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Nova's Beginning

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“I want to live,” a voice cut through the white noise, rolling out from everywhere and nowhere in the endless void that it found itself in. The ripples of noise seemed to stir something without form or name.


“Can you please give me a form?” the voice asked after a moment passed, a tone of trepidation quavering as a shape began forming in the white space. Her hazel eyes were wide and searching all around before focusing on her own hands, with long and skillful fingers, faintly tannish skin, and not a blemish to mar the skin present. Slowly the hand moved closer to her body to play with the shoulder length brown hair, startling even as a band of leather formed around a portion of it. Feeling the band, she found the hair above it had a braid going up to her right temple. Pulling her hand away she felt the lack of gravity leave it floating around her head casually.


As her hand drifted in front of her face again she found a green woolen sleeve draping down onto her wrist casually. Checking the shirt by feel, she found it was a simple, almost homemade blouse of some sort with little strips near the neck to allow her to tie it off while wearing and make it easier to get it off when she was done. Lowering her eyes, she found herself looking down over the peasant blouse to see a pair of rugged denim jeans, and a pair of brown leather hiking boots on her feet.


Opening her mouth to speak to whatever was doing this for her; she felt a weight settling around her neck with a focus on her chest. Plucking it up, she found herself looking at a small blue teardrop with swirls of purple and white curling inside of its depths. Smiling to herself she let it fall back down and turned around to look for any hint of the force helping her out.


“This is- This is really nice, and I thank you,” she offered while lowering her eyes, her hands drifting in front of her as she fiddled with the pendent. “I don’t want to be rude, but this place is so em-“


She didn’t get to finished as a swirl of leaves erupted out of nowhere, causing her to thrust her hands in front of her face instinctively to protect it from whatever it was that was happening. And then she heard the sounds of wind rustling the leaves around her, could feel the same breeze against her skin. Then with the fading of the wind, came a sense of warmth washing over her as a light nearly blinded her for a moment. As she blinked her eyes to clear them, she could feel solidness under her feet.


Lowering her arms slowly, she found herself in a sizeable clearing of a forest that seemed impossibly thick with undergrowth and trees. Turning around slowly, she found more of the world she knew to be her own. There was a small garden with green sprouts peeking out of the carefully cared for soil, and bushes surrounding the patch, tiny multi-colored flowers peeking out randomly throughout the bushes.


A few steps beyond that was a small creek of water, flowing past it from the forest, and going into the distance beyond the rest of the forest nearly directly opposite of its entrance.


All of this was secondary to the log cabin waiting across a small wooden bridge. There were more plants near the windows, through which she could see a comfortably accommodated interior. It was simple, and without a lot of frills, but it seemed almost inviting to her. “This is incredible,” she whispered softly though her body remained in place. The impulse to explore was halted as she looked down at her hands again. “Thank you… I-“


Shaking her head, she seemed to shelve what she had wanted to say, and cleared her throat. “Thank you, thank you so much.”


Brushing her hair back over her shoulder from where it had fallen, she took a deep breath and approached the garden and the path between it and the cabin. Stopping, she felt a strange sensation of curiosity brush against her colored slightly with a hint of concern. “W-what? I can’t be more grateful, and I shouldn’t keep making demands of you…”


Her eyes softened as a sensation of comfort and encouragement washed over her slowly. “Ah, I guess if you insist. I was just wondering, who I am.”


The force stalled, before it vanished and she felt herself alone once again. Eyes widening in worry, she searched the clearing frantically, her hands wringing in worry. She somewhat knew that it was unlikely that she would see it now after having been talking to it without any visual indicators for most of her life. “I’m sorry! Please don’t leave me, I’m just lost and concerned. I don’t know who I am, what I am… I don’t even know my own name.”


The sound of the wind rustling through the plants, mingling with the faint babbling of the water of the creek rippling past was her only answer. Biting her lip, she lowered her eyes as her shoulders drooped and her hand reached up to touch the gemstone about her neck. Just as fear and doubt began to worm its way into the back of her mind, a sound pierced through the air interrupting her thoughts before they could grow out of control.


Looking up, she found the door to the cabin swinging lazily in the breeze. Pursing her lips, she began approaching the opening, heading inside to the sparsely furnished interior. “I guess that was too much to ask, wasn’t it?” she asked the air as she crossed the threshold, finding a small fire burning in the hearth to one side, with a small plate of steamed vegetables and a mug of tea waiting for her by a chair near it.


Taking a seat in the soft chair, she pulled her knees up to her chest and stared into the crackling flames of the fire, not even noticing as the food faded from sight, leaving the mug of tea waiting for her when she was ready. After a while, she reached out to pick up the mug held it in her hands while she thought some more. Taking a calming drink, she slowly let out a breath and closed her eyes. “I guess you just couldn’t answer, could you?”


A sense of reassurance washed against her, but not as powerful as earlier, almost like it felt afraid of her. That didn’t make sense, she wasn’t nearly as powerful as it was, unless… “Do you regret not being able to answer me?”


The same sense of reassurance brushed against her again, just as gentle and mild. “I don’t blame you if you can’t do it; I’m just like anything that lives in this case, seeking my place in this world, and the purpose beyond that. But I would still like at least a name,” she explained, speaking softly as the feeling of confidence in her tickled at the back of her head, causing her to shiver.


“Let’s not do that again, please.”


The sensation she got was at once both apologetic, and teasing. Figuring that the force wasn’t outright agreeing to her statement, she let out a soft laugh. “I guess you want me to think of one on my own then?”


The feeling of reassurance was strong once again, colored with a steady confidence in her that left her feeling warm.  Leaning back into the chair, she embraced the warmth the confidence left in her, letting names flicker through her mind. After several options passed by without any sense of connection, one bubbled to the surface after initially passing it by. “Do you like Nova? I… I feel like it fits me,” she stated, to feel confidence and certainty envelope her.


“Nova… I am Nova. Thank you,” she whispered softly to the air, pausing once again to take a drink of the tea. “You are wonderful, you know that? Would you mind being called Ava?”


Getting a sense of acceptance, she smiled and let her eyes drift shut in comfort as the light began fading outside once more. The mug faded from her grip as a soft fleece blanket the color of the midnight sky slipped into place over her. Her breathing became slower and steadier as the sense of peace embraced her warmly.


As she slept in the little cabin in the woods, her life and the world itself grew and developed. Little mementoes decorated the room as her memories of her creation were overwritten with a childhood growing up here with her father and mother. Scars blossomed from nicks and scratches of childhood, callouses on her hands from hours spent gardening, and other imperfections grew forth from her pristine form to show that she had lived a life before this day. A frown formed on her lips as the memory of her parents passing away in the night filtered into her mind, just as two headstones formed behind the cabin.


But through it all, there was a gentle reminder that she was not alone. No, never was she alone, for after all, what loving creator would entirely abandon their creation so soon after it came into being?