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With the cool night air on her back Kimberly lifted her pale yellow dress over her head. Unlike earlier on, the action was deliberately slow feeling the soft fabric in her hands and how it springed when she pulled on it. Her eyes drifted up softly just as she was about to drop the dress onto her figure, hoping he would come back in at any moment to stop her. Wanting to see his brown eyes blaze at her naked figure once, just once.

I could get back into his bed, she thought as the dress settled around her thighs looking back down at his bed and then the door. Daniel said he was just going to go to bathroom for a moment. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if she had fallen asleep, they had just...

Kim swallowed tightly glancing once more at where his shirt had fallen. Her arms wrapping around herself, the cold air itching her bare arms. I’ve been crushing over him for so long, I got my wish, so why do I feel like I’m covered in dirt?

Did he also feel that? Was that the reason he rushed to the shower after?

No, he had a shower before he went to bed all the time. She remembered, he had smiled his tired smile from his seat at the living room table. It’s where he stretches before bed so he’s relaxed for sleep.

He had to be relaxed after that though right?

She thought about it, how his hands had grabbed rather then touched. He’d been forcable almost, the hands roaming across her like he had lost something. Wasn’t a red hot feeling supposed to happen then, when the clothes were  off? Wasn’t it supposed to feel perfect?

He had just did it. There was no “stuff” before hand, just straight to it. She glanced at her arms expecting to see marks, but her skin was the same pale and unmarked.

She looked over to his mirror, her startled reflection staring back.

Six hours ago she liked how the dress engolfed her sliming down figure, how her skin seemed to glow with the color. Now, she saw bumps she thought she had sweated away. Daniel’s hands still tugging on her sides, grabbing the extra skin around her waist as he pressed aggressive inside her.

Six hours ago she felt beautiful rather then pretty or cute, her smile bold on her face. Like Lauren, her beautiful roommate with her long butterscotch hair and smile so bright. Kimberly didn’t feel so plain. Now her face looked caked on with make up rather then soft and elegant, her skin red and disgustinlgly flushed.

Her eyes which not too long ago were an hypontoising blue now unwanted on her face.

“Keep your eyes closed.”

Why wasn’t I allowed to look at him?

He kissed me first in the dark, the music blaring around us. The kiss was hard and impatient, something Kimberly thought was passion. She felt it, it nearly overpowered her excitment.

Why did that passion stop once her dress was off and the door had shut?

Why did his hands become so hard, like he was in a rush? To get it over and done with.

Why was he out the door straight afterwards?

Kimberly grabbed her bag looking back at the closed door. Breathing  tightly she felt her heart racing as it ached, feeling like it was being torn in her chest.

“Keep your eyes closed.”

I got to be up early tomorrow.