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Coffee and Tea, just right for you and me

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Three weeks. Three long weeks since the lanky legged, curly haired, blind bloke stepped into his coffee shop, and Louis was beginning to believe that he would never return. Louis feels like a complete fool for even thinking that Harry would return, fall in love with him, and then whisk him away for their perfect fairly tale ending. Why would he? Louis literally harassed him, then proceeded to spill steaming coffee all over his lap.

As Louis' brain was temporarily consumed by his thoughts while he arranged the freshly washed mugs, he didn't seem to notice the sweet chime of the shop-keeper's bell and the slow, deep drawl coming from behind him.

"Hello, Louis Tomlinson," Said the voice with a golden smile, putting his glistening, white teeth on complete display.

Louis hastily turned around and was greeted by the sight of the most angelic individual that ever entered this café, the white guide cane in his hand and Zayn at his hip, looking, more like glaring, at Louis skeptically.

"H-Hi, Harry, I, um, I didn't think you'd come back," Louis stumbled over his words, not able to conceal his joyful smile as he allowed himself to take in the sight in front of him. Harry is here, even if it's just for a quick cuppa, he is back, right in front of him. It would be an outright understatement if Louis said he only enjoyed Harry's presence as an just an acquaintance, because after a brief two hour bond with teen, he managed to form an undeniable crush on him. Everything about him is absolutely captivating and Louis cannot keep his eyes off him. Harry being legally blind doesn't change a thing, Louis wants to spend more time with him, so he can learn all his quirks and random mannerisms.

"Why wouldn't I come back? I wasn't lying when I told you I wanted to metaphorically see you again. So... here I am and I'd love to spend some more time with you, if you can, that is... I know you have work and all..." Harry trailed off with a shy smile, a pink blush finding its way onto his cheeks. Harry may not be able to literally see the boy in front of him, but he couldn't help slowly falling for the pretty voice and charming personality the teen possesses.

"I, um, wasn't exactly the most friendly person to you... I..."

Harry sighed, "Lou, we went over this, I forgave you. I wasn't even mad at you in the first place. You don't have some personal vengeance against me or anything, right?"

"No, 'course not. I would never, you did absolutely nothing wrong."

"Then we are okay, you and I. And we can be friends, yeah?"

"Yeah, I guess there is nothin' wrong with that," Louis whispered in agreement, nodding his head as he glanced down at the oak coffee bar in front of him, tapping his fingers nervously under Zayn's gaze.

"Good, because I hope we can become great friends, Lou."

"Me too," Louis smiled softly, looking back up at him with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

"I'm glad the feeling is mutual," Harry beamed, then turned his attention toward Zayn who was still tenderly rubbing his bicep. "Z, can you leave this time without the big hassle?"

Zayn sighed, giving Louis a once over before turning back toward his friend with a nod, not wanting to put up a fight again. "Alright, H, but I'll be back in a couple hours to bring you home, okay?"

Harry agreed and Zayn departed with a soft kiss to his temple, leaving the couple alone in the bistro, soothing classical music playing throughout the atmosphere surrounding them.

• • •

The duo were currently settled in one of the corner booths in the café as they conversed like old mates, maybe with some shameless, light flirting here and there. The aura around them was comfortable, no cloud of awkwardness above them, while Louis continuously teased Harry as they spoke.

As time went on, stretching from a few minutes to an hour, Louis' blue eyes never retired from watching the beautifully handsome lad in front of him. He has never fallen for someone's smile as quickly as he fell for Harry's. He could just stare at him for hours, in the most non-creepy way possible.

Just ask him already, you git! The worst that could happen is he says no... and decides he never wants to see you again... oh, God, I can't do this. It's been almost two hours and Louis is still avoiding bringing that one question to the table. It's not that hard, Tomlinson. Only 10 words: "Harry, will you go out on a date with me?" Simple.

Louis swallowed thickly, looking up from his mug of tea to Harry, who was currently rambling on and on about when he went to a The Script concert last month. It's a good thing Harry can't see how bad he is sweating or how pink his cheeks are right now.

"Harry?" Louis finally breathed, biting the inside of his cheek when Harry completely stopped talking, a rose blush creeping up from his neck.

"Sorry, I babble too much."

"No, no, it's not that. Sorry, love. I shoulda let you finish rather than interrupt."

"No, you can talk, love. I miss hearing your lovely voice." Now, it was Louis' turn to blush.

"Um, ah, okay... Harry, do you... um well, do you want to, um, go on a date with me? It doesn't have to be a date if you don't want it to be, it's up to you, we can just be friends hanging out if you prefer that, whatever you want," Louis was the one rambling now as he played with his hands restlessly. You twit, you blew it!

"A date?" Harry grinned and slightly lowered his sunglasses as if to 'get a better look' at the boy in front of him, the action allowing Louis to get a quick glimpse of the whites of his eyes, before the glasses returned to their previous position covering his eyes. "I wouldn't expect the blind boy to be your first choice of a date, Louis Tomlinson."

Louis turned his gaze back to Harry as he spoke, licking his lips. "You being blind doesn't make you suddenly undateable, Haz. I don't date people for their sight."

Harry let out a dramatic, relieved sigh. "Oh, good, because I can't see shit." Louis laughed tensely, brushing his fingers through his caramel fringe. "To answer your question, I'd be delighted to have the honor to go on a date with you, Louis."

Louis nearly leapt out of the booth and did somersaults when Harry replied, beaming at him, the skin near his eyes crinkling up with happiness. "Really? You would?"

"Do you think I'm lying?" Harry teased. "I'd love to, Lou,"

Louis grinned blissfully, suddenly giddy all over. Harry wants to go on a date with me! He thought, raising his shoulders and crunching up his nose with pure delight. "Thank you!"

"There is no need to thank me, love," Harry insisted, smiling at the older, surprisingly composed despite the dozens of blazing fireworks inside him.

"I can take off early, Marcy won't mind. Two o'clock? I can pick you up if you'd like. We can have a picnic in the park? Do you like picnics? You probably don't, who does anymore anyway? Shit. Is it too cheesy?" Louis rushed, anxiously patting his hand against the table.

Harry laughed gingerly, reaching forward to take Louis' dainty hand into his own, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Lou, relax. I'd love to go on a picnic with you." This resulted in a bright smile from Louis, his cheeks tinting pink.

And when Harry left with Zayn about an hour later, the joyful smile was still present on his face.