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Thundershield Thorsdays

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Thor was handed a cupcake, in it was a lit candle and Steve was smiling, grinning almost, by having made a personal gesture like this.

“Happy Thorsday!”

Thor smiled and crushed Steve in a grateful hug.

“Blow the candle out, make a wish. That’s traditional for Thorsday? Right?”

Thor’s personal tradition involved drinking, eating, fighting and getting naked with his person of choice, not necessarily for sex, but if Steve wanted to, Thor wasn’t going to object.

Thor blew out the candle.

“What did you wish for?” asked Steve.

Thor grinned from ear to ear.

“Join me and find out?”

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The sugar rush from the cupcake transfixed a permanent grin on Thor’s face. Then it was the copious amounts of alcohol.

“More!” Thor received bellowing approvals from the crowd of people around him, they cheered and drank some more.

Steve sighed, watched and sipped his water. Thor was drunk, but he was happy.

He loved seeing this side of Thor, however, Steve got a very pleasant shock as Thor burst into loud cheerful song.

Steve had no idea what Thor sung of in his own Asgardian tongue (maybe glorious battle) but it was the most wonderful sound he’d ever heard.

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Steve couldn’t stop Thor from removing his shirt, but he did stop him from stripping completely. His hand grabbed Thor’s before he could unbutton his jeans.

“What are you doing?”



“It’s necessary! We’ve had many meals including the delectable rings of onion. We’ve battled on giant Jenga, sung songs and laughed aplenty! Now, we shall strike fear into our enemies and seduce lovers into our beds!”

“Thor, I don’t fight naked one’s shared my bed…ever.”

“Pity.” Thor smirked and licked his lips. “You and I in all our glory would have put everyone to shame.”

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Steve found the source of the smoke alarms; a foam-dowsed Thor stood by the remains of two bonfires and blackened animals on splintered spits.

“What—have you done?”

“I wanted to make a traditional Asgardian roast for Thorsday… for you,” Thor sighed. “I summoned some lightning with Mjolnir, but foam rained down upon us and ruined everything.”

Tony was going to go mental when he found out.

“JARVIS detected the fire and extinguished…wait, you were doing this for me?”

Thor nodded.

“Oh, thanks. Look… er, do you maybe want to order some pizza instead?”

Thor’s stomach rumbled in affirmation.

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“So, you do this every week?”

“When villainous evil doers permit.”

Tony gulped from the mug, belched and looked up at the sky. He was swaying and the stars looked mighty fuzzy. He and Thor clinked glasses and drank.

“Steve cannot become inebriated,” Thor hiccupped and belched. “The serum gives him immunity, so we dine and tell stories to celebrate this day instead.”

“What’s with the nakedness?”

“It’s sometimes necessary.”

“Steve get naked?”

“Alas, no.”

“You want him to?”

“Verily! You being so is appreciated.”

“Anything to help, Point Break.”

Thor was glad, but Tony Stark was no Steve Rogers.

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Steve found Thor sitting on a bench in Central Park.

He was gazing in wonder at the leaves as they danced and swirled around him. Steve heard him whisper to the sky and it rained, filling the air with a fresh wet earthy aroma.

Steve sat down next to him.

Thunder rumbled and the sky became electrified, charged.

Thor rested his hand on Steve’s shoulder and smiled.

A pleasurable shock passed between them, then Thor began to explain his connection with nature, with Mjolnir, and Steve was lost in the sounds of his voice.

Thor was good at explaining things.

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The fast tempo and complex riffs revved the session up.

A workout was needed this week, not a drinking binge.

JARVIS created this training program for Thor to practice, and when Tony’s heavy metal music played, the program really struggled to keep up with Thor.

It ended with lightening bolts from Mjolnir, which took out the lights, leaving Thor panting for breath as sweat dripped off his half naked body.

A loud crash made Thor turn and grin.

The door to the gym had broken off in Steve’s hand.

“Care to tussle with me, captain?”

A weak breathy ‘okay’ replied.

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Steve looked to Natasha, whose eyes were digging holes into his brain.

“There’s nothing going on.”

“The city celebrate and honour Thor’s part in the Battle of Manhattan every week now. That’s not because of you, of what you started?”

Steve nodded. “I guess.”

“What about the time you spend together?”

“It’s nice.”

“Are you dating?”

“We’re just friends.”

“Thor does his best to be with you every Thursday. Doesn’t that tell you something?”

Natasha knew the answer, but Steve just needed to confess how he felt, get everything in the open.

Admit it, Captain. You like him…a lot.

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Thor was there then he wasn’t.

Steve was talking to him about the mission then Thor was wrenched away.

Hulk was clearly angry, more so than usual, as he and Thor were getting heavy with their punches. Mjolnir did some damage, but Hulk eventually grabbed Thor like a doll, banged his face into the ground a couple of times and shoved him directly at Steve.

“It’s Thorsday!” Hulk bellowed. “Do him all ready, stupid god!”

Thor groaned and drooled blood.

Steve was utterly speechless.

“We did tell you Hulk would snap over you two,” Clint said “but you never listened.”

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Thor was aware of everything aching. The Hulk had battered him hard. A pleasant cool cloth touched gently at his forehead and dabbed at the cuts and sores to the rest of his face.

Steve was there. He was the one tending to his injuries. Thor suspected that Steve was also responsible for the large fruit bowl and snack foods sitting on the bedside table.

“Captain…you have been looking after me?”

“Why wouldn’t I? Hulk walloped you something hard.”

Thor smiled, but winced at the pain that accompanied it.

“Thor… we need to talk.”

This didn’t sound good.

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Pepper had gone to check up on how Thor was doing and she’d interrupted what was clearly an awkward moment between him and Steve.

The two men were on the brink of finally admitting how they felt about each other, so Pepper left them to it and headed back to her room.

She got the surprise of her life.

Tony was sprawled upon her bed, naked and on display in a seductive pose. A Viking helmet was on his head and two horns of wine were in his hands. He offered one to Pepper.

“Happy Thorsday?”

Oh yes it was.

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“We need to talk.”

That was half an hour ago.

There was silence, except for the cringe worthy chair scrapes on the floor every time Steve moved and the rustle of the bed sheets when Thor fidgeted.

Another half hour passed and Steve tried to start the conversation, but couldn’t. Thor knew what he wanted to say, what needed to be said, and felt as if he should do something.

The silence was too much to bear for either of them.

Thor ignored his aches and rose up from the bed.

The kiss he gave Steve made all the difference.

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“This is different.”

This Thorsday was different. No drinking, no laughing and Thor had all of his clothes on.

Steve and Thor were now simply making awkward small talk. They sat apart instead of being close and they were rigid in their seats, uncomfortable.

“We should let them be.” Natasha said, “Let’s go.”

“What? No naked Thorsday this week? That’s a major bummer!”

Natasha whispered softly to Clint.

“Let’s have our own.”

Clint bolted out of his chair.

“Happy Thorsday guys! See you later!”

Thor and Steve were startled when the door slammed.

“Did you notice those two before?”


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“No apologies. Drink and enjoy this day as friends should.”

Thor nudged Bruce’s elbow and pushed the mug of frothy ale in front of him. Bruce bobbed his head and took a sip.

Thor saw regret in Bruce’s eyes and knew he was feeling guilty for hurting Thor. That wouldn’t do.

“You knocked sense into me, Banner. I healed quickly. Don’t place blame on yourself or…”

“The other guy.” Bruce smiled. “I’ll try. What about you and Steve? Did you… kiss?”

“Aye.” Thor sighed happily.

Bruce felt the other guy within calm, just a little.


The Hulk was pleased.

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Pepper organised it all, a dinner on the balcony with candles and wine.

Pepper selected their clothes especially, which complimented both men’s large muscular physiques. The shirts fit so tightly over their torsos that they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.

They ate in silence, their eyes expressing what their voices could not.

The same lustful thoughts crossed their minds as they drank the wine and took small bites of their meal. It took Thor licking his lips to end it all.

Steve threw the table and food aside and dragged Thor off his chair.

“I want you now.”

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He couldn’t stop himself.

Steve quickly and easily stripped Thor of his clothes. He kissed and shoved him up against the glass of the window, the feel of bare skin and rippling muscles beneath his palms spurring him on.

“Let me see you.”

Steve was only too happy to oblige. There was no fear about his nudity now.

He didn’t expect the utter adoration in Thor’s eyes at seeing him naked.

He didn’t expect Thor’s mouth on his body to feel this good.

But the moment was lost, when a very unwelcome interruption occurred.

“Oh shit, was your date tonight?”

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Another ‘date’ was arranged. Pepper kept Tony away but it didn’t matter. The Avengers had to go and stop Doom.

Every night after, a super villain made the Avengers put a hold on their personal plans. Thor even had to return to Asgard and a week later Steve and Thor finally got to be alone.

The setting was the same as was everything else.

However, the moment Thor leaned over the table to kiss Steve, another call to duty interrupted them.

Thunder rumbled and the sky turned black.

This new villain was going to be in a lot of trouble.

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Thor defeated the foe and the others felt a pang of sympathy for the enemy as he was hauled by the thunder god into confinement.

“Let the fiend stew!” Thor said upon their return. “He’ll think twice before trying to stop me!”

“Stop you from what?”

Barton realised he’d asked a stupid question when Thor grabbed Steve with strong hands that practically ripped the Captain America uniform from Steve’s torso and disappeared with him with great haste to their room.

“Looks like tonight’s the night they’re doing it!” Barton turned around and addressed the others, “Who wants to eat out?”

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Thor screamed and the skies screamed too.

With every tender slide or hard rough thrust inside, the sound of skin against skin and bellowing roars sounded delicious in Steve’s ear. Nails tore at his back, drawing blood and the legs around him crushed him with desperate wanting force.

Steve screamed. The contraction, the flutter of the muscle milking him made him cry out so loud that his voice became hoarse.

Don’t stop. You can’t. Thor won’t allow it.

It had to eventually and it ended with a silence that exclaimed they had been far too loud.

Not that they cared.

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Too late.

Tony and Bruce were caught by one reporter they had managed to avoid before, as they went into the club.

Bruce whispered. “Don’t…”

“Relax! I got it!”

“So?” the reporter asked. “It’s been a week since a section of the Avenger’s tower collapsed and there’s been no word about what happened. Can you comment?”

Tony nodded and instantly other reporters caught up and crowded around them.

“Thor and Cappy had a lover’s tiff. No biggie.”

“Oh please, that was no tiff! It was crazy god and super-soldier sex!”

They shouldn’t have been drinking before they’d come out.

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Thor was swaying. He was trying not to laugh and had to hold onto Steve for support.

“Steve?” Bruce looked to the only sober man in the room.

“Oh no. You outed us before we were ready, Thor's punishment is fitting guys. Good luck getting out.”

Tony and Bruce protested when Clint took snapshots of them. The other three Avengers laughed and walked out, leaving two naked scientists spooned against one another and handcuffed to the cubicle door.

“I could really get used to this.” Tony laughed and wriggled.

“Tony! Stop that!”

“Say pretty please?”

Bruce couldn’t. He really couldn't.

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The helmet slipped down over her eyes, so Natasha pushed it up and groggily looked at the others slouched in various drunken positions about the lounge.

Jessica, Carol, Kitty, Jean and Sharon were just as drunk as she was and all wore the same horned Viking helmets.

“Happy Thorsday ladies!” Natasha toasted. It certainly was when Thor and Captain America were involved. “So! Thor and Steve… who would've thought?”

They may not have ‘thought’ then but they did now. The goofy and blissed out expressions showed they thought a lot about the men together.

Natasha sighed.

So did everyone else.

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Steve clutched his hand at his chest and creased up with hysterics.

Thor was singing and dancing, wearing nothing but a Viking helmet left over from the ladies’ Thorsday celebrations.

When Thor wiggled his ass and crooned deeply, Steve managed to gasp some words through his fits of laughter.

“You’re so adorable! I love you!”

Thor stopped, shocked and stunned at such a declaration. Then he practically jumped Steve’s lap.

“I love you too.”

Thor kissed him and settled Steve on to his back. He went to take the helmet off, but Steve shook his head.

“No. Keep it on.”

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They hadn’t got out of bed all day. This Thorsday was a lazy one. However the sex was anything but lazy. They'd talked and hugged, they'd lay there content and entangled. It was perfect.

Thor couldn’t sleep.

He watched Steve dream instead. Thor watched in adoration at every quiet breath Steve made, every twitch and jerk of his limbs and the adorable expressions on his face. Steve was so peaceful.

Thor didn’t want this day to end. He wanted to stay with Steve in his embrace forever.

The villians of Midgard wouldn’t let it be so. Neither would the media.

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“So it’s true about you and Thor?”

The smash of a glass and a bellowing cry of “Another!” sounded in the distance, followed by some hearty laughter. The photographers and reporters weren’t interested in the Avenger’s celebrations. They wanted the Captain to tell them the rumours were true.

So what that they were?

Steve Rogers didn’t blush or scowl. He wasn’t embarrassed. He was the hero the elderly remembered from their childhood and the hero everyone now idolizes. Steve just smiled a genuine smile and shrugged his shoulders.

“No comment.”

Steve had to laugh when they all went absolutely nuts.

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He had a nice voice. No one could deny that after hearing Thor sing during meals and other celebrations of his day. The Avengers had been stunned when Thor first belted out a battle song whilst waving his mug of beer about, but they were impressed.

Steve felt overwhelmed when Thor sung. He loved Thor even more for that voice and could have listened to Thor sing all night.

Thor singing this song was a shock though.

“Freddie would have approved.” Tony said after Thor crushed them all in a hug.

Steve grinned.


They were the champions alright.


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Steve wasn’t wrecking the punch bags or on the treadmill this time.

It made sense. The things he could make his body do, the flips and turns, his perfect balance, the way he could bend and contort?

Thor watched Steve backflip across the gym floor up onto the parallel bars and twist his body in ways that seemed impossible. Steve finished the display with a perfect landing, stretching arms and body as straight as possible…. sweat dripping over his naked torso.

“So… bendy.”

Thor growled.

“Happy Thorsday to you too, Thor.”

It was Thursday?

Thor smiled.

Of course it was.

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The mellow jazz and the bongo drums weren’t the problem. It was the strong overpowering aroma of cannabis that permeated Stark’s garage that was the problem.

It was the fact that Thor was utterly stoned out of his mind and puffing curiously on a joint that was the problem.

“Tony!” Steve tried to snatch the spliff away but Clint was quicker. “It’s illegal!”

“It’s Thorsday! Unclench! We’re helping Bruce relax!”

Steve wanted to protest and say how wrong it all was, but how could he when Thor pulled him into a fierce hug and kissed him.

“We have cookies, Steven!”

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Steve hates winter.

Why did he agree to meet Thor outside, in the freezing cold, in the middle of the night?

It was Thorsday.

Steve dressed in thick layers and rammed a ski-hat on his head, as far as it could go without blinding him. Steve gasped when he approached the rink.

Thor was skating, fast, incorporating hops and flips. He also wasn’t wearing anything except his jeans and skates.

“Aren’t you c-c-old?!” Steve gasped when Thor skidded to a halt.

“You’ve never visited Jotenheim! Steven! You’re freezing!”

Warm soothing air suddenly encompassed Steve.

Could Thor be more perfect?


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Another invasion against Earth introduced a new group to team with the Avengers. After, they went to Stark Tower to celebrate their victory.

It was Thursday. When Pepper explained the tradition of Thorsday to Quill and his gang, they couldn’t get enough.

“I like this idea! To Thor!” Star-Lord swigged back his drink and stripped off his top. “Let’s drink and get naked!”

Thor laughed and wrapped an arm around Star-Lord’s shoulders.

“DRINK!” Thor bellowed. “Drink!”

When everyone was drunk, the singing and dancing to Hooked on a Feeling started.

Thor and Quill were getting very friendly.

Steve was jealous.

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“I am Groot.”

The creature Groot bent down to Steve, grinned and handed him a white flower that he had plucked from his person. Steve frowned.

“He said give it to your boyfriend, dumbass!” Rocket belched. “Jeez! Do it before Star-Lord does something stupid.”

The ‘party’ had gone on longer than usual but still the Avengers and Guardians drank and ate in vast quantities.

Thor and Quill were dancing, laughing and slapping each other’s backs. A lot.

Steve glared at the raccoon and his tree companion, confused. “Stupid? Wait… what does that mean?”

“I am Groot.”

Well that explained everything.

Chapter Text

The drinking and dancing continued.

Steve did enjoy Thorsdays however this wasn’t the best.

Groot was comforting company, but Steve couldn’t understand him and Rocket was too drunk to translate. Tony’s flirting with Gamora had come to blows but that wasn’t what was preventing his enjoyment.

Steve was jealous.

Damn it.

“None of us knew who Quill was. We thought him an utter imbecile.” Drax said, drunk and unsteady. “Thor knew immediately! It’s uncanny how royalty recognize each other!”

Royalty? Quill was royalty?

Steve tried to give Thor the flower, but he just couldn’t and walked away from the party.

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“You’re adorable and silly.”

Steve was surprised when Thor wrapped his arms around him.

He thought he was alone.

Thor kissed Steve around his neck, his hands pulled Steve’s shirt off and grazed lovingly across his body. Thor turned him around and kissed him fully on the lips with a desire that had them tearing off the rest of their clothes.

“I love you, Steven, not the lord of stars… you!”

Steve believed him. Oh god he believed when Thor took his kisses further down… down.

The moment was lost as they were interrupted.

“Holy shit!”

Peter Quill’s timing sucked.

Chapter Text

Quill had hoped to find an empty room, to sleep off the booze in.

He hadn’t expected to see the two naked men in such a position, Thor on his knees in front of Quill’s childhood hero.

Steve wasn’t happy and neither was Thor who stood up to shield his super soldier’s modesty.

Quill gulped. He should leave, but he felt a strong desire that he couldn’t ignore.

He strode up to them with a less than confident swagger and gazed at Steve.

“Hey.” Quill tried to smile, but damn it was difficult.

The man was hot. They both were.

Chapter Text

It happened. Thor couldn’t resist, nor could Steve.

Spartoi sexual charm at work, he supposed.

Quill touched at Thor’s back, stroked lightly down his spine then kissed him. Before Thor or Steve could protest, the Star-Lord turned, caressed Steve’s bare chest and kissed him as well.

No one objected.

Hands touched and clawed.

Mouths explored languidly over sweating hot skin and hard muscles, and every possible combination between the three of them, every position, to gain maximum pleasure, was tried before they all sagged together in a heap of tangled limbs.

Somewhere, they heard music.

Come and get your love…

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It didn’t feel at all weird afterwards.

Steve and Quill were curled up against his sides and Thor was greatly sated. He couldn’t stop smiling and neither could they.

Thor nuzzled his face against Steve’s neck and toyed with the short blonde bristles of his hair, whilst his other hand coiled through Quill’s scruffy red locks. They all ached, but the pleasure rippled through them, Thor felt it from the trembles and shakes of Steve and Quill against him.

His arm tightened around Steve and pulled him in for a tender and loving kiss.

“How are you feeling, my love?”

Chapter Text

Steve grinned and groggily patted Thor’s face. “I’m good. Really good!”

“As am I.” Thor murmured and smooched a brief kiss to his lips. “Spartoi are renowned for their sexual appetites as well as their skill in battle. Yes?”

“Oh yeah. Sure!” Quill yawned and stretched. “I’m not full Spartoi. My human side can make me come across as a …”

“An imbecile?” Steve joked. “I thought that was all you, Star-Lord.

Quill smirked. “Yeah! You weren’t saying that about me a few minutes ago, Captain.

“Gentlemen… don’t ruin the moment.” Thor hugged them and yawned heavily, his eyes closing. “Please?”

Chapter Text

Awakening from a sated sleep, the three men saw their friends standing over them, all with various looks of amusement, disgust and surprise.

“I said Quill would do something stupid.” Rocket sighed.

“I am Groot!”

“Yeah.” Rocket and Groot bumped fists. “He never does anything quiet!”

Gamora and Natasha threw Quill and Steve their clothes, indicating for them to dress, which they did, both blushing and smirking with amusement.

“Barbie? I said to not touch my stuff!”

Thor looked at the state of Stark’s lab. He grinned sheepishly in apology.

“You guys had a party together and didn’t invite me?!”

Chapter Text

Peter Quill was a thief, an outlaw and the son of a Spartoi King. Quill wasn’t the kind of man Steve ever imagined he’d like, let alone be intimate with.

Steve sat on the window sill and watched the Milano soar off into the skies. Strange. Steve was already missing him.

“What we did troubles you?” Thor slipped behind Steve and wrapped his arms around him.

“No. Maybe? It was amazing… he was, Thor, but…”

“It will never compare to what we share… I know. He left us this.”

Thor placed Groot's flower into Steve’s hand.

Star-lord certainly had charm.

Chapter Text

“What’s so funny?”

Thor’s laughter faded and he softly patted Steve’s face. “I have never seen you so exuberant, Steven. You’re practically giddy! This festival means a lot to you?”

Steve grinned.

“Halloween was mine and Bucky’s thing, y’know? We’d dress up and go Trick or Treating but it was really an excuse to play pranks. We got into a lot trouble back then… well I did, Bucky always got me out of it. It was fun.”

“Will doing these pranks now, get us into trouble?” Thor took the boxes of eggs Steve handed him.

“You wanna?”

“With you? Always!”

Chapter Text

The sky exploded with colours that had Thor captivated like a child. His eyes widened with wonder, his mouth hung open.

When the display finished Thor embraced Steve hard with overwhelming gratitude. Steve felt charged energy practically buzzing off him.

“Amazing!” Thor gasped. “That was for me?”

“Yeah!” Steve kissed him and got a pleasant static shock for doing so. “You can’t come to England and not see the fireworks! Here… have a sparkler.”

“Love, I have no need for one.”

Of course!

Steve kept the sparkler, which paled in comparison as Thor waved a crackling Mjolnir around with glee.

Chapter Text

He stood by Steve’s side through the memorial and stayed with him even when it grew dark.

The fallen of Midgard’s world wars are remembered every year with a dignity and respect that humbled Thor. The sea of red flowers evoked feelings within that made tears swell in his eyes.

Steve barely moved. He remained to attention the whole time, even when it rained, but eventually the emotion overwhelmed him.

When the blue orbs lifted up into the sky above the poppies, Steve broke formation and hugged Thor with all his might.

A sob choked against Thor’s chest.

“Thank you.”

Chapter Text

Thor woke to the delicious aroma of breakfast. He groggily turned onto his back and shifted up right, swiping his hand through the tangled locks and braids of his hair.

He grinned as Steve brought over a breakfast tray and rested it on the bedside table.

An arousing kiss and groping hands beneath the sheets and between his legs nearly upset the tray, but the rumble in Thor’s stomach made them both laugh and break away.

“Why do I deserve such lavish treatment?”

“You deserve it always, for being the sexiest man of the year…the decade… and all existence.”

Chapter Text

Tony rose to his feet and lifted his glass. The Thanksgiving meal on the table was a sight to behold and Avengers, Asgardians and X-Men alike were eager to tuck in. As the host, Tony had to say some words.

“I am thankful for a lot… me mostly,” that made a few eyes roll, “but also for Pepper, Rhodey and Bruce, for all of you. I’m thankful for this Asgardian food and booze, but honestly I’m beyond grateful that Point Break and Capsicle have progressed their sexual relationship to include gags. Cuts that bellowing down to a minimum! Thanks, fellas!”

Chapter Text

Thor had been given offerings before. In gratitude and in prayer… he’d seen alters of humble gifts beseeching his guidance, protection and love. Some had been made for him in the hope he would use his anger and might as some kind of retribution, but all were meaningful and personal.

None were more personal than Steve’s.

The cupcake was presented on a mound of cream, perfectly positioned upon the groin of Steve’s naked body. Thor couldn’t help but salivate as he crawled up the bed.

Thor reached out.

“No hands. That’s an order.”

“Aye, Captain.”

Steve’s offerings were the best.

Chapter Text

This battle was different. His adrenaline and Mjolnir was giving him such a rush that he couldn’t stop smiling. He yelled and roared with a joviality that infected his teammates.

When it ended and everyone was safe… Thor was laughing and panting for breath. He was so incredibly horny.

So was Steve, who rushed up to him and kissed Thor in front of everyone.

Thor allowed Steve to drag him down into an alley where they gave into the post-battle euphoria raging through them.

The building fell down. The Earth moved.

It’s Thursday after all. Best day of the week.

Chapter Text

Thorsday ended them in jail.

“Photos?” She asked. The policeman nodded. “I need my own.”

“Please, stop taking pictures!”

“Smile, Steve!”

Steve, Bruce and Selvig protested, explained how the six were ‘hung-over’ and starkers except for blankets. Thor, Tony and Clint simply posed as the flash went off.

“How was this possible for me?”

“My love!” Thor snuggled beneath Steve’s blanket. “Asgardian mead made it possible!”

Pepper took another photo as Thor smooched a kiss to Cap’s mouth.

The bail wasn't high. Not a problem for the CEO of Stark Industries, but they would all benefit spending longer behind bars!

Chapter Text

It was all done in Thor’s honour.

Pigs roasted on a real fire, not burnt by Mjolnir.

Tony bought really expensive wine, after all, Thor was nobility.

Natasha said the rites, they clinked drinking horns together and drank. A lot.

Thor couldn’t keep his hands off Steve, feeding him pork from the bone and wine from his horn, all between kisses and seductive whispers of what he wanted to do to the Captain.

No one was surprised when Steve brought ‘the blot’ to an abrupt end by carrying his god- fireman style- away.

“Do we still get presents?” asked Clint.

Chapter Text


Thor squeezed Steve’s hand and stroked the back of his knuckles with his thumb.


They stepped closer, their bodies touched.


Steve rested his other hand on Thor’s hip and looked up into his eyes. His excitement over this moment was adorable.


“Is it time yet?”




They could barely breathe.


Thor rested his forehead to Steve’s and sighed.


He was really nervous.


It seemed silly to be so nervous and excited over something they’ve done so many times before.


“Happy New Year!”

It was the perfect first kiss for 2015.

Chapter Text

Steve was nervous, but he didn’t show it.

He stood to attention, without moving a muscle, for fifteen minutes through the inspection. Steve had this distinct impression that he was being treated like cattle.

He didn’t mind the looks, or even the prodding and poking. It was seeing Thor trying hard not to laugh that he minded.

A hand grabbed at Steve’s jaw and turned his head side to side.

There was a grunt of affirmation and a nod from the Allfather.

“He’ll do.”

Steve finally relaxed when Thor’s arms wrapped around him.

“I told you my father would approve!”

Chapter Text

Asgardian onlookers cheered as Thor turned the higher card. Steve laughed with them, but graciously accepted the ice cold water thrown over him.

“I like this game!” Thor bellowed. The next two turns were victorious for him. Tipping the water over Steve was fun, it turned his tunic see-through. Thor licked his lips.

Steve won the next three rounds. Sif and the others thought it just as hilarious seeing Thor drenched.

“Want to swap the packs?” Steve asked.

Thor swapped the packs and lost.

Steve enjoyed Thorsday as he shoved Thor into the river.

“I love this game.” He smirked.

Chapter Text

He felt the warmth and power crackling over her. He felt overwhelming emotion that was beyond anything he could comprehend. Her joy was clear as the expression on his lover’s face.

“You’ve never done this?”


“You like?”


Steve pushed Mjolnir’s handle deeper into Thor’s ass and laughed when she ignited shocks inside Thor, forcing his release which left him gasping on the floor.

“I think she likes it too.”

Thor had said that Mjolnir didn’t possess a sentience, as such, but Steve thought differently as he extracted and wiped her down with a towel.

“Your turn, Captain.”


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The banquet was vast, the music was loud and roars of laughter echoed through the hall. All the warriors of Asgard liked this tradition and were praising Thor at every opportunity. Drinking horns clashed, mead was downed and even a few playful fights broke out.

When Steve bested Volstagg in one fight, to the surprise of everyone and the joy and amusement of Thor, it was Sif… not Odin who pulled him aside.

“I like you, Captain.” The Shield-maiden smiled. “But if you ever betray or break Thor’s heart… I will kill you.”

Steve rather liked being threatened by her.

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“What did you tell him, Sif?”

Thor sunk down behind Sif and went to steal a piece of bread from her plate. Sif slapped him but tilted her drinking horn so Thor could take a sip anyway.

“I told him what I’ve told all your past lovers.”

Thor chuckled and fed Sif some meat from his plate.

“You threatened him. That’s sweet, but you needn’t have. He’s likely…”

Steve approached them, his shield hooked on his arm.

“Care to spar with me, Lady Sif?”

Thor pushed and nudged Sif to the edge of the bench. “Go on. It’ll be fun.”

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Thor was transfixed as his best friend and his lover fought in the centre of the banquet hall. Sword and shield clashed. The grunts and gasps they made… it made him flush.

Sif was teasing Steve and he knew it.

The spar ended with Steve on his back and Sif’s thighs squeezing his head.

“Do you yield?” she asked. Steve smiled and groaned.

He managed a ‘yes’ and Sif helped him to his feet.

As they stood, panting to catch their breaths back, Thor didn’t realise he was drooling his mead down his beard.

He’d enjoyed that spar a lot.

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“You are smittened, my love.”

Steve felt Thor’s hand snake around his waist and then he was hauled up against his chest. Thor rested his chin on Steve’s shoulder as his hands began to stray between Steve’s legs.

Steve scowled as his neck was bristled with a wet scrape of beard and mead.

“You too. You’ve drooled. Was it me you were lusting over during that fight?”

Thor chuckled and kissed his neck. “Over you, always. But Sif… she is a remarkable woman, is she not?”

Steve gazed over at the Shield-maiden and smiled.

She was. Very.

Just like Peggy.

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“We’ve known each other since we were children. We’ve grown up together as friends for centuries.”

Steve loved Thor's deep voice, it was mesmerizing, but he even as he was encased in Thor’s arms, he couldn’t take his eyes off Sif while she talked and laughed with others. Thor couldn’t either.


“There have been feelings on both our parts, feelings we have not… dared to express openly, for what reason… I remember not. We decided to remain friends… but seeing how she fought with you… I crave the both of you in my bed tonight.”

Steve wanted it too.

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Sif saw the way Thor and Steve were looking at her and she couldn’t help but smirk into her tankard. She knew what they wanted to ask. She was flattered.

Flattered? No. The Midgardian captain intrigued and excited her.

Then mixed with the excitement, old feelings and emotions churned as Thor smiled to her in a manner she had missed.

Sif would have propositioned them but instead she finished her mead, said goodnight to the Warrior Three, and sauntered out of the great hall. It took one lingering look over her shoulder to get the two men to follow her.

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Thor knew where she was leading them even when she disappeared from sight. He laughed, giddily like a child. Just like when they were young, Thor searched for Sif through the maze of underground tunnels, keeping a tight grip on Steve’s hand and eventually guiding him into the main cavern where a pool of inviting warm water stretched out for miles.

Sif was nowhere to be seen, but her clothes and armour were discarded upon the rocks.

“Let’s find her.” Thor stripped naked and waded into the pool, dousing his hair with handfuls of water.

Steve had never undressed faster.

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“Gentlemen… you both wish to share me this evening?”

Sif’s voice echoed throughout the cavern, but when they searched, there was no sign of her. She had hidden well so Thor was even more eager to find her.

“Perhaps I need persuading?”

Thor laughed. So this was her game.

He stopped his search and swam over to Steve, pulled him up into his arms and wrapped Steve’s legs around his waist, squeezing tightly at his ass.

“I think we could persuade her.” Steve smirked, as he coiled his arms around Thor’s neck and kissed him.

“Aye. We can show her.”

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Thor had been intimate with men before, but whether man or woman, Thor always took the lead. He made all the moves, he seduced. He held dominance that his partners were only too happy to allow. Steve was different.

Sif had never known anyone to ‘command’ the Asgardian heir, but Steve Rogers had Thor pinned against the rock, rippling the water as he ground against Thor beneath him, dragging and scraping deep kisses over the expanse of Thor’s back.

Thor completely trusted him. Even more so when Steve ducked below the water.

Sif moved closer. Intrigued… fascinated… so turned on.

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Thor turned.

A thick erection bobbed before Steve. He wanted to swallow it in, but it wasn’t possible. Instead he worked his palm over it, he squeezed it, loving Thor’s dirty groans through the water.

His other hand roamed over hard muscled abs, but when a third pair of hands clawed through Steve’s hair, he shot up out of the water. He was turned and forced up against Thor’s chest.

Sif smiled. Her fingers toyed with his hair and she pressed herself against him.

“Hello, Captain.”

Steve felt nervous. He couldn’t tear his eyes off her.

He gulped.

“My lady…”

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He wasn’t afraid. He just didn’t know what to do with a woman.

Sif knew this and so she whispered to Steve what she liked. Thor guided Steve’s hand across her body, showing him how to entice her, whilst the two Asgardians touched him with fingers and mouths.

Eventually, Steve didn’t need instructing.

Sif moaned as Steve pushed inside her and as Thor slipped deep within his ass. They thrust together, groaned with every touch and kiss until they came, exhausted but satisfied in each other arms.

“Thank you, Thor.” Steve and Sif kissed Thor’s cheeks.

“We’re not finished yet.”

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He felt like a child of 50 again. Thor tried to stifle his laughter, but the others couldn’t stop laughing either, it was hopeless.

“Tell me, why didn’t we get dressed?” asked Steve, hiding behind a pedestal.

“It’s more fun, Steven!” Thor chuckled. “We can reach my chambers without being caught!”

“The guards have gone! Quick!” Sif beckoned with her hand and they ran down the corridor, still laughing, wet and naked.

It was a euphoric feeling but when they rounded the corner, there was Odin and the Warrior Three staring back at them in shock.

“Keep running!” Thor ordered.

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Steve talked him through all the procedures, but he soon realised that he needn’t have bothered. Thor was way ahead of him. Thor listened, but the cheeky smile on his face showed that he knew it all already.

As Thor straddled the bike and turned on the engine, revving on the throttle, his smile grew wider.

“Have no fear, my love! I know what I’m doing. I have driven things much more complex than this when I was a boy. This is simple in comparison!”

Steve had to hang on to Thor for dear life.

Damn… the god could ride.

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These humans were tiny and petty.

Their minds were closed and their hearts were full of hate.

They clung to beliefs that made no sense.

Love was love. What difference did it make whether it was between two men?

The press still hounded Steven and Thor about their relationship. People on the streets insulted and threatened them. They said it was unnatural.



It was meant to hurt, but it never did.

Steve always smiled when Thor held his hand and when the skies above them blackened and rumbled with thunder.

“Just try and stop us from being together.”

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Thor woke one morning to find Steve had drawn him sleeping, hugging the pillow and snoring with his hair all tangled and knotted.

Thor had found other drawings throughout the day, intricate and wonderfully detailed. One was of him laughing, his mouthful of food, but most were of Thor relaxing. He hadn’t known Steven was drawing him.

They made Thor overwhelmingly happy.

But it was Steve who was surprised when he found a drawing of himself, laughing and clutching his chest, pinned to the door of their room. The words “Happy Thorsday, my beautiful Captain” were written in Asgardian runes.

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The explosion had Steve sprinting to the lab.

Explosions were not uncommon when Tony and Bruce did their experiments, he was concerned that one of the ‘science bros’ could’ve been injured.

Steve’s worries were unfounded when he heard laughter and sure enough when he reached the lab, there was Bruce, Tony and Thor high-fiving each other. They were covered in some red soot like substance and the lab was in ruins.

“That was so cool!” Tony cried. “Let’s do it again!”

“What is going on?” Steve asked.

“Asgardian science!” Bruce chuckled, high-fiving Thor again.

Steve smirked. It must be Thorsday.

Chapter Text

It took a couple of hours to clear the wreckage.

When the last of the debris was removed, Tony shook his head in dismay. He had expected to see the couple there. If it had been anyone else, they might have died or been seriously injured, but Thor and Steve simply pulled apart and laughed as they pulled up their pants.

“Stark! I have news! The elevator is very worthy!” Thor laughed more as he brushed the rubble off their bodies.

Steve held up Mjolnir in triumph. “Tony… we didn’t destroy the tower either!”

“Guys… you have your own room!”

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He carried out all his instructions.

He tidied up after the evening’s Thorsday celebrations and he did it as best he could.

It was slow work but it got done as his creator never once came back to interrupt him.

He swept the floors and polished the tables. He put the used glasses in the sink and washed them up, he also gently placed the empty bottles in the recycling bin.

Dum-E wasn’t programmed nor ordered to place the blanket over the two sleeping men on the sofa, who were wrapped in each other’s arms.

But he did it anyway.

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He couldn’t stop the moans of pleasure from escaping his mouth. Why did he try to?

Thor's fists curled into balls and ripped the cushions to shreds as the pleasure increased. Those wonderful fingers massaged him, they dug deep and eased his pain and Thor hoped it would never stop.

He didn’t expect the warm kiss that sucked him into a salivating mouth. He didn’t expect a slurping tongue to lavish across his sole, nor biting teeth on his toes, but it was wonderfully new and it was already making him hard.

“Sweet Valhalla!”

Steve gave the best foot massages.

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This Thorsday celebration with the X-Men was formal.

Steve wore his tux but when Thor, Tony, Clint and Bruce entered the room, hanging onto each other for support, there was huge applause.

“Who said that men can’t wear dresses?” Clint cheered.

The three Avengers in their black dresses and heels was amusing, but Steve couldn’t deny that Thor looked stunning in his long red number with the split up the leg.

Thor could wear anything and still look beautiful. Steve greeted him, discreetly sneaking his hand up beneath the slit and across his ass.

“Thor? Are you wearing a thong?”

Chapter Text

Steve stripped his shirt and jumped to grab the ceiling rails. Doing push-ups upside down wasn’t hard, but he built up a sweat and a rhythm until fingers stroked down his spine, under his shorts and traced over his ass.


A mouth kissed his buttocks and suddenly Thor’s body latched onto his, pressing Steve hard against the ceiling. A groan kissed Steve’s neck and a wet erection ground against him before pushing up inside with a force that nearly dropped them to the floor.

Steve held on.


This workout was a challenge, but Steve wasn’t going to complain.

Chapter Text

“Hold it like this…”

Steve thrusted against Thor and positioned their hands for the best grip. Thor pushed back, which made Steve laugh into his neck and grind into Thor’s ass with equal vigour.

“Get on with it!”

“Can it, Stark. It’s his first time!” Steve then whispered to Thor. “Release it… gently.”

Thor was gentle, but when he let go of the ball, the force was still strong enough to demolish every lane.

“Team Science Bros for the win!” Tony and Bruce hi-fived.

Thor looked confused. “Did I bowl incorrectly?”

Steve kissed him on the cheek. “You were perfect.”

Chapter Text

It was artificial, unlike the natural springs on Asgard, but it was bliss.

The hot bubbling water was soothing and as Thor sipped from his drinking horn, his eyes fluttered. While the alcohol was making Thor drowsy, it was his hand pumping himself beneath the water and thoughts of Steve’s imminent arrival that made him hard.

“You started without me?”

Thor gazed with desire as Steve stripped off his clothes. Thor gulped the rest of his mead when Steve descended gloriously naked into the tub. He choked when Steve replaced his hand underwater and squeezed.

“Odinson… that is not on!”

Chapter Text

“So… this is him?”

Steve sighed with relief and nodded, stepping aside so Thor could approach. Steve smiled when he saw the grin on her face. She giggled a little with excitement and licked her lips.

“I can see what you mean, Steve. He is delicious! I thought you had made him up but I’m pleased to be wrong. Picturing the two of you together is enough to make a woman swoon.”

Thor smiled too and then knelt down by the bed. He took up the frail woman’s hand and kissed her knuckles.

“My Lady Peggy… it is an honour.”

Chapter Text

Her first words uttered on their next visit was like a knife to the heart.

“Who is your friend?”

Steve couldn’t reply.

He forced himself to smile and forced back the tears as he sat down next to her. Peggy took hold of his hand, but she was still smiling at Thor standing behind him, as if it was the first time she had met him.

Steve’s voice caught in his throat, but Thor knelt down beside her and smiled.

“Hello. I am Thor.”

“Like the Norse god of thunder?” she asked.

“Aye. Exactly like the Norse god of thunder.”

Chapter Text

Peggy had fallen asleep holding on to Steve’s hand.

He couldn’t bring himself to break that hold. Steve stayed there, comforting her during her sleep, even though every part of him hurt, as it did every time she forgot.

She was getting worse. Her lucid days were getting fewer and he feared that one day she would forget him completely.

Thor wrapped his arm around Steve’s shoulders and lovingly kissed him on his cheek.

“It doesn’t have to be like this. My people can cure her… she can live her last years with her memories intact. She would never forget.”

Chapter Text

It wasn’t his decision to make.

It was a lovely offer but Steve knew that Peggy had to make that choice whilst she still could.

When Peggy woke, thankfully she still remembered and knew that Steve wanted to ask her something.

“Come on, out with it.” She croaked. “What’s troubling you, Steve?”

“It’s up to you, Peg. Thor’s people can cure you of your Alzheimer's. Would you be willing to go to Asgard and let them?”

Tears filled her eyes, but a joyous smile spread across her face and she reached out for Steve’s hand.

“Yes, please. I’d like that.”

Chapter Text

She had a lot of questions to ask, to which Thor answered as best he could, whilst Steve went to make arrangements with Sharon and the rest of Peggy’s family.

“I would spend the rest of my days on your world?” Peggy asked, as Thor held up some water for her.

“If you wish. Or you can stay on Midgard, amongst the people who know you and love you.”

Peggy laughed, but Thor didn’t understand why. When he inquired as to what was so funny, she sat up so she could pat Thor’s face.

“Steve finally has his right partner.”

Chapter Text

Thor held Peggy in his arms as they travelled through the Bifrost and when they arrived on Asgard, she had fallen asleep and was snoring gently against Thor’s chest.

She was taken to the healing room and placed upon the soul forge. As Eir and the healers went about their work, Steve sat close by and Thor held his hand throughout, assuring him.

“She will be fine.”

Thor understood why he couldn’t stop worrying, but when Peggy opened her eyes, Steve heaved a sigh of relief at seeing her smile.

“Hello boys.”

“How do you feel?”

“Wonderful. Like myself again.”

Chapter Text

There was no sky above Asgard, there was only the black endless space dotted with stars and streaks of colour of nebulae. The sea spilled over the edge of Thor’s world into more space and it was breath-taking.

Peggy could remember again. Everything she had forgotten had come back and while Thor showed her around, she could only fondly recall her past with Steve.

That’s all they were though. Memories.

Now was not her time. Steve had Thor to make new memories with. She wasn’t going to stand in their way.

Asgard wasn’t for her.

She wanted to go home.

Chapter Text

The place looked familiar but she didn’t know why.

Thanks to the Asgardian healers her Alzheimer’s was gone and she had back some of her much missed mobility and strength. With Thor supporting her, Peggy took slow wobbly steps into the restaurant.

She asked why they were here. Thor only smiled.

Peggy nearly toppled over when she saw the clearing in the middle of the restaurant and Steve standing there, dressed in his old military dress uniform.

A song she remembered so well was playing.

“I believe I owe you a dance.”

She remembered.

This was once the Stork Club.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t so much of a dance as it was a gentle sway. Steve held Peggy as tightly as he dared and rocked her gently from side to side, their feet shuffling instead of stepping in time with the song.

Having her in his arms and seeing her smile, the both of them talking of the ‘old days’, it was wonderful. She was happy and she was her sassy self again.

When Steve felt her tire Thor was instantly there.

“Mind if I cut in?” Thor asked.

Peggy grinned as he helped her sit slowly down. “Thor, he’s all yours.”

Chapter Text

As the men slowly danced around the room, their foreheads touched and their bodies drew intimately close, but Peggy observed how on edge Steve was.

He was still worried for her, but there was no need and Thor knew that as well as she did.

Thor caressed loving strokes to Steve’s back, he whispered in his ear and kissed him so passionately that Steve nearly fell over.

Peggy sighed and smiled.

“Oh my word.”

She was happy for them.

Peggy may be 94 but now she never felt better.

She wasn’t going back to the retirement home any time soon.

Chapter Text

Sam slumped down in the quinjet, tired and worn.

He closed his eyes but a buzz vibrated in his pocket. Someone had sent him a text. Sam pulled out his phone and checked the message.

I’m ready.

He got a huge shock seeing a picture of a very naked and erect Thor.

“Whoa! Steve, I think this was meant for you.”

Sam showed the picture to Cap sitting next to him.

Steve grinned and a dirty laugh escaped his mouth.

So Thor made a mistake but Steve was going to have a hell of a welcome when they got home.

Chapter Text

“You ask him yet?”

Tony slid the beer across the table. Thor shook his head and took a long gulp.

“No. Nor do I wish to at the moment.”

Well no. Not when we’re drunk and all naked.

Thor would organise something more intimate for the actual time with Steve. Thor would probably still be naked though… for extra raunchy affect.

They drank some more beer.

“You scared, Goldilocks?”

“Not at all.”


Tony smiled and refilled their drinks. Thor will ask Steve eventually.

Damn, now Thor was mopey.

Tony wished Bruce would show up soon.

Preferably naked as well.

Chapter Text

“I can explain!”

Pepper waited. Instead of a reply, Tony stammered and made a few choking noises. She turned instead to the naked man lying next to him.

Oh dear gods, they're handcuffed together again.

Bruce shrugged his shoulders. “Er... it was Thorsday.”

“Don’t say it like that!”

“Do you remember what we did?”

“Partially… but that’s beside the point! Thor brought Asgardian moonshine! We really cannot handle that stuff!”

Pepper had enough. She threw a pillow at Tony.

“Answer my question! Is Thor going to propose to Steve?!”

The two men nodded.

“Good! It’s all I needed to know!”

Chapter Text

He loved the earth and making things grow.

When Thor placed his hands in the dirt he could feel life, from the creatures that dwelled within the soil down to the smallest bacteria. He muttered a spell he once heard his mother use and from his hands came crackles of electricity that fed that life.

The plants began to grow. He could feel it.

When Steve’s fingers entwined with his, the dirt squeezed between their fingertips and a warm jolt coursed through him.

The growth of the plants quickly overran Stark Tower.

The Lady Pepper was strangely okay about it.

Chapter Text

The overgrowth of the Asgardian plants in Stark Tower prompted Tony to throw a party.

While all the guests were fascinated by the alien foliage, Steve was not having fun at all.

Thor slumped down on the sofa next to him and clung drunkenly onto Steve to nuzzle at his neck.

“Thor… what’s going on? Everyone has been looking oddly at me all night. Pepper is acting strange too. Why?”

“They think I’m going to propose to you.” Thor nipped at Steve’s jaw.

Steve smiled and kissed his brow.

“Are you?”

“You want to be wed to me?”

“Yeah. Okay.”

Chapter Text


Steve jumped.

“Okay, you’ve never been that easily startled.”

Natasha sat him down and slid over the carved pumpkin she'd done herself, to impress him.

Instead the pumpkin burst under the pressure of his frustrated grip.

“Steve? What’s going on?”

“Romanoff… ”

“This is your favourite holiday! Why aren’t you and Thor off to egg Xavier’s mansion?”

Steve didn’t know. Thor had been very quiet recently, the sex had been brief and awkward and now Thor had gone home, for some reason. Steve missed him, especially now.

“Want to help me egg Stark instead?”

Steve nodded and grinned.

“Sure. Okay.”

Chapter Text

He woke from his sleep when strong arms wrapped around him and a kiss nuzzled his neck.

Steve turned and welcomed Thor back with a kiss of his own. They shifted, their legs entwined and their foreheads touched together and both of them settled into a comforting embrace.

Thor didn’t have to say anything. They lay in silence, gazed into each other’s eyes and simply enjoyed the moment. They were together again.

The sudden and unexpected sneeze from Thor was so loud it made Steve jump. He jolted and slipped off the bed, dragging Thor with him to the floor.

Chapter Text

They’d ordered every kind of pizza possible from the menu and made up more than a few of their own.

Clint’s suggestion went down well with Thor and Steve because, between the two of them, they demolished over twelve large pizzas each and all the side orders. They sat close, they fed each other slices. Steve even picked out melted cheese and toppings that caught in Thor’s beard.

As long as there was plenty left for Clint, he didn’t mind the couple being so soppy.

Pizza was the best. Dog agreed whole heartedly when Clint fed him under the table.

Chapter Text

Last night he gave Steve all his attention. Thor loved him with everything he had. Now as his Captain slept, worn out and blissfully satisfied, Thor slipped out of the bed and dressed as quietly as possible.

He hated leaving but there was no other choice.

Outside, Thor looked to the skies, pausing before calling to Heimdall.

Natasha came out of the darkness, looking very pissed off. “He’s not going to like it, you leaving… again.”

“I must. My mission is of great importance.”

“More important than Steve?”

Yes, because if he failed, his future with Steve would be nothing.

Chapter Text


The old woman shrugged her shoulders and then reluctantly heaved herself up from her chair. A bushy eyebrow rose in surprise but she nodded with approval as the Asgardian boy didn’t offer to help her. She maybe old, but she wasn’t bloody weak.

She approached Thor and prodded his shoulder with a bony finger. She pinched his cheek and slapped the other, before resting a wrinkled old hand to his chest.

“Our future king of Asgard is madly and truly in love with his mortal Captain! I will give you what you seek, however…”

There was always a however.

Chapter Text

A beer was gently placed into his hand, startling Steve and interrupting his thoughts.

“Hey.” Steve smiled as Banner nervously slumped down next to him.

“Er…hey, Steve. Are you…?”

“I’m fine, Bruce. What’s up?”

“Yeah. I ought to tell you that Thor came to me a couple of days ago. He wanted to know more about your serum. I told him everything I knew then two days later he left. Coincidence? He left because of me. I know it. I’m so sorry.”

Steve smirked and sipped his drink.

He knew Thor was planning something.

It's why he wasn’t angry.

Chapter Text

Pepper was surprised when she approached her and demanded a secret gathering.

When the men were away—conveniently sent on a ‘mission’ by Pepper—the women (Avengers, Shield Agents, X-Men and the likes) came together. What they were told astonished them and it didn’t need much convincing for them to agree to the proposal.

Drinks were brought out and toasts were made in celebration, not just for what was to come, but because this was the day that brought them here.

Over a year ago one single cupcake started off a tradition that made a beautiful relationship.

This was Thorsday.

Chapter Text

Steve woke and dressed as he had done every day for the past three weeks. He missed Thor greatly.

The others had noticed for Steve never smiled or laughed as much and he spent a lot of time alone.

This morning no other soul was around. Steve looked everywhere, he called everyone he knew, but the Avenger’s complex was abandoned.

When he returned back to his room, Steve saw his old WWII Captain’s uniform laid out on his bed and a note from Tony was attached to it.

“Put this on, Cap and be outside in an hour. No excuses.”

Chapter Text

Steve stepped outside and stumbled in shock.

Everywhere was doused with snow, as was the large arbour of trees. Beneath those trees were seated all the Avengers, X-Men… every superhero Steve had met. His friends, his family.

Peggy was there too. Crying with happiness.

On the right were many warriors from Asgard, including Sif. Everyone was looking and smiling at him as he walked down the centre between them.

But Steve only had eyes for Thor, dressed in his black tux with his hair loose about his shoulders.

Thor was so beautiful.

Oh God. He was going to marry him.

Chapter Text

Thor’s voice broke during their vows, but he managed them.

Storm’s snow billowed around them, her warmth kept back the cold but Steve’s lips were chattering. Thor cupped his hand against Steve’s face and kissed him.

There were cheers, but it wasn’t official. Not yet.

To everyone’s surprise, Sif stood forward and handed Thor an Asgardian iron brand, red with heat. They all gasped when Thor dug the brand onto his chest and the Aesir runes seared his skin.

When he handed the brand to Steve, he never hesitated to sear himself.

“I’m yours.” Thor declared. “For all of eternity.”

Chapter Text

He cradled her. He felt her soft vibrations, he heard her sing. She was happy.

Steve touched the brand of Mjolnir on his chest. Thor had the old sorceress enchant it so Steve’s serum wouldn’t heal it, that neither of their brands would fade. Steve was a part of them now, they were all connected.

He ran Mjolnir’s uru body over Thor’s naked flesh and she sent small excited sparks over their skin.

Thor smiled and dragged Steve down upon him for a kiss and for the rest of the night held him and Mjolnir together in a tight embrace.

Chapter Text

“Come on! It’s Thorsday!”

Sam’s enthusiastic attempt to rile the group from their moping stupor failed. There was just no life in the day’s celebrations when the newly-weds were away on Asgard for their honeymoon. No one seemed to be in the mood, even though there was plenty to drink and eat.

Sam tried to encourage his friends, but not even the interruption of skirmishes in the city were enough. It seemed that without the God of Thunder… it was just Thursday.

Not for Steve. Every day was Thorsday for him.

Their honeymoon had better end soon. Sam hated Thursdays.

Chapter Text

It was technically only supposed to be one day, but upon their return, the Thorsday celebrations ended up being a three day bender of food, drink and giant jenga.

When Clint suggested they all play strip jenga, Steve smirked as Thor ended up being the only one still wearing all his clothes.

“You sure you don’t want to play, Mrs Thor?” asked Tony, who was down to his boxers. He handed Steve a bottle of beer.

“No, I’m good with just watching.” Steve said. “Besides, I don’t need Thor to beat me at a game to strip my clothes off.”

Chapter Text

Hello dear readers.

You’d think the bad guys wouldn’t attack the Avengers on a Thorsday. You’re wrong. They haven’t a fucking clue!

Our heroes don’t like it when their parties are interrupted and now beloved Thor is married to Captain Gorgeous-ass it’s even worse.

Thor has gone mental because his Stevie-baby is seriously injured. He’s kicking up a shit-storm, making it impossible for the rest of us, including me (who just happened to be around) to help him.

Do you know I wasn’t invited to the wedding?! How fucked up is that?

Oh shit… is this more than 100 words?

Chapter Text


Steve chuckled and held his hands up. He got a very disapproving and sleepy frown.

“I barely touched you!”

There was a ‘humph’ and Steve was allowed to carry on.

Thor had never left his side after his injury. When Steve first awoke, he’d found Thor snuggled against him, his head resting on Steve’s chest and his long beautiful hair in tangled knots.

Thor flinched again.

A week ago, this man had nearly leveled New York with a single lightning bolt. It was so sweet that a knot in his hair could make him like this.

“Ow! Steven! Gently!”

Chapter Text

Thor was startled out of his doze when something clambered on the bed and nibbled at his toes. It wasn’t his husband.

Thor bolted up and saw a baby goat, bleating and chewing on the bedsheets. Thor smiled joyfully, scooped it up and hugged it as it tried to nip at his face.

More bleating made Thor look to the door.

Steve was cradling a second baby goat in his arms, petting it as it chewed his uniform.

“They’re Thorsday gifts from the Young Avengers.” Steve said, smiling. “They said no killing and eating them!”

Like that would ever happen!

Chapter Text

The skype call woke them.

Natasha peeled Clint’s arm off of her bare chest, sat up and answered. They first heard music, laughter, and oddly, the sound of goats bleating. Then they saw a drunk Thor, being supported up by his sober and very amused husband.

“Greetings, friends! As you are still on your mission, I wanted to share our celebrations with you!”

Both agents grinned as Thor skyped the party. Eventually, after Rhodey shaved off an unconscious Tony’s eyebrows, Thor passed out in a cute slumber against Steve’s chest.

“Good luck with the mission, guys.” Steve whispered. “Happy Thorsday.”

Chapter Text

He hadn’t done it for a long time.

They had finished their meal and Bruce brought out several barrels of a honey beer called Waggledance. The instant the golden liquid touched Thor’s lips, his glass was empty.

“Another!” He yelled, smashing the glass to the floor.

He really liked it.

Thor was about to apologise, but he stopped when he saw Steve down an entire pint and do the exact same thing.

“Another!” Steve yelled. Thor laughed and flung his arm around Steve to kiss him.

The others all smashed their glasses too.

They used pewter tankards from then on.

Chapter Text

She had participated in these celebrations before. She celebrated as all Asgardians did, especially when it was in honour of Thor.

However, Sif had returned to Earth this time, with news that wouldn’t go down too well with the couple.

She welcomed Thor’s crushing hug and would have stayed there happily with him as he nuzzled her neck. She would have remained in the Captain’s arms as well, but their stroking hands over each other’s rears, and startled reactions from others, broke them apart.

“Lady Sif? Is everything okay?” asked Steve.

“The Allfather wishes to speak to Thor. Without you.”

Chapter Text

It took a week before Thor and Sif returned.

Steve had been on edge a little, but thankfully a few AIM and Hydra skirmishes kept him busy.

Clint and Natasha accompanied Steve to a baseball game on Thursday, which lasted late into the evening. They returned all in high spirits and Steve was beyond pleased to see that Thor and Sif were already waiting for him in the lounge with the others.

After a brief and more than passionate welcome back, Steve had to ask what the Allfather had needed from Thor.

“Grandkids!” Tony blurted. “Little adorable blonde grandkids!”


Chapter Text

Out of respect, everyone left the couple to ‘discuss’ their new responsibility alone. Or rather Pepper made them leave, but they lingered close by, enough to hear Steve’s raised voice through the closed door.

“Why the hell didn’t Odin want me to have my say in the matter?!”

“Thor… we discussed about kids before! How come it took you a whole week to talk about it with him?!”

“Is it actually possible for two guys to have children naturally?!” said Bruce, frowning as Tony offered him a blueberry from out of nowhere.

Everyone looked at Sif, curiously.

“It is possible.”

Chapter Text

Steve and Thor had never really argued before, but the Thorsday continued with the Avengers sat outside, listening with intrigue as the couple continued to shout.

“So they can have offspring?”

“Tony, Sif has already explained that they can.”

“Sure! With a woman involved! But Steve hasn’t got Asgardian sperm! Bruce, how is Steve gonna make little Asgardian babies if he doesn’t shoot…?”

The clip around their heads from Natasha didn’t silence Stark or Banner, but Jarvis’ announcement that the Milano was requesting to land on the tower certainly did.

“Now it’s going to be really interesting!” exclaimed Clint, grinning.

Chapter Text

It didn’t take long to establish that the Guardians had returned to Terra because of a bounty on their heads, which was greatly, yet unconvincingly, denied by Rocket and Quill.

“It was just a misunderstanding!” Rocket exclaimed.

“I am Groot!”

“It wasn’t being used, Groot! It was just there!”

Quill, on the other hand, felt the need to explain that they were really here for the Thorsday celebrations, yet he couldn’t take his eyes off Sif.

“Hi. I’m Star-Lord.” he said, his best Spartoi charm really not working on her.

“Thor and Steve are married.” Sif replied, smirking.


Chapter Text

Thor smiled through Steve’s angry rant. His husband was so adorable when angry.


Steve sighed heavily and became silent as Thor pulled him into a comforting embrace.

“I knew not what my father wanted, but you must believe I told him everything you said. Such a talk should have been with the both of us. We’re not ready for children and I informed him we shall decide, when and with whom, not him.”

A sigh and a mutter of ‘oh thank god’ gasped against Thor’s chest.



“The Lord of Stars is back!” Thor stated, suggestively.

“Oh shit.”

Chapter Text

They came out to clearly see everyone had been eavesdropping, as they all had massive grins on their faces.

Steve wasn’t sure what he was feeling. This was bad timing. As usual.

“You guys are married?!” The young outlaw approached them, expressing a bizarre mix of joy and outrage at the same time. “We shared something pretty awesome together, why didn’t you tell me you got hitched?!”

When Quill pulled Steve into a hug, the familiar feel of the Star-lord, stirred feelings up within.

“I am Groot!”

Steve grinned after Thor translated. “That’s why.”

“Whatever! Hey, it’s still Thorsday right?!”

Chapter Text

With a few hours left, everyone returned to the lounge to continue the festivities and the music and drinking continued, Thor very much at the centre of things.

As it was meant to be.

“Sif, is something wrong?” Thor asked, slumping down on the sofa next to her. He handed her one of the two cans of beer he had. The opened them simultaneously and drank.

“Yes. It is this Lord of Stars you are so fond of. You do realise he has been involved with some smuggling of Asgardian relics?”

Thor smiled. “I know, yes.”

They drank some more.

Chapter Text

They drank in silence for a while, Sif scrutinizing the conversation Steve and Quill were having.

“He doesn’t seem to be your type.” Sif said frowning briefly at her beer. “He’s a criminal.”

“He has his heart in the right place.”

The conversation between Quill and Steve was heating up, turning into a disagreement, as Thor expected, but it wasn’t serious. They were riling each other up for a playful fight.

“You disapprove, Sif?”

Not entirely, judging by how she was looking at Quill.

“He talks far too much.”

“Verily… but that’s not all he can do with his mouth.”

Chapter Text

Thor knew what he had to do.

He assured Sif with a smile and after Gamora took his place, he walked over to Quill and Steve. Their petty but adorable bickering stopped abruptly.

“Hey, Thor! Wassup?” Quill’s eyes were glazed with intoxication and adoration.

“We need to talk.”

“Is this about those Asgardian relics that were discovered in the Milano’s hold?” Quill let out a little belch which made Thor roll his eyes. “I told Steve, I had no idea! It was Rocket’s idea!”

“Come with me.” Thor ordered, pushing him and Steve out of the lounge.

“Oh yeah! Gladly!”

Chapter Text

“Is this gonna be a lecture?” Quill said, strangely sounding a lot more sober than before, when Steve closed the door behind them.

“My father wants you and your friends to face judgement for your participation in the removal of our relics.” Thor replied, noting Steve’s disapproval. “However, I’ve assured him, it won’t happen again, yes?”

Thor’s serious tone was made even more so when a loud rumble of thunder boomed nearby.

“Sure! Never again.” Quill held his hands up and gazed back with a doleful and apologetic look in his eyes. “Don’t get mess with Asgard’s stuff. Got it.”

Chapter Text

“Thor… are you kidding? Is a warning seriously going to stop them from smuggling and stealing?”

“Hey! Not cool! We only steal and smuggle a little bit!”

“A little?!

“Teeny-tiny! Occasionally we brawl too!”

“Are you trying to wind me up?”

“I don’t need to try! You’re wound up so tight I’m surprised Thor can even get a finger in!”

Steve shoved Quill against the wall and the plaster shattered behind the force. Thor watched how deliciously close they were, how Quill was smiling at Steve’s angry response.

Then it happened.

Steve kissed Quill and the wall broke to pieces.

Chapter Text

The embrace was a playful scrap, rough, yet dirty laughter sometimes snorted through their slavering kisses. Their shirts ripped from their clawing hands and Thor could feel himself getting hard at hearing their moans. He wanted to join in.

The half-Spartoi man was a confusion. Thor had learnt to resist Spartoi charms, but seeing Steve with him, it was immensely difficult.

“Don’t rip the jacket!” Quill gasped, as the remains of his t-shirt fell out from underneath his red leather coat.

Steve shucked the coat off him and threw Quill on the bed.

“Can I please continue?”

“Oh yeah! Sorry!”

Chapter Text

The flesh was bared. He’d hoped to see this body again, it had been on his mind ever since he left the last time, and now as the tattered shreds of a dark blue shirt fell from the Captain’s torso, the ferocity came to a grinding halt.

Quill saw the brand.

Thor’s mark of Mjolnir.

The hammer was a white scar scorched on Steve’s breast, a sign that Steve and Thor belonged.

Quill pushed Steve away.

“No. We shouldn’t be doing this. You’re married now.”

Steve and Thor glanced at one another and spoke in perfect unison.

“One last time?”

Chapter Text

Everyone heard the commotion. The sound of crumbling debris, bellowing laughs and cries couldn’t be missed.

“Didn’t take them long!” Rocket snorted into his beer.

“They’d best not be in my lab!” Tony tried to get up, but Bruce’s arm around his waist dragged him back down to the sofa.

As no-one was in a sober state, Sif took it upon herself to go and find the other men.

Jarvis did tell her where they were but she didn’t need directions.

She heard them. She knew those sounds… she’d made Thor and Steve cry out like that many times before.

Chapter Text

Sif was going to drag that Lord of Stars away, throw him in an Asgardian cell and then give Thor a few choice words on his leniency, however when she climbed through the rubble, she froze and couldn’t help but grin.

Upon the bed, the three naked sweating men were joined and they were writhing deep and hard in their embrace. Steve and Thor were both within the outlaw, filling him as they made these grunting moans and sounds that rung deliciously in Sif’s ears.

All she could do was watch.

The Spartoi spotted her and smiled.

They all stopped.

Chapter Text

Their eyes were glazed with lust. They trembled, unable to catch their breaths.

Steve was unsteady on his knees as he clung tightly around Quill. As he tried to prevent himself and Thor from slipping free, Steve’s face made those beautiful grimaces of his, yet the gentle beckoning and adoration for Sif in his gaze was... inviting.

On his back, Thor beamed a sexual intoxicated grin and held his shaking hand out towards Sif.

They wanted her to join in and while she was reluctant with the outlaw present, it was Thor’s smile and wink that made her give in.

Chapter Text

She didn’t mind their longing looks as she undressed, the way they gazed at her nakedness as she approached the bed. The men had separated to watch her and while Sif missed and loved Steve and Thor’s adoration, she couldn’t help but mind Quill’s grin. Greatly.

Quill was physically attractive… and agreeably endowed, but Sif reluctantly veered away from him and nestled herself with Thor, feeling the familiar and loving envelop of his legs and arms around her.

When Steve cuddled up behind her, Quill appeared dejected. Steve’s laugh was taken the wrong way and he was pulled roughly away.

Chapter Text

“They do like to squabble.”

Thor chuckled softly in Sif’s ear and turned her so they could watch Steve and Quill bicker. Against her back, she felt Thor’s enjoyment at watching the men. His chest swelled with adoration and there was the familiar pleasured hum and purr emanating from him. The purr turned into a growl and Sif made one of her own when he ground himself against her backside.

When Thor gently worked his fingers within her, Sif couldn’t take her eyes of the other two and her resistance to Quill’s Spartoi ‘influence’ quickly faltered.

“You two… here. Now!”

Chapter Text

Seeing Sif finally give into Quill’s ‘natural’ allure and how she enjoyed him and Steve together, was pleasing to watch. Thor observed the three of them, feeling pleasure from seeing their own… and from his stroking hand.

Thor let a moan and whine escape his mouth and Steve, who had been watching him as well, thought he was feeling left out. Steve pulled away from Sif and Quill, received smattering kisses from them both, before they all scrambled back to Thor.

Steve placed his hand on Thor’s brand and smiled.

Then, as it should be, it was all about Thor.

Chapter Text

Thor couldn’t take his eyes off him. Steve was peaceful and beautiful asleep against him.

Quill was asleep too, nestled with Sif against Thor’s legs. They were all exhausted after such numerous enjoyable and rigorous sessions together, but Thor wasn’t the only one awake.

“You didn’t falter.” Sif murmured.

“Hmm?” Thor felt Steve fidget, so a soothing kiss to his forehead settled him down.

“I thought you gave in to the Spartoi’s allure, but it was really his humanity you fell for.” Sif toyed with strands of Quill’s fringe. “Midgardians do beguile you so.”

These two humans most certainly did.

Chapter Text


Sif’ voice snapped him out of his adoration of the two men still sound asleep, briefly. Sleeping Steve was always adorable and the longer Thor watched him, the more he loved him, if that was possible.



Sif looked to him as she cradled the sleeping Star-Lord to her breast. Thor hadn’t missed how she had favoured him so.

“When you and Steve are ready to start a family… I vow to carry your children for you. I would be honoured.”

“The honour is ours, Sif.”

The soft drowsy smile that drifted across Steve’s face showed he agreed.

Chapter Text

Reality slowly came back to him when he felt teeth biting at his toes.

Quill thought it might have been Steve, but he was spooned against his back, snoring. Steve also didn’t bleat.


Quill shot up and saw a fully refreshed Thor standing at the end of the bed. Thor was cradling a baby goat whilst another was licking and nibbling at Quill’s feet.

“Sorry Tannsgrisnir disturbed you.” Thor smiled. “He and Tanngnjostr will eat anything if you’re not careful.”

Quill’s hands quickly cupped over his groin. “Much prefer you eat me.”

“Maybe some other time. If Steven permits.”

Chapter Text

It was a typical Tony Stark party. The food and ale were plentiful. There were gifts and lots of games of (strip) giant Jenga, Thor’s favourite.

All his friends were here on this special day. Sif and the Warrior Three, the Avengers and X-Men, even Deadpool and his bizarre companion Bob.

They wanted to know, yet Thor only replied to their inquiries of his age with a smile. Steve never asked. All that mattered to him was that Thor enjoyed his birthday.

Steve knew Thor had when he gently dropped his drunken unconscious husband on the bed.

“Happy birthday, Thor.”

Chapter Text

A friendly rivalry often rose between the Avengers and X-Men. Steve suggested to use that in a game of his favourite sport. Baseball.

The first game was on a Thursday and so Thor was excited and read up on all the rules. However certain rules of ‘no powers’ did cause some controversy.

“Thor’s not using any of his powers, Logan!” Steve argued. “It’s his natural Asgardian strength!”

“An advantage above any of us, Bub! Tell your husband to tone it down!”

“Or what?!”

It seemed that Thor had to tell Steve to ‘tone it down’ after the fight broke out.

Chapter Text

Thor knew what they were thinking.

However, he continued talking about Thorsday and how proud and pleased he was that people, including this large classroom of children, celebrated it too.

When he finished, the teacher addressed the class.

“Any questions?”

Every hand in the room went up but the teacher picked the one girl who’d had her arm up throughout Thor’s talk.

“Why is there THWHOOOR written on your forehead?”

“Twas from last week.” Thor replied. “I fell asleep and awoke with it there. It’s… not washing off.”

Steve hadn’t known the pen had permanent ink when he used it.

Chapter Text

It never failed to amaze Steve, just how quickly Thor was able to learn new things. He only needed to be shown once. Be it riding a motorbike, playing the piano, playing baseball or ten pin bowling, Thor mastered whatever sport or skill he was introduced to.

Surfing came naturally too.

Steve watched Thor ride the biggest waves he’d ever seen, with ease. It was like he was glued to the board.

However, the best part was when he came out of the sea, wearing those shorts, all wet and glistening like the god he was.

Thor should always surf.

Chapter Text

“You’ve made it. Your exams are complete, but now is the time for your final test.” Cyclops smiled at the nervous young mutants. They had no idea what they were about to face. “You’ve trained against other mutants… now face a God.”

The doors opened. They gasped and their eyes widened in adoration.


Thor broke the passionate kiss with Steve and they grinned apologetically.

The student’s smiles vanished when the lights blacked out and lightening sparked from Thor and Mjolnir.

“Good luck.” Steve gave Thor another brief kiss before the doors closed and the screams of the students began.

Chapter Text

Quite how this new Super villain managed to capture Tony and Steve and tied them up back to back in his lair, was unknown. Their ‘arguments’ and ‘bickering’ about it greatly annoyed the guy.

“Silence!! Stop arguing! You’re my prisoners, you shouldn’t...!"

Steve and Tony grinned.

"Why are you smiling?"

“Because Steve’s husband is a God, who’s going to be super-pissed when he gets here.” Said Tony. “You should be scared!”

Steve nodded. “Also Tony is dating someone who will smash you and this lair to dust!”

“Pepper or the big guy?”

“Both, Tony.”

“He should be REALLY scared!”

Chapter Text

Everyone knew Steve didn’t like the cold. He felt a chill before Thor’s cloak wrapped around him.

As they huddled together in the middle of the freezing Icelandic scenery, Thor created a pocket of warm air to comfort him and so they gazed up at the amazing display of the Aurora Borealis that was lighting up the night sky.

Steve had seen these before but they were never as bright as this… and never had he felt so content.

“They’re beautiful.”

“Not as much as you.”

Steve was going to disagree but he smiled and leaned further into Thor’s embrace.

Chapter Text

Tony’s idea for a silent art auction was successful, people from across the world wanted something made by an Avenger.

Each Avenger created drawings, paintings and sculptures especially for the auction and the money went to charities they wanted. The piece that sold the most caused some uproar.

The sheet with paint impressions clearly showed what the couple had been doing.

“We can do more, right?” Steve sipped his champagne as the ‘distraught’ guests complained loudly to Tony about it.

“Verily.” Thor said. “For the good of our charities and to irate those homophobic cretins, we can do many more!”

Chapter Text

They had been invited out.

Steve explained everything. He even teased Thor saying “No being loud or smashing cups!”

They dressed in smart attire and met Peggy at an elaborate hotel where soft piano music was played.

Thor’s eyes brightened at the luscious cakes served and when Steve and Peggy sipped the tea delicately from china cups, Thor tried as well, but several handles broke under his ‘gentle’ pinch.

They reminisced for hours but an Avengers mission from Fury ended afternoon tea.

Thor snuck out more than a few scones and cakes away in the rush.

Steve and Peggy saw.

Chapter Text

As the AIM soldiers were felled by lightning reverberating from Mjolnir and Cap’s shield, there were some more flashes.

All he had intended to do was take a few selfies as he clung to the wall, selfies showing in the background the now legendary hammer and shield tactic often used by the couple.

He got several more after the fight, one of Captain America and Thor intimately hugging, Steve smiling as Thor pressed a loving kiss to his masked forehead.

Checking his phone later, Peter Parker noticed an extra picture.

They were pulling goofy faces and poses behind his back.

Chapter Text

As he tied his hair, Thor opened the gym door with his foot and saw Steve stretching on the floor.

Thor loved Steve doing this… yoga. His Devotional Warrior, lunges, squats and shoulder stands, it was so sexy.

It was more so now when Steve performed Downward Facing Dog, sticking his beautiful ass in the air.

Thor sauntered in and when he nestled up against him, Steve tensed.

Not in a good way.

Concerned, Thor turned and saw the Avenger students all grinning at him.

Damn, Thor forgot Steve gave classes.

“Later?” he asked.

Steve smirked, bucking a little. “Later.”

Chapter Text


Thor lifted Tannsgrisnir and Tanngnjostr up. Unfortunately they hadn’t let go of him and there were two very sharp rips.

The goats had initially nibbled the edges, but now there were significant tears in the Norse godmother’s frilly pink dress, which showed off bare legs and ass.

Clint and Sam laughed but stopped when two eggs were lobbed at them from across the room. Thor smiled.

“Oh everyone here has seen you naked, Thor.” Steve said, grinning. “I only did it because Romanoff told me they cheated at bobbing for apples.”

The pat on his ass assured Thor differently.

Chapter Text

Steve liked these kind of Thorsdays.

While it couldn’t compare to the nights with Bucky and the Howling Commandos, it came close. Tony, Bruce, Sam, Clint and the others were sprawled lazily around the room, on the couches and floor, watching the game.

They were drinking and chatting, occasionally shouting at the screen, until the peace was disturbed by an almighty roar and a phone was thrown across the room.

Everyone turned to Thor. Except Steve.

As he held Thor’s hand to calm him, Steve scowled at the others.

“Which one of you lot got him back into Candy Crush?”

Chapter Text

Everyone was in uproar about the result, but Steve was raging with fury.

He punched out a section of the wall and stormed away.

Thor followed and immediately wrapped his arms around Steve to try comfort him. Thor could feel the frustration in his partner but there wasn’t much else he could do.

“I fought for freedom!” Steve seethed. “We sacrificed everything and this shit happens?! That orange son-of-a-bitch wins?!”

Thor kissed him and held him tightly. “The Lady Romanoff does have a cunning plan.”

There was a puff of laughter against Thor’s chest and Steve relaxed into his embrace.

Chapter Text

Thor had cheered him up in every which way he knew, but even though Steve was tired, he couldn’t sleep.

Instead he lulled in the contentment of his husband sleeping in his arms, of hearing those adorable rumbling Thor snores and seeing the expressions on his face as he dreamed.

“The Bilgesnipe! Don’t let it get me!!”

Steve smiled. Thor had scrunched his face up and was fidgeting. Steve hugged him tightly and comforted him just as Thor had done to him earlier.

He whispered. “That orange Bilgesnipe won’t hurt you… or anyone. I promise. Nat’s got a plan, remember?”

Chapter Text

How do they do it? Fight side by side like that and still keep cool?

Sam dodged an explosion and did a few more spins to avoid one of Thor’s lightning bolts.

Sam really didn’t know how Steve and Thor did it. If his husband was out there risking his life he would be worried as hell.

Suddenly a bullet hit his wing and Sam fell. He cursed himself for being distracted and crash landed on top of a car.

As his daze cleared, he saw a ghostly figure on a rooftop above him.

A figure with a metal arm.

Chapter Text

“Sam’s been hit!!”

Steve spied the figure on the roof nearby. He ran, leapt over several cars in the process, but in mid jump he felt the penetration of a bullet in his shoulder and then the hard shock of the ground against his back.

The sky blackened. The wind raged and there were several loud cracks of thunder in the sky.

Steve couldn’t help but smile. His husband was so protective of him.

That smile faded when Thor dropped the man down in front of all the Avengers.

“Oh God! Bucky?!”

The man scowled. “Who the hell is Bucky?”

Chapter Text

Steve and Peggy were in shock. There was sadness in their eyes as the man in the cell continued to thrash and swear at them in Russian.

Thor wanted to be close, to give Steve support. He couldn’t help but feel sad too, because he knew how much Steve loved this man.

Steve’s voice cracked as he desperately called Bucky’s name and Thor was unable to do anything for him.

Thor felt a hand rest on his shoulder. Peggy had moved away, too distraught seeing her friend like he was.

“Can you help? Like you helped me?”

Thor smiled.


Chapter Text

A week later they returned from Asgard.

While Bucky still felt guilty for what he’d done under the influence of Hydra’s brainwashing, being reunited with Steve and Peggy brought lots of smiles to his face.

Thor naturally insisted on throwing a party for him, but as Steve and Peggy introduced Bucky to the traditions of Thorsday, Thor kept his distance, not wanting to intrude on their time together.

“Bucky’s not Hydra’s bitch anymore?”

Sam and Thor had been drinking together, all night and mostly in silence.

“Nay. He’s not.”


“You want to be his, Son of Wil?”

Sam laughed.

Chapter Text

While Thor was being nice by letting Steve and Bucky catch up, he wasn’t exactly doing himself any favours by keeping his distance.

Maybe now it was time for Bucky to be introduced to someone new?

Sam had read all about Cap and the Howling Commandos when he was young, he knew a lot about Barnes and idolized him too. His hero was alive, so it would be rude to not introduce himself.

Sam nudged Thor, to get him to watch, then strode up to the three war heroes and put on the charm for Bucky.

“Hey. How you doin’?”

Chapter Text

Steve had to bite his lip on several occasions and cough when Sam’s pick-up lines got worse and worse.

Bucky wasn’t sure of what to make of Sam. He had this scowl of confusion when asked if he wanted a wormdoo. He looked to Steve and Peggy who could only smirk and snigger.

“What’s a wormdoo?” Bucky asked, dreading the answer.

“It crawls along the floor like this!” Sam wriggled his finger and laughed.

“I hate you.” Bucky sneered.

Steve laughed and had to take himself away as they bickered. He approached Thor and hugged him.

"Best Christmas present, yet."

Chapter Text

Thor said it wouldn’t be easy.

Bucky still remembered what the Winter Soldier had done but being in the company of Thor and the others helped. Being with Steve and Peggy made everything worthwhile and they gave him hope.

With the New Year arriving, Bucky saw Stark trying to kiss both Pepper and Bruce at the same time, he saw Steve kissing Thor so there was only one option.

The guy was annoying, but it wasn’t unpleasant when Bucky told Sam to “shut up” and kissed him.

2017 was going to be a better year. He would see to it.

Chapter Text

Steve sat with Bucky, both of them dangling their legs over the edge of the balcony, sipping beers.

The sun was beginning to rise.

“Sorry I shot you, man.”

“No worries, Buck. Already healed. You?”

“Feeling good, thanks to Thor.” Bucky nudged Steve. “How did you snag such a hottie Asgardian live-wire?”

“I gave him a cupcake.”


“How long has he been up there?” Steve asked after they sat in silence for a while. Bucky shrugged his shoulders. “That kiss was something, huh?”

“Oh yeah.”

Sam was still flying high and didn’t look to be coming down anytime soon.

Chapter Text

Hey folks! Guess who?!

Yeah, like you need to guess after reading the title! I’m back and it’s Thorsday again!

There’s a fancy to-do at Avenger’s tower tonight, suits and ties… slinky dresses. Thor and Captain Dreamboat are as buff and sexy as always but dear readers… there is one here who’s made me harder than Colossus’ hard on!

Our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man looks lost and awkward, maybe a peck on the cheek might relax him a bit?

Okay, it wasn’t a peck on the cheek and I might have used too much tongue, but I think he liked it.

Chapter Text

During a restless midnight wander to the lounge, Sam saw something he didn’t expect.

Sort of.

Thor and Bucky were drinking, seated at the bar on the balcony. They were deep in sombre conversation, one Thor had planned to give to help Bucky’s recovery.

They were naked.

Sam didn’t want to disturb Thor’s strange therapy, it looked to be working, and he would have gone back to bed but the sight of Bucky naked, all his scars on display…the metal arm melded with Bucky’s flesh. He couldn’t move.

Until Steve eventually turned up to help Thor back to bed.

Chapter Text

Everyone wanted to know why Bucky was having a private discussion with Tony and Thor.

Steve knew, but he couldn’t say. How could he explain that Bucky still remembered the assassinations he did as Winter Soldier and that he had killed Tony’s parents?

Steve felt sick in the stomach. How would those two be?!

Hours later, Bucky and Thor emerged from Tony’s lab looking extremely sombre. Bruce and Pepper hurried away to see how Tony was.

“Give them both time.” Thor said, hugging his husband and stopping him from following Bucky.

God, what would’ve happened if Thor hadn’t been there?

Chapter Text

“I cannot tell you to hate him or not. I only ask that you don’t blame him.”

Thor’s words kept repeating in his head. The anger seethed within him. He screamed and yelled his hate at the man at who had killed his parents, but Thor was right. He couldn’t blame Bucky after all that Hydra done to him.

It was Bruce and Pepper who comforted him, talked with him and distracted him with projects. They slept with him, Tony always in the middle, enveloped by two people who loved him the most.

He began to heal thanks to them.

Chapter Text

Many Thorsdays and bad hangovers came and went, during which relationships bloomed.

Thor’s innate ability to bring people together with his charm, sincerity and good humour, as well as his wise ‘godly’ advice was well known to Avengers, X-Men and superheroes alike.

Thanks to Thor, Sam had better lines for Bucky. A first date and second kiss might even happen eventually. Soon. Maybe. Every superhero couple was doing well after Thor helped.

Whenever Thor bestowed his advice, Steve got rewarded as well. Romantic dinners, snuggles on the sofa… great sex. Being married to the God of Thunder was the best.

Chapter Text

He had knocked as he asked, but didn’t hear a reply.

It must have been habit for Bucky to go in. He remembered having to physically check on Steve every night when he first came to live with the Barnes family.

“Oh! Sorry!”

“It’s okay, Buck. He’s asleep. If I keep stroking his hair he’ll stay that way.”

Another habit made Bucky sit on what part of the bed near Steve, that wasn’t covered in the physical sprawl of naked Thor.

“Is that dumb ass Wilson ever gonna kiss me back or what?!”

Thor snorted in his sleep. Steve laughed.

Chapter Text

“So. It’s just us.”

She laughed. She was happy, which was great, because she didn’t like being left with anyone else. She was very particular. She already knew Steve… intimately.

“You mind if I do my push-ups?”

She didn’t mind at all. She encouraged him to continue with another giddy laugh and there was a loud crack of thunder nearby.

“Mjol. I’m exercising, don’t get excited.”

Mjolnir hummed again.

I love Steve doing his push-ups.

Steve grinned and gave her an affectionate rub for which he received a few pleasant shocks in return.

“Hey! Later! When Thor comes back. Promise.”

Chapter Text

The dwarves made her, created her in a dying star but it was Thor, the young Aesir, who made her live.

He gave her purpose and power. He took her into the most glorious of battles and in return she fuelled him, sometimes making him a bit big headed than he should have been.

She protected and fought for him. She was a part of him, within and without. Their bond was tight. Their bond was forever.

Thor took care and treasured her.

Together no one could stop them.

She was Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer and he was her worthy one.

Chapter Text

She struck the shield, expecting it to break and incapacitate the owner.

The opposite happened. The shock waves were amplified, Thor and Mjolnir were thrown back, and the forest was leveled.

His goodness, everything Steve was, they felt through those shock waves.

When Steve touched her, there were sparks.

When he stopped pretending he couldn’t pick her up, Mjolnir could’ve lit up the skies.

When Thor kissed him, Mjolnir wanted to light the world.

From that moment on, Steve loved her and showed Thor how to love her more.

Thor married him. So she did too.

Steve Rogers is worthy.

Chapter Text

Lady Sif was a powerful and fierce passionate woman. She’d been with Thor since childhood, she’d been his first and during hundreds of years she remained utterly devoted and loyal.

Mjolnir hadn’t known the Lady’s physical presence, Sif never touched her nor tried. Mjolnir had been offered to her but Sif declined always.

Sif didn’t think she was worthy of Mjolnir. Thor and Steve thought differently.

“I would be honoured to carry your children for you.”

She’s the perfect surrogate for the husbands’ children.

One day, Mjolnir will know Sif’s touch (and why she craved pizza.)

She will be worthy.

Chapter Text

The Outlaw.

The man is devious and deceptive. He’s a Ravager.


Starlord’s touch to her husbands made Mjolnir vibrate in such pleasurable ways. He had a way with her men, he gave them sweet ecstasy every time he lay with them.

Peter Quill had charm in excess, he had cunning and was more than mischievous as a thief. He liked his music though, she had never felt the likes before and it was very… groovy.

“His heart is in the right place.”

The Lord of Stars did have heart. He had the potential to be worthy.

Just not now.

Chapter Text

The tinkerer reminded Mjolnir of the Dwarves of Nidavellir, her creators.

Tony Stark’s mind was always filled with ideas for inventions and new technology and he was fascinated with Mjolnir. The tests he and Banner did on her and her men, to find and prove worthiness, were sweet.

The questionnaires Tony gave them were a bit strange.

She loves his enthusiasm, but sometimes Tony doesn’t know when to stop.

Mjolnir feared for the Iron Man because in his drive to push the boundaries of Midgardian knowledge, he simply couldn’t foresee the consequences.

He means well.

Tony Stark is not worthy.

Chapter Text

Bruce Banner had tried to duplicate Steve’s serum but it went horribly wrong and the Hulk inside was a part of him now.

When Bruce first touched Mjolnir, the power and rage of the Hulk within him was too much and she flat out refused to budge.

The discord and harmony between them was astonishing.

It was confusing too because Bruce, and even the Hulk, could be worthy.

The Hulk had really hurt Thor, but he did make Thor (eventually!) kiss Steve.

Mjolnir was thankful to them for that…and that Bruce still whispered apologies to her.

Not yet worthy.

Chapter Text

They left her. She didn’t worry.

Mjolnir will go to her men when they call. They always call.

The presence of the Black Widow on the couch right next to her gave off uncertain vibes.

Natasha Romanoff stared at her, trying to figure her out. Nat never touched Mjolnir, or picked her up, she didn’t want to know. Just like Sif.

There was bad blood and death surrounding this woman, but there was goodness in her too. A willingness to sacrifice to save others. The Widow was shielded.

One day there will come a mission when she will be worthy.

Chapter Text

For a man who was acrobatic Clint Barton could be clumsy.

The reason why Clint walked into Mjolnir as she rested by a table or chair and stubbed his toe (“aw hell!”) was understandable.

His hearing loss (and he wasn’t a morning person).

His aids helped. Steve and Natasha sometimes signed with him, Thor offered to correct his hearing, but he didn’t want it. Most of the time people didn’t notice his hearing loss.

Mjolnir liked him as he loved pizza but Clint didn’t believe.

“What a croc!”

The Hawkeye wasn't worthy. But like everyone…the potential was always there.

Chapter Text

The humans of Midgard were peculiar. They celebrated days and events in manners that bewildered not only Mjolnir but Thor as well.

The celebration of the Battle of New York was met with parades and music which were bizarre but by no means unenjoyable. It was likened to the Stark Expos and Fourth of July celebrations.

Mjolnir didn’t mind the many humans trying to pick her up, they had asked Thor, who knew she didn’t mind, but none of them were worthy.

When a cold icy hand wrapped around her handle and tried to lift her, something felt very wrong.

Chapter Text

The Allfather was in Odinsleep again. Without the King around it was easy to distract the guards, escape and get to Midgard.

Loki had been in that cell for too long, hearing about what his brother and his new husband have achieved. Loki had enough.

They were going to pay for defeating him and the Chitarui, so he blended into the crowd and set about their downfall.

The parade celebrating his defeat, and that song Stark was playing, only angered Loki more.

“It’s tricky to rock a rhyme…”

It would be tricky, but humiliating Thor is going to be fun.

Chapter Text

Whispers, tickling strokes of fingers across the nape of his neck and squeezes upon a butt cheek, promised a way out of this chaos, promised to take him away from the thousands of people and all the noise.

Offers to ease his anxiety of all this fame, with sweet loving and sexual play, made him compliant. He knew it was wrong, especially when they could be caught, but the promises and touches continued to arouse and sway him… his duties as an Avenger and role model to be damned for a just a short while.

Steve followed all too eagerly.

Chapter Text

He was in disguise as he watched the parade from the sidelines. He wanted to join in with the others but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

The guilt of his past still plagued him, but thankfully Sam stayed with him and made this discomfort worthwhile. They did look ridiculous wearing their matching baseball caps, but no one noticed, not even when Sam held his hand and squeezed it.

Bucky was contemplating thanking Sam with a kiss (one which was overdue) but again it was foiled when Bucky spied Steve being led away from the crowd.

Instinct kicked in.

Chapter Text

The second Thor picked up Mjolnir, the vibrations and discordant notes from her were too familiar. Seconds later, the Bifrost shot down from the sky making the crowds panic and run.

As soon as he saw Sif and the Warrior Three looking a little bewildered in amongst the startled humans, Thor’s worst fears were realized.

Panic swelled in his chest, the sky blackened.


Thor flew up and tried to glimpse his husband. The chatter of his friends over the coms were irritating buzzes in his ear.

Suddenly Thor saw Bucky and Sam running.

Then he saw Steve… with him.

Chapter Text

The day was hot, the crowds had made it even more so, and for Steve it was all too much.

He listened as the naughty whispers deeply crooned into his ear and he sagged against the wall.

Steve screwed his eyes shut as he recalled how his and Thor’s insatiable lusts had taken them down such alleys before. They didn’t allow it to happen (as much) because of the building damages.

Now was wrong. The people nearby were still too many, they were afraid.


He felt himself being forced down to his knees.

No fucking way, Loki.

“Not today!”

Chapter Text

Even with Rogers’ enhanced serum strength, the punch barely fazed him.

He smiled and grabbed Rogers by his neck. As he shoved Rogers into the wall, the illusion of Thor vanished to reveal Loki’s true form. He could kill his brother’s husband with an easy snap of his neck, but he wouldn’t.

Loki was in the middle of whispering his curse when Rogers’ knee rose sharp and hard into Loki’s groin. Loki dropped to the ground, but he still laughed.

He was amused when even two of Rogers’ friends came to help him.

Not so much when the thunder came.

Chapter Text

Thor landed in the alley, lightning rippling around his body in fury. The crowds were still panicked, he probably hadn’t helped the situation, but how dare his brother turn up on today of all days. How dare he lay a hand on Steve.

“LOKI! Step away from him now!”


Thor and Steve were completely ignored. Bucky rushed at Loki and tackled him to the ground. Bins and rubbish collapsed around them, but when Steve and Thor pulled them to their feet… there were two Buckys.

No one, including Mjolnir, could tell which was which.

Sam had an idea.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t the best plan in the world, nor was it a complete one. Thinking about it, it was probably less than 12% of a plan. Sam knew it wasn’t great when he walked up to one of the Buckys and looked him right in the eye.

He heard Thor and Steve’s words of caution, but nothing registered when he placed his hands on Bucky’s face and kissed him fully on the lips.

Sam didn’t realize he had been thrown through the air and into the street, but he did vaguely see his Bucky punching Loki with his metal fist.

Chapter Text


Steve grabbed hold of Bucky and dragged his friend away as he still tried to punch and kick Loki. Bucky struggled in Steve’s restraining hold, cursing and spitting.

“He’s not worth it! Loki isn’t worth it! ”

Eventually, Bucky realized it was futile and, thankfully, he stopped struggling. Steve let him go and told his best friend to check on Sam.

Then there was Thor choking Loki with a single hand.


Steve grabbed at Thor’s arm, he pulled but then there was a piercing howl of the wind.

Loki had disappeared. He had gone.

Chapter Text

A lovely sunny day had now become akin to a tropical storm. The rain and wind screamed and cried, along with the roars of Thor cursing his brother’s name.

Steve was worried. Thor was close to ripping the buildings apart with his bare hands in his frantic search for Loki.


Steve’s rough grab to Thor’s arm made him stop. Thor’s anger turned to worry and, as the storm dissipated back to clear skies, he cupped Steve’s face and lovingly smothered him with kisses.

“Are you okay, hūsbonda?”


Steve wasn’t the one who got kneed in the balls.

Chapter Text

I’m sorry, said the kiss. I’m so sorry.

A stroking hand to a bearded cheek whispered and a brush of lips responded with, it’s okay. I knew it wasn’t you. I could feel it wasn’t you.

Why did you allow him to lure you so? asked the arms that embraced him and held him tight, fear heaving through the body as it still rippled with sparks.

I couldn’t help it, an equally fearful squeeze replied. I knew it wasn’t you. I was helpless.

He bewitched you. You were strong to resist him.

No, Thor. You bewitched me. You always have.

Chapter Text

The Warrior Three informed Thor of the Allfather’s condition. He already knew about Loki, but hearing his father was in Odinsleep, Thor was torn.

Should he return to the Golden Realm or stay on Midgard to find and stop his brother before Loki unleashes more death and destruction?

“Go to Asgard. They need you.”

Thor shook his head and although it sounded like he was being ordered, he kissed Steve lovingly.

“I won’t leave you. We must find and stop Loki.”

“If Sif and the others stay… I’ll go with you. I’ll go anywhere with you.”

“Very well, my Captain.”

Chapter Text

Sam woke to find himself in the infirmary. He felt groggy and sore after Loki attacked him, but everything had stopped spinning now, which was great.

Sam noticed a shadowy figure lurking behind the door.

Of course, it was him.

“Come in, Barnes. I’m not contagious.”

Bucky crept in. He shuffled up to Sam’s bed and muttered under his breath. “You, okay?”


Bucky grunted something. (In Russian?!)

“Sorry? What was that?”

Bucky snarled and leaned down and gave Sam a deep longing kiss.

“Was that you asking me out?” Sam gasped after parting.


“Hell yeah. About damned time!”

Chapter Text

Thor ruled Asgard in his father’s stead. No one knew why the Allfather had gone into the Odinsleep, or how long it would last, but Thor did his duty. He also made sure that Sif and the Warrior Three helped the Avengers to locate his brother on Earth.

Steve was hugely supportive. However, when it came to sex, to being intimate together of an evening, Thor couldn’t.

In Odinsleep, the Allfather sees all.

Thor covered his father’s good eye, but it wouldn’t do anything to block the Allsight.

Steve’s idea did alleviate Thor’s fear of being watched.

Only a little.

Chapter Text

Loving lips kissed over Thor’s branded mark, tingling his skin. Fingers caressed him, finding the weak spots on his body which made him shiver with pleasure. When that mouth slowly ventured lower, a hot wet breath gasped over his sensitive head and took him in.

Thor pulled away.

Steve smirked and wiped his mouth.

His idea of blindfolding Odin clearly hadn’t worked. Thor was still worried about his dad seeing their intimate and private moments.

Steve understood. It was sweet to see his husband so nervous.

“Hey, relax!” Steve ordered, bending down. “You won’t care in a minute! Trust me!”

Chapter Text

The celebrations for Thorsday still went ahead, without Thor (or Steve present). They were great but without the man of honour, it wasn’t the same.

The Giant (strip) Jenga tournament proved popular, though some of the X-men with telekinetic abilities were accused of ‘cheating’, yet the parties always went down a treat.

Until a gate-crasher turned up. How he got past the security, no one knew.

It didn’t matter. Bruce saw green.

“Happy thoughts!” Tony begged, stroking at Bruce’s arm as it bulged and grew. “Go to our happy place!”

Hulk didn’t listen.

The puny god was going to pay.

Chapter Text

“Puny god hurt Hulk’s friends!”

As Tony was left with the remains of his ‘lab’ partner’s torn clothes, both Bruce and Big Guy used Loki as a sledge hammer against the walls, floor, and ceiling. There was no conflict of interest, no struggle to dominate their will and anger.

No one objected to Hulk having a little smash about with his new toy.

Bruce was going to be extremely vivacious when he reverted back to himself. Sex was going to be wild. So, Tony allowed them both their fun, because soon, he was going to have his kind of fun.

Chapter Text

She glared angrily at the battered Jotun. His injuries were severe, but he was smiling and she hated it. The Warrior Three did too and they all glared together.

Thor and Steve had been informed of Loki’s capture, but they were unable to return, so Sif and the Warrior Three had to bring him back.

His smile was creepy. He was amused about something.

“Why?” She demanded, the tip of her sword at his neck.

Loki laughed and coughed.

“I merely wish to see my brother’s face when he learns that his super-hubby is cursed and they have no future!”

Chapter Text


Loki returned to Asgard to meet the full wrath of his brother.

As he cared not that Loki was still recovering, Thor grabbed Loki by the neck and slammed him against the wall.

“No pitter patter of tiny feet!” Loki chuckled. “He will never give you heirs!”

Thor dropped him and he turned to Steve with a look of pain and anguish on his face. When the healers confirmed this, it felt as if the world had ended for them.

“No!” Steve embraced Thor who tried to choke back a sob. “There must be a way!”

Chapter Text

He had told Thor he wasn’t ready for kids. When Steve held Thor in his arms, when he felt his grief and felt his tears, he never realised how wrong he was. He never realised how much he wanted them too.

Every Healer in the realm, in the furthest reaches of this cosmos, said that Steve Rogers would not be able to give Asgard’s future Allfather any children. Science, magic… it said it couldn’t be reversed.

Except by Loki.

Steve saw Thor’s rage against his brother, his wrath.

Will there be any more Thorsdays when the god himself lost hope?

Chapter Text

Steve glared at the Jotun, his jaw and fists clenched to contain the anger he felt towards him. Loki was locked in one of the cells, looking smug despite the beating Thor had given him.

He had never seen Thor so angry.

Steve hadn’t felt this angry himself. He badly wanted to punch that grin off Loki’s face.

“What did you hope to accomplish?” Steve sneered.

Loki’s silence and grin were annoying.

“Smirk it up all you want,” Steve hissed through his teeth. “You won’t defeat us. There’s nothing you can do to break us.”

“Wait until daddy wakes up.”

Chapter Text

The Allfather still wouldn’t rouse from his Odinsleep. The days and weeks passed and it was feared that he wouldn’t wake up. Frigga never left his side and Steve did what he could for her, offering assurance and comfort, whilst Thor continued his father’s duties.

Such pressure from ruling the Nine Realms and with the worry of not being able to conceive heirs with Steve was beginning to take its toll on Thor. His temper and lust for battle began to worry Steve and everyone on Asgard.

“He’s reverting to his old ways,” Sif said, “we fear he’ll lose himself.”

Chapter Text

Even through the howling wind and torrential downpour of rain, the shield flew in a smooth path towards its target. The screams of battle and the lightning in the sky were deafening, but the vibrainium shield reached its destination and while the clang of metal against a stubborn head did little to hurt him, it made the raging Aesir stop dead in his tracks.

The shield rebounded off Thor’s head, knocked out his opponents and flew back to its owner, who caught it with no effort at all.

“ENOUGH! End this, Thor! Come home with me! To Midgard! NOW!”


Chapter Text

They had grown a lot since he’d last seen them and now as Thor’s hand gently stroked the horns and fur of one, his smile broadened seeing Steve struggle to get the other to stop chewing on his shirt.

Thor chuckled and helped Steve get his nibbled shirt free from Tanngrisnir’s jaws.

“I’m sorry. I—!”

Steve’s deep kiss silenced him.

“Don’t be sorry, just know we have other options, we can still…”

Loud bleating, crashes and Pepper’s angry yells made them sigh with amusement.


“Ooh! They’re back?! BRUCE! We’re having a party! Thor’s back!”

Chapter Text

She was there when he finally woke. She knew he was angry, but as he rose Frigga couldn’t help but stay him briefly with a strong grip on his arm.

“Please… he’s our son.”

Odin didn’t listen.


Sif was the one who had to wake them and tell them. For a moment Thor and Steve thought she would join them, but then they knew why she was here.

“He’s awake.”


The old woman had hired the Guardians to steal this thingamabob. The money was good, Rocket was so happy, but when Quill picked it up, his Spartoi half became hyped.

Chapter Text

It was Frigga who greeted Thor and Steve on their return. She asked they follow and led them to the dungeons where a very tetchy Allfather was holding Loki by the scruff of his neck.

Steve and Frigga could only watch as Odin and his sons argued, their voices all trying to yell at the other. When the room began to shake, Frigga stepped in.

“Stop it! All of you!!” Her order silenced them.

Odin sneered and shut Loki back in his cell.

“Loki matters not! He can’t reverse his curse on the mortal. It wasn’t his, to begin with.”

Chapter Text

“Loki, I thought the world of you. I thought we would fight side-by-side forever, but at the end of the day, you're you and I'm me. The deaths you’re responsible for, what you’ve done to the man I love has broken our bond. You are no longer my brother. Have no illusions when I say I never want to see you again!”

Loki shrugged his shoulders. “It’s probably for the best.”

Thor scowled. “It’s what you wanted.”

When Thor turned and left Loki alone in his cell, he missed the grin form on Loki’s lips.

“Oh, you have no idea…”

Chapter Text

They shout and argue a lot.

Frigga wasn’t making an effort to interrupt the father and firstborn this time, instead she was helping Steve pack. As Thor and Odin continued to bicker, Frigga was trying to keep calm about this all.

“I am so sorry about my family.” She addressed Steve. “What Loki has done to you…taken from you and Thor…”

“It’s fixable. Odin said we'll be able to have kids eventually.”

“But it will take time. You and Thor need to enjoy yourselves… you need to go back to Earth.”

And let Loki rot?

That was an idea.

Chapter Text

Gamora kicked off the door to Quill’s bunk and saw him engaged in more sexual acts with another random alien bimbo. She picked up the broken door and flung it at them, forcing them to vacate the bed or be killed.

“Gamora! What the hell?!”

“You… imbecile! Since you came into contact with the artefact—which was meant for Steve—you can’t stop screwing everything in sight! You’re a nightmare!”

“Gamora… are you upset I haven’t screwed with you? You know you can join us if you want?” Quill winked seductively.

Gamora screamed and threw the ammo crate at him.

Chapter Text

No one asked what happened. They all instinctively knew to avoid the subject and instead joined in celebrating the couple’s hope for their future.

There would be the chance for Steve and Thor to have their family, but today there were many revels on their return.

When the Thorsday drew to an end, the couple slow danced in the middle of the room even though the music had stopped hours ago.

They swayed together in a tight embrace. They kissed and Steve felt Thor squeeze him and sigh against his cheek.

“One day, my love, I promise. I vow it.”

Chapter Text

This Thorsday, there had been the usual drinking and merriment and by the late hours, the last conscious people were sprawled drunk on the sofas, talking and joking.

When Thor rose up to get more drinks, Bucky’s metal hand grabbed the end of his cape and it ripped in two, half of which hung from one of Thor’s bare shoulders.

“Oh, shit.”

Steve laughed at the aghast look on his husband’s face. When Thor slumped down in disappointment, Steve gave him a hug of condolence.

“He’ll make you a new one, Thor!” Sam said. “He’s really good with his hands!”

Chapter Text

The mission was a success with just the four of them and a clapped-out Volkswagen beetle. Clint was driving because Nat’s driving was too fast, Steve crunched the gears and Thor didn’t have a license.

As per usual after missions, food was needed. The other three came up with many ideas until Thor saw the sign.

“The giant M!”

“McDonalds? Really, Thor?”

Thor didn’t give them any other choice. It was Thorsday.

They went through the drive-through and ordered enough food to bring the restaurant to a standstill.

Thor and Steve finished everything before they got out of the driveway.

Chapter Text

Tony’s club was packed with everyone celebrating true Thorsday style. The drinks and dancing were crazy but Steve was content to watch his husband from the sidelines, loving how much happier Thor was.

One song came on that cleared the dance floor.

Ah-ah, ah! Ah-ah, ah!

A very drunk Thor became electrified. Lightning ebbed and crackled from him as he roared happily and dragged Steve into his arms.

To fight the horde, and sing and cry, Valhalla, I am coming!

Thor lit up the room.

“It’s my song.” Thor whispered drunkenly, hugging Steve when the song finished.

“Yeah, I know.”

Chapter Text

Natasha had arranged Thorsday as a slumber party. She had on her finest black silk pajamas and had made a lot of White Russians, most of which were more vodka than anything else.

Steve was not in the slightest bit surprised when Thor turned up naked.

“I wear nothing in bed,” Thor explained. Steve nodded. He really didn’t.

“Tony doesn’t either,” Bruce added.

The two men were sent away and upon their return, Tony was wearing Pepper’s negligée and Thor was dressed in a Captain America onesie.

Steve was impressed, though he loved the open butt flap at the back.

Chapter Text

The ball dropped. Lights and glitter filled the sky and everyone at the Avenger’s party cheered.

“Happy New Year!”

Thor wasn’t bitter that Steve didn’t kiss him. He was only too happy to let Steve kiss Peggy instead of him.

Thor looked around to see if anyone would oblige him for this occasion. He was suddenly dragged down and kissed passionately. He was stunned.

Natasha patted his cheek and winked. A pizza crust suddenly impacted the side of Thor’s head.

“Hey! Where’s my kiss?!” cried Clint.

Thor sighed and gave Clint a huge smooch.

Steve was in hysterics. Everyone was.

Chapter Text

He was getting impatient and there was still another hour to go before school finished and Bruce’s Thorsday party began.

A soft warm breath puffed against Thor’s neck, followed by tingling kisses of Steve’s mouth. His hands snaked down into Thor’s lap which turned him on, hard.

Thor had been Loki’s brother for hundreds of years before these mutants were born. He knew when he was being played.

“I’m sorry, Thor.”

The punch dazed him, but Thor was still disorientated.

The young Sokovian was the first to defeat him.

“Nicely done, Wanda.” Thor collapsed in the Danger Room and giggled.

Chapter Text

“Clint… we’re up against a student, powers unknown, assigned to take my shield and your bow. Look sharp.”

Hawkeye confirmed over the coms and the two Avengers began to scout the X-Men's mansion’s grounds.

“Steve… did the Sokovian girl really best Thor by projecting a horny you into his mind?”

“Really, Clint?!”

Steve was knocked off his feet by a blurring force. Seconds later, Clint was too. When Clint looked up, a silver-haired youth was grinning at him, holding the shield and bow.

“Too easy!”

“Aw, you're Sokovian.” Clint sighed heavily. “You’re her brother.”

“What?! You didn’t see that coming?”

Chapter Text

“Welcome to your first Thorsday celebration!”

Tony opened the door and the twins were affronted with loud cheers of “HAIL!” and pounding booms of music.

Pietro and Wanda eagerly joined in on the festivities but then some of the booze began to mysteriously disappear.

Thor watched the speeding blur shoot around the room, so a well-timed extended fist dropped Pietro to the floor.

Thor roared with laughter and as Pietro looked up, dazed, Steve sat on Thor’s knee and they both sipped their own beers in triumph.

“Yeah, don’t take my man’s beer. Ever.”

Steve and Thor clinked their bottles.

Chapter Text

They weren’t kids anymore. The couple loved them, but Tannsgrisnir and Tanngnjostr did cause them frustration.

As did Tony and his explosive experiments. Bucky and Sam’s constant ‘bitching’ with one another exasperated them. Peggy’s failing health worried them. The missions they had was stressing them. Deadpool did too.

Loki’s curse on Steve, the fading future for children, it was getting too much.

So, she gave them a peaceful morning lie in and a relaxing walk in the park. She gave them their quiet afternoon in the café together.

Wanda gave them another dimension to experience.

Thor and Steve needed it.

Chapter Text

They’d had enough.

His appetite got them into much more trouble than usual.

Drax had unintentionally insulted this royal family, but Quill’s attempt to ‘smooth things out’ afterward with the King’s daughters (and sons) was the last straw.

The delivery date for their cargo was not for another month, but Quill’s behaviour was troublesome.

“Can we cut his balls off or something? Spay him?!” Rocket exclaimed.

“Hey!” Quill screeched in protest. “No one’s cutting my balls off!!”

“Quit humping everything in sight then!”

Gamora sighed.

“I am Groot?!”

Groot’s suggestion was good. Asgard was closer and maybe they could help.

Chapter Text

Bucky shuffled closer to Sam, squashing him against the wall of their booth.

He was nervous. Steve saw them hold hands underneath the table.

Sam held Bucky as they waited, smiling at Steve and Thor on the other side of the restaurant.

Steve mouthed "okay?" but got some garlic bread shoved in his mouth by his ecstatic husband.

Then they arrived. Tony, Bruce, and Pepper.

It was silent during their meal.

After, Bucky and Tony said ‘sorry’ together.

They talked. There was forgiveness.

There was intense emotion. Tears of relief.

There was more garlic bread.

“Steve! It comes with cheese!”

Chapter Text

Thor and Steve couldn’t ever confine their love to one day. They did what they always did.

Thor brought Steve breakfast in bed, which they shared and complained about the crumbs together.

They went for a romantic walk in the park. Thor recited an Asgardian love poem but he got the words and verses mixed up and Steve’s amorous kiss caused a torrential downpour of rain.

When they returned to the complex, it was overgrown with Asgardian flora and a lot of displeased Avengers and students were wandering outside.

“Aw… you made me flowers!”

Steve’s kiss made it rain again.

Chapter Text

After the usual Thorsday party celebrations, their playful sex had unfortunately resulted in Thor snapping Steve’s shield in half.

Thor apologised and insisted on getting Steve a replacement.

“No can do. There’s no vibranium left.”

Thor grimaced, bewildered.

“Does the King of Wakanda know of this?!”

“Who, what now?”

“Hang on… I have T’Challa in my contacts list on my mobile phone. He can get his sister to make you a replacement, I’m certain!”

Steve only watched in confusion and through a post-orgasm haze as Thor grabbed his phone and sent a text.

“All done!! We can meet Shuri tomorrow!”

Chapter Text

More technologically advanced than any other society, Wakanda had kept themselves hidden from the world. T’Challa wanted to reveal his people, so the Avengers were the first to know.

The Thorsday in Wakanda celebrated Thor’s past friendship with T’Challa’s great-great grandfather and future relations.

“So… you drink naked a lot?” asked T’Challa.

“Verily!” Thor said, downing his tankard.

“Thor drinking whilst naked, it’s a thing.” Steve said fondly.

Of course, it was.

T’Challa noted M’Baku did it a lot too. He noted too much.

T’Challa froze at the buff bare sight of him.

Shuri and Okoye never stopped teasing T’Challa.

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The Alien prince’s previous visit had been told about in Wakandan stories, she had heard many when she was a child.

The new visitors were friendly enough, but the General was responsible for her King’s safety, she couldn’t relax. However, T’Challa’s closeness with M’Baku did amuse, even if she was weary.

"You will not join in?”

A gentle hand slipped into Okoye’s. Nakia looked at her with her most beautiful smile.

“I must protect the King.”

A teasing kiss on her neck put her at ease.

Besides, M’Baku was scaring away anyone who dared get close to T’Challa than him.

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When most had retired for the night, sleep was not an option for some.


“Not there! Not there!”

“Grab it!! Thor, grab it!”


“OI!” Sam pounded the wall. “QUIT IT YOU TWO! People are trying to sleep!”

Furious, Sam turned to his boyfriend and began to strip.

“Barnes, get naked! We’re having sex! See how they like it when we scream the palace down!”

Bucky grinned. “Finally!”


The new shield stopped ricocheting around the room when Steve managed to turn off Shuri’s telepathic interface.

“Now can we get some sleep?!”

Sam and Bucky never let them.

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A breeze blew across the hillside, bringing a slight cool relief to the heat of the evening.

Steve had to smile because it had been so long since he’d seen his friend this happy.

Bucky was like himself again, his face brighter than the orangey red sky above them.


Bucky’s smile widened and his eyes sparkled brightly with joy.


“What?! You want details?!”

“Hell no! I just wanted to know if you’re okay… you sounded…”

Bucky sighed and looked to the sunset. “I’m good, Steve. I feel wonderful.”

“Sam? Is he okay?”

Bucky laughed. “He’ll walk again soon.”

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Dearest Steve,

It’s a massive bummer that we’re not together for Thorsday. The others asked me on this mission and communication has been whack, so I sent you this email. I miss you my smoochie wootchie and I miss your fine scrumptious ass, but we shall be back soon.

Until then, my sexy Captain Tightpants, stay well.

Always yours, Thundercock!



Steve loved receiving Thor’s ‘electronic’ letters. Thor never needed a computer to send them.

The paper crackled with his husband’s powers (the raven was now sleeping) and Sam and Clint’s alterations made Steve smile.

Ha! Thundercock… if only they knew!

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The Avengers are full of love.

It radiated off them all.

Their power and intensity, their emotions and acts entered into her dreams and sometimes she experienced everything like she was with them.

The ferocity between Tony and Bruce was intense, but with a touch of Pepper, the trio became sensualized, comforting and calm.

Thorsdays belonged to Thor, Steve and Mjolnir. They were one together, a perfect storm, a perfect love.

Yet there was one woman who she subconsciously altered her dreams for.

“Don’t blame ya.” Said Clint with pizza in his mouth. “Nat is hot!”

Wanda blushed scarlet red.

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“Where did you get this?!” demanded Odin, as he peered into the casket.

Gamora explained how they were contacted by the Xandarian and tasked with delivering this to Thor and Steve. Odin seemed perturbed but then he nodded with approval.

“Thor touched this when he was young, it resulted in endless problems. Has anyone come into contact with the stone?”

“I am Groot!”

“He did?” Frigga exclaimed. “And he has Spartoi blood?”

“Yes,” Gamora replied. “We’ve confined him to the ship.”

“Keep him there!” Odin ordered. “This Star-lord… he hasn’t met my son, has he?”

Gamora’s mouth gaped open.


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“This is so boooring!”

He was beyond bored and he was getting impatient by being cooped up on the ship whilst the others got to visit Asgard.

Quill really didn’t understand why they were so insistent upon his staying on the Milano. He didn’t feel any different than he had before.

So, he liked sex, what was wrong with that?

It’s not as if he tried to sleep with everyone he met.

Frustrated and angry, Quill decided to leave.

When the ramp descended, there were three Asgardian warriors standing guard. He smiled and winked the pretty blonde one.

“Hey, good-looking!”

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The edge of a sword’s blade pressed against his neck.

“Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg. Move away. Now.

Quill grinned and his eyes turned to the woman holding the sword at his throat.

“Sif! Good to see you again!”

“Wish I could say likewise, Star-lord.”

The fact that Sif said Star-lord made Quill smile. The Warrior Three were looking at him as well, cautious but also intrigued. Sif was not pleased at her friends’ whimsical smirks.

“I didn’t impress you the last time we met?” Quill asked, with a childish pout.

Sif refrained from answering that.

“You’ve spoilt everything, you Spartoi imbecile!”

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The arrival of the All-Father, the Warrior Three and the Guardians on Midgard was a huge surprise.

The casket Odin had, surprised Thor even more.

“That idiot Ravager touched it,” Odin growled.


“Is that bad?” asked Steve.

The Guardians tried not to laugh.


Days later, the Milano showed up and a very pleasured and dishevelled Quill and Sif emerged.

“You could have told us you guys were leaving!”

Everyone looked at Sif, who smiled wickedly and bit her lip.

“I couldn’t tell him.”

“Tell me what?!”

“Happy Thorsday!” Sif gave Thor and Steve a kiss and wandered off, laughing.

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Quill was buffeted with questions (and threats) from Odin. He didn’t understand and couldn’t answer. He was confused and more than a little tired from the trip from Asgard to Earth. Plus, he couldn’t stop looking at Thor.

He couldn’t stop grinning. Which made Odin more than furious.

“Whoa, easy pops!”

The rage and shock on the Allfather’s face at Quill, prompted Thor to step between them.

“Father, let me handle this! I’ll deal with him!”

“You’ll not go near him!”

It was their arguing that lead Steve to steer Quill out of the room.

“Quill… we have to talk.”

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“Steve? What’s going on?”

Quill was suspicious of the smug look on Captain America’s face. While he could still hear Thor and Odin yelling at each other in the next room, Quill figured it couldn’t be that serious if Steve was smirking, could it?

“So, that artifact you touched… the one that was meant for me?” A corner of Steve’s mouth curled upwards.

Quill licked his lips as another urge arose. He wanted to kiss that cute mouth and Steve knew.

Steve bit his lip.

“Yeah?” Quill wantonly groaned.

“Can you contact everyone you slept with after ya did? Daddy?

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Steve couldn’t keep a straight face. His hand covered his mouth but his laughter blurted out between his fingers, which confused Quill more.

“Daddy?!” Quill smirked proudly when Steve took hold of his hand. “You want me to be yours or something?”

“Quill…” Steve sighed and squeezed Peter’s hand. “You’re an idiot.”

“But you’re our idiot,” Thor exclaimed as he strode into the room.

“Okay, what did I do?”

A kiss on his cheeks from both men had Quill worried.

“Congratulations… you might be a father.” Steve exclaimed.

“Or a mother.” Thor chuckled.

Steve and Quill choked with shock. “WHAT?!”

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Thor’s boisterous laughter accompanied an embrace of both men.

They were a little deafened by Thor’s laughter, but when Thor let Quill go and affectionately hugged Steve, Steve felt a tension in his husband. He was resisting something.

“I told you…” Thor smattered Steve with kisses between words. “Females aren’t the only ones who can get pregnant. Peter touched the stone. It’s possible that he’s changing to accommodate.”

“I’m changing to accommodate?!” yelled Quill. “Oh, hell no!! Gamora!”

Steve snorted with amusement but then he realized something. He tensed.

Thor smooched his neck. “You don’t need to accommodate, my love.”

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Thor closed his eyes and hugged Steve tightly.

“I would carry our children when the stone lifts Loki’s curse from you.” He whispered to Steve, lovingly caressing his mouth over Steve’s neck and jaw. “But we agreed Sif will have that honour because of father--!”

Steve kissed Thor’s forehead. “I know… but Quill? Something’s happening?”

“Back-off Robin Hood! GAMORA?!!”

“Quill and I are the only ones who’ve physically touched the stone. Right now, I’m finding it very hard to resist him.”

Steve laughed softly. “Need me to touch it?”

“Me or the stone, my Captain?”


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Despite the fact that Quill had hindered the plan she and the Old Norn woman had put into motion, Sif was amused by the predicament he was in. The lapse in her resistance to him had resulted in several days of fun with the Starlord, but now she had her own concerns to think about.

“You too?”

Sif looked at Gamora as they hid away and smiled. “Possibly, but I doubt it. Unlike Quill, I took precautions. He has complicated some things.”

“That moron has ruined everything.” Gamora snarled.

Sif smirked. She recognized the look in Gamora’s eyes. “Not necessarily.”

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His fingers brushed against the rough grooves of the stone and a pulsing warmth emanated from it, tingling his tips and his body.

Steve smiled. Then he laughed as he began to feel very aroused and flirtatious. Thor was too.

“I want you.” Steve pulled Thor in for a ravenous kiss.

“Take me, then!” Thor playfully begged, dragging Steve away and relieving them slowly of their clothes.

Quill stopped looking for Gamora, eagerly stripped off his shirt and went to follow, but the hand that grabbed his neck prevented him from leaving with the others.

“Not you!”

“Aw! Come on!”

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“This is awkward.”

Bucky agreed. The whole situation was beyond awkward, yet no one was going to say anything. Nobody dared speak or leave.

Sam’s statement earnt him and Bucky a disapproving one-eyed glare and an angry growl.

The All-father’s presence was daunting, especially with the way he still had a restraining hand on Quill’s neck, holding the agitated outlaw back to prevent him from joining Thor and Steve.

To Bucky and everyone else, except Odin, waiting for his best friend and his husband to finish ‘doing their thing’ was just wrong.

“Can we at least order pizza?” whined Clint.

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Juddering exhalations of pleasured breaths accompanied the blissful release within him. Loving, quivering kisses pressed against Thor’s mouth and trembling hands stroked his wet hair and his heaving torso before a weary head and panting body collapsed upon him.

Thor kissed Steve’s sweaty brow and wrapped his arms around him as they caught their breaths.

They didn’t know if the stone changed them, or even if it countered Loki’s curse, but they were determined. They will conceive. One way or another.

“Ready to go again?”



Thor bolted up from the bed. “I smell pizza!”

Steve could do pizza.

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“Can you hurry up? We’re missing out on the fun!”

The 1,000 year-old child smiled as they crept into the vault. He wanted to know what all the fuss was about. He wanted to know what it was that the old woman had gifted Freyr.

Everyone loved Freyr, that much was true, and this ‘gift’ was supposed to be special.

“This isn’t a good idea!”

“Sif, it’s fine! I just want a peek!”

“We get caught, I’m blaming you!”

Thor laughed. “Fair enough.”

It wasn’t hard for the young prince to break open the casket.

A single touch changed everything.

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“Thor became much loved, more so than Feyr. Thor was sought after by many, and with his elemental powers he also became associated with fertility.”

“You mean, sex?” asked Clint, before Tony or Quill could.

Odin sighed. “His puberty and sexuality did cause his mother and me grievance. He was difficult to calm. However, Thor was a keen gardener, much to his mother’s delight.”

Everyone remembered Thor’s gardening “skills” overrunning Stark Tower.

Then the couple themselves walked in, wrapped only in sheets and looking hungry.

All the pizza is gone?!” complained Thor.

“It's your dad's fault!” cried Clint.


Chapter Text


“Hey. How’ve you been?”


“Nothing’s changed then?”

“Nope. Thor and Cap are still trying to conceive, the mojo of the Sex stone is just keeping them constantly randy. Quill badly wants to join in and it’s been hell trying to keep him away from them! Quill’s going nuts and driving Gamora insane! Tony and Bruce blew up the lab, the goats have trashed the kitchen and Bucky and Sam have gone to Wakanda. What about you?”

Natasha sat next to Clint and wrapped her arms around him. “Mission went well.”

“Wanda ask you out?”

“Nope. I’m still waiting.”

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He had slept a long time. A week? More?

He felt groggy and disorientated but then he saw his husband, panting like a cute sleepy puppy in his arms.

They had clearly gone beyond their usual physical endurance, and recovery from such passion and connection would take time.

Thor yawned and gave Steve a gentle squeeze. Steve groaned into Thor’s chest and wriggled. He was beyond adorable. Thor kissed him and hummed with contention.

Suddenly Tony banged on their door.

“Thor! Wake up! This heatwave is insane! You gotta make it rain again!”

The thunder replied.

Sorry. Here you go.

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Pepper had prepared a spectacular Thorsday party for the resident thunder god, after all, it had been a while.

All of Thor’s favourite Midgardian food had been ordered in. Tony got a DJ and gave him a list of Thor’s favourite music, and there was plenty of mead too.

Thor and Steve had been despondent after no luck conceiving. Were they giving up?

No one wanted them to.

So, Bucky sent the goats to get them and seconds later, after loud exclaims and bleating, the couple came down. Thankfully dressed.


“It’s Thursday?!” Thor gasped joyfully. “I had no idea!”

Chapter Text

The goats woke Thor, again.

He was groggy and surprisingly a little hungover. Fandral’s homemade mead had taken its toll.

The sheets were pulled away and then there were sounds of distressed bleating and retreating hooves.

“Eating those bedsheets, boys? Really, not a good idea.”

Thor moved, but he was weighed down by the three wrapped around him. He smiled, remembering last night and the fun they all had. With Steve, Sif and Quill snuggled against him, Thor kissed their heads and settled back down.

That was until Quill suddenly bolted up and vomited.

“Oh, hell no! GAMORA!!”

Chapter Text

He was minding his own business, when suddenly, Captain America, wearing only a towel, came storming out.

“That was disgusting, Quill!” Steve groaned, “I’m gonna shower in Bucky’s room! Ugh!”

Concerned, he went in and nearly corralled into Thor and Sif who had adorned some towels and were following Steve, laughing.

“He’ll be fine.” Thor patted him on his head as they passed. “We will be in the White Wolf’s suite. Look after Quill… please?”

Dum-E chirped a response and zoomed to where Starlord was throwing up in the toilet. Dum-E patted his pincers on Quill’s back and cooed affectionately.

Chapter Text

The Milano was leaving, so Thor headed for the ship to convince Quill to stay.

Steve was there first. He and Quill were talking, not arguing, and Steve was holding Quill’s hands with affection.

“You don’t need to leave, Pete, not now,” Steve said.

“I want to stay,” Quill replied, as their foreheads touched. “God knows I do, but the others… they need space. They need to be flying again.”

“We’ll miss you.”

A tender farewell kiss was shared and shortly the Milano was gone.

“Worry not,” Thor said, taking Steve in his arms. “He’ll be back because we’re in this together.”

Chapter Text

Thor was supposed to take Steve out for dinner, followed by dessert at Thor’s favourite waffle house. Steve wore his blue shirt especially.

However, he found Thor sitting on the lounge floor with Pietro and Wanda, playing on the twin’s PlayStation, laughing and roaring triumphantly with every foe he defeated.

“Steve! This game has little Lego Avengers! There’s a Captain America character! Care to team up?”

Steve smiled, rolled up his sleeves and sat down next to him. “Give me that controller!”

Wanda leaned over to Quicksilver.

“Pietro, call the Waffle house. Order out! We could be here a while.”

Chapter Text

She had to shine. She had to be beautiful beyond everything and so did her counterpart.

When not being used, Mjolnir spent most of her time propped against the round Vibranium shield of her owner’s husband. The tremors of the metal shield, the pulses of her power it reverberated were pleasurable.

It was a shame it wasn’t sentient. If only Eitiri and Brokk had made it.

Their owners were happy together, slowly polishing their weapons with love.

Mjolnir could feel Thor’s contentment and the shield was vibrating in Steve’s hands.

Later… they will all come together.

It’s Thorsday after all.

Chapter Text

Tanngrisnir snatched Bucky’s arm from the bedside table and ran outside with it, with a furious half naked Bucky and Sam in pursuit.

The accident outside resulted in Tony’s car being totaled and Bucky’s vibranium arm chewed to bits, but Tanngrisnir was completely unscathed as he ran to Thor’s arms, bleating in distress with Tanngnjóstr beside him.

The goats were insanely huge standing next to Thor as he hugged them. They were large enough for children to ride them like ponies.

“He chewed up my arm!”

“Thor! That was my favourite car!”

“What have you been feeding them?!” cried Sam.

Chapter Text


Steve smirked at his husband’s whining.

“Tanngrisnir only wanted Bucky to play with him! Princess Shuri will replace his arm and Tony can easily buy another bloody car!”

Steve took a few deep breaths and cupped Thor’s face to kiss him tenderly.

“Love… that’s not the point. Three weeks ago they were normal sized goats and now they’re the size of horses and appear to be indestructible… what happened?”

Thor sheepishly smiled. “They ate the Asiarpak my mother brought from home.”

“Those Asgardian orchids in our room?”

Thor nodded. “Though it might have been the ‘magic’ brownies Fandral made.”

Chapter Text

He had to tell her to quit pinging his Kimoyo beads with constant alerts.

It took a bit of effort to pry himself from the enveloping hold of M’Baku, but T’Challa eventually slipped out of bed and out of the Jabari’s home.

Back at the palace, he found Shuri in her lab.

“What, usisi ongumntwana?”

“The Thunderer’s goat destroyed White Wolf’s arm, brother!”

T’Challa shook his head.

“I know right?! How was it possible? Anyway, I got a whole new design, plus some extras for his Falcon nesoka!” Shuri squealed happily.

T’Challa was not pleased.

“OKOYE! Get me, Barnes! Now!”

Chapter Text

“Steve, King T’Challa came all this way to complain, to me! He wanted to know why his baby sister is designing sex toys for me!”

There were sniggers of laughter.

“This isn’t funny! I didn’t ask her for anything like that! I only wanted a new arm since that God-goat chewed my last one to bits! T’Challa’s all riled up because he thought I had asked his baby sister to enable the prosthetic to sexually gratify my boyfriend!”

Steve and Thor tried not to laugh, but both of them failed, even though Bucky had barged in on their ‘bubble bathtime.’

Chapter Text

Why the villains thought it would be a good idea to terrorize the German beer festival, no one knew. Luckily the Avengers were nearby to help.

The deluded criminals were quickly apprehended and it didn’t take Thor long to find that several new brews had been named after him.

The popular choice, for Thor, was “Thor’s Lightning” and within an hour the whole supply had gone. Much to the shock of everyone except Steve.

Within six hours, Thor had drunk all the beer at the festival.

“Thor…” Steve held out his hand, “give me, Mjolnir. You are not flying home!”

Chapter Text

“What are you doing here?”

The five-year-old girl ignored him and continued playing with her older brother. When the children continued to ignore their father’s question, Wanda realized he was speaking to her.

Wanda cursed. She hadn't intended this.

“You need to practice more, Wanda,” Thor stated as he watched Steve playing games with their two beautiful children “Chaos magic is tricky so, you need to confront Natasha with your feelings.”

“I didn’t mean to hack your reality, Thor… but I’m scared.”

“Of Natasha? Understandable. But little one… we need to talk in the real world, not in my head.”

Chapter Text

She appreciated Thor’s company.

Now, as he sat with her at the bar (fully clothed) Thor offered her a beer. They talked about a lot of things and surprisingly he thanked her for the reality of the children she gave.

Wanda wasn’t sure if there was some kind of truth to that reality because it felt different to her.

In mid-conversation, Wanda’s eyes widened in horror and she choked.

“Can I join you?”

Natasha sat down next to Wanda and took hold of her hand.

“Oh my god, Thor! What do I say to her?!”

“Just the truth, little one.”

Chapter Text

“Guys! How is it any different with you and your two FWBs? You two will always be together and so will Nat and me.”

Thor and Steve nodded, sipped their beers and like Clint, began to swing their legs back and forth as they sat on the edge of the roof.

“Sometimes it’s needed. Why else do Bucky and Sam constantly go back to Wakanda?”

“Why, Thor?”


“M’BAKU? With Bucky and Sam?!”

“You didn’t know?”

“No! He’s my best friend, he didn’t tell me!”

Clint laughed and watched the couple argue in sign.

He didn’t mention his Hell Devil.

Chapter Text

She was everything Wanda had hoped.

Nat gave her release but was still making the quivering bliss continue with thrusts of her fingers and the skilled licks of her tongue. Wanda was shaking, unable to stop her body convulsing with the pleasure Nat was giving her, unable to silence her moans.

She came again, but as Nat hungrily lapped her up, Wanda opened her eyes to gaze down at the other woman.

Wanda screamed.

The two children from the reality she gave Thor were at the end of the bed, looking at her.

“Have you told our dads, we’re here?”

Chapter Text

Thor was polishing Mjolnir, humming to himself contently as he buffed his hammer with a cloth. Steve was drawing him, the tip of his tongue poking out with concentration.

As he was finishing off touches to Thor’s eyebrows, the door crashed open and a naked Wanda and Natasha, tangled in a bedsheet, came running in.

There was a thump as Mjolnir dropped to the floor and a horrid scrape of pencil across paper.

“Your kids are here now!” Wanda cried, her skin crackling red and pink with power.

Steve was stunned.

“Thor? Did they come in the mail or something?!”

Chapter Text

Thor was a little confused. The fact that it started raining pretty much showed that.

The fact that the Scarlet Witch was still babbling, and fired with an aura of red energy, confused everyone. Nat was trying to calm her, stroking her hair.

“Wanda… they’re not here. We can’t see them!”

Wanda didn’t listen. She reached out with both hands and touched Thor and Steve’s head.

Then they saw.

The blonde twins looked like them, they were beautiful, and the couple choked up.

Until the boy spoke.

“Hey dads! How’s it going?!”

He was so like Quill, it was scary.

Chapter Text

Thor and Steve were gobsmacked by the sight of the children. They didn’t know their names, but they knew the boy and girl were theirs.

That their son was singing the song they associated with their first time with Quill, had them worried.


Thor and Steve fondly looked at the little girl and smiled. She was nothing like Quill.

“What do you want for your prosthetic arm, father?!” she asked.

Confused, Thor looked and saw a black Uru arm where his normal one should’ve been.

They snapped out of the vision, hard.

“Call the Guardians back, now!” Steve ordered.

Chapter Text

He became less argumentative with Drax and Rocket.

When the accident lost them, Groot, Quill nursed the sapling and sung softly to it. Groot’s eyes opened for the first time when he sang.

Quill’s sex drive became non-existent. He wasn’t interested. He came out of solitary and spent more time with Gamora. He was understanding and now less than 95% of a dick. He was even affectionate with her.

His eating habits went nuts.

“You’re one sandwich away from becoming fat!” Rocket exclaimed.

Gamora didn’t mind. She liked Quill a bit bigger.

Then there was the growth on his back.

Chapter Text

When the women were gone, Thor focused on his husband.

Thor pulled Steve onto his lap and nuzzled several kisses to his neck.

“As much as we love him, I guarantee our children will not be like Quill.” Thor blew a raspberry which made Steve squirm and chuckle.

However, Thor knew he was still worried about Wanda’s vision.

“I’ll call the Guardians and you can restart your drawing of me! I’ll lie in that fruit hammock Tony always mentions!”

Steve clutched his chest and laughed. “Oh, You sweet idiot! I love you!”

Steve’s rambunctious kiss tipped them off the bed.

Chapter Text

Everyone was there to greet the Milano.

When Steve and Thor saw Quill strolling down the ramp, they smiled.

Seeing their Star-lord again overwhelmed both men and they received a very welcoming kiss from him. However, when Quill took off his shirt, the lump on his back shocked everyone.

“UGH! Quill, you have a thing growing on you!” said Stark reaching out to poke it.

“You want me to pop it?!” asked Clint.

“Ew! No!”

“You can’t!” Thor said beaming proudly. “It’s a fetus! He’s pregnant!”

“I’m what, now?!”

Tony leaned in. “Pregnant! Congratulations! It’s a thing!”


Chapter Text

Quill looked at the readouts on the screen before him. There was no mistaking it.

He was pregnant.

Thor and Steve looked positively over the moon and beyond, as they held hands and watched the screen.

“It’s a Christmas miracle!!” Tony declared hugging Bruce and jumping for joy.

“It’s Christmas?” asked Quill.

“No. We just decided to put up decorations for fun!”

When Bruce announced that the fetus had Thor and Steve’s DNA, Thor hugged Steve tightly.

There was a snap as Steve’s rib broke.

Steve didn’t care.

They were going to be parents at last.

Loki’s curse be damned.

Chapter Text

2019 came in with a huge party. There was a band, and everyone strutted their funky stuff on the dance floor.

No one could outdo the cute new sapling, wriggling around in his pot to all the Jackson 5 songs Rocket kept requesting.

As Quill was pregnant with Steve and Thor’s child, growing on his back because “surrogate Asgardian men’s skin hardens like armour to protect the baby, so it’s the best place,” he wasn’t allowed to drink.

Thor and Steve spent all night ensuring he didn’t. They also stopped Rocket from trying to pour beer into little Groot’s pot.

Chapter Text

On a quiet Thorsday afternoon, Quill had dozed off from a foot massage Thor was still administering, and Thor was about to nod off too because Steve was doing the same to his feet.

There a loud knock.

“Steve! Point Break! Everyone is super-pleased to learn about your baby-thing…”

“Our baby is not a thing, Tony.” Steve hissed. “Go away!”

Tony ignored him and continued to speak through the door.

“Guys, who's gonna be Godparents to the Thunder-Capling?!”

“We are,” Thor said. “I’m a God and so is Steve!”

Steve sensually kissed Thor’s foot for saying he was a God.

Chapter Text

The question of Godparents was put to the expectant couple for a whole week. Everyone was curious but when someone asked, Thor, replied:

“Steve and I are the Godparents.”

No one explained to Thor what the roles entailed, because he knew. Thor kept insisting Steve was a God.

“You know I’m not, right?” Steve said.

“You are to me.” Thor said, “I worship you, I pray to you… I have faith in you… I love you! Is that not what one does and feels towards their God?”

Steve bobbed his head and smiled. “Yeah. Okay. I can go with that.”

Chapter Text

Where the aliens came from, no one knew, but the Avengers dealt with them.

It took more effort, but Thor still struck up a casual mid-battle conversation with his husband.

“Steve! Our child’s last name. Thorson or Stevenson?!”

Thor’s lightning obliterated a group of aliens.

“Thorsdottir or Stevensdottir?” Steve threw his shield and knocked out a few more.

Thor headbutted an alien. “Their first names then?”

“Sarah, after my mother?” Steve kneed an alien in what he assumed was its privates.


“For a boy, how about James?”

Steve was crushed with a hug.

“I love you, buddy!” said Bucky.

Chapter Text

He couldn’t leave with the others. He was frustrated and angry about it, and by being followed around everywhere he went.

Thor tried to put an end to it, but they didn’t listen to him or Steve. So it continued.

There were the incidents.

Pietro got a sizeable rip in his pants for trying to get close.

Some of Bruce’s science experiments were wrecked, and some student classrooms were trashed.

“Tanngrisnir! Tanngnjostr! Leave Quill alone!”

The large goats bleated loudly.

“What? Peter is not a girl.”

The goats and Quill looked at Thor. “Really?!”

Then it dawned on him.


Chapter Text

“Today is Thursday.”

Wide black eyes stared back at him, unblinking but bright with hope and innocence. There was a little nod, and Steve smiled, though he wasn’t convinced he was understood.

“I have something special for Thor,” Steve said proudly. “We give him gifts sometimes.”

Those full, hopeful eyes were accompanied by a joyous smile. “I am Groot?!”

“You wanna get it? Sure! It’s under our bed. Think you can manage?”


Groot scurried away with excitement, but when he returned, everyone was grossed out.

“I am Groot!”

“Steve! Why did he get me a severed toe?!”

Chapter Text

Hello, readers! Happy Valentines to you all!

It’s been a while since I was viciously attacked. As I minded my own business, lurking underneath Cap and Thor’s bed, I had my toe ripped off by a fucking twig! Can you believe it?

Anyway, Thor and Cap’s baby is growing fast. Quill constantly moans, but when your back looks worse than my ball-sack, I don’t blame him.

Kids change everything. This story has because the Writer has no clue!

What are you doing under my bed, again, Wade?”

“Oh, happy Thorsday! I’m just…”

“Hoarding my underwear?”

It was Steve’s actually.


Chapter Text

When the world heard that Thor and Cap were going to be parents, they were overwhelmed by gifts of presents and messages of love for them.

There were also threats and disgustingly vile packages from those who deemed her to be unholy and unnatural.

Thor was angry. He feared that Midgard would not accept her.

“Let them hate,” Steve whispered, holding his husband tightly and stroking his hair. “She is gonna have amazing fathers who will love and protect her. She’ll have the world’s mightiest heroes to love her too. Plus…”

There was a bellowing roar.

“She’ll have a Hulk.”

Chapter Text

Dane had dealt with dragons. The appearance of a giant red dragon in Cardiff, on St David’s day, was going to be just another one.

Brian offered to help, but when they got there, they were surprised to see the dragon running across the field of the Principality Stadium, playing catch with the God of Thunder and Captain America.

“Dydd gwyl dewi hapus!” Thor exclaimed. “Don’t worry, she’s here for the festivities! And beer! Like us!”

The Black Knight and Captain Britain were impressed. It wasn’t every day you saw Thor and Steve Rogers giving the Welsh Dragon belly rubs.

Chapter Text

A day of battling against fiends and monsters from a demon dimension had the Avengers tuckered out. Everyone was relieved to be alive but too tired to carry out any Thorsday celebrations.

That night, Thor and Steve passed out together, wrapped protectively in each other’s arms, but whispers, eerie voices, began to fill Thor’s dreams, they prophesized and promised the bloody demise of the Thorsdottir.

Thor woke in a terrified sweat. Such fear woke and distraught Steve, and the two rushed to the next room.

The whispered voices began to cackle and laugh.

The goats had gone. So had Quill.

Chapter Text

When Jarvis’ scans of the complex and the surrounding areas couldn’t detect the missing Starlord and two goats, everyone went out to search for them.

Thor and Steve were desperate to find them. The goats had been protecting Quill all through the pregnancy, but something was very wrong.

Quill was found in a remote wood, pale, shaking and slamming his back continuously against a tree. His back was bleeding. The goats were trying to stop him, but they were failing.

“It’s not mine! It’s not real! It’s gotta die!”

“No! Please, Peter… don’t harm her!”

Quill never heard Thor’s pleas.

Chapter Text

The howling screams of anguish were horrible to hear. Quill’s attempts to break the hardened skin sac on his back, and harm the baby growing within it, was only stopped by Thor’s punch to his face.

Bruce managed to sedate Quill, but the baby was distressed. She was being rejected.

“She’s dying, and I don’t know why!”

“No!” Steve’s trembling hand stroked over Quill’s back. “Do something! Please!”

“I don’t know what to do!”

“We’ll take them to Asgard,” Thor stated.

“I wouldn’t risk them going through the Bifrost.”

“Then my mother comes here!”

Frigga was already on her way.

Chapter Text

Frigga allowed her son and his husband to stay. She insisted.

Quill was overjoyed knowing that Thor and Steve were with him, holding his hands and stroking his face.

But he saw their worried expressions, despite their attempts to conceal it and pretend everything was okay. Feeling and seeing their fear for him and the baby made Quill fight harder than before.

He screamed for help, but all they heard were Her vile words. All they saw were Her intentions for the Thorsdottir, not his.

Frigga and the healers began to work on saving them.

Quill knew they would fail.

Chapter Text

Frigga couldn’t explain why Quill was rejecting the fetus. She only knew that if they delayed any longer, both the Spartoi prince and Thorsdottir would have died.

Luckily, she had brought everything she needed from Asgard to assist her.

It was a relatively painless process, but Quill’s fury and screams brought only anguish to her son and his husband.

When it was finished. When Thorsdottir was safely transferred to the Lady Sif, and Quill slept peacefully, there was such incredible relief.

“She will be fine. So will he.”

Frigga wrapped Thor in her arms and softly brushed his tears away.

Chapter Text

Quill no longer felt her presence within his back. He couldn’t feel her power as he had when he shared his body and blood with her.

He couldn’t hold back. Quill began to cry, but when Steve and Thor held him and comforted him, the loss of the Thorsdottir did ease. He welcomed their embrace as they lay either side of him.

They fell asleep together, Quill’s sobs diminishing into silent snores.

Sif was there when they woke. Seeing the swell of her belly made Quill smile, and when the kick staggered them back, Quill’s smile became a proud grin.

Chapter Text

“The joining fires from Muspelheim and frost from Niflheim, created Ymir, the first giant. As the frost melted, Audhumla emerged from him and nourished Ymir with her milk. Her licks against Ymir uncovered Buri… the first of the Aesir and he had a son, Bor! My Grandfather! With Bestla, they had my father, Odin and two of his brothers Vili and Ve! Together they killed Ymir and from his body parts created Midgard!”

Sif let out a yawn but smiled at Thor’s outlandish storytelling to her bump. Steve and Peter’s wide-eyed, childish, adoration as Thor told the story was endearing.

Chapter Text

“Once upon a time, there was a man who wanted to go to war for his country, but he wasn’t strong enough. Luckily a doctor found him and gave him a special serum that made him the strongest soldier in the world! The soldier fought in the war and sacrificed himself to save everyone, but instead of dying he slept in the ice for over 70 years! He woke and felt lost and alone… until he met the most beautiful man in all the universe…”

“Er…. most beautiful god in all the universe.”

Steve and Sif smiled. Thor wasn’t asleep.

Chapter Text

“I had to leave… finding out I was half Spartoi was bad enough, well it did explain the sexual urges and charisma, but being the crown prince of a bunch of a-holes is a nightmare. When your dad is the biggest a-hole of them all, it’s just too much. But little Thundergal… your dads are the best. They will love you, protect you and support you all the way. So will I… because I’m your dad too.”

“My lord of the stars.” Sif ruffled Quill’s hair. “You’re her mother, like me.”

“I am?” he asked hopefully.

“Verily, and Thorsdottir agrees.”


Chapter Text

“Are you awake? Hello? I don’t want to be telling this if you’re asleep.”

Sif laughed as she felt a kick. “She is awake, Stark.”

Tony smiled and snuggled down next to Sif’s belly.

“So, there’s this tradition. Old Norse tradition you should say, of celebrating your old man every Thursday. It’s all good, true Asgardian style, and we still do it. However, Thor does this thing… called naked Thorsdays… not sordid or anything. As his daughter, you probably won’t ask, but don’t ask about the windmill. Clint got in the way one time and…well, there was hospitalisation.”

Chapter Text

“Hulk got fed up waiting for stupid god to do the captain! Stupid thunder god and Hulk fought! Hulk won and knocked sense into stupid tiny Thor. Thor smooched faces with the captain! The god and captain boned! Hulk is responsible for them! Responsible for you!”

Sif was more than a little surprised at the pat the large green hand pressed against her bump. It was gentle and soft. No smashing was involved at all.

“Actually… he caught me off guard, I would have won if--!”

Thor had been there.

Then there was a Thor shaped hole in the wall.

Chapter Text

Hawkeye didn’t really tell a story to the bump, not that Thorsdottir or Sif really cared. The divine and very cheesy Midgardian food agreed with both the Goddess and the baby, a lot.

“Your dads can devour over twenty each!” Clint said to the bump, with his mouthful of pizza, “If they don't have anchovies.”

Sif hummed with delight as she took a bite from a slice. A long string of cheese trailed from her mouth which she lapped up with her tongue.

Clint had ordered 30 large pizzas.

Now, there was nothing left.

“I had two slices!” Clint protested.

Chapter Text

“Hey there, kiddo.”

Nat rested her hand on Sif’s belly and felt the response, which made her smile.

“You’ve got quite a kick! You’re going to be so strong and powerful, just like your dads. I could tell you a thing or two about them. Today is Thorsday, so let me tell you a story that involved Thor, Mjolnir, two corgis, the Queen of England, accidental electrocution and a near banishment from the UK.”

Sif wriggled to get comfortable and rubbed her hands gleefully.

Nat laughed and lowered her voice to the bump. “But don’t tell him I told you!”

Chapter Text

When Bucky asked if he could speak to the baby, Sif was more than happy.

He was quiet for a while, gazing at Sif’s belly in wonder and nervously touching the bump once he’d asked for permission.

Then Bucky took a deep breath and began to tell the story of two best friends growing up in Brooklyn and about the adventures they shared, the good times they had together.

The baby kicked.

“Oh, she kicked? Move up!”


“Don’t be a dick!”

“You don’t be a dick!”

“Bite me!”

“I will! Later!”

“Good! I look forward to it!”

“Me too!”

Chapter Text

Doom made another stupid attempt to take over the world. He was defeated, but Tony’s birthday was over.

Tony’s birthday party was held the next day. To Thor’s surprise, everyone from Wolverine to Groot were dressed in Thor costumes, complete with winged helmets, false beards and fake Mjolnirs.

“You look ravishing, beloved.” Thor crooned, whispering seductively in an ear.

“Steve’s by the punch bowl.”

“Shit! Sorry, Tony.”

“Didn’t recognise your husband, Point-Break? Oooh… that’s not good. ”

When the real Mjolnir whacked Thor in the head, from across the room, Thor knew he was in trouble.

“You are so screwed, man.”

Chapter Text

“Tony is shorter than me! How could you not tell?!”

Thor bit his bottom lip at the sight of Steve, in his costume, pacing their room and gesturing with frustration. It was adorable.

Thor was going to tell Steve it had been a deliberate mistake, to get the two of them alone, but he did love to see Steve riled up.

Steve continued to rant for a while, but then he stopped, realising his husband’s ruse.

Thor found himself quickly pinned to the bed by squeezing thighs and hands.

“You are so screwed, Thor Odinson!”

“I do hope so, love.”

Chapter Text

One followed the other.

Kisses were followed by sharp bites. “Ow!”

Loving caresses came before stinging slaps. “Ow!”

Light scrapes of nails stroked down his chest, then deep gouges tore down his back. “Ow!”

“Ow? Really?!”

“It hurt.”

Amused laughter at the lie proceded a hard jolt which made Thor yell, and his arms and legs tightened around Steve.

Thor’s heaving growl in Steve’s ear was permission to continue.

Rapid, deep pummels against a prostate were followed by sensual grinds, and screams of thunderous orgasm were soothed by tender kisses.

Thor was left pleasurably sore.

Steve’s ‘punishment’ was the best.

Chapter Text

Steve fought against the pull of sleep and rolled over to check Thor’s back.

Gone were the bite marks and nail marks. The only signs they had been there in the first place were slowly fading white streaks that were even now disappearing.

Steve kissed the last marks as they healed, the final one on Thor’s right buttock. A puff of breath incited a chuckle and Thor wriggled to wobble his ass¸ which Steve playfully slapped.

Such a slap had Steve rolled onto his back and taken in by a very grateful mouth.

Thor was very good at giving thanks.

Chapter Text

Thor and Steve woke and saw the grinning face of Peter Quill, who had snuggled in between them, holding two flowers that the toddler Groot had grown for them.

“Why do we deserve such a wake-up call, my Lord?” asked Thor, reaching down to ruffle Quill’s hair.

“I have to go to Spartax.” Peter sulked. “Dad’s demanded my presence.”

Thor and Steve grimaced and pulled Peter up further to hug him.

“Want us to come with you?”

Quill shuffled off his clothes. “Thought you guys would never ask!”

It wasn’t what Thor meant, but they gave Quill a fond farewell.

Chapter Text

He had to leave. He didn’t want to.

The lines his fingers traced were still prominent and perfect. Never fading, always connected. The symbols of their unity. Not his.

The pecs they were branded on twitched under his caress, there were some snorts of ticklish laughter, but they changed to light moans of approval at his touch.

In turn, their hands stroked over his back, pausing over the scar where their baby had once been.

They understood, he knew. They wanted to go with him, support him.

But the baby needed them.

So when they fell asleep, Quill slipped away.

Chapter Text

The hall was silent, except for some rather annoying bleep-bleep noises, that no one was addressing.

His friends said nothing under the stern glare of the Emperor.

Gamora held Peter’s hand and squeezed. He pushed the button.

Thor’s hologram appeared in the hall.

“Emperor J’son. I’m Thor Odinson of Asgard. I send greetings from Midgard and if you don’t mind, about your son.”

Not much impressed the Emperor of Spartax, but the heir to Asgard certainly did as he talked.


“I thank you, now, excuse me, it’s my day and Son of Wil has challenged me to pong beers!”

Chapter Text

“So let me get this straight. You touched a mysterious Asgardian stone that made you fall in lust with the future king of the Golden Realm and became impregnated by him?!”

The echos of J’son’s irritation made everyone wince.

“In my defence, she’s not actually my baby.” Quill said with a joking smirk. “She’s Thor’s and Steve’s kid. I was just carrying her for them.”

“You’re going to marry the Odinson?”

“Steve’s already married to him.”

“Where’s the baby, then?!”

“Sif carrying her. It’s all good.”

“You will marry this Sif?”

Quill laughed. “No! She’ll kill me if I tried!”

Chapter Text

Peter Quill was not a complete idiot.

However, he was oblivious as to what the magics that got him into this mess were doing.

As Quill’s father berated him and demanded he marry “the Odinson” and gain a claim to Asgard’s throne, no one had a clue as to what was going on.

Except for Groot. The bleep-bleep from his computer game stopped. He sensed something.

Groot leaned down to Rocket and whispered with worry.

“I am Groot!”

Rocket snarled.

“I don’t know! Change the batteries!”

“I am Groot!!”

There was nothing wrong with his game.

Something else was happening.

Chapter Text

Her heart is strong. It beats with the force and power of thunder.

Her heart is weak. It’s barely there, but it is there. A little spark of lightning. It will get stronger. It will grow.


If they had been there, they wouldn’t have let anyone near him, but they weren’t.

Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr barged Steve and Thor out of their bed and took up protective stances either side of Sif.

Her waters had broken.

“Oh my god.” Steve stammered. “We’re gonna be dads!”

Steve was too stunned to catch Thor as he collapsed to the floor with a thud.

Chapter Text

When all on Asgard heard, Frigga went to Midgard immediately. So did Odin.

“She will be born on Asgard!” Odin demanded to his son as the nurses and Frigga tried to work around the overprotective goats.

“But father, what’s wrong with Earth?”

Odin glared at Tony, Bruce, Clint and Sam grinning and giving Odin the thumbs up.

“Do you really want me to say? No, Sif comes back with us!”

“With all due respect, Odin,” Steve stood, defiantly before the Allfather and took up Thor’s hand. “She’s my daughter too. She will be born on Midgard. Sif isn’t going anywhere.”

Chapter Text

“Just breathe,” Frigga took a breath in through her nose and exhaled through her mouth. “Like that. Nice deep long breaths.”

Frigga consulted with her nurses, and they assisted her with preparing everything she needed.

“Well, everything looks good,” Frigga announced, with a proud smile, “However I fear Sarah is stubborn and will come out when she wants. So, breathe. We could be here for a while.”

Sif squeezed Thor and Steve’s hands, despite their sweatiness and shaking.

She was prepared. She would endure this labour.

Thor and Steve?

Even with Frigga instructing them to breathe, it didn’t look possible.

Chapter Text

Steve was amazed at how calm Sif was.

“Bucky and I delivered a baby during the war. It was nothing like this,” Steve smiled softly, “Are you okay? It’s been 24 hours!”

“I don’t need anything” Sif replied.

Steve’s surprise was heightened when Thor burst through the door with an enormous block of ice.

“Look what Bobby Drake did!”

“I said, ice chips, my love,” Steve chuckled. “Not a block.”

Thor held up a box of takeaway fries.

“So I went to the Fish and the Chips Emporium for nothing?”

Sif cried out, but not in pain.

“I’ll have them!”

Chapter Text

The tension could be cut with a knife, as after 48 hours there was still no arrival.

Steve and Thor had only come out to confirm that Sif still hadn’t given birth yet. All of the Avengers felt like expecting fathers and mothers. It was agonising and all of them were on edge.

“So, looking forward to being a grandpappy?”

Tony’s remark earned him a gruff stare and a growl from the King of Asgard.

“I’m looking forward to these pizzas arriving. They’re taking far to long.”

“Don’t worry your Odinship,” said Clint. “Being this long means they’ll be free!”

Chapter Text

The images flickered, angry cussing yelled in the background, and the face of an expectant father was smiling, albeit it was a nervous, smile.

“It’s been three days. Mother says my daughter is still not ready.”

There was a crash and a stream of swear words, then soft reassurances from Frigga.

“I’m sure she will arrive soon. Lady Gamora… I do hope you and Quail return soon. He should be here to see Sarah born.”

Thor looked distressed, but Steve came into view and comforted Thor with whispered words and kisses.

Gamora had to tell them.

“Quill has gone missing.”

Chapter Text

There was a limit to what she could bear. After four days, Sif lost patience. Her well known fiery temper broke as the pain became too much.

“You damned men!” she screamed, grabbing Thor and Steve and pulling them close enough to feel the spit seething through her teeth. “One of you should be going through this! Not me! Make her come out, or I’ll kill you both!!”

Neither men could say, or dare say anything, for her grip was strong and could kill them with but a squeeze of her hands.

“Sif…” Frigga smiled brightly. “It’s time to push!”

Chapter Text

He didn’t know where he was, but Quill knew where he was going.

The dark and smelly streets of the city, where the bums and drug addicts milled about in the shadows, were like a maze. Upon every turn, there was more of the same, dingey establishments illuminated only with grubby and flickering luminous signs “for good times”.

Quill walked past women and men calling to him to sample their wares, but he stopped and found the shadow he had been drawn to.

“You came! Let’s get out of this hell hole to somewhere nicer. Everything has to be perfect!”

Chapter Text

“I see the top of her head!!”

Frigga smiled at her son’s excitement and encouraged Sif to keep pushing. She was concerned for Steve, as she was sure Sif’s hands had broken one of Steve’s.

“Oh gods, Sif! How are you doing this?!”

Sif screamed at Thor and buried her face against Steve’s shoulder.

“I can see her!” Thor exclaimed, “Steven!! She’s so beautiful and… argh! I did NOT need to see that!”

Frigga wanted to tell her son what happened was normal during childbirth, but with one final push from Sif, her wriggling crying grand-daughter came into the world.

Chapter Text

The goats managed to give Sarah a welcoming sniff and nuzzle first.

When Thor and Steve cradled Sarah in their arms, her eyes opened, and her crying stopped. She reached out and grabbed their fingers.

The men teared up, and they showered her with kisses.

Feeling her parent’s love, seeing them kiss each other, and their broad smiles, Sarah laughed with joy. Then, she hiccuped, and little bolts of lightning shot from the newborn.

“She’s perfect,” Steve said, kissing Thor’s cheek. “Just like you.”

Thor disagreed.

Perfect? Yes.

But there was so much of Steve in her beautiful little smile.

Chapter Text

Was it a surprise that the newest addition to the Royal Asgardian (and the Avengers) family was still crackling with electrical energy while her father rocked her in his bare muscular arms and sang her a lullaby?

Not really.

Nor was it a great surprise that no one else, except her two dads, could hold her without being painfully electrocuted. Certainly not to her grandparents, who said it could be a while before such electrocutions would become nothing more than static shocks.

No one else minded either, not even Sif, who proudly listened as Thor began to sing with Steve.

Chapter Text

The room lit up with colours, but the lightning emanating from the newborn was contained inside her crib by an elaborate metal and mesh canopy.

This allowed the Avengers and X-Men to come closer and see the Thunderling. Plus, it didn’t destroy the nursery everyone had made.

“Tony did well making that,” Steve said, as Thor touched the mesh. He made Sarah giggle as his sparks of lightning made colours and patterns shoot across the canopy.

“I should’ve installed it,” Thor said. “Are Tony and Bruce, okay?”

“Yeah. They’ll think of safety first next time they do something for her.”

Chapter Text

Steve and Thor took Sarah to Asgard, where rejoicing people were celebrating and swarming the palace to shower their gifts for the future Queen.

The Warrior Three got their first look at their friend’s daughter too, and they were besotted.

Then, in pure Asgardian form, a magnificent banquet was made, and Steve was more than happy to hold his daughter while his husband, Sif, the Warrior Three and the Asgardian people drank and sang loud songs of battle and future glory in Sarah’s name.

“Gotta get used to this, Sarah,” Steve smiled lovingly at her. “They do this a lot.

Chapter Text

“Isn’t it a bit excessive?”

Thor nodded but Steve knew his husband didn’t think the hall filled to the ceiling with gifts was excessive. This was probably normal for Asgardian royalty.

Steve saw clothes, what he presumed were Asgardian toys and weapons.

Did a newborn need an axe?!

Thor gleefully picked up the weapon and showed it to his daughter swaddled on Steve’s chest.

Her smile made Thor ecstatic but seeing Thor inspecting the gifts like an excited child, made Steve well up.

A shock of lightning snapped Steve’s attention back to Sarah.

“Yeah, they’re yours… not his. I know.”

Chapter Text

Stories were told. Lullabies were sung, and after many hours, Sarah finally settled to sleep in her crib. Thor sneaked back into his own room and slipped under the sheets to snuggle against Steve.

“She’s finally asleep?” Steve groggily asked.

“Aye. She sleeps, my love. Which means we finally can.”

“Can we?”

Thor chuckled into the passionate kiss Steve gave him and allowed his captain to pin him on his back. He was prepared, tended to by Steve’s arousing ministrations, but the moment when Steve was about to push inside… the cries from the nursery ended all their hopes.


Chapter Text

“We can’t leave her!”

Thor understood why Steve said this.

“The world is being threatened,” Thor stroked Steve’s cheek and held him tightly. “I don’t wish to leave, but for her and everyone else, we must act. Besides, we have babysitters.”

Steve looked to the carrycot where Sarah slept, guarded by the ever protective goats.


“Why yes,” Thor said. “They’re quite capable. They can change her, feed her, and as my goats can withstand my powers, they’re worthy protectors in our absence.”

Steve wasn’t sure, he wanted to stay and so too did Thor.

“I also have a back-up.”

Chapter Text

Hey! Nanny Goats! Don’t look at me like that! I know what I’m doing!

Thor asked me, he trusts me!

Well… okay, there was some threat involved, but it’s his kidling! I’ll protect her, he knows this!

Hey there, little Goddess… how ya doing?!




Ow!! For fuck’s sake!


By Odin’s nuts!! That really hurts!


ARGH! Shitting demon child!


That’s it! The goats can change her!

Holy shit, they can! You gotta see this to believe it! Wow!

Anyway, I’m gonna sit here and think of our beloved Wolvie naked in the shower…



Chapter Text

“She’s beautiful, boys! She’s going to steal a lot of hearts when she’s older, just like her fathers.”

Sarah liked this. She laughed and held out her hand, but they couldn’t touch. Thor kept her close enough for her to be seen, and he smiled, seeing the joy on the old woman’s face.

“Steve? Her name is Sarah? After your mum?”

“Yeah. Sarah Thorstevensdottir.”

“Damn! That’s a mouthful of a last name!”

Steve took hold of her hand.

“Sarah Peggy Thorstevensdottir.”

“Still mouthy, but, Steve… I love it!”

She hugged him and then continued to wave at Sarah, with pride.

Chapter Text

Sam’s teasing jibes and naughty whispers amused Bucky immensely, but the moment they walked into the lounge, something was wrong.

“Ugh, something smells funky!” Sam grimaced. Bucky tried not to gag at the smell.

“Ah! Gentleman, just in time to help!”

Thor and Steve were changing their daughter’s diaper, oblivious to the smell and how revolted the others were.

“Hey, Buck?” Steve called out, “Dispose of this, please?!”

Steve’s warning came too late, and Thor threw too hard.

The diaper bag split on impact. Sam and Bucky gagged together.

DUM-E released a cloud of air freshener, right in their faces.

Chapter Text

She dabbed his sweating brow and patted his head in an attempt to be somewhat concerned about the pain he was going through.

Any minute now.

He screamed more profanities and called out to his God, but that dumb idiot isn’t here.

The skin began to break, and all kind of grossness spilt on the floor.

More screams distracted her from the mess, and she smiled as she claimed her prize.

“There there, darling. It’s okay, baby. You can go.”

Quill tried to reach out and take back what was theirs, but he passed out.

The little boy still screamed.

Chapter Text

Thor wanted to make sure that Sarah’s first Yuletide was exceptional.

Stories of Asgardian festivities were told. Steve decorated a tree for her, and of course, they spoilt Sarah with gifts befitting an Aesir princess, even though she still had loads left from her birthday.

Her Midgardian family spoilt her too, with traditions of their many their religions and beliefs and more gifts.

Thor and Storm made a beautiful sky of light for her and formed images from lightning and snow that narrated the stories told to her.

Thor also “spoilt” Steve, or tried to. Their daughter wouldn’t have it.

Chapter Text

Steve saw 2020 in while he was on a mission.

The New Year exploded with a ferocity, and he was buried beneath the building when it fell.

Lying there, trapped, Steve could only envision his wedding day. He gasped the vows he made, of the devotion of his heart and soul for Thor.

Mjolnir’s brand on his chest burned more than the crushing pain ontop of him.

Thor will come.

When the rubble of the building was pulled away, Steve felt arms around him, and he was lifted into his husband’s embrace.

“I found him! I know where Quill is!”

Chapter Text

People on Midgard believe him to be a god, but Thor Odinson is a man.

He laughs. He cries. He gets angry. He bleeds and feels pain.

He loves.

Oh, does he love.

The moment Steve’s eyes opened, Thor felt his own tear up, and his love and worry for his husband swelled within. He brought Steve’s hand up to his lips and kissed his bruised knuckles.

“Hey.” Steve groaned and kissed his husband’s hand in return.

“You silly reckless fool.” Thor choked. “You should’ve waited for me instead of risking your life!”

“I will next time. Sorry.”

“You’d better.”

Chapter Text

“You look so hot in that!”

Bruce smiled beneath his mask, but he’d hoped this wouldn’t happen again so quickly.

Thor and Steve were helping the Guardians retrieve Star-Lord, so Tony wanted to test out his safety gear for babysitting duties.

Sarah had overloaded Tony’s Iron Man suits to the point where they caught fire, so now Tony and Bruce wore, in Bruce’s opinion, what looked like high-tech protective sumo wrestling outfits.

“We can wrestle later!” Tony suggested picking up the giggling Thundercapling.

Bruce considered the thought eagerly.

“Stark! Are you holding the future Queen of Asgard with burger prongs?!”

Chapter Text

It had been Yule when they had made their first contact.

She had made the skies light up for the little princess, and created pictures and told stories with naught but the elements at her command. Sarah Thorstevensdottir had watched and even tried to join in, crackling sparks, which may not have had form, but were a joy to see and feel.

Ororo held Thor and Steve’s daughter in their absence and the elemental power surging within the infant astounded her.

Storm sang, a lullaby she once remembered from her own youth, and Sarah listened, responded with tickling shocks.


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Ororo was calm in delivering this piece of news to the couple, with only a mild hint of surprise in her voice.

Thor was saddened that he had missed this first, but he was also ecstatic. Steve was gutted he had missed this too, but couldn’t fathom how it was possible.

“Miss you daddies! Please come home?!”

Thor had no idea why Steve was ‘freaking out’ about the sound of their daughter’s voice.

“She’s 5 months old! How?!”

“It’s all perfectly normal, Steve.”

Being able to speak at this age, it is the natural progression for a child.

Isn’t it?

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The first face he saw, was one of beautiful green.

It was angry.


He leaned up and pushed aside black and purple hair, to caress her face.

“You’re an idiot, Quill! You could’ve been killed!”

Quill didn’t realise what he was doing until he felt it. The lingering of his lips against hers startled them both, but Gamora didn’t hit him back, she only backed away with surprise. If there was a greener blush to her face, Quill couldn’t tell.


Thor and Steve stood by his bedside. Their grave concern had him worried.

“What happened to your back?”

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Panic riled up within his chest. He stumbled over to a mirror on the wall, and looking over his shoulder, Quill saw a red healing welt with a vertical cut, where he had been slit with a knife.

“What happened to me?!” He cried.

“You don’t remember?” asked Steve, as he and Thor tried to calm the Starlord down.

“I remember speaking to my dad, which really didn’t go well. I went to my room and then I woke up here! Steve, Thor! What’s going on?!”

“You’ve had a baby.” Thor grimly explained. “The child is nowhere to be found.”

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Quill didn’t know how he was taking this. Was he laughing? Crying?

He knew Steve and Thor were gently embracing him, comforting him and lightly touching at his back. He knew that Gamora was there too, her hands squeezing his.

“We’re going to find them,” Thor assured Starlord, holding his chin up and smiling.

“They’re yours?” Quill asked. The couple nodded and explained that the child he birthed still had Steve and Thor’s DNA.

Was Pete a little bit disappointed by that?

“I am Groot!”

The group hug from the other Guardians, his friends, made him smile.

He cried too.

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“This is normal?”

Sif frowned in confusion at Stark’s comment, while the group watched Ororo have a conversation with Sarah.

“It is not for humans?”

“Talking?! At this age?! No.” Bruce added.

Sif shrugged her shoulders.

“Asgardians learn to speak very early.” She said, much to everyone else’s surprise. “Before our first year, we know thousands of languages. Sarah is half Asgardian, it might take her longer.”

The Avengers appeared to accept this but were still fascinated by the baby’s growing vocabulary.

However, news of the second child worried Sif.

She hoped Thor and Steve would return from Spartax soon.

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The offering was laid out and the candles were lit.

She gave thanks to the creature and said she would see it again soon, before ending its life with a swift motion of a blade across its throat. The fire cooked it and she ate heartily before she talked once more to the carved statue by her offering.

“All-Father. All-Seer. Bid me safe travels, protect me as you have all my life, and know that the justice you seek, will be wrought.”

She saw her friend’s grossed look and picked up her shield.

“Also, help Morgan keep out of trouble?”

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The instant they got back from Spartax, Thor scooped up his daughter and gave her a gentle squeeze as he smothered her with kisses. Steve sidled up to his husband’s side and kissed her as well, joyful at the sound of Sarah’s laughter.

Her little lightning sparks made her fathers laugh too, and they dotted on her until they heard her use Allspeak.

“I have a brother or sister, daddies! Did you bring them home with you?!”

“No, sorry my love,” Thor looked to Steve, noting his worry and sadness, “they're missing, but we’re going to find them. We promise.”

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She felt him jump on the bed, eager and excited, but she wasn’t in the mood. Fingers gently poked at her back, and then a nuzzling goatee and mouth caressed at her neck.

“Come and join the party….pwease?”

She pulled the sheets over her head and shifted away. He spooned against her back.

“Thor and Cap are back and are pestering everyone to celebrate before they go off again. Come with us, Pep…”

Pepper didn’t have the heart to tell Tony, or Bruce when the other man sat nervously on the end of the bed.

The morning sickness was terrible.

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Preparations were made. Celebrations were held, for the traditional Thorsday and for the little impending Stark.

Serious times were ahead, Thor and Steve had to find their other baby, but now was time to have music, food, and the giant jenga Thorsday of old.

It was a grand send-off. The Guardians and X-Men joined in, and the Viking helmets appeared from somewhere.

For Thor, the cupcake Steve handed him, was the best.

He blew out the candle and made a wish. The kiss from his husband made him smile.

“What did you wish for?”

Thor never got to answer.

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The sky turned black as thick storm clouds blocked out the sun.

The remnants of a BiFrost dissipated by the time everyone got outside, but the figure that stood on the scorched ground wasn’t one anybody recognised.

The male figure was tall and muscled, dressed in black armour, and a helm concealed his face.

In one gloved hand was an axe nearly the same size as him, and it crackled with green energy.

“State thy name and purpose!” Thor ordered. “Who are you?!”

The man laughed, an eerily cold laugh.

“I am Lokison! And I am burdened with glorious purpose!”

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How was this possible?

Thor was stunned at such a declaration from the newcomer, confused. He knew his brother had offspring, but this man could be none of the children of Loki.

Fenrir, Hel and Jormungandr. One was bound in chains, another was in Odin’s possession, whilst the last had been banished to Midgard centuries ago.

Before Steve or anyone could confirm his identity, the man lifted his axe and green lightning rained down around them.

The Avengers fell. Everyone dropped to the ground, unconscious, except Thor and Steve.

“Where is Thorstevensdottir?! Tell me or I will kill everyone!”

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“You are not going anywhere near our daughter!”

Thor heard Steve’s voice before he could say anything himself. Mjolnir was throbbing in his hand, wanting to unleash his fury.

“She’s a child, she’s done nothing to you!”

The Lokison scoffed in disgust and rose a clenched fist in the air.

The green energy hurting Thor’s friends intensified, but before he or Steve could act, a bolt of lightning, bigger than the biggest of lightning bolts, knocked the Lokison off his feet.

A woman landed between them, wielding two familiar weapons.

“Release them, brother! Or it shall be you who dies!”

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The helm came off.

It was Thor. A spitting image, a much younger version, but he looked tormented, broken. This was no son of Loki.

Steve’s heart began to pound, and his eyes stung with the build-up of tears because they didn’t only have a daughter.

They had a son.

Grown-up— and clearly from the future —their children were here for a purpose none of them could fathom.

“My boy… son,” Thor’s soft pleading voice only made the man angry and he clenched his fist.

Steve and Thor dropped to the floor, joining their friends.

“I am not YOUR BOY!”

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She was ten years old, lying in the laps of her fathers, wrapped in a blanket and embraced with their comforting arms.

She had listened to their deep tender tones as they told her how they met, and she was content and happy. Safe.

Now, her brother was killing the two most important men in her whole life. He was killing her family with immense rage. He was killing her.

“Brother!! Please! Stop!”

“Not until I get what I want!”

When Sarah thought her brother would finally end it, a blast hit him in the chest and knocked him down.

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“Stay down!”

The Unibeam burst momentarily disrupted his power, releasing all the Avengers from the painful hold. All were ready to battle this young man, but instead, they stood shocked and awed at the sight of Thor, Sarah and another woman, wearing an Iron Man suit, combining together lightning and lasers to keep him down.

He was furious and kept attempting to fight back, but he was no match for them. He screamed in fury and disappeared as another BiFrost whisked him away.

“Impeccable timing as always, Morgan.”

The visor lifted up and there was a familiar cheeky Stark grin.

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The Avengers were no strangers to seeing people from the future or the past hellbent on changing events, but to see the two grown women before them, daughters of the three prominent heroes Earth revered was an emotional one.

Morgan Stark, with dark flowing hair, with her father’s smile and her mother’s freckles, was a sight, a joy for the parents as she gave them a hug.

Sarah Thorstevensdottir dropped to one knee and leant on Mjolnir and Cap’s shield, in tears.

“Allfather… Dad… I’ve missed you so much.”

Thor and Steve embraced her, and together they began to cry.

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Sarah couldn’t tell them of the future, though she longed to. She wished she could warn them of what was to come, but she could only reveal enough to help her younger self.

“He will try to take me…” Sarah said as the seven of them gathered in the briefing room. “And I know you won’t let that happen. He calls himself Lokison, but his name is…”

“Peter.” Thor and Steve said the name without hesitation and Sarah smiled.

“Yes. He’s your son, my brother… named after the Lord of Stars, who needs to save him and all our futures.”

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“Keep me safe, like I know you will, my fathers, for he will try and come back. He misses his sister. He wants me to be like him and Them, so he will try and take my youngerself back with him.

Thor tightened the squeeze on Steve’s hand, and Thor received the warmth of his kiss against his brow and from the hug his husband responded with.

They always will keep their daughter safe and were more determined to save their son.

The sight of Sarah cradling her younger self, whispering in All-speak…

They were going to save them both.

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The time for them to leave came too quickly.

It was hard for Thor to let Sarah go, and Steve struggled to pry him apart. Then it was the rest of the team who had to get the fathers to release their daughter.

“Like the first day of school all over again, huh?!” Morgan joked, which earnt her a glare. “Okay, we gotta go! Uncle Thor, Uncle Steve? If someone, when they’re six years old, accidentally blows up and melts the Avenger’s new complex? Go easy on ‘em?”

Steve looked worried but Thor grinned positively and they nodded.

“Of course!”

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It didn’t register at first.

The two fathers were caught up in having seen their daughter grown up, and what the possible future for their children could entail.

They swore it would be a different future, and they would find their son and be the family they were meant to be.

So, as they planned to search the cosmos, it clicked when Thor went to give Tony the baby.

“I don’t like to be handed things!”

Sarah grazed Tony’s arm with her little hand.

No lightning happened. Stark was not electrocuted.

“She’s controlled her powers!” Thor exclaimed proudly. “Clever girl!”

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He could see doubt in their minds. Both of them were glancing at each other, afraid and uncertain, whereas Steve was smirking.

“She’s perfectly safe, Son of Wil.” Thor said, “Aren’t you Sarah?”

Sarah cooed and laughed as her father jiggled her playfully in his hands. Still, Bucky and Sam were not convinced.

“Guys, trust me.” Steve said, “Surely, you can babysit for an hour?”

“Two,” Thor whispered. “Three mayhaps?”

“For five hours, you’ll be fine. Bucky? Please?”


Sam relented as Bucky squeezed his hand. “Two hours!”


“Why do I listen to you?”


Bucky groaned.

Sarah laughed.

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The soft explorations of his body reminded him, vividly, of every time since their first.

The rake of nails down his back, the kiss that moaned with his in their mouths, accompanied with confessions of love and pleas to God, made him shake.

Or was it that he was filled by him, and the slow pleasurable thrusts within were the cause?

“How long has it been?” Steve gasped, clenching with impending release.

“Too long!” Thor moaned, thrusting down upon him.

“No! Argh! Since we left Sarah.”

They had no clue.

It had been more than two hours.

More than five.

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Thor is the future King of Asgard. He's fought against supervillains and galactic monsters, but nothing compared to keeping up with their daughter.

Thor failed to get Tannsgrisnir and Tanngnjostr to heed his commands, and the goats ran rampant with Sarah all over the complex, causing chaos and wreckage.

Tony desperately tried to pry Sarah away from Dum-E on more than one occasion, especially as she tried to tinker with him, but when Clint babysat her, a thing happened.

“Sarah Peggy Thorstevensdaughter! Land that Quinjet at once!”

No one figured out who had the thunderstorm tantrum, but Steve ended it.

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Last week, it was what a lot of her family called Independence Day.

It was also her dad’s birthday.

There were lots of flags, bright decorations, huge amounts of food (cake!) and fireworks. It was beautiful.

He dotted on Sarah, of course. He let her open all his presents and she in return made some “fireworks” with her inherited Asgardian powers.

The whole country celebrated. Captain Steve Rogers was a hero after all.

Now it was her father’s day. While it was supposed to be about Thor… he always made the day about her dad too.

With lots of fireworks.

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She couldn’t help but feel their sorrow when another mission to find their son ended in failiure.

They’d tried so hard, working with the Guardians, on the lead, but they came back to Midgard at a loss.

Seeing Sarah brought them joy.

Helping Pepper, Tony and Bruce, gave them comfort.

Sam and Bucky made them laugh. Clint, Natasha and Wanda brought pizza and dreams of hope.

The King of Wakanda helped to restore their faith in their leadership.

But Mjolnir was pleased they found solace and pleasure in her, and they were able to connect, again and again…

And again.

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This had never been done before.

Well, Thor couldn’ recall.

Everyone had expressed their doubts- some had actually complained, but this was happening. Whether they liked it or not.

Thor maintained a level of enthusiasm worthy of this event, and the organiser approved. Though some of the others needed more motivation.

Clint was nudged awake several times, Bruce was told to stop deliberately delaying the progression, and when Thor suggested this Thorsday be “traditional”, Steve said no.

“Later. When Sarah isn’t here.”

Thor smiled, appeased.

The music stopped.

Everyone accused Wanda of manipulating the game as she opened the parcel.

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It had already happened three times.

It was late, they weren’t being loud… at least Thor didn’t think they were being loud.

Steve had made an endearing joke saying that Thor was incapable of being anything but loud, but the interruptions to the Thorsday movie night kept happening.

“Just at the good bit!” Clint protested. “Now we have to rewind!”

“Quick, shut it off! She can’t see this scene!” said Pepper.

When the 20th interruption happened, and another “glass of water” was requested, they gave up sending her away.

“Daddy? Can you stop father snoring?! I can’t hear the film!”

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He was strong in many ways, but only Steve knew his weaknesses.

At the moment, this was going his way.

“I know you did it.”

An amused snort was his only comeback.

“I know it wasn’t Pietro or the goats. It was certainly not our daughter or Tony. I know what you did, Thor Odinson.”

An overconfident “prove it” answered him and Steve smiled.



The giggling begging pleas of an Asgardian prince had everyone in the complex confused.

“Bucky? What’s Steve accusing Thor of?!”

“Eating the last pop tart.”

Sif laughed as she wiped the tart’s crumbs from her mouth.