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The Alpha In Me

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Jeon Jeongguk was an Alpha, and this aspect ruined his whole life. In high school, despite how quiet he was, he was always the target of the Omegas’ taunting. Even the outcast Alphas shunned him, ruling him a knothead and refused that he sat with them. Sometimes he was even their target of bullying when the Omegas weren’t around after school. He was pushed, punched, shoved. Anything they could think of, they did to Jeongguk.

Most days he found himself face first on the ground with his books spread across the yard. They labelled him too ‘perfect’…too ‘Alpha’. During his first year he had done all the sports Alphas were allowed, any club activities and had excelled far beyond any of the other Alphas but he had a competitive streak and short temper which the administration saw as Alpha like behaviour and he was banned from all activities for the rest of his school career. Instead, he turned to his studies, keeping his thoughts to himself, and hoped to get into decent university where he was allowed to play sport again. Now, all he had wanted to do was to keep his head down and study and get into a university.

Also, secretly stare at the most beautiful Omega in the school, Jimin, leader of the dance squad and one of the most popular Omegas in school. His full name was Park Jimin and he was tiny, with cute little hands and a smile that rivalled the sun. Jeongguk was smitten from the first time he saw them in the halls of the school. He had no idea how to approach the Omega and absolutely had no clue how to initiate courtship so he resigned himself to watch from a distance.

Though sometimes when he had a particular nasty scolding from his Omega Father and found himself lying in bed on the edge of tears, he wished Jimin would choose him for his mate. He couldn’t leave his parents home until he was mated and he wished so bad for Jimin to be his mate.

He fantasised what it’d be like for Jimin to mark Jeongguk as his, what it’d be like to stay home and look after their children while Jimin worked. He would try to be the best Alpha for him, wouldn’t yell, get angry, be possessive or be dominant. Jimin would have all the control like an Omega should and Jeongguk would follow all his orders as soon as they left Jimin’s pink lips. These fantasies would finally let the tears roll down his cheeks when he realised that his Omega Father was right, he wouldn’t be a mate for any Omega, let alone one as perfect as Jimin. Jimin didn’t even know he existed. Those were always the worst and best nights.

When Jeongguk’s senior year had finally come closer towards the end, he had applied for every university within the city and any that were just outside the city. His Alpha Father encouraged him, pushing him towards university, knowing that his son had outrageously good grades. His Omega Father didn’t agree so much but let it happen anyway, insisting that the universities would reject him.

He was right, every single university had rejected him. He applied for over thirty and every single one of them rejected him. He had held his tears in all day until he was finally home where he collapsed on his bed and sobbed his broken heart out. Not even the thoughts of Jimin could help him feel better.

He was twenty now, working a low paying job to pay for himself. He still lived at home due to the law but his Omega Father had declared that Jeongguk had to pay rent and everything else he needed to buy himself. He had luckily managed to get two friends after he graduated, Yoongi and Namjoon. Jeongguk had met Namjoon at a university tour that Jeongguk had snuck into to sulk and try to convince himself that he was better than the University.

Namjoon was an Alpha, an Alpha so smart that they allowed him into the university but under strict guidelines. He had initially thought Jeongguk was another Alpha in a situation like him but when Jeongguk reluctantly told him his story. Namjoon was very empathetic and invited him over to his house, which is where he first met Yoongi. The three Alphas quickly hit it off and when Jeongguk had confessed with tears in his eyes that they were his first friends in his life they became even closer.

“Did you see him again?” Yoongi asked as he sat down on the couch next to the youngest. Jeongguk blushed, quickly hiding his face into a couch cushion.


Namjoon just laughed coming in behind Yoongi, carrying a sandwich in one hand and a coffee in the other.

“That’s obviously a lie, you’ve been red since you got here,” Namjoon said with a sly smile.  The three were currently hold up at Namjoon’s house for the week, which Jeongguk had to ask his Omega Father for months before he finally allowed him. Namjoon’s parents often travelled, leaving the Alpha alone in his large home quite often. It soon became the Alpha’s hang out spot, especially since they mostly get harassed if they tried to hang out in public.

“Well, I saw him when I went to meet Namjoon hyung at the university.” Jeongguk smiled shyly, peeking out from behind his safety cushion.

“I don’t understand why they say you’re the most Alpha out of us; you’re like a little bunny,” Namjoon teased.

“Oh please, you go all googly eyes whenever you see Seokjin. I know you buy gifts and leave them on his desk.” Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“That was between you and me,” Namjoon hissed, glaring at Yoongi. Jeongguk looked up in shock, the redness on his face slowly fading away.

“Y-you’re courting him?” Jeongguk stammered, his eyes wide with admiration.

“Trying to. Seokjin doesn’t even know I exist. No Omega in the class even spares me a second glance.” Namjoon sighed, looking down at his coffee with sad eyes.

“At least you are trying something,” Jeongguk encouraged, “Every time I see Jimin I get so nervous I run away.” Yoongi and Namjoon wrapped their arms around Jeongguk shoulders.

“I’m sure you’ll work up your courage soon enough and then you’ll ask him. You’ll end up mating, finally move out of your parents’ house and hopefully, he’ll treat you well.” Yoongi said, rubbing Jeongguk’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. Namjoon rubbed the back of Jeongguk’s neck knowing that it always calmed the younger down.

“I just don’t think I can. He’s so beautiful and he always gets courting gifts and he always rejects them. They’re the more ideal Alphas, why would he pick me?” Jeongguk sulked, sinking back down into the couch.

“Well tomorrow when you come meet me at uni, we will find this Jimin and you’re going to say hello to him,” Namjoon smiled, squeezing Jeongguk with a wide smile, “Come on buddy, you’re so hot, Jimin will be chasing you down just to mate with you.” Jeongguk gave a wild smile towards his hyungs, but despite his happiness, he knew it wouldn’t last long. An Alpha’s happiness never lasted.