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"Hey, Todoroki-kun!" Called a cheery voice. 

Shoto looked up from his phone and blinked. He smiled at his friends and hummed, "Hello Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka." 

Blush dusted Izuku cheeks as he smiled back at him. "We were wondering if you, um, if you're not busy then maybe you'd like t-to-" 

"Sheesh it'll take you forever to say anything, Deku. Todoroki-kun, let's go out to dinner!" Ochaco helped the green haired boy finish his thought so they didn’t have to wait around for a week or so while he tried to get it out. 

Shoto blinked a few times in surprise. "Oh. Um, well..." 

"We figured that it would be impolite not to invite you since we saw you sitting here on our way out the door." Tenya added. 

Shoto's gaze shifted to Katsuki, who was trying his hardest to ignore all of them and pretend that the current situation wasn’t happening. Shoto gave the situation some thought. Even though they'd been dating for almost nine months, he and Katsuki had decided to keep it a secret from their classmates for a few reasons. Mostly because they both firmly believed that it wasn't anyone else's business whether or not they dated. They were fine spending their time together secretly for the most part, and never showing that anything had changed between them in public. In private, however, all bets were off and Shoto became what Katsuki referred to as a 'stupid goddamn cuddle monster'. It made Shoto smile to hear it since he never actually tried to push him away. Since they'd made so much effort not to let their personal business be known, it didn’t seem like the right time to change something like that, so in order to keep up appearances Shoto smiled at his friends and said, "Sure, why not?" 

"Great!" Izuku exclaimed as he grabbed Shoto by the wrist and tugged him to his feet. He looked over at the scowling blond that sat at the same table as Shoto. That was a bit curious since there were plenty of other free tables in the immediate area. He didn’t think much about it though since he and Shoto were friends as far as he could tell. He smiled a crooked smile as he added, "Oh, um, you're invited too Kacchan. If you, uh, want." 

"Fuck off." 

"I kinda figured that's what he'd say." Ochaco muttered to herself as she shook her head. 

Shoto watched the way Katsuki didn’t even look up at Izuku as he flipped him off. He might seem like his normal grumpy self to the untrained eye, but Shoto could see that there was more to it. His eyes held something in them he hadn’t seen before. He really wished he could ask about it but Izuku had already started to tug him away and talk happily about something or other.  

Shoto looked back over his shoulder one more time before he exited the room and saw Katsuki look right at him with an anxious look on his face. He had so many things to say in that moment but was unable to voice a single one. Right before he left the room he saw a flash of red and yellow then heard Katsuki swear loudly when Kiri draped himself across his shoulders with a loud chuckle. 

At least he won't have to eat dinner alone, I suppose. Shoto thought to himself as he tried to look at the bright side of their current situation. He wished the awful sting in his gut would go away though. 


Later that evening Shoto stood outside of Katsuki's room and knocked on the door. It opened just enough for him to watch the frown on his face deepen when he saw him. He didn’t let that bother him and simply smiled as he held up the to go box and said, "Hey, I brought you some-" 

"I don’t fucking want it." Katsuki's voice was flat and he narrowed his eyes at Shoto. 

"I thought that we could-" 

"You thought wrong." Katsuki didn’t say another word and shut the door in his face. 

Shoto stood there and blinked. He had no idea what else he was supposed to do for a moment. Of course he'd seen Katsuki angry before but this was something else entirely. He wasn’t sure how to deal with him in his current state. He frowned and looked down at the container he held. He'd been so distracted by thoughts of the blond earlier that he'd ended up ordering something he didn’t even like. He sighed to himself then placed the box outside of the door, knocked once again, told him the food was waiting and then left. 

When he got back to his room he crawled into bed and laid down on his back. He blinked as he stared up at the ceiling and considered whether or not he should send Katsuki the usual goodnight text. He wasn’t the one in the bad mood, after all. His eyes grew heavy as he debated it and he was asleep before he even had the chance to decide. 


At breakfast the next morning, Shoto found Katsuki already seated with Kiri and Denki. The pair chatted loudly about whatever the ridiculous topic of the day was while the blond sat there and frowned at them. Kiri laid his head on Katsuki's shoulder then batted his eyes playfully before Denki pulled him away from the blond and into a quick kiss. The pair chuckled and Kiri wrapped his arms around Denki with a grin, all while Katsuki rolled his eyes and shook his head at them. Shoto almost felt bad for Katsuki but it didn’t really matter since their classmates were around and there was nothing he could do about it. He ignored the sight that made that annoying twinge in his gut happen again and turned to head in the opposite direction. 

As soon as he sat down with his friends and exchanged morning greetings he felt like he was being watched. His gaze shifted to Katsuki and their eyes met across the room. Honestly, he'd really wanted to spend last night together and couldn’t think about anything else while at dinner. He almost wondered if it would be worth telling everyone about their relationship just so they didn’t have to sit so far apart like this or deal with being separated like they were.  

It wasn’t like he had a problem with the way they spent their time together in secret or anything but lately he'd been wondering what it would be like if they acted more like the other couples he'd noticed around the school. They weren't shy about holding hands or looking at one another affectionately. In the end he supposed that kind of stuff wasn’t on the table when it came to the explosive blond, which was fine. If that was what Shoto was looking for then he wouldn’t have started dating him in the first place. 

Shoto blinked a few times when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Izuku smiling at him. The green haired boy chuckled quietly then reached up and pat his hair. "You've got a little flyaway just there. Ah. All better!" 

"Um, thanks?" Shoto replied with a kind smile. 

Shoto and Izuku both jumped when they heard a loud slam. They turned towards the direction of the sound and watched as Katsuki stormed out of the cafeteria with Denki and Kiri right behind him as they asked what was wrong. 

"Always so destructive." Tenya sighed as he shook his head. He would have to go check on that table for any permanent damage once he finished his food. 

"He really needs to find a girlfriend and chill out." Ochaco muttered to herself as she rolled her eyes. 

"How would something like that help!" Izuku shrieked in disbelief. The very idea of Katsuki in that kind of relationship was so crazy he couldn’t even fathom it. 

"Easy. He could focus all his attention on her instead of being angry all the time!" Ochaco replied with a wink. 

"I don’t know. I'd feel bad for her. Not just anyone can deal with Kacchan when he's in one of his moods, you know." Izuku mused to himself. 

Shoto stood up and turned away from the three of them. He cleared his throat then mumbled, "I forgot something in my room. Meet you in class." He didn’t hear any of their replies as he was way too busy willing his cheeks to stop burning. Hearing his friends say things like that just made the awful twinge in his gut that much worse and he really needed some air. 

He didn’t know why the thought of Katsuki with a girlfriend upset him so much since it obviously wouldn’t happen. They had each other and there was no need for anyone else. Maybe he would be more relaxed if they could actually spend time together. He didn’t rightly know. 

Once he finally found a secluded place where he could take a minute and just breathe, he grabbed his phone out of his pocket to see if he had any new messages. He wasn’t surprised to find that there weren't any. He typed a quick "is everything alright" then sent it to Katsuki. He wasn’t the least bit surprised when he didn’t receive a response. He was probably too busy with Kiri and Denki at the moment. Shoto frowned and shoved his phone back into his pocket then headed towards class. Maybe that would get his mind on other things and help relieve the awful twinge in his gut that just kept on getting worse. 

The day absolutely seemed to crawl by as Shoto tried his hardest to focus on his studies and avoid looking at anyone. Somehow he felt like there were eyes on him at all times. Whose they were remained a mystery because he refused to look up and see. He just wanted the day to be over already. 

By the time the final bell rang he was more than ready to get the heck out of there. He was the first one out the door for once and really didn’t expect to be caught and stopped all of a sudden. He turned around to see Izuku trying to catch his breath as he looked at him. "Man, you're in a hurry today. Where you off to?" 

"Um. My room." 

"Well it isn't going anywhere so you can slow down just a bit." Izuku replied with a smile. His cheeks darkened with blush and he rubbed the back of his neck slowly for a moment. He looked back at the confused expression on Shoto's face then placed his hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eyes as he asked, "Do you, um, maybe want to walk back to the dorms together?" 

"Don’t we do that everyday?" 

"Yeah but I mean," Izuku brushed the white half of Shoto's hair out of his face with a shy smile. "Just the two of us this time..." 

Shoto's eyes widened at the surprising offer. If he didn’t know any better he'd say that Izuku actually liked him. That was just a crazy thought. He didn’t even realize that Izuku's hand had found its way to his cheek. He was flattered, all things considered, but he really had to think of the perfect excuse to get out of it without giving away his secret. Shoto didn’t get the chance to think as his wrist was grabbed tightly all of a sudden and he was yanked away from Izuku. 

"KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS TO YOURSELF DEKU YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Katsuki screamed much louder than necessary. He looked at the shocked expression on Izuku's stupid face and growled threateningly. He squeezed Shoto's wrist as he turned and pulled him away. 



Katsuki pulled Shoto all the way to his room without a single word. Shoto didn’t really mind it since it was the most time they'd spent together in public a while. Although he was quite surprised by the blond's little outburst. The pair stepped into his room and Katsuki finally let go of his wrist. The more he thought about it the more Shoto could hardly believe what had just happened. He blinked at the blond as he muttered, "Uh, I think you might have just let everyone know about us."  

"I don’t fucking care. I can't stand seeing you with that goddamn nerd all the fucking time." Katsuki admitted before he could do anything to stop himself. He did manage to leave off the second part, which was 'you should be spending time with me'. This had been going on for so damn long and he was so tired of it. He couldn’t even remember why they’d decided it’d be better to secretly date anymore. 

"I'm allowed to have friends. So are you." Shoto shrugged. He sat down on the bed and watched the blond as he stood there fuming. In fact, friends were a necessity to keep up normal appearances. They'd agreed to these conditions when they started dating. Why was Katsuki acting like he’d forgotten that? 

"Not him. Make a different friend." Katsuki had seen just how Izuku batted his eyes at Shoto and the way he always found an excuse to be closer to him than necessary. He didn’t care for it one bit. It had been the last straw when he'd actually touched him earlier. How dare that shitnerd touch his boyfriend so casually? Just who the hell did he think he was? Once Katsuki saw that his brain all but shut off. It was instinct that grabbed Shoto and pulled him the hell out of there. 

"You're not exactly one to talk. He still calls you by that precious little nickname of yours." Shoto scoffed. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms with a frown. If anyone should have to stay away from Izuku it should be him considering he's never told him not to call him that. What exactly that meant was still unclear.  

"You... can call me whatever you want." Katsuki paused as a light blush filled his cheeks. He'd finally calmed down just enough to realize what they were talking about was actually really embarrassing. "In private."  

Shoto looked up at him curiously. "Katsuki?"  

Katsuki was quiet for a moment before he finally decided to join Shoto on the bed. He sat down and exhaled slowly. If they were already talking about this shit then he might as well just fucking say what he needed to say. He paused for a little longer than necessary before he admitted, "I don’t want to lose you, okay? Especially not to someone like that piece of shit."  

Shoto blinked in surprise at his unexpected words considering the way he’d been acting as of late. He shook his head and asked, "Who said anything like that?"  

"Come on. I know I'm an asshole and that literally anyone else would be better for you." Katsuki scoffed as he rolled his eyes. He could close his eyes and point to a random person in a crowd and they’d surely be a better person than him. He wasn’t so blind that he could miss something so obvious. 

"That’s not-"  

"I know you deserve someone willing to be all romantic and shit." Katsuki looked at the ground and furrowed his brow. He hated himself for not being that kind of person sometimes. "And I've seen how your face softens when you look at him. I fucking hate it."  

"Well I don’t exactly love how Kirishima hangs all over you all the time either." Shoto admitted as he looked away from him and his cheeks darkened. He figured he might as well say it since they were being honest. He thought about mentioning the fact that Izuku was one of his first friends as an excuse for the softening thing, but decided against it. He was too busy blushing about what he'd just said. 

"What? He's just being-" Katsuki stopped when he noticed just how red Shoto's cheeks were as he frowned. It was just as hard for him to admit what he felt as it was for him to and he understood it. It wasn’t like Kiri thought of him like that since he was crazy in love with Denki, but he actually understood where Shoto was coming from. There was something so sad in his eyes even though he wasn’t even looking at him and he couldn’t stand to see it. He put his hand on Shoto's cheek and said, "Fine. If he tries to touch me again I'll blast his ass into next week. Alright? So stop looking so fucking sad already."  

Shoto smiled and put his hand over Katsuki's as he turned to look at him. He looked into his eyes for a long moment before he finally said, "You're definitely an asshole, there's no doubt about that, but I have no desire to leave you. Weird as it may be, I actually enjoy your company.”  

"Tch. Then what are we both so friggin worked up about?" Katsuki asked as he let his hand fall away from Shoto's face.  

"You've been even more insufferable as of late." Shoto sighed mostly to himself. Well, he asked so why not tell him the truth? 

“I have not! You’re imagining things you shit!”  

Shoto didn’t say a word. He simply blinked at the blond with a blank expression on his face. His point was proven by the next statement to come out of Katsuki's mouth. It was kind of funny, if not a tad bit infuriating. He really wished he knew what the heck was going on. 

Katsuki frowned and turned away from him. He knew that little outburst did the opposite of help his argument and was not very happy about it. 

"Why don’t you just tell me what's been bothering you?" Shoto suggested in a calm tone as he watched the blond carefully. 

"What! Nothing!" There was so much blush in Katsuki’s cheeks that they hurt. 

"Katsuki... I know that's not true. You've been even more on edge than usual as of late. I've been waiting for you to talk to me about it." Shoto finally admitted the truth and he felt like a weight had been lifted. He waited quietly to see just how Katsuki would react. He watched as Katsuki ran his hands down his face with a frustrated groan. He smiled encouragingly when he finally looked at him again. He wanted Katsuki to realize that he could always talk to him about anything he needed to. 

 "I... goddammit... I fucking love you, alright?" He didn’t look at Shoto but noticed the sharp inhale of breath he took. He suddenly felt really stupid and couldn’t help but ramble because of it. "It's crazy and I hate it but fuck if I can't control it. I realized it that day a few weeks ago when we went to the Sakura Festival. There was a moment that we were sitting on a bench, not saying a word to each other, when the wind blew and rustled your hair. You closed your eyes and smiled before you brushed it out of your face again and I thought my heart was about to stop completely. I just knew then and there. That’s why my stupid fucking jealousy has been kicked into overdrive lately. I don’t want anyone else to see you like that because they’d want you for themselves and I can't stand the goddamn thought of you being with anyone else. Fuck."  

Happy blush filled Shoto's cheeks as he smiled at the blond. He put his hand on Katsuki's cheek then turned his face towards himself and leaned in close as he whispered, "There’s no need for you to worry about that. There’s absolutely no one else I want to be with because I love you too."  

Katsuki inhaled sharply before he quickly closed the distance between them and started to kiss him passionately. He never imagined that his feelings would actually be returned. He'd considered himself absolutely nuts for having them at all. He felt Shoto lean into the kiss and suddenly he was so full of warmth and contentment in that moment that he never wanted it to end. He actually had to stop himself from whimpering softly when Shoto pulled away from the kiss. 

Shoto smiled shyly as he said, "I know it's a little late but I've got a special birthday gift for you."  

"It's late and I already told you that I didn’t fucking want anything." Katsuki reminded him with a snort. Wasting his money on some useless thing would be beyond stupid. 

"I know, but you're eighteen now and that’s a big deal. You're an adult... of sorts." Shoto replied with an amused smirk. He kissed his nose then reached for his bag and started to rummage through it. 

Katsuki frowned to himself and wondered why they had to pause a make out session for something like this. He cocked his eyebrow at Shoto as he waited quietly. He watched him pull out a small box and then blush as he handed it to him.  

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at Shoto as he took the box from his hand. He looked down as he opened it and immediately felt his whole face start to burn with blush yet again. He didn’t know what he'd been expecting to see but it certainly wasn’t lube and condoms. Anyway, it wasn’t like he didn’t already have those things since the last few time they'd made out things had almost gotten to the point of no return before they finally stopped. His cheeks hurt from the amount of blushing he was doing as he grunted, "What kind of shitty gift is thi-" 

Shoto leaned over and pressed their lips together before he could finish the thought. He pulled back from the kiss and whispered, "That’s not the gift. I am." 

Katsuki's eyes widened and he blinked at him. "W-what." 

Shoto smiled then straddled his lap and maintained eye contact with him as he pulled the blond's arms around his waist. He pressed down onto his lap and made Katsuki gasp softly then placed the blond's finger tips into the waistband of his pants. He leaned so close to him that his lips brushed up against his as he whispered, "Happy birthday, Katsuki. Time to unwrap your gift."  

Katsuki only had a second to gasp again before Shoto started kissing him. He felt him slide his hands around his neck and tangle them into his blond hair as he leaned in to deepen the kiss. He couldn’t help but squeeze Shoto's waist in approval. When he pulled back from the kiss with a little gasp, Katsuki looked into his eyes and asked, “Are you sure about this?”  

“You don't want me?” Shoto pouted and tilted his head. 

“I didn’t fucking say that. I’m just making sure you’re not rushing into shit you’re not ready for, idiot.” Katsuki grumbled as he combed his fingers through the white half of Shoto's hair gently. 

“Mm." Shoto nuzzled his cheek then gyrated his hips slowly and rubbed his butt against his lap. His voice was warm and breathy as he whispered into his ear, "I’m ready, Katsuki~”  

A needy groan escaped Katsuki's lips before he could do anything to stop it. He slid his hands onto Shoto's hips to still his arousing motions. Too much more of that and he would be done for before anything actually happened. Damn, his boyfriend was too attractive for his own good. Katsuki turned and started to plant kisses along Shoto's neck, paying particular attention to the one spot that he knew always made him putty in his hands.  

"Hahh, Katsuki..."  

"Hmm?" The blond hummed against his neck with a knowing smile. He then went right back to kissing that same spot. 

Shoto gasped from the feeling of his voice vibrating against his skin and his toes curled for a moment when he resumed the kissing. "M-more."  

"We'll get there. Just relax." Katsuki assured him. 

"I want you now. Please."  

Katsuki growled from deep within his chest. He wanted to take his time and make sure things were special but Shoto's eagerness was making it incredibly difficult to do that. He was absolutely torn and that sexy, needy look in Shoto's eyes was not helping. 

Shoto pouted and batted his eyes at him then leaned in and licked Katsuki's lips slowly. He took his bottom lip between his teeth and tugged on it gently until the blond groaned softly. He let his lips brush up against Katsuki's as he whispered, "Take off your clothes."  

Katsuki stared at the needy look on Shoto's face as he reached for the hem of his shirt. He lifted it slowly and Shoto's gaze fell to his hands. Katsuki smirked at how focused he was on the scene before him and he paused with his shirt lifted halfway up his stomach. Shoto blinked a few times then looked up at him. When he saw the smirk on the blond's face he frowned. He leaned in and kissed him as he grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it upwards. 

Shoto's breath caught in his throat for a second as his gaze fell upon Katsuki's bare torso. He'd seen Katsuki shirtless before, and he stared as discreetly as he could but this was different. This time he could actually stare all he wanted, this time he could actually touch all he wanted. Shoto ran his fingers from Katsuki's right shoulder, across his muscular chest, to his left. He let his hand wander down his hard torso and then slowly traced his abs. He admired the feeling of the perfect body beneath his palm as he slid his hand back up to his chest again and breathed, "It's hard to believe you're real sometimes."  

Katsuki rolled his eyes and snorted. He helped Shoto out of his own shirt and then tossed it aside as he asked, "What's that supposed to mean?"  

"It means that you belong in a museum with the other sculpted masterpieces." Shoto said mostly to himself as he dragged both hands down Katsuki's hard chest at the same time. He slid them past his abs to the waistband of his pants, where he began to fiddle with his belt.  

"You're not one to talk." Katsuki muttered. He shoved Shoto's shoulders all of a sudden so that he fell backwards onto the bed with a surprised little yelp. Katsuki crawled up his body until he was eye to eye with him then kissed his cheek before he said, "You’re so annoyingly beautiful that it's fucking distracting as fuck. My mind is always clouded with thoughts of your gorgeous ass. You can take that however you want to."   

Katsuki started to plant slow, lazy kisses down Shoto's face, to his neck, and then his collarbone. He stopped there to lick along the skin and when he found a particular spot that made Shoto shiver he smirked then latched onto it and sucked. Shoto gasped and tangled his hand in the blond's hair then squeezed his eyes shut. Katsuki sucked on that one spot until he was sure that it would leave a nice, dark mark. He didn’t care if others saw it, no, he wanted others to see it. Shoto was his and he would wear his mark to prove it. He detached from Shoto with an exaggerated pop and then smirked when he saw that he needed to catch his breath for a second. He watched the way Shoto's chest rose and fell with each breath with a satisfied smirk. He hadn't even gotten started yet and he was already such a mess.   

"Ka-Katsuki..." Shoto pleaded with him to continue with that one word.  

Katsuki continued to trail kisses down Shoto's chest and stomach then stopped when he reached his waist and Shoto inhaled sharply. He kissed from the left side of his waist to the right, then back again, enjoying how Shoto squirmed beneath him as he did.  

Katsuki ran his hands up Shoto's abs to his chest as he admired him. He really was breathtaking, and there was no other word for it. He planted a kiss on Shoto's stomach before he mumbled, "God you're so fucking hot."  

"Don’t say things like that..." Shoto mumbled with a shy smile as blush filled his cheeks. He didn’t even know it was possible to blush even more than he already was. 

“But it’s true. Your body is so fucking distracting. Do you know how hard it is for me to think clearly when we have to change for gym?” Katsuki asked as he traced little circles on Shoto's stomach. He had spend two years trying to convince himself that he didn’t want to stare at the beautiful boy that currently laid beneath him. What a waste that had been. 

“Is it like all the air leaves the room and you just can’t seem to catch your breath?” Shoto asked with a little tilt of his head. 

“Exactly. Wait. How’d you know that?” Katsuki looked up at him and raised a curious eyebrow. He'd never told anyone about that because it was way too embarrassing. 

Shoto smiled to himself then admitted, “Its exactly the same for me when I have to pretend I’m not staring at you.”  

"Well we can both stare all we want right now." Katsuki huffed quietly and then shook his head. He danced his fingers across Shoto’s abs quickly and then unbuckled his belt and pants in what was probably record time. Shoto lifted his hips off of the bed to assist him as he pulled them down off of his hips. Once Shoto was lying there naked and blushing harder than he ever had in his life, Katsuki crawled back up his body and nuzzled his cheek as he hummed, “Fucking gorgeous.”  

Shoto couldn’t do anything but let out an embarrassed little whimper as Katsuki kissed his burning cheek. He felt the bed move as Katsuki leaned onto his side to reach for something. Right after it moved again and signaled that Katsuki was back where he started, Shoto heard a little snap. He turned towards Katsuki and was greeted with a kiss as the blond positioned himself between his legs. He shivered when Katsuki caressed his inner thigh and couldn’t help but spread his legs further apart as an invitation. 

Katsuki noticed his little shiver and smiled as he pressed his cheek against his and purred into his ear, "I haven't even done anything yet. Calm down... Shoto..." 

At the sound of his name upon Katsuki's lips, Shoto immediately grabbed his face and pulled him into a flurry of kisses. He felt Katsuki chuckle into the kisses but kept on anyway. He'd gotten him to stop using nicknames when they were in private but he still only ever called him by his last name until now. He was so distracted by just how happy he was to hear Katsuki use his name that he didn’t notice the sound of the lube being squirted. 

Shoto yelped in surprise when Katsuki's lube slicked finger teased his entrance. He immediately wished he could go back in time and take back that sound as embarrassment flooded through him. He tried to turn away from Katsuki but the blond placed his hand on his cheek and held his face in place. 

"Shh. Relax." Katsuki hummed then started to kiss him much more slowly than before. The tender kisses immediately made Shoto forget all about his embarrassment and he wrapped his arms around Katsuki's neck then tried to pull him even closer. Katsuki took his enthusiasm as a sign that he should continue so he slowly pushed his finger past his ring of muscle until it was sheathed inside of him.  

Shoto gasped and dug his fingers into Katsuki's shoulders. The blond continued to kiss along his jaw as he slowly pulled his finger out of him then pushed it back in again. He had to bite down on his bottom lip to keep from gasping each and every time he moved his finger. Just when he finally thought he was used to the feeling, Katsuki added a second finger and made him gasp all over again. No matter how hard he tried not to, Shoto couldn’t help but make all sorts of needy little sounds as Katsuki stretched him. He couldn't think at all anymore, and he knew that he was losing himself completely to the incredible feeling.

"Fuck, even the sounds you make when I touch you are beautiful." Katsuki whispered against Shoto's cheek, his voice low and breathy. His words positively oozed desire as he purred, "Do you have any idea just how much more it makes me want you?" 

"Hahh... so take me..." Shoto breathed between pants. 

Katsuki slid his fingers out of him and watched the way Shoto bit down on his bottom lip to keep from whimpering. He huffed quietly to himself then started to plant kisses down his body. He looked up to watch his reaction as he licked his needy cock from base to tip.  

Shoto grabbed at the bed sheets and cried out desperately before he looked down at the devilish smirk on his boyfriend's face. There would come a day when the two of them could spend as much time as they wanted getting one another to squirm, but this was not it. Shoto was already way too desperate. "You're teasing too much... Katsuki... please..." 

"There's no such thing." Katsuki immediately disagreed. He'd gladly tease him for hours if it meant he got to listen to all the wonderful little noises he made. He blinked slowly at Shoto and then hummed, "But since you asked so nicely..." 

Shoto closed his eyes and tried to calm his racing pulse as he listened to the sound of clothing being shuffled off and tossed aside. He heard a soft crinkle and opened his eyes so he could see what Katsuki was doing. As soon as his gaze landed on his boyfriend's thick, twitching cock his cheeks darkened once again. He had felt it pressed up against him as they made out before but seeing it in all its glory like this seemed like something else entirely. He couldn’t help but mutter, "Wow." 

"Heh. Thanks." Katsuki replied with a smirk. He tore open the condom he held and then rolled it onto his excited member slowly. He squirted lube into his palm then quickly spread it over his twitching, eager cock. 

Shoto blinked a few times while he watched Katsuki crawl his way back up to his face and stare into his eyes. Neither of them said a word as the blond lined himself up with his entrance. Shoto reached up and tangled his hands in his blond hair then pulled him into a kiss. 

Katsuki took the opportunity to push the tip of his cock into Shoto then paused when he grunted and squeezed the hands in his hair tightly. He looked at the way that Shoto squeezed his eyes shut and held his breath then kissed his forehead and whispered, "Should I stop?"  

Shoto pursed his lips together and shook his head. "N-no. I just-"  

Katsuki ran his fingers through his hair then kissed his forehead once more. He tried to keep his voice as soothing as he could as he hummed, "Relax. Breathe." He trailed kisses down Shoto's face to help calm him down. He kissed down his neck, to his chest, where he licked his nipple quickly. Shoto moaned and clenched around him which made Katsuki's arms go weak. He leaned on his elbows and panted softly with his forehead against Shoto's chest. "Ahh..."  

"Katsuki?" Shoto gasped when the blond looked up at him with flushed cheeks and half lidded eyes. It was obvious that he was doing everything he could to control himself. While he appreciated that, he wanted more already. "Please move now." 

"I just-" 

"I need you to move." Shoto purred as he wiggled his hips slowly. 

"Hngh. Ahh..." What little self control Katsuki still had left was quickly gone after Shoto did that. He pushed himself all the way into him with a groan. 

Shoto made an involuntary sound and then hid his face in Katsuki's neck to try and hide his blush. He panted softly for a moment as his body tried to get used to the new feeling. He moaned into his ear when he pulled back so he could finally begin to thrust. 

Katsuki did his best to keep his movements slow and careful as Shoto clung to him and whimpered quietly. He nearly jumped out of his skin with a little gasp when Shoto started to nibble on his earlobe.  

Shoto laid down and smiled at his beautiful boyfriend. He ran his fingers through his spiky hair as he purred, "Harder." Katsuki immediately began to thrust faster with a satisfied groan and Shoto could barely even think anymore. He was completely lost to the amazing feeling of the pressure that had already begun to build up inside of him.

Katsuki listened to every little sound that slipped past Shoto's lips, as well as the squelching of the lube as he continued to thrust and found himself completely mesmerized. He watched how Shoto tried to hide his flushed face and muffle his voice by turning his head and using the end of the pillow he laid on as a shield. 

Katsuki pulled the pillow away from his face and demanded, "Look at me."  

"Ahh, I c-can't." Shoto shook his head then pursed his lips together as he squeezed his eyes shut while he bounced in time with the blond's movements.

Katsuki thrust all the way into him quickly and made him cry out from the surprise. He pulled out slowly, and his voice was gravelly as he said, "Look at me or I'll stop."  

"Ngh. Don’t stop. Please." Shoto opened his eyes and looked at him with the most beautiful blush in his cheeks. As soon as their eyes met, he started to nibble on his bottom lip. As embarrassing as it was, he really liked watching the way Katsuki moved while he hovered above him. The lustful look in his eyes as they stared only at him was so beautiful and Shoto could hardly stand it. He heard Katsuki growl quietly right before he wrapped his hand around his cock and began to pump him in time with his thrusts. Shoto immediately arched his back up off the bed and squeezed his eyes shut as he cried, "Ahhh! I love you! Katsuki!"  

Katsuki slid his free hand into Shoto's and held it above his head as he threaded their fingers together. He bent down and let his lips brush up against Shoto’s ear as he whispered, “Oh my fucking… hahh… I love you so damn much… shit, I can't-”  

"Ka- ahh!" Shoto arched his back off the bed once more as he scratched at Katsuki's back with his free hand in an attempt to cling to him as his orgasm crashed through him. He squeezed his hand for dear life and couldn’t control the little sounds he made as he shuddered and came onto his own stomach.

Katsuki watched him completely unravel and felt the way he clenched around him as he did and knew it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever see in his life. He couldn’t hold back any longer and pushed as far into him as he could as he came with a groan as well. He breathed heavily as he laid his head against Shoto's shoulder and squeezed his hand that he still held. He felt Shoto kiss the top of his head and couldn't help but smile. 


Katsuki flopped over onto his bed and took another minute to catch his breath before he removed the condom from around his flaccid cock. He rolled over and tossed it into the trash can near his nightstand then opened the drawer and pulled out some wipes. He proceeded to clean the come off of Shoto's torso as he laid there and watched him silently. He tossed the wipes into the trash then pulled the covers so that they came up to both of their waists and laid on his side. 

Shoto turned to face him with a shy smile on his face and a lovely blush in his cheeks. There was so much he wanted to say in that moment but somehow it seemed like the silence between them was even better. He was so tired all of a sudden that he probably wouldn’t have been a very good conversationalist anyway. They stared into each other's eyes for another minute before Katsuki leaned forward and kissed his scar, which made Shoto smile even bigger.

Katsuki pulled back from the kiss and reached up to brush Shoto's hair out of his face as he asked, "Are you, uh... alright?"  

"Mm. I'll be fine. Just need to sleep it off." Shoto blinked slowly as the threat of sleep already tried to claim him. He told himself that he really needed to fight it and get dressed so he could head back to his room but he was just so comfortable that he wanted to wait until he absolutely had to leave. 

Katsuki watched the way he struggled to keep his eyes open and couldn’t help but smile. He kissed his forehead then whispered, "Stay here tonight."  

"What? Are you sure?" Shoto was surprised since Katsuki was usually the one that insisted he left before anyone got suspicious. He couldn’t help but blink at him in response. 

"Of course I'm sure." Katsuki quickly replied. He tossed his arm around Shoto then kissed him quickly and pulled his head against his chest. He closed his eyes as he added, "I don’t want to let you out of my sight right now. Let me be greedy and keep you all to myself for a little while."  

Shoto leaned his head on his chest with a happy sigh and tossed his arm across him. He closed his eyes as he hummed, "I'm afraid you're stuck with me for way longer than that."'

Perfect. It was the last thought to meander through Katsuki's head before he fell asleep. 


Both Shoto and Katsuki awoke before either of their alarms went off the next morning. They smiled at each other and exchanged a morning kiss for the very first time since they started dating. Neither of them could do anything about the happy blush in their cheeks afterwards. Katsuki hopped in the shower while Shoto pulled on his old clothes and prepared to head to his own room so he could also get ready. He was surprised when the blond stepped out of the bathroom much faster than he thought he would in nothing but a towel. 

"Uh, so, I was thinking..." Katsuki's voice trailed off as he rubbed the back of his neck slowly. He avoided eye contact with Shoto and frowned to himself. He didn't understand why his stupid words failed him sometimes. It really was such a pain not being able to just say what was on his mind like Shoto could do.

"What is it?" Shoto asked with a curious tilt of his head.

Katsuki's cheeks darkened and he frowned as he grumbled, "There's something I want to do..." 

"I'm listening." Shoto's eyes widened as he stood by the door and listened to what he had to say. '



"Are you sure about this?" Shoto asked for the millionth time since they'd left the dorms together. He was honestly quite surprised when the blond suggested the idea and sort of thought he would end up changing his mind before they even reached the school building. Yet, sure enough he showed up at his room after he got his uniform on and was still determined to go about his plan without and indication that he was going to say fuck it. Shoto felt that it was necessary to remind him one last time, "There's no going back to the way things were afterwards."  

"I know that, stupid. Let's just fucking go before I actually do change my mind." Katsuki grunted in response. He slipped his hand into Shoto's and threaded their fingers together snugly with a frown. He did his best to ignore the adorable smile and accompanying blush in his boyfriend's cheeks as they stepped foot into the school building together and headed to class hand in hand.