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Perfect Is An Illusion

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Mal had spent her entire life obeying orders. First her mother's, and now, in Auradon, well, everyone really. Before, she could escape, leave and know no one was watching her. But now there were always eyes, watching her every move. Shoulders back, head up, walk like a princess. She wasn't cut out for this, and she knew it. (She couldn't, wouldn't do this.) The others had slipped into the lifestyle, making it look easy, simple. Meanwhile, she struggled just to withstand everyday life in this new, shiny world. ("I don't belong here!") There was no real reason for it to be so hard, was there? She didn't know. It didn't make sense. All she knew was that if she went back, everything would be familiar, and she would know what to do. (She hoped.) Evie was there, always, trying to make things easier, trying to help. She ended up blowing up at her, eventually at Ben too. (To much, to much, to much!) One day...She gave up. It just didn't seem worth it to keep fighting to fit into the life they were trying to give her. So, she left. (No one would miss her.) And, it was easier, so much more familiar. She went back to where they had been, the life she was used to. She would never understand why the others had come back for her. 


(Why come back for something broken?)