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Ripper - Season 1

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"You should have told her sooner."

"Yes, Sophie, thank you.  When you're ready to bring something new to the conversation, please do. Until then, shut up."  They were all seated in the study of Giles' house, surrounding Cordelia.  There was a silence that everyone wished would break but none wanted to break it. 

Cordelia finally did with a sniff.  "How did it… did they-?"

"A demon possessed Fred.  And Wesley died when they took on the Senior Partners."

Cordelia looked at him, the first time since they left the cottage.  "Helping Angel?  With the vision I gave him?"

"This isn't your fault.  Blaming yourself is not going to help anyone. Believe me."

Cordelia wiped the corner of her eye.  "Is there anything else I should know?"

"Charles Gunn got turned into a vampire and Angel and Spike are took him to Africa to get him ensouled," Sophie offered.  "We don't know if they succeeded."

Cordelia bit her lip.  "So the only survivors of the vision that I gave Angel are two vampires and a demon."  She looked at everyone, waiting for an answer to her non-question.  Her eyes eventually came back to rest on Giles face.  "Wes…"  No matter what her throat remained dry.  "How could they do that?  The Powers.  How could the give me half a vision?  How could they let me send my family into certain death?"

Giles took Cordelia's hand in his.  "Cordelia, they walked into battle, to certain death, willingly.  Angel asked each and every one of them if they wanted to back out and none of them did."  Giles smiled.  "Even in Sunnydale,  Wesley fought for the good of the world.  You both did.  You both may have felt fear, but you never ran away because of it."  He stood up, dropping her hand and walked over to a desk.  "After Wesley died, his father approached me at the Council.  He, uh, found some old volumes of Wesley's that Angel had sent back."  He opened a drawer.  "Roger had no use for them but thought the Council might.  While I was going through the texts I found this."  He returned to Cordelia, opened up his hand and dropped the small item into hers.

Cordelia smiled, tears forming in her eyes again.  "His pocket watch."  Giles nodded.

"He was very proud of that.  Forgot to wind it half the time but..."  He trailed off his admittance.

She nodded.  "It was his Grandfathers.  He told me once in Sunnydale.  When he was little he used to be so fascinated by it, his Grandfather said that once he became a member of the Watcher's Council, he could have it.  Everytime he saw this, he fought harder to be a Watcher."

"It didn’t feel right, giving this back to his father.  He took such pride in this watch, it should go to someone who really cared for him.  Someone he really cared for."

Cordelia wiped her jaw line. "I really miss him." 

Giles cleared his throat.  Other people crying always made him uncomfortable. "I know you do. And I know this might not seem like much but you can still fight for him.  Don't let his death be in vain."  Cordelia nodded and wiped away the last of her tears.