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It Just Never Lets Up

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It was under sad circumstances that Jack ended up in his care and he knew that the boy was adamant about not talking about it. The parents of the boy had passed, two of Mr. Pitchiner’s closest friends had only gone out for their anniversary with a tragic movie like ending – with no other living relatives and their son only about 13 at the time. Needless to say, when he received a call from a lawyer making him the inheritor of a slightly larger fortune than his own and appointing him the guardian of Mr. and Mrs. Frost’s only son, ‘Jack’, it was a feeling of loss and confusion on so many levels that he was almost in a daze going through it.

In less than a night he had a child to care for and was missing two of the best people he had known and that had accepted him regardless of his past. The cold man didn’t have a lot going for him other than being a partner to Mr. Frost in a major leading company for technology ‘Overland Inc.’, so it was a new and unexpected situation that inheriting a small family was something he never thought he would experience. Being that Jack’s father and Pitch had grown up together made everything else that much worse under the pretenses; let’s just say it was hard to separate his personal life and his work when he couldn’t make any distinguishing barriers between what was work and what was home.

Mr. Pitchiner or ‘Pitch’ -was what most people close to him called him for short (a nickname from his childhood courtesy of Mr. Frost), wasn’t the most inviting and most people had wondered how both Alphas became so close being polar opposites. Mr. Frost was a kind yet stern man and was beloved by everyone that met him, while most people were afraid to just make eye contact with Pitch. Pitch was the deal driver in the company and some would say most of the brains behind it, but he didn’t mind not being the face when it began – just knowing that he wasn’t the most approachable.

Four years later, he looked at himself in his bathroom mirror after washing his face. He hadn’t aged very much, features still just as sharp and not softening for the life of him. His dark curly hair that he tried to keep slicked back for appearances was hanging messily in front of his amber tinted eyes. Most said he was handsome, just very off putting with a heightened air about him that demanded superiority. A typical ‘Alpha’.

He didn’t mind the title very much, but it became an issue when the boy presented at fifteen as an Omega. He was at a loss when the white-haired teen had fallen to the floor with the most amazing scent that could send anyone, even an Alpha, into hyperdrive. It took everything in him not to over step his boundaries and break any trust with the boy. Not that society would hold it against him. There were rumors about the rarer sex, that they were actually sirens, descended upon humanity to test the endurance of man in abstaining and not succumbing to worldly pleasures.

He wasn’t a man to believe in weird ideologies, but after that first heat, one might think him a prophet of some sort.

He remembered it as clear as day, two years prior, the boy was in the kitchen making them breakfast. He was in his room adjusting his tie, when he heard a crash and suddenly the aroma of wintergreen mint and warm vanilla had filled the area. It was as if something in his brain had turned on and he needed to find where it was coming from. He had never come into contact with an Omega prior, at least not that he was aware of, and the fact that the boy was one was all the more puzzling, being that both of his parents were Alpha and Beta.

As he followed the scent, he remembered it being the strongest in the kitchen and as he saw the boy struggling to get up off the floor, sweating and whimpering -as if he was calling a mate – it made Pitch sick.

Not sick in the sense that he was repulsed by the boy himself, but sick in the fact that he couldn’t control himself, not even to look away. He remembered himself trembling as he was fighting his primitive instincts to fuck him and knowing that this child was in his care by the parents – his late best friends. Had they known the boy was a ‘breeder’, were they aware of the struggles that he would face? And if so, why did they think Pitch was good enough for the job?

“P-Pitch…?” He heard it call his name. He could feel the blood pulsating through his forehead as his name fell sweetly from the boy’s lips. “I’m… s-scared…” The boy’s pleas had almost fallen on deaf ears as time seemed to be Pitch’s keeper. It wasn’t until the timer on his watch had gone off, that he realized they were going to be late.

“It’s going… to be… fine…” Pitch commanded to himself through gritted teeth as he managed to turn his head away from Jack, tears now at the corners of both of their eyes. He could hear him sniffling from behind him as he called his secretary Katherine, who happened to be a Beta. He told her about the boy’s condition and that she needed to take him to the doctor immediately. He’d given her specific instructions to leave Pitch a detailed synopsis of what went on, the diagnosis as well as the list of things that boy would need. It wasn't something Pitch needed to explain when he also asked her to hold off his meeting and appointments for the rest of the day as he would be taking a personal one. He needed to find a hotel for the week.


Jack also remembered that day very vividly. It was the day that everything in his life became clear that he was never meant for happiness. It wasn’t an extraordinary day for anything, but he could recall cramping and periods of feeling warm only a week before it happened. He had just chocked it off to possibly getting sick or catching whatever was going around at school; after all it was spring time, so colds and allergies weren’t out of the question.

He had gotten up as normal, grabbed a quick shower and was in the kitchen making toast and eggs for his guardian and himself. It was the routine and he knew that the man would be busy all day and so rarely had time to eat. He was thankful for Pitch, despite never really being close to the man, he knew that his father had trusted him with his life. Whenever someone had spoken negatively of Pitch, despite his demeanor, Mr. Frost always corrected them with his perception of the man he openly trusted and called his best friend.

The living circumstances weren’t all that bad either. Pitch was now singularly the CEO of Overland Inc. and so was always busy, leaving Jack to himself most of the time. It made things easier as Jack preferred his solitude to the company of most. He did have his friend Aster as well as Toothiana (whose parents she always educated were dentists after providing her name), that he spent most of his time with, if not alone.

Pitch graciously hadn’t forced Jack to leave his friends and instead had purchased a decent sized mansion on a mountain side that happened to be somewhat close to his school. It was relatively bigger than what Jack had been used to, as Mr. Frost liked to appear normal regardless of the amount of money he had at his fingertips. With the three stories of glass and grey stone, it was very modern, but blended well with its surroundings of large pine trees and the green shrubbery on the land. Pitch wasn’t much of a gardener and so preferred a low maintenance back yard.

They did however have a balcony that over looked a lake a few miles away, that Jack would sit on and draw when he wanted space from everything. He imagined Pitch picked it, because the house was so remote and Pitch also liked to be alone.

That day though. The day it had him doubling over on the kitchen floor, with cramps so bad that it had him on all fours begging for relief. The heat that filled his veins and swelled at the core of his stomach, then staring up at the man and wanting something from him.

They weren’t close -the deepest conversation he could remember them having was when he was thirteen. They were driving in Pitch’s car and the man had clarified that despite them never formally being introduced, he loved his father like a brother and he was going to take care of Jack.

But it was weird. He suddenly could feel Mr. Pitchener in the room, he could smell him. A rich oak and cologne musk that made him feel comforted. He needed something from the man, but his ears and neck flushed red, when he realized where he felt he needed something the most. His body couldn’t possibly have an erection for a man he likened to family and why were his pants suddenly wet? They weren’t blood related by any means, but he never once looked at the man that way. Or did he?

He recalled Pitch’s scent always being transparent to him even when he was on the opposite side of the house, and knowing the older man was present. That was normal, right? Or being able to smell Katherine on his tie, when he knew that the secretary was always adjusting it before his meetings. That was also a normal thing, wasn’t it?

His vision was hazy as Mr. Pitchiner focused on him, and he called out.

“P-Pitch?” The boy’s voice cracked as he looked at the dark-haired man staring intently on him, obviously startled and struggling with something. There was sweat on the man’s brow and he looked as though someone had punched him in the gut. “I’m… s-scared…” Jack managed to sputter as he tried to stay sitting up, instead of being forced by his own state on his chest and forearms.

He could hear the man saying that everything was going to be fine under his breath, and then watched him turn away to get on his phone. In a weird way, the boy felt abandoned staring up at the man’s broad back in a well pressed black suit. It was a cold and isolating feeling that turned his stomach as he could feel tears running down his cheeks. He just wanted to be touched. He just needed to be held and told everything was going to be alright. That’s when he realized he missed his mom. She would’ve known what to do.

He had suppressed so much of his sadness and in that moment, he no longer had any restraint or control. He started sobbing while thinking of his mother and wanting her warmth. It felt like only moments later when he smelt Katherine. A warm and kind scent, like cinnamon and berries (it always reminded him of tea), was helping him off the floor while covering her face with a scarf.

“It’s going to be okay honey,” she said sweetly, her words slightly muffled by the cloth. He latched onto her, wrapping his arms around her neck, trying to bury his face into the comforting smell being emitted from her scent gland. She let him, realizing he no longer had any parents and couldn’t imagine Pitch’s presence was all that heartwarming.

She sat down with him on the floor as he was becoming a dead weight in not being able to control his legs. She remembered him whimpering in her arms as she grabbed the medicine from her bag that she luckily still had on her person. She watched him eye what was she was doing, face still close to her neck as she pulled the cap off to a reveal a syringe and a needle. He hid his face in her neck without so much as a sniffle.

“Jack honey? Do you trust me?” She asked as she could feel him trembling on her side. He nodded into her neck with a small croon, and it felt like coddling a small child not a boy of fifteen.

Then again, she herself had never dealt with an Omega. She remembered having a distant relative that was rumored to be one, but it wasn’t something commonly talked about. Luckily, in her earlier years of college, she had taken some medical classes and had an idea of how to administer medicine with a needle.

He winced and she could feel the tears on her neck, realizing that due to the thickness of the medicine, it probably hurt as it was taking a few minutes to be injected into his thigh. He was quietly sobbing on her as she quickly removed the needle and held him for a moment. He was clearly exhausted from just the oncoming symptoms of his first heat taking their toll and was still amazed that Pitch had managed to get out of the house before succumbing to the scent.


She realized immediately approaching the front door to the house and letting herself in with the key that was given to her by Mr. Pitchener, that something was off. Finding the boy in that groveling state, body desperately presenting itself to be claimed and immediately her heart softened as the boy was a mess of his own tears.

Even during their trip to the doctors, she could see depression tint the boy’s pale eyes as he took in the news. She knew it was hard being told in so many words that his body was going to be his worst enemy every three or so months and that it was preparing him for something he couldn’t even muster at such an early age in his youth.

Also being responsible for almost tempting the man that was his care taker, was also embarrassing. The doctor was a sweeter middle-aged lady with blonde hair and rosy cheeks, but even the sweetness in her tone couldn’t soften the harsh reality that he was a ‘breeder’, and that everyone was going to know, as it was a legal requirement his school be notified regarding his fragile condition, for his absences were now going to be much more frequent.


She took him home, and things were content. He had all the medicines and instructions on how to take them that he would need along with her and the doctor office’s phone number in case of emergencies. He was now on birth control, something the doctor advised to make sure his heat cycles were regular, and something he was obviously off put by, but couldn’t say ‘no’ to.

“Do you think… he’s mad at me?” Jack asked quietly as Katherine was tucking him into bed and making sure everything was set up before she left. Her red hair fell over her shoulder, as she sat on the end of the bed, Jack looking towards the window. Her green eyes were kind as she knitted her eyebrows and crooned to him attentively.

“No sweetie, I can’t imagine why he would be. None of this is your fault.” Katherine put her hand on his knee over the blanket. “It’s just a little hard, especially when people like you are so unique and your hormones demand attention in a different way.” He let a few tears slide down his cheek before he wiped them away.

“Th-thank you Katie.” Jack said ever so gently as he lay on his side. She had been his go-to for the last couple years, also being present when Jack’s father was still alive and so she knew his family a little more intimately then just being a secretary. Especially always overseeing the families’ personal affairs and appointments. It comforted Jack with her around, knowing that he didn’t lose everything and even looking back at what had happened, he loved Katherine dearly.