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Lost on the Way to Raven's Island

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Gretchen Janeway and Phoebe had retired to the guestrooms on the other side of the large penthouse apartment. The two women had fussed over Seven until the young woman had sent Janeway a pleading look saying she was exhausted after returning home from the hospital the same afternoon. The CEO had taken her cue from Seven and simply announced that it was time for bed.

Now Janeway watched her fiancée hop on her crutches from the bathroom towards their bed.

"How are you managing?" she asked.

Seven was dressed in a large tee shirt and nothing else, looking delightfully tousled after just drying her hair with a towel. Janeway had assisted her fiancée in taking a bath with her foot over the rim of the bathtub. The CEO was dressed in a blue silk robe, having just stepped out of the shower.

"I am getting the hang of it," Seven gave a faint smile. "I guess it will take some getting used to."

"You’ll have time to practice in the next six weeks since that’s how long you’re going to be in that pretty cast."

The blonde sat down on the bed and Janeway helped her put the crutches away against the wall.

"There," the CEO offered, "in you go."

Carefully lifting the foot boasting the pink cast, Janeway took a pillow and put it underneath the hollow of Seven’s knee.

"Oh, much better," the younger woman sighed. "My leg aches a bit just here." She pointed to a spot above the cast that ended about four inches above her ankle.

Janeway let her hands slide along Seven’s slender calf, softly rubbing the soft skin. She glanced at the other woman and noted an expression of relief flicker over her narrow features. She kept up her ministrations, wanting to ease the pain.

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes, do not stop," Seven breathed. "I have missed your touch."

Janeway took another pillow and put it underneath her fiancée’s other leg, wanting to make Seven as comfortable as possible. This caused the blonde’s large tee shirt to ride up, creating an enticing image where the CEO could glimpse the soft blonde curls at the apex of her thighs.

The auburn haired woman moved between Seven’s legs, all the time massaging just below her right knee. The younger woman closed her eyes, obviously relaxing into the loving touch.

"I love you," Janeway whispered. "Just let yourself wind down and feel how much I adore you."

She moved one hand to Seven’s left leg and mirrored the massage. The other woman shifted slightly beneath her, involuntarily parting her legs more and settling against the pillows. Her breath had quickened and Janeway realised that her attempt at relaxing her beloved was having a completely different effect.

Smiling inwardly, the CEO let her hands softly slide up silken thighs. Seven lifted her hands and put them above her head, arching her back a little.

"I was so afraid," Janeway murmured, leaning down to place a soft kiss on the younger woman’s full lips. She allowed her hands to slip under the tee shirt and caress Seven’s slender hips. "I couldn’t bear not knowing if I ever would be able touch you like this again."

"Kathryn …" Seven’s voice was almost inaudible.

"I’m here, darling."

Janeway brought her hands further up under the tee shirt, caressing the flat stomach, making circles with the tip of her fingers, mapping the outline of Seven’s waist and bellybutton. Desire rising inside herself, she leaned even closer as she cupped the blonde’s full breasts. The plump nipples hardened instantly, pebbling under her palms as she gently squeezed the soft mounds.



With a slow, deliberate movement, Janeway pushed Seven’s tee shirt up, unveiling the valleys and hills that made up her beautiful body to her own eager gaze. Tracing the nipples with her fingertips, she leaned down to take the left one into her watering mouth. She flicked her tongue over the sensitive skin, causing the other woman to moan out loud and arch into the touch.

Seven whimpered and clutched at the pillows behind her as her slender frame began to shiver underneath her lover.

"That’s it," Janeway murmured throatily around the nipple. She licked it in lazy circles and nibbled it gently now and again. When the blonde did not seem to be able to take the stimulation much longer, she moved on to the right nipple, rendering it the same attention.

"You are burning me." The blonde sounded breathless. "Kathryn … ohhh …"

Janeway relented and let her hands slide down, follow the curve of Seven’s hips and down to cup her bottom. Leaning down, she pulled the blonde closer, nuzzling the soft curls that barely covered the vulnerable lips between Seven’s legs. Placing open mouth kisses to the centre of the younger woman’s pleasure, she made her beloved gasp for air.

"I’ve been dying to touch you, to taste you, darling," Janeway confessed. "You’re all mine and nobody will ever take you away from me …"

She parted the slick folds with her tongue, probed the fragile inner lips and then found the aching nubbin just above them. Flattening her tongue against it, she played with it until Seven began to sob, begging for release.

Janeway moved lithely in the bed, straddling Seven’s left thigh. Her robe fell open as she allowed her own drenched centre to rub against the blonde’s leg. Impatiently the CEO tugged at her robe and pulled it off, leaving her naked on top of Seven.

She slid her right arm under the other woman’s neck, and her left hand down between them, easily finding the engorged nubbin she just abandoned. Pressing her own modest breasts against Seven’s she began a gentle rocking motion.

Seven gasped and lowered her arms, wrapping them around the older woman. Holding Janeway tight, she pulled her harder against her thigh.

"Take me," Seven whispered huskily. "Claim me."

Understanding perfectly, Janeway gently probed with her fingers, positioned them and then entered her lover without hesitation. With two fingers buried inside Seven, she curled them slightly and began moving them back and forth.

The blonde gave an incoherent murmur. She pressed her slick thigh up against Janeway’s wet folds, parting them and leaving the sensitive nubbin naked to the touch. The CEO pressed against it, undulated in soft but firm waves, moving towards her release but determined not to come before Seven.

Her fingers had found that special spot within her fiancée that she knew her touch would inflamed further, making the pleasure border on pain. Letting her thumb press gently on Seven’s nubbin she knew it would not take the younger woman long.

When the blonde stopped breathing and went rigid, clinging with her arms tightly wrapped around the auburn haired woman, Janeway could not hold back anymore. She closed her eyes and hid her face against the damp neck of her beloved. Breathing hard, the orgasm hit her in powerful waves, one after another. As if their bodies made up for lost time, the women trembled together, their breath gushing, their vocal cords releasing groans of relief and pleasure.

Janeway collapsed on top of the younger woman, careful not to hurt her injured foot. She raised her head and looked down on the beautiful face of her fiancée; Seven had small beads of sweat on her forehead and upper lip. Leaning down with a slow, lopsided smile that made the blonde quickly draw her breath, the CEO licked the sweat from Seven’s lip before taking possession of those full lips in a mind-shattering kiss.

Seven parted her lips and allowed Janeway’s tongue to dance with hers, taste the sweetness that was purely her own. As they parted, the older woman placed tender kisses just beneath Seven’s jaw line.

"Oh, God, darling," she breathed, "you’re so beautiful."

"As are you, Kathryn."

They shifted in bed until they were comfortably snuggled up together. Janeway pulled the bed sheet up; it was all they needed to stay warm. She felt Seven’s lips on her temple.

"Mine." Passion tinged the young woman’s voice.

Janeway exhaled slowly, feeling her body relax into the familiarity of Seven’s embrace.