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Ten Thirty

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The sound of metal twisting. Does it have a sound? Does the bored girl next to him playing solitaire have a sound? He can hear her not paying attention so loudly that he’s grinding his teeth together unconsciously but his jaw hurts so he knows in some realm, he is grinding his teeth together despite his dentist warning him on multiple occasions to not do that.


And then, there is the inevitable coughing of the diseased. Several coughs in fact, it’s half past ten and he is completely derailed from the lecture, wishing he had brought hand sanitizer and a face mask with him this morning. The droning of the old bat only gets shriller and shriller as time passes and why did this have to be the only chemistry lecture that worked out for him.


The guy on the other side of him sighs, a weird heavy sigh that let out an unpleasant cloud of garlic. And now Heungsoo really wishes he didn’t get up for this useless piece of-




He heaves a sigh. La pièce de résistance. The sole reason he even attended this awful chemistry lecture which had nothing to do with his degree and entirely too much to do with the fact that his person was a chemistry freak.


talk to me. I can see you not paying attention.


Heungsoo squints in front of him, scanning systematically for a head of wavy brown hair.


where are you


to your left you butt


And Heungsoo is met with a very disgruntled look. And a somewhat condescending look. And then Namsoon motions with his fingers to focus on the professor. Heungsoo pulls his face into what he figures can pass as a smile of acquiescence. Or not. Namsoon is looking at him weirdly again. Okay. Facial expressions, working on it.


you look constipated. and confused. mostly constipated.


Heungsoo shoves his phone back into his jacket and messes up his hair. The things he does for that little shit.