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[Remix/Rewrite] For Everything, Its Price

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He was curled up on his bed, uncomfortable in his own skin, and trying to deal with the persistent dull ache in his abdomen. Natsu had insisted on being released from the Sky Ring at three o'clock in the morning, and had curled up against his stomach purring fit to burst. His little Lion's actions helped at least a little bit, but all he wanted to do was stay very still and hope that this went away; if this was anything like what girls went through every month, he was so buying Haru and Kyoko all the cake they wanted.

He was dreading when Reborn finally came in to his room to wake him that morning; he didn't need any of his tutor's more interesting methods of waking him up on top of feeling like his skin was too tight and the stabbing pains in his lower back.

But Reborn didn't try to wake him violently; didn't hit him with a Leon-hammer. Instead there was an almost gentle hand that ruffled his hair and that made Tsuna curious. His tutor was rarely truly gentle with him - or with his other former student, Dino. And it made him wary; it normally preceded something happening that Reborn was going to be thoroughly amused by. Given his tutor's taste for schadenfreude, that wasn't a good thing for any bystander.

"What's wrong with me, Reborn?" a wave of Sun flames that coursed through his body gently, and a wary Tsuna was familiar enough with the base state of Reborn's Flames after everything they'd been through in the past two years that he could tell his demon-tutor was smiling without even peeking at the toddler's face.

"Nothing's wrong baka-Tsuna. I was expecting this, especially after everything we went through to defeat the future version of Byakuran." The obvious pleasure and amusement in Reborn's voice only increased his wariness. "Now, up. This is no excuse not to go to school; no one lets the girls off school when they bleed."

"Too much information, Reborn." His words were muffled, his head stuck back under the pillow he'd been using ineffectually to smother himself.

He felt the shift in his tutor's Flames that preceded one of Leon's transformations, and when he peeked, the expected Leon-hammer had materialised in his tutor's hand.

"Hiiiiiiee!" He tumbled out of bed, and groped for his uniform. "I'm moving, I'm moving!"

He pulled his uniform on haphazardly, hopping towards the stairs; but he stopped long enough to actually button up his trousers before descending. He'd learnt that lesson the hard way - Bianchi had laughed at him falling down the stairs and then pointed out that he'd be less likely to do so if he actually hitched his trousers up properly so they weren't under his feet. There was toast on the table for him, and he snatched it and the pair of waiting bentos up, and stuffed his feet in his shoes and ran out of the door, cursing how much he hurt.

Gokudera pounced on him the moment he left the house, still too wary of his sister's presence to come in, even after everything they'd been through in the future, but willing to accept the bento Tsuna handed to him (he'd noticed that if he didn't bring his Storm guardian food, the volatile boy had a tendency to eat little more than instant noodles; between that and his compulsive smoking, Tsuna worried about him). The presence of one of his guardians did something to the aches he'd woken with, allowing them to subside significantly. Especially when his Storm hugged him in thanks for the bento. (Gokudera had gotten a lot more affectionate since their return; he would point out how like Uri that made him, but that would just make his Storm hiss and scratch like the little leopard.)

They talked about nothing much until they were close enough to Nami-chuu that Takeshi joined them, slinging a compassionate arm across Tsuna's shoulders and the Sky almost melted as the aches disappeared entirely. He could only quietly enjoy the absence of pain as his Rain and Storm bickered in their normal fashion over his head. If one of them had been female, he could easily see the two of them falling into a relationship. It had become obvious to him when they were in the future, how much of Gokudera-kun's prickliness was an act, a defence against more abuse. Some of the things the older version of Bianchi had told him made that clear.

He shook his head, and turned over Reborn's words that morning in his head. He'd already learnt that that level of delight in his tutor was a phenomenally bad sign; Dino-nii had warned him of that much the first time he'd visited. But the implication that this was comparable to what the girls went through once a month made him nervous - living in close quarters in the underground base in the future had made the existence of that particular issue all too obvious.

They'd all learnt that Haru and Bianchi - and to a lesser extent Kyoko - had two or three days a month where they needed chocolate or they were more dangerous to their health than the Millefiore.

The second sign that today was going to be interesting - in the Chinese curse meaning of the word - was waiting for them at the gate to Nami-chuu; his Cloud was actually amongst the foot soldiers of his committee for once, rather than perched out of sight, waiting for a significant enough infraction to attract his attention. His tonfas looked as if they'd already been put to use - more than once - since the other students had started to arrive, though his Gakuran was still pristine, and he rubbed his eyes, Roll was peeking his nose out of one of Hibari-san’s pockets, fuzzy in a way that suggested the Cloud's box animal was covered with an illusion. Despite knowing that Hibari-san was hisCloud Guardian, and had fought alongside him multiple times and risked his life to save them all, his stomach still dropped when he realised the prickly older teen had spotted them.

The ache in his abdomen blooms fast and vicious as Takeshi's arm falls away, ready to pull Shigure Kintoki from it's sheathe on his back and to step between him and his Cloud, but he was doubled over gasping as the pain overwhelmed him, drawing the attention of all four of his present Guardians.