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The Texting Habits of One Clint Barton

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It started out simple and a bit silly. Clint shuffles out to the kitchen to the coffee machine. He lifts the carafe to see that there is barely a centimeter of it covering the bottom of the pot. He pulls his phone from his pocket and takes a picture of the pathetic level of coffee.

You're so mean.

Is the caption Clint sends along with it.

A few minutes later he gets a picture message back from Phil of his fancy brewing thing-a-ma-jig steaming and pouring him a fresh cup.

You snooze, you lose, Barton.

Clint huffs and continues over to the cupboard to grab a bowl for cereal. There are none. He turns to the sink and finds most of them there, the rest, he discovers, are in the dish washer. He takes another picture.

D: it was your turn to do dishes this week.

The picture that comes back is of Phil's calendar.

When I come back it'll be your turn again.

In retaliation, Clint goes over to their front door and locks up everything, taking a picture and sending that with a little angry emoticon.

Phil replies with two pictures. One is a Memo From the Desk of Agent Phil Coulson with a heart drawn on it. The next is the same memo ripped in half.

Clint returns with a picture of the couch and lots of angry emoticons. He waits for a reply but doesn't get anything right away. He puts his phone on silent and heads into SHIELD. He wants some range time before he terrorizes the newbies with hand-to-hand lessons with Natasha.

His phone chirps when he crawls into bed that night. A picture message from Phil. Someone else took the picture because it's of Phil, getting his head stitched in the medstation on the Bus. He's holding his hand up in the sign for "I love you".

Coming home early.

Clint reaches up above him and takes a picture of himself curled up in bed with his arm stretched out onto Phil's side.

Saved a spot for you.

The last picture he gets is of Phil's ring finger and the gold band that wraps around it.

Best husband ever.

Clint replies with a picture of his own finger and the band that he wears when it's just them at home.

Takes one to know one.