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Garden Glow

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Edition 2016 

Chapter 1: It's Happening 



Hilary Tachibana had been staring at the positive test in her hands for over what had to be an hour, looking at the stick which taunted her with the truth; that she was pregnant. Now staring at the test only made her anxious with every possible scenario going through her mind.

But just how can I tell Kai that I am pregnant? "I can't just waltz up to him during practice..." Hilary’s thoughts were overwhelming.

Unbeknownst to her though, she was not home alone. The bathroom door swung open, revealing her father standing in the doorway. Surprised, Hilary dropped the test stick and stood up. Her father gave an apologetic look and made a move to close the door till he noticed the test on the floor. That's when everything went wrong, the man's face twisted and redden.

"Papa, let me explain, please-" Hilary tried to defuse her father's temper but the damage and evidence were too much for him.

The young girl's words cut off as the older man grab her arm and dragged her to a room. "Tou-chan, please let me talk!" Her pleading fell on deaf ears when they entered her room. He pushed her onto the bed. The sound of silence was deafening until he spoke, voice strained with emotion.

"It finally happened! After being with those no good PUNKS you got yourself pregnant!" The older man said, brushing back his graying dark brown hair. "I want your things packed and I want you gone. I shouldn't have trusted you to not be like other girls today. That's what you all think about, spreading your legs." His accusation stung.

Hilary didn't stand for what he said though, "Enough! I've had it with you Papa, those 'no good punks' as you call them are my best friends! Yes, I admit that I made a mistake in getting pregnant, but father, I am not a hussy spreading them open like you think!" she yelled back. Her face flushed a healthy shade but she planted herself straight and stared down the man who was supposed to love her unconditionally.

Heido Tachibana looked at his daughter, she looked so much like her mother, but the sense of shame that clouded his judgment was there. He turned to leave the room, yelling back to Hilary, "LEAVE! And don't call me 'Papa', my daughter wouldn't shame me like you did." He left, leaving Hilary in her room, alone and cold.

She moved towards her closet, taking out the only suit case she had and pulling down clothes from the hangers and drawers. Holding back the tears, she tried to finish the task at hand. Packing the last of the clothing, she moved back on the bed when her eye caught the nightstand, where pictures of all the tournaments that had come and gone were arranged. Soon enough, she saw one of pictures she had hand-drawn, stuck on the mirror. It brought back pleasant memories, when they all have been much younger and the sport of Beyblade had garnered even more attention.

She took the picture and slid it into her backpack, already growing heavier, with extra clothing that wouldn't fit in her suitcase. She gathered the rest of what she needed, and when she was done she grabbed the last picture in her room, a family portrait.


Heido stood outside, his temper still hot from learning what his only child had just done. Taking out a tobacco pipe from his coat pocket and lighting it, he inhaled a deep breath through it. The man's thoughts went back to his daughter, Hilary had always been such a good girl, her excellent grades had made him proud.

But soon she grew up and met other people. Bladers. Misfits. Her grades lowered- though they remained in the top percentage- but still she continued to socialize with them. When the day came when she brought news she had begun dating one of these so-called bladers, Heido demanded to meet him. He was introduced to a young man called Kai, and wasn't very impressed with the boy's appearance. Tattoos and hoodlum appearance was all he saw. He didn't even have a real job, just a foreigner who was famous for playing a so-called 'sport'.

He should have nipped it in the bud soon as possible, but he had hoped that she would've come to her senses and overcome this attraction for the boy. Now he regretted waiting; she had disgraced herself.

Another plume of smoke went into the air, and as he traced the smoke, his eyes locked with a familiar set of crimson ones.


Kai Hiwatari stood outside the gate of the Tachibana residence as he did every day to walk his girlfriend to the dojo. He walked through the gate, not expecting to meet with Heido Tachibana; the man had always made it known he didn't like him, and the feeling was mutual but for the sake of his girlfriend, he stayed quiet.

The two men stared each other down before Heido threw his wooden pipe. Anger no longer contained, he shouted, exploded in rage, walking right up to the young man and grabbing a hold of his jacket.

"You...YOU! It's YOUR fault what happened to my girl! I should never have let her be around you in the first place, you foreign TRASH! My daughter would have never been allowed near you to begin with if I had it my way!"

Kai made no move except to twist the older man's hand, easily removing the grip Heido had on his jacket. He spoke to the man with brusque tone, "I would appreciate if you didn't scream accusations at me, Tachibana-san." Kai clenched his fist to ease his anger towards the older man.

"IT'S your fault,she's...pregnant!" The senior accused, the young man's eyes widening for a short moment. He didn't bother to speak to Hilary's father any longer and headed inside the house.

It didn't take him long to find her room, the door was wide open and Hilary was on her bed, staring at the near bare room. Going up to the girl, he crouched down to her eye level, letting one finger fall under her chin and moving it up to see her eyes. Ruby red eyes with unshed tears still pooling around the lashes met his crimson ones, their hands coming together. "Hilary, is it true?"

Feeling her hands tighten in his, Kai knew the words were true. "Hilary, I would never be angry with you nor would I blame you..." He replied, his voice soft and warm.

Hilary placed her hand on the side of his cheek, caressing the skin. Kai's guard dropped around her no matter what, in these quiet moments when it was just the two of them. He leaned forward and met her lips for a chaste kiss, feeling her arms wrap around his neck and body, moving closer to him. No more words were needed. Hilary reached for the bags that had been crammed to their fullest and turned for a moment, looking at the room that had been hers for the last seventeen years of her life. A sigh escaped her lips.

Kai was now waiting by the doorway, watching his girlfriend look one last time around the room. "It's okay, I'm just a little sad, that's all. It was my home I have just as many memories here as I do in the dojo." Hilary spoke soberly.

"Hn, well now we'll make our own memories," he said, reaching for one of the bags. He placed his hand on her back, leading the way back down the stairs and to the door; until they reached the gate, stopping only when Hilary's father spoke one last time.


The brunette turned to listen to the man. "Yes, Tou-chan?" She asked hopefully, perhaps he changed his mind. The next words he said, however, crushed her.

"You can only come back if you agree never to have the child or go back to that boy."

She didn't even hesitate with her reply, "I would never give up on our child like that, Tou-chan." Her voice broke "I am sorry. I know you wanted things to go differently but it happened, goodbye Papa. I will always love you."

The young couple began walking down the street, leaving Heido Tachibana alone on the front lawn of his house, with nothing but a broken pipe on the grass.

I want to thank all you readers here on Archive of our own for sticking with me on this story .Sorry it's taken so long 

Appreciation goes to Shadowofthebird for editing 

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2016 Edition 

Chapter 2  Life’s Uncharted



From Hilary's former home, the two had walked to the house that Kai had inherited from his grandfather. Kai looked at his girlfriend, the brunette still seeming hurt from the earlier argument with her father. In hopes of distracting her, he spoke.

"Hilary, do you remember when I first brought you to my house?" Said girl stopped for a moment, her face screwing up in thought, "Oh I remember when Tyson got drunk from that sake and beer and the boys snuck past Gramps." Her eyes brightened a bit at the memory. The Dragoon blader had snored so loudly that no one could sleep that night. "You told me that was one of the reasons why you still kept the house." More pep in her step, she continued walking.

"I also seem to recall you saying that I, quote, 'have terrible sense décor'." As if the idea of himself spending hours picking which colors went in a home was what he did in spare time.

"What are you smirking about?" Asked the brunette.

"Honestly Hils, can you imagine me spending the time to figure that shit out?" He said coolly.

Hilary immediately started laughing at the thought, "Oh god Kai, don't worry, I'll be sure to protect your masculinity from the color swatches and curtains." She tugged on his arm and when he growled out a protest she just pacified him with a kiss. Seeing the gate, she tugged him more. "Come on slowpoke, if am going to redo a whole house I might as well get a head start"

In the house, they were met with simple décor. Hilary found the couch and fell into the soft embrace, her bag falling the ground at the same time, as Kai walked over to the couch and slid into the space next to her.

"We do need to talk, Hilary," he voiced.

Hilary rolled on her back so that she faced her boyfriend legs draped over his lap, eyebrows pulled together with worry, "O-oh okay...what do you want to talk about?"

"There's bound to be talk about us once you start showing." He began to trace random patterns on the exposed skin of her legs as he spoke.

"I want you to know that no matter what happens, I won't let anyone hurt you or our unborn child." Kai knew that once the news hit the media, then everything would go apeshit for them.

"I know you will Kai, but I am afraid of what they'll say about you, the team especially. I... I don't want to seem like a burden to you."

"Hilary, don't you ever think that you are a burden to any of us, you're the heart of the team, no matter what anyone says."

Hilary looked into Kai's eyes and they held each other's gaze for a few moments, seeing the determined look in both ruby red and crimson. She smiled and had to wonder how she got lucky enough to have fallen for such a great guy, and for him to have fallen for her as well.


After settling Hilary's things in their now home, they walked to the dojo. Many of the teams and friends of the bladers were supposed to meet up and talk about a new tournament in the near future. They had just entered the first set of doors, taking off their shoes when two loud and familiar voices began arguing.

"DAICHI! GET BACK HERE, THAT MEAT BUN IS MINE!" Said trouble maker came rushing past them, along with the noise and commotion.

"Haha, not anymore! I grabbed it. Face it old man, you are just too slow!" Daichi yelled back. The others in the room only laughed more when Tyson went to grab the young boy for payback. Hilary was trying her hardest not to snort with laughter.

Kai had it with their childish antics and pulled the two 'children' apart. "Cool it you two, seriously. How did you win the championships when you act like five-year-olds all the time?"

Dachi happily ate the rest of the bun, making sure to stick out his tongue to Tyson for good measure.

The older boy glared at the younger one. He mumbled under his breath, "They always take the brat's side..." Before sulking away to try and find more food before Dachi got to it.

Soon everyone had arrived at the Dojo , there was even an invitation was extended to the old BEGA team which, much to Hilary's dismay, meant Ming Ming was there. The pop pre-madonna was receiving affection from Kenny, which meant just looking at her while she talked about herself.

Hilary couldn't stand the girl, no matter how much of a good blader she was. She was distracted from her thoughts however when she heard her name shouted, and found herself on the other end of Mariah and Emily. The two girls were the closest to best friends that Hilary ever had. She had been developing closer friendship ties with the other girls as well, even if she still didn't blade. "Oh my gosh! It's so great to see you guys!"


While the many of teams mingled and talked together, there was an unwelcomed guest lurking in the background, watching everything unfold.

'All the teams have finally gathered'

The body moved closer to the home. Careful to avoid the lights, he crept up to a window and glanced inside. Hoping the information received by watching would make his master pleased.


As time went on, both Kai and Hilary gave each other a knowing look, part of what they had discussed had been to tell their friends the truth. Taking a stand next to Kai ,the mood in the room changed as he turned to cut the music off, "Both Hilary and I found out some news today..." He paused, ensuring all eyes were on him and Hilary. "Hilary is pregnant."

The silence was short lived as the news was celebrated by cheers from the crowd.


"YAHOO! Way to go, Kai!"


Hilary was dragged back to the girls only section of the room, and Mariah immediately started the conversation on who the baby would take after.

Kai's didn't suffer nearly as much, mostly because the male perspective didn't allow the furious talk or emotion, so instead they traded jabs and knowing sly looks.



The figure outside took notice of the news and immediately disappeared. Knowing such information would be welcomed by it's benefactor.


Appreciation goes to Shadowofthebird again for editing 


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Chapter 3: 


The party in full swing as the night went on with the news of Hilary and Kai bundle of joy becoming the talk of the party. The pairs whisked away to their own groups, Tyson, Max, Ray, and Kenny came walking him, this same group he had grown with all these years, Kai couldn't help but think about where his head had been all those years ago when he entered his first tournament. When Dickenson had pushed him into a room four noisy brats yelling, he disgusted at the time with this attempt of a team. Now, though, as a young man of nineteen he had gone through too much with this team, he had thought of as idiotic and now as... family.

"Hey Kai!"

Speaking of, looking up he saw Tyson followed by Max, Ray and even still Kenny. They walked up to Kai and Tyson gave him a good- nature swing to the shoulder which he caught easily. Ray greeted him with a teasingly.

"Seems things will only become more exciting for you my friend,"

"That's true, Kon" his curt reply.

"Ha, Kai I heard pregnant chicks get mad hormonal, you're gonna have to deal with Hilary," cheekily scratching his nose Tyson spoke.

"Tyson that's mean, Hilary's not some crazed thing, we're not children anymore so stop teasing her," Kenny said matter of fact adjusting his glasses habitually.

"That's right no more teasing beside Hilary sure's going to need our back up once people start hearing about this," Max said scolding him.

"Kai, you have the support of everyone here," Ray began the party getting louder in the room so he leaned in closer "But did you tell her father about it yet, we know how he feels about us."

The mood turned darker at that moment the five of them understood completely how Heido felt about them. Kai stood silent for a moment the argument he had with Heido Tachibana replaying in his mind.

"He threw her out, called her a whore and never return unless she had an abortion."

Max spoke up again "That's so wrong" the blonde American looked over to Hilary with the other girls talking about something.

"Man Hils old man really the worst," Tyson said he crossed his arms nonchalant he run red to Kenny and bumped elbows with him remembering something.

"You remember that time when we first meet her eh chief "the short teen genius nodded agreeing.

"He always watched what she did, once as kids playing the park Tyson against some kid,"

"I won of course" Tyson interrupted, Max hit him over the head which made Tyson sheepishly shut up.

"Anyway anytime she came to the park and only allowed on the swings, her dad would stand there, but one day he must have been taking a call or something," Kenny grew silent the memory, "but she came up to us and wanted to know what we were doing, we were about to tell her when Tachibana-San suddenly appeared came yelling at her to get away,"

"He drags her out of the playground" Tyson added, "Then on Hilary was just a know it all brat. This time both Ray and Max hit him.

"Damn it stop hitting me," he whined

Kai gave a soft chuckle at the cap-wearing blader, he looked around the room for a moment he eyes landing back to Hilary and could help the emotion she brought forth. She laughed at something Mariah said and her face became pink. He thought her laugh was the most beautiful thing to hear.

He sensed movement around him and saw the familiar face of Tala, the others soon too saw him.

"My old friend, I have to talk to you" he spoke in their native tongue. Kai walked with him away from the other, they gave no mind to him just leaving knowing if it had to be something serious then Kai would let them know.

Making sure no one could ease drop Tala speak again Though their past was rocky from the way they were brought up in Biovolt. Kai and Tala did have significant respect for each other and became good friends in the years that have passed.

"I have had word that old followers of Voltaire and Biovolt are beginning to come out hiding" there was anger in his voice. The redhead had been doing his best to keep tabs on the survivors of the programs that they all suffered through as children. Every day was a win for them in keeping this these kids alive, but it was hard to get justice when so many of the so-called doctors and scientist had disappeared. That's why Kai had transformed and used all his money and his grandfather company to reverse, that over the years they had steadily grasped at any information on where they had gone into hiding.

Kai could feel his insides clench the memories trying to resurface were enough to make him wring his grandfather's neck. What Tala said was true no doubt about it Tala had been instrumental shifting through the information that came through, they surmised the experiment done on him those years ago was the cause. Gathering and reading data was nothing to him.

But what he said meant that the crones that followed his grandfather and Boris could try to finish whatever plans they had.

"Who has come out of hiding" he spoke, right now he knew which filth they had caught so far, but daily a new survivor spoke of a new doctor that had hurt them. It was trying to remember all those names they gave.

"Lanchester and Montov have come out of whatever hole they were in" those names gave way to a visible reaction fist clenched tight, Kai knew them well. It took all his willpower and training to not punch his fist through the wall of the dojo.

"I know how you feel, don't worry we have a team keeping tabs on them,", he looked over around the room, "were waiting for the right moment to hit them and grab them,".

"Keep me informed Tala, I want to know what happens each step" Kai ordered, the redhead nodded and walked away to his own team, no doubt Bryan and Spencer were trying to start a drinking contest.




The girls were busying themselves with idle gossip and Hilary's impending motherhood. The conversation turned to which he or she would look more like Kai or Hilary.

"Oh I bet if it's a boy then he will look just like Kai" Mariah spoke excitedly.

"Could you imagine a little boy just like Kai just like not moody. She added teasingly.

The girls continued on talking, Hilary and Emily talked about a new exhibit that was taking place at the Tokyo national museum that week. Mariah was in an animated conversation with Julia, Matilda about the latest fashion. One person didn't like how the conversation was drifting through.

"You know now that you're knocked up it will only reflect badly on your team, not to mention the BBA," Ming-Ming's voice spoke up bitterly, nonchalantly filing down her nails like it was nothing.

The whole atmosphere got heavy quick, Hilary felt her stomach clench she was just about to get ready to tear Ming-Ming hair off before, Mariah laid a hand on her shoulder a grin was plastered on her face, the pinkette pointed over her shoulder. Julia had already marched up to short diva, the rest of them had the same looked on their face anger. Her girls had her back no matter, Hilary never could replace these girls. She gave the other girls a smile and waiting to see how Julia handled this bitch.

"Really, Ming-Ming how shallow, for real just shut your mouth would you" Julia spoke, she was a good 2 foot taller than the other girl, but Ming Ming wasn't having that she argued right back "listen am just saying the truth, once the reporters hear about this they bound to go after any one of us, it reflects us all" she crossed her arms. "It's hard enough for girls to be taken seriously "We female bladers have a hard enough time as is, now that she's got knocked up, they bound to ask why she's even on the team" she finished. Ming Ming had a satisfied look on her face now.

That comment struck Hilary though she knew what her part of the team was, being the manager meant everything from travel and helping finalize was her job, heck Kenny would be lost. She scanned the room everyone was busy in their own conversation, she felt lost in the emotions suddenly, she quickly gave Ming Ming her fiercest glare and right before she could cuss her out someone else spoke up.

"You know Ming Ming, you talk too much, for a freaking hypocrite," Emily said whipping out her smartphone and went browsing it. "Besides you wouldn't want your precious fans to know about your precious boy toys" she swiped the screen and then tilted it to let everyone look at it, there is an image was Ming Ming getting into an expensive car with none other than Joey Chan playboy pop star.

"Oh my god!", "Seriously!"

"WHAT HOW THE HELL YOU FIND THOSE PICTURES, YOU BITCH" Ming-Ming cried out angrily turning into another person.

"YOU! Heard me you're a sham Ming Ming, YOU SAY ANYTHING BAD and you can find these photos all over what pop idol rag sell these days," the redhead threaten gleefully her finger was poised over the screen.

"Exactly Ming Ming keep your trap shut it's good for ya" Mariah said getting up close and personal. The pop princess fumed at being found out these bitches really, her manager had hell to pay in the morning.

"FINE, don't come crying to me though when am right" Ming Ming spat before whipping out her own cell forget the morning, that imbecile better be awake now.

"Now back to the important conversation at hand" Mariah shot a glare at the retreating Ming-Ming.

"We do have to go shopping for the things you're going to need, baby clothes, shoes little hats." She grabbed Hillary's hand her eyes practically sparkling, Hilary couldn't help but laugh.

"OH! Did you hear that this year the tournament organizers are having a gala for all the players and guests," the shy Matilda spoke up from her spot next to Julia.

"OMG, your right you guys know what that means," Julia exclaimed.

"Shopping!" all the girls shouted happily dissolving into laughter.



In a room lit only by a fireplace and few lamps shadows flickered the light sounds of crisp pages being turned. A sharp ring sounded, and a hand grabbed the receiver off the hook before the next ring and spoke immediately.


"M'Lord the teams have gathered at the home of the champion Tyson Kinomiya," the phantom voice began.

"Excellent, this works well" putting the book down he walked to a desk a few feet away to a computer," Have the others place tracers on the teams gathered." A program was opened and a video screen loaded up.

"Yes, M'Lord it will be done at once" the spy on the phone gathered himself long enough to tell him one more thing, the Lord hated being on the phone longer than necessary.

"My Lord there's more,"

"Well man, don't just stop what it is," bit out the lord.

"The young master Hiwartari announced that he and the Tachibana girl are going to have a child". He finished, the spy couldn't hear anything through the line, "my lord did you hear" the informant thought he had hung up but a light laughter instead was heard.

"Well, well, what unique set of circumstance Hiwartari has found himself in," the man was pleased with the news. "Good job, keep me informed on any more surprises,"

"Yes my lord,"

The call finished he hung up and looked at his computer screen a countdown had begun and all his plans were set in motion.

Yes, it all was falling right into place.



The party was a success even with a few misunderstanding between certain people. This year there was a new tournament happening this year one not held by the BBA or American leagues, it seems this private benefactor had a great love for the game and money to do so. First, a word about the tournament had been from the news reports about speculation of a separate league forming, then announcements were sent to champions and teams of the sport.

So teams like the Bladebreakers, PPA Allstarz, White tiger they all were given entries to come to the tournament. Along with each invitation, a website link was sent to them, a date and time were given when it would go live. Which was why this party was held at the Kiyomia Dojo, Kenny laptop was hooked up to the large screen TV and the countdown to the website ticked down to minus 5 minutes.

Everyone soon started to get prime seating in the living room and close enough to see the screen, Daichi, and Tyson though we're trying to get a spot near the snack table in front of the TV.

Kai and Hilary managed to get a seat in one of the couches Mariah and Ray with them, the timer finally hit 10 seconds. Everyone was sitting or standing when the website finally went live.


The website feed started simply enough a large logo with a long sword and the elegant script stating the Excelsior showed rotating around as a loading bar popped and started.

"Hello and welcome to the Excelsior Tournament Bladers," a woman's voice spoke.

"If you are watching this video, it means you one step closer to join the Tournament,"

"Oh for the life of me, get to the point" was Tyson frustrated voice. There were a few murmurs of agreement though.

" This tournament will not only challenge you and your team should you wish, but it will also strengthen the mind."

"S0 without any further ado I give you the Tournament Excelsior!"

The screen went black and a new announcer voice filled the screen. The feed opened up to an office building where a man sat behind a desk. The skyline behind him was aglow with lights and city sounds.

"Welcome challengers to my Excelsior Tournament, I know you have many questions so I will get right to the point," the screen change to show a PowerPoint-like view.

"This tournament shall start in 1 week from when you are seeing this website, you are only given the location for the first phase,"

The screen showed a map and then closed in on a location Greece was shown in black lettering and turned to a video showing the countryside and city life. The feed showed an impressive picture of a hotel by the sea with the clearest sandy beaches and boats ready for sailing. A dining room held long tables decorated with candles and flowers, a lit outdoor pool next to a tennis court.

"All those entering the tournament must have place their rooms in and at the Amphitryon Hotel". The man shown again this time in a lobby of a hotel, classy individuals walked around, "As am sure you all know in order to set off the tournament we shall have a gala for all the challenges and guests" he walked through this elegant hotel to large golden door and into a gala hall fit for royalty, waiters and chefs stood side by side as he walked samples of wines and food all around, he grabbed a wine stem and sipped a satisfied wave to the waiter by him.

The feed changed again crossing to an aerial view streets passing with the blue-green waters reflected back at them and then panned to a view of a large stadium out in the Mediterranean Sea

"As stated the tournament begins in 1 weeks time, and you have 2 days to arrive, sign in or the persons or teams will have to face disqualification."

A calendar popped up on the screen showing the timeline they had left, " Now for the first day of the tournament all challenger must meet in the Gala hall for transport."

The deadline given was a close one, granted they always trained hard but this time the BBA wasn't going to be in charge. There was no telling who or what will happen.

"I sure hope that Tyson will get up otherwise he. might have to swim over to the arena," Max teased, though you could others trying to stifle their laughs.

"Hey, I can get up. It's Daichi that needs a bucket thrown at him." Tyson defended himself.

The screen changed to a snowing scene with large castle-scapes with the high domes and swirls of the red square. The home of the Kai and the Blitzkrieg Boys.

Moscow Russia was bold along the bottom of the screen as the announcer came to tell about the next stage.

"Why is it that every tournament they have, we end up going to Russia "Hilary whispered to Kai.

He gave her a small smirk leaning to the shell of her ear the warm breath made her blush "Russia is the best place to challenge yourself, plus the best bladers."

"The National Hotel has been arranged for all to stay during the tournament trails."

The feed changed Spain in bold lettering on the screen now, Julia immediately become excited virtually grabbing her brother off the floor

"Hell yes!"

Spain was going to be the advantage of the duo the crowd was bound to be on their side.

"The arrivals of teams will be required to be admitted to the Occidental Miguel hotel".

Julia squealed with delight everyone looked at her direction, some holding their laughter except for one.

"What the Hell you clown!? What you go and scream for" Bryan yelled at the girl standing up from his place in doing it. The Russian blader wasn't known for keeping his temper neither did Spaniard her temper was a match.

"If you had any sense of class, you neatheraul! "She started ignoring her brother pleading tugging at her sleeve. "The Occidental Miguel happens to be the premier hotel in all of Spain!" Julia didn't care for the Russian personal space she poked him right in the chest not caring for their sheer high different.

The screen gave off a high pitch squeal turning their attention from the bickering duo. The feed now had a series of strange symbols.

¤ °°•°°¤ a

They as suddenly as it happened it went away.

"Now for this tournament, I have decided to test those who win their rounds, not only will Bladers test their strength, but their merit,"

"Wait what" Daichi spoke obviously confused. Few other gave each other questionably looks curious as well as what this meant.

"Don't worry all will explained once you attending the opening Gala, till then challengers I welcome you to try to win the Excelsior Tournament for yourself."

The feed went dead and the countdown now reset for 1 week 2 days shown on the screen.


Once the video was done the party began to wrap up, Ian of the Blizkrigeboys was laid out on the floor one too many beers and sake shots were taken from competing with Crusher from the Allstarz. Neither of them was very coherent by the end of it and were being dragged out the door by their team members with at least some care.

The only people left were the Bladebreakers themselves who busied themselves with cleaning up, though some were helping out more than others.

"Jesh Tyson, you couldn't bother to grab a larger trash bag," Hilary said looking at the other teen who had been using what had to be a convenience store bag, it was already full yet he was still trying to shove in plates. The teen was obviously now feeling the effects whatever alcohol he had that night, half asleep and seeing he was getting nowhere took pity. "Tyson just give me the bag and go to sleep"

Tyson blurred eyed he obediently followed "gee thanks hils your not a witch after all," he said she only gave him a glare, knowing she could still repay him in the morning.

"You take too much on for yourself Hilary" the brunette looked up from picking up red solo cups and napkins to see her boyfriend leaning on. the doorframe. "If I don't do it Gramps just going to have a heart attack if he saw the pace the way it is now" she commented.

"Keep telling yourself that, but you and I both know that he has plenty of help" he walked over and took the trash bag she had in hand and pulled her up with the other easily. "We're going home, he got the other staying with him anyway" Kai could easily change her at times, but Hilary didn't go without one more quip. "Oh so, we don't have cleaning duty then Captain" she flirted with him a small fluttering of her eyes, a smile that showed her dimples.

Kai meanwhile enjoyed the feel of her she always had a tiny waist one that he heard comments more than once thought would know not know how her slim waist and rather a round bottom felt. He couldn't help the confident smirk on his face show, "Hey mister you better not be having dirty thoughts" Hilary said playing smacking him in the chest. "Well I happen to remember one such girl saying something along the lines of"

"Ewww Kai and Hilary are getting nasty" Daichi loud mouth interrupted the couple he currently was shielding his face dramatically and gagging at the sight. "Gesh you think you would lay out not that she" he didn't finish his sentence since Kai glared at him to shut it. Hilary though seem to take it differently she had enough of the night she gently pushed away and walked out the door. Daichi fully expecting the brunette to retaliate flinched instead when she continued to keep walking past him she only called out to Kai, " I'll be waiting outside"

"Daichi Run 20 laps around the Dojo Now!" Kai commanded

"Wait what, 20, what the big deal" he argued.

"Really Daichi I wonder if living with Tyson good for you"Ray's voice echoed behind him. The teen wore an unimpressed expression,"Go run your laps Daichi am sure them you think a lot better".

"Man both of you are so unfair " Daichi mumbled upset over what was happening never less he walked outside.

Kai and Ray were the only ones left in the room, Ray silently raised a hand " Here give that to me, go be with Hilary" Kai agreed silently giving him the bag still in his hand to the Chinese's teen and went to meet his girlfriend.

Hilary was by the main gate waiting he could hear her cursing under her breathe something about lil bottle blue and redheads with low brain cells. He could feel an eyebrow quirk at the comment, she always could come up with interesting comebacks. She perked her head up when she heard him, "So I think I heard something about no brain cells" he joked Hilary huffed a bit crossing her arms, "Well it true am sure whatever dye Ming Ming uses seeped into her brain" she became silent " I don't know about Daichi, that brat".

Ka walked up to her and let his hand run up and down her side, Hilary instinctively relaxed dropping her arms. Kai then tips her head and the girl let him the nightlight from the street lamp was low and cast a soft glow on her ruby eyes. Kai let his hand travel from her bare neck to her soft lips and lowered himself to meet hers.

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Few things surprise Ray Kon , he left his home village at 11 to travel the world and study the sport of Beyblade. He encountered different religions, cultures and learned new skills.
Finding the Bladebreaker's they rescued the world countless times from crazed scientist it didn't faze him. When two of his best friends found each other (He knew it would happen), he was glad for it.

So when waking up to find the whole dojo was in an even cleaner state than he left it surprised him.

"So? what happen here" Max said mesmerized too by the spotless dojo. They waxed the whole floor, all the trash bags they had piled the night before nowhere found and dishes away.

"Well, either we have a cleaning fairy or someone saw the error of their ways" Ray pointed to one redhead laying on the couch, a bucket and rag on the floor.
Max's face broke into a mischievous grin seeing the teen sleeping. Quiet as to not wake him up he crouched till the right moment and jumped up high as he could onto the couch it propelled the teen off and on to the floor.
A startling yelp and the teen woke with an angry expression staring accusingly at the blond, "Hey what's the big idea!".

"oh hey Daichi I didn't see you there,". Max innocently apologized.

"Why I outta" Daichi jumped up determined to make pay him back Max was too quick though and flip back off the coach running off from the living room Daichi hot on his heels.
"Ha! just try Daich!" Max joked.

Ray only watched as they ran off down the hallway way yelling, a familiar voice gave way, "Hey you two watch out you almost made me drop my laptop!", "Sorry Kenny" came a curt reply from Max.

The short genius entered the living room clutching his laptop to his chest," Hey Kenny what's up your here early today" Ray remarked.
"Hey, Ray, I got a call from Kai saying Mr. D wanted to talk about the new tournament." Pointing to the hallway "Uh what's with Max and Daichi."
"Oh, nothing much just a wake-up call from Max to Daichi."

"So Kai say when he's arriving," the two sat down on the couch.

Ray watched the other teen open his laptop began working different programs with figures and calculations blazing across the screen.
"Well he said to be ready and wake Tyson up." both teens stopped stared at each other and sighed. They forgot about waking the teen up.



In a soft and comfortable bed Tyson worldwide Beyblade champion slept dreaming. He stood on the podium surrounded by hundreds of adoring fans cheering him as he held the trophy up high. "Thank You my adoring public, you all been too kind."

Oh yes Tyson was having a pleasant dream by the looks, Kenny and Ray both gave the snorting form on the bed a glance.

"So you want to rock paper scissor it or do we both chuck a bucket at him," Kenny questioned Ray quirked an eyebrow at the question.

Tyson splayed out on bed covers and pillows thrown everywhere with a grin on his face, Ray was sure he heard him mumbling something about thanking the public.
He shook his head at the teen how one person could sleep for so long.

"Well, I guess we can only do the second option, better chuck ice in it this time,"
"Roger that Ray two ice specials," Kenny joked.



While walking to the dojo would have taken a little under 15 minutes but Kai surprised her that morning that telling her they were taking his car over and then to the BBA for a meet with Mr Dickerson. So with a squeal, she ate and then dragged her boyfriend to the garage where his gleaming and handsome Camaro was (cars can be handsome).

She smacked the garage door button, and the light shined through onto the solid Black Camaro, many she was ignorant of cars but they were wrong. Hilary loved them and at least she understood what was under the hood Kai even remarked once he thought it was sexy. That memory made her pink up.

"Hilary" Kai spoke up.

He leaned against his second car, a large SUV custom made for him, "We got to pick up the team and head to the BBA" he tapped the car and motioned her to come closer, she moved over to him.

"Aww but I like the Camaro, no else has one in Japan unlike yours." she grinned it was true Kai didn't flaunt or spend his money unwisely, but when he did it was something no one else had and custom made.

You rarely saw American sports cars in Japan, most took to smaller city cars or vans only the rich who had the real ones.

She wrapped herself around his middle laying her head on his chest the cologne he wore pleasant to the senses.

"Ah so you did just love me for my car then" teased Kai the girl pouted at him but grinned "maybe, maybe not." She teased.

"Hilary we have to tell Dickerson about the baby" his tone was soft, and he gripped her hip. She pushes from him staring eye to eye "I-I know we have to for the sake of the team but-" she stopped unsure of herself.

"Hilary, Dickerson won't judge you he knows you too well" Kai assured her.

"I know Kai but I can't help but feel afraid" she admitted.

The drive was quick being just a few blocks away from his house, Kai parked the car they entered pretty impressed. The hallway was clean, living room and floors shined and no trash was in sight.

"Well color me impressed, I was sure that there would be trash bags still here," Hilary remarked. A loud shout startled her and a resounded scream echoed. Tyson came out ranging at Kenny and Ray soaking wet.

"Why I outta sue, champions get no respect around here," he vented dripping water splashing here and there.

"Tyson quits moaning we would not have to wake you up with water if you didn't just wake up like a normal human being" Kenny spoke.

"Kenny's right Tyson if you were! Normal we wouldn't have this problem," Hilary joked smiling at his misfortune.

"That's enough Tyson get dressed the rest of you head to the car we got to see Dickerson," Kai commanded.



They arrived at the BBA and headed towards Dickerson's office up on the top floor, the secretary greeted them recognizing them as the champions the BBA sponsored for all these years.

"Hello Mr. Hiwatari good to see you, Mr. Dickerson is expecting you all go on ahead," she said smiling. Kai nodded his head, and the rest followed him into the large office room, Dickerson sat at the head of the large room the city backdrop behind him visible through the windows.

His desk was covered in papers, and a very different cup of coffee sat empty, looking up his face broke into a smile and he got up to great the teens.

"My dears it's so good to see you today", he ushered them all in, giving each boy a grandfather pat on the back and Hilary a gentle hug. The teens in turned said hello and settled in the comfortable seating in the office.

The older gentleman returned to his desk and mumbled a few things under his breath before uncovering a file he needed and examined.

"Oh yes here it is" he passed the open file to Kai who stood closest to him glanced it and raised a brow.

"So this is the only information we have on this new Tournament," Kai said. The file given was small the most there said the market for the right to air the tournament was coming through to a private company only recognized by the name LH corporation.

"Yes it seems to be very hard to find anything, am sure you have watched the feed from last night yes,"

"It seems like they trying to build up the suspense with this one," Hilary said she inturned looked over at Kenny and question him.

"Did you see anything that happen in the video, I know you must have recorded it Chief," she questioned.

Kenny grinned at her and opened his laptop "Well while I don't know, much else I tried and used software to find any image that correlates to the symbols or people from the videos,". They heard the soft tapping of keys and Kenny got up and connect it to a tv in the room.

He opened a document and three separate images popped up, one resembled the symbol used by the tournament it looked liked a coat of arms, the words underneath it were in an old Latin. The second and third were of the man from the video but in a royal regalia and then a suit surrounded by wealthy celebrities like a press shot of some sort.

"Whoa Kenny that awesome," Max said.

"Hmm most peculiar, that looks like Horatio Decane" Dickerson said examining what was on the screen.

"He owns several Corporations, but I haven't heard of him dealing with anything dealing with Beyblade," perplexed he pressed a button on his intercom and called his secretary.

"Mrs. Thea please bring me anything about the corporation held by Horatio Decane,"

"Yes sir, I'll bring that information right up when it's found," she answered.

"It would make sense though, it would take money to fund a tournament," Ray said he pointed out the Latin writing "That says 'Forever for the Family, could he be holding the tournament because he's making a team."

"That could be a reason like he has a family member who plays," Hilary said.

"Dude that lame, bet he lets them enter the final just like that," Tyson said he crossed his arms behind his head.

"We don't know if that all true Tyson it's all Hypothetical right now," Kenny said shutting of his laptop and closing it.

"For now I think it's best we prepare ourselves and train till we leave," Kenny said.

"So anyone wants to hit the cafeteria before we leave," Max asked, "Am sure they have those chocolate cakes today,".

"Ooh I love those" Hilary said she linked arms with blonde and carried him off out the door.

"Hey wait up" cried Daichi and Tyson, the two went off followed by the rest of the team.

Kai stood back though once the whole group left turned back to the chairman, Dickerson looked at his expression years from watching the young man grow up he understood his body language now.

"Sit down son, I can tell that you have something to say," he questioned.

Kai allowed himself to sit down in the seat and didn't shy away from the news he would tell.

"Hilary and I both been together for a while now," he waited a moment Dickerson simple gave him a fatherly smile "Why yes, I glad that happen I think she been rather good for you," he said.

"Well we both found out she's pregnant and we plan of keeping it" Kai confessed.

Dickerson turned around in his seat looking at the skylight, "Hm you know how this looks don't you Kai" he began "The other board members would want to see you step down possible" he turned back around and gauge the young man's appearance.

Kai had grown a lot since he founded the team, from the young boy who used him to the growth he showed in being their team leader and friend.

"I don't care you can tell the board whatever you want am not leaving her or the team," he argued.

"Now that my boy is what I want to hear from you" Dickerson exclaimed getting up from his seat he walked over and place a hand on Kai shoulder facing him, "I know you would do anything for her Kai" he said.

" You have my full support no matter what, leave the board to me," he held out his hand to the young man. "No matter what Kai just stand by her and your team,".

Kai stood up and took Dickerson hand and nodded "Thank you" he walked out the room stopping when his name was called.

"Kai" Dickerson started. He looked back at the elder.

"Be sure to have a doctor you trust look after her, at her age she could be high risk," he said "If my memory serves me right Hilary is an only child because her mother miscarried many times before."

Kai face didn't show it but it concerned him over that information he turned and left the room. He had calls to make there was only one person he could trust to take care of the situation.


After they had their fill of sweets and eats from the cafeteria did they head back to the car lot, Hilary got a call on her cell recognizing the number she picked up.

"Hey girly what's up" the boys could hear someone talking fast and Hilary replied with a few uh hun and gasp happily.

"I'll meet you there in 10 minutes ok see ya" she ended her call and turned smiling at the boys.

"Rain check guys, girls called and were meeting for shopping," she turned and went off toward a taxi stand "Tell Kai I'll be back later ok Bye," she shouted and off she went.

"So uh who's want to tell Kai," Max said.

"Hilary's her own person Max, am sure she going to text him later," Ray said.

"Yeah well that was before she well ya know," Tyson started then air quoted "got a bun in the oven," he ended.

No one said anything else but watch the girl in the taxi waving goodbye to them.




Getting Mariah Call was pleasant she sure that many other teams had left to home to train. Getting out of the taxi has she paid her fare and walked up to the mall entrance trying to spot the family pink haired girl.

"Hilary! Hilary over here" She squinted and spot the girl jumping up and down waving by a pillar, few other recognizable faces with her. She smiled and waved moving through the crowds.

"Hey girls" She greeted them with a smile Mariah wore a simple like pink top with blue jeans today. Julia, Emily, and Matilda were with her and wore a smile and excitement for their little girl day.

"Yay you're here, we must hit the La Dulce salon," Julia told her dress fluttering around her as she moved toward the said store. They all exchanged similar looks rolling their eyes at her attitude none less they followed bypassing other shops and gazed here and there at the sales.

"Here we are, girls, the ultra best!" Julia exclaimed.

The storefront was extravagantly made to look like a French boutique with a few chairs and even a bell to ring.

"Wait, Julia did you even make an appointment" Emily question, the downside to this store was you needed an appointment walking in just about never happen.

"Of course, you think am crazy," Julia said gasping at the thought. She pressed the small button and a little ding was heard.

It was rather funny Hilary thought a high-end store would make a whole facade of a Parisian street in front of the store. The door opened and a beautiful young woman with an elegant bun greeted them with a smile.

"Hello do you ladies have an appointment with us today," she asked.
"Yes, we do it's under Julia Fernandez," the blonde answered.

"Oh yes! Miss Fernadez, we were expecting you, Come in" she held the door open and all five of them entered the elegant store.

There were tapestries of arts alongside freshly clipped flowers and a stand with delicious pastries and tea sandwiches. It was an experience they were making happen here.
"Ah hello, Miss Fernandez so good to see you," a middle-aged woman said coming out from the back room behind a curtain. She wore her hair pinned back in a long braid and Armani jumpsuit with black stiellos tapped on the floor with her gait.

"Hello, Madam Colette such a pleasure to see you" Julia gave the woman an exaggerated kiss on each cheek and clapped her hands together,
"Me and my friends came to you to find some new dresses for a tournament gala coming up," she explained.

"Why of course we can help you Miss, why just come this way" Madam Colette turned on her stiletto heel and thought the open curtained doorway. The rest of the girls followed her to any fashionista dream.