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A Room to Myself

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Sungchang placed a new book on his bookshelf.

For two years of highschool, Sungchang has always had a dorm to himself due to the uneven amount of students in his grade. He liked being by himself. He could do what he wanted without having to consult another person. He could bring his friends in to hang out without it being burdensome to someone else. He had no issues with anyone about staying up too late or waking up too early.

That is until the new year. A new set of freshman entered the school, taking up more dorms.

Sungchang was not happy that when he returned to his dorm. A boy that was a little bit shorter than him was setting up the once empty bed. That empty bed was used for his friends sometimes if they felt like it. They used to have giant sleepovers in the dorm together, but now that was no longer possible.

Sungchang stayed by the door and continued to watch the younger boy unpack his stuff. He just glared. The younger had big dark eyes and fading white hair. The boy decorated the bed in pastel purple sheets and brought a fluffy white bear with him.

Then, he turned around, "Oh, hello."

Sungchang straightened his back and watched the younger bow slightly, "Hello."

"Um, I'm Taichi. Taichi Honda,"


Taichi gave Sungchang a small smile and continued to unpack. Sungchang didn't like the younger grades. A lot of them acted like they were bigger than others, and sort of snobby. He also found them annoying. 

Maybe I could live with Seonghwan and Shinwoo, he thought.

"Well," Sungchang shrugged. "I'm going out with my friends for lunch. I'll just see you in the evening, okay?"

Taichi nodded in response and then Sungchang was off.


At lunch, Sungchang plopped himself on a seat beside Euijeong. He picked up his spoon and began to poke at his meal with irritation. He could list several reasons why this was going to be annoying for him. Sungchang stabbed at his rice and thought about sharing a dorm like what if Taichi snored loudly in his sleep, or what if Taichi invites his little freshmen friends to the dorm? He dropped his spoon and groaned.

"Is it really that bad?" Seonghwan chuckled.

"Yes!" Sungchang exclaimed.

Yeonhak stuffed a spoonful of rice in his mouth, "What's his name?"

"Taichi Honda,"

"Oh," Yeonhak mumbled. "I heard he's Japanese."

"Hmm, do you think I can scare him out of the school?" Sungchang started to eat his meal.

Sungchang was jealous of his friends, they got to share a dorm with each other. Seonghwan and Shinwoo shared a dorm. Euijeong and Yeonhak shared a dorm. He could sleep on their floor, just to get away from Taichi.

"Speak of the devil," Sungchang watched Taichi enter the cafeteria with a slightly shorter boy. "with his freshman friend, eugh."

"Geonwoong," Shinwoo said as he took a sip of his juice.


"That's his freshman friend. I bumped into him this morning,"

"Ah, so what do I do?"

"Live with it," they all said in unison.

Sungchang glared at them.

Seonghwan took Sungchangs juice, "It's one year. Maybe he'll move in a dorm with his friend next year or maybe he'll leave."

Soon enough, the bell rang and everyone left for their next class. Sungchang growled slightly as he watched Taichi leave with Geonwoong.


Darkness and stars fell upon the sky. Sungchang looked through the window as he dried his wet hair. He hasn't seen Taichi since lunch time. This is good for him, to make his last moments of alone time count.

The door lock clicked and opened, with the younger boy walking inside. He put his bag by his bedside and his dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

I guess he isn't as messy as I thought.

Taichi made eye contact with Sungchang and greeted him.

Sungchang dropped onto his bed and stared intensely at the younger, "Hey."

Taichi turned around and looked at him attentively.

"I personally think that rules are important when sharing a dorm with someone,"

"Ah, yes,"

"Don't do anything weird, you know? Don't leave your clothes around the dorm. Don't bother me while I'm working and-"

Taichi cuts him off, "Anything weird? What do you mean?"

Sungchang sighs, "I don't know. Weird can mean anything, like putting peanut butter in your jean pockets."

"Why would I do that?"

"God, I don't know! Just don't do anything weird!"

Sungchang wraps himself in his blanket, "Night, and take off the lights."

"Good night, Sungchang,"