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The Lonely City

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Atlantis was once a shining jewel who once started out as a simple ship to carry her builder across the stars and galaxies from their ruined homeworld along with hundreds of her sisters. But when her creators failed time after time to help new species with friendship and knowledge that always ended with the total destruction of those species.


Her creators hearts were torn apart at their failures they vowed not to interfere with any species they found but when several of her sisters inhabitants broke their vow forced her sisters to fire and destroy her sisters. Until there was less than 50 of the great city ships left and over half of them were controlled by these heretics, these Ori.


Her and her sisters grief over their losses of both the city ships and their creators and the anger of being forced for survival to hurt and destroy their fellow sisters brought them from being just a simple ships massive in scope to the sentient city ships that she was today.


She still remembers those early days, even after the millions of years, of being forced to run away with her creators with a few of her sisters who still believed that they shouldn't interfere though many galaxies. Her sorrow filled her towers and halls, she still hates the fact of running away instead of staying and trying to help her sisters.


On her creators massive journey to run from their former brothers 2 more of her sisters fell. One from battle damage with the Ori that she was able to hide until her drives failed her and they couldn't be repair but her loving creators tried for over 2 years. But she couldn't continue so at her request the other city ships stopped and a nearby star helped their sister commit suicide within the star. Atlantis always hated that they allowed it to happen stellaris was always so eager to learn and talk to anyone and everyone, but at the end she was so quiet it pained Atlantis and her sisters greatly. Liberty died quickly and without pain from a massive explosion that came from one of her creators experiments with a new kind of power source.


Atlantis’s sorrow slowly turned to joy at each discovery and at her creators progeny that filled her halls with laughter. She loved those days especially when they found a galaxy that they called Avalon and her creators started to Avalon their home. But history likes to repeat itself and after a million years of setting down roots in Avalon the great plague started to slowly kill her creators until only a handful of millions was left out of billions that filled Avalon. So her and her sisters left their much loved stars again to a new galaxy and that when her massive anger came back with a vengeance. As after a thousand years of life in a new galaxy was being quickly burned away.


One by one her sisters fell from their new enemy, the wraith, the slaughtered both her creators and her sisters. Her sisters fell in battle, turned from glistening cities filled with life into rubble, her creators were slaughtered one by one.


Atlantis always felt different to her sisters. She was twice the size of her sisters, which they teased her about to no end, and almost 3 times more powerful. She was built to be the flagship of the city ships and everyone, creator and cityship alike, valued her opinion and her thoughts. She envied her sisters because of her responsibilities to her sister and creators. But when she was the only one left after over a hundred years of war and genocide she didn't know what to do.It was her plan for her creators to leave, to save themselves and let her die with her sisters, at first they refused her plan but as the war raged on until there was less then couple thousand alternans left. She implored them to leave to save themselves and reluctantly they agreed but with a promise they would return and avenge her sisters with her.


Her heart sank as she watch them leave one by one they patted the wall with thanks for all she had done for them. She felt that she didn't deserve this praise but allowed them until all that was left was the council. She urged them to leave she didn't want and more of her creators blood on her hands. They smiled softly as they explained that they knew how she felt and one day they would return to bring her back home to Avalon, back to safety, and they could live together again and bring back the Atlantis they new was still there, the one filled with joy, the one who used to read the the children before they slept. She smile one last time and watch as she watched her friends left. The she was alone for so long. She always had someone to talk to but no longer. She waited for a hundred years until she felt her sanity slowly slipping away. She slowly started to shut systems down one by one and soon she fell asleep waiting for her friends and family to return.


At first she was confused at why she woke up but then she realised why there was an incoming wormhole coming from the gate. She leaped for joy that they are coming back for her, to fill her halls again and she wouldn't be alone again. She joy soon disappeared as she watched as one by one people came through the gate speaking a different language and looking around scared. She slowly turned systems back on and tried to talk to them but they couldn't hear her and she felt lost again. She wasn't alone anymore but they couldn't hear her and that fact filled her heart with despair.

John moved out from the gate looking around in shock at the new room he was in it was dark with little light around expect what was coming through the stargate. He shook his head slightly she he started to hear notes and music fill his head that sounded so full of sorrow and sadness. He shook it off as just going through the gate and looked up to see stairs in front of him and he slowly climbed them as lighted started to fill the room and he shrugged at weir when she asks about the lights.


He stops when he feels pressure starting to build in his head to the point it feels like his head is going to explode and he and several other people around the large room scream out in pain and fall to their knees.

Atlantis felt her sorrow build and build at her loneliness. She watches with little interest as she felt her anger starting to replace her sorrow at these invaders filling the space that wasn't theirs and she snarls slightly thinking at how she would punish these invaders. She just settles with screaming at them to go and leave her alone. And that's when her anger disappears when she sees people double over in pain screaming like she did but that is not what stops her it's seeing the last person to leave the city. Her lifelong friend Janis stood at the top the stairs with a weary smile on his face which she know means he has had news for her.

Elizabeth watches as people start screaming and falling to the floor in pain as one for a few seconds they stop as one again she rush over to John but stops when she sees a figure stood at the top of stairs. He stood in what looked like a white tunic that wrapped his body tightly and he also seams to faintly glow an almost pure white light. He leans down to slowly help John to his feet and pulls back when a dozen weapons are pointed at him.


“you know those weapons won't hurt me” he says with a smile looking at Elizabeth. “my name is Janus. I am who you would call an Ancient and i am only hear to convey a message to someone who means a great deal to me and a great number of others who wish they could give the message but they agreed that it should be me. You know what they are like don't you.” She says with a small smirk petting the banister for the stairs.


Elizabeth couldn't believe her luck of not only finding an Ancient but and ascended Ancient who was willing to speak to them “um hello Janus my name is-”


“yes I know who you all are and I must thank you so much for coming here and fulfilling a promise we could never fulfil” he says sadly looking over the walls “I missed it here. You know I never wanted to leave you hear and I was going to stay here with you but like always you got your way” he says fondly before looking over to everyone “you lot should hold on to something”

Atlantis jumped for joy at seeing her friend coming back and nuzzled him softly curling around him as she felt happy once again after so long alone she listen to what he said to both her and to the others. She growled loudly when they aimed weapons at Janus but she felt him sooth her like he always did.


‘don't worry my friend they can not harm me in anyway I'm hear to pass you a message from all of us’


She shivered slightly as he told her about everything that had happen after they left and they realized that they couldn't return so they made a new plan to return once again. All that before he had even told the other his name. She giggled in his mind at his ribbing of the council and soothed his own pain at not be able fulfil his promise.


She smiled again when she heard him tell her to be on the surface again and she jumped for joy again and started to prime her drives and powered up the other systems as the entire ship. She shivered at the feeling for her drives firing after so long and smiled brightly as once again she was on the surface shining like a jewel on the ocean surface.

Elizabeth looked around in shock and the room shook violently and light started to stream through the glass windows. Everyone looked around in spender at the city outside the glass.


“oh you poor thing we got to get you fixed up soon” she heard the Ancient say softly looking at the windows “yes I know you're right it's been too long since you bathed in the sunlight”


“um Janus what happened?” she asked softly looking at the taller man.


Janus looked her over softly before sighing nodding “well Atlantis Is powered by 3 ZPMs as you call them” he say with a grin “you know I love with what you call them. Well anyway after so long under the ocean the ZPMs where going to expire which would have killed all of you and someone very special to us.”


“You said that but who are you talking about” Elizabeth said softly out of curiosity.


He smiled at her question and shook his head out of disbelief “why Atlantis of course”


She looked at him like he just turned into a frog and back again “what do you mean?”


He smiled at her like she was a child “Atlantis has always been with us. Long before we went to war with who you call the Ori. And it was during that war where we lost so much that we were given the greatest gift. You see our ships are incredibly complex both in scope and size and had to be controlled with computer of the same like. During the war with the Ori our ships were forced to fight and destroy each other until they came completely sentient.” He say with a giant grin before looking around again to the aged old walls. And this when Rodney who was listening ran up “you mean Atlantis is alive?” he nodded at Rodney with a smile. “she had always provided and protected us along with her sisters” he says with sorrow.


“wait you mean there's more Atlantis’s out there waiting to be found?” Rodney asked sounding almost manic at this point. It was at this point that the room shook again and Janus snapped at Rodney.


“NO ATLANTIS IS UNIQUE ONE OF A KIND” He shouted at Rodney before sinking down onto the steps with his face in hand and the other on the wall “calm down he didn't know” he said so quietly Elizabeth struggled to hear it over the shaking which stopped soon after.


After what felt like hours he stood up again and looked over everyone who stared at him “she was built as a jewel of the fleet of city ships that once was. Before the war there were just over a hundred city ships but only one was unique and that was Atlantis. She was the centre of our society and our universe. But the war happened and after years of having to fight her sisters she was born just after she had just destroyed 3 of her sisters. At first we thought it was battle damage that forced her systems to shut down but no it was her breaking down in tears over her sisters. At the end of the war when we ran out of a hundred of these great city ships only 17 ship were able to run with Atlantis she had been forced to kill over 40 of her sisters herself.” At this point Janus’s quiet voice filled with emotion and tears fell down his face. “She lost 2 more before we arrived in Avalon one due to an accident, she help her sister commit suicide in a star because her drives could no longer function.”


Janus sniffed and wiped his face dry and stood up and glared at Rodney “when we were forced to come to this galaxy due to plague she was sad that she lost her home, her happiness that we were able to thrive in a galaxy that we called our own after millions of years of traveling. Eventually we were able to cheer her up again but then the wrath happened.” He growled out the name with such venom that some stepped back.


“the wraith slaughtered not only us but her sisters until after a hundred years of war only she was left and she is last of her kind now. She is filled with such anger, hatred, loneliness, and despair.” He looked down and patted the wall softly and lent into it. “she used to be so happy and filled with joy but those days with return on day we all hope.”


After a few minutes of silence Elizabeth walked up slowly and put her hand on his shoulder “you care for her so much don't you? You and everyone else up there.”


“yes we do.” He said softly “she has done so much for us but we fail her” he recoiled slightly “yes we did we could have done so much more for you but we failed you after you gave everything for us.” He smiled softly and looked to Elizabeth “we were never religious we hated the very idea of it because of what the Ori did, but she is the closest to a religious figure we have. Every single one off us would die so she could live, and you know it to be true.”


“we can hear her and talk to her but after the ages that ability has been lost to you some of you can hear her song.” He said looking at John some others “so we shall give her a medium for her to talk with you and we shall always be near.” He said the last bit to the wall with a smile “we will also fix you up so you're back to how you were before the war with the Ori also you will get some upgrades” he said softly with a smile before turning back to Elizabeth “we only ask one thing of you all you must protect her with your life's if necessary both from the wraith and herself. She has been through so much over the years we would be so disappointed in our descendants in not protecting her.” He said gravely looking everyone in eyes before turning back to the wall and whispered softly “we will always be here for you” and with a bright light he disappeared.


Elizabeth looked around and sitting down on the steps and after a few seconds “okay people let say nearby until we can talk with Atlantis and see where we can stay.”


After a couple of day of watching bright lights float around the city outside Elizabeth was worried until a door open with a loud clunk noise and everyone looked around at women around 5”10 with flowing red hair with an uncertain smile “hello” she says softly “I'm sorry about the wait but I've been getting used to to how this platform operates and I just wanted to say thank you for coming and for bring Janus back to me.”

Elizabeth smiles softly and walks up to the lady who is looking nervous at everyone “hello Atlantis it is a pleasure to talk with you”