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Text me baby

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Chanyeol was completely done with being a virgin and if calling up a prostitute would mean the end of that, so be it.

He was 22 and all of his friends had had sex by now, leaving him behind. It wasn't like Chanyeol had no game; he had gotten so close plenty of times. But he was always just too awkward. Or somebody got a text or forgot to grab something or they got walked in on or the mood changed too suddendly. Chanyeol had been teased about sex before of course so he always pretended he lost it before he met all of his current friends. It was a tiny little lie that they believed, but it was starting to weigh on him. He just wanted to know what it was like.

And that's how he found himself browsing through an app one evening, ordering a prostitute. The app was great because you didn't have to call up anyone - just look through profiles and pick a person, see if they were available and go. Even the pay was online.

Chanyeol had picked a gay site. Chanyeol was a healthy practicing bisexual man so he had had his fair share of making out with men and women, but sometimes it got difficult to guess if the guy was a bottom or top. Chanyeol was down to mess around with boys but not to bottom with them. He swept right through manly looking men and even ones that looked questionable. He was looking for a strictly bottom looking boy.

And that's when he stumbled upon Byun Bushi on the app. He had bright, wide eyes and cute little curved lips. He was completely adorable and Chanyeol looking at him curled up in bed with his chin tucked down and his phone held on his belly he felt a nervous rush. Could he really just text this boy and have him come over? He was so damn cute.

He scrolled down to read his profile, his quick nervous eyes picking up random words like 23, well-groomed, open to anything, kind-hearted, Taurus, twink-

Chanyeol looked away and took a deep breath. Before he could chicken out he pressed the little chat bubble button and sent him a message. Hi there, I'm pretty lonely tonight and would love some company.

Chanyeol slapped his face with a hand and cringed, giving a weak sound of protest. That was so stupid! Why did he say that? He could have said anything less cheesy or stupid.

He slammed his phone down and got up to walk to his kitchen, distracting himself by taking some food from his fridge and sitting down and quietly eating it. He assured himself that the person probably wouldn't even read it. He was really cute and had a great rating, he was probably really busy.

As he chewed his phone vibrated once, across the room.

Chanyeol's head snapped up and he slowed with his chews.

The little notification bubble was pink; just like the app. He could just make out that the message had a bold B right at the start.

Chanyeol washed his dirty hands faster than he ever had before crashing into the bed and snatching his phone. The notification was from Bushi and the message read: what a coincidence, tonight I'm free! I'll send you my PayPal.

Chanyeol's heart hammered with excitement and nerves and he texted Bushi his address and quickly followed his PayPal link.

His thumb rested over the pay button on his phone as he swallowed thickly. This was it, no going back. Did he really want to loose his virginity like this? By paying for it? After a few moments he shook his head. This was up to him. He was allowed any way he wanted; and if that was a dirty, rough night with a slutty prostitute that was okay. He tapped the button and watched the page load as the interaction went through, and then nothing happened.

Bushi: so, what are we doing tonight?

Chanyeol frowned in confusion. Did this prostitute not understand what he was asking for? He hesitated before slowly typing out the usual? And sending the message.

His phone vibrated a few seconds later with the message: I have a lot of clients, the usual might not be what you think it is :D

Chanyeol let out a little laugh at how absurd, but true that was. He bit his lip and then decided to confess, knowing that this person wouldn't be disappointed and leave when he said, I'm a virgin and just want to know what it's all about...?

There was no answer for a while and Chanyeol chewed his thumb until there was no nail or skin around it.

Do you top?

Yes he texted back quickly.

Good :D any special kinks? I can bring toys :P

Toys? Chanyeol wasn't ready for that kind of stuff. Just vanilla I think... is that okay?

Of course! I'm almost there.

Chanyeol let out a curse of surprise and got up quickly, ripping the sheets off his bed and quickly changing them as well as his pillows. They weren't even that dirty, he just wanted things to be sort of presentable. He looked at the kitchen, which wasn't even separated by a wall and got up and quickly cleaned that off.

His heart pounded as he anticipated the knocking at the door, the fateful moment it would open and they would fall into eachother with passion.

But the knock didn't come. Chanyeol finished cleaning and focused on himself, grateful for the time. He tried to do something about his messy curls, gave up, and roughly brushed his teeth. As foamy drool coated his fingers, then he heard a dull knock at his door.

Chanyeol almost choked and quickly took the toothbrush out, leaning down and rinsing his mouth and cleaning it. He put away his brush and double checked his mouth before jogging to the door and opening it.

He was surprised at how tall Bushi was. For some reason he had gotten the impression that Bushi was really short. His height was on his profile but Chanyeol had skimmed over it. Bushi wasn't taller than him, but he was still tall. His looks were, surprisingly just as charming as his photograph. His hair was different though - it was blonde with pink highlights all through it. His bangs covered his forehead and dark eyebrows cutely, even poking over his eyes, which were wide and soft brown. He had a cute nose and heart shaped lips, appled cheeks, and a pointed chin. His eyebrows were starting to lift in question because Chanyeol was just staring, so the taller man jerked away from the door. "Come in!"

Bushi smiled and bowed lightly and came in, gazing around casually while Chanyeol shut the door behind him.

Chanyeol didn't know what he was expecting a prostitute to wear, but he was surprised it was so casual. He had a baby blue sweater on, with a white collar peeking out from underneath and rolled over his sleeves. He had tight blue jeans on as well and boyish sneakers.

"Um, do you like blue?" Chanyeol asked.

"Blue?" Bushi turned. His voice was high and cute, it made Chanyeol's heart pound.

"You're wearing a lot of blue." He managed.

Bushi looked down at his sleeve and pants, his hair falling into his face. When he looked up it was still there. "Should I change?"

"No! Of course not. It looks really good on you." Chanyeol let out a little laugh.

"Thanks." Bushi smiled, sitting down on the corner of the bed. "You too."

Chanyeol looked down, remembering he was wearing a blue sweater and red skinny jeans. "So much blue." He said with a little laugh, walking over and sitting down next to Bushi. The older but smaller man turned to face him properly and a smile pulled up at his lips.

"I guess I have to start, right?" Chanyeol awkwardly put his hands in his lap.

"No." Bushi smiled. "I can if you want. Or, we don't have to start."

"No, you can." Chanyeol assured, heart jumping as the smaller man smiled and leaned right up to kiss him. He had had tons of kisses before, but none this sure. The prostitute knew just where this was going and so did Chanyeol. He smaller got up on his knees, cupping Chanyeol's face and tilting his head to get deeper.

Chanyeol was kissing back but suddenly stopped with a mortified laugh as his stomach growled, loudly. Bushi also gave out a little giggle of surprise.

"I'm sorry!" Chanyeol exclaimed. "I didn't eat dinner really..."

"Neither did I." Bushi gave out another giggle. Chanyeol was becoming kind of addicted to the giggles.

"Do you want to eat?" Chanyeol asked, looking up at him. Sitting down on the bed with Bushi on his knees, he was looking down on the taller.

"Um..." he said, eyes straying to the kitchen.

"Let's go eat." Chanyeol jumped up and headed to the kitchen, hearing Bushi follow after him. He got out chicken from the fridge and some rice, and sauce. He set them on the table where Bushi had settled down. Then he pawed through the fridge and pulled out a beer, opening it as it released a hiss. He turned and then offered it to Bushi.

The prostitute looked at the offer in surprise. He seemed totally fine with the break along the way. "Uh..."

"Don't drink?" Chanyeol asked.

"No, I just..."

Chanyeol looked at the beer and set it down, digging in the fridge again. He took out a different beer, the same kind, but with the top still closed. He closed the fridge and offered it to Bushi, who took it then.

He sat down across from him and passed over chopsticks, opening the containers and grabbing a piece of chicken and stuffing it in his mouth. Bushi hesitated but took a lump of rice and ate it, gazing at Chanyeol and slowly smiling with confidence.

"So, why didn't you eat dinner?" Chanyeol asked after a moment.

"Um..." he said lightly, tilting his head like he really didn't know himself. "Sometimes I skip dinner."

"Why?" He poured the sauce over their rice.

"Hmm... it makes me thinner." He gave a small smile.

Chanyeol gazed over Bushi's midsection, the part he could see before it was hidden by the table. He was pretty skinny, maybe even a little much so, he wasn't sure. "But you're eating now." He pointed out.

"Yeah, I'm hungry." He smiled and grabbed a piece of chicken, enthusiastically biting into it.

Chanyeol smiled at the cute gusto he had. "Good. You should eat. You look perfectly fine." He watched Bushi's slender fingers grip the neck of the bottle, squeeze, and twist the top off with his thumb. Their eyes met and Bushi brought it to his lips, taking a modest sip.

Chanyeol swallowed thickly. "Do you want pizza?"

"Pizza?" Bushi asked in surprise.

"Well, we're both hungry and this is only enough food for one person." Chanyeol said, like it was obvious.

"Oh." Bushi looked down at the food.

"Pepperoni or cheese?" Chanyeol whipped his phone out, unlocking it and finding their conversation on the app. He quickly closed it.

"Do you have the pizza place on speed dial?" Bushi asked with a curious frown.

"Yep. Right above my mom."


Ten minutes later they were sitting on Chanyeol's couch with two boxes of pizza between them, greasy hands gripping beer bottles and shoulders touching as an episode of Descendants of the Sun played on the TV.

"I only eat pizza when other people buy it for me, to make them feel better about it." Bushi was saying. "But I love pizza so much I should just eat it all the time and nothing else."

Chanyeol kept eating, watching Bushi talk. He was such a talker when he had food and beer in his hands.

"I don't think anyone has invented a kind of pizza I wouldn't eat." He continued.

"Pineapple?" Chanyeol asked.

"There's nothing wrong with pineapple, I don't understand why people feel the need to hate it." He scoffed.

"Chicken pizza?"

"I love chicken!"

"Fish pizza?"

"Sure! It's like Sushi pizza. Sushi is good."

Chanyeol chuckled and drank from his beer, gazing at the tv as the man aggressively kissed the lead woman on the show, the music reaching a happy crescendo.

"So, what is the most extreme thing someone has asked for? Like when they text you to come over." Chanyeol asked, dying with curiosity.

Bushi looked up, his lips pouted over the rim of the bottle as he thought. "I've showed up in full bondage gear with nothing covering my important parts, gagged and handcuffed too."

"Seriously? How did you manage that?"

"I have a friend, he helped me out, knocked on the door, and then ran."

"Wow." Chanyeol laughed. "That's... crazy."

"Yeah... it kind of is." He agreed with a frown. "And dangerous."

"Yeah." Chanyeol laughed again, shaking his head. He stretched out his long legs on the coffee table next to Bushi's, who had only gone up on there after Chanyeol's. he watched their feet - Bushi with pink socks and him with black. "Have you ever done foot stuff?" He asked, his voice low and curious.

Bushi looked back, his mouth half open in a grin. "Of course."

"I don't want to do that!" Chanyeol exclaimed. "I'm just asking!"

"Okay." Bushi laughed loudly, standing up. "Where is the bathroom?"

Chanyeol pointed and Bushi downed the rest of his beer and jogged off to it. While he was gone Chanyeol quietly cleaned up the pizza, sensing both of them were done with it now. He quietly washed his hands, just knowing that the tone was going to shift now. Now they would do it. He went back and sat down on the couch.

Bushi came back and sat down closer than before, leaning back on Chanyeol's open arm. Chanyeol shifted his arm a little and let him put his head on his more comfortable chest, spreading his legs a little so Bushi could lay back on him properly. For a while they both watched the show and the smaller man's hand settled down on Chanyeol's thigh.

"So, is Bushi your real name?" Chanyeol asked softly, his voice teasing.

"Is Junmyeon yours?" Bushi retorted with the same playful tone, his toes curling and uncurling.

"Fair enough." Chanyeol laughed, trying not to jostle the man laying on his chest. He slowly finished off his beer and by then he felt restless. He looked at the cute boy between his legs, heart jumping. "So what do they call you when you..."

"They? My customers?" Bushi chuckled, looking at him. "Um, whatever they want. Usually babe is common. Some boys like calling me their little slut and things like that."

"Oh. Okay." Chanyeol said, thoughtful.


"So how did you get into prostitution?" Chanyeol asked softly, the lights low as they lay together in bed.

After the show had ended they moved to the bed but they were just innocently holding hands and staring up at the ceiling. Soft sounds came from the outside world, but it was so peaceful and quiet inside with them. Their heads touched together as they stared together.

"Well, i knew I wanted to use my body to get extra money to get through college." He said softly. "I was too shy for porn..."

"You don't seem shy to me at all." Chanyeol said.

"Yeah, cause I'm Bushi, not Baekhyun."

Chanyeol looked at him in surprise, and both of them burst into little giggles as they looked at each other.

"Oops..." he mumbled.

"Can I call you... Baekhyun? You can call me Chanyeol."

The prostitute gazed into his eyes for a few long seconds. "Yeah. Okay."

"Okay." Chanyeol smiled.


The next morning Chanyeol slowly opened his eyes and was blinded by the sun. With a moan he turned his face into the pillow, face scrunched up. He could remember last night and everything that had happened and felt so stupid for falling asleep. He paid for the time with Baekhyun. And he hadn't even managed to sleep with him. "Stupid, stupid..." he hissed, curling his hand in the sheet.

"Well I'm glad you're self aware." Came a voice behind him.

Chanyeol jumped in surprise and turned, surprised to find a fully clothed Baekhyun longing on the bed next to him. He looked like he had just woken up, with messy hair and sleepy eyes. His head rested on his hand on the pillow and he was smiling.

"it's morning..." Chanyeol said awkwardly. "But... I paid for a night..."

"But... you still haven't fucked me."

Chanyeol's heart thumped at the lewd language. Baekhyun's smile was gone and he was looking at Chanyeol like he was a piece of meat he wanted to sink his teeth into. And Chanyeol kind of wanted him to.

Moving on impulse he lurched forward and kissed him, rolling ontop of him and sitting on his lap as he kissed him deeply. He wasn't wasting any time now. Baekhyun's hands were up in his hair and then sliding down his shoulders and lifting his shirt.

"Oh, yeah..." Baekhyun breathed as he lifted Chanyeol's shirt to peek at his abs and chest. Chanyeol felt a rush of satisfaction and arched, letting the smaller pull his sweater off and pull him back down.

His hands worked at Baekhyun's blue sweater and he lifted it up and off, leaving him just in a loose, wrinkled dress shirt.

"Rip it, rip it open." Baekhyun panted as Chanyeol's eyes scanned the buttons holding it closed. His fingers hooked in a little parting between the fabric and he pulled right through, hearing and feeling the pops jerk his arms as the buttons flew freely over his blankets.

A low groan left Chanyeol as Baekhyun's body was presented to him. He had a tiny waist and a thin stomach and his skin was tight to his ribs. He had tiny, cute nipples and gorgeous collarbones. His belly button nestled between the faintest trace of abs on his hairless stomach. Chanyeol just wanted to squeeze his body tight. Baekhyun was looking at him with his wide eyes from down on the bed, arms above his head.

Chanyeol tossed the dress shirt away and reached down, his fingers touching Baekhyun's belly. The skin was soft and warm, and he scratched it as he hooked his fingers under the jeans and opened them. Baekhyun's hand came to his mouth and he started sucking on two fingertips.

Chanyeol was already embarrassingly aroused so he quickly pulled Baekhyun's pants down and off of his legs. He was wearing tight, plain black boxer shorts that showed the shape of his erection nicely.

Baekhyun's hand went from his mouth to Chanyeol's pants and he quickly opened them and pushed them down as well. "We're wearing the same underwear." He chuckled.

"I bet you own a lot more."

"You have no idea." He laughed. "I had to move drawers because there was so many."

"Id love to see more of them." He murmured, hooking his fingers in his underwear and pulling it down hungrily. Baekhyun's cock was small and pink like his mouth, and already half hardened.

"Your turn." Baekhyun pulled down his underwear and his face lit up in delight. "You're a grower and a shower." He purred happily.

"I don't think you know what that means." Chanyeol said, moving back in surprise as Baekhyun sat up and leaned in.

"Have you ever gotten head?" Baekhyun cooed as his lips worked around the stiff length of Chanyeol's cock. He could feel the words on his sensitive skin and he shivered.

"Once." He said after a moment. "She couldn't get it all down."

For some reason that made Baekhyun roll his eyes. His hand came up and his small but long fingers grasped his cock. Like a girl's. but the very obvious flat chest and tool between his legs made it very boyish. Chanyeol loved it. He loved looking over him, and Baekhyun could tell. He let his legs fall open as his mouth surrounded Chanyeol's cockhead and started sucking.

"Keep your eyes open." Chanyeol breathed, gazing at him as pleasure washed through him. Baekhyun's eyebrow raised with amusement and he kept his eyes up and on Chanyeol, taking him down deeper and slowly fitting his entire length in his mouth. Chanyeol suddenly felt the urge to grab his head and pull it snugly against his crotch. Instead he reached up and carded his fingers gently through Baekhyun's hair, tilting his head and watching him.

This blowjob was nothing like that he felt before. Baekhyun was slurping and sucking and being as loud as he wanted, taking care of his cock and making his knees weak with pleasure. He moved his lips along his length confidently and seemed to know just what he was doing as his smokey eyes gazed at him.

Chanyeol pulled back quickly as he felt an orgasm start to tug at his gut. "Turn around." He said breathlessly.

Baekhyun giggled, rolling over on his knees and lowering his front so he was showing off his little pink hole to Chanyeol. Chanyeol had lube in his bedside drawer and got it out, squirting it between his cheeks and earning a shiver. He noticed a faint bruise on his ass cheek and bit his lip, nervous and reminded of his experience. He hoped he could do everything right.

"I like being fingered like this." Baekhyun panted. "I like it gentle at first but then really hard when I'm stretched out..."

Chanyeol nodded, grateful for the information as he sank a finger inside of Baekhyun. He pushed it in deep and quickly moved it back out, feeling a burst of confidence as Baekhyun let out a little sigh. He quickly moved and added a second finger and twisted his wrist, angling them to start moving faster. He felt Baekhyun shift and widen his stance, his hands grasping at the blanket as Chanyeol moved.

"How is it?" He asked curiously. It was starting to be a little audible the way he shoved his fingers inside of him, slick wet sounds filling the room.

"G-good-" Baekhyun huffed out.

"Am I hurting you?" Chanyeol asked in surprise, stopping.

"No!" Baekhyun exclaimed, cheeks flushing as he arched his back like a cat.

Chanyeol realized what was going on and he started moving again, this time faster. He just thought that since Baekhyun had so much sex, he wouldn't be very responsive... But Baekhyun was arching into every touch wonderfully and clutching at a pillow while his fully hard cock dangled between his legs. Chanyeol grasped it and massaged it with his other hand, earning a little moan. Fuck if Chanyeol wasn't already addicted to them.

"Turn around." Chanyeol instructed, stopping the movement.

Baekhyun looked over his shoulder and twisted his body to lay in the pillows, arms hugging up and legs spreading wide. Chanyeol leaned down and returned his three fingers inside of him again, savouring Baekhyun's little whine and the way his expression broke as the pain turned into pleasure.

"Chanyeol, that's enough," Baekhyun said in a breathless voice as his eyes shifted down to gaze at him. He lowered a hand to reach out to him.

Chanyeol grasped Baekhyun's legs and hand and pulled him down on the bed, positioning his cock and pushing inside. Baekhyun's strangled little gasp made him shove in further until he pushed in completely and settled comfortably there.

"D-don't move. Give me a moment." Baekhyun rasped out a little, staring at the ceiling.

"How big am I compared to your usual?" Chanyeol asked smugly as he held his hand.

"Above average, for sure." Baekhyun managed. When Chanyeol laughed he pushed at his hand with a whine, "shut up!"

"No! I'm going to fuck you with my above average cock."

"What have I done?" Baekhyun groaned with a laugh, his head rolling back as Chanyeol started moving.

At first Chanyeol went with easy, short moves that Baekhyun was okay with and he felt confident in. Then he started moving faster and changing his grip on Baekhyun's legs, lifting and spreading them. The smaller man had to work out, his legs were just so muscular. He leaned in and kissed his thigh just below his knee, on the inner part as he kept moving fast. He peeked down and Baekhyun was wearing a perfect open-mouthed, pain but pleasure expression as he clutched the pillow under his head.

Chanyeol let Baek's legs fall open and he leaned in to kiss at his lips, Baekhyun eagerly returning the kiss as Chanyeol fucked into him fast. The bottom's hands ran over his shoulders and slid down his back, holding on as Chanyeol got used to the position and gave a low groan.

"Are you gonna cum already, virgin?" Baekhyun pulled back to breathe.

"Fuck you." Chanyeol exclaimed, feeling attacked. He did want to cum. Badly.

"Do it. I'm fine." Baekhyun panted.

"Baekhyun." Chanyeol whimpered, thrusting in faster.

"You're gonna cum inside of me just like that? Now I know why you wanted to hire a whore, you really need the experience." Baekhyun moaned and threw his head back. His own hand flew to his cock and started tugging.

But it was too late. Chanyeol came seconds later, pushing deep inside of Baekhyun and slowing with his thrusts as he moaned and hunched over.

Baekhyun panted, hand stopping. He was unsatisfied, but he gave Chanyeol a little smile and ruffled his hair.

But Chanyeol wasn't having it. He moved back, pulling out and leaning down and lifting Baekhyun's entire lower body. He heard the smaller man gasp, and then he leaned in and stuffed his face between his jiggly butt.

He opened his mouth and slid his tongue firmly between the cheeks, tasting his lube. It wasn't flavoured, but the taste actually wasn't pretty bad. He nuzzled in deeper and started licking roughly, hearing Baekhyun gasp again and resume stroking himself.

He wrapped an arm around his body and kept him at the extreme angle, continuing to eat him out and tasting the warm cum seep out. He eagerly licked at it and smeared it back over his hole with his tongue, feeling dirty and good and fantastic about this. Baekhyun's little gasps sounded the best when he assaulted his entrance like he was demanding more cum, so he kept doing that.

Baekhyun was breathless and shaky by the time Chanyeol's tongue got sore, his hips stuttering and shaking and hand rocketing over his cock. Chanyeol popped his head up between Baekhyun's knees just in time to watch his blissed out expression as cum shot down his stomach and rolled down his chest and his fingers.

Both of them panted as they came down, Chanyeol slowly unhooking Baekhyun's knees and laying down next to him. Baekhyun rolled to face him, eyes closed as he panted.

"Fuck, that was good." Baekhyun managed.

"Really?" Chanyeol grinned, eager to please.

"Oh yeah. You'll be just fine with that tool of yours." Baekhyun nodded sleepily and patted Chanyeol's shoulder.

"What if I want to use it on you?"

Baekhyun smirked, sitting up to slowly retrieve his clothes. He pulled them together to a bundle, getting up and smirking back at him.

"Text me, baby." He murmured, still breathless.