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rose kisses, curling, unfurling

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Taehyung felt the fabric of his deep crimson cloak brush against his skin as his hums fell silent, his eyes alert now as they observed the trees and what was beyond them. It seemed as if the forest itself had quieted too, as if everything living was holding its breath alongside him.

It only served to make him more uneasy, and he quickly slipped his hand into the hidden pocket near his hip and gripped his trusty knife, having never lost its sharpness for all the years he’d relied on it. It was a comfort to have it in hand, and so he took a breath and stepped forward, prepared for anything.

Or so he thought, because when a man suddenly fell out from behind a tree and started coughing, banging his fist against the ground, Taehyung found himself at a loss. Shoulders loosening, he nevertheless kept his hand on the knife as he cleared his throat pointedly.

All at once, his breath left him. Glowing brown eyes looked up at him, their unnatural shine something he’d never before seen in all of his years. They were light in color, reminding him of fresh chocolate, and yet they stared back at him with a sharp intelligence.

“What are you?” He blurted out, eyes wide as he tried to back up but found himself frozen, half in curiosity and half in something like wonder. Of course the village had warned him of monsters making their homes in this forest, of not to go in even if was an emergency, never mind Taehyung’s excuse of wanting to pick rare flowers. But he never would have imagined that he’d come face to face with one of those myths.

All he’d wanted was to find some flowers for his mother and father, to make them a bouquet for their anniversary. Now he wondered what they would say if they knew just what exactly their son had gotten into.

“I’m a wolf, of course.” The man answered as he stood up, perfectly poised and nonchalant. It was only his eyes that gave him away, the intense way they observed and took note of him making him take a step back.

But it seemed as if the wolf had noticed the way he tensed at that, and suddenly Taehyung found himself face to face with a sly smile as the other stood there and cocked his hip.

“Cat got your tongue?” And then the wolf burst out laughing, leaning down and slapping his knee. Internally, he wondered if it was too late to just… go. Just go and forget that this whole encounter ever happened.

Eyebrows furrowed, Taehyung groaned and put a hand to his face. That joke had been absolutely terrible. It didn’t even deserve to be called a joke!

“Oh, you have a pretty smile!” That damn wolf tilted his head and grinned cheerfully at him, eyes playful.

He was mortified when his cheeks flushed a faint red, blushing even deeper when the other man chuckled.

“Shut up!” Huffing, Taehyung tried and failed not to giggle, giving up entirely when the two of them met eyes. A warm feeling spread through his chest as the wolf turned to him and easily offered out a hand.

“My name is Seokjin. Who might you be, human?” Taking that hand in his, Taehyung couldn’t stop himself from smiling if he tried.

“I’m Taehyung! Nice to meet you, Mr. Wolf!” Gleaming brown eyes grinned at him as Seokjin leaned down to press a kiss to his hand, teasing and sincere in equal measure.

“The pleasure is all mine, Taehyung.” His name was practically purred out, and he giggled at the way the wolf made it sound.

He could feel Seokjin’s smile and the kiss that the wolf offered him as they both curled against his hand, sweet as roses.