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Claudia's Contest

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Claudia was in her bedroom that Wednesday morning. She was looking in a magazine and saw an ad that caught her attention. She thought she’d keep it for now and show her friends when they got together.

The advertisement said something about another contest coming up. Claudia remembered the last one she and her friends had with Happy Days.

Claudia heard someone knock on her door. The door was shut, so she got up from her bed and see who was there.

She found Stacey standing in front of her.

“Hi, Stacey. Come on in,” Claudia greeted her.

“Thanks. I hope you don’t mind me coming over early.”

“Of course I don’t mind. You’re welcome to come anytime,” she told her.

“Okay. You sure seem to be interested in something.”

“You bet I am. I want to show the girls so they can see also.”

Stacey walked in and shut the door behind her. She joined Claudia on her bed right where she’d left the magazine.

“What’s this magazine doing here? I don’t think I’ve seen this one before.”

“Neither have I. It interested me, so I picked it up.”

“It does look like an interesting one to me. What are you looking for in there, anyway?” Stacey asked.

“Nothing really. Just browsing around.”

Claudia said it like she was interested, Stacey told herself.

Now Stacey saw the page her friend was interested in.

“You’re interested in this ad?” Stacey asked, looking on the left side of the page.

“No, no. The right one.”

Stacey finally saw for herself.

“Another contest? I remember we met Richie and his friends in Milwaukee.”

“That’s what this ad reminded me of, Stacey. This one is interesting.”

A few minutes later, they both heard a knock. Stacey answered it this time.

It was their other friends. Claudia saw them too.

“You girls are early,” Claudia told them.

“We only wanted to hang out, so that’s why we came over.”

“I’m happy you did come over, Kristy. I found something that I want to share with you. I haven’t said much about it to Stacey here.”

“What is it?” Mallory asked.

Mary Anne joined Stacey and Claudia on the bed where Claudia kept the magazine.

“What’s this magazine doing here?” Mary Anne asked.

“Just flipping through,” Claudia answered.

Another contest? We just did that with Happy Days not too long ago.”

The others nodded. Even they remembered that also.

This time it was a contest to meet Archie Bunker and his family, but mostly him and his wife, Edith.

“Who are Archie and Edith Bunker?” Jessi asked as the other girls got closer to see for themselves.

“A television show. This should be interesting to enter this one. I haven’t done anything yet. This is why I wanted to share with you girls all at once.”

The others looked at each other.

“Should we go ahead and enter?” Dawn asked.

“I like that idea, Dawn.”

“Thanks, Mary Anne. I would vote to enter this one. Is this another sweepstakes like Richie and his friends were?” Dawn asked.

“Take a look at the date. We should enter our names in. It wouldn’t hurt to check this group out. No sweepstakes on this one,” Claudia replied.

A few hours later, the meeting began. The phone was pretty quiet this time. It gave Claudia and her friends enough time without being disturbed from the calls.

Claudia filled the information and then tore it out of the magazine. She had to do it for this one since she found it in the first place.

“Would you like to mail this on your way home, Jessi?”

“Sure, I’ll be glad to do it for you, Claudia,” she said as she took the envelope from Claudia.

“Thanks. Be glad to do it anytime.”

The magazine ad that she filled in was telling them that it was only to have a weekend with the Bunkers.

“I’ll let you know when I hear back.”

“This should be a fun one. What else did it say? I didn’t get to read the whole thing.”

“Sorry, Kristy.”

“That’s all right, Claudia. Just tell me the rest of the story.”

“It only said about the winner staying in their house for the weekend. This might be a long wait if it meant we’re the winners.”

The meeting flew by fast without a single call. Kristy dismissed them five minutes early.

“See you tomorrow,” Claudia said as her friends walked out.

“Want the door shut?” Mary Anne asked.

“No, it’s fine the way it is, but thanks for asking.”

That’s when she heard her friends walk out of the house. It was now time to make dinner.