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"What's wrong?" Tatsumi asked, sitting down next to his partner who seemed to be staring off into space.

Watari closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before letting it out very, very slowly. "I feel isolated."

Tatsumi gave a short nod, conveying he would not interrupt.

"I feel like I'm trapped here. Not in the lab but... in Meifu." The last he admitted almost silently.

Tasumi still made no move but when the silence began to stretch he leaned back more fully, displaying his willingness to stay put as long as he was needed.

Watari raised his head. "Do you ever feel like this?"

Tatsumi pondered the question for a moment. "Sometimes," he admitted. "But we are what we are. Shinigami cannot leave interminable for Chijou."

"Aye. It's just... I really feel trapped here, no offence to you - mind, but sometimes it just doesn't feel right to stay on."

Tatsumi stiffened. "You want to move on?" He asked quietly, pain evident in his voice, even though he tried hard not to let it show.

Watari shook his head. "No, not really. I have you and I have 003 and Tsuzuki and Bon and the others. It's just that sometimes it feels like something's missing... Please, don't take it personally. It's just me being silly, is all." The last parts were delivered with an entirely false smile.

Tatsumi sat up and brought his arms around the blond's shoulders, pulling him into an embrace.

"It is not silly to sometimes need something else. This is what makes us individuals and I do not resent you for wanting it. And I assure you, we will get through this together. We always do."

Watari smiled very thinly, burrowing his head deeper into the other man's shoulder.

"I love you, Seii."

"I love you, too. Now, don't burden yourself. I will help you through this, just like you always help me."

"Deal." And this time, Watari's smile was real.