranced by the sight of her round, plump ass bouncing against my hips.

“Fucking fuck, that feels good, Robin,” I pant, throbbing inside her, listening to my dick slide noisily in and out of her.

I start to thrust in time with her when she begins moaning loudly, leaning over her so we can kiss, putting my hand on her breast. It jiggles alluringly in my hand, and I squeeze it as I kiss her shoulders before straightening back up and letting her move faster and harder.

This time, she comes without warning, holding herself down on me and crying out as she shudders. “Good girl, Robin,” I praise her, pushing her off of me and bending down to lick her as she finishes spasming. “Can I keep going?”

She nods desperately, so I pull her back onto my cock. This time, I hold her hips and move her at the pace I like. She writhes and squeals as we listen to the sound of our bodies slapping together.

I slow down, leaning over and kissing her shoulders again, sliding my hand between her legs and finding her clit, rubbing it in gentle, careful circles. When I straighten, I move even faster, driving into her mercilessly.

I keep expecting her to tell me to stop, that it’s too much, that she can’t take it.

But instead, she responds beautifully. It’s like she was made just for me. Built to love me. To receive my body. To want me. To need me.

I find her clit once more and whisper in her ear. “Come for me, Robin. Oh, I know you want to.” I press my fingers down just right and then she’s screaming out my name, clenching tightly around me.

I brush her hair away from her sweaty neck and kiss her skin before grabbing her hips and starting to move.

We keep dancing that way. Fast, then slow, Hard, then soft. Kissing, stroking, squeezing. I hold back, enjoying the anticipation.

When she comes again, I push her onto the bed on her belly, guiding one of her legs up to expose her glistening pink folds, then straddle her other leg, still buried deep in her pussy.

She hangs onto my arm as I drive her down, the friction making her orgasm quickly. I don’t stop, thrusting into her faster. She’s crying out incoherently now, and she just keeps coming around me, squeezing tighter and tighter around my cock each time.

I play with her breast idly as I ram inside her and spurt my seed all over her walls.

She slumps onto the bed, gasping, her legs still spread. I keep thrusting, my hand squeezing the back of her neck. I press my chest against her back, laying my arms over hers, slowly moving in and out of her.

“Harder, Negan, please!” she begs.

I sit back up, squeezing her ass and her thigh in my hands, sliding in and out of her as fast as I can.

When we both come again, I realize that she’s changing.

Her hair is getting longer and more lustrous, streaked through with every color of brown imaginable. Her skin is glowing a pale rose color in the moonlight, and ivy vines are sprouting from her feet, twining up her legs and arms.

She really wants to stay.

I’m too shocked to make another move, so it’s her who pushes me down onto my back.

When I look at her face, I realize that while her eyes are still hazel, there’s a ring of green around her irises.


Negan is staring at me like it’s the first time he’s ever seen me. “Is something wrong?” I ask as I start to lick his cock clean of both of our fluids.

He can’t answer, so I keep sucking, bobbing my head, swallowing him eagerly.

Finally, he reaches down and runs a hand through my hair. “Look at yourself, Robin.”

I sit up on my knees between his legs and study myself briefly.

“Oh.” It’s all I can think to say.

Negan smiles and beckons me forward. “Come here, Robin.”

I giggle, straddling him and sliding down onto his cock. He reaches for my hips and squeezes them. “You’re getting good at that,” he observes.

I nod, putting one hand on the bed over his shoulder and the other on his chest as I start to ride him.

He holds my gaze, kissing me whenever he gets the chance, bending his head to suck on one of my nipples teasingly. I ride him harder and faster, surprising him again when I unexpectedly spasm around his cock.

“Oh, Negan, Negan, yes!” I put my arms around his neck and snuggle into him, kissing him feverishly, rolling my hips slowly. As he pants, I slide off of his cock and kneel beside his shaking body, cleaning him off with my mouth.

I love the way he tastes. I love the way I taste on him even more.

“Get on top of me, Robin,” he growls. “Put your back against my chest.”

I do as he asks, gently inserting him inside me before I lean back. He starts to rock up, in and out of me, squeezing my breast, kissing it as it bounces, massaging between my legs.

I curve my hand up and around his cheek, turning my head to look at his face.

“How are you feeling, Robin?” he gasps. I wriggle on him, whimpering as he slips deep inside me.

“Good,” I manage to pant. “But…”

“Tender? Tired?”

I nod. “But I want to please you,” I insist, growing tighter around him as his hands roam all over my aching body.

“You do please me, Robin,” he murmurs. “You please me immensely. It’s like we were made for each other. I’ve never had a woman like you. But you need to rest. It’s all right.” He presses his lips lightly against mine. “Give me one more, Robin, and then we’ll rest. Come for me one more time.”

He pushes himself up into me hard, squeezing my breast, pressing his fingers down against that magical little spot and pushing me over the edge just like he wanted.

He spills inside of me at the same time, groaning loudly. I shudder violently as pink flowers blossom from the vines at my ankles and wrists and sprout throughout my hair. I fall back onto Negan, quivering uncontrollably as he buries his face in my neck and breathes in eagerly.

“Oh, Robin,” he whispers. “You really are magnificent.”


The woman twists, struggling as the men carry her into the clearing. They’re drunk and clumsy, but there are too many of them. She can’t get free.

They drop her in front of the gnarled tree I still use as a throne, though it’s changed a bit since Robin arrived two years ago.

She twisted it into an actual throne using her magic; the trunk that spirals upward from my now decadent seat is covered in foliage that changes with the seasons.

Robin has only grown more beautiful. Her hair falls to her waist now; it and her body are always intricately decorated with vines and flowers.

Her abilities are powerful. When she sings, dew forms to cover the forest. When we make love, life blooms all around us.

She gave birth to twins during our first year together. As I hold court, she’s got our son at her breast while I cradle our sleeping daughter against my chest.

They’ve both got her captivating hazel and green eyes and my pointed ears. I did promise that satyr children were adorable, and I keep my promises.

My free hand is curved around Robin’s belly, which is already swollen again. We’re going to have a big family.

The truth is that I don’t even need tributes anymore. Robin’s enough.

But she likes the idea of ridding the world of its filth, so I continue to accept offerings. The men get their poisoned wine as a reward, and we let the tributes go.

Then we spend our nights and days together.

I turn my attention back to this latest tribute, smiling at the men who brought her brilliantly.

“Well, well, fucking well,” I drawl. “What the fuck do we fucking have here?”

Chapter Text


Your doorbell rings while you’re sitting cross-legged on your new massage table sorting through bottles of various oils. You hop down to the floor, tying your robe shut around you as you head to the entryway.

When you stand on your tiptoes and peek through the peephole, you’re thrilled to see your neighbor, Negan. He’s hot, he’s single, and you’ve just been waiting for the right moment to make your move. This will be perfect; he definitely has good timing.

You turn the knob and casually lean against the wall as you greet him. “Hi, Negan!” you chirp. He raises an eyebrow, his eyes running over your silky robe, which hugs all of your curves.

“Hey there, sweetheart. Did I catch you fucking playing with yourself?” He winks and flashes you his signature million-megawatt smile.

You giggle and playfully reach out to smack his arm. “No! You’re such a bad boy.”

He smirks. “I am very far from a fucking boy, honey. I’m a fucking manly man who can give you exactly what you fucking need.”

You blush at the thought. Negan talks to everybody this way, so it’s hard to tell when he’s seriously flirting. You’re hoping that today he’ll finally make good on his word, though.

Before you can ask why he’s stopped by, he holds up a box of your favorite chocolates. “These are for you, doll,” he informs you.

“How did you know?” you ask, beaming at him as you open the box and pop one in your mouth. “Mmm!” you moan loudly, hoping to entice him.

Negan chuckles. “There was a box in your mail that got delivered to my house a few weeks ago, remember?” he explains. “My team at school was selling them, so I thought you’d like some.” He runs his hand through his hair, clearly pleased at your reaction.

You eat another chocolate and grin, waiting to see what he’ll do next.

“So…” he finally says. “You going to tell me what you’re fucking doing walking around in the middle of the fucking day in that fucking sexy robe?”

You smile up at him sweetly. “I just got a new massage table, so I’m trying it out,” you tell him innocently.

He licks his lower lip. “You’re a fucking masseuse?”

You nod. “Have you ever had a professional massage, Negan?” you wonder.

“Can’t fucking say that I have, sweetheart,” he admits. “You, uh, gonna give me a fucking happy ending?” he jokes.

“Very happy,” you confirm, leaning forward and slipping your finger through his belt loop. “Come on.”

Negan raises his eyebrows, obviously surprised at your offer. But he mutters, “You’re not gonna get any fucking argument from me,” as he follows you into the house.

You clear off the massage table while he takes his clothes off, selecting an edible eucalyptus and spearmint stress relief oil to use on him. You peek at him as he pushes his pants down, standing there for a moment in just his boxer briefs.

He has more tattoos than you realized. More body hair too.

Without thinking, you blurt out, “Fuck, Negan, you’re so fucking hot.”

Now he looks like the Cheshire Cat on an extremely good day. “Does that mean you want these off?” he teases, gesturing to his underwear.

“Yes!” you squeak, spreading a soft, fluffy towel out over the massage table. “On your tummy, please.”

Negan stretches out, letting you appreciate how long and lanky he is. “Hard to get at it from that angle,” he points out as you carefully drape another towel over his cute, practically nonexistent ass.

You stand behind him so he can’t see you, removing your robe so you’re only wearing your matching lacy panties and bra. Then you drizzle some of the oil over his thighs and start to knead them gently, letting your hands slip under the towel and just brush the curve of his backside.

“That shit smells fucking good,” he grunts, shifting uncomfortably. You carefully slide your hand between his legs and cup his balls, squeezing them gently, feeling how full they are as he groans.

“I’m gonna punch a damn hole in your fucking massage table if you don’t fucking let me turn over, honey,” Negan growls.

“Go ahead, Negan,” you purr. “I want to see how big your cock is.”

He twitches beneath the towel as he turns over, and your eyes widen as you realize that he’s massive. His eyes widen as he sees what you’re wearing.

“I think you should fucking charge more if you’re gonna give massages fucking wearing that, doll. Fuck, you look good enough to eat.”

“Me first,” you whisper, squeezing oil all over his chest and smoothing it down his belly, watching the towel tent out as he gets more aroused.

He hisses when you finally touch him through the fabric. You don’t waste any time, pushing the towel down and dripping more oil onto his cock, using both hands to stroke him, exploring every inch.

He starts to rock his hips into your hands. “Fuck, that feels good, baby!” he moans as you work his head with one hand and his shaft with the other.

“Negan, you’re enormous,” you observe, watching him pulse and grow in your grasp.

He chuckles. “That’s what I keep fucking saying, but no one fucking believes me.”

Suddenly, you wonder if the reason he never makes good on his flirting is because he’s been rejected before because of his intimidating size.

“Well, I do, and I like it,” you murmur, crawling up onto the table and balancing yourself between his legs so you can lower your mouth onto him, squeezing his slippery thighs to stay upright.

“Fucking fuck, sweetheart!” Negan’s back arches and he pushes himself eagerly between your lips as you start to bob your head. “That’s it, honey! Show me what a good little fucking cocksucker you are!”

He puts his hands in your hair, tugging it tightly, moaning in satisfaction as you take him deeper.

You’re sure that he’s skilled with his hands, but it’s entirely possible that it’s been a long time since he’s felt anything like this.

For a few minutes, the room is quiet, the silence punctuated only by the sounds of your rough sucking and Negan’s panting. You push your mouth down on him further each time, finally almost choking as his head slips into your throat. There’s no way you’re going to be able to fit all of him into your mouth, but you’re damn sure going to get as much as you can.

“Fuck, doll, can you really take that much of it?” Negan gasps, his fingers trembling in your hair as you stop bobbing and just suck all that you can get into your mouth. You use your slick hands to keep massaging his balls and the few inches of his exposed shaft.

“Fuck, baby… fuck… fucking fuck… fuck, I’m gonna come if you keep doing that…”

You can feel the thick vein on the underside of his cock throbbing against your tongue as you drag your mouth up and off of him with a loud pop.

“Go ahead, Negan,” you purr. “Give me all you’ve got. Show me how you taste.”

Negan growls as you lower your mouth again, sucking even harder, swallowing around him. His hips stutter and he thrusts sloppily a few times, almost making you gag.

Then he explodes in your mouth, making you moan loudly. He cries out your name over and over as you swallow his load, squeezing his balls and stroking his shaft, making sure you milk him dry.

When he’s finally empty, he collapses back onto your table, a sweaty, oily mess of writhing pleasure. “Fucking fuck, sweetheart, that was so fucking good!” He runs his hands through his hair as he tries to regain his composure.

You lick your swollen lips, crawling up to rest against his chest, running your fingers through his beard and kissing his neck soothingly. “It’s been a while for you, hasn’t it, Negan?”

He nods. “I, uh, can be fucking intimidating, I guess,” he replies. “And I’m not making a fucking joke.”

“I know.”

“It really doesn’t fucking bother you? I didn’t fucking hurt you? I mean, I wasn’t fucking trying to. I know how to fucking use my big fucking dick. I just, um, may have gotten carried the fuck away, you know?”

“You didn’t hurt me, Negan,” you assure him. “I’m glad I could make you feel good.” You scoot up a little further so you can kiss his nose affectionately. You think his concern is sweet.

“I want you to fucking feel good too,” he grunts, running his hands over your body before he lets them dip into your underwear and starts to push them down a bit. “I’d love to know what it’s like in your pretty fucking pussy, honey.”

You smirk. “Well, Negan, it’s lucky for you that I want to know what that big fucking dick feels like in there too.”

He groans in anticipation, gripping your panties tightly in his hands and pulling until they rip. You giggle as he tosses them aside, feeling his cock twitch against your thighs.

Negan pats the spot next to him on the massage table. “Come up here and get on your side, doll. I want to hold you while I fuck your fucking brains out.”

You scramble up beside him, pressing your back against his sweaty, hairy chest. As he undoes the clasp of your bra, you reach down between your legs and grab his cock again, stroking it and squeezing it.

He flings your bra off of the table and buries his face in your neck. “Fucking fuck, you work my cock so fucking good, baby,” he growls. He cups your tits in his hands, plucking at your nipples, making you squirm.

“I want you to fuck me, Negan!” you beg, pushing back against him. “I’ve wanted you to fuck me ever since I moved in!”

Negan chuckles, nipping at your neck, helping you guide his tip to your entrance. As he gently pushes inside of you and you moan, he murmurs, “All you fucking had to do was ask, sweetheart.”

Still, he’s tentative. He doesn’t want to hurt you. You let him test your limits, slowly pushing in one more inch, then one more.

Finally, you can’t take it any longer. “Negan, please!” you whine. “Faster! Harder!”

“Okay, honey,” he agrees through gritted teeth. He grabs your thigh in his big, rough palm, lifting your leg as he starts to slam into you. He curls his other arm around your chest, pawing at your breasts as he starts to fuck you better and deeper than you’ve ever been fucked.

You cry out in ecstasy, bracing your hands against the table, squealing each time Negan’s heavy balls slap against your ass. He tugs at your nipples, panting harshly, hanging onto you desperately.

“Fucking fuck, doll, you feel so fucking good! So fucking good!” He goes even faster and you cry out excitedly.

He wasn’t lying when he said he knew how to use his big fucking dick. He slides into you perfectly with every single thrust, filling you up and stretching you wide.

“Fuck, baby, I’m gonna come again!” Negan huffs. He quickly pulls out of you, pressing the flared head of his cock against your clit, stroking his shaft furiously so he nudges your clit each time he reaches the tip. “Fucking come with me, sweetheart!”

You reach down, helping him stroke himself, squeezing his balls, grinding your clit against his cock. As he erupts in your hand, he roars and bites down on your shoulder, making you shriek as you start to come too.

You rock together until you both finally stop coming. Negan keeps holding you against him, running his tongue over the bite on your shoulder and kissing it gently. “Sorry about that, honey,” he apologizes. “Damn, you take my cock like a fucking champ.”

You giggle happily, elated that you’ve pleased him. “You weren’t kidding when you said you know how to use it,” you declare.

Negan chuckles and glances around. “We made a mess of your new table,” he points out ruefully.

You shrug. “They clean easily. Don’t worry about it.” You turn in his arms, pulling him down for a kiss. He kisses you back gratefully, sighing contentedly.

“Thank you, doll. I, uh, really fucking needed that.”

You giggle again. “I bet. Want to spend the rest of the day in my bed?”

“Fuck, yes.” Negan stands, slinging you over his shoulder and slapping your ass. You laugh loudly, kicking your feet playfully as he carries you. “Just tell me which way to fucking go.”