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Red Roses

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Circled around the floor in the candle lit Magic Box stood and sat the Scooby gang all staring at the same squared out section created with twine and crystals, the last of which Willow put into place as Tara finished grinding the powder.

"Okay-" Willow started to explain, "-so the square is Sunnydale and when we say the enchantment and blow the powder over the area the two will combine and show us where the demons are. Normally it would have different colors for different demons and it's really cool, but, yeah, now since we have Spike's hair from the crypt, we add it in and he'll be a different color from everyone else. A really big bright color and we just compare it to the map and go there. We have Buffy's hair too but it probably won't work on her because….yeah. So we just have to hope they're together still."

"That shouldn't be a problem." Anya nodded as Xander's frown dug deeper and everyone circled in closer.

"What if they're not in Sunnydale?" Dawn asked.

"Then we'll have to get a bigger map." Willow answered. "We have enough ingredients for a few more spells."

"Done." Tara held out a small bowl for Willow who opened her palm and let her pour the sparkling purple powder inside, bringing it to her body and looking around to make sure everyone could see. She sent an extra look at Giles to make sure he was okay with what was going on and because, secretly, she really just wanted him to see her trying. Even if she, and everyone else for that matter, was still mad at him.

This was going to work.

Tara spilled out the shining granite colored powder into her own hand and nodded at Willow. The two gave a gentle nod to each other and closed their eyes allowing their bodies to sink to the ground as their consciousness floated around the space and the magic within them grew, building off one another.

Tara flinched the slightest bit as her power intertwined with Willow's. Willow had always been more powerful but ever since the spell to bring Buffy back it had gone even further. Even the simplest spell picked up on her measly witch radar and when it was something bigger, like this, the power was almost too much to touch. It physically shocked her and she didn't know what to think about it but she couldn't bring it up in the middle of a spell. That kind of power unleashed by a mad witch would spell big danger. Besides, Buffy was top priority and she could talk to Willow about it when she was in a better, stable state. When they had Buffy back she would.

Taking a deep breath and letting all that worry go she re-circled their power and started the enchantment. "Thespia, we walk in shadow, walk in blindness. You are the protector of the night."

Willow picked up where Tara let off and spread her power further, really pushing for the magic to do her bidding. "Thespia, goddess, ruler of all darkness, we implore you, open a window to the world of the underbeing. With your knowledge, may we go in safety. With your grace, may we speak of your benevolence."

The two leaned forward and simultaneously blew their respective powders into the square. With a blast of power that both could feel, different colors started to mix and swirl in with the purple and granite, lifting up above the square. Willow could feel the magic swirling inside and found herself dazed as the colors continued to get brighter and brighter. She fed more power into her desire and a rush spun through her. Heat flushed through her system and with a smile she caused the square to burst into heat as the color fell, spreading throughout the square in different shades of the rainbow. There, literally burning above the ground, off by the corner of the map was a small flame that continued to flicker brighter than the small dots of neon glow.

Everyone watched in awe at the color that shined and the ball of flames that Anya had to double check weren't burning her floor. Tara and Giles held the most worry though they concealed it the best. That spell worked far too well. Flames were not meant to be a part of the deal. They both knew it and deep down Willow knew it too. But she didn't care about that.

"Someone hand me a map." Willow held out her hands as someone thrust it at her and she double checked what she saw. "Well isn't that just dandy."

"Dandy?" Xander asked trying to see the map over Willow's shoulder. "Dandy good or dandy bad? Where is that?"

Willow pointed out the place on the map as she stared at the small ball of flame, knowing she was right about this. "It's the mansion. The mansion."

"The mansion?" Dawn asked looking around at everyone for a better explanation.

"How could we be so stupid?" Xander laughed out loud in relief. "We didn't even think to check there!"

"Where is there?!" Dawn asked louder this time.

"It's the mansion where Spike lived." Willow explained. "It's the mansion where she kept Angel. It's where he died and where he came back from hell. The mansion!"

"It's on the outer parts of town but we can be there soon." Tara smiled proud as she locked eyes with Willow. That smile soon fell as her eyes drifted to Giles who had a fixed frown in place. Something about the way he was looking at Willow didn't feel right and she knew the reason behind it.

"I'm coming." Dawn said definitively, always to be shot down.

"No Dawn, you stay here with Anya." Giles answered for everyone else.

"What?" Anya's burst out shocked. "Why do I have to stay? If Xander is going then I wanna go."

"Willow and Tara can combine their magic in use against Spike." Giles explained calmly. "You have no training when it comes to Buffy."

"Neither does Xander."

"Dawn needs someone to watch her."

"No I don't." Dawn chimed in with her arms crossed as she watched the twinkling lights in the square start to fade, the ball of fire getting smaller and smaller.

Xander turned to Anya and put a hand on her arm trying to calm her down in the only way he could. "I've been in more fights with her than you. Just stay here alright. I'll be back before you can say...banana sandwich."

"Why would I want to say that?" Anya pouted up at him but he refused to be defeated by the puppy eyes.

"I don't know. Just-Just stay here and be ready to open the cages." He passed her the ID card for the Initiative and she took it with a sigh.

"Alright. Just be careful. Spike may not be able to do anything but Buffy is better than you."

Xander took her insult with a smile and gave her a hug. "You be careful too." He turned to the rest of the lot, weapons always at the ready. "You're not drained after that spell witches?"

"No." Tara and Willow answered together, Willow a bit more excited about it than was necessary. She just felt ready to take on anything magical, Spike's special entrapment spell in her back pocket.

"Let's go."

Giles led as Tara, Willow, and Xander all followed and scrambled into the car on their way to the mansion. Anya and Dawn looked on from the door, both waving as they pulled away.

"I don't know how they plan on catching Buffy." Anya said. "She'll be too good for them."

Dawn chewed her lip as she looked off in the direction the car pulled out. "I'm sure they have a plan."

"God this place is a mess." Buffy maneuvered her boots around the rubble that was the mansion. It didn't always used to look this way. Some kids obviously found the place out and it looked like many a party had been thrown, graffiti written on the walls, old pizza boxes and beer bottles chucked around leaving shards of glass for everyone to step on. It would just take a bit of a fix up. Nothing her boys couldn't handle.

"Pig sty really." Spike kicked some beer cans on the ground and turned back to Angelus. "Home sweet home to you then?"

"It's not like I had a choice."

Hearing the argument coming Buffy chimed in before Spike could answer. "You both lived here so shut it." Looking around she started to envision the future she would have within the confines of the building. It was going to be the center of it all. It was going to be perfect. "Come on." She turned around and started back the way they came, reaching for the handle that would lead to the stairs. "I kept more chains in the basement- Oh. Hello."

There standing in the doorway was Giles, a stake in his hand, blood thumping away at an extra high pace, and the other humans hanging behind him. Buffy could feel that weird sense Willow gave off automatically, but really it wasn't like she didn't expect her not to come. How could she resist?

"Hello Buffy." Giles greeted somberly as he looked up and down at the demonized version of the girl he knew.

Buffy leaned against the door and frowned, sticking out her hip and glancing back at Spike and Angelus. "We're not quite ready for you yet. Give us an hour or two and we'll be right with you."

She started to close the door in his face but he caught it with a hand and stepped into the room, the other humans following. "I don't think this can wait."

Buffy watched one by one as each of their eyes bugged out at the sight of her. It was priceless to see their expressions at her new outfit. Xander's was of course the best. "Buffy?! I mean…I….wowza…I…What the hell are you wearing?!"

"Angel?" Willow, though her gaze did linger, had noticed the third vampire in the room.

"Angel?!" Xander's head snapped from Buffy's thigh and over to the undead ex boyfriend. "What the hell is he doing here? You join up with them too?"

"Angel there's still hope." Willow pleaded. "We're finding a way to save her."

"Right cus that worked out so well last time." Spike scoffed.

"Shut up Spike!" Willow snapped back. "You are so on our no-no list right now."

"No-no list?!" He sneered and shoved a finger in Giles' direction. "I bloody saved this ponce from killing her! You should be thanking me!"

"And I'm not with her." Angel chimed in from the back, putting his hands up in mock surrender. "I've been tailing her."

"Tailing her?" Giles asked without taking his eyes off of Buffy who had started to move back towards the other two. He knew she could make a move at any moment. He wasn't about to let her have the element of surprise.

Angel quickly spouted out an explanation. "She met with me, thought she could take my soul away. I knew their gypsy and she tipped me off. The spell didn't work so I faked it. I faked all of it."

"Faked it." Spike glared over his shoulder at him. "You really are a woman."

"How do we know you're not lying?" Xander asked, gripping his stake just a bit tighter.

"I've been following her and this blockhead to see what they have planned." Angel shoved a finger in his direction before turning back to the Scooby gang. "I will be glad to fill you in after we capture her. Which is your plan right?"


"So I suggest you quite yapping and start acting!" Angel yelled and the humans jumped into action, starting to span out around the group, all circling Spike and Buffy. The humans naturally all gave weary looks towards Angel, most familiar with his lying capabilities, but it wasn't as though it would make much difference. If he started fighting them, they would just fight right back.

Spike glared at each member the group circling around them and sighed dramatically. "I hate every one of you."

Buffy looked around with a smile on her face. Power was already coursing through her and though she hadn't drank in a day, she still had the excess blood from their feast at the pizza place running in her system. Her demon and her slayer combined, both primal instincts itching for a fight. Plus she had Spike on her side. The two of them hunted very well together. This was going to be too easy.

Angel was the first one to act and leapt straight for Buffy, raising a fist to clock her over the head. She saw the move a mile away and cut out his arm before he could reach, kicking his chest and sending him into a pile of glass. She turned towards Giles who had started in on her with the stake and twisted it in his hand, bending his wrist back, before tossing him away.

Xander knew he had to prioritize Buffy as the witches handled Spike but they needed a distraction as they started up their mojo so he jumped in. It wasn't like Spike would be much of a threat but he would do anything to protect Buffy and, though he had a hard time believing it, if it was really true Angel was helping then he could potentially get in the way by attacking his vampire nemesis. If that's what they were. He was still sketchy on the details.

"Well Spike, can't say I haven't been looking for a reason to do this." Picking up a splintered wooden board off the ground he reeled back and slammed it against the side of Spike's face, sending his head to the side while small patches of blood started beading up from where the splinters stuck inside. The same was happening on the palms of his hands but it was worth it.

Spike smirked and caught a drop of blood off his chin and stuck it in his mouth, sucking it down before turning back to his attacker. "Well whelp, I've been longing for this as well." Quick as a bullet Spike pulled up his fist and jabbed it into the front of Xander's nose, sending him tripping back against the miscellaneous rocks and rubble and forcing him to drop the board in the process.

Holding onto his face as spouts of blood started to trickle out of his nose he looked up at the vampire in horror. "But…but…you didn't….your chip!"

Spike chuckled as he slowly walked over to the human boy watching his body tremble just like it used to, just like it was supposed to. "What chip?" Another punch had Xander sprawled out on the floor, crawling back towards the girls screaming.

"Spike hit me! He hit me! His chip! It's not….it's not working! He can hurt us."

Giles and the girls heard his calls but they were too preoccupied. The girls continued to chant the spell they learned, directed at Spike, but it was hard when he kept moving about and they had to read off the same paper crouched behind the same rock. Eventually they had to try getting up and moving closer but they lost their cover. Giles was too busy focusing on Buffy. She had already hit him and kicked him enough times where he was sure any more and he'd have a broken rib. She was currently flipping off the ground and slamming her feet into Angel's head.

Angel's reflexes were fast as he grabbed her feet and swung her into the wall where she crumpled to the ground, figments of rock tumbling over her. He bent down and picked her up by the shoulders, holding her up so her head was level with his.

"So, Angel, looks like we get that fight after all."

"And you're going to lose."

"You wish." She kneed him hard in the groin and he toppled over, her knee coming into contact again with his head. She did not hold back any of her extra power and he went flying across the room, almost hitting Spike on the other side. He didn't notice, or didn't care.

Having heard his pounding heart beating when he was within hitting distance, she turned and flicked Giles, a flick all she needed to send him flying, to the side and she strode her way to Spike who had picked up Xander off the floor and was hurling him towards the other two girls, Tara getting the full impact and sending her to the floor to be cut up and bruised by the rocks and glass.

"Having fun Spike?" Buffy asked with a smile as she saw the great big natural grin plastered on his face.

Giles ran back at her from behind and Spike wrapped both his arms around her, pressed her body close and spun them in a circle, his leg leading the turn and landing in Giles' side, just another example of their fluidity in a fight together. "All the fun in the world pet." With a squeeze he let her go and tipped his head at Giles' slumped figure. "Just wish I had that knife you gave me."

As Spike winked at her and Buffy returned his smile, Angel took a running start at the two of them. Buffy looked to Spike who pleaded with his eyes and she nodded. Smirking, he held out his arm and rammed it into Angel's neck sending him back down to the floor knocking any wind he was holding in his undead lungs straight out of him. He gave him a wink of his own but turned quick when Buffy gave out a yelp. She fell forward but he easily caught her in his arms and saw she had been punched in the back with a stake, the wood sticking out from her right shoulder. He quickly pulled it out and squinted as she quietly gasped at the pain but she quickly turned back to her attacker with a manic smile, her wound already on its way to healing.

She really should have seen that attack coming but damn if she wasn't distracted by Spike's arm almost lazily defeating Angel. It was almost comical, like he hit a wall. Well with arm's like Spike's, it pretty much was. He had more muscle than she knew what to do with. Well...that wasn't true. She could find a few uses for arms like those. But not during this fight. She couldn't be distracted again.

Xander stood there with wide, scared eyes as she smirked and picked him up by the collar of his shirt with one hand, lifting him from the ground. "The heart is on the other side. You really are useless, aren't you Xander?" She pushed him back hard into the two chanting girls and they both crashed this time, just like a couple of bowling pins. "Strike!"

Slowly Willow pushed herself off the ground, glass and rocks cutting into her sore palms, as she growled in frustration. The spell wasn't working because she couldn't concentrate. Her power was aching and churning but all that fighting was distracting. Any thought she had about that though was cut off with her scream as she looked at Tara. Her head had hit the side of one of the rocks in the fall, Buffy could smell instantly as the blood started to pour out. The change of the power in the room was instant and actually caught Buffy's attention sending a bit of worry through her system, something she hadn't felt since accepting her vamp-ness. No one's power matched hers. At least it wasn't supposed to.

She glanced at Spike and saw the bit of panic on his face as well. She could sense his power, Angel's, her own, the tiny dots that were the humans, but it was all getting mixed together. This wasn't good.

Willow turned back with a fury and everyone conscious could sense the change, Buffy most of all, as the sire's eyes darkened in color until all parts were a deep and dark pitch black. Words came out of her mouth on their own accord, no memorization or paper needed, as she stood straight and tall, turning completely to the vampires. Buffy could feel the tangible power surrounding her body and the tendrils of magic actually started to lick under her skin but it still didn't have much effect. However when she followed the power and looked to her side she saw Spike rising higher and higher, levitating off the ground. It wasn't a normal levitation spell though.

"Buffy!" Spike struggled against the spell but it wasn't just picking him up, he couldn't move, not a single muscle. She was paralyzing him. "I can't move!"

Willow continued to chant, angrier and angrier, as Spike rose higher and higher, the power coiling tighter and tighter, actually visible in the form of black smoke, spun around his body, a piece of it spinning around his mouth and clamping his jaw shut. His mumbled shouts were heard from under the magic and Buffy turned back to Willow, her arm raised, ready to punch that black color right out of her eyes, but just as she was closing in and screaming her way to the hit, she was grabbed back sharply and thrown against the floor. "I don't just wish. I know." Angel had a rock in his hand and before she could think to say anything else, he brought it down against her temple and she was out like a light, a different kind of black covering her eyes.

Spike slowly blinked his eyes open only to be greeted by an extreme harsh white light. Looking around he found himself stuck between four walls, three bright white and one of glass. Well this looked familiar…"Oh bloody hell. Not again."



"Yeah." Buffy sat up and blinked around herself having just woken. Rubbing the side of her aching head she tried to get a better view but the light was so harsh on her sharp, sensitive eyes she couldn't make anything else out. "Where are we exactly?"

"Initiative holding cells."

"Well this is just great." It was coming into focus now. She could see past the white color and through the glass. The right angles of her cell didn't have her seeing much, just the destroyed ones opposite, but it was enough to see they were alone. Not a single heartbeat could be heard.

"Not exactly to plan is it?"

"Not exactly. I wouldn't worry though."

"Wouldn't worry?! Love, I've been in these things. Make you go right mad they will. No escaping these. Unless…" Thinking that the Soobies had messed up the cells in some way, unable to repair them (there had been a war in there after all), he started banging on the sides of the glass, kicking at the walls, and jumping to every corner with a fist. On the plus side, nothing was shocking him. Nothing was breaking either though.

"Don't worry Spike." Buffy shook her head as she listened to his freak out. If she knew her friends, and unfortunately she did, they wouldn't have put them in a broken cell. Especially not after finding out Spike didn't have a chip anymore.

"You know, you keep saying that." He paused his punches so she could hear him. "That attitude of yours is going to get us killed."

"Do you really want to fight now Spike? I can't even see you."

"Well I'd like to bloody well fight." He flipped around and sent a few more punches to her side of the wall. "We're stuck here, might as well do something." Looking up at the ceiling he gave an extra loud groan and twisted his body back at her wall to yell, even if he knew she couldn't see. He could feel her though. It was like he knew exactly where she was pacing in her cell. He could almost see her fixing her hair in the glass. "They're gonna feed us blood in a bag through the bloody vent. A bloody bag! And we'll be stuck with it. Cold. Angel is just laughing it up out there and-"

"And shut up Spike. Just find something to fill your time till we get out of here. What'd you do last time?"

"Last time I figured out a way to get out of here. Trick the guards. Doesn't look like we have any now."

"So come up with something else." She slumped against the wall with her back to his side, crossing her arms and inspecting the red polish on her nails. It was already starting to chip off. So much for that manicure. "What do you do when you're by yourself?"

Spike's suggestive chuckle could be heard through the cell and she could just picture him leaning back against the wall, a smirk on his face. "You really wanna know?"

"Should have guessed that shouldn't I?"

"Not nearly as fun when you're not here to give a helping hand."

"Oh you'd love that."

"They're up!" Tara's shout was easily heard between the two of them and they both started to glare at the door.

"Oh good." Buffy sneered at the door as the parade of human traitors came lining up for the show. Xander, Anya, Willow, Tara, and Dawn. "Company."

While their presence was annoying, it was also slightly rewarding. Since Angel had decided to knock her out with a rock she didn't get to see the aftermath of their fight. It was a sight worth painting. Xander's nose had gauze wrapped around it, the bags of his eyes a dark purple, obviously it was broken. That was just amongst the various other cuts that were visible. He had a rather large gash leading down his forearm. She could just picture poking him in his side. The pain would probably be excruciating. Anya was forever hovering next to him but she of course was unscathed along with Dawn. Tara and Willow however had a different look about them. They didn't see much of the fighting except for the few thrown in their direction but they shared a few bruises each. Tara had a few bandages around her temple from where her head hit the rock and Willow looked about the same. But if Buffy squinted she could see the faint lines of the scratch marks she left on Willow's face from her first drops of human blood. They were almost healed but not quite there yet.

"Wills, I like the scar you got going." She made a motion across her own cheek and licked a slow line over her lips, watching as Willow's hand self-consciously flickered up to her face. "I hear chicks dig them." She smiled at her sire but unfortunately did not get a smile back, just a satisfying frown.

"So Spike, how's it feel to be behind bars, yet again?" Xander leaned up against the glass of the cage, knocking on it to exaggerate his point.

"Pleasantries, is it?" Spike walked as close to the glass as he could still able to lean over Xander even with the wall between them. "Well then whelp, how's your nose? Seems a bit broken there. Vast improvement if you ask me. Fixed your face up real nice."

"How were you able to do that?" Anya, clearly offended, pulled Xander back from the glass with her hand, pulling him into her side.

Spike cleared his throat and adjusted his coat, standing up taller. "In a manly, mind over body, master of my own domain-"

"That was me!" Buffy shouted out, far past her patience level with everyone's attention fixed on Spike.

"Buffy?" Anya turned her attention to the other vamp.

"I got his chip out." Buffy continued proudly, watching as the group shifted their attention. She could smell the wave of blood that wafted over with their simultaneous movements. God was that addictive.

"Well don't tell them that!" Spike shouted over the side.

"Like manly mind over body stuff is believable anyway." She scoffed over at him before leaning a hand up against the wall and displaying her unscathed body for the humans to see. No scratched lined her ultra-healing skin. They each took their turn giving her the sad pity look.

"How did you get the chip out?" Anya seemed to be the only one able to talk to her. Well Buffy took what she could get.

"Oh it was a bloody mess-", she smirked in Spike's direction, "-but turns out I like those now." The two vamps chuckled together as the humans watched, unsure of what to do with themselves.

Normally this would be the Scooby gang taunting session where they would get intel from the prisoner or tell Spike that he was a loser over and over again. This time she was on the other end and they just couldn't bring themselves to do it. Willow and Tara were doing their usual 'I'll be your rock' and 'you can cry on my shoulder' routine with their hands rubbing up and down each others' arms. Anya was trying the same on Xander but he was too busy playing with the front of his pockets to look at her. How did she put up with it? Dawn, too stunned at the sight of her very revealed sexified sister, just had to inch closer, pressing a hand up against the glass and whimper a pathetic little: "Buffy."

"Oh Dawn don't look at me like that." Buffy pouted back, crossing her hands over her body, and walked up to the spot her sister stood. "You look like a kicked puppy."

"You're gonna be okay." Dawn nodded her head, shaking it back when she felt tears starting to prickle. "We're gonna fix you."

"I don't need to be fixed."

Anya, apparently the leader now since everyone else was chickening out, walked up in the middle of the two cells and turned to each vamp. "We would like to know how you spent your time since you last left us."

"You would like to know if I killed anyone you mean." Buffy answered for her, Spike leaning up against the cell without really caring to answer.


Buffy nonchalantly leaned up against the glass with one arm and gave a shrug. "It wasn't like I didn't have help." With a pointed look to the direction of the entrance to the cells she asked, "Where is Angel anyway?"

Anya disregarded everyone's silent gasps at Buffy's admittance of murder to continue the interrogation. "With Giles. Telling him everything that happened."

"Oh I'm sure he is."

"Speaking of," Spike mused from his little corner, "I could really go for some wings right now. Say whelp, be a lad and get us some. I know of this one place that's just to die for."

Buffy's 'Really Spike? Again?' was drowned out by the shared shout of Xander and Willow. Both yelling, "Shut up Spike!" at the same time. Xander was just frustrated with the vampire, like always, but Willow was a bit more frantic. She read and re-read that article on the massacre at the pizza place over and over again trying to tell herself Buffy couldn't have done it. It was all her fault. It was like she killed all those people herself. She did this. They were dead because of her. She gripped onto Tara's hand even tighter, almost crushing, and stared at the ground, too ashamed to look her creation in the eye.

"Oooh, seems they already know it. Say Red, why don't you just magic us up some hmm?"

"Yeah, I kinda liked it when her eyes turned black." Buffy chimed in with a giggle and watched as everyone else whipped their head around to look at Willow.

"Black? Your eyes turned black?" Xander yelled.

"They- I…." Willow looked around helpless having no reasonable explanation. She didn't know they did that. Buffy could have been lying.

"Willow…" Tara looked on in concern, her hand giving an extra tight squeeze that meant they would talk about it later.

"Like, black black?" Xander continued to gape, peering into Willow's pupils as if they would change any moment.

"They didn't…I…I mean…." Willow couldn't get out a full sentence.

"Cat's got the witches tongue." Spike giggled to himself and Buffy joined in quietly but Willow was on him in a flash, her mood shifting quicker than her eyes had.

"Shut up Spike! You're the one that did this!"

"Me?!" He leapt up from his corner and slammed his fists into the glass, making everyone but Willow and Buffy jump. "You're the ones that brought her back wrong!"

"You took her away!" Willow yelled back, her anger already feeding the magic within her. She had to clench her fist to keep it in check. She could feel the power and she did not want anything to happen in these confined areas. Especially not with her eyes turning black. If they even were. "We could have helped her!"

"Oh right by driving a stake into her heart? Forgive me if I don't believe you and your fuck up parade."

"We weren't going to-!"

"Hey!" Xander shouted over the two of them. "We need to stop arguing. Fighting won't get us anywhere." Normally he would be all for it but with Buffy in there and Dawn right next to her, already on the verge of tears, they didn't need this kind of behavior. God save them the day he was the voice of reason.

"Seriously." Buffy snapped, her heads on her temples. Her sire's increase in magic along with her blood boiling just under the surface plus the blood of the other humans combined with the bright white walls was really starting to take its toll. "Giving me a headache in here."

"Seriously. When are we getting our blood?" Spike snapped at the rest of them, his eyes coming into contact with Dawn for the first time. Only momentarily did he let his glare waver but he was back to the others with hatred on his face in no time. "Chop, chop. Starving over here."

"Well not starving." Buffy giggled thinking about their meals from the past day. They hadn't eaten really since then though. Blood was starting to sound good and just the thought of it had her throat starting to burn.

"Just…wait." Xander awkwardly held out a hand, trying to wrap his mind around what he needed to do. Spike, he couldn't give less of a damn about, but Buffy needed it and well…as horrid a thought as it was, they couldn't starve her. They could but it would be inhumane. She wasn't really human but…jeeze it was complicated. "We'll get you some. Come on guys."

They all filed out one by one, Dawn the last to give a longing look at her sister before the fuck up parade exited the corridor and left the vamps to themselves.

"So Buffs." Spike leaned back against the door, aiming his head in her direction. "What's the pl-"

"Shut the fuck up Spike." Buffy snapped, walking to the opposite corner and gracefully sliding against the wall, slipping her hands on her leather skirted hips.

"What? What the hell did I do?"

"Nothing wrong. That's all me."

Spike grunted and mimed yelling profanities at the opposite wall, not that she could see. "No that's- that's not what I meant."

"Put a cork in it Spike."

"Buffy…Buff…Slayer?..." She refused to answer him instead found interest in her nails again. "Ugh stubborn woman." He kicked the wall in frustration and started pacing in the silence.

Buffy was stubborn though and she didn't answer. Seriously, even after she got his chip out and after he said he would always be on her side and even after she got him that knife, he still didn't see her as something that wasn't a total fucked up mistake? What was so wrong about her?

But that did have her thinking.

Stubborn woman….

Was Cordy still in the trunk?