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What happens in Comic-Con

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Chris Evans is always happy to go to Comic-Con and meet his fans, getting to bask in their excitement is just one of the perks of starring in a superhero movie.


Of course there are many  other perks to being superhero movie stud. Chris had just finished a Q&A session and was ready for the next event this evening. He was led by an assistant into a large private room that sloped down towards a stage at one end. There were several rows of seats like in a movie theater for an audience to watch whatever happens on stage. When they got inside Chris could see that the seats were empty and a king-sized bed was already set up on the stage.


“You gonna’ be in the audience?” Chris asked the assistant.


“Yes sir, Mr. Evans.” The assistant replied, grinning from ear-to-ear.


“Enjoy the show, buddy.” Chris said, flashing the guy a smile.


Evans headed down to a door leading to the backstage room where he’s supposed to wait until things are ready. Inside Chris found his fellow superhero stud Henry Cavill was already there.


“You ready for this, mate?” Henry said, smirking at Evans.


“You better believe it.” The Captain America hunk replied, moving over to him and pulling him into an eager kiss. Their trimmed beards rubbed together as they began making-out.


“Whoa guys, as much as I’d like a private show you’re gonna’ have to save it for later.” A voice said behind them


They stopped kissing and Evans looked over to see comedian Chris Hardwick watching them.


“Sorry man. Guess you’re excited to host this thing, huh?” Evans asked.


“Fuck yeah, this is gonna’ be awesome!” Hardwick responded enthusiastically while rubbing his hands together.


“It’ll be quite the spectacle.” Cavill said, putting an arm around Evans.

20 minutes later the theater was full of people, most of them were fans who had connections with the right people to be able to pay to see an event like this but there were a few lucky staff members present as well. The comedian Chris Hardwick was on stage addressing the crowd.


“Are ya’ll ready for what fans really want to see?” He asked aloud


The audience roared with cheers in response.


“Alright, here’s the guys you paid to see; Captain America and the Man of Steel!” Hardwick announced.


Evans and Cavill both emerged from from backstage, each of them were at one end of the stage and they were both completely nude.


The audience exploded with approval; cheering and hollering at the nude studs.


Chris and Henry walked towards each other with their sculpted, hairy, muscle-bound bodies and thick cocks on full display. They came together at the centre of the stage in front of the large bed set up for them. The two men grabbed each other and kissed, making the crowd go wild.


Chris Hardwick sat in a seat near the bed and whipped his own dick out of his pants. “Alright guys, let’s see some action!” Hardwick exclaimed as he started stroking his cock.


Evans and Cavill got on the bed, kneeling in front of each other as they began groping their bodies, rubbing their cocks together and making-out. Soon both of their shafts were at full erection. The two studs were going at it hard; Chris started sucking on Henry’s hirsute pecs while they groped each other’s beefy asses to the audience’s delight.

Chris Hardwick watched the two immaculate superhero hunks and felt his own cock stiffen quickly. “Ohh man, Captain America and Superman going to town on each other. I don’t know which is harder; my nerd-boner or my boner-boner.” He quipped to the audience.


Some in the crowd chuckled at his lame joke but most people were entirely focused on the insanely-hot erotic display in front of them.


Henry Cavill was now the one sucking on Evans’ hairy slabs of pectoral muscle.


Chris could feel Henry’s teeth nibbling on his sensitive nipples. “That’s it, work my nubs.” He breathed into Cavill’s ear. Chris looked over in the audience’s direction but with the spotlights illuminating the stage he couldn’t get a good look at the crowd. He could definitely hear them though; voicing their approval of Chris and Henry’s bodies and breathing heavily as they masturbated at the sight. Evans whispered to his companion; “Let’s 69.” Chris laid on the bed while Henry got on top of him and they both started sucking cock.


The two men heard some more cheering and whistling from their audience at the sight of these studs giving each other blowjobs. As they were 69ing they kept rolling over so that the other man was on top, thus flashing their asses at the audience repeatedly.


Chris Hardwick jacked his cock vigorously, enjoying the wild sexual display. “How about we take things to the next level?” He said aloud.


The crowd cheered, wanting to see the hunky stars go even further.


Chris and Henry went back to kneeling in front of each other and shared a deep kiss; savouring the taste of their own manhood on the other’s tongue.

“We asked everyone in the audience what you most wanted to see tonight and it’s time for the guys to hear what your number one answer was.” Hardwick announced.

The crowd cheered, and the anticipation in the room was palpable.

Chris and Henry grinned at each other, they were just as eager to hear what the audience had decided for them.

“Well it turns out almost everyone in this room wants to see the same thing; ya’ll want to see Captain America get fucked!” Hardwick exclaimed.

The audience erupted with raucous cheers.


Evans smiled and was blushing beneath his beard. “Ya’ll want to see this ass get pounded?” He asked as he turned and presented his hairy, muscular buttocks to the crowd.


“The Captain’s going to learn why they call me ‘The Man of Steel’.” Cavill declared, giving the American actor’s ass a hard spank.


The crowd cheered and hollered even louder.


Chris got on all fours with his side facing the audience so they could still see most of his body.


Henry knelt behind him and lined his throbbing erection up with Evans’ asshole.


The audience whistled and cheered as Cavill’s cock slid inside Chris’ ass.


Henry gripped his fellow actor by the waist and began thrusting his hips; driving his cock back and forth in Chris’ tight ass and banging their balls together.


Evans pushed his hips back to meet Henry’s thrusts, feeling his cock penetrate him deeper and hit the sweet spot. “Ohhh fuck yeah!” He shouted and flashed a grin towards the audience.


The crowd was in Heaven watching these two superhero muscle-studs fucking for their enjoyment.

While he kept plowing Evans’ ass Henry moved his hands up his body and gave his meaty pecs a good squeeze and rubbed his nipples a bit.

Many in the audience watched, practically drooling as Cavill played with his pecs.


Henry then grabbed Chris, flipped him over onto his back and grabbed his legs before renewing his assault on the other man’s anus.

Chris smiled at Henry and then reached up to give the Superman stud’s hairy muscle-tits a groping of his own.


Chris Hardwick was watching everything with wide-eyed awe, jacking his cock furiously as he watched the hottest men he’d ever seen go at it.


Cavill kept ramming into Evans harder and faster and was breathing heavily. It was obvious he was going to cum soon and when he did he let out a deep, manly growl.


Evans watched in delight as Henry’s body tightened up as he fired his hot load and could still hear him growling over the roar of the crowd.


Cavill kept thrusting as his orgasm washed over him and didn’t stop until he had emptied his balls into his companion’s ass.


“Well how was that?” Hardwick said aloud. He had beat-off and shot his entire load into his hand and was licking it up.


The audience cheered and applauded in response to his question and Chris and Henry both gave the crowd two thumbs-up.


“Well we’ve got a special surprise for ya’ll that even our stars don’t know about.” Hardwick continued, with a wide grin on his face.

Evans had gotten back up on his knees next to Cavill and was planning on returning the favour to his fellow actor but was intrigued by Hardwick’s announcement.

“We knew you wanted to see Captain America getting fucked, so we thought; why have just one other superhero fuck him?” Hardwick declared.


On cue two more superhero stars entered the stage and everyone looked to see Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman walk in nude, just like Chris and Henry did.


The audience exploded with more cheers and applause and Ryan and Hugh basked in their adulation as they stood in front of the bed together.


Chris Evans was blushing again under his beard. He looked at the two studs whose cocks were already throbbing; Hugh Jackman’s thick, 11 inch long manhood was particularly intimidating.


“Ohh man, first Superman now Deadpool and Wolverine too? I think Captain America’s gonna’ be able to sit on his flagpole after this.” Hardwick taunted with a cheeky smirk.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Evans said with an embarrassed smile.


Henry got off the bed and made room for Ryan and Hugh to get on and kneel beside Chris.


“I’m up next, buddy. Can’t wait to have fun with that powerful ass of yours.” Reynolds said, spanking Chris before sharing a wet kiss with him.


Evans got down on all fours again except this time he was facing the audience so they could see his face clearly while Ryan shoved his Canadian cock into him.


Reynolds began fucking Chris in earnest when he suddenly felt Henry slide his rejuvenated erection up his asshole.


“That’s it mates, run a train on him!” Hugh guffawed as he gave Cavill’s ass a firm smack.

Ryan thrust his hips back and forth in rhythm with Chris and Henry’s bodies; when Chris pushed back, Ryan’s prick plunged into his prostate and when Ryan pulled back, Henry’s cock went deep and nailed his sweet spot too. A look of sheer bliss came over Reynolds’ face as his body acted like a piston between these two hunks.

While kneeling beside the other men Hugh grabbed Henry’s face and pulled him into a deep kiss. Their handsome, bearded faces locked together in a wet, noisy make-out session.


The audience thought they were in Heaven before but this new display of scorching hot stud-on-stud action was on a whole other level.

Reynolds pinched and twisted his nipples while he was enjoying being sandwiched between the other men and with the added stimulation of getting fucked while fucking he was getting close to orgasm soon. His eyes rolled back in his head and his body clenched as he started firing his spunk into Evans. “Jesus... fuck!” Ryan moaned, panting as his body pulsated with pleasure.


Feeling the sexy Canadian’s anus tighten around his cock sent Henry over the edge. He grunted and bit Ryan’s shoulder as he blew his second load.

The audience cheered watching the two men orgasm and then pull back from Chris.


Hugh Jackman took their place behind Evans and he grabbed the American hunk’s ass with both hands and squeezed his buff buttocks. “Quite the arse you have, mate.” The Aussie daddy growled. “I can’t wait to give it a good ride.” Jackman gripped his body and then flipped him over onto his back and held him down.

The crowd watched in awe as the tall, muscular, hairy, alpha male mounted the younger stud.

Chris moaned out loud as Hugh slowly slid his entire 11’’ prick deep into Evans’ already well-fucked and cum-slicked ass.

Everyone could tell exactly when Jackman’s cock pushed against Chris’ prostate by the way his eyes rolled back in his head.

Hugh leaned down over the other man and brought their mouths together in a kiss. The Wolverine hunk held Evans tight with their hairy chests pressed against each other while they engaged in a wet, smacking kiss.


As their kiss ended and Jackman straightened back up, a look of sheer ecstasy was on Chris’ face. He reached his hands up and felt Hugh’s chest, running his fingers over the firm, hairy muscles and kneading those mouth-watering pecs.


Hugh began moving his hips; fucking Evans with slow, powerful thrusts that he gradually increased in speed.

Chris panted as each plunge of Jackman’s cock came faster and more forceful than the last. “Own my ass, man.” He breathed out, staring up at Hugh’s stern, handsome face.

The Aussie daddy held Chris’ legs while delivering thrust after thrust.


Evans gripped the bed tightly as he panted, feeling Hugh ram his sweet spot again and again. His own cock laid stiff and throbbing on his abs.

Jackman felt his balls tense and he roared with pleasure as he busted his nut deep within the Captain America stud’s abused ass.

Chris Hardwick impulsively rushed over to the bed and went down on Evans’ cock.


Feeling his engorged shaft lodged in the comedian’s warm, wet throat while Hugh flooded his ass with spunk sent Evans over the edge. He shouted; “Ohhhhh FUCK YEAH!!!” as he blew his load.

Hardwick eagerly swallowed every drop of Chris Evans’ semen while rubbing-out another wad of his own cum into his hand, which he then ate after he finished drinking from Evans’ erection. The comedian then stood back up and addressed the audience again. “Let’s give it up for these superhero studs!” He declared with a wide grin.

The crowd erupted with cheers and vulgar praise.


The four stars stood together in front of the bed and basked in the appreciation of their horny fans. Their nude bodies were glistening with a sheen of sweat, their faces were still a bit flushed and their cocks hung plump between their thighs as they recovered from their intense orgasms.


Hugh Jackman slapped Evans on the back. “Another round of applause for this fella takin’ it like a champ!” He bellowed.


The crowd hollered once again and the other actors smirked at Chris deviously as they clapped along.


“I’m not gonna’ be bottoming again for a month.” Evans said in response as he reached back and rubbed his buttocks.


The guys waved to the audience before they filed off stage, drawing whistles from the crowd as their muscular asses flexed while walking away.


“I hope you all enjoyed that performance.” Hardwick said to the audience. “I know I did.” he added, licking his lips.

Backstage the guys were already teasing Chris. “I’m surprised you could walk off the stage after all that.” Cavill said, reaching over and squeezing one of Evan’s buff glutes.

“Sorry there, ‘Man of Steel’, but you don’t fuck half as hard as you think you do.” Chris replied, making Ryan and Hugh laugh.


“Oh is that so? Maybe I should show you how hard I can fuck when I’m not concerned with damaging a man’s arsehole beyond repair.” The sexy British stud countered while he stepped close to Chris.


“Get a room, mates.” Jackman said as he walked past them and smacked Henry’s ass.


“Only if I can come too and watch.” Reynolds added.


“Fuck, you guys were epic!” Chris Hardwick suddenly exclaimed as he walked into the room. “That display is gonna’ be in everyone’s spank-bank for the rest of their lives!”

“I assume that includes you.” Evans responded, looking at the comedian with a cheeky grin.


“Fuck yeah, man. Thanks for the protein shake, maybe I’ll get ripped like a superhero now.” Hardwick joked, flexing his arms.


“No problem, dude. Glad you had fun.” Evans replied.


“To getting cock at Comic-Con, huh guys?” Hardwick said, holding out his hand for a high-five.

“TO GETTING COCK AT COCK COMIC-CON!” The guys all cheered as they slapped each other high-fives.