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Fate Through the Viewfinder: Arc 01 The Beginning

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5 years prior...

In a gallery located in the center of Tokyo, a young man stood before a photograph.

The photograph was a large print named 'ALONE', it captured a young girl reaching out to a silhouette whose face was turned, walking away from her. Around them, young children were lying on the street, broken, bleeding and dirty. Their eyes were dull and blank as if their souls were taken out of them.

A few meters beyond the young man stood another man, admiring the carefully composed photographs of the gallery, pondering which one he should buy at the auction later, while loosely listening to the monotone voice of the curator who excitedly explained each one.

Bored to almost death, the man contemplates the best way to make the curator shut his mouth in the least destructive way. From the corner of his eye, something caught his attention, a slender body, he slowly turned and came face to face with the young man who still stood in front of the 'ALONE' photograph, now with silent tears streaming down his cheeks, his eyes never leaving the photograph.

It was quite a sight the behold, his slender body, with black jeans that hugged his lower body in a perfect and sexy way. A tight black V-neck shirt that showed off his lean muscles. His black hair left natural, slightly disheveled. His hazel eyes that shined and gave way to the tears freely streaming down from his eyes, to his cheeks, passing his lips, his chin and finally dripping to the solid ground below. His arms lifeless to his side, his back straight and slightly tilted upwards as he stared at the photograph.

It took the man's breath away. Suddenly his boredom was replaced with great interest for this intriguing young man. Surely, he would have fun with this one.

The curator who never stopped talking regained the man's attention, ready to show him the next photograph. The man with now more important things to do decided to cut his visit short. He turned back to the curator, thanking him for the evening and explanations, assuring him that he has now decided on the photograph he will bid for. Before he could free himself, the curator grabbed his hand, grateful that the man had come to view his gallery and for purchasing a photograph, he bowed and thanked him multiple times. Finally, after a long few minutes, the curator left him. He impatiently turned back around only to find the young man was no longer standing there.

He walked around the gallery, quickly sweeping the people for the young man who was no where in sight. The man grabbed his phone, calling his secretary who had been waiting outside by the limo for his return, telling him to find the young man at any cost. Giving his description, the secretary got to work.

He couldn't have his fun run out of his grasp so easily after all. He didn't know what it was, but something about the young man had attracted him in a way no one had ever done before, and in a single instant.

After checking all the security cameras, asking around the gallery and surrounding areas. The only thing they knew was that the young man must have left from the side emergency exit of the gallery where there were no cameras and just like that, he disappeared, leaving no other traces.

The camera inside the gallery produced a blurry image of the young man, who stared right back into the camera moments before he left. With a blazing flame in his eyes, looking as if he was ready to take on the world.

For the first time since coming into power, Asami Ryuuichi had lost his prey.