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X-Men Evo, take 364

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Charles Xavier looked out the back window of his study, observing his students as he took a much needed break from his paperwork. Most of them were currently swimming in the pool, while others had taken shelter from the afternoon's heat in the trees lining the edge of the lawn. Their shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops a sure sign of Summer. A time for him to celebrate another successful school year, and an ideal time to ask others to join him.

He spared a glance at the files on his desk, profiles of mutants that he had been able to locate with Cerebro. This season held some promising potential students, Charles only hoped that they would choose to fight for his dream of peace, instead of the ideals of his former friend. He had no doubt that Summer was also an ideal time for his opponents to acquire new members as well. And as much as he wished for these newfound mutants to make the right choice, he would never force their hand. Magneto and Mystique however, might not be bound to the same set of morals. It was this concern that propelled him to go to newly manifested mutants as quickly as possible. Even if they didn’t decide to join him, at least he and his X-Men could prevent any unwanted “encouragement” from the other side.

Picking up the first file, he sent a telepathic message to Jean Grey. Asking her to accompany her on this first expedition. This young mutant was extremely powerful, Charles only hoped she would be interested in using her abilities for the benefit of others.