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Ripper - Season 1

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The breeze rustled the curtains but she could have stopped it if she wanted to.  She was in control.  She was connected to the elements; the earth, the air.  The Powers that Be.  She could stop it all if she wanted to, the rush of water through the unfamiliar house.  But where was it coming from?  And why was she unaffected by it?  She should be soaked to the bone by it, like the other figures around her, some familiar, some not.  Like the others, she should be being pushed back by the swell of water gushing through the large window.  So, why wasn't she?

And why wasn't she?


She turned to look around; the other woman turned too, mirroring her movements. The same but different - both dark hair; different lengths, same movements, different inflections.  Clearly neither of them expected to see the other.  This was a new occurrence. 

Suddenly the other woman looked away, looked towards the ceiling as if knowing it was about to cave in.  She braced herself against the swell that was inevitable.  And it was inevitable but as it hit her, something else took hold of her.  A hand reached out to the shorter haired woman and held her hand tight.  She look up into the face of the man who held tightly onto the hand of her almost doppelganger.


 The young brunette woman's eyes flew open.  He sister rushed to her side.  "What is it?  What did you see?"

She sat up on the grass, her breathing relaxing.  "I saw something.  Someone.  She's powerful."  She wiped the sweat from her forehead as her older sister tended to her, stroking the long dark hair that grazed the grass. "She saw me."

"Saw you?  Actually saw you?"  Her sister stopped quickly.  She took her chin in her hand and turned it to her, a little too roughly for most people but the younger of the two was used to this.  This was an act of concern: her sister knew the toll these visions could take on her.

The dark haired woman nodded, looking off into the distance.  "I'm fine.  But she's connected to him."  Her sister followed her gaze to the man walking towards them.