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“Do you swear to uphold the principles of our order and all that for which we stand?”

“I do.”

“And to never share our secrets nor divulge the true nature of our work?”

“I do.”

“And to do so now until death - whatever the cost?”

“I do.”

“Then we welcome you into our fold, sister. You are now a Templar, harbinger of a New World.” Reality set in at those words.

“May the Father of Understanding guide us.” Those familiar words triggered a brief flashback to the moment when Shay Cormac had become a Templar.

“May the Father of Understanding guide us.” Pat numbly said. The helix research analyst still couldn’t believe that she was a Templar. This war between them and the Assassins seemed like something out of a science fiction novel.

When she first applied to Abstergo Entertainment, all she expected to do was collect the data and analyze it. Oh, how wrong she actually was.

“You okay, numbskull?” Violet da Costa said. She merely nodded in reply. She was okay, but still shocked and… admittedly scared. The gun in Otso Berg’s hand spoke a message louder than any words:

Accept or Die.

In all honesty, the helix research analyst wasn’t sure if she would have refused the offer even without the… extra motivation provided by Mr. Berg.

“You should take these, numbskull. The pills help decrease the possibility of Bleeding Effect occurring.” Pat took the proffered items. The Abstergo Entertainment employee had heard of the infamous Bleeding Effect.

Insanity was what some people called it. There was a reason why people of her occupation had to undergo psych evaluations in order to make sure they could handle the onslaught of memories.

As she turned to leave, the female could have sworn she heard someone say, “Do you think she’ll make it?”

“Maybe.” a voice she recognized as Mr. Berg’s said.

It was at that moment did she truly wonder what exactly she got herself into.

Pat looked at her surroundings. The beautiful scenery of Lisbon as tainted by the destruction and chaos caused by the infamous earthquake.

A woman dragged her broken body across the ground as she groaned out curses. Pat looked around and saw hundred-no thousands of people screaming out one word: Murderer.

But that didn’t make sense. She never killed anyone. This should be one of Shay’s- oh.


The Bleeding Effect.

She was experiencing it. It was almost surreal on how realistic everything was. All of her grotesquely mutilated companions had different and unique features.

A grotesquely injured hand grabbed her foot as another one did. Pat struggled to get free. But what could she do? They were everywhere. Her every movement was haunted by the victims of the injustice that happened here. They screamed bloody murder for revenge. But they were merely ghosts, something long forgotten…

Pat finally panicked as a mother and her bloody baby made their way towards her. The mother swayed as if she could barely support herself and her child.

For a second, Pat forgot that this was a mere memory, a hallucination.

A hand covered with the blood of innocents grabbed a large chunk of nearby rocky debris and made its way down towards her-


The female groaned as the loud noise overwhelmed her senses. Why did she buy that blasted alarm clock again? She blindly slammed her hand onto it in an attempt to silence it. Pain shot through her on impact and the alarm kept on going off.

Pat mumbled out a few colorful curses before stumbling out of bed. She recklessly threw the alarm clock against the wall and effectively silencing it.

The Templar then went into the bathroom. Water splashed across her face as she tried to wake herself up. Huh, wake herself? Didn’t she try to do that in her dream…

Mutilated bodies, a mother and her child, and corpses screaming 'murderer’ flashed in her vision. Oh, and the Bleeding Effect.

Pat once again groaned. The Bleeding Effect. How could she forget about that? She got her purse and practically ransacked it to find the pills. The female hurriedly opened the bottle and swallowed the pills with a gulp of tap water.

She gagged at the wretched taste. Whoever designed them should have added some honey or sweetener. Even the smell of it made her nauseous.

Just when Pat turned to turn off the sink, she saw something that made her heart stop.

Shay. Shay Patrick Cormac.

She could recognize his face anywhere. After all, she practically lived most of his life in the Helix.

No. Nonononono.

This could not be happening. She wasn’t having the nightmares of a long-dead man, much less the person himself.

An onslaught of memories swept over her at once.

Liam, Hope, Adewale, Chevalier.

‘Brothers.’ chanted a voice. Over and over again did the voice do that.

Another voice piped in, ‘You killed them. You killed them. You killed them all.’

Yes, she did. She-no he killed them. Whether it was with a pistol, dagger, or sword, she killed them.

A hysterical laugh bubbled in her throat. Something snapped in her as she did that like one would snap a rubber band.

Even in her current state of mind, Pat only had one consistent thought in her mind:

What had they done to her?