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Orphan Black One Shots

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Krystal had a knack for certain things. Anything hair and makeup related, being totally sexy without even trying, making friends, and apparently being a barista. She'd gotten a job at a very trendy little cafe on the edge of campus, where she thrived. She had a 10 AM to 3 PM and a 7 to close shift, giving her plenty of time for her classes and some socialization on the side. Now, she was on her second shift of the day, still having 30 minutes until closing. It wasn't too busy and the two other employees stuck here were talking about closing up 15 minutes early if nobody else came in within the next 5 minutes.

"Hi, what can I get you?" Krystal asked upon hearing the bell ring. She looked up to see a new face, blonde hair, and beautiful, soft eyes.

"Can I get three coffees to go please?" She asked and Krystal nodded.

"How do you want your coffee?" Krystal asked and the girl thought for a second.

"One plain black, one vanilla soy with extra sugar, and a house special." The blonde said and Krystal nodded.

"I realize you're the only one with an order, but it's protocol that I get a name." Krystal said and the blonde nodded.

"Delphine." She said and Krystal wrote it down on a cup before taking Delphine's money. She yelled the order back to the rest of the staff and stood over by the pick up counter waiting.

"You have an accent, where is it from?" Krystal asked and Delphine glanced down momentarily.

"I'm French." Delphine said and Krystal smiled before handing her the drinks. Delphine left and Krystal closed up after that, thoughts drifting back to Delphine.



It'd been a total of three days before Krystal saw Delphine again. This time, it was in one of the more adult cafes on campus. This one was almost exclusively inhabited by seniors and juniors. You had to be at least 19 to enter and they served some of the best drinks she'd ever had here. It was kind of like a bar, but all of their drinks were essentially cups of coffee.

"She's totally feeling you." Delphine's friend, Sarah said. Her arm was around Delphine's ex and probably one of her best friends, Cosima. They were supposed to be meeting a group of friends here, but it seemed that most of them were off doing something else. Delphine didn't blame them, Sarah and Cosima's PDA got out of hand quickly and it was only sped up when they had alcohol. "She keeps looking over here, go talk to her French fry."

Delphine ended up taking Sarah's advice and went over to Krystal. She quickly regretted it when a rather handsome man stepped in front of her and began to chat her up. She went along with it, him talking about makeup and things she liked. Delphine walked away and back to the table, Sarah having a laugh at her expense, but Cosima telling her the girl wasn't worth it.

"A drink." A waiter said, setting it in front of Delphine. "From the blonde woman at the bar."

"Well shite, looks like you do have a chance." Sarah said as Delphine glance over at Krystal who just smiled at her.



"Delphine, right?" Krystal asked as the blonde approached the counter. It'd been three and a half months since Delphine had walked through the doors. Krystal had been waiting three agonizing months to see the French blonde walk through the doors and smile politely at her as they made simple conversation.

"Glad to see you remembered after such a long time not seeing me." Delphine said and Krystal nodded.

"What can I get for you?" Krystal asked and Delphine ordered the special. Krystal didn't blame her, especially since the other woman looked dead tired and it was only the start of exams week. "What are you doing this Saturday?"

"Nothing, why?" Delphine asked and Krystal bit her lip.

"There's this party being held by the frat house across the street from my sorority house and I was wondering if you'd want to be my date." Krystal said and Delphine thought on it for a second. "You don't have to and I realize it's totally inappropriate, but you look like you could use a good time and I'm pretty much made up of those."

"Sounds fun and it beats the party my friends would have dragged me to. They like sketchy parties in abandoned warehouses with extremely loud music." Delphine said and Krystal nodded, handing her the coffee.

"Stop by dorm room 6c in the Leda building." Krystal said and Delphine nodded. She left, not being able to stop smiling the entire way back to her dorm, which was fairly close to the Leda building.



Krystal waited outside of the building for Delphine. She had forgotten to tell her what time the party started. She supposed she was lucky, avoiding all of the creepy freshmen who'd just gotten past the pledge stage and the asshole seniors that either weren't on the board or couldn't be president anymore. Those were the ones that would stop at practically nothing to get a little something.

"Krystal, I hope I did not keep you waiting too long." Delphine said and Krystal stood from the cold, metal bench she'd been sitting on.

"No, I also forgot to tell you when the party started." Krystal said and Delphine smiled at her. "Shit, it's still kind of early, do you want to get something to eat? I'm paying."

"You don't have to pay." Delphine argued and Krystal shook her head. They walked to a little diner close to the Leda building. Delphine remembered seeing pictures of Sarah and her twin sister Helena on Instagram taken here. She remembered one video in particular where Sarah, Cosima, Tony, and Felix had stumbled in here drunk and were singing I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher while Helena sang through mouthfuls of pancakes and Jell-O.

"I hope this is okay." Krystal said as they got a booth near the back. They decided on sharing a dinner plate and Delphine managed to get Krystal to allow her to take the tip at the very least.

"I've never actually eaten here, but my friends say it's really good." Delphine said and they fell into a conversation about their friends and interests. "I assume you're here for their cosmetology program."

"Yes, it's a lot more difficult than people would give credit." Krystal said and Delphine nodded. "What are you here for?"

"Immunology." Delphine said and Krystal nodded, a confused look on her face. If Krystal had known Delphine, she would have known better than to ask what Immunology is. She would have known that it'd spark a 25 minute conversation about it and what different sciences could be used to further it.

"That's super complex, you must be, like, a genius." Krystal said and Delphine shrugged. "Man some girls have it all."

"What do you mean?" Delphine asked and Krystal raised an eyebrow.

"You're beautiful, smart, and a generally pleasant person to be around. You're the type of person who immediately catches somebody else's eye." Krystal said and Delphine blushed and shook her head. "Seriously, whoever you're with is seriously lucky."

"I'm not with anybody actually. My last relationship didn't end badly or anything, I just don't seem to find anybody." Delphine said and Krystal tried to fight the happy feeling in her chest when Delphine announced she was single. "This is nice, having dinner with somebody though. I miss this part of having a relationship."

"I get what you mean, relationships seem to be hard to come by now." Krystal said and Delphine smiled at her. They continued to talk about everything from makeup to using random genetics on virtual children.

"What about that party?" Delphine asked as they finished their meal.

"I'm not really feeling that party anymore, do you want to go or do you want to just like, hang out a bit?" Krystal asked and Delphine shrugged. "If we go to the party, you'll have to deal with douchebag frat boys."

"Hanging out beats frat boys any day." Delphine said and Krystal smiled. She left and they paid before walking around a bit. "There's a park down the street from here."

"I've never been." Krystal said and Delphine took her hand, leading her there. They walked around the park in a comfortable silence. They ended up getting trapped on the bridge by a bunch of couples taking part in something neither of them even knew was going on.

"Well, looks like we're stuck for a while." Delphine said and the group starting counting down. When they finished counting, everybody started to kiss, excluding Krystal and Delphine.

"Always was one for peer pressure, oh my god, I can't believe I'm doing this." Krystal said before leaning in to capture Delphine's lips in a sweet but searing kiss. Delphine could tell that Krystal had been wanting to kiss her nearly as long as she'd been wanting to kiss Krystal. When they pulled apart and couples started to disperse, they went back to Krystal's dorm and watched Netflix into the early hours of the morning.