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Do you know how frustrating you are?

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How could someone look so frustrating? So annoying that it unbelievable. How could Song-Yi come here? This guy obviously looks like he would touch anybody anywhere anytime, this is unbelievable, what did she think getting drunk like this?

Kyung was utterly displeased by this situation, bailing on Semi to help his Song-Yi from a pervert who just let her waltz right into his apartment. Who doesn't get angry immediately and help her out at the very least? Who takes in a drunk person like it’s nothing? How was it possible to look this good while being so caring?... Wait, what? Did I really just think that?! Did I just think that he’s handsome?! What is this? I must be dreaming or something, that’s right! This is all a dream!

“She’s the hottest actress in korea! Who knows what kind of pictures you might have taken?”

“Do you honestly think I care about all that stuff?”

“Why wouldn't you care? This is Cheon Song-Yi we're talking about.”

The man let out an exhausted sigh, looking as if he couldn't care less, it seemed like at least you would care a little about the biggest hallyu star in south korea but he seemed like he was just tired from all the commotion. The man looked back into Kyung's eyes, damn, those eyes look like the were taken from the stars, the little reflection of light in them making Kyung confused of why he was there, why was he in this stranger's apartment again? When the man looked away Kyung followed his gaze and remembered why he was there. Song-Yi! That’s right, how could I forget, what was with this man's eyes that made him forget everything else surrounding him?

“Who knows what you’re gonna do to the hottest actress in korea?”

“What did you just say?! I’m her boyfriend!”

Without thinking Kyung put his hand on the man's shoulder in a state of agitation. How could another man rile him up so much in this way? Why did he even bother talking to this man when he could've just taken Song-Yi and leave? Why did his subconscious tell him to stay as long as possible? What is this heat spreading inside his body? Why did his body tell him to lean forward?

“Geez it’s so loud!”

The two men looked at Song-Yi simultaneously, she sat up as she yelled and catched the two men off-guard. With much regret Kyung let go off the man in front of him and went to Song-Yi’s side to help her sit up straight, he got all her stuff and quickly tried to get out of the man’s apartment.

When he had settled Song-Yi down in her own apartment he left out an exasperated sigh he didn't know he held in, he also felt relieved to be away from the man, the strange magnetic feeling he felt was an uncomfortable state which he didn't like. But at the same time, the feeling of wanting to be closer to the man was unbearable but he snapped out of his thoughts when Song-Yi stirred around in bed with her bag.

“Ya! Where did leave my wallet? You sucker, where did you forget it?!”

“Aren't you the one that shouldn't forget it? Gosh, what did you think going into a stranger's home while drunk?”

“Ya! Don’t judge me! That is my apartment! He broke in! Go get my wallet! Now!”

“I don't know where your wallet is!”

“It’s probably in that breaking and entering guy's place, which is actually my place I’ll have you know!”

Strangely a feeling of relief washed over him and he felt subconsciously happy about going back over to the stranger's home. Without any hesitation he left Song-Yi to herself and put on his shoes, leaving the apartment to go over to the incredibly hot neighbour, while walking over to next door a heat inside of him spread inside of his body making his blood boil, waves of warmth and cold hit him in turns making him yearning for a release of some sort. He knocked on the stranger's door, he heard the faint sound of a shower but it turned of after his knock, he couldn't hear footsteps but waited with anticipation until the door finally opened.

The neighbour stood there at the door with only a towel around his waist, it would be so breathtakingly easy to pull on it making it fall to the floor. The stranger stood there expecting Kyung to say something, anything but he could only focus on the man in front of him, he was still wet from the shower not bothering to dry himself of the water still trickling down his body, down those amazing set of abs that would take anybody's breath away.

When the man in front him didn’t get any response the stranger was about to close the door but Kyung put his foot against the door to stop the stranger, he looked shocked, even more so when Kyung suddenly started walking towards the stranger making him walking backwards not keeping his eyes off Kyung, when Kyung closed the door still looking at the stranger he felt alarmed, worrying about what this man that just barged into his apartment was about to do.

“What are you doing?!”

When he felt himself being pushed against a wall he got even more alarmed. Kyung kept walking until he was right up against the stranger's body, feeling the heat grow even more intense, he put his hands on each side of the stranger's head to trap the man. Surprisingly the man in front of him didn't seem to be all that faced with it, not seeming as surprised as any normal human would be.

When Kyung swiftly put his hands at the stranger's jaw to hold him in place the intense heat seemed to calm down, his whole body seemed to relax against the touch of the other man's skin, this sweet release, he wanted more. He leant forward to capture the man's lips, the calm in his body seemed like too much release from the trembling mess he was before, it was too much to handle. He didn’t close his eyes immediately to see if the other man would be responsive, he was, he seemed a little shocked at first but his eyes soon shut in pleasure, desiring more as he reached up to twist his fingers in Kyung's hair. Pleasure finding it’s way through Kyung’s whole body he wanted to be even closer, he reached down to wrap his arms around the other man's waist to pull them close enough to feel every curve of each other's bodies.

Kyung, feeling the wet feeling of water on his clothes lifted the other male up and the man quickly wrapped his legs around Kyungs waist. Carrying the other male he let go of his lips to ask;


“Corridor to the left second door on the left.”

Recapturing the male's lips one last time before he pulled back to see where he was going it felt like pure torture not to have their lips locked. The male in his arm yearned for contact still so he left trailing kisses down Kyung’s jawline moving to behind his ear making the man holding him groan in pleasure, the male got to sucking on Kyung’s earlobe before he was dropped on a bed.

“Do you know how frustratingly sexy you are?”

The pure lust in the other male’s gaze sent Kyung into overdrive and he quickly pulled his shirt over his head to then throw it on the floor beside the bed, when he looked back he was temporarily shocked at the lewd male he had in front of him all to himself. He pulled the towel he had off the perfectly sculpted body and dove down to capture the other male's lips once again, settling between the male's legs positioning his groin above the other males. With the desire to feel even more of the other the male beneath him reached his hand down to touch Kyung’s groin, pumping and sliding his hand in such a skilled way that Kyung was left a moaning and groaning mess, wanting more Kyung then decided to start rocking his hips forward to feel even more of the hand rubbing at him and continuing the pleasurable rhythm.

When Kyung couldn't take it anymore he moved to take of his pants and boxers feeling the male’s hands on his body roaming and exploring desire radiating into the room feeling like the heat was too much but needed oh so much more at the same time. Waiting wasn't an option with the amount of pleasure that could be meet so he immediately leant down to start pumping their cocks together in a steady rhythm, with the mere touch of another man’s hand where he hadn't been touched in so long he started to tremble with the amount of satisfaction and just pure bliss, moaning into Kyung’s ear making him lose his mind with contentment. Who knew making another man moan and tremble in pleasure could be so pleasurable?

“By th- the way-ah.”

Kyung tried to speak but had to bite his lips multiple times to stop groaning while trying to utter a sentence, but he failed at the end with letting out a moan at the end of ‘way’.

“Your na- name? Ah fuck.”

“Min Joon- ah!”

Kyung felt the stickiness of the cum in his hand as Min Joon came while Kyung jerked them both of, continuing to move his hand Kyung soon came afterwards, sending them both into and unbelievable bliss. Kyung fell on top of the other, Min Joons hands came up to curl through Kyung’s hair combing through it to make them both calm down. Kyung soon lifted himself up on his elbows though looking into Min Joon’s eyes before he re-locked their lips to feel completely content.

Kyung then laid down beside the man and pulled him against his chest while they cuddled, Min Joo feeling exhausted only felt even more relaxed to have someone he can finally be with after so long but soon started to worry about what they were going to do next. What was this man's initial thought storming into his apartment and devouring him like it was no big deal?

“You never told me your name.”

“Oh it’s Kyung, Lee Whi-Kyung.”

“You told me Song-Yi was your girlfriend.”

“She’s not, i’ve just always wanted her to be.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Min Joo looked disappointed at that and tried to snuggle into Kyung collarbone to hide his face and to avoid eye contact.

“Maybe not anymore though.”