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Write A Song For Us

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It's nothing but time and a face that you lose
I chose to feel it and you couldn't choose
I'll write you a postcard
I'll send you the news
From a house down the road from real love - "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" by Stars

"So have you heard it?" Georgina asked as she sat across from Zac in a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. Their usual breakfast hang out on Saturday's.

"Heard what?" Zac asked with a raised eyebrow as he looked at the brunette with his curiosity piqued.

"Harry's new album," Georgina shrugged as she gave him a smirk. A smirk that Zac knew was her I have a secret and you don't know it smirk.

Zac shook his head, "Kind of didn't see the use in buying my ex-lover's album George," he muttered out before taking a bite of his food. "Why does it suck?" he questioned after swallowing his food a bit too fast.

"Harry's music suck?" Georgina asked with a playful hint to her tone. "No his music doesn't suck. It's just all twenty of the songs on his album are about you," she said as her I have a secret smirk grew. "Everyone in the industry and the press is talking about and wondering if you knew."

Going silent Zac let Georgina's words sink in. Really let them hit him as he thought of Harry writing an album about him. An entire album full of twenty songs.

"Is it about me?" Zac asked turning the tables on her. "I know you're still in contact with him. You're his stylist for god sakes," he laughed wondering if it was even appropriate that they were still friends. But Georgina had been his friend first and she had also been how he had met Harry.

Inviting him to some swanky Hollywood party and of course he had went because Zac could never turn down his best friend's request of going to a party. Even if he had just been dumped a week prior and had still wanted to mope.

Georgina took a bite of her waffles as she just eyed Zac. Zac getting the feeling she had taken the bite just to leave him hanging on her words.

"I mean I just said all twenty songs were about you," she finally said as if he were dumb. "Of course they're about you."

Narrowing his eyes Zac sighed, "I meant has Harry confirmed it to you or are you just going on what the press thinks it's about which we all know the press is usually wrong. For all they know maybe he wrote it for one of the many men he fucked after me."

"Be careful Zac honey you're bitterness is showing," Georgina reprimanded him though she didn't sound too serious. It was no secret after all that Zac was jealous of how quickly it had taken Harry to rebound after their relationship had ended. "But he may have confirmed it to me. I won't tell you either way until you listen to the album yourself and make your own assumptions dear Zachary."

Keeping his eyes narrow Zac just took another bite of his food. "You're evil," he told her knowing she was indeed evil. "That would mean buying an album that I don't want to buy because I don't want to hear Harry's music."

"Not necessarily," Georgina corrected him as she locked eyes with him. "I could just bring my copy of the CD over to you."

"You could," Zac nodded his head but even that prospect didn't sound good. "But I've done told you I don't want to listen to the album."

Georgina laughed at that before standing up after she had finished her food, "Oh you'll listen to it Zachary of that I am certain," she spoke like she was confident he would. "Now be a dear and pay for my part of the bill too. I have to run some errands before going to the place where Harry is doing a photo shoot today. Have to make that ex of yours look all pretty," she winked before turning and leaving before Zac could even protest.

Not that he would have because again he would do anything for Georgina. Even if the damn woman frustrated him and frayed everyone of his last nerves.

Which of course she had done today by bringing up Harry and his album. Because Harry was still a sore subject in his life. No matter how much he tried to say that Harry wasn't a sore subject in his life.

Zac just hadn't moved on after their breakup in late 2016. Listening to Harry's music would just make it harder to try doing what he'd been doing every day since they broke up. Trying to get over the man he had once been convinced was the one.

Heaving a sigh Zac finished what was left of his meal. His brain trying to decide what he should do on listening to Harry's album because despite himself he was now curious if the thing was about him or not.


"Remind me again why I had to buy this album for you?" Taylor asked as he sat with Zac in his living room.

Zac looked down at Taylor who sat on his couch as he unwrapped the CD. Knowing he didn't have to make Taylor go out and buy the CD. He could have just borrowed Georgina's copy but in the end he didn't want to let Georgina know he listened to it.

Didn't want to hear her gloating when she told him she knew he'd cave and give it a listen too.

"Because if I went out and bought it they'd surely make articles on that. A list Model Zac Hanson buy's ex-boyfriend Harry Styles' album which is probably about him," Zac spoke mocking what a headline would probably say. "I don't want it known I have this."

Taylor snorted a laugh as he rolled his eyes, "So you send your porn star brother to do it because you know they won't write articles about me. God forbid your porn star brother taint your image or even Harry's."

"That's about the gist of it," Zac confirmed with a nod of his head as he walked over to the CD player he kept on a shelf in his living room. A bundle of nerves forming in the pit of his stomach as he opened the player and put the CD in.

It was only after it began to play that he felt like maybe he shouldn't have done it. Maybe it would be best not to know because what would he do if he knew? Too much time had passed so it wasn't like they could even try again maybe Harry didn't even want that.

Maybe if the album was about Zac it was Harry's way of getting closure.

That thought alone was enough to make Zac reach out and stop the song before Harry could even begin to sing.

"What the hell Zac?" Taylor questioned from where he was still seated on the couch and Zac didn't turn to face him. "I was kind of looking forward to listening to the album."

"Then take it home with you," Zac grunted out almost too ashamed to face his older brother.

Taylor laughed at that which well that was enough to make Zac turn to look at him. A scowl on Zac's face.

"What's so funny Taylor?"

"Nothing's funny," Taylor denied though his expression said otherwise. "Just I never thought I'd see the day that you were chickenshit over something is all."

Zac kept his scowl as he crossed his arms over his chest, "I'm not chickenshit," he defended. "I just don't want to listen to the album now. I mean what if it is about me Taylor? What if it just opens a can of worms I keep trying to forget?"

"You mean you're jealousy at Harry fucking half the male population since your breakup and how you still love him?" Taylor questioned because leave it to his brother to be as blunt as Georgina was with him. "Though I must remind you it is your fault you two broke up."

Looking away from Taylor after he mentioned the last bit Zac felt his cheeks getting hot. "I know I messed up okay," he told Taylor with a sigh. "I should just declare that already. I fucked shit up and ruined everything. I'm the reason Harry's been on a constant rebound and probably wrote an entire album about me."

"About time you said it too," Taylor told him as he gave him a look. "I still don't get why you cheated either. Why you slept with Candy Fitzgerald when you had fucking Harry Styles."

"Because Harry and I were having problems then," Zac told Taylor even though he knew it was no excuse to have cheated on the boy he had dated for three years. Almost four by the time they had broken up. "I was stupid and I was doing that photo shoot for a magazine cover with Candy and I gave into what she wanted."

"Did you even think you'd lose Harry?"

Zac kept his gaze off Taylor as he ran a hand through his hair. "No I didn’t now shut up and stop talking.”

Taylor seemed to ponder that which did make him go silent for a bit. Zac feeling thankful for the reprieve because he was kind of hating that Taylor had to remind him that he was the reason Harry was gone. Even Georgina was kind enough to spare him those details.

Georgina knew Zac's cheating on Harry was even more of a sore subject than Harry himself was.

"I'll shut up once you start the album again," Taylor countered and as Zac looked at him he saw the shit eating grin on Taylor's face.

Glaring Zac shook his head before turning back and hitting play once again. Knowing full well if he didn't Taylor really wouldn't shut up and would delve deeper into all of Zac's wrongs. Remind Zac how much he had royally fucked up the best thing he had.

Which was the last thing Zac needed. Not when he did that all on his own half the time especially when he got drunk and wasted.

Almost wished he was drunk right now because maybe alcohol would have made this better if he came to find out this album was about him.