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What Dreams May Come

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After the Nishigori wedding, Yuuri and Viktor stuck around Hasetsu long enough to help clean up, and then left for Thailand. Phichit’s family was at the beach again, and Chris and Masumi were already there. “Viktor!” Chris hugged his friend. “I get to be best man, right?”

“Fight Sasha for it. She is my sister.” Viktor winked. "Of course you're best man if you want the job. I have no idea what the job will look like, but it's yours."

Chris laughed. “What about you, Yuuri? Are you going to pick Phichit, or does Mari get it?”

“Probably depends when they do it, if they do it in two years I’ll be fourteen, who wants a fourteen-year-old best man?" Phichit winked. "If you don't pick me, I'm not going to be hurt unless you guys wait a ridiculously long time. Like, if I'm twenty when you get engaged..."

“I don’t know. Depends what I’m going to be asking my best man to do." Yuuri thought for a bit. "For a Japanese wedding, best man’s job is mostly to help me get dressed and make sure I don’t run away, you can handle that now. Probably have you collecting admission charges and wedding gift money.”

“Admission charges?” Viktor certainly didn't remember anything like that. Wedding gift money, yes, Yuuri had told him he would take care of that for both of them since he knew how much would be appropriate.

“For the parties after the wedding. To help pay for the food and renting everything you need. Then the gifts are nearly always money instead of toasters or whatever.”

“I don’t remember…”

Yuuri wrapped his arms around Viktor's waist. “Mom and Dad worked out a deal where they reduced the cost for renting Yu-Topia and the food in exchange for Katsukis not having to pay admission fees. You were covered in that.”

“I’m not a Katsuki.” Yet, anyway. Not officially.

Yuuri just shrugged and held on tighter. “As long as I’m still happy, you’re as good as. You've even convinced Mari!”


Paul and Skye got to Thailand a couple days later. Chris and Masumi had to leave shortly after to meet up with some of Masumi’s family in Indonesia. Seung Gil came down with his mom the day after Chris left. Phichit was excited to introduce Seung Gil to Yuuri and Viktor. Yuuri's face lit up when Phichit introduced him. “You’re the one who’s helping Phichit pass math. Thank you!”

Seung Gil didn't smile back. “You’re the one motivating him to learn. Thank you. It’s good to have the competition.”

“Are you moving up to juniors with him, then?”


“You two should look for the Crispino twins. Michele’s really good. Don’t hit on his sister and you should be able to be friends.”

“That won’t be a problem,” Seung Gil promised.

Phichit snorted. “We’re a bit young to be hitting on anyone, wouldn’t you say? How old are they?”

"They're fourteen, they'll be fifteen in September. I think." Yuuri shrugged. “Michele is really sensitive about his sister. Other than that, he's really a good guy. So just… be careful, okay?"

“If he’s enough of a dumbass that other people have to be careful around him, then I really don’t care what he thinks of me.” Seung Gil turned and ran for the ocean. Phichit just shrugged apologetically before running after him.

Seung Gil didn’t really improve on acquaintance. Viktor was nice, because Phichit liked him for some unknowable reason, but he was certainly not going to be making much effort to befriend the Korean skater on his own accord. Yuuri seemed to agree.


Viktor was ready to get back on the ice when they got back to Russia. With the Olympics coming up, he needed to come up with the best programs he’d ever done. Yuuri, too. Viktor had a couple ideas, but he wanted to get on the ice and skate through some things to figure out which ones he liked best. “Do you know what you want to do, Yuuri?”

Yuuri shrugged. “Minako said I should do wedding music, but that’s just silly.”

Viktor put a finger to his lips in mock consideration. “I don’t know, I like it.”

“You would.” Yuuri grinned and shook his head. “Next year, maybe. I was thinking maybe space? For the free skate, I can do something from “The Planets”. I'd need to listen to it again to pick one. Then either pick something else from The Planets or go through science fiction movies to find a good short program song. Star Wars has some great stuff.”

“That sounds like fun!” It suited Yuuri, too. It would probably stand out in an Olympic year.

“Thanks! What about you? What are you doing?”

“Not sure yet. I was kind of thinking of scaring the crap out of Yakov by getting religion.”

“Why would that scare Yakov?”

“Because I couldn’t do what was expected and use Orthodox music!” Viktor grinned. “Maybe I’ll get Yurio to help me do a cat theme.”

Yuuri bent over laughing. He wiped away tears as he recovered his breath. “Yakov wouldn’t let you. Not in an Olympic year.”

“I know." Viktor sighed. "Everyone’s going to be doing serious themes, though, cats would definitely surprise everyone and make me memorable!”

“It would. There’s still Yakov.”


“Minako wanted me to do the wedding music theme to troll the reporters. Unlike me, you’re a good actor, you can go even further to annoy them."

Viktor raised an eyebrow. "You have an idea."

Yuuri's smile became extremely mischievous. "Do some sort of heartache or breakup theme.”

It was Viktor's turn to laugh so hard he was crying. “That’s perfect!”

As predicted, Yakov vetoed the cats immediately. Yurio pouted until Viktor promised that when Yurio was ready to start choreographing his own programs, Viktor would help him do a cat theme the first chance that wasn’t an Olympic year. Yakov was skeptical that Viktor could pull off a heartache theme, but agreed to give him a chance with it. Yuuri’s space theme met with full approval.