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"Okay that's enough," I said as I jumped from the roof to another one. The hard drive I stole from Blume were safe in my bag, all I had to do is to reach back into the hideout, destroy any bugs and retrieve the data. 

What I didn't know is that Blume had sent Fixers to kill me. What they didn't know that I am a trained Assassin, a skilled killer and the master of stealth but this Fixers are annoying as hell. "Welp, time do it in the old fashion way." I mumbled as I landed safely in a dark alleyway. I hang up and make my way to hiding spot. 

"Where's that bitch?!" A Fixer shouted. I could hear two more footsteps. Hm, just five of them. This will be a quick one. I thought as my brain build a battle plan. 

I whistled, to take one of the Fixer to come to me. And he did, I make a cover assassination. Four more to go. I climb the nearby ladder to make an air one. Two in one assassination. After that, I drag the bodies to a hiding spot. Hidden from the other two. The other two were closed like a pack of wolves. 

Remember the animus. Remember your ancestor. Remember their ways. I take a deep breath before running out from my spot and did a quick slice at the first one and the second one, and stab with the hidden blade, to the neck. 

Once I loot the bodies, I throw them in the trash can, making them hidden from the public. I laughed silently as I hack the cameras, hiding my scene from ctOS and Blume. 

I checked my bag when I climbed the roof once more. The hard drive was safe. I sighed for a relief. "Thank god," I dialed in the number and wait for the caller to answer. 

"Oh look, its (name)," Shaun sarcastically greeted me. "How's the party? Boring?" 

"Yes, yes it was," I reply back with my own tone. "It was lovely, they had a tea party. Too bad you weren't invited." 

"Oh, ha ha," I can imagine, Rebecca, hiding her laughter upon seeing Shaun's reaction to my own remarks. "Now then, let's get to business." 

I sat down at the roof, pulling out my laptop and place the hard drive in. While I did what Shaun said, typing incoherent things on the screen. 

"Is it complete?" I took a sipped from my flask. It took a few hours to let the hard drive to open up, the firewall were tough but that did not stop me to break it and replace it with my own firewall. 

"Almost there..." I heard Shaun sipping his tea. 

"How's San Fran doing for you?" Rebecca asked. I was sitting at the edge of the building, watching the sun, rising. Its light emits a golden glow, radiating the city. Making it to look like it as an angel. 

I shifted my leg. It was getting numb. "So far, so good. If you minus the Fixers, cameras and Dedsec.." I watched another of Dedsec videos, at the screen, spreading their words to the citizen. 

"Y'know, if only Dedsec knew..." I muttered. "We could invite them to join us, hack Abstergo, exploiting their dark secrets, learning their plans, knowing who and where the Templars at..." 

My laptop rang, signaling that the data transfer have been completed. "I got it!" Shaun exclaimed. "Thanks (name), we will contact you if we need anything from San Francisco." 

"Your welcome," I destroy the hard drive with a stomp of my foot and don't forget, to burn it. With one last look at the burnt device, I stuff my bag and make my way down to a nearby cafe. Ordering a cup of hot mocha and a tuna sandwich, I check my other phone for some news of anything interesting. 

San Fran is boring without any drama from Dedsec. The way they get information and release it to the world, is interesting. Better than us, hiding away. I scrolled away, reading the news.
"Hmm..." I sipped the beverage, letting the caffeine to work its magic to my tired mind. 

I took out my novel and started to read where I left off. Only to know that my sunlight were blocked by someone. "Hey!" I looked up, glaring at the person who dare to disturb my reading time. 

My glare drop when I scanned the figure. "Oh, hey..."