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spotty connections

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January 1st – Sunday (12:04 am)


(12:04 am) My New Year’s Resolution is to make Gabriel Agreste cry.

(12:06 am) Alright, I’m happy for you, I guess?

(12:11 am) You should be! You’re the one who told me to stick it back to him!

(12:14 am) …I might have said that. That does sound like something I’d say. Can I ask a question though?

(12:16 am) How I’m gonna do it?

(12:17 am) No. Who are you?

(12:18 am) How drunk are you, Alya?!

(12:19 am) Not drunk enough if I can remember that my name is, in fact, not Alya.

(12:23 am) …so I think I got the wrong number. I’m really sorry to bother you. Have a good night.

(12:30 am) But I really do want to know how you plan to make Gabriel Agreste cry sometime.

(12:41 am) Goodnight, wrong number.

(12:43 am) I’m serious.

(12:57 am) So am I.




January 1st – Sunday (1:14 pm)


(1:14 pm) So you never told me how you planned to make Gabriel Agreste cry.

(1:20 pm) Oh my god, how drunk was I last night?!

(1:22 pm) They live.

(1:23 pm) Barely.

(1:24 pm) How do I know you again?

(1:24 pm) I don’t think you do? I’m Wrong Number. You were texting me your New Year’s Resolution earlier.

(1:25 pm) …I’m too hungover to deal with this right now.

(1:26 pm) Well whose fault is that?

(1:40 pm) …Hello?

(2:01 pm) Well this was fun.



(3:17 pm) I'm so sorry. I fell asleep. Just wanted to say I’m sorry for bothering you!

(3:20 pm) Don’t sweat it. Still hungover?

(3:22 pm) Sadly.

(3:23 pm) Well I’m perfectly sober, and still eager to know how you’re going to make the infamous Gabriel Agreste cry.

(3:30 pm) You’re too chipper for this time of morning.

(3:31 pm) Actually, it’s afternoon, and I’m bored. Bored and curious are a very dangerous combination.

(3:33 pm) You know what they say. Curiosity killed the cat.

(3:34 pm) And satisfaction brought it back.

(3:36 pm) Touché, Wrong Number.

(3:38 pm) I know my cat puns. Don’t mess with me.

(3:40 pm) Do you like cats?

(3:41 pm) I’ve got a black cat named Plagg. My socks have paw prints on them.

(3:43 pm) Mine have ladybugs.

(3:44 pm) Good for you, Ladybug.

(3:45 pm) Ladybug???

(3:46 pm) Well I need something to call you, don’t I?

(3:48 pm) I don’t think you need to call me anything. I don’t know you? 

(3:50 pm) And yet you keep texting me back.

(3:51 pm) YOU started this!

(3:52 pm) If you’ll check your message history, my dear Ladybug, you’ll discover that YOU were the one who started texting ME. If anyone should be screaming Stranger Danger, it should be me. 

(3:54 pm) And yet you’re not.

(3:54 pm) Like I said, I’m a curious cat.

(3:55 pm) So is that your name?

(3:55 pm) My name?

(3:56 pm) Your name, Curious Cat. Whatever you want me to call you.

(3:58 pm) Curious Cat doesn’t roll off the tongue like Ladybug does.

(3:59 pm) So what does? 

(4:00 pm) Chat Noir. You can call me Chat Noir.

(4:01 pm) Well then, Chat Noir. It’s nice to meet you.

(4:03 pm) Same to you, my Lady.

(4:05 pm) Oh you’re quite the jokester, aren’t you?

(4:06 pm) It’s like you already know me.

(4:08 pm) And maybe not. Anyway, it was nice to meet you, Chat Noir. Sorry for bothering you again.

(4:08 pm) No bother at all, Ladybug.

(4:09 pm) Have a great day then? 

(4:10 pm) Until next time, my Lady.

(4:11 pm) There’s not gonna be a next time.

(4:12 pm) We’ll see. Someday you’re gonna tell me how you plan to make Gabriel Agreste cry.

(4:14 pm) Why do you even care? 

(4:17 pm) I know it doesn’t make sense, but believe me. I have a reason to be invested in this.

(4:19 pm) Goodbye, Chat Noir.

(4:20 pm) See ya, Ladybug.




January 5th—Thursday (11:12 am)


(11:12 am) Okay hypothetically, how would YOU make your boss cry?

(11:12 am) I ask for purely research purposes.

(11:16 am) Hello, Wrong Number.

(11:17 am) Hi, so how would I do this?

(11:19 am) What’s going on again?

(11:19 am) Remember how I was gonna make Gabriel Agreste cry?

(11:20 am) No, because if I remember, you refused to tell me your plans. 

(11:21 am) Well… then you should’ve asked!

(11:22 am) I did.

(11:22 am) Many times.

(11:24 am) Okay, well, okay that’s not the point! I didn’t text you to listen to you complain.

(11:25 am) Why are you texting me?

(11:27 am) He made another designer cry.

(11:28 am) Gabriel Agreste?

(11:29 am) Yes. Keep up. 

(11:29 am) So he made another designer cry. Okay, got it.

(11:31 am) So anyway, I’m really tired of him being so harsh all the time. I get that he’s the boss and what he says goes, but he’s completely tearing these people down when they’ve got some really good ideas. I wish he’d just listen to them for one second.

(11:33 am) Sounds like you don’t agree with his opinions.

(11:34 am) Right.

(11:34 am) But isn’t he a professional?

(11:37 am) I’m not saying that he doesn’t know his stuff. He’s one of the best fashion designers in the world, and it’s a miracle I got to come on his team anyway, but that doesn’t make it right.

(11:39 am) The fashion industry is tough.

(11:40 am) You sound like you know it. You work in fashion?

(11:41 am) No, but I’m pretty familiar with it. 

(11:43 am) Oh. 

(11:45 am) What about you?

(11:45 am) What about me?

(11:46 am) Do you work in fashion?

(11:47 am) Something like that. 

(11:48 am) Are you always going to be so mysterious, Ladybug?

(11:49 am) Takes one to know one, Chat Noir. ;)

(11:51 am) ....An emoji? We’ve graduated to emojis. That’s good to know.

(11:53 am) What? You don’t like emojis?

(11:54 am) Emojis are like Level 3 Friendship.

(11:55 am) I see.

(11:56 am) I’m just saying, we’re Level 2 at best.

(11:57 am) You mean strangers.

(11:59 am) Well… I wouldn’t go that far.

(12:03 pm) You're right though. We are strangers. We don’t know each other.

(12:05 pm) I mean you could a serial killer for all I know.

(12:07 pm) Now that you mention it… 

(12:08 pm) Maybe you ARE a serial killer and plan to make Gabriel Agreste cry through a slow, painful death?

(12:10 pm) Now there’s an idea.

(12:12 pm) …Please don’t.

(12:13 pm) Thanks, Chat Noir.

(12:14 pm) …Anytime, Ladybug.




January 5th—Thursday (12:15 pm)


(12:15 pm) NINO. Okay, hypothetically, how do I tell my dad I might have sent a serial killer after him?

(12:23 pm) Do I even wanna know, dude?

(12:24 pm) Probably not.

(12:28 pm) Good luck.

(12:31 pm) I’m gonna need it.



January 6th—Friday (9:02 pm)


(9:02 pm) Thanks for the idea, but I’m happy to say that I won’t be killing Gabriel Agreste anytime soon.

(9:07 pm) Found another way to make him cry?

(9:09 pm) He didn’t cry, but it was close.

(9:10 pm) What did you do?!

(9:12 pm) We were going over some new designs, and I told him his stitch was off.

(9:14 pm) I’m surprised you didn’t get fired. 

(9:14 pm) Lemme tell you, so was I. 

(9:16 pm) But obviously you weren’t.

(9:17 pm) I wasn’t. 

(9:18 pm) So… what happened?

(9:22 pm) He got really quiet and told me it was meant to be that way. He stared at it for a little bit and then went over and whispered to his assistant Nathalie to schedule a meeting with his seamstress. Then he dismissed me. 

(9:25 pm) That sounds about right.

(9:29 pm) And then he called me back to his office later and offered me a job.

(9:29 pm) I… what? 

(9:30 pm) Yeah. 

(9:31 pm) Gabriel Agreste offered YOU a job?

(9:33 pm) Well you don’t have to sound so surprised. 

(9:35 pm) No! No! No! I just meant…

(9:36 pm) I meant congratulations.

(9:39 pm) Thanks, Chat Noir.

(9:41 pm) Well did you accept it?

(9:42 pm) I’m only an intern right now.

(9:44 pm) So?

(9:47 pm) I don’t know.

(9:48 pm) Look I’m not gonna call you stupid for not taking it right away.

(9:49 pm) This is a big decision! 

(9:49 pm) Gabriel Agreste doesn’t just offer jobs to people. It doesn’t happen.

(9:50 pm) So? 

(9:52 pm) I’m just saying, if you get a chance, take it.

(9:53 pm) …Hmm.

(9:55 pm) Whatever you decide, good job with Gabriel, I guess.

(9:56 pm) Thanks.

(9:58 pm) Anytime, Ladybug.



(11:02 pm) You know, it’s funny.

(11:03 pm) What is?

(11:06 pm) A week ago, I drunk dialed the wrong number. And now I’ve got a job offer from one of the most prestigious fashion designers in Paris, maybe even the whole world, my boss made ME cry today, and my drunk dial turned out to be the best thing that happened to me this week.

(11:08 pm) Does this mean we’re Level 2 friends now?

(11:09 pm) How about just acquaintances for now? You could still be a serial killer for all I know.

(11:10 pm) I’ll take it. ;) 

(11:12 pm) …Thanks, Chat Noir.

(11:14 pm) Anytime, Ladybug, anytime.

(11:17 pm) I’m heading to bed. Talk to you later?

(11:18 pm) Sounds like a plan.