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The Last Montclaire

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Bella stood in front of a mirror as she fixed her black sweatshirt, her long raven hair was brushed out and curled at the ends, it was a natural curl she had since she was a little girl. Originally she was suppose to leave with the Blackthorns but decided it was best she stayed here and watched over Emma and Cristina. She hated the fact that Julian had been dong a lot for his siblings, so they had shared responsibilities. Without Helen and Mark, she felt as if it was her job to keep their siblings happy and growing up. Her eyes widened at the sound of when Emma cried out which meant one thing. "They're home." She said before letting out a long sigh, suddenly she felt her heart start to beat a bit faster. The relief she felt that she could finally be able to watch the kids, it made her feel close to Mark in way.

Bella left her room and headed down the stairs, she smiled at the sight of the Blackthorns. Immediately, Livvy ran over and hugged her tightly. "How was it?" Bella asked as she pulled away.

"It was alright, though I wish you came with us. Diana would have watched Emma." Livvy said, Bella smiled softly and sighed.

"I'm glad I didn't come, it was good for you to spend time with your brothers and sister." Bella said softly as she was suddenly hugged by Octavian. Livvy giggled before hugging Emma tightly.

"I thought you were coming tomorrow." Emma said, she felt complete with Julian here now and amazing. She hadn't felt this happy since they left. Bella picked up Octavian and held him, even though he was seven..he was small and thin for his age.

"Well Malcolm showed up early. Suddenly appeared in Great-Aunt Marjorie's kitchen, wearing pajamas. Said he'd forgotten the time difference. She screamed the house down." Julian explained, everyone knew how Malcolm Fade was...The head of the warlocks in L.A and luckily for them..a family friend.

"Then he accidentally portaled us to London instead of here. An we had to hunt someone down to open another Portal." Livvy explained before pulling away from Emma and greeting Diana. Bella shook her head when she saw Julian with his long hair, oh how she hated it. She walked over and chuckled.

"Oh no. Tavvy, what do we call this kid?" Bella asked as she pulled a strand of Julian's hair lightly. He frowned and sighed.

"A disaster." Tavvy said before smiling revealing his missing teeth, Bella's heart dropped...she remembered when he was only two years old..when Sebastian Morgenstern attacked the Institute.

"You're missing teeth." Bella said quietly, he was growing up so fast just like the others.

"Dru told me that faeries steal your teeth while you're sleeping." Tavvy said with a grin, the raven haired shadowhunter glanced at Emma who nodded and smiled.

"That's because that's what I told her." Emma said with a smile, she felt a light touch on her was Julian. they had a way to communicate when they were stuck study sessions. A-R-E Y-O-U -A-L-R-I-G-H-T? was what he traced against her skin. Emma raised an eyebrow before nodding.

"You’re all so tanned,"Diana said. "How are you all so tanned? I thought it rained all the time in England!"

"I don’t have a tan," Ty said matter-of-factly.

"Great-Aunt Marjorie made us train outside all day,” Livvy said. “Well, not Tavvy. She kept him inside and fed him bramble jelly.”

“Tiberius hid, In the barn.” Dru said, Bella chuckled and shook her head. She knew how Ty felt about the sun and she didn't blame him.

"It wasn’t hiding, It was a strategic retreat." Ty said

"It was hiding,” Dru said

"Don’t argue with your brother," Julian said before turning around to face Ty. "Don’t argue with your sister. You’re both tired."

"What does being tired have to do with not arguing?" Ty asked

"Julian means you should all be asleep,” Bella said.

"It’s only eight o’clock," Emma argued. "They just got here!" Bella looked at Tavvy who had fallen asleep in her arms and Diana smiled.

"It’s considerably later in England." Diana pointed out, the kids all groaned expect Julian...even Emma joined in with a groan. She was excited to have all the Blackthorns back. Bella led the younger ones away, they went to their room and Bella took Tavvy to his room. She laid him down on the bed and smiled as she tucked him in.

"Mark..." Tavvy mumbled as he slept, her eyes widened a bit...she didn't think she would ever hear him say his name. "When will he come back?" He asked sleepily, slowly opening his eyes to look at her.

"Tavvy...I am trying my best. I have talked to your big sister Helen...and she wants to help." Bella said as she sat down on the edge of the bed, she looked at him and smiled. "We will always be one big happy family...remember that." She kissed his forehead before standing up and leaving. The second she closed the door behind her..she felt her heart ache at the thought of Tavvy never seeing Mark again or getting to know him.

She walked back into her room and closed the door behind her before climbing onto her bed. She opened her laptop and saw she missed a video chat with Helen, she immediately called back. "Bella, I was worried a bit when you didn't answer." Helen said as she popped up. "Are they home?"

"Yeah. They are...currently in bed expect for Julian of course." Bella said and looked down at the keyboard. "Tavvy mentioned Mark..again. He has heard all these stories from me...and now he really wants him back. I feel useless..."

"I have hope..Mark will come back. He's in love with you and you are all that is in his mind...of course beside his siblings. My point can't be the broken hearted nephilim forever. He would want you to move on." Helen said and sighed. Bella nodded, she wanted to change the topic quickly.

"How are you and Aline?" Bella asked, changing the subject.

"Great, I just miss my family." Helen replied honestly and cleared her throat. "I need to get going, why don't you relax?" Bella nodded once more before the video chat ended.

"Relax..isn't in my dictionary.."