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Esse Quam Videri Vignettes

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Title: Enough For Now
Word Count: 200
Rating: G
Pairing/Prompt: [info]drachenmina requested a bit from my Esse Quam Videri universe. I hope this is acceptable.
Warning: Wee bit of angst
A/N: The last of the fifteen Anniversary Drabbles I promised to write. Whew! Also thanks to [info]accioslash for a good conversation.

"Harry, there is no moving forward for us. This is all we have," Severus said tonelessly.

"But I want us to stay together," Harry said, knowing he sounded whiny but he couldn't help it. He'd never felt like this about anyone and his heart felt like it was breaking.

"One day soon, you'll find a nice girl and get married. Men like us have no choice." Taking a deep drag off his cigarette, he continued, "I've been living a lie for many years. The truth could get me killed, have no doubt about that."

"My father said—" Harry started but Severus cut across him.

"If he knows, your mother told him to keep his mouth shut." His eyes drifted away slightly, softening. "She would do that for me."

"Let's run away then. Somewhere up north. A big city. No one would ever find us." Harry's heart pounded in his chest. Yes, this was just the thing.

"It isn't possible," Severus said turning Harry's face to his. "You have no money, no place to go. If nothing else, what about your mother?"

Harry knew he was right; he couldn't leave. He grasped Severus's hand in his.

"This is enough. For now."