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Chapter One: Her Arrival



Village Hidden In The Leaves 


Naruto Uzumaki trekked his way through the forest. Lush greens, oranges, reds, and yellow decorated the place signaling that is was the season Fall. Naruto tugged his jacket around him tighter a small frown around his face. 

Which was very uncommon since he was always happy.

The ninja paused in his walking when a very large booming noise reached his ears. A feeling of fear mixed with adrenaline struck his heart when he realizes just how close the sound was. Without thinking he sprinted towards the noise the curiosity already melting within his brain. He dodged trees and jumped over falling logs. The wind whipped at his face seemingly going against them as he grew closer. It only took a few seconds for him to properly locate the cause of the sound and he was very surprised to see what-no who- it was. 

It was a girl…

A very unconscious girl. He tilted his head to the side as a small blush made its way to his cheeks. She was very pretty too. He had never seen her around the village though. He closed his eyes while momentarily pausing to think. He began to narrow out the village.

She seemed about his age, if not maybe even older. He continued to narrow out each villager while thinking of her qualities. Brown skin with wild, curly brown hair. Blue glasses too.

Naruto's eyes snapped open and he let out a small grunt when he realized he never has seen her in the village. So maybe she was a foreigner from another village? But how did she end up in the forest?

Another thing dawned on him and a frown made way to his face again. 

What the hell did she do that made that sound?

It was almost as if the wind was attached to her, swirling around only her. Her breathing was perfectly normal(okay maybe a bit uneven) and she was dressed in some weird uniform. Naruto squinted while taking a few steps forward. She had blue tattoos swirls that even seemed to be glowing! Or maybe they were a birthmark like his. He had no right to judge. 

Not really knowing what to do, he sat across from her and waited. He didn't want to move her to incase she had injuries and he didn't want to alert any ninjas. She might wake up and leave, or the villagers would think that it was another prank. So he continued to wait.

It didn't even take that long. In about half an hour the girl awoke from her slumber.  Her eyes opened revealing rather unfocused (odd) brown eyes. She seemed completely oblivious to his presence and the twigs in her curly brown hair. When her eyes settled on him he gave her his trademark grin.

"Hi my name is Naruto Uzumaki!" he said in the happiest voice he could muster. The girl continued to stare at him blankly not really processing what he just said. Naruto's face followed her confusion when she said something that sounded nothing like Japanese. The girl finally came to her senses and turned toward him fully.

"Na-Ru-To." The girl tested his name on his tongue before nodding to herself, a determined feeling washing over her. Naruto nodded at the broken syllables a smile stretching onto his face.

"Where am I?" She asked a confused look on her face. 

"Konoha! We're in the forest!" He said excitedly and she got even more confused look crossed her face.

"Ko-No-Ha?" She asked and Naruto nodded.

"Yeah! One of the best villages in the Elemental Nations!" He exclaimed while nodding vigorously. The curly haired girl crinkled her nose in response.

"Never heard of it." She said and Naruto fell back comically while letting out a shout.

"Whatdya mean you've never heard of it! Where do you live underneath a rock?" He asked while shooting back up and shaking her shoulders. The girl proceeded to push up her thick blue glasses and gently pushed away Naruto's arm.

"Well, technically where I come from this place doesn't exist." She said in a matter of fact tone and managed to brush a curl away from her face. A skeptic look was all it took for the girl to proceed.

"It seems as if I have done the impossible and have arrived from a complete world. My home is America and I live in a town called Blue Hill. Where I am from you are nothing but a mere character." She said and Naruto frowned for the third time.

Of course, I'm just a dumb side character. I bet its all about Sasuke-teme, Naruto thought bitterly. The girl continued to talk.

"I don't know much but I must say the show is about you and you've inspired many others across the world. I'll leave it at that." The female concluded and eased herself up.

"Now please tell me more about this place." She urged and Naruto stared at her suspiciously.

"How do I know you're not some enemy ninja out to kill me or this village?" He asked while narrowing his ocean eyes.

"Well I don't know how tho place works, but if I were a ninja I would have killed you by now or I would torture the information out of you." She said honestly while leaning back. Naruto gulped nervously and resisted the urge to scoot away.

"But I'm not an enemy, and you look like you can kick my ass anyway." She finished with a shrug and Naruto felt himself perk up at the statement.

"Uh, thanks I guess."

"However, if you still find me non-trustworthy you can still take me to the leader of this home." She said while smiling. Naruto held up his hands and shook his head. 

"No, it's fine. Although I may need to take you to Old Man Hokage anyway, only so we can help!" He said quickly and the girl nodded.

"Of course, I understand."


A few hours and Naruto and his newest friend were seated in the Hokage's office. Although the girl seemed a bit angry while Naruto was flustered. Sarutobi Hiruzen stared at the two kids across from intrigued. The girl most definitely looked peculiar with her odd brown eyes.

"And who might that this be Naruto?" He asked and Naruto opened his mouth only to pause.

I never asked her name.

"My name is Sukai Blu Summers." The girl interjected now known as Sukai. She offered a tight smile and slid back into her seat. Sarutobi regarded her somewhat wearily but told her a bit about himself.

"Now where are you from?" He asked and Naruto jumped in.

"She said that we never heard of it! Some placed called 'Murica!" Naruto said while bouncing his leg up and down. Sukai smiled softly while shaking her head. 

"It's America, dumbass," she said with a snort and Naruto paused to glare at her.

"I'm not a dumbass, I'm the future Hokage!" He said while flailing his arms dramatically.

"Yeah, we established that earlier." She snickered before her eyes flickered over to the old man who held a pipe in his hand.

"Hey, old man you're gonna die if ya keep smoking that." She said and Naruto elbowed her in the ribs.

"And you call me disrespectful." He muttered and the brown-skinned girl punched his shoulder.

"That's because you are. I'm actually looking out for this nice old man's health." She retaliated and caught his next punch. She turned back to the leader of the village and smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry, would you like to resume our conversation?" She asked and the old man let out a chuckle while fixing his hat. 

"Of course, now mind telling us how you got here?" He asked and Sukai nodded before letting out a deep breath.

"It started a bit after I got out of school."

To be Continued….

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Blu Hill, America 

Sukai Blu Summers slung her backpack over her shoulders before pushing up her glasses. A happy grin snaked its way onto her face when she saw one of her friends waiting at the end of the hallway. She quickened her pace and greeted him by punching his shoulder.

"What up Scott?!" The brown haired boy mumbled something under his breath and sighed.

"Hi, Sukai." He said in a gloomy tone and began to walk toward the exit. At the sight of her friend her eyebrows furrowed together in worry, her grin dropping. She attempted to match his fast strides.

"What's up with the sad tone dude?!" She asked and Scott jammed his hands in his pockets shrugging.

"Just stressed about the family project…Not all of us get a pass on this you know?" He said bitterly and Sukai froze as an icy chill went up to her spin. The project was simple. Just make something akin to a family tree. The only reason Sukai could care less about was that she had a pass on it.

Her mother and father were constantly on business trips leaving her alone with babysitters. Sukai's mom absolutely refused to tell her anything since the woman was adopted and her father's relatives were apparently dead. So Sukai pretty much had no family besides the new babysitter she would get every other month. All of her teachers knew of her special case and so she didn't have to do any of it. 

A bitter smile reached Sukai's face as she met Scott's eyes who didn't seem to be regretting what he said. His eyes were almost daring her to say something. He wanted her to grow angry and lash out, something she would've done a long time ago.

But the delinquent phase, crying out for attention was over. It didn't work, and Sukai was more mature than that.

Well, that's what she told herself every time when tempted.

"Sorry, I'll make sure I get an Ouija board and try and contact my grandma." She responded dryly with a roll of her eyes. She was tempted, so tempted to punch him in the face. 

But, Sukai decided that her revenge could wait. Another prank could be set up. 

"I'll see you around, asshat."  She said while walking out the double doors. For once she was actually glad to go home. The girl raised her backpack a bit higher and started to walk home. She wiped away the tears that threatened to spill and shook her head.

Don't cry it's not gonna get you anywhere she thought bitterly while pushing another curl out of her face. It sucked, really, to realize just how lonely she was. A hard pill to swallow. It was very difficult to fit in, and it wasn't because of her intelligent way of thinking and her eyes. And her eyes were odd.

She was born with a special eye disorder that made her pupil have slits, but they were more dragon-like instead of cat-like. Some people found it cool, some people thought she was a freak, but that was mostly because they thought she was some hardcore cosplayer. 

You see, according to her mother's files that she had read, after breaking into the absentee's office, of course, she had signed up from some experiment while she was pregnant. Nothing really happened besides the fact that Sukai was born with the eye disorder. 

It used to bug her, when she found out around when she was eight, so about four years ago. But eventually, she learned to stop caring and just got really, really angry. 

Sukai failed to notice the abrupt change in the weather as her eyes remained glued to the ground. Now Sukai didn't particularly hate her life, mostly because she didn't wanna sound like some entitled spoiled rich bitch, but she didn't exactly like it either. Sometimes she just wished that her eyes were normal or that she had an average brain.  Maybe better control over her anger and some therapy. Or, get this, supporting parents! Ha, that would be the day.

She was sure her mother would rather chew off her own foot than do anything of the sort. 

It's time

Sukai paused as the invasive thought rang throughout her head. Actually more like voice. It was male and very soft yet deep. It sounded like it was coated with honey and could lull her to sleep. But it was a voice.

A voice in her head! Sukai shook her head an prayed that she wasn't going crazy.

Now, Sukai has heard the voice before (multiple times actually) and it leads her to safety, but Sukai likes to stay in denial for a bit longer. It wasn't like the voice could actually do anything or make something happen. 

You shall no longer harbor this lonely burden alone anymore. 

Sukai freaked out as the voice rang out again this time clearer. Was this her life now? Making up voices to conquer her loneliness? 

"What the fuck?" Sukai shrieked when something hurled past her. 

The weather had long taken a dark turn and the sky was a dark and stormy gray. The wind had turned violent and strong, bending trees and sending smaller objects/animals flying.  One more time the voice boomed within her mind.

Sukai let out another shriek as the concrete cracked like glass and shattered in front of her, almost as if the world was falling apart. The hole in the concrete revealed a good pit of absolute nothingness and the genius barely had a second to process the windy hands pushing her forwards. 


Before Sukai knew it she was falling through a black void. Her voice was gone and she felt herself falling through the endless murky mass. 

I'm going to die she thought as the falling continued. She didn't know how long she fell through the void but it quickly grew boring. She wasn't exactly scared anymore and grew used to her setting. Maybe everything really was in her head, but just felt real. Maybe she was finally having a mental break of some sort. 

The wind continued to push down on and she was sure that it was trying to make sure she would die. A feeling of surprise melted within her when she saw a random streak of blue. Then she passed a white wisp. 

No, a cloud she corrected herself as an afterthought. The boredom disappeared and was once again replaced with fear when she realized something.




Konoha Hokage's Office

"I'm pretty sure I passed out after that," Sukai said while squirming in her seat. The Hokage fixed her with a calculating stare before nodding. 

"I see and might I ask how did you get those tattoos?" This time Sukai stared at him as if he was crazy while scratching at her tattooed arms.

"Tattoos? I don't have any- Holy shit ." She cut herself off as she looked at her arms. Starting from her shoulders were Japanese wind bars that stood out dauntingly. The different shades of blue melded beautifully, and the tattoo stopped just above her elbow.

The dragon-eyed girl stared at Naruto in surprise.

"Dude I freaking have tattoos! This is so awesome!" She grinned while shaking his shoulders. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes as his thoughts were confirmed. She really wasn't from this world, her tattoos were fresh. It was like she had just gotten them a few hours ago. The parlors didn't accept any kids unless they were ANBU.  

"Now I assume Naruto has told you about how most things work, correct?" Sarutobi asked and Sukai nodded while grinning.

"Yeah, you guys have this thing called chakra and you can do cool ninja stuff with it! You have different ninja ranks and you get to take awesome missions. There's even different type of ninjas and specialist too! You even get to help people!" Sukai listed while ticking it off on her fingers. Sarutobi nodded and smiled.

"Would you like to become a ninja?" He asked and Sukai's eyes filled with stars. She had a chance to train, to be better. 

To find a purpose.  

"I don't see why not." She tried to contain her obvious giddiness, smothering it with a reserved smile. The Hokage chuckled at her actions and leaned back into his seat. 

"Good but you must go through training before you start. It shouldn't take long and I expect monthly check-ups for your progress." He said while leaving out the fact and that ANBU would be watching her for twenty-four seven.

Sukai nodded in thought and a smile spread across her face.

"I will give you a year to train. I advise you to NOT do this independently but have some guide and supervise you. You have one year. Come back tomorrow for more information. Dismissed."

"Wait, can I say something, in private?" Sukai gave a pointed glance to Naruto who pouted but exited the room. The minute the door change, her whole demeanor changed. 

"I'll say this once, and I'll say it one time only. I will not be used as a weapon, I'm not an idiot. If it weren't for the fact that we were both getting benefited, me with training and you a gaining ninja, I'd probably be dead by now, or worse being experimented on." Sukai spoke calmly, her eyes narrowing as a dangerous smile played on her lips. "I'll give you props, sneaky old man. You're a smart one, but don't think for a second that I actually trust you. "

With that said, a bright smile slipped onto her face as she turned around and skipped out the room. 

Sarutobi leaned back in his seat, toxic smoke escaping his lips.

If Anzo hadn't died so long ago, he would've thought that Sukai was his kid. 






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Sukai wished she could say that everything came easily to her, especially during her first month of training,but that would make her a liar, and Sukai Blu Summers didn't lie.



The first thing she had to do, was get it together, living situation wise. The Hokage was gracious enough to bless her with a small apartment right next to the Uzumaki kid. They were actually neighbors and Sukai could easily break in by crawling onto his balcony. 

They lived in the more shittier part of town, in fact, Sukai witnessed an attempted (and failed) robbery on her way there, and the building has stray animals and trash everywhere; something that was way below Sukai's standards. 

But she was adaptive for a reason so she took the apartment gratefully. She'd take the small apartment over homelessness any day.  

Day one of officially living in Konoha started off with Sukai finding a job. Despite Mr. Sarutobi telling her that he did give orphans living on their own and allowance, Sukai insisted that she find herself a job just so she could have extra money on the side. 

"You look a bit...young." The male before her observed, his brown eyes scanning over her face. She had arrived at this shop bright and early, the day after she discovered that he was hiring. 

"I turn thirteen in December, but I'm a pretty efficient worker!" Sukai answered happily, her lips tugging up into a smile. She really had to charm the owner if she wanted to get the job. Working in the weapon shop not only gave her access to information on different weapons techniques, but she could meet different types of ninjas ask well! 

The owner stared at her critically and she met his stare head on. She long learned how to teach herself to be easily intimidated, she could thank her mother for that. 

"I'll believe it when I see it." The owner walked behind his desk and shuffled through his drawer. Out he pulled three heavy books that collided on his desk with a loud thunk. 

"You will have a week to study this whole book. It has everything you need to know about running this shop and on every weapon we have in inventory. Come back and I'll see if you're really are an efficient worker." He drawled while dropping the books into her lap. He expected her to leave the minute he even pulled the books out, but instead she stared at it with furrowed brows. 

"Just a week?" 

The statement caused a smirk to form on his lips. He sent plenty of people running with the time limit. It had taken him a month to even read one of the books. 

"Alright, I'll see you in three days, bye Mr. Tanaka!" Sukai hefted the books up with ease and exited his office with a smile, leaving the flabbergasted owner behind.

"What the hell is this?" Naruto stared at the books and scrolls in unconcealed horror. It had been approximately one week since she started her new life and she had yet to actually get to physical training yet. 

(She planned to do that next week). 

"Well, now that I scored a job with Mr. Tanaka, I gotta actually start learning the basics of chakra and how to manipulate it." She responded with a small sigh, her honey brown eyes never leaving the book in her hand. 

The two had resorted to using candles as a light source since the electricity had gone out again for the third time within the week. It would take her a while to get the proper tools to actually repair both her and Naruto's apartment, but she had the patience.

Her room was mostly sparse, save for the little bugs here and there that lived within the cracked, brittle walls, and her small twin bed. 

She tried her best to concentrate within the company of Naruto, who fidgeted constantly, and their bold neighbor who blasted music through the paper thin wall, claiming that it would keep the demon up because it didn't deserve to sleep, or whatever the hell that meant.  

Chakra is the energy a shinobi needs when performing a Jutsu. The energy is made up of two parts: Body and Spiritual Energy, which can be strengthened through training. 

Sukai skimmed over the text while simultaneously absorbing the information one paragraph at a time. Her blonde companion stared at the scrolls with a disgusted expression, thinking back to his miserable times and struggles at The Academy. 

For the umpteenth time, he was glad he graduated and never had to go back. 

"Okay, so all I have to do is just pull on my chakra, easy and simple. Eassssy," Sukai muttered to herself while pushing the black sweatband up higher. She sat up straighter and closed her eyes while attempting to drown her companion out. 

The book had told her that pulling on chakra for the first time was like unraveling a twisted, knotted ball of string. 

All she had to do was concentrate. Feel the river of power flowing delicately through her veins, building up because of the iron dam blocking its way. 

The music turned to nothing but a low hum, and the sound of Naruto moving was turned into a simple faint knocking which was easily pushed to the back of her mind.

She envisioned herself standing in a dark room.

The darkness surrounded her, vast and endless, reaching out to the secluded corners of her mind. Sukai breathed in the frigid air and was met with the smell of moss and other greenery. 

She turned around on steady feet and gasped. Six doors towered over her, each one covered in overgrown vines and wet moss. As she stepped closer to her a better look, she realized that each symbol had some type of kanji etched into them. 

She strode near the one on the right and allowed hesitant fingers to brush over it. 

火, Hi 

"Fire." Sukai breathed out with wide eyes. Her index finger traced the old cracks running up the decaying door. She reached down to open it, only to find no handle. She wasn't all that good in Kanji yet since her father never really taught her much, but she knew a few basics. 

"Huh," she murmured, her curly brown locks nearly shadowing her face as her head tilted to the side. She inhaled more bitter air and pulled her hands back to her chest. 

She didn't know why, but she felt the intense urge to get the damn door open. 

Exhaling out a frothy breath, she leaned forward to wrap her fingers around the growing vines. She went on her task on ruthlessly ripping them apart, and tugged at them until she had green beneath her fingernails and sore fingertips. 

The girl stepped back, her chest blooming with pride as she stared at the door. 

Her gaze slid back up to the symbol and she reached out to run her fingers over it. The symbol flared beneath her touch while glowing a blue. Hot white pain flared through her body and before she knew it, she was in the present world. 

"Holy shit, Sukai, you're okay!" 

She had no time to react before Naruto promptly tackled her in a hug. "Ow, dude, what the hell?!" 

"You've been meditating for three hours!" He complained while rolling off of her. Sukai did a double take, her eyes landing on the small digital clock, that was barely holding itself together, which read 9:53 pm. 

"Shit," she muttered with a small groan as tiredness began to make itself known, and seep deep within her bones. She thought meditation was supposed to give her peace of mind and refresh her, not make her more frustrated.

"So, did you figure anything out on your three-hour journey?" Naruto's head popped into her swarming vision, and he stared at her with furrowed brows. 

"No." She lied easily, deciding that it was better to not mention the moss-covered doors and be written off as crazy. It was always the geniuses that went insane. 

He stared at her for a few more moments before shrugging. "Alright, you still wanna see my shadow clone jutsu?" He asked with a mischievous filled grin. She caught herself mimicking it while vigorously nodding her head. 

"Hell yeah!" 

Three weeks into training and Sukai discovered that molding chakra was difficult as hell. After some practice with Iruka, a pretty awesome teacher in Sukai's opinion, pulling on chakra was as easy as breathing. The ball of string coiled within her unraveled with ease. The dam that once blocked the river of power, was now destroyed. 

But apparently, she had a shit ton of said power which made channeling it quite a difficult task. 

Exhaling slowly, Sukai began to channel all of her chakra straight to where the leaf rested on her forehead. Not even a few moments later, it wilted before crumpling completely. 


"Hey! No, cursing on the job." Mr. Tanaka scolded from somewhere within the store. She winced, an apologetic smile weaving itself onto her face. 

"Sorry, Mr. Tanaka." 

The bell chimed and she perked up. It had been quite a slow day considering the fact that it was morning time and Sukai was always dreadfully anxious with no customers. 

"Hello! Welcome to Tanaka's Scrolls and Weapons, what can I do for you?" 

She had encountered all types of ninja, ranging from Chūnin to even high ranked Jonin, each with different and unique personalities. But never had she met someone with hair as wacky as this one.

"I need my weapons polished," the male drawled, his single eye briefly glancing to the pile of wilted leaves as he pushed a small black box forward. Sukai brushed a wild strand of hair out of her face while pulling the box towards her chest. 

She popped the top open revealing a variety of kunai and shuriken. After a few moments of calculating she turned to him with a cheery grin and said," That'll be 500 yen Mr.-" 



She accepted the money with a grateful smile before scribbling his name on a sticky note and slapping it on top of the box. "The wait will be about fifteen minutes, feel free to browse our selection while Mr. Tanaka himself polishes your weapons!" 

She watched as Hatake pulled out a small orange book of his own while wandering over to the small section reserved for waiting customers. 

As the shop owner busied himself with polishing the tools, she got to work with another leaf. Closing her eyes, the girl imagined a droplet of water falling slowly. It collided with the leaf, but instead of excess water rolling off, the leaf absorbed it. 

She grinned brightly and began to ignore her surroundings. The water droplet grew bigger, and the leaf kept absorbing. The water eventually turned into a steady stream and before she knew it, a waterfall. 

"Holy shit." 

She opened her eyes and stared up at the leaf, unaware of the person watching her. "Naruto is gonna be soooo jealous."

Maito Gai was quite...eccentric to say the least. She just so happened to encounter him on her third month of training while she was on her morning run to improve her stamina. 

Training with Naruto had improved her reflexes and increased her pain tolerance since the whiskered teen was absolutely ruthless when they sparred. She easily learned that he was more hands-on with his ninja training, something he vocalized quite a lot. Usually, the two would run bright and early before Sukai headed off to work, but Naruto had been sent off to a two-week mission leaving Sukai going solo and resorting to training with Iruka-sensei whenever he had the free time.

"This is my team, Team Guy!" He offered her a sunny grin that left Sukai squinting. Great, a smile that could rival Naruto's after seeing ramen. 

"Nice to meet you all." Sukai gave a meek smile already regretting what she had gotten herself into. From the looks of the boy doing push-ups with a giant as a rock on her back, training was going to be absolute hell


 To Be Continued... 

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6:50 am 

Sukai was proud to say that she could actually last three minutes against Rock Lee when he used a quarter of his speed. She wasn't exactly fit, that was the truth. Sukai preferred inventing and reading books instead of exercising her physical body. 

The closest thing she had to stay fit was walking to and from school, or playing all of the Just Dance games whenever her babysitter locked her in her room. 

(Which was nearly all the time). 

However, sparring with Lee and Naruto on a daily was really taking a toll on her body. In fact, even the daily customers had been noticing her telltale winces whenever she moved. 

"You sure you're okay?" Mr. Hatake asked her for the umpteenth time, his eye probably noticing the dark purple bruises coloring her collarbone. She had taken to wearing one of Naruto's old shirts since she was a little more smaller than him. 

"Yeah! It's just that my friend doesn't hold back, but I gave him a black eye so we're even." Sukai smiled gleefully, recalling her latest spar with Naruto. Every since she started her training with Gai-sensei, her once sluggish moves and crappy reflexes improved greatly. 

"Hm, well I have a gift for you." He pulled out a book and slid it over to her. 

This statement had caused Sukai to reel back in surprise. Over the months, Mr. Hatake had begun a daily customer, purchasing small things, and always having an idle conversation. Sometimes he when volunteered to walk her home after she was trusted enough to close up shop. 

"Thank you." Sukai took the book with a grin, her eyes reading over the title. It was a book on traps, something that had been complaining on the week before. She could understand the whole concept, but without Naruto's help (who was a complete master, due to his constant pranking), she struggled with all the different variations. 

"Anything for a future comrade." His eye crinkled around the corners as he lifted his hand in a wave. She watched him leave with a smile on her face. 

"I wonder if he's a good ninja." Sukai hummed thoughtfully as she quickly grew immersed in her latest book. 


On her rare days when she wasn't training, or working both she and Naruto repaired their shitty apartments. They started small at first, replacing cracked window panes and buying new plants to make the place more lively. 

"Of all the colors, why orange?" Sukai asked incredulously as she placed the paint in the basket. Naruto had agreed to buy the paint, while she offered to paint to stay in contact with her inner artist. 

"It's my favorite!" The whiskered teen replied with a bright grin as they bumped shoulders. The pair walked side by side in their own little world. 

After purchasing the paint and taking the alleyways home, courtesy to Sukai who now knew Konoha like the back of her hand, the two spent their time discussing what exactly fix. 

"Yeah, we totally need to fix the leaky faucet and with the right supplies I can make us a solar panel to power our lights!" 

Naruto happily agreed despite not knowing shit about solar panels. 

With the help of a crap ton of shadow clones and the direction from Sukai herself, they managed to get most of the walls painted within six hours. The practically reeked of paint fumes, and Sukai's fingers were a bit cramped up but she felt accomplished. 

"Dude, we make such a good team." Sukai breathed out when the two had collapsed in her living room. Her living room was a lot cleaner, and a lot more empty which usually lead to them camping out. 

"Yeah, we do!" 

After a few moments of sitting in a comfortable silence, Sukai hesitantly asked," Naruto, are we friends?" 

The blonde shifted toward her as he tilted his head. "I've always considered you my friend, why?" 

Sukai ducked her head in embarrassment. She didn't want to admit it, but she's never really had a true friend before. The friendships she did have, always ended. She was too weird, or her delinquent ways were too much. Her eyes always freaked them out, or she was such a nerdy freak. 

The reason was endless. 

"Never had a true friend, is all. I guess I don't really know what friendship is anymore." 

Naruto stared at her, his blue eyes burning with some emotion. Sympathy? Pity? Maybe even empathy, she didn't know. 

"I'll show you true friendship, Sukai, believe it!" 

She hummed softly, a gentle smile playing on her lips. "Thank you, Naruto." 

• • • • 

Naruto learned that his latest friend took their friendship very seriously. Whenever they weren't training, or when he wasn't on missions, the two spent every waking moment together. They always pranked and had a ridiculous amount of inside jokes.  Hell, she helped make his apartment look better and cussed out their neighbor for blasting music when she learned it was directed at him. 

It felt..refreshing? He didn't know how to explain it. Yeah, he had friends from The Academy but no one actively tried to hang out with him. But all in all, Naruto was just grateful to even call someone a friend, so he didn't complain. 

And now that he had a true genuine friend, he didn't want to ruin it. Especially with keeping secrets. Which was why, Naruto Uzumaki was going to tell Sukai the truth.

"I'm the keeper of Kyübi No Yoko." He blurted out during their celebration of Sukai mastering all the  Academy jutsu. It had taken her two months to learn everything, and he was pretty sure that that was a record. 

To his surprise, Sukai didn't even look all that shocked. Instead, she leaned over and knocked her fist against his shoulder.  "I know, dude." 

He visibly blanched. Did she know? How long? What the hell? How did she even find out?! 

"H-how did you-" 

"Wondered why you took all that shit from the villagers and I broke into the Hokage's office-" 

"You did what?!" 

"-he should really get stronger seals. Anyways, yeah he knows I did it so I won't die or anything." Sukai finished dryly and waved her hand as if brushing away his surprise. Sukai couldn't believe that Naruto actually thought she wasn't going to investigate the villagers' hatred! 

"So, you don't hate me or anything?" Naruto asked quietly, his gaze remaining glued to the kitchen table. It was always a deep fear he had, losing friends over having a demon living inside of him. It made him feel horrible no matter how many times Iruka-sensei said he was a good kid. 

"Don't have a reason, I mean, I'm probably not even human and I don't even know it. Maybe the side effects will show later." Sukai wondered while shoving some rice in her mouth. She never told anyone about the experiments, never really felt the need too. Her eyes already made her freaky enough. 


"My asshole of a mother and dumbass father decided to experiment on fetus me. It's the reason why my eyes look like this, some type of shitty mutation." Sukai said casually with a shrug of her shoulders. Oddly, she felt like it was easy to talk Naruto, something that wasn't surprising. 

"We have horrible luck," Naruto muttered with a sigh, his shoulders slumping. It was a rare sight to see him look so dejected. She didn't like it, at all. 

"Hell yeah we do, but we're hella awesome and you have a great personality to make up for it! I'll fight every villager's talks shit." 

"You can't fight every villager when you still haven't even mastered the standard taijutsu." 

"Watch me." 

• • • • 

"Try that shit again, I dare you! Give me another reason to shove my foot so far up your motherfucking ass, you'll be picking my toenails from your teeth!" Sukai lunged at the villager, only for her companion's arm to wrap around her waist, effectively stopping her from going anywhere. It didn't stop her from reaching for the villager's throat though. She was sure to from the outside it she looked far from intimidating since the woman was a whopping 180 centimeters compared to her 163. 

"Sukai calm down!"

"Why? You could've been crushed from the cart!"  

"That demon doesn't deserve to live!" 

"You want a demon? I'll show you a demon, bitch! You better sleep with both fucking eyes open because I will ruin your life! I have connections, motherfucker, connections!" Sukai pointed a threatening finger at the quivering civilian with a snarl. She had to admit, after Naruto's initial request she agreed to ignore the insults.

But over the past three months of listening to insult after insult. Sukai couldn't help it. She didn't know if her week-long sore throat and the constant itch on the back of her neck added to her breaking point, but all Sukai saw was a walking target. 


"I don't have to apologize to some fucking demon, you dragon-eyed freak!"

Naruto's grip loosened and the growl he let out was more animalistic than her own. "The hell did you just say to my best friend?!" 

The girl broke free and launched herself forward with a snarl. She ignored the gasps from the small crowd that had gathered as she tackled the female to the ground and pressed her knee against the woman's throat. Something compelled her to rear her hand back and angle her palm so that her nails would strike her throat. It was never a move she had learned before, but it came easier than anything she was ever taught. She knew where to strike, which part of the woman's throat she could tear out with her teeth or her nails without causing too much damage or enough. 

"Naruto may not believe in attacking civilians but I sure as hell do. I've been training for nearly six months now, and I know enough pressure points to make your brain fucking explode. I advise you choose your next words wisely." Sukai seethed quietly, while resisted the urge to let her nails dig crescent marks into her palms. The last part wasn't true, she wasn't even sure if that was even possible, but she had been reading up on a few torture tactics from another book Mr. Hatake let her borrow.

She stared the woman dead in her eyes, practically challenging the elder to defy her. Sukai hated bullies, especially adult ones. It reminded her of her mother, Sukai's number one bully. 

"Now this is exactly what is going to happen," she began calmly, pressing her knee even deeper. The woman let out a weak gasp as her face turned an interesting shade of blue. She felt a bit lightheaded herself, but she ignored it and decided to focus on the task at hand. 

"You are going to apologize and then you are going to turn yourself in and explain how you tried pushing this cart on Naruto, capiche?" 

Unfortunately, Sukai couldn't really remember what happened after that. Maybe it was because her vision sort of had been going in and out all day, and it wasn't the best idea to tackle someone, she didn't know. Or really care for all that matter.

All Sukai knew was that her first true friend had been putting you with a way to much bullshit for way too long and someone had to step in. So yeah, Sukai passed out while being a complete and total badass. Which made her look like a complete and total dumbass.

So much for building a reputation. 

Sukai didn't know much about fever dreams, only read about them. She always had a pretty strong immune system so getting sick was a rarity. 

But Sukai couldn't tell if being right back at the doors again was a fever dream or not. Despite constant meditation, she could never really sink deep like she had done the first time.

But Sukai could remember every single detail that she had taken in. 

And a giant ass cave was definitely not there before. All the other doors were still there same, covered in greenery, and the one she had torn the vines off, still had blue glowing symbols. 

The air wasn't as cold as it was before, in fact, it felt quite warm. Breathing out a sigh, Sukai steeled her nerves and began to walk towards the cave. She closed the distance in mere seconds and peered inside. 

"Helloooo?" Sukai called out. She wanted for a response and was met with silence. Not even an echo. Something in her stomach urged her to step forward. 

So she ventured deeper. 

"Hello? Anybody home?" She tried again while pressing herself against the wall. The silence quickly grew unnerving and she was really close to backing out. 

"In here." 

The soft yet alluring voice caused her to freeze completely. She didn't know what was worse, the fact that she recognized it or the fact that she couldn't see where the fuck the voice was coming from since now the cave wanted to echo. 

She had shitty luck. 

"Can you like, come out? Wait, wait, don't, I can just leave-" 


"-Okay, I'll stay." Sukai gulped while shifting nervously. Something moved within the darkness, its heavy steps cutting loudly through the air. She pushed down a yelp as something smooth yet scaly brushed her ankle.



"Do not fear, Kaze, it is your friend."

"What the hell is a-" 

Her world blurred into colors and before she knew it, she was awake. 

The smell of medicine was heavy within in the air which did no good with a splitting headache she felt. Groaning, Sukai shifting herself upwards, frowning when her arm stopped short. She tugged again and turned around to see that- 

"Really, handcuffs?" Sukai turned to face the Hokage. He met her with a stern stare. 

"You attacked a civilian Sukai." 

"She tried to crush Naruto with her stupid ass food cart!" 

"You're already on thin ice from the break-in, you're not helping your case." 

"Or what, you'll kill me? Hey, when you do, don't tell my mom. She'll be pissed she didn't get to do it herself." She says dryly with a roll of her dragon-eyes. "And I'm not apologizing," Sukai added while using her free to hand to search through her hair for a bobby pin. 

"You will."

"I'd rather relive the day I found out I was conceived to be a science experiment then apologize to that pesky old bit-" she caught Sarutobi's eyes again,"-hag." 

She pulled the bobby pin out and got the work on picking the lock. It was funny how her parents believed locked doors would stop her from breaking in their offices. 

"But responding to violence with more violence should never be your initial reaction. To appease multiple concerns you will take anger management classes." 

The handcuffs clicked open as she let out an angry shout. "There is no way in all seven hells I'll take anger management! I don't have any anger problems. You can't make me!" 

"My name is Sukai Blu Summers and I have anger issues."

"Ah, we're off to a good start." The annoyingly calm lady, Mrs. Kami, replied with a warming smile. Sukai regarded her with a look of pure annoyance. She could be doing better things with her time then stay at a dumbass anger management club with a bunch of miserable adults. 

"So, when we get angry what do we do, Sukai?" Mrs. Kami asked her fifteen minutes into the hour-long session. There were three different people in the room, each one growing more extreme to the next. In fact, Sukai was probably the calmest and the only one actively listening since she knew that Sarutobi had eyes on her.

"We count to one hundred and control our breathing." Sukai muttered beneath her with a huff. She leaned back in her seat, her foot accidentally kicking the chair next to her and brought her hand up to scratch behind her left ear. 

Mrs. Kami gave another warm smile before breaking out into a speech that caused the itch on her ears to intensify. 

She already wanted to blow the whole place up. 

• • • • 

Somehow Sukai managed to pass three months of anger management while juggling her job, training, and on top of that hanging out with Naruto while managing to not assault someone who even looked at the blonde funny. 

She needed what the teacher called an "outlet". Something that would help keep her mind off her problems and instead move forward. For now, Sukai stuck to the drawing, but Mrs. Kami said it was best to try all types of things since she was prone to being the most explosive. 

(Sadly, Sukai could easily agree to that. She knew she had a lot of pent-up rage). 

Currently, she marked up her calendar while sitting slumped in her seat behind the register. Every now and then she would rub at her ears, that had been expertly hidden by her endless mass of curls, or she would replace a pen she had bit clean in half. 

Six months. Sukai had been training for six months, and according to Iruka-sensei, she had been working at quite an excellent rate. 

"Like a prodigy." He had told her proudly, leaving a bittersweet taste in her mouth. It felt good to have such genuine praise, not like the praise she had felt at home.

"Someone has a busy month." Mr. Hatake drawled while dropping a tantō onto the counter. Sukai hummed in response, chewing around the top of the tenth pen she borrowed. She was definitely going to have to replace them later.

"6,000 yen." She muttered while letting out a lion-like yawn. She accepted the crumpled bills and dropped them into the tip jar. "Have a nice day, Mr. Ekatah."

"Have you been pulling all-nighters again?" Kakashi asked as he pulled the money out of the jar and placed it back onto the counter. He had seen her like this before, but speaking backwards was one of those rare, and slightly worrying, stages.

"Teeth hurt." 

Her mouth had been sore for nearly two weeks now, and she had been resorted to chewing on nearly everything. Straws, pens, pencils, paint brushes...

Mr. Tanaka had jokingly told her that she reminded him of his daughter when she first started teething. 

"Have you tried going to the dentist?" 

The flat stare he received in response was the only answer he needed. 

• • • • 

"And what might be the problem today, Blu-san?" The male before her chirped, clipboard in hand as he observed the girl before him. 

Mr. Hatake gave her a gentle nudge and she quickly said," I haven't been sleeping and like four of my teeth fell out last night." 

Sukai muttered the last part while pulling out a plastic baggy. She didn't want to mention how they all had grown back that morning and instead decided to let him do some investigating of his own.

"Hmm, let's take a look, shall we?" He gestured to the seat. Sukai gulped as she strode over to the chair and sat down. She found herself staring up at the ceiling, ignoring the sound of him slipping on gloves. 

"Alright now say ahh." 

"Ahh." Sukai opened her mouth to reveal a row of freakishly sharp white teeth. Her canine teeth were a lot more prominent which could be a real danger if she wasn't careful. The dentist's eyes grew wide with surprise. 

"Blu-san, are you kin to the Inuzuka?" 

Sukai shook her head, confusion trickling across her face. What did the Inuzuka's have anything to do with her teeth? She didn't know very much about them besides the small facts she learned from the history books available in the civilian archives. 

"Huh." Muttered the dentist as be remained completely and utterly stumped. 

Hours later, as she sat slumped over the register, Sukai continued to chew on a straw, with her latest discovery in mind. "Apparently I'm teething." 

Naruto who had promised Mr. Tanaka that his shop was one hundred percent off pranking limits and agreed to not always distract Sukai, let out a noise of befuddlement. "Isn't that what babies do?" 

"Yeah, but for me, it's like I'm finally actually growing in another set of teeth? Old man said that's normal for me, so I shouldn't have to worry about it. Maybe the side effects are kicking in, and I'm just growing extra features." Sukai jokingly said whole poking her companion's shoulder. Naruto let out a laugh of his own. 

"That would explain why you suddenly have pointy ears!" 

Sukai stopped short. "Why I have what?!" 

Chapter Text

"Sukai Blu Summers! Get down here right now!"

The 9-year-old had run down the stairs the instant her mother had called her, bypassing the dull family pictures that hung on the wall. They were meant to make the home feel welcoming, but Sukai knew that it only added to the intimidation of the house. Well, mansion actually. 

"Yes, Mother?"

"What is this?!" Her mother hissed and shoved the test paper in her face. A loopy B+ was scrawled on the top right corner with a small smiley face. Sukai stared at the ground, using her toe to trace lazy patterns in the plush white carpet. Her mother had an obsession with the color white. Said it represent purity. 

Any speck of color would send the woman into a cleaning frenzy. Sukai was glad the woman hadn't seen the abundance of colors that decorated her room. 

"I fell asleep during testing and didn't get to finish, so I missed the last few questions."

She had stayed up to build a magnetic catapult for the science fair. She had been up for a few days, actually and ended up passing out.

"That's no excuse!"

"But I stayed up for the science fair I wanted to enter, and everyone else barely even scrapped a C minus." 

"Excuses Sukai, I raised you better than this."

You didn't raise me at all, Sukai found herself thinking. There were a million things she could say that would end with her getting an ass whooping. 

Or worse, the room. 

Her mother crumpled the paper while scoffing. "I should've known you'd turn out like this. Once a failure always a failure. Get out of my sight, you disgust me."

Sukai turned on her heel and marched up the stairs without looking back. Her chest hurt, and the corners of her eyes burned. But she didn't allow herself to cry. Hearing her mother hurt than any slapped that had been dealt. It hurt more than the insults from the other kids at her school. Crying only worked when she was one. Crying showed weakness and would get her sent to the room.

She was nine now.

And she was a failure. 

• • • 

Sukai awoke with a start, the curls sticking to the back of her neck. Her clothes had clung uncomfortably on her sides due to the sweat accumulated throughout the night thanks to Naruto's intense body heat. 

She shifted upwards trying to recall how Naruto ended up clambering in her bed. Wiping some sweat off her forehead, it dawned on her that Naruto had a nightmare. Something about some dude name Haku. Sukai didn't really question it, and just let him climb into the small twin sized bed. He passed out to the sound of rain pelting on the window, while Sukai followed due to reading a mind-numbing scroll. 

A quick glance to the brand new digital clock, thanks to the sweet old lady across the hall, told her that it was 5 am and that she had another hour before she had to get ready and open up shop. 

She brushed a thumb over the blue spirals that danced across her skin while pressing her head against the wall. She always tried her best to suppress memories of her mother, but no matter how hard she drowned them out, they always resurfaced. 

After a moment of taking a few calming breaths, Sukai climbed over her blonde friend and exited her room to head straight to the kitchen. 

"When in doubt, make breakfast " Sukai muttered beneath her breath while rubbing at her pointed ears. She peered into her fridge which had luckily been recently restocked with a variety of healthy fruits vegetables, along with a fair share of junk food due to Naruto. 

He had been horrified when he discovered that her mom didn't allow any sweets in the house, so he promptly stocked up on as much junk as he possibly could. 

Half an hour later and Naruto sleepily came stumbling in the kitchen as he inhaled the smell of bacon, eggs, and a side of fruit. 

"Smells good." He muttered while accepting the plate with another yawn. The amount of food piled onto their plates looked like it was fit to feed a small family.

"I hope so." Sukai shot him a grin before focusing on her food. Naruto briefly wondered if she had a tapeworm since the amount of food she ate was absolutely ridiculous. 

But then again, his eating habits were just as bad. He had a fast meta-something or whatever the hell Sukai called in. 

More time passed and before the two knew, they were both leaving Sukai's apartment and heading in separate directions. 

"Don't forget that I'm making dinner tonight!" Sukai called out with a grin. She chuckled when the word's "hell yeah!" reached her ears.

It felt good to have a true friendship. 

• • • • 

"So, why am I here again?" Sukai asked the Hokage during her lunch break while rubbing around her ears. Luckily they were mostly hidden by her large mane of hair so no one else could really see them thank Kami. She didn't really know how Naruto easily caught on, but ever since they started hanging out, he could read her like a book. 

"How have you been feeling?" Was the polite response she got. The girl stared at the elder before her with suspicious eyes while straightening up in her seat.

"I've been feeling like shit. I have random fevers that disappear on and off, I've been teething which shouldn't be possible, my ears are pointy as hell, and I threw up black goo last week." Sukai explained dryly with a shrug. There was no use in hiding it anyway, she wouldn't even be surprised if he already knew. 

Sarutobi smiled and leaned forward in his seat. She leaned back in retaliation, a frown on her face. "Is there something I need to know, old man?" 

"Not for now, please just tell me about your progress." 

"Oh, yeah! So I've gotten really good at my weapon accuracy..." 

Sukai continued to babble on, the topic beforehand completely forgotten. Sarutobi listened intently, nodding every now and then.  However, a thought rang clearly throughout his head. 

The first stage was already proceeding.

 • • • •

Over the next week, Sukai visibly grew sicker. She lacked energy, threw up a lot more, and would space out randomly sparing. 

So that was how Sukai found herself in the hospital with a very worried Naruto and a (surprisingly) Mr. Hatake as well. The smell of medicine was driving her absolutely insane and the constant clicking from the computer from the desk attendant right outside the hall was causing a headache to form. 

"Alright, now we're gonna take your temperature, Blu-chan." The medical ninja, Hinata, told her with a patient smile. He placed the thermometer beneath her tongue and it quickly beeped within seconds. 

Sukai shifted uncomfortably while trying to will away the heaviness of her eyelids. Dr. Hinata pulled the thermometer and stared at the numbers with furrowed brows. 

"That's odd it must be broken." 

"What's it say?" Naruto asked curiously while perking up from his seat. 

"It's over 200 degrees."

At that moment her stomach decided to be a little asshole and make itself known by showing how much control it had over her body and lunch. She had absolutely no control over the black goo that made its way up her throat and onto the floor.

"Don't let me land in the throw-up," Sukai muttered before allowing the darkness to claim her. 

• • •

Chapter Text


風, Kaze

Hesitant fingers brushed against the symbols carved into the door. It didn't flare beneath her touch like the last one. No, instead a small breeze circled violently around the dark abyss that represented her mind before weaving its a way between her fingers and around her ankles. The blue swirls on her upper arms glowed a bright blue and she released a warm breath. 

"Kaze is my friend, huh?" Sukai whispered quietly, a tingle traveling up her spine. A warmth bloomed from within her chest and traveled throughout her body. Oddly she felt...lighter? It was an unexplainable feeling but it wasn't exactly uncomfortable. Sukai felt as light as a feather.

And then her world bled with color. 

• • • 

"I said I want to see my best friend goddammit!" Naruto's angry voice was the first thing to reach her ears. It was an octave higher than usual and he sounded like he was on the verge of tears, but it caused relief to seep through Sukai's bones. 

She didn't want to be alone at the moment. 

Her throat felt as dry as sandpaper and the pounding headache was relentless as well. She tries to remember where she was, but all she pulled up were blanks.

She surveyed the room curiously and concluded that she was at the hospital. Based on the smells of the room, Mr. Hatake, who smelled like books, and Naruto, who smelled like ramen yet reeked of the forest, had previously been in her room. And there were two ANBU currently monitoring her room, both from separate roofs.

Sukai paused at the information that had flooded her mind.  

Weird she thought. 

She shook her head, she could worry about the new smells and sudden awareness of the ANBU later. For now, she really needed some water. 

Letting out a ragged cough, Sukai pushed herself out of the bed. She stumbled, dazed, at the sudden rush that met her brain. 

"Whoa." She mumbled while pressing her hand up against the wall to study herself. Once the world wasn't spinning as much and finally stilled she slowly made her trek across the room. 

What felt like hours, but was only actually seconds Sukai had finally made it to the door. Breathing a small sigh of relief she gripped the door handle- 

-her nose began to tickle-

-and pulled the door open.


Two things happened at once. 

One, her head accidentally smacked the door causing the headache to amplify. Two, she jumped up and she well let's just say- she didn't land. 

Sukai's feet were most definitely not  touching the floor, and instead, they hovered a few feet over the ground.  

Maybe she hit her head harder than she thought. 

Her grip on the door handle loosened completely, and before she knew it Sukai was floating back into the room. 

She fought the urge to panic and swallowed the bile that threatened build up. Instead, she stayed calm and took in a few deep breaths. The wind swirled around her ankles and wrist and did she mention that she was floating?

"I have the worst luck," Sukai muttered just before her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her world went dark. 

 • • • • 

"What's happening to her, Old Man?! You said that she was gonna be okay!" Naruto demanded, his hands slamming against the Hokage's desk. Betrayal was clear in his eyes, swirling around with distrust. 

Sarutobi stared at Naruto calmly, hiding how surprised he was on the strong bond that he formed with Sukai so quickly. "She will be fine, just give her a couple days." 

"Bullshit! Her heart stopped and they had to bring her back." 

"Sit down Naruto." The third sighed heavily, blowing out toxic smoke as he did so. When Naruto refused to listen, he leveled him with a steady glare. "Sit." 

Naruto obliged with an irritated frown, the anger still sizzling beneath his skin. The blues of his eyes were turning a darker shade around the corner and Sarutobi fought back the alarm that shot through him. 

"I have a story to tell you." 


54 years ago when he was a proud newly approved ninja, Sarutobi Hiruzen had encountered Kasai Anzo who was quite an enigma. 

At fourteen he had migrated from somewhere within the Land Of Wind and did it alone, unlike all the other generation of children who came with their parents to settle in. He had eyes unlike others with a personality to match.

On the contrary to everyone's beliefs, Anzo was probably the gentlest ninja in all of Konoha. At a young age, he already sported multiple tattoos and even more scars which fates were intertwined to tell stories on how they came to be. With sharp teeth and a roughish grin, people always assumed that he was uncontrolled and wild. 

But he was the opposite. 

Sarutobi didn't know at the time, but Anzo was probably the most controlled person in the village. 

"It's the cause of my heritage," Anzo would always say with a shrug," if I lose control, people will die." 

No one believed Anzo when he said that he was raised by dragons. Demons definitely existed, but dragons? Nah, never in a million years. Most of the villagers stayed away from him cause of the stories he told. It was obvious just a bunch of lies to make him seem less like a freak. 

But Anzo always laughed everything off with a bright grin, as always. It was another thing glaringly obvious about him, besides his brown skin covered in tattoos and bright brown eyes. He was never truly serious and always had a grin on his face. 

"Ma told me it's best to stay happy, then to get angry. Everyone would hate me more if I was angry." Anzo had told him when they were both fifteen. Their friendship was pretty well known throughout the village, probably because they'd had taken a lot of mission together and always came back successful. 

Although Anzo did earn the trust from most of the village, constantly proven himself on multiple missions, people stayed away.  He still told stories about the dragons to kids in the orphanages who always believed him, but the villagers remained wary. Anzo abilities were unexplainable. He could breathe fire without the need of chakra and could jump so high people thought he was flying. He always said his dragon relative had taught him, but dragons weren't real, so it was complete bullshit, right?  

Sarutobi didn't know what to think, but he knew that he trusted his friend with his life and that was never going to change. 

And then when they were twenty and outnumbered, Sarutobi would learn the truth. 

"There's a bunch of scrolls in my apartment. Give them to Mila for me, would ya?" Anzo told them while they were back to back. Twenty ninjas. Twenty skilled ninjas, against the two of them. They were tired, with low chakra and covered in some unknown gunk that felt heavy against their skin. 

They wouldn't last a chance. 

"We aren't going to make it back." He told him solemnly, gripping the kunai within in his hand tightly. Anzo let out a laugh, a loud and genuine sound that pierced the humid air and somber atmosphere. Usually, the familiar sound left him feeling all warm inside, the laughter always so contagious when they were out celebrating with friends. 

But it had him feeling quite the opposite. 

"Tell Mila I love her too, and you better keep Biwako happy you hear?" 

The ninjas began to close in, and Sarutobi mind began to run wild. He knew he could take a few out with him, but it was a matter of how. 

"We aren't gonna make it out of here," Sarutobi repeated again lowly and stepped back to avoid a loose punch. He hurled his fist forward and made contact with his opponent's temple. He fell backward, unconscious.

Anzo chuckled again, but Sarutobi could hear the sadness. The controlled effort to hold back any sobs. He was good at handling emotions, but Sarutobi knew Anzo's greatest fear was dying with getting nothing accomplished. The fear of never getting to see his soon to be born son.

"Take care of my kid, please." 

The ninjas began to close in and the two pressed themselves together. This was it. 

"Time to set you free, buddy, for good," Anzo muttered to himself with a grin. Beneath his mesh shirt, the tattoos began to glow a vivid gold and shine brightly.

Anzo blew out a shaky breath before calmly saying," Yuki release." 

The world fell silent for a few seconds. The ninjas didn't attack, waiting for something daunting to happen. Anzo was known for his sporadic attacks that caught ninjas off guard with its pure ferociousness. 

All they got was Anzo slumping forward onto the ground, and breathing going still. Sarutobi cursed. Fuck, fuck, fuck. This wasn't good, this wasn't good. He couldn't do this alone, he couldn't-

And then suddenly something fucking roars, filling the night sky with the vehement sound, and then his world explodes with fire.   



"Anzo has been dead for more than 30 years," Sarutobi finished gravely, a distant look in his eyes. He turned to stare Naruto down who's anger had thankfully settled completely. "His wife miscarried as well, and yet somehow, Sukai is here." 

For once, Naruto was shell-shocked into silence. He stared at the ground with furrowed brows and Sarutobi took that as a chance to talk. "I made a promise that I would take care of his kid." He began slowly while rising from his seat. He walked over to a small shelf and pulled out a small box which held several scrolls. He sat back down and pushed the box forward. 

"You must help her get through this, Naruto-kun. Sukai doesn't know of her heritage and you're the only one she trusts to help her." 

Naruto stared at the box, a determined look washing over his face. "I'll protect her with my life." 

Sarutobi smiled and leaned back in his seat. "I know you will."  


Chapter Text


So you've gone and got yourself a dragon kid, eh? Well, fear not because I, Anzo Kasai, the first descendant to live within the ninja realm in the open has decided to make a guide.  To the person reading this, congratulations, you must be an Uzumaki or a very trusted friend. 

Now let's begin with a little dragon dynamics. 

Dragons kind of some type of...hierarchy per se. Depending on how big the pack it is, different roles will be established. But the three main important ones are the Alpha, The Equal, and The Split.

The Alpha part is pretty self-explanatory but in case you don't know, the Alpha is the leader. In case you encounter a flock of dragons or descendants, remain respectful and NEVER disrespect their Equal. You might as well just jump into an enemies base unarmed.

The Equal is the Alpha's other half. They are life partners and essentially rule together. If the Alpha were to die, then The Equal takes over. They aren't the second in command and please never ever EVER say that. That's how you get your throat ripped out. Yeah, I realize dragons are pretty fucked up but we're not worse than wolves so ha! 

Lastly, there is The Split. The Split is usually the Alpha's best friend, and most likely not related to a dragon in any shape or form. The Split can be anyone, demon, human, ninja it doesn't really matter, but The Split is what helps keeps everyone grounded. The Split is capable of bringing The Alpha back to reality. Or in a descendants case, The Split is what keeps their humanity in check. (For more information, go to scroll 6)

Now enough about that! Let's move onto the fun part aka The Birth of A Dragon Descendant! 

When a dragon descent is born, they will look completely human, believe it or not. Well besides their eyes which will match their dragon grandparent. Other than that, the child should be completely normal. 

Their teeth will be perfectly human-like. They can't float, fly, or breathe fire, or ice, or electricity, along with many other elements of course. So if everything has gone to shit and you want to hide your child in the open for a while, all you have to worry about is their eyes! 

The changes will begin to occur around the ages of 10-14. They will begin to grow in their adult teeth for hunting, grow out their ears, and maybe even gain some tattoos if their ancestors feel that they are worthy enough! 

Their defense mechanisms (fire-breathing, floating/flying, hunting instinct, sharper nails, etc) will appear not too long after. The initial stages are a slow painful process, and your child will probably throw up a lot of weird black shit, but they'll be fine in the end! 

But it will take them some time to adjust to their new traits. You have to teach your child to adjust to the new sounds and smells. Before you know it, the kid will be back to normal! The next few changes won't occur until their adults, so about 18 and older. 

Another thing to be warned about is the scenting-

"The hell are you reading dobe?"

Naruto shrieked from his place on the tree and flailed wildly. if it weren't for the fact that he used chakra to make sure he didn't fall, he probably would've broken his neck or destroyed the very little dignity he had left. 

You would've thought he had some privacy after everyone went home!  

"You scared the shit out of me, bastard!" Naruto scowled while pulling the scroll to his chest. All he got was a raised brow in response. 

"You didn't answer my question."

The blonde folded the scroll up. Sure Sasuke was his rival or friend and all, he didn't exactly trust him with such important scrolls. So he settled for saying," I don't have to!" 

With that said he jumped down from the tree and started his trek to the hospital where Sukai was waiting for him. He could already feel Sasuke's eyes burning holes into the back of his head. 

• • • • 

"The hospital food sucks ass!" Was the first thing Naruto heard before Sukai promptly tackled him into a hug. She didn't seem to be able to recall anything before she passed out, and was seemingly unruffled about how she was well- 

Naruto glanced down at her feet which hovered a few feet over the ground. 

-floating. She seemed pretty chill about a lot of things actually, like the sharp nails that currently dug into his shoulder blades and besides the fact that she did growl every now and then or bared her teeth at the doctor who told Naruto to leave the room, she was acting fine. No freaking out of anything, so he wasn't going to treat her any different. 

"Well, Dr. Hinata said you can leave today and then we can get back to being normal." He grinned with a small laugh. She let out a laugh of her own because things were definitely going to be far from normal. 


Eventually, the summer weather turned into fall, and Sukai found herself actually enjoying the cool weather and crisp smell of leaves.  With the extra money saved up from work Sukai actually had the savings to expand her wardrobe, which was how Sukai set out to find Naruto and convince him to shop with her after he finished training.

Her friendship with him had definitely changed as time went past, that's a fact, but it wasn't exactly bad. For example, he wasn't weirded out when Sukai spent about two weeks rubbing their cheeks together, or when she sometimes called him kit, or when she suddenly began to start a collection of shiny rocks. 

And of course the week she spent hunting small animals and bringing them to Naruto with some uncontrollable pride because hell yeah she could totally provide for her best friend when the right time came. 

So yeah, Sukai was proud to say that their friendship improved. Sure she had other friends like Lee and Tenten, but they were more sparring friends in all honesty. So she was proud of herself for letting someone in. 

Sukai couldn't help but smile as she jumped from roof to roof. She knew that he was either at the Third Training Grounds or probably on a mission somewhere. But wherever he was, Sukai was definitely going to tag along. 

Soon the grassy area came into view, and Sukai watched with a small grin as her blonde companion aimed a roundhouse kick to some raven-haired teen. 

Probably Sasuke, her mind supplied as she recalled the numerous complaints she's heard about him. Surprisingly, Naruto didn't talk much about his teammates or mission, claiming that their rude behavior would sometime bring his mood down. The times he did talk though were usually about asshole Sasuke Uchiha the last of his clan. 

Without removing her eyes from the fight, Sukai found some empty space on the grass and sat down. The two were so engrossed in their fight that they didn't even notice her presence.  

When a dark shadow loomed over her, she glanced up and blinked in surprise. "Mr. Hatake!" 

Her exclamation caused the sparring to come to a halt. She watched as Naruto turned to face his teacher and pointed a finger at him. "You're late!" 

Sukai cocked her head to the side in confusion. From what she heard about the famous "Kakashi-sensei" he was always late, probably a bit perverted, and the laziest person on the planet. Which was a complete contrast to her favorite customer, Mr. Hatake, who was always on time to walk her home when she had to close up shop, recommended her appropriate books when she wanted to read something new and was always volunteering to help her reach the top shelf? 

"Mr. Hatake is Kakashi-Sensei?" Sukai wondered aloud but was ignored. 

"Who the hell are you?" Sasuke asked instead, a dark glare crossing his features. Sukai, however, remained far from intimidated, deeming her mother's pissed off glare a lot scarier. 

"I'm Sukai, and you're Sasuke, Naruto says that you're an asshole."  

If looks could kill, she'd be worse than death. Not only did she have a killer glare from Sasuke, but from the other teammate as well. The one who smelled like flowers and all that girly shit.

"Don't talk to Sasuke-kun like that!" The pinkette interjected with a scowl of her own. Sukai easily identified her as Sakura Haruno. She had an encounter with the girl's mother, and it wasn't the most...pleasant experience to say the least. 

"He was rude first, but then again I'd be pretty pissed if my hair looked like that every day." Sukai pointed to Sasuke's hair with a genuine look of pity. Naruto let out a loud laugh. 

"Good one, Sukai-chan!" 

The two fists bumped, radiant grins on their faces. Sasuke scowled, it was irritating. The two were both idiots anyways. 

"Please don't insult my student, Blu-san." Kakashi drawled lazily as Sukai jumped up and brushed some grass off of her. She turned to face him while puffing her cheeks out. 

"But he was mean first!" 

"Aren't you supposed to be at work?" The silver-haired nin asked with a tilt of his head, he secretly hoped that it would steer the conversation to somewhere new. Maybe even separate the blonde and brunette before they got into something. 

"Day off, and Gai-sensei is on a mission with his team so I can't practice taijutsu. Iruka-sensei has a full class all week cause of mock exams and Naruto is here so I decided to bug you." Sukai offered a mischievous smile and Kakashi sighed. It was no use. 

"Fine. Hokage-sama did say you can start shadowing us." 

"Sweet! So what's the plan?!" 

• • • •

Sakura Haruno didn't know what to think of Sukai Blu Summers. Her first impression was that Sukai was probably an idiot. From the way Naruto talked about her, Sukai was always in trouble or pranking and was in dire need of anger management.

And while from what Naruto said was true, because Sukai was most definitely rude and didn't know who Kakashi Hatake was, Sakura was definitely a bit worried about Naruto's latest friendship. 

Sukai didn't seem like a good person with any type of sense for the dangers in the ninja world!

Currently, their latest mission was another D-rank which was pulling weeds, again. It bored Sakura, really it did, but she would gladly choose a mission like this over a C-rank any day. 

"So this is a D-rank, Mr. Hatake? How come you guys can't take another C-rank, this is hella boring." 

Because C-ranks are dangerous, idiot! Sakura thought angrily. She couldn't bare another mission that would end in something dangerous happening to her precious Sasuke-kun! 

"They're not ready for it, we weren't even prepared last time."

At least Kakashi-sensei knew the reality of the situation! Sasuke almost got killed from that damn C-rank. They were supposed to have a future together. Get married and have kids and- 

"But C-ranks-" 

"-are dangerous!" Sakura interjected with a loud shriek. Four pairs of eyes were brought to her and she couldn't help but blush cherry red since Sasuke was finally looking at her.

"I gotta disagree, pinky," Sukai responded with a small shrug, as she wiped some dirt onto her pants. It irked Sakura that the other girl had no disregard for her appearance. How could she walk around with streaks of dirt everywhere?! And don't even get her started on that rat's nest she called hair. 

"C-ranks aren't supposed to require that much combat, and even if they do it's only against people like bandits or thieves and shit.  Are you saying that you're precious Sasuke-kun can't handle inexperienced fighters?" Despite the lightness in his tone, it made the atmosphere feel heavier.

Sakura gaped, completely and utterly stumped. Of course, she didn't think that! Actually, Naruto was the one they really had to worry about. "Of course not, we have to worry about that idiot, Naruto!" 

Said blonde made an odd noise, his face scrunching up in hurt before he pressed his lips into a thin line. "Ouch." She heard him mutter. She resisted the urge to frown, that was the complete opposite reaction she had expected. 

"Ah," Sukai's voice lowered as a smile slipped onto her face. For the first time, the upturn of her lips didn't quite reach her brown eyes. The usual warmth and lightness everyone had grown accustomed to were absent. Instead, it was replaced with an iciness that had Sakura wishing she hadn't even opened her mouth. 

"I advise that you revise your choice of words, Sakura," she says, the smile stretching as she stepped forward. The threat was so obvious and daunting, it made feel Sakura's gut church uncomfortably. From what she heard, Sukai wasn't even a ninja, and yet Sakura still found herself terrified. 

Naruto, a true godsend, takes a step forward and in a steady voice says," She didn't mean it, Sukai-chan. It was just a joke." 

Sukai's eyes never leave her face. "Maybe she should rethink who the real useless one is." 

The words hung heavy on her shoulders and would remain on her mind for the rest of the day. 

Maybe she should. 


The walk back to the mission office was extremely awkward. Sakura didn't know how to feel, especially when she realized that Naruto wasn't going to always be there to jump to her defense.

It was a hard pill to swallow, but deep down she knew Sasuke wasn't going to jump to her defense either. 

 "So how was your first shadow mission, Sukai?" Hokage-sama had asked the girl with a small smile. Sakura had expected a scowl to light up her face, or her nose to scrunch up angrily, but instead, she grinned brightly. Sakura huffed quietly, Sukai didn't look like the type to respect authority, let alone smile at them. 

"It was pretty boring, but it wasn't that bad I guess. I found a rock too!" Sukai shoved her hand in her pocket and pulled it out to reveal a shiny smooth obsidian rock. 

Hokage-sama chuckled, a fond smile pulling at his lips. "Good, good. At this rate, you'll be a ninja before the year is even up." 

Her whole face lights up like a Christmas tree. "Really, can I assist Mr. Hatake?! I heard that was a thing when kids were really advanced but not advanced enough to be a Chūnin, so they got to help a jonin instead!" 

"Ah, I see you've been doing research." 


"Alright, I'll consider it." 

That caused both Naruto and Sukai to let out a cheer. "Ahh, hell yeah!" 

Sakura didn't believe her day could get any worse. 



Sasuke Uchiha didn't know what to think of the dragon eyed girl now known as Sukai Blu Summers. He's seen her around before, only catching glimpses of curly hair always followed by a shout or sometimes even a laugh. 

Their first encounter left him seething with rage if he was being honest. She had no right to regard him as if he weren't important, he was an Uchiha for Kami's sake! It irritated him, really, and you would think that he would see her as another hurdle he could jump over to get to his revenge. 

But this is where the conflict settles in. 

"What the hell am I supposed to do with this?" Sasuke asked while pointedly gazing at the smooth stone in his hand. He was smart enough to know that it wasn't just something you find lying around on the ground somewhere. The shimmering purple colors were to vibrant and beautiful, shifting from blue to purple depending on where the sun hit it. 

"It's a token of my appreciation," she had told him with a bright grin almost as radiant as the stone she had given him. He briefly considered giving it back, but the odd glint in her eyes told him that the stone was more than just a token of her appreciation. He had a feeling he would be rejecting much much more.  

So he settled for coolly saying," What'd I do to deserve this?" 

The smile turned a bit rueful. "You protected Naruto on that Wave Mission. I appreciate it." 

And with that said, she was gone. 

• • • 

He didn't know why, but he keeps it in his left pocket. And when the sun comes up the next day, he spent his time tossing it up and down while waiting for Kakashi-sensei.

What he didn't expect was for Naruto to practically bombard him with questions. "When did you get that? No, who gave it to you? How did you get that?" 

He raised an eyebrow and pushed the dobe out of his way.  He didn't really understand what the big deal was, it was just a stupid rock. "I got it from your freaky friend yesterday." 

Naruto let out a string of curses, which was a bit of a shocker really. Naruto wasn't really much of a cusser until a few months back. He was pretty sure the sudden creation of his words was due to a certain someone. 

"Goddammit." He whined pathetically while falling to the floor. 

"What's the problem, dobe?"  

Naruto stopped his mini tantrum to stare at him as if was the idiot. Which he wasn't by the way.  Naruto was the dumbass. "Do you understand what this means?"  

The flat stare he leveled his rival with left Naruto rolling his eyes with an exasperated sigh. "It means Sukai is willing to accept you in." 

Sasuke blinked slowly, his mind trying to comprehend whatever the hell Naruto meant. "What?" 

"Nevermind, you won't understand. But I'll tell you this." Naruto leaned forward, his blue eyes darkening with something that almost made his blood run cold. "You lose that rock, and she won't be the one you have to worry about."

With that said, Naruto pulled back and turned to greet Sakura with a cheer. 

• • • • 


Chapter Text

Danger. Danger. Danger. DANGER. 

Sukai jolted into consciousness and immediately surveyed the room. She didn't know what was causing the rapid increase of her heart, or the goosebumps rising along her skin. 

A small gentle tap on her front door. The sound echoed loudly throughout her head and caused the nervousness to spike. 

Someone's in the apartment she thought. Pushing the blanket off of her, her mind began to reel. She had considered a thief since she did live on the shitty side of town, and had set all the basic traps she known. But based off quiet this person was, they were either really experienced or it was a ninja. 

Sukai closed her eyes and inhaled sharply to calm herself. Just swallowing her spit felt like swallowing a bunch of needles. 

A brief spark of chakra sent her eyes flying open. 

"Fuck," she muttered to herself. Whoever was in the house had quickly masked their chakra again, but Sukai couldn't still feel their presence. It sent a wave of uneasiness throughout her. 

Taking another shaky breath, her eyes flickered to the window. It was open, thank Kami, and all she had to do was jump to Naruto's neighboring balcony. Simple. Easy. 


Another chakra signature. Roof. 

Shit. Shit. Shiiiiiit. 


A third.

Motherfucker Sukai thought, praying that the intruders couldn't hear how fucking loud her heartbeat was. Their chakra pools were big, and she knew that there was no way in hell that she could take them, let alone one. A Genin, sure, and maybe even a Chūnin if she tried hard enough, but a jonin? Hah, she needed more skills for that. 

The plan of going to Naruto's was completely out the window. She couldn't take that dangerous risk anymore. She couldn't put her best friend in danger. 

Get to the woods. Get to the woods. Get to the-

Sukai breathed out a shakily as she stealthily slid out of bed. Her feet made contact with a random article of clothing, thankfully muffling any noise. 

Closing her eyes, she let began to control her breathing once more. Every exhale, she felt herself grew more relaxed. 

The woods. Get to the woods. 

Sukai eased herself into a crouch, the comforting feeling of chakra pouring through her legs. She stared at the window and allowed the feeling to spread throughout her entire body. 

"You have to catch me first, assholes," Sukai whispered fiercely before launching herself out of the window. 

In a heartbeat, they were on her tail. Despite them masking their presence, Sukai could still feel their pools of chakra. Feel it flowing through their bodies and coiling throughout their aura. 

She broke through the tree line, wind whipping at her cheeks, lungs burning. 

She didn't know how long she ran, seconds, minutes, hell maybe even an hour but they didn't let up. She knew she was going to tire out eventually, no matter how much her stamina had tripled.

They were flanking in on all sides and began to close the distance. 


Sukai halted her sprinting, and realized that she was in the middle of a clearing. The world had gone still. All she could hear was the erratic breathing of her heart and the blood rushing through her ears. 

The three ninjas dropped down in perfect sync, flanked in all black. Her brown eyes darted toward their headbands, which they presented proudly, a single line ever so present through the symbol Sukai easily recognized. 

She did force herself to memorize every village symbol to have ever been recorded. 

And then the one to her right, a female with dark blue hair and an ox mask, took a step forward and said," If you come with us quietly, we won't have to hurt you, dragon descendant." 

Sukai's brow furrowed in confusion. Dragon descendant? What the hell was that? Never-mind that, did they really think she was just going actually go with them...quietly???

"What the hell are you talking about?" 

"You don't know, eh? That makes our job easier." The male in the middle with a lion mask scoffed. He folded his arms across his chest which added the effects of intimidation. 

Release me. 

"I'm not going anywhere with you fuckers." Sukai spat out angrily, her hackles finally rising. She was sure she looked the least intimidating, with ramen patterned pajamas and a wild array of curly hair. And her chakra pools compared to them was probably small, she didn't know. 

Ox began to talk in a lazy drawl that caused her blood to boil.

Release me if you want to live. 

Sukai felt an odd heat rumble restlessly within her stomach. Her palms began to sweat, and something flickered to life above her palms, before going out. All she caught was a spark of cyan blue. 

Release me! 

They were closing in on her, each taking careless steps towards her. Sukai didn't move a muscle, didn't feel the need too. She didn't feel confident in herself, no, not at all. Instead, she put the confidence into the voice in her head. 

No, no, no it had a name. Deep down, she knew its name. It was apart of her. A part that she refused to acknowledge for a very long time. It was more than just a voice. 

Say it. Say the words. 

"Ryuusei release!" 

The words rang clear throughout the air. From the looks of it, the ninjas didn't expect it either. A chuckle resonated from the back of her mind, filled with pure and utter glee. 

As you wish, my partner. 

Sukai was sure that the furious roar that shook the very earth and rippled through the air could be heard for miles. It was a deafening sound from the way the ninjas let out weaker shrieks of their own and clapped their hands over their bloody ears. 

It caused a smile to stretch across her face. 

Despite never seeing Ryuusei before, she knew that he was a terrifying sight. She knew about his sleek obsidian colored scales and piercing purples eyes that instilled fear into his victims. She knew about the endless rows of jagged teeth and how easily they could snap human bones like a twig. 

She knew. She knew. She knew. 

And oh did she know how long he had been itching for a fight. Growing restless as time oozed by at a painfully slow pace. Claws itching to pierce soft flesh, tongue yearning for even a drop of blood.  

Sukai cracked her knuckles, a small chuckle escaping her lips. The browns of her eyes began to bleed into a bright burning gold with an everlasting fire that was far from going out. 

"So what was this thing about me going quietly?" 


Chapter Text



4 am 


Sukai stared up at the beast before her with unblinking amber eyes. The stench of blood lingered heavily as the wind stirred around them both, but they ignored it 

Without hesitance, she stepped forward and held her hand out. The dragon stared at her didn't even move, or growl and she took that as permission to rest her hand on his snout. 

His eyelids slid shut and he pushed forward. The scales on his snout felt warm and smooth beneath her skin and she smiled a little.

Their first battle was a success.

"Thank you, Ryuusei," Sukai whispered while bowing her head in thanks. He let out a small huff, white smoky tendrils curling around her smaller form. She giggled while leaning in to press her cheek against his snout. The tip of his tongue poked out and he licked her cheek in response. 

The words 'Of course, Blu' rang clearly throughout her head. The statement caused the smile to widen. So she wasn't crazy after all. 

And with that, Ryuusei was gone in a puff of smoke. 








The Hokage's Office 

"Hey, Old Man?" Sukai asked curiously with a tilt of her head. She sat across from the elder with crossed legs. She had changed out of her pajamas and changed into Naruto's old clothes after furiously scrubbing dirt and blood off of her skin and then burning the pajamas in the fireplace. 

"Yes, Sukai?" 

"Is possible to be able to subconsciously sense chakra or a presence?" 

"Of course." 

Sukai's brow furrowed. "Even if that ninja suppresses it?" 

This caught Sarutobi's attention. "What exactly do you mean?" 

"Well, last night there were like three missing nuns who broke in my apartment. Ox tried to hide his presence, but I knew where he was, just not exactly in the house anymore." Sukai leaned back as she recalled the earlier events, a confused sigh escaping her lips. 

"Lion was on the roof but that's cause she didn't even bother hiding her presence. But when they tried to run away from Ryuusei, I knew exactly where they were." Sukai hummed thoughtfully, pressing her cheek into her palm. 

'That's because we're awesome.' Ryuusei supplied unhelpfully causing her to snort. Ever since he had been released it was like some sort of mental block had been removed allowing them to communicate more effectively. There were no more clipped words and he sounded a lot younger actually. More like another teenager than some grown ass man. 

"Missing-nin, you say?" 

Sukai nodded. "Yeah, they were mercenaries too. Said something about me being a dragon descendant." Sukai leveled her gaze and stared at him coolly before calmly saying," Know anything about that, Gramps?" 

Sarutobi merely smiled, unsurprised by Sukai's ability to deduct things so quickly. "I don't, but I believe your friend-" 

"-best friend." Sukai corrected with a huff. 

"-best friend, Naruto, may have a clue." 

And that was how Sukai broke into Naruto's apartment and beat him awake with a pillow. 

"Dude it's like 6 am," Naruto whined, his cheeks puffing out adorable. Sukai resisted her instincts which urged her to sent him. No, instead she settled for furrowing her brows and giving him an angry glare. 

"You said we wouldn't keep secrets! Friends don't keep secrets." 

The confused sleepy look immediately disappeared and was instead replaced by exasperation. In all honesty, Sukai expected at least a small hint of guilt. 

"I didn't know how to tell you!" 

"Well it almost got me kidnapped last night and I had to help kill three people! Do you know how hard it was to collect ashes for that bounty?!" Sukai's voice went down a few octaves, disappointment leaking through her tone. 

Naruto burrowed himself beneath his covers, this time his face flushing with shame. He hated when Sukai used that tone. It was the one time Naruto actually felt bad while being scolded. 

"Well how the hell was I supposed to tell you, you're a part dragon!" 

"I dunno, probably by telling me I'm part dragon dumbass!" 

"I'm not a dumbass!" Naruto launched the pillow at her face with an annoyed shout. Sukai caught it with ease, a grin lighting up her face. 

"It's so on!" She shouted back just before launching herself at him. 

The two would fight for a whole entire hour, anger completely  forgotten. 






Later, when they finished sparing (which Naruto totally won of course), and Sukai decided to shadow another mission, Naruto began to tell her everything he knew. Well from everything he had read so far. 

"One of your ancestors is a dragon," Naruto told her as they both polished weapons. The two were in their own secluded corner away from the rest of Team Seven and working diligently much to their disbelief. 

"Uh huh." 

"Actually most of your ancestors are dragons, but you all descend from one dragon, Ryujin or- 

"Watatsumi," Sukai breathed out with a small smile. A sardonic chuckled escaped her lips as she said," My dad is part Japanese so he used to tell me stories about him when I was little. A good time before he became an asshole and disappeared."

Naruto nodded while deciding not to comment on the faraway look she got in her eyes. She rarely talked about her parents and whenever she did say something, it was never anything good. 

"Well, since technically Ryujin is a sea serpent, that's where most of the dragons lived and why no one encountered them, except for like demons or something." Naruto continued while dumping the shiny tools in a box. He got back to work on polishing some more. "But there some big war the ended with your great great great grandfather, Yuki, and some other great great great relatives leaving the ocean."

Ironically Sukai couldn't even swim and an encounter with seaweed had her steering clear of the ocean ever since. 

"Because they were discovered, ninjas began to hunt dragons which started another war."

An image painted itself across her mind. It showed ninjas with grim faces and dragons on the other. But oddly, beneath were the dragons stood, were more ninjas. Except these ninjas shared a very common and obvious trait. 

Fiery red hair.  

"Somehow, Yuki managed to strike a deal with a clan of ninjas. They would help in the war if the dragons helped them start a village. They won the war and the clan grew into a village known as Uzushiogakure. One day Yuki found an injured child and decided to take him in as his own. There he was raised by the other dragons, and each of them taught him to survive, fight while passing their abilities onto him.  This wasn't the first time a dragon had taken a human in, but it was most definitely their last. Sadly, more than half of those dragons were killed off and that caused them to go back into hiding. But Yuki," Naruto hesitated for a second before slowly saying," Yuki sealed himself inside of Anzo." 

This caused Sukai to blink in surprise. "You can seal yourself?" 

Naruto shrugged. "I guess so and when he did all the dragons went off the grid completely. All though the scrolls don't make sense. Anzo wasn't a dragon born, but the way he writes makes it seem like there is." 

Sukai perked up. "You think that means that there are others like me?" 

Naruto opened his mouth to respond, only to be cut off by Sakura's voice.

"Hey, are you done polishing yet?!" 

Sukai promptly rolled her eyes at the shrillness of voice aimed at them and resisted the urge to bare her teeth. Naruto likes Sakura, and would really appreciate it if she didn't insult the girl twenty-four seven.

"Almost done, Sakura-chan!" Naruto replied happily, obviously used to her sassiness much to Sukai's annoyance. It wasn't like Sukai hated Sakura to be exact. She just strongly disliked her, mostly because of how she treated Naruto. 

Naruto would willingly die for her, and Sakura hadn't even acknowledged that which kind of pissed her off. 

"Uh, Sukai-chan?"

Honestly, what did Naruto even see in her? She knew that he thought she was really pretty, but come on there must be something else. 


Maybe she had a nicer side Sukai never gets to see? Maybe they had some type of encounter that always gives Naruto hope despite Sakura treating him like she- 

"You're on fire!" 

Sukai jumped out of her thoughts as a blue substance burned through the material covering her right shoulder.

The girl let out a shriek, brown eyes widening in surprise, as she fell backward and smacked her head against the wall. Amazingly, her mass of curls caused her to feel nothing. 

The fire goes out leaving behind a burnt shirt and a slightly traumatized Sukai. 

Both she and Naruto locked gazes. "I guess I should tell you about your other defenses, eh?" 

"My what?!" 




Chapter Text

Becoming a ninja was unfortunately quite uneventful. Apparently training with Gai-sensei, Naruto Uzumaki, and gaining actual helpful advice from other ninjas at work does that to people. 

The headband given to her wasn't even new! It was old and worn out, the blue fabric fading around the edges and the metal dull.  

"He would want you to have it," Old Man had told her questioning gaze with a soft look of his own. As much as Sukai hated to admit it, Sarutobi had grown on her like some type of fungus and she trusted him a lot more than she did before. 

So she took the headband and decided that she would wear it with pride. 

At the moment, Sukai found herself wandering the village with no real destination in mind. She had been given the day off for the ninja test, which had proved to be fruitless since she didn't even need half of the day to even study for it. 

Sukai anticipated something harder. She had decent chakra control, her accuracy was pretty good as well, and her tactics were pretty much above average. The only thing she had blown out of proportion was her stealth skills. Even Naruto had to admit that her stealth skills were pretty amazing, which was a huge compliment since she knew how stealthy the little bastard could be. 

Unfortunately, Naruto had been sent away on a minor errand for Kakashi on his own so they couldn't really hang out which was a bummer. Sukai wanted nothing more than to hang out with her best friend to celebrate. 

Breathing out a sigh, Sukai shoved her hands into her pockets and kicked at a nearby rock, wondering what she could waste her time on. She had no projects to work on, and training was out the question since Sarutobi basically told her to chill the fuck out and rest.

Shopping was boring alone and she didn't actually have any sense of style despite coming from a freakishly rich family. Inventing wasn't fun when she didn't know what to invent. Pranking wasn't fun without Naruto. What to do, what to do... 

'We can always light stuff on fire.' Ryuusei suggested randomly causing her to jump. The dragon was quite a quiet companion, only making comments every now and then. She didn't really know how to interact with her possible relative-dragon-partner who was somehow sealed within her and decided to just leave him be. 

Naruto had advised her that communication would the best thing between them, but Sukai sucked ass at said action and decided to not do anything and left the dragon to make the first move instead. 

"I don't even know to control my fire," Sukai whispered lowly with a small scowl. It was another bother that had just randomly occurred. Randomly smoking when irritated turned into actually catching on fire, which evolved to accidentally breathing fire. 

Even worse, her fire wasn't even red, it was blue.  

'That's because I'm an ice dragon, but your anatomy keeps fucking it up.' Ryuusei once again supplied unhelpfully, and she could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

"Whatever," Sukai muttered with a roll of her eyes and finally drinking in her surroundings. She had wandered to the park, a place she only been to a few times in her lifetime. Her mother hated it when she did anything remotely fun.  

(Imagine the look on her face when she found out Sukai fucking relished in being a rebel and a delinquent.) 

Her feet wondered over to a bench and she sat down. She pulled off her headband and stared down at it. She wondered what her father would say... Would he be proud of what she was becoming? Would he even care? 

Sukai ran a thumb over the metal, her face carefully blanks as another thought ran through her mind. Did her parents even know that she was missing? Would her dad look for her? 

All Sukai knew was that her mother would definitely rejoice, probably wishing that Sukai was actually dead in a ditch somewhere while comforting her father with sweet words. Sukai wondered what it was like to have parents that cared. A mother that actually loved her and didn't lock her in a padded room or accidentally forget to take her out of the freezer- 

"Sukai, are you okay?" 

Bringing a hand to her face she realized that she was crying. And from the strawberry shampoo scent that hit her, it was in front of Sakura nonetheless. Fuck. Scowling, Sukai wiped away any tears and before rubbing at her nose.

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" Sukai sniffled because luck just wasn't on her side today. 

"Well, you're uh," Sakura stumbled over her words while gesturing to her face. It caused her stomach to churn uncomfortably at being caught. She knew that showing such emotion could be used against her. At least that what her mother would always say. 

"And why do you care? Looking to get some dirt on me?" Sukai turned to stare at her suspiciously through narrowed eyes. She wouldn't be surprised if Sakura was. Sukai wasn't the sweetest cookie in the batch which was probably why she didn't have that many friends to begin with. 

Sakura spluttered at the accusation, her hands waving frantically in front of her embarrassed face. "Wha-no! I-I just came to apologize."

Sukai blinked in surprise. "Apologize? For what?"  

She watched with mild interest as the emerald-eyed girl turned redder by the second. "I was really rude to you when we first met and-"  

"I don't wanna hear it." Sukai sighed again the pathetic apology. She briefly considered turning Sakura way, but the thought of Naruto flashed across her mind. She scowled again. Fuck. 


"You can treat me to something and then I'll accept your apology." Sukai stood up from the bench and began to stride away. Her steps were quick, leaving a stunned Sakura behind. 

"You coming?" Sukai called over her shoulder, snapping the girl out of her reverie. 

"Y-yeah!" Sakura ran up to catch up after her.  

• • • •  

Moments later, the two sat across from each in a small booth at a local tea shop. Sakura made sure to avoid eye contact and instead focus on sipping her green tea without burning her tongue. 


Sakura glanced up at the sound of Sukai's drawling voice. The girl stared at her with apparent disinterest but she didn't miss the calculating glint hidden well behind her eyes. 

"So?" Sakura echoed after a few moments of awkward silence. She sure that the two looked completely out of place in the shop. Everything about Sukai was just loud. From the tips of her curly hair to her bright sky blue sleeve tattoos that decorated her skin, and even to the mismatched colorful clothes she wore. She thought Naruto style was bad, but compared to Sukai's neon blue shirt and neon orange pants, he had nothing on her. Despite looking odd, she was still a terrifying sight in Sakura's eyes. 

She could see the endless bounds of intelligence lurking beneath her scarred brown skin, and it terrified her to no end. It wasn't like Shikamaru, who was lazy, and always wise with his cunning skills. Sukai was something else. She was wild and uncontrolled and like a, like a- 

"What's the real reason you wanted to see me, Haruno?"  

-a fire, maybe? Sakura honestly didn't know. She didn't think there was even a word to describe the person known as Sukai Blu Summers. 

 "I wanted to apologize," Sakura began honestly, a frown marring her lips. While Naruto did guilt trip her a bit, it was honest to Kami fear of them being enemies that shone so brightly in his eyes that sent her looking for the girl. 

"If you stay enemies, and she even sees you lay a finger on me, she wouldn't hesitate to cut it clean off," Naruto told her solemnly, almost as if he seen it before. She really hoped he hadn't. 

Sukai stared into her eyes, unblinkingly, searching for something. Sakura stared back, instinct telling her that now wasn't the time to back down. An instinct telling her that this moment would determine their friendship. 

And then Sukai's face broke into a grin. "I guess I should apologize as well, eh?" 

Sakura exhaled a breath she hadn't realized that had been holding. "No, it's-" 

"I'm sorry for calling you a useless, heartless good for nothing, rat-faced bitch." 

Her brows furrowed in confusion. "You didn't call me that." 

The grin widened. "You weren't there." 

Something bubbles within in her and before she knew it, the two were giggling quietly over there tea. Never in a million years, she would've thought that they would actually be laughing, together. 

Sukai offered her a small smile. It was different than the grins she usually wore. It was a lot quieter and reserved, yet the brightest, she was sure. "I think we should start over." Sukai stuck her hand out over the table. "Yo, the name's Sukai Blu Summers." 

Sakura reached over and took the hand in her own. She gave it a firm shake with a polite smile of her own. "Sakura Haruno." 

And thus, unbeknownst to them, a friendship was born. 





Sakura honestly didn't know what to expect when Sukai suddenly started arriving during training and basically directing them before Kakashi-Sensei arrived.

She never had to greet Naruto since the two would always arrive together, and would nod at Sasuke in greeting, who surprisingly, would nod back. Sometimes Sukai would stare at her weirdly before greeting her politely, others time she would just give a simple wave. The two would never actually hold a conversation or had any interaction that lasted longer than few moments. Hell, Sasuke barely even talked and yet Sukai would manage to get some response out of him. 

It made Sakura feel a little left out

It took about three weeks of the meeting, training, a crap tone of D-ranked mission for Sukai to actually say something more than three clipped words to her. 

"If you really wanna hurt him, you should aim for his more delicate parts." The brown-skinned girl pointed out unhelpfully after she aimed a pretty weak punch. She didn't understand that Sakura didn't want to actually hurt Sasuke. Unlike Sukai who seemed to actually aim to kill.  

"I don't want to hurt Sasuke-kun." Sakura huffed out with flushed cheeks and sweaty skin. Without Kakashi-sensei actually arriving on time, Sukai really made them suffer through training. She was ruthless and seemed to be the only one to actually make Naruto himself tired. 

Sukai seemed a little put off by the response and actually refrained from saying something possibly insulting. "How about you try to disable him instead?" 


Sukai rolled her eyes as if to say 'duh, dumbass'. "Punch me, Haruno." 

Sakura stared at her in horror. "What? No, I can't just-" 

"Punch me, damn it!" Sukai snapped angrily, and she squeaked before letting her fist fly forward. Instead of hitting its mark, Sukai deflected her fist with ease, swiftly jabbing her knuckles beneath her arm. Sakura could only shriek in horror when her arm went completely numb and limp. 

Sukai rolled her eyes again, which was wow rude because she wasn't the one with a numbed up arm.

"Relax, pinky, it's not that serious." Sukai yanked her arm towards her and repeated her previous actions but slower. The feeling gradually faded in and Sakura flexed her fingers in slight awe. 

"Where'd you learn that?" 

Her response was a casual shrug and a simple," I had a lot of free time growing up. Now I want you to retry what I just did." 

Sakura does. She fails. 

Her cheeks flushed bright red as the embarrassment began to settle in. Oh, Kami she just messed up in front of Sasuke and Sukai was definitely going to rub it in. For the first time, Sakura was actually glad that Kakashi-Sensei was late. 

But instead of laughter, Sukai held out her arm and said, "Try again." 

And she does. 


• • • • 


It takes days for Sakura to actually fully master numbing Sukai's arm, and takes even more to learn the basics of pressure points for medical ninjutsu. And she was pretty damn proud of it.

Surprisingly, Sukai was an amazing teacher. She was patient, and kept her instructions strict but was never actually mean. It was a new side of Sukai that Sakura wasn't used to. It kinda freaked her out when the insults and cursing toned down a lot more. 

And Sakura realized as she collapsed onto the ground with sore knuckles and cramping fingertips, that it was Sukai's way of cementing their friendship. 

It didn't fully click for her until Sukai invited her out to celebrate her latest accomplishments, something Kakashi-sensei had yet to acknowledge.

"You want to do what?" 

"You said you liked Mochi, right?" The brown-skinned girl asked with a raised brow. Sakura nodded slowly, shock coloring her features at her latest teammate's attentiveness. Sukai turned away and began to walk away. 

"Well let's go. Naruto is hanging out with Sasuke anyway, so it's just us."

Sakura smothered down a small grin and ran to catch up with her. 






Later on, when her belly was full and the moon's light cast itself across her wall, Sakura clutched a sleek black rock in her hand and fell asleep with a small smile on her face. 



Chapter Text




Finding Sasuke Uchiha on top of the Hokage Monument wasn't much of a shock in Sukai's eyes. She recognized the faraway look, and the black rings beneath his eyes. 

For a moment she thought of her home. How she stayed working on inventions trying to get dark thoughts out of her mind. 

Nightmares were a motherfucker. 

She sat next to him, her legs dangling off the rock and blew out a sigh. "What was your mom like?" 

The Uchiha Massacre was easy to learn about mostly due to the gossipers of the villagers. Wherever Sasuke went, pitying stares and whispers always followed which of course lead Sukai to read up on everything she could find in the library. It occurred to Sukai that Sasuke was cold for a pretty damn reason, and she couldn't exactly blame him for it,

He didn't respond for a few long seconds, which wasn't a surprise to her either.  She didn't know what it was like to have a mother who loved her, but she knew that loss fucking sucked, and according to Mrs. Kami, talking about things that brought up pleasant memories was always a good start.  

"She was always there for me." He began quietly, his voice hollow. "She always told me to not push my body too hard while training, and she'd always offer to help me with my homework even when I knew how to do it." 

"She sounds amazing." 

"Which is why I have to avenge her." 

Sukai hummed softly, watching a stray leaf twirl through the air. "I wish I had a mother like that." 

"What was your like?" Sasuke asked, genuine curiosity leaking through his voice despite his best attempts to sound disinterested. Sukai wasn't like Sakura who complained about her parents coddling her, and she wasn't like Naruto who went silent whenever parents were even mentioned. 

Instead, she would be quick to change the subject and pray that no one to bring it up. 

"She's still alive." Sukai began with a sardonic chuckle. She brought her legs up to her chest and propped her chin onto of her knees while recalling her mother. 

"Whenever I pissed her off she used to lock me in this padded room she had built into our house and every year she'd make sure to take off from work to experiment on me by locking me in a freezer for three days." 

When she got no response, she continued on, keeping a steady gaze on the moon. "The experiment was supposed to make my body immune to extremes, like certain temperatures, but for some reason, she just loved to lock me in the fucking freezer. I figured it was cause she liked it when I I went silent for days. No inventing, no talking, and no rebellions during school." 

"That fucking sucks." 

Sukai huffs out a laugh, her lips curling up into a ghost of a smile. She didn't know what she was expecting from a boy like Sasuke Uchiha, but she was glad that he didn't really seem to pity her. 

"Yeah, I know. So I guess, me coming here is my lucky chance to get away from my shitty life." 

"You like it here?" 

Sukai actually snorted. "Some of the villagers suck, but I have Team Seven and the Old Man. Even my boss and Kakashi-sensei like to look out for me every now and then. It's a new feeling, having people look out for me, but I can get used to it." 


The two fall into silence for a good few minutes before Sukai finally says," I know, I have no right to say this, but you're not alone in this. You have two amazing teammates who'd definitely die for you, so try not to think of them as people in your way, or I'll kick your ass. We're here to help, ya know. Not stop you, dumb ass." 

When she gets no response, she pushes herself up while letting out a yawn. "I guess it's time for me to go back to sleep, try drinking some chamomile tea, it might help you sleep "  

With that said, Sukai turns and walks away with a simple," Night, Uchiha," tossed over her shoulder. 

(And for once, Sasuke actually contemplated some advice).

• • • • 

The moment another restless night passed, Sukai was already well awake and heading off to the favored bridge Team Seven had grown accosted too. When she arrived at the bridge, the only person there was Sasuke who was staring over the edge. He looked a little better than he did the night before. 

Sukai hoisted herself over the railing next to him before asking," How'd ya sleep?" 

He was silent for a few moments before saying, "Fine." 

The sat in a comfortable silence for another few minutes before Sukai said,"  Wanna see something cool?" 

Sasuke doesn't respond, merely cocking a brow up in question. Sukai grins at him, before focusing on her feet. She remained concentrated on just that for a few moments before she closed her eyes and tipped backward over the railing. 

Sasuke actually lets out a small squeak noise of surprise, before his lips form into a scowl when he realizes that Sukai was floating a few inches beneath the bridge, shoulders shaking with barely contained laughter. 

"Cool, right?"  Sukai makes a show of doing a few twirls before floating upward and hovering a few inches above the railing. 


Sukai waved her hand dismissively. "Nah, it's not that dangerous. I've been practicing with Naruto so I won't break my neck or something. Wanna see me breathe fire?" 

The excited glint that sparkled in Sasuke's eyes was the only response she needed. 

As the days passed, the news of the Chūnin Exams came in the form of a redhead who scared Sukai to the core. The encounter left them all a little shaken, especially when Sukai had reacted to his presence unpleasantly, her bared teeth and low growl leaving quite the image in everyone's mind.

"You stay away from him, kit, something is off about him," Sukai told her blonde friend the minute Gaara and his little team had walked off. Naruto, surprisingly, didn't even try to protest. Instead, his gaze was still on the spot where Gaara had once stood. 

"You felt it too." He muttered and for a second Sukai thinks his eyes bleed red. She shook her head, must of been her mind playing tricks on her. 

'Sand demon.'  Ryuusei growled out lowly. 

"Yeah, I did." 

"Felt what?" Sakura asked curiously, her eyes burning holes onto the side of Sukai's face. Sukai turned to face her, a reassuring smile slipping onto her face with practiced ease. 

"Don't worry about it, Haruno, just make sure to kick some ass during the exams, and that goes for all of you." 

"Hell yeah!" 


Due to the bullshit rules, Sukai learns that she wasn't even allowed to participate. Which is, of course, absolute bullshit! 

"Calm down, Sukai-chan, Hokage-sama has another option for you," Kakashi says with an all-knowing smile while ruffling her brown curls. Sukai scowls darkly, an unknown wind swirling around her ankle was she stomps off to the Hokage's Office, an argument already on her lips.

The minute she arrives, Sarutobi offers her a kind smile, and she feels herself deflate a little. Instead of screaming like she originally planned, she settled for taking a few deep breaths like she learned from bullshit anger management and calmly asking," Why won't you let me participate?" 

"Only teams of three are allowed, Sukai, I figured you would know this." 

Sukai scowls again because she did know, she knew about nearly every single exam a ninja had to endure, but a girl could hope ya know. 

"I can't believe you're gonna send my team in there without me! What if they get hurt? Do you know how much ass I would have you kick? That's a lot of ass." 

"They're ninjas, Sukai, getting hurt is just another backlash of the job." 

"But people die. For all, we know some motherfucker is pretending to be a Genin. There's gotta be a way for me to at least keep some type of eye out!" 

Sarutobi stared at the unrelenting look in her eyes before breathing out a sigh of his own. "Here's what we can do..." 


Pretending to be an experienced ninja who was being a proctor for the first time, was quite difficult, to say the least. 

Not many people in the ninja force really knew who she was, so with some new contacts, purple hair dye, and a few more painful hours, one-on-one with the hair straightener, assistant-proctor Sukai was born. Well, she would be born for as long as the exams lasted and then would mysteriously disappear when it was over, but who really needs those minor details?!

Surprisingly, breaking into the Tokubetsu Jōnin Compound was quite easier than Sukai had expected. Usually, she wouldn't resort to such actions, but no one answered the door when she knocked. All it took was a little overriding or disarming of the seals that were plastered all over the door, and she was able to walk through in one piece. 

The compound was pretty empty, and a bit bare. Almost as if no one was lived in the compound at all. But Old Man did tell her that she was supposed to meet the group of proctors in this building specifically. 

"You feel anything, Ryuusei?" Sukai wondered out aloud, her now, regular dark brown, eyes taking in her surroundings. She took a few cautious steps forward, straining her ears for any type of noise. 

'There's a shit ton of chakra signatures.' 

"I freaking called it. Location?" 


"Uh, I know you're here. I can kinda, feel you." Sukai huffed while bringing her hands to rest on her hips. 

The room remained empty. 

'Maybe they want you to search for them. Prove that you're worthy or something.' 


The next couple of minutes were spent finding at least 10 ninjas who all seemed pretty impressed with her sensory skills. For Sukai, it was kind of kinda like using echolocation in some way. She sends out a pulse, and in return, she'd sorta pin it. She had been practicing a lot with Naruto, so getting specific locations was slowly getting easier. 

"Sorry, kid, just had to make sure you had some type of skill. Hokage-sama did say we had a sensory type transfer, but we test every newbie." The woman closest to her grinned widely. Huh, kind of reminded her of Naruto. 

"Call me Anko!" 

Sukai gave a smile back, nodding to everyone in the room. "Blu, call me Blu." 

Sukai saw a few familiar faces, from the shop, but she was sure no one could figure out they she was the curly haired Genin who worked at a weapon's shop. If they did, they'd probably kick her out immediately. 

"Well, Blu, what caused you to suddenly want to be a proctor at the good 'ole Chūnin Exams, you like making kids suffer?" 

"Uh no?" Sukai answered in confusion, her brows climbing to her hairline as Anko invaded her personal space. She leaned back. "I don't really wanna state my reasons, Hokage-sama said that one you would explain the rules to me." 

"Pfft, rules are boring! You can go hang out with Ibiki if you want to learn that." 

"Ibiki Morino? Creepy-interrogator-dude-Ibiki-Morino?" Sukai squeaked out nervously, one of her hands coming up to twirl a piece of hair. She's read a few of his books on interrogation and intimidation, and was sure that he could probably make her cry in two seconds flat. 

"Ah, so you've heard of him?" Another voice piqued up curiously, and Sukai turned to see a man with ashen skin and jaded eyes staring at her with apparent disinterest. 

He's suspicious, she thought. 

"Who hasn't? He does have a couple books and he's made quite a name for himself across the nation." Sukai responded as casually as possible, clearing her throat a few times. "Matter of fact, I'm going to go look for him, nicemeetingyouallbye!" 

Anko blinked down at the empty spot where Sukai had once stood. "I think I'm gonna like this new chick!" 

 • • • •

Two more days passed in a whirlwind of preparation and information and before Sukai knew it, she was standing next to Ibiki as he explained the rules of the first phase. 

 "Realize that the pathetic ones that get caught cheating will be destroying themselves." 

Sukai's eyes swept over her teammates, who surprisingly looked pretty comfortable with themselves. Sasuke looked aloof as ever, while both Naruto and Sakura still had matching grins, ready to take the exams head on. 

"In fact, if you even think about cheating, my friends here," Ibiki nodded to where Sukai and a few other ninjas stood, "will be watching you in case you're actually dumb enough to try."

Seeing as Sukai was only an assistant proctor, because no one ever failed to remind her, she couldn't actually do much. No actual hosting any phases or talking like she knew what the hell was actually going on.

"Just sit there and look pretty!" Anko had told her the day before, which nearly made Sukai rip her hair out. She really thought she'd get to be a little more hands-on, and being pretty was the last thing on her mind.

On the bright side, Ibiki allowed her to at least catch kids cheating. While Ibiki continued to intimidate the shit out of the other teams, Sukai and the selected proctors took their seats, each beneath a window. 

Sukai slumped back into her seat, eyes fluttering shut for a few moments. An unknown wind circled around her ankles sending a wave of comfort through her. 

"The exam will last one hour, begin!" 

The sound of pencils scratching on paper was. . . nearly nonexistent. Sukai wasn't exactly informed on what was to be on the test, so she expected a lot more frantic writing and a lot less frantic looks. 

Time went by at an achingly slow pace for her. The only thing actually interesting was the ninja who wasn't discrete in his shitty cheating skills. Sukai briefly wondered if any of the other ninjas were going to call him out. Surely, they noticed the blatant taps and pauses against the table.

. . . 

Nope, no one even bothered saying anything. Maybe it was up to her then. Maybe it was a test as an assistant proctor who totally wasn't actually a genin undercover! 


Sitting up a bit straighter, Sukai cleared her throat before saying, "Uh, hey you!" 

The room fell dead silent, multiple pairs of eyes landed on her face and she nearly squeaked in surprise. No, no, no she couldn't punk out now that she had everyone's attention on her.

A dangerous trait she had was pride, courtesy to her mother, and she'd be damned if she didn't look like a motherfucking boss while calling this cheater out. Sukai locked eyes with her target and nodded toward him. "You're cheating." 

"I'm not-"

"Morse Code." Sukai deadpanned.

"I don't even know what the hell that is!"

"So you're telling me that you just happened to-" Sukai mimicked the taps and pauses he did earlier,"-do that on accident! Smart, I admit, but you gotta be more discrete with that dumb ass, see ya!" 

Sukai was sure that one of his teammates burst into tears as they exited the room. Hell yeah! She fell back against the wall with a small grin. Catching cheaters was a lot easier than she thought.  


 To Be Continued


Chapter Text




The second phase began before the first phase even ended. Sukai managed to get at least two more caught, and listen to Naruto's heavily inspiring speech just before Anko bounded into the room with an air of excitement and sadism. 

"I'll cut them in half in the second test, right Blu?!" Anko winked at Sukai with a grin. Sukai stood up, pompously flicking her purple hair over her shoulder, a small smirk of her own slipping onto her face. The few hours that was spent hanging out together, Anko told her the horrors of The Forest of Death, and the wonders of scaring the shit out of other teams. 

"Try not to kill everyone," Sukai told her with an exasperated sigh as she walked over to her. She stared at the abundance of teams and couldn't help but nod, impressed. Anko had implied had brutal the exams which lead to her being secretly glad that she didn't have to actually participate.  

"You know I can't make any promises." Anko purred while staring down some poor random genin. "Follow me!" 



The Forest of Death was a seemingly endless training ground with a foreboding aura that mingled well with the calls and sounds of various animals from within. Sukai heard about it while working in the shop, but only from a recently retired mother who was telling her child about her one time experience. Sukai liked to believe that the woman was exaggerating on some parts, but from the looks of it, so far, she was definitely speaking the truth. 

As Anko explained the rules about the Heaven and Earth Scrolls, Sukai spent most of her time staring down the redhead who left quite an impression on her, and not the good kind. While she encountered various types of ninjas at the shop, none of them really struck her with so much killer intent or bloodthirstiness like Gaara. It was the demon inside of him, Sukai could easily feel its dormant being from miles away, but she knew there had to be all types of fucked up situations to make Gaara so-well-fucked up. 

And she didn't want to know what. 

"Hey, Blu-chan, any words of final words of advice?!"

Sukai removed her gaze away from Gaara the minute he turned around, instead settling to stare at Team Seven as she said, "Don't die."

Seeing as no one else besides the genin and those sealed inside the scroll during the second phase, Sukai spent the first hour of the exam exploring the tower in hopes of distracting herself from worrying about her teammates. 

And then she felt it

Before she was even aware of what the hell she was doing, Sukai was running towards the forest, not even sure if her feet were touching the ground. She wouldn't get there fast enough, she knew it. Training with Gai-sensei made her fast, but she wasn't even half as fast as Lee. How the hell was she going to make it to Naruto if she wasn't fast enough? She needed to be faster. She needed to get to her kit goddammit.

Sukai dimly became aware that her feet weren't even touching the ground. But she couldn't focus on it now. Not with the Kyūbi's chakra swirling around like a fucking beacon



Hands clenched tight, yet hanging limply by her sides, Sakura Haruno watched. 

She had never seen Naruto like this before. She knew he was rambunctious, wild even, but she had never seen him so, so feral before. 

She watched. 

Sakura knew that he was fighting with every inch of his life. Every punch, every kick was desperate but so so powerful. Eyes gleaming red and lips curled into a snarl, Sakura Haruno watched as Naruto Uzumaki, someone she was growing the genuinely cherishes, fought like he was a fucking beast. She swallowed down her fear and wrapped her shaking fingers around her kunai, her legs launching her forward, towards the fight.

Sakura Haruno was done watching. 

. . . 

It was quite surprising that the Uchiha had yet to join in on the fight. He didn't expect the pinkette to join, but in Orochimaru's eyes, Naruto-kun and pinky were just prey he felt like entertaining. Neither of them held potential like the target. If they didn't have Uchiha blood thriving in their blood, he wasn't interested. Although she had to admit, the two did fight pretty well-

-the branch beneath him shook- 

-together. He watched as Naruto let out an angry roar, his stance transitioning onto all fours. Red swirled around him, the air growing hot, and teeth getting ever sharper if possible. Orochimaru cocked his head to the side, eyebrows lifting in interest. It seems as if he let this go on for far to long.

It was time for him to end this, no matter how interesting it was to see the effects of Naruto-kun and the Nine-Tails' chakra beginning to fuse. 

It was amusing to see the fear in the pinkette's eyes as she watched his hand tighten itself around Naruto-kun's throat. Despite the sharp nails digging into his wrist, sharp enough to draw blood and leave dark bruises, his hand remained clamped around his throat like a boa. 

"Let him go!"

Naruto's body went slack. "Sure." 

He tossed the body to the side, not bothering to see if Naruto broke his neck on the way down. Instead, he focused his eyes on his prey. His future successor who will help him achieve his favored dream of immortality. He took a slow step forward, smiling as some resolve finally set in Sasuke-kun's eyes. Now he'd get to have some real fun. 

Before he can move, however, someone drops down in front of his target, chest heaving up and down, purple hair in some unconstrained disarray.  He paused, resisting the urge to scowl, as he stared her down. "If you know what's best for you, you'll leave." 

She didn't respond for a very long time. Instead, she pulled off her sweater, revealing the glowing blue swirls on her arms, and let out a small exhale. She stared at him for even longer, not tearing her gaze away, "You take Sakura and Naruto, and run." 

He expected some type of resistance, he had observed the Uchiha long enough to expect such a reaction, but instead, Sasuke-kun nodded. 

Her eyes slid over to the pinkette, who held an, unfortunately, alive but unconscious Naruto. "If I die, you're in charge, now go." 

Ah, so he got to chase his prey even more. He smiled slyly at the proctor, Blu if he recalled correctly, and said," You'll die in this fight, little proctor." 

"You're not a genin, I take it?"

"Quite a smart observation, Blu-chan," he purred, waiting for her to make the first move. 

"Good, so that means I won't," Sukai shifted her stance, wind swirling around her violently," have to go easy on you." 


The ground began to shake violently, as a furious roar pierced the sky. Orochimaru stared up at the dragon in slight awe. What an interesting turn of events. 

. . .

Minutes into the fight, he realized just how great he had underestimated the girl before him. The first deduction he had made was that it wasn't the dragon that made her powerful, or her great amount of chakra. 

It was her fucking brain

He struggled to dodge another torrent of icy blue flames which left the bark behind him, fucking disintegrating, just to get another kunai embedded into his back. She was smart enough to not get too close, yet kept him at a good enough distance. Every time he tried to get too close, he was met with a burst of flames from her dragon pet or some type of trap. 

Because of her, his prey was probably far away.

He watched her hands blur through hand signs just before she exclaimed," Shadow Clone Jutsu!"  

Four clones puffed into existence, each jumping off of the dragon's head to stick onto four different trees.  The dragon soared upwards, Sukai firmly attached on his head, arms folded across her chest. The determined glint in her eyes excited him but also troubled him greatly.

He would have to end this, fast. 

"Summoning Jutsu!" 

"Ryuusei now!"

Orochimaru jumped down just in time to avoid a jet stream of fire. But the attack didn't stop there. Two clones released slices of wind, while the other two let loose even more torrents of blue fire.

It was a bitch to evade, leaving him with right arm bleeding heavily from a deep cut that ran along vertically.

He landed on a white snake rivaling the same size as the dragon, which hissed her greeting. Orochimaru scowled, merely saying," Finish them both off." Before darting away in the opposite direction. 

Before the clones could make any moves to attack, Ryuusei quickly shook his head. 

"Don't worry about the snake, she can't hurt us." Ryuusei rumbled softly, dipping his head in greeting. The snake mimicked his action, meeting her gaze once, before disappearing a puff of smoke.


"Dragons and snakes are cousins, I'll explain later after we get the asshole who hurt our pack." 

Sukai nodded. "Right!" 

Launching herself into the air, she used the gathering momentum to flip herself backward and land comfortably on Ryuusei's back. She tapped one of his scales twice, signaling that she was ready to go. Muscles beneath her tensed as Ryuusei said," Hold on tight." Just before launching them towards the sky. 



"You find his scent yet?" Sukai called out over the roaring winds. Ryuusei shook his head, before dipping low, his body spiraling downwards. The two landed in a clearing, Sukai slid off of his back and landed on the ground in a crouch.  

'We should alert Hokage-sama, you shouldn't fight him-'

"Blu-chan, what the hell are you doing here? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?"  

Sukai turned." Anko-san?" 

Anko shook her head, a scowl forming on her lips. "I don't have time I need to find him!"

"Is it some creepy bastard who likes to summon snakes?" 

"How did you-" 

'I got his scent, he's found the pack!" 

"Fuck, lead me to him!' C'mon Anko!" 

Ryuusei dashed forward, both Sukai and Anko hot on his heels. Sukai fueled chakra into her legs, feeling her anger grow worse with every step. She had to be faster. She needed to get there in time. 

'I have to stay calm, can't lose my head during battle.' 

Minutes passed and they jumped down into another clearing just in time to see the enemy's neck stretch forward towards Sasuke. 

She didn't hesitate. 

At least she was fast enough this time. 

"Shit!" Sukai cursed out loudly, cradling her right wrist in one hand. The pissed off look in Orochimaru's eyes caused her to grin smugly. At least the bastard didn't get what he wanted. An odd marking formed on her wrist and she hissed slightly.


"Sukai why the hell would you do that?!" 

Legs going weak, she collapsed into her teammate's arms, not even aware of the intense fight going on between Anko and her former sensei. She grinned weakly, feeling her eyes grow heavy, and pain pulse heavily from her wrist.

"If you get bitten I swear I'll kick your ass." Sukai responded instead just before falling in unconsciousness. 

Chapter Text



She was in the place again, except it was in a pretty shitty state. All of her doors were covered in some black gunk which oozed all over the floors and wrapped around her ankles. Every step she took. It was like wading through some mud in a centuries-old swamp. 

It was unbelievably warm and humid, making it more difficult to breathe. 


Sukai froze at the call of her name. Whoever it was, it definitely wasn't Ryuusei. This voice was older, hints of slyness evident through bad concealment. She instantly got the feeling that she was in danger. 

'Comeeee find meeeeee.'

Sukai waded forward following the voice into a cave. She passed a thick layer of goo, grimacing slightly, and stepped inside. The gunk was everywhere, dripping from the walls and moving on the floor. 

'Innnn hereeee.' 

Something slithered forward revealing its form. A very large, purple fucking snake. Sukai was surprised she could even see it in the darkness of the cave.

"How the hell did you get in here?!" Sukai demanded, stepping backward as the snake drew itself into its full height. 

'I am a gift, to you.' 

Something rumbled behind the snake, and she squinted suspiciously. "What was that?"

The snake chuckled, leaning forward to invade her personal space. Sukai resisted the urge to flinch backward, instead settling for glaring into blood red eyes. She wanted to know what the hell was going on. Where the hell was Ryuusei and her teammates?! But all she could do was draw up blanks.

'I'm here to heeelp youuu. '

Sukai rolled her eyes and promptly turned her back on the snake. She didn't need help from a fucking snake. She already had Naruto who was willing to help her control her dragon tendencies, Mrs. Kami with anger management, and more than enough teachers who was willing to help her train. 

"Not interested."

'I caaaan help you kill your motheeeerrrr.'

Sukai froze as the snake slithered in front of her, blocking the entrance, and slowly encircling her. "And why would I want to do that?" 

'Becauuuseeee I know what she did to youuuuu.'  The snake chuckled darkly, its warm breath hitting the back of her neck. Her stomach churned uncomfortably, and she closed her eyes, trying her best to shove unpleasant memories down. All of those times she nearly froze to death. All of the times she had been locked in that all white room like a fucking mental patient. She wouldn't succumb to those dark thoughts. No matter how strong the temptation was. Even if killing her mother would replace the nightmares that plagued her so lovingly.

"And what can you do that'll help me?" Sukai inquired with a tilt of her head, a small hint of interest in her voice. The temptation was strong.

'Give you powerrrrrr.' 

There was a catch, there had to be. Sukai didn't hesitate to voice her thoughts.

'Ahhh, sssssmart girl.'  

Sukai huffed at the statement, briefly reminded of her mother patronizing tone, but gestured for the snake to continue.

'I'll beeee occupying your mind.' 

Another rumble, but a lot more violent. It caused the cave to shake and her to nearly lose her balance. 

"What the hell?" Sukai pushed the tail wrapped around out of her way, and marched deeper into the cave, ignoring the calls for her to come back. The sludge became thicker and filled the cave even more. Meters deep into the cave and the gunk was up to her waist. Something deep within her gut, her instincts, told her that she needed to the source. 

She waded in the gunk for a good half hour, before finally coming to a stop. The sight that awaited her sent her spiraling forward, and frantically tearing the gunk away. 

"I'll get you out Ryuusei, just hang in there!"

Despite her best efforts, the gunk only regrew, burying her struggling dragon even deeper. He growled weakly causing the cave to shake again, and tears to spring to her eyes. 

"I'm sorry, I should've come sooner."

'It'ssss no useeeeeee.'

Sukai whirled around, lips curled into a snarl, and eyes flashing dangerously. "What the hell did you do to my dragon!" 

'He'll be sleeeeping for a awhileee.'

"Let him go asshole!"

'Youuu don't neeeeed him, IIII can heeelp youuu.' 

Sukai clenched her first, a burning sensation snaking its way to her palms. She wouldn't betray Ryuusei like that. She wouldn't leave him behind. He wouldn't be thrown away like she was. He wouldn't be forgotten."


A wave of indigo flames shot forward, burning through everything that dare stood in its path, snake included.  It withered in pain causing Sukai to grin. "I don't know what the fuck you are but I don't need you."

The flames were everywhere, reflecting its bright blue light in Sukai's golden eyes. "I don't fucking want you."

The flames that encircled her body was a great comfort as it greedily at away at the dark ooze. The snake withered in pain, its body shrinking and shrinking as seconds ticked by. Sukai stared it down, the grin fading, her lips falling into a straight line, despite how lively her eyes were. "And my mind is already occupied, bitch." 

She raised her foot and slammed it down, twisting it until she felt an odd squish beneath her. Letting out a breath she didn't realize that she was holding, Sukai pivoted on her heel to stare up at the remaining ooze that covered her beloved partner. The massive heap rose and fell with each shallow breath Ryuusei took.  Sukai brought her fist in front of her, brows furrowing, before willing them to light up in blue flames. 

"Let's get you out of here."




Waking up to a bunch of nurses peering over her instantly sent Sukai into a frenzy. Not fully aware of what she was doing, she lunged out of bed, hitting a nurse in the process, and darted out of the room. Bare feet slapping against the pavement, Sukai followed the nearest and most familiar scent she could pick up on, rounding sharp turns and corners until she burst into another room.  

Too delirious to actually process anything, she pounced on top of the railing and sniffed the air. An unpleasant mix of ramen, strawberries, tomatoes, dirt, and blood instantly assaulted her nose and she sneezed. The wind whirled around her torso, her feet hovering midair for a few moments, before balancing back onto the railing. 

She jumped over the railing landing in a crouch, broken memories falling into place at full force and instantly sending her into battle mode. 

"Where is he?!" Sukai snarled angrily to no one in particular. Or maybe everyone, she didn't know. She just wanted answers. She wanted to gut that snake bastard like there was no fucking tomorrow. She wanted to-

"Blu-san, you need to be-" 

"DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME!" Sukai snapped angrily, slapping the hand away that reached out to her. The male in front of her looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn't quite place it. She didn't even see him join her. 

"Sukai-chan, you have to-"

Another male joined her, but this one didn't look sickly. He looked a lot more drawn-back, and calm, but she could see the tense muscles beneath the laid-back facade. She could feel the chakra coating his figure in a large mass. He was a threat. She was in danger.


Gasps filled the air, causing her to laugh triumphantly. If they wanted a fight, she was sure as hell gonna give them one! Ryuusei's roar lacked its usual ferocity, but it was a roar nonetheless and a damn good one. 

"Tell me where he is, or I swear to Kami that we'll fight you crappy ass lackeys!" 

No one dares to move, eyes fixated on the dragon instead. Sukai frowned at the lack of response and reached over to tap the closes part of Ryuusei she could reach.


Ryuusei opened his mouth, a ball of bright blue fire gathering in his-


Another person joined them in a blur of blinding yellow and orange. Naruto Uzumaki stood in front of the dragon, arms spread out in front of his teacher and preliminary proctor protectively. He wasn't scared of the dragon before him, eyes bright and challenging. Ryuusei instantly closed his mouth, leaning down to gently nudge Naruto with a small purr   rumble of contentment.

"KIT!" Sukai lunged forward, wrapping her legs around Naruto's waist, and arms around his shoulder. The blonde stumbled backward but managed to refrain from falling with a small yelp of his own. 

"I can't believe that worked!" 

Sukai pulled back from the hug in confusion." Can't believe what worked?" 

"You went feral for a second and almost attacked Kakashi-sensei!"


She blinked in surprise, the past few moments almost completely wiped from her mind. She set her feet on the ground and spun around to see Ryuusei peering down at them in his all dragony glory. That was odd, she didn't recall calling him out...

Sukai strode forward until she directly in front of his snout and lent down to press a small kiss on it before shouting, "Ryuusei, return!" 

She turned to face Naruto with a small grin. "Cool, right?! What are you doing here anyways, did you finish the third round yet? "

Naruto grinned sheepishly, hand coming up to scratch the back of his head as he said," Sukai, you kind of crashed the beginning of the preliminary round." 






After being escorted away by Kakashi-sensei, Sukai found herself profusely apologizing to the nurse, who's ribs she nearly crushed, before being locked in the room with a bunch of jonin ninja who all looked collectively pissed off and maybe a little bit of worried. 

Kakashi stepped forward first, squatting down so that the two were at the same eye level. He carefully asked," Sukai, what exactly do you remember about phase two of the exams?"

Sukai scratched her nose while trying to remember everything. Bits and pieces of fighting filtered in her mind and she tried her best to put it all together. But the one thing that stood out the most was," Some snake motherfucker bit me." 

Kakashi's visible eye grew considerably alarmed for a split second before his face was a mask of indifference. "Where did you get-" 

Sukai pointed to her right wrist. "There."

None of the ninjas were discrete about peering at her wrist, eyes filled with curiosity or rightfully alarmed. It worried her really since Sukai definitely had the feeling that everyone knew what the hell was going on.

"Sukai-chan." Kakashi began slowly, his thumb gently swiping over the spot Sukai had pointed there.

"Kakashi-sensei," Sukai said, just as slow with a raise of her eyebrows.

"There's nothing there." He pointed out flatly, causing Sukai to shrug. 

"Is there supposed to be something there?"

"A cursed seal!" 

Sukai blinked in surprise. "Cursed Seal? Huh, that's probably why I had to fight that evil ass snake, it was probably the stupid ass seal manifesting itself in my subconscious, duh!" She slapped her forward while giving herself a mental pat on the back. That would explain the whole power offer and the vile creature wanting to take up some space in her mind. 

"Sukai-chan." Kakashi, sounded like he was ready to slap the shit out of her. It was kind of funny. Mostly scary, but still kind of funny.  Pissing chill people off was just her superpower.


"Would you care to elaborate?"

"On the snake?"

Nearly everyone in the room let out collective groans and she snickered. "I'm just kidding, trying to keep the mood all light before I tell you how a creepy, tall ass snake offered me the power to help me kill my mom cause that bitch liked to do some screwed shit."

Sukai kept her tone as casual as possible, forcing any shakiness that showed up in her voice, down. "I turned the snake down, killed it, then freed Ryuusei. From what I've gathered, the snake needed to live in my subconsciousness."

"How did you kill it?" 

Sukai shrugged again while letting out a small yawn, suddenly feeling sleepy. "I kind of have a theory that it wouldn't be able to take over without my permission because Ryuusei already exists in there."

"Basically, my mind was already occupied with something else."

Chapter Text

At a young age, Sukai learned that not all promises could be kept.


It was the first time in years that she was dumb enough to believe in this one.










The first match started dramatically with a few exchanged words and thrown punches. Sukai had to admit, she was on the edge of her seat the entire time. While she could easily admit that Naruto was badass and could kick any ass if she really put his mind to it, Sukai did train with Team Gai for months and she knew how much of a fight Neji could and would put up. And from the description that was given to her from Tenten while he battled Hinata, she knew just how brutal he could be too.

So, yeah, she was only just a little worried. 

The fight last a good thirty minutes, ending with Naruto being the last man standing and Sukai shooting out of her seat to cheer him, on because hell yeah, that was her kit! And for a few foolish moments, Sukai believed that it was going to be a good day.

And then Sakura's fight was next.

Sukai learned that Sakura somehow managed to get Anko to train her for a month and that her opponent was someone from the Land of Water.

That's when things started to go downhill.

The two kick it off with simple hand-to-hand combat, which Sukai was proud to say that Sakura had improved in greatly. The month that Sakura had with Anko was a just enough time to make an influence. Not only was Sakura supporting a new look with black combat boots with gloves to match, which of course contrasted heavily with the hot pink two-piece she wore, but her moves were fierce

It seemed as if Anko managed to achieve the one thing Sukai couldn't. Getting Sakura to hurt and do some real fucking damage. 

It was quite clear that Sakura's fierceness took everyone by surprise. She had already built up a reputation, and it wasn't exactly a good one. The match barely even lasts ten minutes, ending with Sakura using pressure points and a well-placed axe kick to the temple that sent her opponent straight to unconscious land. 

Sukai didn't really pay much attention to the third match, too busy distracted by Kakashi's and Sasuke's sudden arrival. She scrambles out of her seat to greet them, knocking her Sasuke's shoulder with a grin.

"Almost missed your match, dumbass, don't let Kakashi-sensei influence you!" 

He waved her off. "Yeah, yeah whatever."

It's not long before Sasuke is called down for his own match and Sukai is joined by both Gai and Lee. She had paid him a few visits to the hospital which usually ended with them arm wrestling to keep both their spirits up. Sukai from her encounter with Orochimaru and Lee with his fight from Gaara. The two excitedly tune into the fight with vigor, wondering what was the outcome going to be.

the feathers began to fall. 

The screams of Gaara pierced the air. 

And then all hell broke loose. 





Naruto Uzumaki felt like a fucking idiot. 

He was so caught up in helping Sasuke fight Gaara, neither of them noticed the key component of Team 7. 

Sukai was missing. 

It didn't dawn on him until Gaara had been carried away by his own siblings, a ghost of a smile on his lips that almost made Naruto grin at the obvious worry on their faces. At least Gaara had some type of family to grow up with. 

Speaking of family...

"Where's Sukai?" 

Sakura shrugged while Sasuke groaned weakly, swimming in and out of consciousness. He had been swatted pretty hard into the tree at the last minute which would've been pretty funny if they weren't ya know to fight a big ass demon. 

"Maybe Kakashi-sensei knows?" She suggested, hefting Sasuke up like he was a piece of paper. He couldn't help but openly gape because when the fuck did that happen?? Naruto quickly shook his head, no he wouldn't get distracted. First, he had to find Sukai, then he could worry about Sakura's monster strength. 

. . .

Kakashi-sensei didn't know where she was either. 

"I just assumed that she deflected the genjutsu and went after you," Kakashi mused with a small shrug, "I know she doesn't know the academy protocols so I thought she went after you.'"

Both Sakura and Naruto exchanged glances, worried looks on their faces. Naruto was the first to speak up." She wasn't with us." 

"That's odd." 

"Yeah, no shit." Naruto snapped angrily, his teeth grinding together harshly. Suddenly the victory against Gaara wasn't so appealing anymore. Not without Sukai there to celebrate it with. He spun on his heel and began to march away. He'd find her on his own goddammit. 

. . . 

He couldn't find her. 

No one found her.

He found a thick trail of blood instead which lead to a steep waterfall.



One Week Later

Location: Unknown


"You need to eat."

"Fuck off," Sukai spat from where she hung limply. It hadn't been a good day, to say the least. For starters, her arms which were stretchered over her head were going through some serious cramp pains, and her wrist which had been wrapped in cold handcuffs had long gone numb, used to the sharp bite. Her feet hung a couple feet over the ground, seeing as her height was nearly the same as Naruto's, if not, shorter, which did her no justice. 

"If you thinking starving yourself will make us worried, then you're wrong," the male before her says coolly. He stood on the other side of the fucking cage that she chained in, a smug smirk adorning her face. If she remembered correctly, his name was something along the lines of Kabuto. Kabuto loved to come down and taunt her about how the facility she was locked up in hadn't even been discovered yet. Sukai deemed Kabuto a little bitch. 

"Listen, fuck-face, why don't you run along and find something sciencey to have an orgasm too." Sukai scowled, really wishing that she could flip him her favorite finger. Kabuto actually looked scandalous at her choice of words. "Kami knows you don't have any free time with that creepy motherfucker. "

Kabuto left without saying another word. 

Sukai counted that as a win. 

She wondered if it occurred to them that she couldn't get to the fucking food because she was chained to the goddamn ceiling. 



The funeral of Sarutobi Hiruzen was held two weeks after his death on a rainy day. With the support of Sakura and surprisingly Sasuke as well, he actually managed to get of bed and attend it.

He had cried most of the tears out, mourning the loss of both Sukai and The Old Man in the comforts of his own apartment. They had found ripped tatters of the shirt that she had worn, splatters of her blood across the leftover article. Despite being obvious proof, Naruto refused to believe that Sukai was just dead. He knew that she could hold her own during the sand invasion, hell she survived a kidnapping from a bunch of jonin! He refused to believe it. 

"Hey, Naruto, it's over," Sakura says gently while nudging his shoulder. He blinks in surprise finally acknowledging the gentle sun rays that shown on his face through parted clouds. She slung an arm over her shoulders, something that would've sent him over the moon, but instead, he only slumps into her hold, putting half of his weight on her hands. 

Instead of reacting violently, she just sighed gently while leading him off to who knows where. It doesn't take long for Sasuke to join them as well, falling into step with on their little walk around the village. 

It's Sasuke who speaks up first. "I never got to thank her." 

"We didn't get to thank her for a lot of things, Sasuke-kun," Sakura muttered with a small frown. It was quite obvious that Naruto took Sukai's death the hardest, but it hurt Sakura just as a bad. She was actually beginning to think of Sukai as a younger sister, the younger girl didn't take long to grow on her. Well once you get over the initial cursing, insulting, and sometimes pranking.

"She's not dead." Naruto huffed, foot scuffing at some rocks. The worried glances exchanged by both Sasuke and Sakura was completely missed by the blonde. As bad as the thought was, he was secretly hoping that their last conversation turned out to be true. Anything but dead. 

"You said she couldn't swi-"

"I know what I said, Sakura," Naruto began while pushing her arm off," but I know she isn't dead."

With that said, he sped up his walking distance, disappearing in the crowd, his mind straying onto the last conversation he and Sukai had.

. . . . 


"So a little birdy told me someone managed to summon the kings of toads," Sukai said as she stared up at him with a small grin. She had taken the advantage of his lack of motivation to move from her bed, and decided to use him as a pillow. Despite their body emitting intense heat for an average person, the number of times they shared a bed together kind of made it comforting.

"I thought you hunted birds?" Naruto quipped back with a grin just as big as hers. It only widening when a scowl tugged at her lips at being reminded of that 'phase'. The primal urges to hunt had long since died down, only flaring up when surrounded by too much prey. 

"I did that for a week!"

"Felt much longer."

Sukai rolled off of him with a huff, a pout forming on her lips. While she could never be mad at Naruto for long, it didn't mean she could at least feign it! The two exchanged glances before bursting into laughter after a few beats of silence.

"I missed you Sukai." Naruto sighed gently, blue eyes softening as his lips drew up into a quiet and reserved smile. While Naruto spent his days with Pervy-Sage training until he passed out, Sukai spent most of her time in the Hokage's Office, helping the Old Man with some paperwork. 

Sukai, surprised at the sudden statement, let out a few coughs. She had never heard something so genuine be directed at her before. It made her feel warm inside, loved even if that was the proper word. She doesn't remember ever experiencing such a thing while growing up.

"I missed you too, Naruto." 

He drew her in a hug, nuzzling her neck, causing her to squeal loudly.

"Dude, that tickles." Sukai giggled as the nuzzling evolved into his fingers squirming along her sides. It only stopped until her laughs became wheezes signaling that she was quite close to passing out from lack of oxygen. 


"You love me." Naruto smiled cheekily, and the two fell into silence before Sukai spoke up again.

She sounded more tentative. "Hey, Naruto?"


"I'm scared." 

"Is there a spider, I'll kill-"

Sukai thwacked him across the head with a snort. "Not that dumbass, it's just," Sukai hesitated, taking a deep breath, "you know I'm not good with this emotional shit, I fucking hate it." 

Naruto nudged her. "Go on." He prompted. 

"It's okay to be scared, Sukai."

"Ninjas aren't supposed to show emotion." Sukai pointed out.

"Well, you don't have to be a ninja right now, you can be my...little sister!" Naruto said excitedly after a few moments of thought. Sukai nodded along, deeming it a good enough idea. 

 "Ya know, the minute I learned his name, I did as much research as possible on that bastard." Sukai laughed, recalling her second risky break-in in the village archives, and the hours she spent reading up on all of the fucked up things he had done.

"He did some shitty things to civilians, Naruto." Sukai exhaled sharply, forcing herself to sit up and plant her hands onto the comforter. "I also know how a fucked up scientist thinks, and I also know that I wasn't supposed to get bit and I wasn't supposed to literally destroy the curse mark like it was some common fucking cold." 

"And-and I know that he knows and that he is going to come back for me because I'm just another new experiment in his eyes, and I can't go back to that life, kit, I can't." Sukai choked back a sob, frantically pushing curls out of her face. She stood up with a gasp, her breathing growing more needier. 

"I-I can't go back to that," Sukai sucked in a greedier breath, stumbling backward, mind flashing back to the freezer, to the room. She'd rather die than relive that. Nearly tripping over her feet, she frantically shook her head. She couldn't go back. She couldn't go back. She couldn't. She needed to leave. "I know that I was born to be experimented on, to be 'Project Number 1136902', but I'm not going to fucking die as one." 

"I won't let him take you," Naruto promised, and she violently shook her head. 

"You gotta be realistic, kit, it's a fucking miracle I survived our encounter last time and that's because I had fucking Ryuusei to call on. But now, I can't even call on him because he' s so damn drained from that stupid ass snake and me calling on him right after. He was considered on the best ninjas of his entire fucking generation and we're just genin. He'd make it so you wouldn't even notice I'm gone until it's too late!"

"Hey, hey, hey." Naruto dove out of bed just as her knees buckled, catching her before she could fall. Tears soaked his shirt as she sobbed freely, shutters raking her entire body. "I will always find you, okay, always. I swear it on my life."

"Don't be stupid, kit."

"I'm not being stupid." Naruto hissed fiercely, pulling her head back she could see the determined resolve in his eyes. "As your older brother, it is my job to keep you safe, and I will do it goddammit!" 

Sukai sniffled again, arms wrapping around his waist, and shoulders slumping in resignation. Naruto propped his chin on top of her mound of curls, not even disturbed from the hair that gently tickled his face.

"Don't give up on me, when it happens."

"If it happens."

"Naruto," Sukai warned, knowing her words would be true.

"I won't, but you can't give up on me either."

"Promise?" Sukai pulled back to bring her pinky up. Naruto snorted, a goofy grin slipping onto his face as he interlaced his pinky with hers. 

"I promise." 

Flashback End



Sukai stared up what she presumed was the ceiling of her cage. It didn't take long for her to figure out how to escape the chains, her wrist becoming thin enough for her to slide out. She, of course, tried to leave the cage. But since she hadn't eaten in so long, which didn't work well with her fast metabolism and the cage was actually a chakra dampener, she couldn't even conduct a proper thought.

Well, she could think of one. It wasn't even a thought, more of a distant memory.

"I won't, but you can't give up on me either."


"I promise."

She wouldn't give up hope, not yet. Not ever. 


Chapter Text

8:27 pm

Unexplored Region 

Getting lost in an unexplored region that didn't pop up on the map sucked absolute ass. 

But you know what also sucked? 

Getting lost in an unexplored region that didn't pop on the map, twice.

Despite having a great, and well admittedly crazy, friend to accompany him while he wandered through the fucking forest at night, it was still pretty shitty. Especially because he almost died from said friend trying to fight a bear.

A bear

And since the universe just loved to shit on him, it of course started to rain. He slipped down two mudslides, tripped over his feet one too many times, and he was so tired. There was something in his right sneaker that made his shoe make an odd squish noise which seemed to only further how uncomfortable he was and wow life really just fucking sucked.

Oh yeah, and he was being trained by a one-year-old hit man to turn him into a fucking mafia boss.

Life sucked. 

"You really should rest, Tenth." His silver-haired companion suggested kindly. His name wasn't actually 10th by the way, it was Sawada Tsunayoshi, Tsuna for short. Definitely not fucking Tuna, or Tuna fish, it's Tsu-na, T-S-U-N-A. Got it? Good.

Forcing a smile onto his face and not grimacing mostly for whatever manly dignity he had left, Tsuna said," I'm fine, Gokudera-kun, I just want-"

-his foot slipped on something, what the fu-


On another note, you know what also sucked? Twisted and/or sprained ankles. Seeing as he actually fell through something, because yes, that's how shitty his luck is, he, of course, landed on his ankle. And to think, he actually believed he was going to be hospital free this month. 


Tsuna breathes out a long heavy sigh, actually contemplating his life choices. What did he do to be put in this predicament? Oh, right, he existed

"I'm fine, Gokudera-kun," Tsuna begins while shifting himself up. His ass was probably going to bruise, which apparently was also possible. Falling on it constantly does shit like that.


He disappears, leaving Tsuna to sigh again because where the hell was Gokudera-kun gonna find some rope in the middle of goddamn nowhere? Could he find a helicopter too? 

Using the wall as leverage, he pushed himself up, favoring his one good leg over the other. With the moonlight filtering through, he could see some type of odd symbol on the wall. Stumbling closer, he realizes that the place he landed in was ongoing, like an underground facility of some sort. 

Curiosity gaining the best of him, he stumbled forward, going deeper inside. He was greeted with a seemingly endless row of empty cages. Upon closer inspection, he could see old scratches and splatters of black blood. Something urged him to go in deeper.

Specifically, 5 cages down and to the right. 

He didn't know what to expect. Possibly for a murderer to jump out and stab him a shit ton of times. Or maybe even Reborn with a fucking green hammer. He thought of a million things that could occur, none of them exactly good either. 

What he didn't expect was to see a small girl curled up into an even smaller ball. 

The bars of the cage which were extremely old bent easily from a little-applied force. He pulled until both bars broke off, leaving enough space for him to shimmy in without aggravating his ankle too much.

Tentatively, he approached her, still a bit paranoid that she might jump up and shank him to death, before squatting down to check her pulse. He own heart nearly stopped when he felt nothing.

And then-


It was so faint, but there was hope. 

Placing one hand beneath her neck, and the other beneath her knees, he lifted her with ease. She was lighter than a piece of fucking paper, and he was sure that a faint breeze could send her violently out of his arms. 

"Now, we have to get out of here." 







"Where did you find her?"  Gokudera questioned cautiously, eyeing the girl in his arms with distrust. He couldn't help but tuck the girl a little closer, the need to protect her flaring up like a raging fire. 

"There's like a facility or something down there, she was in one of the cages." 

Before Gokudera could respond a growl pierced the air. Brown eyes screwing shut, Tsuna blew out a frustrated groan. He really, really didn't want to be dealing with this shit right now. 

Please, don't be another bear, he prayed to whoever was listening.

'Universe, just this once, please let me leave in one piece.' 

"Uh. Tenth?" His right-hand man whispered slowly, his voice barely even heard over the rain. If he wasn't paying attention he might have mistaken it for the faint whisper of the wind. 

He had yet to open his eyes. "Yes, Gokudera-kun?" 

"There's an uh, person? Gokudera actually sounded scared, which sent his eyes flying open and zeroing on whatever the hell his companion was talking about. And wow there was a person.=. A person with a fucking tail and horns and very, very sharp teeth. Tsuna was going to call him Dragon-Boy since that sounded a lot cooler than 'Scary-Person-Who-Looks-Like-He-Wants-To-Eat-Me.'

"Put. Her. Down." Dragon-Boy said, his lips pulled into a snarl. From his perch on the branch and the subtle tense of his muscles, it looked like he was going to pounce any second.

(Only later would Sawada realize just how similar the two looked). 

"She's hurt, I need to get her to the hospital." Tsuna tried to reason, keeping his voice as steady as possible. He couldn't let no one get hurt here and he had a feeling he could speak his way out of it. 

"Your human hospitals won't work for her, you people don't even have chakra."

Great, Dragon-Boy clearly escaped from a fucking loony-bin

"I know someone who just might help, but we have to get out of here." 

Dragon-Boy stared at him for a few moments before nodding and jumping down. Tsuna notes how deftly Dragon-Boy lands on his feet and briefly wonders if he had any experience in combat. However, the thought disappears as quickly as it came when Dragon-Boy speaks again. 

"I'd offer you a ride, but her hibernation state is draining me and because of that fucking snake!

Tsuna stepped backward as Dragon-Boy's fist came in contact with the tree, ice erupting from his fist. What the fuck? 

At this rate, Tsuna didn't even bother trying to comprehend what Dragon-Boy was talking about, instead of exchanging wary glances with Gokudera who only shrugged. His hand had slipped his hand into his pocket and Tsuna quickly shook his head. He didn't need to be dealing with a blown up forest at the moment. 

"I'm sorry." He offered weakly. 

Dragon-Boy scoffed. "It's not your fault, Alpha, I can show you the way if you'd like." 

He ignored the Alpha part and instead shot him a small smile. "That'd be nice."

. . . .

Dragon-Boy actually proved to be useful and even managed to get him home after he parted ways with Gokudera-kun. He turned toward Dragon-Boy who eyed his house with curiosity. Behind him, his black tail swayed slowly.

"Can you like try to hide that?" He asked, hoping Dragon-Boy would get the memo. Surprisingly, in a puff of smoke, both the horns and tail were gone. Tsuna blinked. Okay, that was weird. Weird but cool. Weirdly cool. 

"Is this suitable for your pack, Alpha?" 

Geez, what was up with the Alpha thing? He wasn't any wolf, and even if he were, he'd be at the bottom of the pack. 

"Sure, just please be quiet. My mom is probably sleeping." 

"Yes, Alpha."

Tsuna turned around, adjusted the girl in his arms as he gestured for Dragon-Boy to open the door. Tsuna stepped in after the brunet, kicking the door shut with his heel. He made way to the living room where Dragon-Boy turned on the light and he placed the girl onto the couch. Now, for the hard part.

Waking Reborn to call Dr. Shamal.





The Next Day

While Dr. Shamal was a creepy pervert who looked like he wasn't even capable of saving a fly, Tsuna could admit that the man knew what he was doing. He didn't know what the hell Dr. Shamal did, but the very next day the girl's breath was a lot less shallow and she looked a lot less dead.

Dragon-Boy refused to leave the girl's side, opting to sit on the opposite couch, watching Dr. Shamal work. 

"She should be awake in a few more days, but if we take her to the-"

"No hospitals." Dragon-Boy interrupted with a frown. "She's hibernating, hospitals won't work."

"Then what do you suggest," Dr. Shamal asked dryly, his eyes sparkling with disinterest for once.

"Make her feel like she's in danger."

While Tsunayoshi wasn't any doctor, he was pretty sure that wasn't exactly a decent treatment. And, yeah, he may have slept through biology class, but he was pretty sure humans didn't hibernate. Dragon-Boy looked like he was going to do something stupid, and the only reason why Tsuna knew this was because he was the absolute fucking king of doing stupid shit.

Tsuna watched with wary eyes as Dragon-Boy disappeared into the kitchen before reappearing with something in his hands. It was partially hidden behind his back and Dragon-Boy's face was a little bit too calm thus giving nothing away.

For a few moments, Tsuna allowed himself to relax and believe while Dragon-Boy was a bit weird and lacked human qualities it didn't make him a serial killer. 

Big mistake.

Before anyone could actually react, Dragon-Boy just whips out a fucking knife and flung it towards the very unconscious girl WHO CAN'T DEFEND HERSELF BECAUSE SHE'S FUCKING UNCONSCIOUS-

"Ryuusei what-"

A brief cough.

"-the fuck?"

Tsuna opens his eyes (secretly wondering when the hell did he close them), and nearly starts choking. Blood flowed freely from her hand which was wrapped around the knife Dragon-er- Ryuusei had thrown at her. Her eyes were out of complete focus, but they were glaring daggers at a grinning Ryuusei.

"Welcome to the world of the living, Sukai."

Sukai groans. "I think I'm gonna puke."  

True to her words, she rolls over and pukes black gunk right over his sneakers before promptly passing out. Tsuna groans.

His life fucking sucked

Chapter Text

 Tsuna was sure that this moment was going to haunt his dreams forever. 

"I'll clean that up," Ryuusei offered, a gigantic grin on his face as he got up and exited the room. Tsuna, on the other hand, refused to move and firmly kept his feet planted, praying that Ryuusei would hurry the hell up because that was so gross. Oh, Kami he was gonna puke-




The girl, or Sukai, as Ryuusei called her, remained in a state of unconsciousness for a few more hours, but apparently the coma-hibernation-whatever-the-hell-it-was-called was over and Tsuna was tasked with keeping her fever low and lying to his mom about the sudden appearances of two 'exchange students' who got lost during the storm last night. His mom, of course, believed it and made sure to keep both Lambo and I-Pin distracted, while Tsuna accompanied their guests. 

"Despite appearing as a weakling, you emit a great amount of power." Ryuusei suddenly said as he watched Tsuna wring the towel out. It was quite a painful process since his fingers were numb from the bucket filled with literal ice. He could already tell Sukai wasn't normal since regular water fucking evaporated the minute it touched her forehead. 

Tsuna let out a small nervous laugh. "Uh, thanks?" 

"Sukai is quite the opposite of you." Ryuusei mused a small snort leaving his lips. A quick glance to his side revealed Ryuusei's slumped posture and tired purple eyes. And yet there was still a small fond smile that played on his lips. "She appears strong, but in reality, she is more fragile than glass." 

'Why is he telling me this?'  Tsuna thought as he subconsciously brushed some of her curls away, before placing the cool towel on her forehead.

"I have a feeling you two will have a unique friendship, unlike her's with Naruto." 

Sukai moaned in discomfort, her face scrunching up in pain. 

"Her body is getting used to flow of her chakra, she'll be fine." 

Tsuna couldn't help but frown, his hand hovering over her hair for a few moments, unsure of what his next move should be. Sure, the girl was unconscious, but he didn't want to push any boundaries. He placed his hand back into his lap.

"She doesn't look too good." He muttered.

Right on cue, Sukai let out a low, pained groan. Her body shifted, and he moved his hands to stop her from rolling off the couch without much thought. 

"As I said, she'll be fine," Ryuusei replied reassuringly, causing quite the opposite effect.

. . . . . . 

It turns out that Ryuusei's confidence in Sukai's well-being shouldn't have been doubted. The pain in her face cleared up an hour later and she roused from consciousness a little bit after that, the fever depleting.  


Her voice sounded hoarse and she cleared it multiple times. 

"He's uh, sleeping." Tsuna laughed nervously as hazy brown eyes focused on his face. She pushed herself up with a little struggle, face screwing up in pain. He was a bit surprised at the flow of profanity she emitted, especially for how innocent she kind of looked. 

Once she was in a comfortable sitting position, she directed her full attention onto him. Despite her clearly weak state, she still kept her back straight and emitted an aura of superiority. 


Tsuna reached over to grab the glass of water before handing it towards her. She took it from his hands with a small smile before devouring the water in a few gulps. She sighed pleasantly, steam pooling out of her nose and curling around her cheeks. It was quite an intriguing sight.

"Thank you, Sawada-san." 

He didn't remember telling her his name but nodded along anyway. "Of course." 

"So, I'm gonna cut straight to the chase." Sukai began, grimacing as she shifted her body on the couch.  He was sure she had seen better days. Now that there weren't in the dark, and he wasn't focused on her health he could see how her skin was riddled with dirt, and her mass of curls was matted together with knots. He could make out a few scars on her collarbone and some through the tattered rips of her shirt. There were a lot of things about her that made her look like she been through hell and back. 

But what stood out the most was her eyes. 

'Holy shit,' Tsuna thought, resisting the urge to lean in to get a better look. He wasn't any poet, in fact, he actually he failed literature last year, but damn did Sukai have some cool ass eyes. He wondered if they turned a different shade of brown in the sunlight?

"...and I really don't want to impose, but I swear I'll hold up my end of the deal." Sukai had clasped her hands together, brown eyes glittering up at him in genuine earnest. It occurred to Tsuna that he didn't catch onto a word she had just said.

Does he want to look like an idiot and ask her to repeat herself?

Fuck no.

So, Tsuna just smiles while nodding, hoping he didn't just sign his life away. "Sure." 

She shoots him a smile brighter than the sun, and it almost makes him forget that she threw up nightmare goo his sneakers. Almost. 

"Thank you, Sawada-san! I'll be out your hair before you know it!" Sukai stood up, her movement staggering as she dipped herself into a clumsy bow. 

Tsuna instantly shot up, reaching his hands out to steady her swaying figure. 

"Take it easy," said Tsuna with a wary smile. 

"I'll be fine, Sawada-san, all I need is a few days. Are you sure your Mom would be okay with this?"

Ah, maybe the deal they just made had involved Sukai staying around for a few days? It was quite obvious that Sukai was far from normal, her companion too, but what was the worst that could happen? Can't be as bad as Lambo, or I-Pin, or Bianchi, or worse...Reborn

"Mom loves the company." 


. . . . 

It doesn't take long for him to offer up his shower which took Sukai a good hour. He ended up standing guard by the door, secretly listening just in case she had slipped or something. Ryuusei remained sleeping, and it occurred to Tsuna that the other male hadn't slept at all up until now. 



A quick kick to the face silenced curse that almost escaped his lips. Reborn stood in his all evil baby glory, Leon curled up comfortably on his shoulder. Surprisingly, he hadn't seen his tutor all day, and there hadn't been any disturbances in the day since he stuck by Sukai's side. Which was a little weird since he usually spent most of his days trying not to die or training for someone to come and kick his ass? 

"You need to be more alert." Reborn admonished flatly, folding his tiny arms across his chest. He had gotten the lecture plenty of times for plenty of different reasons, and Tsuna wondered if the repeated lecture was ever going to come to a stop.

"Yeah, yeah I know. I've just been distracted that's all."

"By the ninja." 

It wasn't a question, but a confident statement. At this rate, Tsuna wouldn't even be surprised if ninjas actually did exist. Mostly because the person currently sleeping on the couch downstairs had hidden horns and a tail, and he'd been shot with magical bullets by a shape-shifting lizard more times than he could count, but the denial was pretty awesome at times and ignorance was bliss

"Her name is Sukai and she's not a ninja." 

'I hope.'

"Uh, Sawada-san do you have some clothes I can borrow, and maybe some scissors?" 

The door creaked open a small inch, and Sukai's face peeked through. Her gaze flickered down to Reborn, and she blinked in surprise. 


"Ciaossu, I'm Reborn."


"Can you fight well?" He asked her bluntly, beady black eyes boring into her own. Sukai couldn't help but get a little intimidated, long learning that appearances weren't everything. 

"Reborn you can't just-" Tsuna hissed out quietly, face flushing in embarrassment. Out of all the times, Reborn decided that he wanted to recruit, he starts now. Kami, someone please just swallow him into the ground and bury him forever. 

"I'm not as good as friends from home, but I can hold my own."

"How do you feel about joining the mafia?"

"Oh my god." Tsuna groaned, dropping his head into his hands in hopes that someone would just try and kill him again, and actually be successful. This couldn't be happening. There was no way in hell Reborn was actually trying to recruit someone who just woke up from a coma.

"Do I really have a choice, Reborn-san?" asked Sukai dryly, the door fully open, revealing her tense figure and suspicious eyes. Tsuna peeked through his fingers, caught glimpse of a tattoo on one of her shoulders which was 'holy fucking shit', before squeaking and closing the gap he had created. He felt the of his ears burn because yes this is his life now. Did he mention how much his life sucked? 

His life fucking sucked.

"Of course not, you owe him your life." Reborn's lip pulled into a smirk and Tsuna fell into a coughing fit. Did Reborn know what a filter was? Was he capable of feeling niceness or guilt for 2.5 seconds? 

"You don't owe me anything-"

"You owe him your life," Reborn repeated flatly, not at all deterred from Tsuna's frantic rambling. He didn't want to be responsible for putting another person in danger. 

Sukai chuckled and Tsuna peeked up to see her leaning against the bathroom door, arms folded across her chest as she took in Reborn's words. For a moment she looked like a complete and total badass from just the way she held herself. 

So you can't really blame him when his train of thought went from: Holy fucking shit to HOLY FUCKING SHIT.  

Tsuna forced that train of thought to crash into a gigantic wall, flip over, and burn because this totally wasn't happening. Nope. 

"Fine, but my brother is sort of looking for me, so I'll wait until I'm completely healed before I leave. Deal?" 

Reborn nodded, he wouldn't keep the girl from her family. If he identified the symbol correctly, the village she came from held a great deal of loyalty towards each other. 


"This isn't happening."


"I'm totally dreaming."


"Someone please wake me up."

Something smacked the side of his cheek, snapping him out of his stupor. He glanced up just in time to see Leon revert back to his oh so adorable lizard (?) state. Fucker. 

"I still need clothes and uh scissors, if you don't mind." Sukai smiled at him awkwardly. Oh, right, clothes. 

"I'll be back." He muttered and practically sprinted to his room, slamming the door shut and placing his back against it. He was sure his face was hot enough to start a fucking house fire. 







Location: Hokage Tower

Time: 3:43 pm

"I would like to give you three a very special mission." 

Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha stood up across from their leader, Lady Tsunade, their faces carefully blank.

"What is it, Hokage-sama?" Sakura intoned formally, arms crossed behind her back. A few months ago, the thought of a special mission would scare her, especially because she knew it would be a C-rank, but working with her other teammates had made her more comfortable, confident even. She was more than positive that she had the skills to handle it.

"There is this place that not many people know about." Tsunade began her fingers flipping open the manila folder on her desk. "And someone has contacted me saying that they need someone to investigate the sudden disappearances of thirteen girls."

"But why us?" Sasuke interrupted with an arch of his brow. 

Lady Tsunade smiled thinly, not disturbed by his rudeness. Naruto was a lot worse. "Because Team Seven is the most flexible squad that I have and I need to send those who can blend in."

It was Naruto who spoke up this time, his blue eyes a lot duller than they used to be. "Where is this place anyway?"

This brought a smile to the older woman's face. "You three will be heading to Namimori!"


Chapter Text


Seeing as she was born with shitty luck due to a crappy family curse, Ruka learned from the very beginning that life was and always will be unfair. 

According to her father, Ruka's great great great grandmother. Rue, was apart of the many families that arrived when Namimori was first discovered and began it's existence. However to put it simply, her great grandmother, Rue, was what you'd call an uh sneaky conniving bitch. Now the story kind of gets blurred along the lines here, but it's believed that Rue crossed over some old witch who cursed her family for generations to come. For example, her great-grandfather was cursed with horrible luck with women, her grandfather was cursed with the inability to read, her father was cursed with a gambling addiction combined with the inability to win anything from said gambling, and Ruka's little curse was easy to notice from the start.

Ruka was born with the inability to produce any sound. 

Upon realizing this, her mother promptly took her and fled to the other side of town, only because she had just learned of the family curse. Because Namimori was a pretty small town, and Ruka's family was pretty fucking old, the curse was quite well known. In fact, it was so well known that her father stopped using his last name to draw less attention to himself. 

So Ruka was born mute and  without a last name because for reasons unknown, her mother didn't use her own either. 

But then again, the only bright side of her life, the birdsong of her quiet world, was her sweet mother, Kiyomi. 

Kiyomi was a patient woman, putting up with Ruka's overly-energetic attitude and taking the time to teach her to communicate with everything she could think of such as her hands, writing, and even body language. Her mother was her everything. 

And for seven years Ruka saw the light in dark situations, and enjoyed the little things in her average life. She walked the few miles to school everyday, following the trail her mother had showed her when she was just a toddler, and enjoyed her class time. After school was over, she would run over to her mother's job in at the hospital and help around with smaller tasks until her mother's shift was over, and then the two would head hone

Life wasn't the best, but it was pretty fucking good in Ruka's eyes. 

But like I said, just because life was good. 

It was never fair. 

One sunny day, Ruka's mother didn't return home from her trip to the grocery store. 

One sunny day, three men broke into her home and threw a bag over her head before they threw her in some trunk.

One sunny day, Ruka learned that her mother was right about her father.

He was one a desperate motherfucker. 

And in debt. 

Desperate motherfucker + Bring thousands in debt = Tracking your own daughter down and selling her to the yakuza in hopes of getting out of said debt. 

"You will serve a great purpose, Ruka." Satoshi Nishikawa smiled at her softly, and she spat directly into his face. Unfortunately, he didn't recoil in absolute disgust like she wanted him too, only pulling out a handkerchief to wipe the saliva from off of his cheek. Despite sitting upon a bed bigger than she had ever imagined, and a sitting in a room bigger than her entire house, she hated ever inch of the room, silk sheets included. 

Ruka wanted nothing more than to open her mouth and scream, scream at the top of her lungs. Unleash an unrelenting torrent of ear piercing, headache inducing shrieks, until the yakuza boss before her collapsed with bleeding ears, withering in pain. 

But oh of course, she was the lucky  girl born unable to produce sound. 

A bird trapped in a cage, unable to produce it's song. 

"I assume you know about the dragon sleeping beneath the Namimori Well?"

Ruka nodded her head, of course she knew about it.

The dragon beneath the Namimori Well was a legend nearly as old before the Namimori Creation. There many names for the dragon, titles included, but one thing he was quite well known as is Ryuto. Ryuto The Dragon Of Earth, who made home beneath the well and blessed the crops of older citizens and gave great harvest when offered enough prayers and offers. It was said that he was nearly as old as demons but time had made him benevolent instead of sick of humanity. He lived peacefully beneath the well for hundred of years, until Namimori continued to evolve and evolve. 

And he was no longer needed. 

So with a rueful smile, Ryuto dove into the well and fell into a deep, deep slumber, in which he was eventually written off as another legend. 

Only a few knew the truth. 

"My father used to tell me that the dragon deserves bigger offerings to wake him from his slumber." Satoshi offered her another smile as if they were discussing the weather. He reached over to place a heavy hand onto her shoulder. "You should be honored  that you're going to be one of them." 

The sincerity of his words only made her want to scream even more. 


Present Time

Sawada Residence

"So, you wanna tell me why you're like," Sukai Blu Summers gestured to her partner's very human-like body with a wave of her had,"this?"

Ryuusei ran a hand through his curls which were a lot thicker than hers, but shorter even after the hair cut, before sighing gently. "When you entered the hibernation state, you kind of kicked me out of your Mind Realm." 

"Mind Realm?"

"Humans call it the 'subconsciousness', us dragons call it your Mind Realm. We have unlocked the ability to wander in there whenever we want without the need of jutsu and it's where I live since my soul and chakra has to stay somewhere."  He explained as his partner nodded in understanding. "Your body entered hibernation mode to keep you alive and I was kicked out since your body felt more safe with me out and on guard, but I mostly slept for the first two months, if it weren't for Sawada setting off some old wards, I probably wouldn't of woken up."

"You're still recovering from Orochimaru." Sukai stated flatly, eyes finally leaving the drifting sky to stare at Ryuusei. His lips were set in a grim line as he nodded.

"To walk in human form despite being a dragon is a quick way to get ridiculed, especially since most of the time, it's a sign of weakness." 

"What about the least of the time?" asked Sukai with a raised brow.

"It demonstrates older dragons showing off their self-control." 

"Oh." Sukai fell silent for a few beats of silence before carefully asking. "Why do you look like me?" 

They could seriously pass as siblings, maybe even twins, if it weren't for the different eye color and Ryuusei towering a good couple inches over her. 

Ryuusei shrugged his shoulders. "It'd be easier for us to pass as siblings, can't have me walking around with long ass white hair." 

"Your hair is white?!"

"I'm still an ice dragon." 

Right, she did recall Ryuusei offhandedly mentioning it, but it was quite quick to slip her mind. However the statement lead to many more questions about the dragon, the sad realization that she didn't know as much about her partner as she should. However, one thing stood out to her the most. 

If Ryuusei was an ice dragon, then how come she could only produce fire? 

"I ask myself that same question." Ryuusei murmured dryly, reminding her than even though they were separated, it didn't stop him from hearing some random thoughts.

Sukai watched in interest as a snowflake pattern came to life above his palms. "Unlike how it was with our grandfathers, their souls and chakra weren't fused like ours. The day you were born, I was born with you, except I have just have all this constant knowledge." 

"Kinda like how I knew your name despite never hearing it?"

Ryuusei nodded. "Yeah, but despite knowing everything I just can't figure this one out." He huffed in frustration and the snowflake dissolved into wispy smoke. Sukai dropped her head onto his shoulder, mimicking his earlier action. She remembered feeling how he felt when she was younger. Unable to figure out why she had been regarded by her mother so coldly, why she was born with an eye mutation. 

All it took was a little digging to discover the truth.

"Yeah, I dunno why either, but I kinda like my fire." Sukai made an example of conjuring up a bright blue flame with a small grin. She was being genuine seeing as fire offered her more comfort compared to the cold, and besides, blue was her favorite color. 

"I see you've gotten better control."

"You can thank Naruto for letting me use him as target practice." 

. . . .

The deal she struck with the younger Sawada involved helping with anything he needed which eventually morphed into her just flat out body-guarding Nana due to the recent disappearances over the past time. 

Sukai quickly learns that despite Sawada's words, Namimori was pretty fucking huge. While it wasn't as big as Konoha, it was a pretty decent towns with a plethora of neighborhoods and even more shops/stores to accommodate the bustling townsfolk. Sukai also learns that gossip spread around the town like wildfire, because it didn't take long for the badly concealed stares and whispers to start the minute she joined Nana for some shopping around 9 in the morning. 

Sukai could give a list of reasons why she stood out like a sore thumb so she ignored the whispers as best as she could. It would probably be easier with Ryuusei near to distract her, but unfortunately he was on the other side of town with Sawada and his apparently two closest friends who's names she had yet to learn.

"Do you have anything in mind?" Nana asked her with a sweet smile the minute they stepped inside the first clothing store. She didn't know what inspired the woman with the sudden generosity, but she think it has to do with Nana actually believing she was some homeless kid instead of actually being an exchange student.

Sukai stared at the mass off throw up pink colors and frilly skirts with greatly concealed distaste. While Sakura frequently reminded her that she lacked any fashion sense and had horrible color coordination (which was odd since she was pretty fucking good at coloring in her sketches), Sukai knew that the clothes weren't for her...well tactically. On the other hand, Nana did say that she never had any girl to shop with and was quite excited for the task and the genuine smile would leave her wallowing in guilt. 

Fuck, she didn't remembering being this soft. Gross.

"Uh, can we try another store?" Sukai settled for saying timidly, wincing when Nana squealed excitedly.  

"Of course, of course!"

They tried a second store. And a third. And a fourth.

By the time the fifth store rolled around, the smile on Nana's face was a bit strained. So Sukai forced a fake smile onto her face, grabbed the first items she saw, and headed straight to the dressing room. 

"I wanna see what you picked out!" 

Sukai made a small noise in acknowledgement, her eyes surveying the pale green skirt she had grabbed. With a small sigh, she shucked the shorts she had on, off, pulled the skirt on and grabbed the matching shirt on as well. Well, she tried too. The shirt kept getting stuck on her ears which were no longer concealed by her now short hair, but after a couple minutes, the shirt was on, hanging loosely a few inches above her navel. 



Sukai glanced down to see that she indeed grabbed a crop top, which left her feeling defenseless with nothing to cover her entire body. It would be so easy to get stabbed if she didn't wear the proper armor. 

"Everything alright in there, Blu-chan?" 

The question snapped her out of her thoughts and she grimaced while saying, "I'm coming out right now." 

The minute she did step out, Nana had gone oddly silent, her eyes straying to Sukai's arms. 

Ah, shit. Think, Sukai, think.

"My home is very old fashioned and I have to represent my clan somehow." Sukai blurted out and Nana blinked in surprise. 

"Ah." Nana remained silent for a few more seconds before a smile slipped right back onto her face. "You look beautiful, Blu-chan." 

She ducked her head. "Thanks, I'll try on other outfits now."

About two hours passed and Sukai found herself walking around with enough outfits to last her weeks. Sukai, of course, thanked Nana profusely but was waved off with another smile. 

"Now, do you know your bra size?" 

Sukai nearly tripped over her feet. "Eh?" 

Nana smiled knowingly. "We have to go bra shopping as well! That's why I didn't let my son tag along."

"Bra shopping is a thing?"

Sukai couldn't help but flush beneath Nana's soft gaze, a look of understanding passing her eyes. "You've never been bra shopping."

She shook her head. She had never really bothered with it since bandages suited her just fine during the day time, while at night she was able to breathe. It had been like that for as long as she could remember since Health Class didn't exactly cover bra shopping, and causing fights in school were more of a main priority most of the time. 

"Well, c'mon, it was bound to happen some day!" Nana gently tugged the younger girl into a store with a reassuring smile. It shocked Sukai that the woman didn't ask questions, since she was curious by nature. Nana asked her plenty of questions during breakfast, believing the whole exchange student thing, but then again the woman never really got to personal. 

They walked into the shop, and were greeted with instant familiarity. 

"Ah, Nana-san, welcome back, who have you brought with you this time?" A woman with silver hair and blue eyes greeted them with a quiet smile. Sukai rocked on her heels uncomfortably, her ears beginning to burn. 

"Ayano-san, meet Blu-chan, this is her first time going bra shopping, please treat her well." Sukai placed the bags on the floor just as Nana gently pushed forward. 

"Of course I will!"

It turns out that she didn't miss out out anything because bra shopping fucking sucked. After getting her measurements (which made no sense since they used letters instead of numbers and Sukai had no clue what the fuck 'C' meant), an assortment of frills and lace and so so so much different types of bras were pushed into her face with instructions to try them on, which was a complicated matter on its own. How the hell did women manage to put the bra on without having look sat the back. Just strapping the bra closed was more difficult than mastering jutsu! 

And why did the design matter anyways, she was the only one who was gonna see the damn bra!

"You don't have anything for combat?" Sukai asked meekly after trying on her 25th bra. She eyed herself in the dressing room mirror, gaze focusing more the small scar on her hipbone than the actually lace bra that had been shoved in her face. 

"Why of course!" Ayano crooned from the other side, and Sukai didn't need to see her face to know about the grin that stretched across it. 


It takes a few more hours for Nana to conclude their shopping with a tired but content sigh, because around 5 pm they started the trek home. 

"Don't wanna get in trouble for being out after curfew!" Nana said cheerily, completely missing Sukai's bewildered gaze. It suddenly occurred that the sun was just beginning to set, and nearly every store was empty. A few brave souls lingered, but the urgency in their steps gave them all away, 

Sukai's next question was drowned out by Nana's shriek as someone crashed into her. 

"I'm so sorry-" she began, taking a few steps back. The male remained hunched over as Nana began to babble out endless apologies. Sukai, on the other hand, kept her eyes concentrated on his concealed hands. The male continued to breathe heavily, and shifted his foot as if to charge forward. Damn, could he be any more obvious? 

Sukai carefully placed the bags onto the floor and rolled her shoulders. Ryuusei had made her go easy on the training because of her healing, but she hadn't got to try her moves out on someone in a while.


Her cool tone caused the woman to stop her blabbering, and finally remove her gaze. "Yes, Blu-chan?" 

"Get back." 

Sukai didn't think the elder woman would obey her so easily, but the woman quickly obliged just as the male charged forward. Sukai caught a flash of silver, and had the right mind to step back, watching as the man slashed at where her throat should've been. 

"My turn." Sukai muttered beneath her breath, a spark of blue coming to life above her right palm just as she slammed her it in to the man's stomach. He goes unconscious fairly quickly, and she pushes the man who was like twice her size, off of her with relative ease. There's a ugly burn across his torso from where the hit landed, and she felt no sympathy. A quick glance over shoulder revealed that Nana wasn't harmed at all, if not a little shocked with a scary glazed look over her eyes, but other than that no scratches or bruises.

"I grew up taking karate classes." Sukai offered lamely as she reached over to pick up the bags. That seemed to shake Nana out of her daze, as she blinked rapidly before shaking her head and letting out nervous laughter. 

"I have to make dinner." Nana stepped over the unconscious body, almost as if it didn't exist, before parading forward with her own fair share of bags. Sukai made no comment and simply followed after her, pushing the occurrence to the back of her mind for later.


"Someone tried to kill us this afternoon." Sukai begins conversationally, a few hours later, when she's sure that Nana was fast asleep and no unwanted ears from the other residents of the house could hear. As expected, Sawada promptly chokes on the water he was drinking, his face screwing up unattractively as some water spews out of his mouth and nose. 


"Someone tried to, tried to-"

"Kill us." The brunette confirmed with a nod of her head. "I'd say it was a shitty robbery, but he was aiming for what he thought was vital points, he was one bold motherfucker." 

"Are you-"

"I'm fine, and Nana-san handled it oddly well."

He must of sensed her questions, because his face goes pale as he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. "Mom has this way of...blocking things out when she doesn't wanna acknowledge it."

"Ah." Sukai hummed in understanding. 

Ignorance is bliss after all.

"But seriously, you're not hiding any injuries from me, are you?" Sawada pushed the cup out of the way, and leaned forward, making sure to hold eye-contact with her. It was a surprisingly bold move that nearly sent her reeling back. Right, unexpected boldness she be well expected. Ryuusei did warn her that while Sawada didn't look like he could punch somebody without crying (well in her eyes), he acknowledged the teen an Alpha for a reason. It was more of a dragon thing that Sukai herself didn't think she could ever get used too, dynamics and everything. 

"I'm fine, Sawada-san." Sukai rolled her eyes with an annoyed frown, "Besides I heal fast, I should be gone in like a week or so since my body is still covering from being malnourished for nearly three months."

"Alright, but like how is that even possible? All I know about is the dragons from story books." 

"Well at first I thought everything happened to me because I was an uh science experiment." Sukai began with a small shrug. "But now I know apparently one of my relatives was a dragon and my brother says accelerated healing is one of the many defense mechanisms my body has managed to create in order to keep my alive. It's all pretty new to me, ya know, I'm just learning things as I go."

Sawada smiled ruefully, handling the whole 'science experiment' part rather well. She kind of appreciated him not shooting her that pity look. "I know the feeling, learning things as I go, I mean." 

"Do tell. I always wanted to ask you about this mafia business you're in, we don't have that stuff back in Konoha." Sukai leaned forward, eyes sparking with interest, it's not like she had anything else to due in her free time. Ryuusei was out scouting out the facility they were found in much to her dismay. She was more than sure that he would stay out all night, but she was reassured with the fact that he couldn't pull a stunt because of their bond. 

And surprisingly, Tsuna just lets everything slips free. He starts from the beginning, from when his mother hired some suspect tutor who was a toddler named Reborn and how he learned his was the next in line to be a mafia boss. He admits, risking his life daily is never fun, and he loves to remind that to people all the time, but at the same time putting his life on the line for people he cared about made it worth it. He gained unlikely friends-scratch that-family, guardians, life lessons, and some pretty fucking awesome fighting moves if he'd say so himself.  He skips over a few parts, some tough pills to swallow, some loses from battles that weren't for him, and ends with him finding her. 

"Damn, Sawada-san, you're pretty impressive." Sukai whistled with a blinding grin, causing the tips of his ears to burn bright red as he ducked his head with a sheepish smile. 

"As much as I'd hate to admit it, you can thank Reborn for that." 

"You're welcome." A smug voice interjected and Sukai was the other one to startle violently with a shriek, and spark of blue lighting up her palms just before she shot in the air, her forehead colliding with the ceiling.

"Ow, ow, ow-"

"Why do I have a feeling you heard everything?" Sawada groaned as he fell back into his seat, ignoring Sukai's current predicament. As quickly as he grew fond of her, he could already feel a headache forming because he just had a feeling  that Sukai would be floating randomly a lot more often. 

Reborn smirked at him. "Good to know my student thinks so highly of me." He turned his eyes upwards. "And good to know that my guess about your headband is right, you're from Konoha, Village Hidden In the Leaves." 

Sukai rubbed her forehead, her body flipping upside down as she tried to focus on the blurry figures beneath her. All she saw a good ole blur of black. Damn did she miss having her glasses. "Uh, yeah, I'm not even surprised that you do know."

Sawada stood up from his seat, brown eyes lifting up towards her floating figure.

She had a feeling that he already knew that she couldn't get down.

"I'll go get some rope." 


Despite the forest not exactly being his territory, Ryuusei thanked whatever gods up there that blessed him with the ability to be quite comfortable. It didn't offer him as much comfort like the snow did, far from it actually, but breathing in the earth made him feel a bit...something. Ryuusei couldn't describe it actually. The forest let him embrace those darker primal urges. 

To hunt. Mark territory. Sink his teeth into-

"Focus, Ryuusei." The dragon muttered to himself, purple eyes glowing in the darkness. Claws digging into the bark beside him, Ryuusei focused in on the still orange trail that Sawada left behind and followed it as best as he could. The minute he had finished shopping with Sawada, he had got to work on searching on the facility they were originally found in.

The forest was a lot to cover, and with his inability to fly, and the rain washing away any possible tracks but the fading ones Sawada had left behind, Ryuusei definitely had his work cut out for him. Unlike Sukai who somehow converted her sensory skills into 'echolocation pulses' (which Ryuusei didn't even know was possible  for a dragon), Ryuusei relied on his 'other sight'. 

With his other sight, Ryuusei could see faded chakra residue (if the jutsu used was powerful enough), or in this case whatever the fuck Sawada had radiating off of him 24/7. He knew the other boy didn't have an ounce of chakra in his body, but he definitely had something, and if Ryuusei didn't know any better, he would've thought that the fire was currently on fucking fire. 

"This facility better be-FUCK-" Ryuusei yelped as the ground suddenly gave out sending his body airborne. He landed on his ass with a dull thud, sending dust flying upwards, and him to sneeze violently, an ice shard flying out of his palm. "-close." He finished lamely. His tilted his hair upwards, eyes lighting up when he caught sight of the crumbling wall that held the Konoha symbol. 

Determination suddenly fueling him, Ryuusei shot up and darted down the hallway. He wouldn't stop until he searched the entire place in and out and found the exit back home!


A few hours later, and Sukai was greeted with the sight of her dragon partner crawling in through the window, a decent layer of dirt, debris, and dust covering damn there his entire body. It was a miracle Sukai hadn't sneezed again the minute he crawled in. 

"Look what the cat dragged in." Sukai drawled with a small grin, shifting in her futon to make room. He collapsed onto the ground with a grunt and her grin fell when she noticed that the windowsill had been frozen solid. "What happened?" 

Ryuusei wordlessly rolled over and pulled his left sleeve up revealing a patch of burnt skin. Most of it was healed, but some of the wound remained pink around the edges. Sukai sat up, alarmed, and tugged his arm closer. "Fuck, Ryuusei!"  

He tugged his arm back with a scowl and the room temperature slowly began to drop a few degrees, the complete opposite of what happened to her surroundings whenever she got angry. "I ran into a seal barrier when I found our only exit."

"Namimori isn't supposed to have ninjas!" 

Ryuusei let out a scoff. "That type of barrier seal wasn't done by a ninja, I can tell." 

Her brow's furrowed. Ryuusei couldn't be implying that, could he? "You think a dragon put it up?" The girl asked in disbelief. Why the hell would a dragon want to do that anyways. They only been in Namimori for like-what- one, nearly two weeks! Sukai known they hadn't been causing any trouble, and they were going to be gone soon. It just didn't make any sen-



"Someone in Namimori doesn't want us to leave." Sukai concluded flatly, holding back an annoyed groan. This seriously couldn't be happening right now. Ryuusei nodded as he fell back onto the futon with a huff. 

"And they don't want anybody getting in either." 



Chapter Text

"This is the tenth call I've gotten this week, Sukai, tenth!"

Even at the age of eight years old, Sukai had yet to gain any of her mother's features. She favored her absent father more with matching brown eyes, curly hair, and warm brown skin. Some would even say that she had a few of his personality traits as well, and Sukai might have believed all of it if she got to see the man more than once a year. 


"So you got nothing to say? All the fucking trouble you've caused at school and you've got nothing to say?" 

Her mother was the most beautiful monster she had ever seen, mostly because of the silky midnight hair that fell to her waist and stormy gray eyes. Stormy gray eyes that used to strike fear in her when she was a lot smaller before she found out that she nothing more than an experiment than an actual daughter her mother's eyes. 

Instead, it made her angry. No, anger wouldn't be a proper word. Seeing her mother's face stirred an ugly, restless feeling within her that made her body feel hot and vision go red. Sometimes, she wanted to hurt the monster. Show her that she wasn't scared anymore. 


Gray eyes grew impatient from the lack of response Sukai emitted, her brown eyes remaining trained on the floor.

"It's because I lack attention." Sukai finally said, her voice barely above a whisper. She had done a lot of research on her father's computer after breaking into his office and reading about 50 articles that night. Hearing her teacher's talk about in the least discrete way prompted the action anyways.  "Maybe if you were actually a mother and not some heartless bitch I wouldn't be getting into fights all the time and trying to blow up the lab-"

It only took Sukai a few seconds to register the slap a few moments later, the harsh string bringing tears to her eyes. 

"You watch how you talk to me." The monster hissed, voice going up a few octaves. "I created you, you worthless piece of trash, and if it weren't for your father you would've died long ago."

The words should've hurt, but she'd heard them before whenever the woman had let herself loose from a little bit of wine. A hand wrapped around her wrist and before Sukai realized what was happening she was being dragged into a familiar direction, down the stairs, and into the basement.

"No, no, no let me go, LET ME GO-" Sukai dug her feet into the ground and tried to wrench her hand out of the monster's grasp. Fear coiled around her gut like a snake, sinking its fangs into her rapidly beating heart. Her eight-year-old strength was nothing compared to the monsters'. 

"Sit here-" The monster grunted as it flipped the freezer top open, "-and think about how much of a mistake you are."

She went airborne for a few seconds as the monster lifted her up and dumped her in the freezer. Ice bit at her tear-streaked cheeks as she let out ear-piercing shrieks. 

"Don't leave me in here-"

The top slammed shut and her vision was flooded with darkness. 

Sukai squeezed her eyes shut, bringing her legs up to her chest. 

Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worthless. Worth-

. . . . 

Instead of waking up out of her nightmare, Sukai found herself standing in front of familiar doors, this time the comforting presence of Ryuusei absent. Sukai glanced up towards the door with the fire symbol where the symbol glowed a vibrant bright blue.

The longer she stared at it, the hotter she felt her body grow so with little reluctance Sukai turned around and turned her gaze to the farthest door.

"What am I even doing here?" Sukai muttered beneath her breath as she stalked towards it. Besides fire producing instead of ice, the doors was another mystery neither of them talked about at the time.

While she barely had the chance to actually visit Ryuusei because she just didn't seem to be able sink into her mind just right, from what Ryuusei had told her, the doors never really done anything to bother him.

They were just there

Sukai didn't know what really compelled her to get closer to the door, but as she grew closer she recognized the kanji sign as well. 

土, Tsuchi 


Brown eyes traveled up to the vines and flowers wrapped around the door, and suddenly the urge to touch the door flared up like a flame. Sukai focused on the fire within her chest and urge the flow to go straight to her hands. 

A small indigo flame conjured a few inches above her hand and she brought it closer to her face. Inhaling sharply, Sukai exhaled onto the blue flame, sending it floating forward. The minute the flame came in contact with the vines they caught fire and she stepped back to observe.

She didn't smell anything, nor did she see any type of white smoke. The vines merely crumpled into charred nothingness before falling away and dissolving completely before they even touched the black abyss that made up the ground. 

Within seconds the vines were gone leaving nothing behind but a blue flower. Sukai squatted down and cupped it within her hands, staring at it curiously. Funny how she could list a bunch of mathematical equations but was pretty helpless when it came to flowers.

Before Sukai could run through her limited knowledge on the subject a burning sensation traveled up her spine. Standing up, she directed her gaze back towards the door where the kanji symbol glowed a flaring pink. 

'Come find me.' 

"What the-"



Sukai awakes with a start so violently, Ryuusei actually jumps awake as well, any type of sleepiness within his eyes gone. 


Sukai nods, burying her face into her hands as something prodded at her mind. She felt like she was completely forgetting something, but for some reason, she just couldn't figure out what. Letting out a soft sigh, Sukai shifted her body upwards while releasing a yawn. 

"I'll go make tea." Ryuusei jumps up, tail and ears disappearing in a puff of smoke, just before he exited the room after shooting her a smile. She knew that he was still very much pissed off about the current predicament they were stuck in, more than ready to track down the being (Sukai wasn't 100 percent sure it was a dragon) and recklessly battle despite his weak state, but Sukai somehow managed to talk him out of it. She, herself, was very fucking pissed off, but with Mrs. Kami's voice suddenly filtering through her head quite clearly, she managed not to do anything too stupid. 

It only takes a few minutes for Sukai to just pull on a random shirt and some pants before she headed downstairs to join her partner. He presented with green tea, a sly grin on his face, and Sukai already knew that Ryuusei was up to experimenting with his abilities again. Because she was the human and he was actually mostly just chakra, Ryuusei didn't exactly have free reign within the Mind Realm.

He had reassured her that it wasn't like the fates of demons who were forcibly sealed within humans which explained the entire inability to coexist, hatred for said humans, and according to Naruto, being locked behind gigantic bars in dripping sewer water. Ryuusei just lived within her subconsciousness, apparently sleeping for most of her life, and carpooling for her current life. As a result, Ryuusei didn't get to use his ice as much as a dragon should. 

When her whole growing up transformations first occurred, for a good week Sukai tried her best to suppress using it.  She had learned that fire was something that started as burn within her chest, compared to floating which was a lightness in her stomach. Sukai was quick to put the burning out whenever she felt the sudden urge to just use it. It was a painful process that ended with her throwing up black goo with Naruto holding her hair back, and a reoccurring white smoke pouring out of her nose for three days straight. 

And this got Sukai to thinking. 

How did Ryuusei feel?

Clearly, he was excited since the dragon used ice in nearly every waking moment. It was apart of him, Sukai could see that. But Ryuusei never used it in dragon form and he never got use it within the Mind Realm since it wasn't real enough.

And with the fusion of their souls and chakra, the minute Ryuusei made a full recovery, her body was going to call for his return. 

But what if he didn't want to return? Sukai would understand, of course, she knew the feeling of suppression, but what would happen to them? Could they even survive apart like that? Ryuusei couldn't even go far from her for too long before both of them started to feel the sudden effects of fatigue. What if Ryuusei resisted her?

What if Ryuusei doesn't want to be my partner anymore?

Sukai had lost a shit ton of friends before, the ability to keep them being even more difficult than making them.

Very rare people were able to keep up with her attitude, let alone handle it, and Sukai was more than sure Ryuusei would be happy on his own, especially if he was attached to her. So at the end of the day, she couldn't blame him. 

"Whatever you're thinking of, stop it," Ryuusei interjected, sending a blast of cool air in her direction. 

"I'm not thinking of-"

Ryuusei leveled her with a flat stare and she stopped mid-lie with a sigh. 

"-Alright, I'll stop." 

Well, she was gonna try.

Both Sukai and Ryuusei parted away from the Sawada Residence mostly because it was still about 4 am in the morning and no one else within the house really woke up until six, which hopefully would be enough time for Sukai to see the whole seal barrier that Ryuusei was talking about. 

Luckily, Ryuusei was smart enough to leave a trail behind which got them to the facility fairly quickly. Before she knew it, she was standing in front of the field of energy that blocked their only way back home.

She had never seen anything like it before, even with her lack of experience in the field Sukai knew a good amount of seals just from all the books and scrolls she had read. 

But even an Academy Student could tell that this barrier wasn't like any other. Despite it being a soft pink hue with familiar flowers scattered across the force field, Sukai could actually feel the powerful energy it was giving off. However, the feeling wasn't necessarily bad

Which sounds incredibly stupid but just listen for a sec.

Whenever Sukai was around Naruto and he got seriously angry, just for a split second, she could feel the fox's chakra. It was overwhelmingly hot and suffocating and big.

It made her feel pathetic and small sometimes because it made her chakra reserves look like a puddle compared to the fucking ocean the fox had.

Sukai could feel the anger towards the humans and it made her gut churn. But then Naruto would up and just overpower that power, subconscious or conscious she didn't know, but Sukai could feel the determination and pure love that thrived within Naruto very being.

It always overpowered the demon and Sukai was more than sure that not even Naruto was aware of how sensitive she truly was. 

It was safe to say, that whoever put up the barrier when was really fucking sad. Completely and utterly miserable at being trapped for so long. 

"Holy fuck," Sukai whispered at the wave that suddenly hit her, a sickening wave of pity washing over her. Before she realized what she was doing, her hand was leaning towards the field. She couldn't even brush it because Ryuusei had snagged her body back.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" 

Sukai didn't answer, her eyes trained solely onto the harmless field of energy. 

Come to me. 

"But why?" Sukai asked despite her feet already moving forward. She was already so close, all she had to do was lean in and-

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?!"

Hands wrapped around her waist to pull her back and she began to resist. 

I'm so lonely down here. 

Her lips curved in a sympathetic smile as she nodded along. "I know." Sukai broke free of the weak hold and darted forward, the field meeting her halfway.

The pink force wrapped around her invitingly, and Sukai turned to see some male standing on the other side. Sukai cocked her head to the side curiously, noticing the pure panic in his eyes. She felt her lips twist into a confused frown as she lifted her hand up halfway into a wave. 


The ground beneath her shattered like glass just as the boy surged forward. 

Halfway across town, Naruto suddenly stiffened the chopsticks he held in his hand clattering onto the table top as an uncomfortable feeling washed over him. 

"You feeling alright, dobe?" Despite the disinterest in his tone, the worry in his eyes was clear. It was sad that Sukai's disappearance had made Team Seven more tight nit than they ever were before, but it did and it made them all able to read each other easier. Much to Naruto's displeasure, Sasuke seemed to be the one who was able to read him the easiest, no matter how hard he tried to shut him out. 

Naruto briefly considered lying, but the wave of pain that pulsed straight from his seal sending him doubling over. "Ah, fuck."

Something was wrong, and the Kyuubi wasn't reacting too kindly towards it. He could feel his eyes bleed red, the pupils shift, and his gritted teeth sharpen considerably. He held out a hand to Sasuke who looked ready to hop over the table and knock him out. 

He's had an episode like this before but he was alone and it wasn't as bad as this. Just the sudden feeling of being in danger that left him paranoid for the rest of the night. He didn't bother speaking about it since it slipped his mind. 

"Stay back."  His voice was low and guttural, causing Sasuke's eyes to widen in surprise. Thankfully, he didn't move from his spot, even when chakra began to leak from his form and swirl unceremoniously.  Slamming his eyes shut, Naruto forced himself to sink. 

Naruto always wondered why he believed that one day the inside of the seal would change, and he would maybe even become friends with the demon who ruined his life. It was a dumb suggestion Sukai had made a few months back, but he had laughed it off, mostly because he had the thought before when he wondered if the demon was lonely as he was. And while he was confident in his many abilities. 

Believe it or not, making friends wasn't one of them. 

But Naruto couldn't help but feel a little bad as he stepped into the ankle-deep sewer water and stared up at the rusted bars that towered over him.

The fox lived up to the stories told about him, a great beast with reddish-orange fur and haematic colored eyes. Its tails swished in clear agitation, claws dipping into the water dig into the ground.

He didn't look angry but in pain.

"Whatever you're doing, stop it!" 

All he got was a reverberating growl that sent tremors through the walls. Naruto was bold enough to step closer, not even flinching when the demon's claws shot out through the bars, stopping inches away from his face. 

"Nice try." Naruto crossed his arms, watching the claws retract slowly, and the growls go louder. It wouldn't be soon until the fox would resort to full out howling. "But it'll be harder to kill me, stupid fox."


Hearing the fox's voice would always surprise him, especially he never known the voice could be so hoarse. It sent an unpleasant chill up his spine, mostly because he knew that the fox didn't exactly like to talk to unless it was a life or death situation. 

"Somehow, you of all people, have managed to form a very rare pack bond." 

Naruto blinked in surprise at the statement. He remembered reading about pack bonds through one of the scrolls but there wasn't much to it. Pack bonds were rare in dragons, and even more rare within humans.

Pack bonds occurred mostly with the royalty, when bodyguard dragons swore their utmost loyalty to the crown, without having to be forced or coerced. The willingness to die for their prince or princess would have to be there form the beginning, and the thought of betrayal absurd.

A pack bond is probably one of the purest things to have ever been introduced because it was grown from something strong from friendship and family. 

But dragon's weren't known as being the most loyal creatures in the universe so those with a pack bond were regarded with high levels of respect, not because of the trust between the members, but the ability to be so in sync.

Pack bonds connected the Alpha to every member, allowed the pack to draw their strength from each other and not just from themselves. But if the bond was strong enough, they could tell whenever a pack member was in danger or injured. Kind of like an Alpha with The Equal, except it's mostly platonic. 

"Yes, you idiot, but somehow you've made a bond even stronger than a pack bond which shouldn't be possible and it's incomplete." The fox hissed in clear irritation and for a moment, Naruto thought he saw a flicker of panic within those eyes before the fox gained its composure.

He regarded Naruto with a familiar look, one that was used to make him look absolutely petulant under his gaze. "Find her and fix it." 

"If didn't know any better, I would think you actually cared for her." Naruto locked gazes with the fox as his eyebrows climbed up his hairline. He didn't think the fox was capable of feeling anything but anger and hatred. And while there barely any info in the scroll, he was pretty sure that the bond could never affect demons. 

Were demons even capable of being loyal to anything but themselves?

"Leave, brat, before I eat you."  

Maybe it was the pure insanity of the situation, him actually having a (somewhat) normal conversation with the fox that didn't involve screaming, but Naruto felt his lips quirk up into a small smile. "I'm on it." 

With a two-fingered salute, Naruto let his body fall backward, his form disappearing in a swirl of wind before it could even touch the water. 

When he shot back up, a cool towel was on his forehead and Sakura had just retracted her hands away from his chest with a small frown, her fingers no longer glowing a vibrant green. Her pink hair had been pulled back into a pony tail revealing the necklace she wore, a small sleek rock looped on some rope. He offered her a shaky grin. 

"I think I know how to find Sukai." 

Satoshi Nishikawa adjusted stared down at the picture bestowed upon by one of his subordinates with a curious frown. The girl couldn't have been more than fifteen at the latest with a radiant smile and warm honey brown eyes that were complemented by her shoulder-length brown locks. At the bottom of the picture, her name was scrawled beneath it. 

Kyoko Sasagawa.  

"You sure this is the right girl?" He asked him and the subordinate adjusted his glasses, a nervous habit, as he cleared his throat.

"Intel says that she just recently broke up with him, but they remain good friends."

"Which makes getting her even more complicated." Satoshi sighed lowly, leaning back into his seat. 

"Yes, sir."

"And how many more sacrifices will we need?"

"Only two more, sir." 

"You know what to do." 

The subordinate dipped his head in understanding, guilt eating at his stomach as he exited the room, briskly walking down the hallway. It wasn't all that long ago when Sawada Tsunayoshi and his small group of friends had crossed paths with the Momoyokai Yakuza, over something so trivial, yet leaving triumphant.

Sawada barely even lifted a finger, allowing his friends to handle the situation, leaving every single member beating within seconds and quivering in shame. While they were quick to get over it, understanding that not every battle is meant to be won, but Satoshi didn't take too kindly too it. 

Within months after the situation, Satoshi just began to spiral out of control. He pushed them to train harder until they dropped, tried to assert dominance unnecessarily, and just grew an obsession with more and more power. And just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, Satoshi suddenly remembered the Tale of Ryuto and came up with the absurd idea to wake it up. 

He claimed that his family somehow had ties to the myth, and were more than ready to help set the dragon free. 

And become it's the owner. 

He was under the illusion that he would be more powerful, and he couldn't really blame. Who would dare disobey a person with a dragon?  Satoshi was willing to kill plenty to wake up the dragon. Kill even more to bend people into his will. And then he would end Sawada Tsunayoshi once and for all. 

He would be the one to cause the boy's fall. 





Chapter Text



"I don't see why you're doing this, bastard," Naruto grumbled at the feeling of Sasuke's cool hand against his forehead. Sakura had passed out not to long ago because of the chakra depletion. While her chakra control was definitely the best out of the three of them, it was still the smallest since she had yet to work on her reserves. Even under the 5th Hokage's training, Sakura would never be used to the woman's ways, unable to get out of Sukai's unconventional methods of training. While Lady Tsunade held years of experience beneath her belt, Sukai did not and in some way Sakura was able to connect with the younger girl. 

"Because you don't know how to take care of yourself, and I wouldn't be surprised if you set off to find Sukai tonight," Sasuke grumbled while pulling his hand back. Even with the little moonlight filtering through the curtains, Naruto could still make out the ring Sasuke faithfully wore from the small stone Sukai had given to him. Naruto didn't understand why sure of himself that Sasuke wasn't the sentimental type. 

"You believe me?" 

"Don't be surprised that I do." Sasuke actually sounded affronted causing Naruto to lift his hands up in surrender. While he thought Sasuke agreeing to help search for Sukai was just a way for him to pay her back, it never crossed Naruto's mind that Sasuke actually did believe that Sukai was still alive. "I liked her too, we all did." 

"It's just that Sakura-"

"Sakura can't handle the pain of Sukai still being out there and finds accepting the fact of death easier," Sasuke interjected coolly, and Naruto knows that despite the bite in Sasuke's tone, the boy means no true harm. Naruto sighs, kicks his feet out onto Sasuke's lap, and flops uselessly onto the a pillow as his eyes travels up to the ceiling. 

"I just hope she's okay."

"Yeah, me too." 


The jutsu wore off too fast for Ryuto's liking. 

"Let me go you asshole!" 

The hostility is expected, especially for a dragon as young as the girl was. His flowers didn't particularly enjoy her screeches, their complaining whispers would have usually caused him to chuckle if it weren't for the situation they were stuck in. It still amazed him that a dragon so young could snap him out of his hibernation, especially one in human form, but that didn't mean he was going to take his chances. 

With keen green eyes, he observes the thrashing girl who didn't seem to care about the thorns biting into her skin from the vines. It had been so long since he made contact with a human, and even longer since he even breathed the same air as someone who shared his blood. 

"Stop fretting, fledgling, for I am your ally." Ryuto murmured, bringing a hand up to gently cup the girl's cheek. He wanted the girl to be as comfortable as possible, flooding his prison home with grass and a multitude of rare flowers that were used as calming agents for dragons. He even went as far as changing his appearance, henging his body to look around more her age in hopes of gaining her trust more easier. 

"Touch me again and I'll bite your fucking fingers off." 

Ryuto quickly pulled his hand back, all too aware of how feisty female dragons could get when putting in hostile situations. And if his flowers' whispers were correct, an Alpha who has been separated from her pack for far too long. He pitied her really, knowing the feeling all too well. He was proud to say that he didn't miss it at all.  

"I need you to calm down," Ryuto repeated once more, feeling his frustration gain the best of him. As a result, the thorns of the vines bit into the girl's skin even more. Her hiss of pain caused him to loosen in instantly. "My apologies." 

"What did you do to me?" The fledgling hissed in annoyance and Ryuto sighed again. She must have been referring to the inability to conjure up her flames. 

"I will be more than happy to explain our unfortunate predicaments if you would just stop thrashing so much." To bring some truth to his words, Ryuto waved his hand and the vines died down, releasing their hold on her. The fledgling jumped up, rubbing at her wrist as the wounds began to close up. Ryuto watched in awe. 

He knew the seal restricted many things, accelerated healing included. 

"Impossible." He breathed out, earning a confused look from the fledgling. "You are a dragon, correct?"

Well, she had to be, no human would be able to withstand the flowers anyway, seeing as they had the opposite effect and would lead to insanity if they inhaled too much of the fumes. 

"I dunno." The fledgling shrugged. "I'm something like that."

Ryuto beckoned her forward and the fledgling obliged, sitting in the grass across from her. He knew that time had evolved the longer he spent down in the well, but he didn't think it would ever grow to such an extent. Last time he checked, human women never wore pants. 

"Ah, well, I assume you would like me to explain, yes?" 

The fledgling nodded and a gentle smile that brought out the dimples in his cheeks graced his face, white flowers around his seating figure beginning to bloom from his improving mood. It was about time the girl would finally cooperate, she had been screaming for hours after all and he was more than sure that the ringing in his ears would take hours to disappear. 

"Well, I'll start from the beginning..." 

Ryuto was only a few thousand years old when his pack decided to separate and go into hiding again due to the war with the ninja humans. Every dragon knew the day would come, simply because humans were too greedy and the thought of coexisting was nothing more than a dream. The dragons knew that one day the humans just might be successful in enslaving them for their own purposes. 

So everyone ran and went their separate ways.

Being the youngest and the most naive, and hoping that he could repent from the things he had done, Ryuto fled to where he hoped he would be safe. Well actually, if you want to be more precise, he roamed. He roamed for a couple of centuries with a single place in mind. A place where ninjas didn't thrive as much and normal civilians called their home. The place where the rare occurrences of being born without chakra became constant. A place where war wasn't all that worth it. A place small and hidden deep within the forest. 

Ryuto was lucky when he discovered Namimori. 

Scratch that, Ryuto was lucky when Namimori discovered him. 

Because he was a dragon, they, of course, believed that he was the one to foresee the Namimori creation and that he held years and years of wisdom. The praise was so new and refreshing because for once it wasn't all about Yuki who stood up against the King of Dragons. Yuki who held more than two elements and was cunning and slick. Yuki who raised a human and had more family to care for. Yuki who wasn't seen as useless for being born connected to Mother Earth instead of thriving in the ocean. 

For once it was about Ryuto. Ryuto who whispered to the crops to grow and have a great harvest for a few praises. Ryuto who didn't need to been seen as a warrior or a master of combat, because just this once his flowers were enough.  He was allowed to let his flowers heal people instead of poison and destroy. He was able to hold up his vow of never killing humans again, not when there was a better way to handle things.  

For centuries Ryuto got to grow with Namimori and evolve with the humans as well. The need for his pack eventually fading away to nothing but a wispy feeling in his chest. 

But of course, all good things must come to an end. 

While ninjas in Namimori were practically nonexistent, they were unfortunately still there. They were nice at first, bringing him offerings upon offerings as they sing their praises. And despite being alive for thousands of years, Ryuto was foolish enough to believe that they wanted nothing in return when they told him so. 

The truth always came out.

And Ryuto refused to be some clan's pet or war dog. 

"The ninjas who sealed me in here designed it so that only dragon blood could get me out during the special ritual, because they knew I had no pack, and even if I did no one would come looking for me. I assume the reason why you can come in here is that you can't actually shift into a dragon, but you carry our blood. I've been stuck down here ever since." 

He didn't expect anger to flash past the fledgling's eyes, her eyes burning gold for a split second. The familiar color nearly made him flinch, decades upon decades of sleep have must have made his control a lot weaker than he had initially thought. No wonder her fledgling presence was able to wake him up, she held the eyes of royalty. 

"Your pack sounds terrible."

That caused his face to break out into a smile again. "We didn't have an actual pack bond." The smile on his face turns rueful. "Because of that, I've been trapped down here, hibernating, for a century I believe. I guess your presence alone was enough to get me to wake up, but I fear my flowers bring me bad news." 

He tells her the tale of the bird unable to produce any song. The flowers don't know her name, for they didn't care to learn, but they had been watching her ever since she was a babe because she held the blood of one of the ninjas who locked him up. The girl was interesting because she didn't know of her own heritage, how pitiful. 

"I know the area in which they are holding the girl's hostage, but you mustn't let them shed a drop of human blood in this well, for I fear it will wake up a special side in me I have sealed away." Ryuto thinks back to the time of war and bloodshed, the pure joy he got from crushing human bones between his teeth. Being so young, he was quick to lose himself to the blood lust. It was a primal trait every single dragon had, and he just so happened to bring out the side much easier. "I have no pack so nothing will bring me back from-" Ryuto inhaled sharply in hopes of calming his rapidly beating heart,"- I'll still be weak for a dragon, so-" he points to the back of his neck where a horizontal scar rested. 

She nods in understanding quickly getting the memo he was trying to send her. 

The fledgling remains silent for a couple of moments before quietly asking, "And if you get out safely, what do you wish to do?"

Ryuto found himself closing his eyes, a smile spreading across his lips as he says, "I wish to travel and see the world." He can already feel the wind on his skin and the sunsets that he missed. Even just feeling something as simple as a raindrop would sate him. 

When he opens his eyes, he is met with a soft smile. "Never would've thought a dragon would have a dream like that," she held out her hand," but I'll get you off here."

He takes her darker hand in his and bows his head in gratitude. He remembered so long ago how he would never bow his head to royalty, and would bare his teeth instead. He remembered how he would rather die a horrible, torturous death than actually accept help from someone of royal blood, Alpha included. But the way the girl held herself and bore cinnamon brown eyes instead of vibrant gold told him that the she didn't know of her heritage, or wasn't raised as a Royal. 

And Ryuto was so so desperate to get of his cage.  

The smile she shoots him is bright, revealing too sharp teeth similar to his own, and for a moment he sees someone else in her place. But with a flutter of his eyes the image is gone, and instead, the fledgling is looking up at him with her hands still enveloped by his, except this time, they're both coated in blue flames.  

"I'll get you out of here, Ryuto, I swear it." The fledgling says, the flames and the sound of his name in their mother-tongue causing his flowers to whisper excitedly. Not even the king could do something as amazing as this. The only flames able to withstand a prison such as this were-

Ryuto murmurs the name beneath his breath, so low, not even the fledgling was able to catch it. He looks over to her, to question her some more, but the fledgling has already pulled her hands away and busied herself with searching for an exit, leaving his hands cold and numb. He could already feel the effect of her flames working beneath his skin, igniting a fire within his blood and sending his heart to beat wildly against his rib cage.

He follows after her, flowers blooming beneath his feet as he listens to the chanting whispers of his little spies. 

~She has the flames! She has the flames! She has the flames!~

"She has the flames." Ryuto echoes quietly. 



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Three Days Before The Awakening... 

"Boss, I have bad news." Adjusting the round specs on his face was a nervous habit he's had ever since he and Satoshi were kids. Even with his crumbling mental state, Satoshi still was able to recognize it. The rise of his brow and inclining head was the only indication that he needed. Ignoring the bead of sweat that rolled down his forehead, he ran his tongue over his cracked lips before calmly saying, "One of the girls successfully starved herself to death." 

He thinks of her hollow cheeks and sunken in eyes. He thinks of the serene smile on her face and the feeling of her ribs against his hand as he picked her up and tossed her into the dumpster.  

She was a stubborn brat, he'd give her that, and one of the first three to have gotten kidnapped. She had been an easy pick, in and out of juvie constantly, an alcoholic parent that could give a rat's ass about her escapades, but she was a rebellious little shit. Once she realized that no one was going to come for her, she took her only way out. 

"And the problem is?" Satoshi propped his chin into one hand while the other drummed against his throne. They had bought it many years ago when they were teenagers, joking about how Satoshi acted like a stuck-up King sometimes.

Oh, how he missed those times. 

"We can't do the ritual without one more g-"

"Just find another girl." Satoshi waved his hand lazily, eyes straying up to meet his own. There was no emotion in his eyes, no remorse and he belatedly realized that this was not  Satoshi anymore. He was staring at an empty shell that craved power. "Take her straight from her bed if you have too, I honestly don't give a fuck if it's a newborn."

And yet, he would still follow this man to the ends of the earth. 

So, he bowed while murmuring, "Yes, boss." 

Because he promised his loyalty and he was going to keep it.


Sukai arrives at the Sawada Residence just in time to see Sawada-san storm off into the night with a scowl pulling at his cheeks and hands balled up at his sides. She peeks into the doorway where she is met with Nana staring worriedly at where Sawada had just turned the corner and makes eye-contact with a silver-haired teen who has the guiltiest look Sukai has ever seen. 

Nana's face doesn't even brighten when the girl steps into the house, instead she plasters the fakest smile onto her face as she greets her. "Ah, welcome back, Blu-chan, Ryuusei told me you were doing a little exploring on your own." 

Sukai nods. "Yeah, is everything alright with Sawada?" 

And like that the facade cracks and Nana's lips dipped into a frown. "Kyoko." Is all she says before her eyes glaze over completely and she promptly turns and walks into the kitchen with a proclamation of having to make dinner. 

Sukai didn't get to meet most of Sawada's friends solely due to the fact that either they were trying to investigate the disappearances or stuck with bodyguarding those who weren't the most experienced in fighting, She remembered Kyoko the easiest, mostly because she was able to get along with the sweet girl the quickest and noticed the slightly awkward air around the mafia boss and her. 

Sukai turns to Gokudera. "What the hell happened to Kyoko?" 

She discovers that she was taken in broad daylight when Gokudera had left her alone for two minutes to use the bathroom. The usually explosive boy was clearly dejected, and she was a little glad that she had missed the confrontation between the right-hand man and boss.

"Fuck," Sukai murmurs beneath her breath and she drags her hand through thick brown curls. "Alright, I'll get her back." She announces with a shrug, ignoring the shocked look in green eyes. "And I'll talk to Sawada about it so stop moping." 

Sukai exits the room with an air of finality leaving a confused Gokudera and an unseen but contemplative Reborn.

It doesn't take long for her to find him, mostly because Sawada's scent was one of the plainest things she had ever come across which made it stand out the most. It wasn't like Kiba who made her recoil because of the overwhelming stench of dog, or like Naruto who made her smile fondly because his scent was an odd mix of ramen and the forest. Sawada was in more of the gray area and Sukai had never really thought much of it until now. 

Right now the smell of salt was pungent in the air colliding harshly with the smoke. Sukai squatted down on the tree branch, watching with curious eyes as Sawada paced back in forth in front of a pond. He was so lost up in his own world that he doesn't even notice her in her neon-colored outfit. Despite Nana-san gracefully buying her matching sets of clothes, Sukai couldn't resist the urge to mix the colors up, which was how she ended up in floral pink pants and a lime green blouse. 

She drops down when his back is to her, wincing at the shriek he emits when she taps his shoulder. The glare he shoots her was unsettling, and a big contrast from his usual nervous smiles, but Sukai was far from backing down. 

"How'd you find me?" 

Sukai grins, taps her nose with her index finger, and says, "Don't worry about it, what's got you so down in the dumps?" 

Another withering glare and she winced. Right, that was probably wasn't the best choice of words. Sukai cleared her throat as Sawada resumed his frantic pacing again, her eyes following back and forth, back and forth. 

"You know, charging in recklessly after her is going to get you both killed." Sukai settles for being blunt and turning her gaze towards the glimmering pond. The moon reflecting off the water sheds enough light for her to interest herself with the koi fish swimming around each other instead of talking to the other teen face-to-face. 

"I won't." 

"You will." Sukai insists, feeling the heat of his stare burning into her skull. She ignores it. "Trust me, I have a pretty mean streak of doing stuff while pissed off and it never actually ends well." 

Sukai thinks of the endless fights she endured throughout school, destruction of property, the constant insult and screaming, and the attack on the food vendor who had insulted Naruto. 

"If I don't find her in time, she'll die!" 

"And if you rush it, you'll both die, holy fuck Sawada-san I thought you were smarter than this." Sukai scrubs the side of her face as she whirls around to face the taller teen. "Listen, if you cut me off, I will kick you"

Sawada opens his mouth to protest, but decided against and instead clamps his mouth shut. The menacing look never disappears but he still gestures for her to continue with an annoyed huff. 

"Now I know you and Kyoko have some really weird thing going on-"

"We do not-ow." Sawada hissed angrily, leaning down to rub at his now throbbing shin. 

Sukai continues as if nothing happened. "-and that you care for her a lot but you need to chill the fuck out and let the people around you help you instead of pushing them away like a dumbass, dumbass!" 

She assumes that his silence is because her words of wisdom are working, so she settles for actually taking in the scenery and-

-gasp suddenly as icy water seeps into her bones and weighs down on her curls. She resurfaces, sputtering out salt water and a line of profanity. "Fucking, fuck, what the hell is wrong with you Sawada?!" 

"That was for kicking me." 

"Fuck you're such an asshole!" Sukai screeched angrily, heat rolling off of her body in an attempt to warm her up. She stands up, her shirt now paper-thin and the wind attacking her body relentlessly, sending goosebumps along her arms. "Geez, you wouldn't even let me tell you the plan without storming off!" The girl stoops up and chases after him. 

"If I wanted shitty comfort, I would've gone to my father." 

"Well I'm sorry that I have shitty comforting skills but can you just listen-"

"No, I can't fucking listen!" Sawada whirled around to face her with gleaming orange eyes and Sukai gives in to the urge to take a step back. "We have less than three days before they touch her and every time you open your mouth it's wasting my time. You're already healed up and you're not needed here so just leave." He hissed lowly, before storming off. 

Sukai frowns at the stupid ache in her chest as and could only watch with helplessness as Sawada walks away not once looking back. 

~Try again. Try again. Try again.~

"I'm not good at this," Sukai replies to the soft whispers, before whipping around when it occurred to her that she was alone. What met her gaze was nothing more than swimming koi fish and lotus flowers. 

How odd. 


She finds her going back to Ryuto through the pink barrier despite it barely being a few hours since she has last seen him, and this time not having to worry about the effects of the flowers and the jutsu that the barrier could emit. He's sitting in a field of flowers, and for the first time, Sukai notices the cuffs wrapped around his ankles and wrist. It makes her gut churn and brings up a great distaste for humanity and their greed for power. 

"You shouldn't let a human deter you from your prime goal," Ryuto tells her with a soft smile as she plopped down into the grass directly across from her. She could already feel flowers blossoming in her hair from his presence alone and an odd soft whispering that fell into comforting background noise. She sighs at the weighted security that washed over her.

"How would you feel if your mate got kidnapped, Ryuto, I can't really blame him for being mad." Sukai pointed out with a prominent frown. 

"I have yet to find a mate, fledgling, and clearly they aren't made for each other," Ryuto responds calmly. "Humans are finicky creatures, unlike us dragons who mate for life. Our bonds are so strong we are able to sense our mate halfway across the world!" 

"Well sometimes humans just have to find the right partner before they find the right bond, and even so Sawada still cares for her. Like an Alpha caring for their pack members." 

Ryuto nodded in understanding. "Ah, I see, but why do you feel the need to comfort him?"

"Because he-" Sukai faltered,"-because if he fucks up that'll mess up the plan." 

"Is that all?"


Ryuto chuckled softly, regarding the fledgling with fond eyes. It was clear the girl was raised by humans, the longer he was around him, he could tell from her body language and inability to calm her flaring aura, but that made him respect her even more. The thought of a dragon raised with humans acting as an Alpha was absolutely absurd. But here this fledgling was, here existence alone doing the impossible. 

"I'm sure the human will come around." 

"I dunno, I didn't think Sawada-san was the type to get so angry," Sukai recalled the smoldering embers behind Sawada's eyes and shuttered. She had no doubt the boy was an Alpha now. "It was really weird and I don't even think he regretted anything he said." 

I'll make him regret it  Ryuto couldn't help but think before quickly shoveling that thought down. This wasn't his battle to fight and he was more than sure the fledgling could take care of herself. 

She had the flames after all. 

"How would you feel if someone you cared deeply for, got kidnapped and you had absolutely no clue why?"

"I would-" she hesitated " -I've never had someone to care deeply for. "

"But you do now, don't you?" 

Ryuto already knew the answer, especially from the lingering scents on the girl. While she may have been separated from her pack for months, Ryuto could see that their scents were practically intermingling within her skin. And if he really concentrated long enough, he would be able to see the second bright marigold orange aura slowly intertwining with her sunset gold. 


"Try to put yourself in the human's shoes, fledgling, you were too straightforward with him."

He sees a spark behind the girl's eyes. It wasn't like the fire she had when they first met, but it still causes his skin to itch and his grass to grow and-

"You're right, I'll just wait for him too cool off and then we can do the plan and get you out of here!"

-a smile to pull at his lips. "Of course you will, fledgling." 


"We should just leave." 

The statement causes Sukai to freeze mid-sketch of the blueprint, streaks off lead smearing across her fingertips and cheeks. She glances up to stare at the blurry figure of where Ryuusei sat across from her, a mass of frost floating above his palm as he stared at the ceiling. She didn't need to her glasses to see the jealously spread across his face like an ugly scar, no, he presented that with his attitude pretty well. He didn't take too kindly to the scent of a rogue dragon rubbing off on her, and he didn't seem to buy the sob story of him being wrongfully sealed away either. 

"Sawada said it himself, we're not needed here, Naruto and our pack need us." 

"People will die Ryuusei." Sukai resumes her sketching after furiously rubbing any sleep that dares to creep in. Despite the powerful urge to sleep, her mind was still running a million miles per minutes and she didn't exactly see that stopping any time soon. 

"People die every day, Sukai, that's just how life is."

"We can save these lives, Ryuusei, innocent  lives."  

The annoyed scoff he let out bounced off the bedroom walls, sending an uncomfortable chill up her spine. But Sukai would be damned if she backed down from another dragon. 

"They aren't our lives to save." 

"Even if that was the case, which it fucking isn't, we still have someone of our own blood to save."

Ryuusei barks out a laugh. "Don't tell me you believe that fabricated bullshit." He spat out angrily. "You said it yourself Ryuto was apart of our grandfather's pack, and there was something he did to lose that pack bond and something he had done to get sealed away." 

Sukai slammed the pencil down, ignoring how it dissolved into ash, and instead fixated her dragon partner with a stern stare. He met her stare head-on. 

"Has it ever occurred to you that maybe our grandfather was just a shitty fucking Alpha, Ryuusei?" Sukai forced herself to ask calmly. "Ryuto may not have been innocent before but being stuck beneath that fucking well has changed him and I am going to get him out with or without you. 

The minute she shook hands with him, Sukai just knew that the dragon was being honest with her. Call it a gut feeling or instinct or even intuition, Sukai didn't know, but she trusted it. 

"Kyoko will die. Ryuto will go insane. Innocent girls who aren't meant to be sacrificed will be slaughtered like goddamn cattle if I don't stop this." She says through gritted teeth. "The hell I look like returning to my pack after letting a bunch of innocents die? You know damn well they would do the same if they were in my position. So can you just put the jealousy aside for two fucking seconds and fucking help?!" 

"I don't trust him."

"Or do you just dislike him?" 

"He sealed away our only exit-"

"Because he was desperate  Ryuusei." Sukai threw her hands up in exasperation. The reasons Ryuusei had were fucking endless and she was more than sure that she was only one going to be going through with this plan of hers. Sawada wasn't on her side yet, and without Sawada, there was no mafia back up since Sukai couldn't bring herself to form bonds with anyone besides Nana. Her pack was somewhere and Sukai could already feel Ryuusei slipping from her fingertips. 

She was going to be alone. 

"No, there's more to the story and I refuse to take the risk of unleashing a monster." Ryuusei snapped. 

"So, you're just gonna let those girls die?" 

Please say no, Ryuusei. Say no. 

"They aren't pack." Was the only response given. 

Disappointment clawed at her chest like a feral animal. It tore and ripped apart any hope that Ryuusei would actually take her side and possibly be the only one to back her up during this battle. 

"They don't have to be." 

Loneliness was not a feeling she missed, but in the end, it was a splash of reality that it was meant to be her fate. 

 Three Days Before The Awakening...

The baby finally stopped crying. 

"We make a good team, Ruka-chan." Kyoko smiled down at her with warm brown eyes. Ruka couldn't find the urge to smile back. Usually, she would be happy at the thought of being able to communicate with someone else who knew sign language, at the sight of seeing someone she could consider a friend.

Three months she had been trapped here. Locked up in some prison without a ray of hope. The emotionless faces she had long grown accosted too were going to be the last things she would see. and Ruka had no idea how to feel about that. 

"Don't worry, Ruka-chan, we'll get out of here." 

Tomoya said that too  Ruka thinks, dragging her eyes to the empty bottom bunk-bed. 

Kyoko, just like the fourteen other girls in the room, was given the exact same speech about how she would serve a great purpose. But unlike everyone else, she didn't shed a single fucking tear. She handled the news pretty well actually, didn't even try to look for ways to escape. She introduced herself to everyone before self-appointing herself as the caretaker for the five-month-old baby.

She barely interacted with the girl before she got captured but just the small interactions they had was enough to tell her just how strong Kyoko truly was. 

"He doesn't know who he's messing with." Kyoko drops her voice into a low whisper and Ruka looks up at her. There's a fire within her eyes, fueled by the promise of a long-awaited punishment. She had known Kyoko long enough to know that she was quite close friends with Sawada Tsunayoshi. He was a constant patient of his mother, nursing many injuries from fights. More than half of the town knew of the trouble he always got in to with his accomplices. 

He doesn't know who he's messing with  Ruka's mind echoes and for the first time, Ruka feels an odd feeling twinge in her chest. 





Chapter Text


He remembers his first kill as if it were yesterday.

After The War of Embers, Ryuto only a few centuries old found himself mindlessly following after his self-proclaimed Alpha, despite not feeling no connection with the elder dragon. The battle was brutal, lives were lost, and more than half of the great kingdom was split by selfishness that leads to Yuki and his assembled pack to wander the earth for the first time.

As expected, Ryuto was the first one to adapt to it like a sea-serpent to water. Unlike the others, he knew which berries to eat and what plants to pick. He knew of tales of great ninjas from the dahlia flowers because they spoke the loudest and didn't mind comforting him when he cried himself to sleep. He knew about the oldest trees who loved to tell of their becoming and complain about how some ninjas couldn't get tree walking just right and how uncomfortable they grew from the incorrect use of chakra.

It was like having a giant talking library right at the edge of his fingertips. He found himself becoming friends with the gossipers, learning how to grow them with his expanding abilities and listen to their wispy yet charming voices.

He relished in the forest, unlike some dragons who had to wait for seasons or go deep beneath the earth to find their element. With each year his seed of power grew and grew until flowers were spouting from each step he took.

But of course, The War of Red broke out. They were discovered within twenty or so years of their arrival and because Yuki never truly did heed Ryuto warnings of ninja humans, they were locked in another war yet again. During the long years of the war he had been in his 'human form' and as a result, one ninja hesitated in fighting in what he believed what was a child.

Usually, he never had to go as low as using hand-to-hand combat, his unique plants always being able to render hundreds of humans unconscious. But, on that fateful day, he decided for it as entertainment.

Ryuto didn't know what his opponent had seen, but all Ryuto saw was an opening.  

He didn't pay attention in school a lot, but much like sharks, the smell of blood could really do something to a dragon.

Especially to a fledgling like him.

He remembered diving his hands directly into the man's chest. Ripping the man's throat out with sharp teeth. Savoring the feeling of blood exploding against his taste buds, eyes fluttering shut as he threw his head back in bliss. Everything just felt so good. Humans didn't taste like the pounds of fish he hunted in the ocean. Or the jellies that gave him excitement from their feeble stings. It was a unique, new feeling.

And he wasn't ready to let go.

The forest didn't talk to him for a week after that.

It was pure agony, but he found that crushing bones and popping fragile heads like grapes helped a little. The dahlias still spoke to him, but instead of their loud rambunctious nature, their voices dulled down into faint whispers. But the trees stopped their complaining, and instead would just sigh sadly whenever he came across them.

So Ryuto kept killing, hunting, and eating until the war stopped. And when it finally occurred to him what he had done, centuries later, he ran.

Now, in present time, Ryuto realized that maybe this was all just karma coming back to bite him the ass. Maybe he did deserve to be sealed away in his prison for the rest of his life. And while dragons were most definitely not immortal, they held a life span about as long as a demon and being sealed away as a creature that held nature instincts such as companionship was never a good thing.


"I think I broke something," a voiced wheezed painfully, snapping Ryuto from his thoughts. He took a tentative step forward the minute horrified whispers reached his ears and the scent of blood reached his nose. It was heavy in the air, the sour tang assaulting his nose and-

"Fledgling," he breathed before sprinting forward. He fell to his knees, assessing the damage with keen eyes as the tangy smell intensified even more. A katana protruded from her abdomen and he inhaled sharply as his eyes read over the familiar weapon. "Hey, hey, hey this wasn't apart of the plan!" He cupped her cheeks in both hands, noticing the smug grin on her face.

~Heal her, heal her.~

" Yeah, I think I was better off just bloodletting into the- ow ." The fledgling sucked in a deep breath between her gritted teeth as a jolt of pain flared up her spine. The ungodly amount of thick grass that had grown had softened the full impact of her fall by tenfold, but at the end, the katana in her gut had dug in deeper and she was definitely bruising.

"Don't talk, fledgling, your body is trying to heal." 

Yes, at an abnormally slow pace for a being like her. 

"Where is your dragon partner, fledgling?" Ryuto demanded while watching her eyes slide shut with no resistance. He could feel the heat leave her body at an abnormal rate, alarming him that she had been feeling a little off for long time. 

"Argument." The fledgling slurred out, head lolling back into his arms. "Separated too long."

 He could feel his power slowly returning to his body, the chains around his wrist and ankles slowly crumbling apart. At this rate, the fledgling was going to die and if that was the case... 

"I hope you can forgive me for what I am about to do." Ryuto murmured before closing his eyes as well and going through a series of hand signs. 

12 Hours Earlier 

Sukai had ultimately decided that Sawada was most definitely a lost cause solely due to the fact he somehow managed to cover up his scent and any other trail and she didn't have the time to track him down since she was in this alone. Currently, she sat at the kitchen table as Nana cooked up a furious storm out of pure stress. The only one who was going to eat was possibly the children who Sukai barely even had the chance to interact with. 

So lost in thought, she doesn't realize that someone else has joined her until a throat was cleared. A glance to her right reveals Reborn himself, Leon perched on his shoulder and his fedora covering his spiky hair. 

"You have a plan." He says before she could even mutter a greeting. It, of course, isn't a question since Reborn seems to know every damn thing that occurs in Namimori and Sukai wonders if the toddler is physic. "I'm not." 

Sukai shoots him a skeptical look at the boyish smirk that takes up his face. 

"For a ninja, you're just really easy to read." 

Sukai briefly considered flipping him the bird before coming to the conclusion that, no, she did not want to get shot in the face today and would very much like to see Naruto before dying. Instead, she settles for saying," I'm pretty shitty at hiding my emotions." 

"That's obvious." There's no real bite in his tone, and it was, well, the truth so she doesn't take any offense to it. 

"Why are you here, Reborn?" 

"You have a plan, I want to hear it." 

Of course, he does Sukai thinks before pushing her latest sketch forward. She had been working on it for hours now making sure to catch every detail she had absorbed when breaking into the Library. Like Konoha, Sukai now knew Namimori like the back of her hand. Whoever helped build it made sure to put every nook and cranny of the place within the blueprint. Sukai points to the center of the paper with a sharp nail where the outline of a house stood. It was possibly one of the largest estates, and Reborn recognized it instantly. 

"That's the Nishikawa Estate and here," Sukai pointed to a smaller square drawn within the house, "is where they will be holding the girls."  She dragged her finger across the paper until it landed on the circle running parallel to the estate. "This is where they'll commence the ritual, 'The Awakening', and try to sacrifice everyone. I have to intervene before human blood hits the seal." 


Sukai nodded distractedly. "Yeah, with the right amount of chakra you can seal people, inanimate objects, demons, or in this case dragons away. But the tricky thing about this was that whoever made it was a little bit too cocky and didn't believe someone like me existed. "

"And what exactly are you, Sukai?" 

Sukai shot Reborn a wry smile. "The wacky ass key to the wacky ass lock." 

He didn't even crack a smile at her shitty joke so she did the honors of snickering for the both of them. He stares at her for a few awkward seconds before carefully asking, "You plan to do this alone." 

Once again another confident statement and not a question. It was kind of unnerving actually. Trying her best to not let that show, which was probably a pretty shitty job anyways, Sukai swallows the lump in her throat and gives a simple nod. "I'll be fine." 

"You'll die." He points out bluntly and Sukai winces at the bold statement. It was a constant thought that had been running through her mind for like the past 12-ish hours and she couldn't really find the urge to actually get nervous at the fact. 

"Actually, there's like a 12 percent chance that I'd die with the probability of me failing to switch places with the first sacrifice and getting shot in the face instead but that's just a low probability considering the fact that the person shooting me actually has some pretty good aim for a civilian because a little bird told me that they literally just got their asses kicked by like Sawada's henchmen so I'm not really tripping." Sukai shrugged while purposely leaving out the part where that she had a higher chance of bleeding out from the family heirloom that Satoshi owned but those were just minor details. 

"No, you'll definitely die going in there alone." Reborn insists and Sukai swore for a split second that Leon actually nods in agreement. Holy shit, she was more sleep deprived than she thought.

In no mood to argue, Sukai dropped her head into her arms and groaned. She missed coming up with battle plans with Naruto, at least they actually had fun while doing it. "Well, unless you kind find my pack to lower the chances of me dying then please stop making me question my decisions." 

~You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.~ 

When she popped her head back up, Reborn was gone, leaving her with her thoughts, sketched blueprint, and the small potted plant on the windowsill.

Sukai grabs her glass of water, tips it to the plant because what the hell and promptly chugs the rest of it. "Cheers to my shitty plan!" 

~Cheers. Cheers. Cheers.~

Now, hours later, while she had expected a dumpster load of things to go wrong because thinking on the spot was a lot easier than planning ahead, Sukai didn't expect for a bunch of things to go right. Of course, there were a bunch of different variables she hadn't anticipated, like Satoshi to have a goddamn army, the separation from Ryuto to cause her to see black spots, and Reborn to bring a fuck ton of back up. 


"Shut up, I'm thinking." Sukai hissed quietly, ignoring the blanched look the blond had adopted. Sukai recognized him from a picture somewhere in the household, but she couldn't find the urge to actually give a damn about the man right now. The ritual was bound to start in thirty minutes and the sudden help was not what Sukai had expected. After a few minutes of silence, and a well-placed rub to her temples, Sukai snapped her fingers. "I got it." 

She spun on her heel, sneakers digging into the dirt, as she pointed to the other two teens who looked the most out of place. Her nose crinkled at the scent of cigarette, dynamite, and tamahagane but for now, she could force herself to bear with it. "You two are going to make sure Sawada-san stays out of the way, I bought us some time by setting up a bunch of traps, so by the time he gets here, he'll be royally pissed off. Hold him back or it will fuck everything up." Sukai turned her attention to the blond. "I'm assuming you're the leader of the men here so when I give the signal you come in. Only bring the men when I give the signal, not if I get hurt. Got it?"

He seemed a little surprised at her orders but nodded along anyways. "What's the signal?" 

Sukai couldn't stop the grin that spread across her face as she slipped that dragon mask down onto her face and pulled the hood of her cloak up. "You'll know it when you hear it." 

The roar that shook the earth should've been terrifying. It rumbled the earth and pierced the sky. It traveled the clouds of Namimori and through the ears of every single human within its radius. It's-

"The signal." Dino Cavallone belatedly realizes in mild horror before quickly steeling his nerves. He lifted her free hand that wasn't occupied with his weapon and signaled for his men to go forward, leaving their hiding places behind.

This was war.  


Chapter Text



Sukai awakes to a flaring pain in her abdomen and the feeling of something being stuck in her throat. It brings tears into her eyes, the unwelcomed feeling of not being able to breathe literally suffocating. She rolls onto her stomach, wheezing harshly and coughing until whatever the fuck is stuck in her throat comes up. It was probably one of the most uncomfortable feelings she's ever had, the whole throwing up black goo excluded.

Leaves slide out of her mouth damp with her saliva. 

Another cough sends a few flowers petals the following suit and she comes to the realization that she just coughed up half a fucking flower. 

Heather flower her mind chips in unhelpfully, and she scrambles upwards, hands coming up to grip at her face because she didn't know shit about heather flowers. She didn't even know heather flowers were a thing until fucking now! Her back hits something, Sukai couldn't care to know, and she grimaces at the flare of pain that promptly sparks to life. A quick hesitant probing of her feeling reveals tender, freshly healed flesh and she tries to recall the past events. 

. . . . 


"What the fuck?" Sukai wonders aloud because honestly what the fuck? A roar sends tremors through the very earth and she deems it possibly one of the shittiest response she has ever gotten. 

~Ryuusei needs help. Ryuusei needs help. Ryuusei needs help.~

The name causes a flash of green eyes to flicker across her mind and a gut-churning feeling to build up. Tears spring up in her eyes as more petals spewed out of her mouth. They varied in shape and color, each belonging to a different flower she had never seen before but easily recognized. They all left the same taste in her mouth, something she couldn't identify because it wasn't a bad taste but it wasn't exactly pleasant either. 

~Help. Help. Help.~

"Yeah, I know!" Sukai snapped while carding her fingers through tangled curls.  "I just need to think for a second. I-I don't even know what the hell is going on!" 

It felt like a part of her had been fucking forced away, overpowered by something else. To make matters worse, she didn't even know who she was talking to at the moment. She coughed up another petal (daffodil, her mind supplied), and exhaled harshly through her nostrils. First, she needed to calm down. Inhale. Hold for three. Exhale. Inhale. Hold for three. Exhale. Repeat. 

"I'm okay," she whispered to herself after her fifth exhale. 

~You're okay. You're okay. You're okay.~  

Sukai hesitantly probed at the tender flesh against and was shocked to see that she didn't flinch again. The pain seemed to have been becoming duller by the second now that she thought about it, and if that was the case... 

She glanced up to where a trail of flowers had bloomed along the brick wall and decided that their vines were thick enough to climb as long as she minded the thorns. The Delphinium and Nerium Oleander are poisonous to humans she thinks absentmindedly as she forces herself up to get a closer inspection of the flowers. She brings a tentative hand towards the aconitum and watches as the petals glow, feels the fury and the need to hurt and kill pulse from the plant beneath her touch and quickly yanks her hand back. 

The glow dies. 

Sukai stares at her hand in wonder, listens to the soft whispers of her little friends, and feels the anger simmer beneath her skin. 


Kyoko stared up at the dragon unblinkingly, one arm protectively curled around Ruka. She could feel it's breath against her cheek and smell the fresh blood. The thing had eaten Satoshi without a second thought before anyone could even fucking blink. Of course, the other girls had run, and Kyoko had half the mind to join them while Satoshi's men tried to avenge their boss's death. 

But the thing just kept eating, and eating and fucking eating. Until a hundred men had been shorted to fifty and until Ruka was the only girl who had been left standing there absolutely frozen in fear. 

And Kyoko couldn't just leave her. That would make her a coward and Sasagawas weren't fucking cowards.

"Kyoko-chan." A whisper reached her ears, and she barely registered the familiar voice directly behind her. She could feel Sukai's presence and she briefly wondered if this was a ghost she was hearing. She didn't even have time to mourn her friend before she started hallucinating, great. 

"Whatever you do, do not move until I say so." 

Without taking her eyes off the dragon, Kyoko slowly nodded. Every fiber in her being was fucking screaming at her to just move, but Kyoko kept her bare feet firmly planted into the ground, her arm still rooted around Ruka. She caught a flicker of movement behind the dragon and barely registered the sound of footsteps. They moved quick and swift and if it weren't for the seriousness of the situation Kyoko would've thought the person was a ninja. 


Kyoko pivoted on her heel without loosening her grip and fucking booked it. She could see Dino's men along the line between the forest and pathway up the hill. Surprisingly, Ruka kept up not once tripping or slipping as they ran. She could hear the dragon behind her, it's thundering steps getting closer and closer. She could hear Tsuna call out her name as the monster got closer and-

she tripped

Her ankle was twisted.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK- 

Ruka had already made it towards the barrier thank god. At least she had succeeded in doing something. Kyoko rolled onto her back to stare up at the dragon once again. Time seemed to slow as Kyoko accepted her fate. 

The dragon lunged, she closed her eyes, and-



Kyoko's eyes snapped open to see none other than Sukai Blu Summers standing protectively between her and dragon as she cradled her bleeding hand. A single tooth easily the size of Kyoko's palm fell to the ground, broken. The dragon roared again and lunged and Kyoko was sure that they were both done for and-

"You motherfucker!" Sukai's heel came in contact with the side of the dragon's face. It didn't move an inch, the only indication that she did some type of damage was the dazed look its eyes. Kyoko watched in awe as Sukai punched the dragon again with her bloodied fist curse after curse leaving her mouth. "You lied to me."


"You said that all you wanted to do was go out and explore the world." 

Strike to the snout. 

"I got stabbed for you, and I bled out after nearly breaking my fucking back." 

Ax kick. 

A blue spark blew out of the girl's palms and right into the dragon's face. She evaded another strike fluidly and stomped down on the talons.

Kyoko watched as a nail broke off. 

"I defended you against my own fucking partner and I helped set you free and this is what you do?!" Her voice cracked and it occurred to everyone watching that Sukai was actually crying. The constant attacking slowed to stop, leaving them in the same position as before. Sukai an unbreaking wall of protection before Kyoko with a heavy chest, a waterfall of tears, and golden eyes that held the fury of a million suns. 

"You are not the dragon I met." Sukai harshly rubbed away at the stupid tears. "You aren't," she trailed off as she locked eyes with the dragon, "Ryuto." 

She stared at the soulless look in the thing's eyes and studied it for a few moments, only stepping back when the dragon lumbered forward. A distant thought, something Naruto had told her, that while dragons had extremely high pain tolerances, and healed quite fast when fighting an Alpha dragon, or royalty (whatever the hell that was), wounds hurt a whole fucking lot and healed very slow. 

And while Sukai didn't want to seem like a cocky bastard, she was more than sure she had done some mean damage and yet the dragon never reacted. No pain or anger, not even a flinch. Something within her mind clicked and she lifted up her shirt to reveal a dahlia tattoo where her wound had once been. The tears had finally came to a halt, thank god, as she came to a conclusion. 

"You're an empty shell!" Sukai ducked to avoid a weak swipe. Her palms lit up indigo blue before she surged forward and swung again. 

"Ryuto wanted to travel." Sukai clamped her flaming fist together and swung down again. "Ryuto wanted to see a thousand more sunrises and sunsets." She flipped over a swinging tail and onto its back. "Ryuto didn't want to kill humans because he made a vow." She ran upwards until she reached its neck where a long jagged and horizontal scar rested. "Ryuto was worthy of being apart of my pack." She flattened her palm and aimed steadily with somber determination. "But you aren't Ryuto."

Sukai took a deep breath. 

And struck.