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Bruised and Bloody

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Spider fighting
thunder spell
bruised and bloody she lay.
Band of brothers:
sister's bane?
Care, said the Captain, for her.

Bewildered she woke;
the son of Wotan
stood, hammer drawn, by the door.
Do you forgive me?
Always, my dear,
now bring me a glass of your brew.

Hospitals scare her.
Budem! To your health!
They sat in silence and drank.
Sullen and solemn
safeguard and ward;
tables turned in the night.

Endless warrior
prince of the Æsir
born to battle and strife.
Bold, with the heart of an
innocent boy.
She shrugged and shouldered the role.

Sister and brother;
father and son;
all the same in the end.
Always, she whispered,
always your friend.
The Widow watching the God.