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Coffee and Tea, just right for you and me

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I don't know, it's just something about ya
Got me feeling like I can't be without ya
Anytime someone mention your name
I be feeling as if I'm around ya

Ain't no words to describe you baby
All I know is that you take me high
Can you tell that you drive me crazy?
'Cause I can't get you out my mind

Thinkin' of ya when I'm goin' to bed
When I wake up think of ya again
You are my homie, lover and friend
Exactly why

Louis sang as he danced under the spray of the shower head, rinsing the suds from his hair, letting the water run down his face before brushing his fingers through his wet fringe. He reached across the shower to grab his green apple scented body wash–courtesy of Lottie– and opening the bottle.

All I want, all I need is your lovin'
Baby you make me hot like an oven
Since you came you know what I've discovered
Baby I don't need me another

No, no all I know
Only you got me feelin' so
And you know that I have to have ya
And I don't plan to let you go

He cleared off his body of the bubbles, smiling happily as he continued to sing loudly to the beat. He reached over to shut off the water after a quick shave of his underarms, pushing open the shower curtain, and stepping out into the small, steam-filled room. He quickly ran a fluffy white towel over his wet body before grabbing his green apple body lotion to rub on his arms and legs.

You light me up inside
Like the 4th of July
Whenever your around
I always seem to smile

And people ask me how
Well your the reason why
I'm dancing in the mirror and singing
in the shower

Louis smiled cutely at himself in the mirror, standing on his tiptoes then giving himself a thumbs up. He reached over and grabbed the second towel, using it to dry his hair.

"Ok, Beyoncé, let's get a move on in there," Niall groaned, banging on the door before pushing it open, letting the knob hit against the wall.

Louis shrieked, dropping the towel and whipping his body toward the now open door, instinctively covering his exposed crotch. "Niall!" He screamed in the most manly way possible, backing up until his arse was pressed to the vanity. "What the fuck?!"

"Next time, don't leave the bathroom key where I can easily find it." Niall grinned.

"It was at the bottom of my underwear drawer!" Louis replied, not moving his hands as he stared wide eyed at his best mate. "Can you, leave?" He snapped, bending down cautiously to grab the towel, covering himself with it.

"Whatever, I still found it with minimal effort. Hurry it up in here, beautiful, you don't need to get all dolled up for your blind boyfriend," He snickered before slowly shutting the door. "And, by the way–" Niall stuck his head back into the room, "–nice body, mate, good size in between your legs, too." Then, the door shut completely.

"Niall!" Louis gasped, cheeks turning pink again. He pouted at the closed door and huffed before reaching forward to re-lock it and finishing his hair.

He grabbed his clothes from the counter and slipped them on, starting with his tight black Calvin Klein briefs, followed by his white skinny jeans and Harry's lilac sweater. He placed his glasses on then smiled at himself as he plugged in the blow-drier and used it to finish off his hair. He then proceeded to take his time putting his stuff away, just to annoy the bottle blonde outside the door, who was not so quietly complaining about him. He shut off his water proof speaker and grabbed his phone, exiting the bathroom and stopping in front of an annoyed Niall.

"Remind me never again to walk to work with you," Louis rolled his eyes, sauntering off into his room to get his football varsity jacket and gray beanie. "Also remind me never to let you in my house when I'm naked," he stated, slipping on his black Vans.

"Oh tosh. No lie, Tommo, I'd fuck you up against that counter. No homo, though," Niall laughed, draping his arm around Louis' shoulder when the older boy stood up. "Don't tell Harry, though, I know he's got dibs on your ass and I don't want to get beaten with his cane." He added, squeaking when Louis pinched his side. "Oi! Why have you done that?"

"Are you quite finished?" Louis questioned, raising a brow. "Don't make fun of my boyfriend, and don't say you would fuck me then add "no homo" like it makes your statement any less gay. Also, I'd rather you didn't, knobhead."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Don't be a prick, Twatlinson."

Louis grinned and wetly kissed his cheek. "Work time!" He sang, bouncing down the stairs then skipping into the kitchen to grab his keys before exiting his house, leaving the door open for Niall. "Let's go, you bloody slug, or I'm locking you in."

Niall whined loudly, stomping as he left, pouting at the older boy as he waited for him at the bottom of the steps. "Do we have to walk?" He groaned, dragging his feet as Louis pocked his keys and started walking down the driveway. "It's November in England, my dick is going to freeze off."

"Oh, what a shame, clearly no woman is sad now that you and your three inch will stop flirting with them," Louis giggled, already starting his daily routine to the small café.

Winter in Holmes Chapel was never kind; weekly snow, below freezing temperatures every day, and harsh winds. But, none of that will stop Louis from enjoying the outdoors. It's why he never had a problem with walking his way to work. He got to enjoy the beauty of his hometown, and he wasn't going to let a frozen nose get in the way of that.

Winter had always been his favorite season. Ever since he was a young lad, he had an infatuation with the white flakes falling from the gray sky. He had always loved the coziness of it all, the hot chocolate, and the Christmas carols being sung. He had used to think that all the lights outside everyone's homes were for his upcoming birthday, but he was informed those were for the holiday. Either way, it made him happy. So, winter would always have a place in his heart, even if her mighty winds would get in the way of his journey.

Shortly after Jay's death, Louis realized that there would not be enough money in the house to keep his sisters in private education, pay the bills, and get food on the table three times a day. With his step-father, Dan, already working two jobs, Louis decided he had to as well. However, it proved to be a lot more difficult then he first thought. Juggling school, homework, drama club, regular shifts at Cool Beans!, piano lessons, cooking dinner at night, and another job just won't be easy.

So, one night, he sat down and fixed his priorities.

First, he started with ending piano lessons, next was the selling of his Audi S4, and finally he denied scholarships to Arts University Bournemouth, University for the Creative Arts, Manchester University, and University of Oxford so he could save money– rather than spending it on university tuition. He decided to take a gap year to assist his family as much as possible.

He knows his mum would rather him be driving around Oxford while studying Music, or furthering his knowledge of the Performing Arts at The Arts University Bournemouth so he can one day star in a big production, but Louis realized that all that is not as important as helping his family. He would do anything for his four sisters, even give up his dream of one day staring on Broadway, if it means they can continue living theirs.

So, now with a high-school diploma in hand, he applied to work part time as a secretary at a local nursing unit, so he can save up to go to the University of Manchester with enough money to get a car for the daily commute home.

"I can't wait to show it to him!" Louis grinned with a skip in his step, looking over at Niall, eyes sparkling with cheer.

"He is gonna love it, Lou. I just know it. I doubt anyone else has ever done something like that for him, so he'll be beyond grateful. It's truly from the heart," Niall nodded, elbowing his arm with a grin. "Such a romantic, I should've snatched you up when I had the chance, huh?"

Louis smiled at him, rolling his eyes as he laughed. "Shut up," he snorted, pushing Niall back. "If he doesn't, or takes it offensively, don't hesitate to hit me so hard over the head I fucking die, or just shoot me."

"Aye, aye, captain! But shooting leaves to much evidence behind, from finger prints to stray bullets and shell casings and residue, so no, no shooting. Sorry mate, but I'll easily knock you the fuck out."

Louis rolled his eyes again. "Ok, Spencer Reid, let's tone it down on the crime shows for a little bit. Got any statistics for me too?" He mocked, shoving him away again.


"Oops! Don't care!" Louis giggled as he made his way down the pavement to the front of Cool Beans!. He smiled fondly when he already spotted Harry's head of unruly curls, with the younger lad perched on the front bar stool with a coffee in hand and Ron behind the counter in front of him– the two in a deep conversation.

He is quite surprised that the pair hit it off so fast– especially after Louis confessed Ron was his first kiss and then Jill was his first girl kiss.

"Ok, so, to set the scene, I was a sexually confused and frustrated fourteen year old lad. Marcy and Bob, the lovely old couple next door had, have, the most attractive niece and nephew–" Louis corrected, chuckling when Harry pouted, kissing his nose. "–so you can see why I was constricted–"

"Actually, I cant."

"Oh, shush, it's a metaphor. One day, I was in Ron's bedroom with him, playing some dumb video game. He asked me if I liked Hannah Walker, a girl in my biology class who had asked me to homecoming. She had a crush on me, but it wasn't as obvious as Eleanor Calder's. I laughed awkwardly and looked at him with a nervous frown and told him I didn't, and that I'm almost positive I don't like girls at all. He laughed, seeing it as a joke, before realizing my seriousness and hugging me, because I just came out to him and he didn't know what else to do. I told him I wasn't one hundred percent positive yet, since I hadn't kissed a girl or a boy, but that I didn't get the spark I got talking to year twelve football player, Aiden Grimshaw, with Hannah or Eleanor." He explained.

"Ron thought for a moment before asking if he could kiss me. I happily obliged, just wanting to feel a boy's lips on mine, so he leaned in, and well so did I and we bumped foreheads at first but then, well, it was great. Not, "oh my God, I'm so in love with Ronald John Baker" great, but "Wow, I'm so gay" great. Later on, I still wanted to kiss a girl, yanno, set the story straight. I told Jill this and asked her to kiss me. Keep in mind, I kissed a lesbian, so maybe straight girls kiss different, but it was terrible. Her lips didn't feel right, it was too forced. After we pulled apart, she laughed and claimed she is definitely still gay, and at that moment, I admitted I am too. I ended up dating Hannah later that year, but it only confirmed my suspicions, I'm so fucking gay."

Harry listened intently, nodding when he finished, pointing his finger at Louis and opening his mouth to speak.

"Before you say it, Jillian is still a raging lesbian with an equally gay girlfriend while Ron is straighter than uncooked spaghetti. Neither of them want me."

"Well– that's not, well, whatever, I don't like you. Go to your love triangle or whatever."

Louis rolled his eyes, pulling him in for a kiss. "Twit."

Louis couldn't keep the smile off his face as he entered the quaint shop, taking in the usual smell of coffee beans and freshly baked muffins as he walked up behind his boyfriend of five months and hugging him from behind, pressing his nose into the back of his neck.

"Hmm, hi baby," Harry smiled, melting into his touch.

"How did you know it was me? What if I was some huge, buff, axe murder? What if I had a knife pressed to you back right now and you leaned into it? Hmm?" Louis teased, turning Harry in the stool and peppering his face with kisses, making the younger break out into a grin. Harry wrapped his arms around the smaller's waist, pulling him in closer.

"I can hear how you walk. When you're blind you use your other senses," Harry informed him with a nod, lifting the boy up into his lap.

"Not creepy at all, Styles, not creepy at all," Louis giggled and pressed their lips together. The kiss soon flipped from a simple peck to a full blown make-out session, Louis' hands finding their way to Harry's curls and Harry's hands rubbing up and down the older's sides.

"Hello to you too, Louis. Yeah, I'm great, thanks. Not like you interrupted our conversation or anything. Keep on sucking his face off. Nice talk, mate," Ron muttered, grabbing a flannel and going to clean tables.

Jill coughed awkwardly beside them, glancing over at Marcy and Bill who just came downstairs to find the couple kissing.

"Oh, let them be, dear, as long as my Lou is happy," Marcy smiled.

At the sound of her voice, Louis pulled away from the kiss, his cheeks tinted pink in embarrassment. "Sorry, Marcy, we'll be more mindful next time."

Harry chuckled, keeping his grip around Louis' waist. "Sorry, Mrs. Baker."

"It's just Marcy, hon, and none of that. You are young and in love, enjoy yourself. The grand honeymoon stage," Marcy said with a knowing nod.

Louis' flushed cheeks only reddened at her words, kissing his boyfriend's nose gently, then rubbing them together as the smile once again made it back to his lips.

"What's got you all giddy, baby? Liam release a new song? New photoshoot? Being all nice so I'll say yes when you beg me to take a bus with you when he is in London again?" Harry teased, slipping his hands up Louis' sweater and rubbing his tan skin.

To say that Louis loves Liam Payne would be an understatement. The teenage boy is beyond obsessed with the twenty-three year old pop singer. He owns every album since the beginning, he has every X-Factor video saved in his laptop, with posters upon posters behind his closet door. He knows every word of every song, from What Makes you Beautiful to his more recent ones like Bedroom Floor. He fangirls over Liam's new pictures and even has a not very popular Liam Payne fan account— don't tell Niall, he'll never let him hear the end of it. And, Harry knows all of this too— thanks to Lottie and her big mouth— so he decided that he wanted to do something to make Louis smile, but he doesn't know if he can wait until the older's birthday next month to give it to him.

"No," Louis dragged out. "Can't I just be happy?"

"Of course you can, sweetheart."

"Good, cause I'm very happy. I have the perfect boyfriend, the perfect job, the perfect family, and the perfect friends," Louis grinned, kissing Harry's cheek, then nose. "I'm so, so happy."

"What a fucking sap," Niall snorted. "Someone wants some dick, may as well just get on your knees and beg, 'cause– ow!" He rubbed his arm where Louis just slapped him harshly, pouting.

"Shush up, tosser," Louis mumbled, a blush rising to fill his cheeks with a pale pink.

Harry laughed and kissed his neck, smiling fondly.

Louis sighed, kissing his boyfriend's hair then peeling himself out of his warm arms and off his comfortable lap, walking into the back to take off his outerwear and replacing it with his work apron. He grabbed a clean mug from the cabinet and then went behind the counter to make himself some tea. "How's my Hazzie?"

Harry hummed, reaching over to grab his hand. "Good. I got some new books from Gem. I have a test on Tuesday with Mr. Azoff, though."

Ever since the incident, Harry has been homeschooled. He takes online classes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while private tutors from The London School for the Blind visit on Tuesdays and Thursdays. His favorite subject is English and Literature with Mr. Azoff. He absolutely loves reading, always has and always will. He wasn't going to let his blindness get in the way of allowing him to travel off to far away places.

Not only does he enjoy reading, he loves going to school as well. His teachers and tutors always manage to make everything interesting; they always keep him intrigued. Learning makes him feel connected to the seeing world, because he still learns as they do, just a bit differently.

Louis squeezed his boyfriend's hand, rubbing his thumb over the back of Harry's hand. "I know you will do amazing, lovely. You are the smartest lad I know," Louis assured him, kissing the soft pale skin then letting go.

The bell up front rang, signaling a new customer. Louis perked up, grabbing three menus.

"Be right back," He said to Harry, then skipping off to assist the young couple who entered. Louis soon returned, coming up behind the younger. He placed the third menu in front of him, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist and kissing his curly hair. "Want anything, babe?"

Harry reached forward and fingered at the corner of the paper, frowning over his shoulder at Louis. "Lou, this isn't funny. I know you are in a good mood and all and you may be bantering around, but this really isn't fun–" His eyebrows shot up over the sunglasses in shock as he brushed his fingertips gently over the list– braille.

"Lou, oh my God, you got a braille menu, fuck, baby, oh my God, I've never been given a menu before," Harry whispered as tears started to leave trails down his cheeks. He felt over the page, fingers grazing over the small, raised bumps. Coffee with milk, cream, or sugar. Homemade doughnuts made fresh daily. Chocolate chip, butter, or blueberry croissants. He could finally read it. "Baby, thank you so much."

Louis chuckled lightly, hugging Harry close when he turned around in the chair. "I'd never banter like that, Haz, ever. Maybe I should've presented it to you another way, but I wanted it to be an unsuspected, random, "in the moment" type surprise. I'm sorry I made you upset, that wasn't my intent at all."

"No, no, no, sh, baby. That was the best surprise I've ever been given. You should not be sorry at all. Please don't be sorry." Harry shushed him. "My baby. You made me so, so happy." He added, pulling in the older for a gentle kiss.

"That's all I want, for you to be happy. Always."

"And that's exactly what you do, Lou–"

"Excuse me! We have been waiting for our coffees for ten minutes, lazy sod. But, it seems like your number one priority is tongue fucking a blind slag. Haven't you ever been told to keep your disgusting kind behind closed doors?" The woman snapped, glaring at the couple, hands crossed over her chest. Louis glanced over at her, anger taking over all his features. Short blonde hair, blue eyes, and way too much red lipstick on her lips– the epitome of a bitch who just so happened to get in the way of his romantic moment.

"Excuse me, minger. Can't you see that we are currently busy? I'm sorry, but just because I am a waiter does not by any means mean that I live and breathe to serve you. So, how about you take that tube of obnoxious lipstick and shove it far up your–"

"Lou, angel, relax," Harry said calmly, holding him back so he didn't jump at her.

Ever since dating the older lad, Harry had gotten accommodated to Louis' short temper. He was like a bomb, with a fuze always at the ready to be lit. However, his uncontrollable attitude and constant sass, backed with kindness, are what pulled Harry to him in the first place.

"Relax? Fucking relax?! She marches her big mouth into my fucking shop and disrespects you like that? There is no fucking way I'm going to relax right now. No one disrespects my boyfriend," Louis mumbled, struggling to get out of Harry's grip, kicking his legs out.

"Shh, relax, my love," Harry soothes.

Louis continues to shoot daggers at the lady as she calls him disregarding names and threatens to call her lawyer on him before leaving with her date in tow, who is looking at him sympathetically.

"Snobby, rich chav."

"Sh, my Lou."

Louis sighed, taking a deep breath and hiding his face in Harry's chest. "I'm sorry, baby."

Harry smiled fondly. "Did you blow off all that steam, hot head?"

"One day, all that attitude is gonna get you killed," Niall pointed out, patting his head like a dog. "Calm down, tiger."

Louis rolled his eyes, cuddling into Harry's warmth. "She made me mad, Hazza. I can't believe her attitude, the nerve of some people. Just because my job is to serve you food and drinks does not mean I come at the snap of your fingers."

Harry nodded, allowing his sassy boyfriend to vent. "I know, honey, she had no right to treat you like that. But, I think I may have something to get your mind off all that, hm?"

Louis pressed his nose to his jaw, nodding slightly. "Go on..."

Harry hummed, shifting to open his jacket and pulling out an envelope from the inside pocket with Louis' name on it in his mum's cursive.  "Well, I'm technically supposed to wait until your birthday, but I just can't. Here, you deserve it," he smiled, holding out the envelope for Louis to take.

Louis rolled his eyes, smiling gratefully as he took the envelope and positioned himself on Harry's lap.

He hummed Can't Help Falling In Love by Haley Reinhart softly as he opened the envelope, pulled out the two small pieces of paper, and shrieked. "Oh my fucking God, oh my fucking God! Haz! Holy fuck! I'm going to see Liam fucking Payne live on tour– fucking floor seats! Baby, baby, oh my God! Fuck, no, no, this can't, I– this was probably so fucking expensive. I–I can't take these, baby–"

"Sh, love, you deserve them, okay? One ticket for you and one for whoever you choose to bring along. I know how badly you want to go see him live, and Lottie told me how you've been saving up small portions of your pay checks in hopes to snag a ticket. You deserve this so much. Enjoy, baby." Harry whispered, kissing his feather-soft hair.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I seriously don't deserve you. Thank you so, so much. You did not have to do this for me, angel. Me sweet, sweet angel. How could I ever replay you?" Louis asked, looking up at him.

"A kiss will definitely do justice."

And that's exactly what Louis gave him, kissing his boyfriend until both their lips were sore and a deep red.

"And, thanks for outshining my gift," Louis teased with a pout when he finally pulled away, resting their foreheads together.

"Why, you're welcome, love," Harry smiled brightly at him.

It was times like this that Harry wished he could see. See his baby, with the crinkles by his eyes when he smiles, his laugh lines, or just the pure happiness shining in his bright, cerulean eyes. If he could see again, he doubts he would ever be able to stop admiring the beauty in front of him.

"God, you two are so fucking gross."

"Shut up, Niall," Louis mumbled as Harry laughed, kissing the other again.