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Strange Visitations

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Six months later…

The building that housed ‘National City Biotechnology Labs’ was one of several skyscrapers that dotted National City’s skyline, a tower of glass and steel indistinguishable from any other building in the city, It stood at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Flockhart Street, thousands of people passed it by every day without giving it a second glance.

Occasionally someone waiting to cross the street might, might, happen to glance up at it and perhaps wonder what they did inside the building, but for the most part people ignored it, and the few who did wonder, merely thought that it was just one of the dozens of biotech companies that had popped up in recent years, nothing special.

Of course if the thousands of people who passed by the building everyday knew what really went on behind the mirrored glass they might think twice about crossing the street. In fact, they might even think about moving out of the city.

Perhaps even the state, just to be on the safe side.

Had anyone happened to look up on this particular morning, they might have seen—if the light was right—two streaks of color fly towards the building and land on an upper balcony.

But, of course, as we said earlier, no one gave the building a second glance

And that was just how the building’s employees liked it…


Kara straightened up with a frown, glancing at the shapeshiting Martian next to her in confusion

“Wait, where are we?” she asked

“The Department of Extranormal Operations” Susan Vasquez, otherwise know as J’onn J’onzz, answered as the wall in front of them became transparent and slid open, revealing a large, two-story command center

“Wait a minute,” Kara shook her head and waved her hands “you mean that this has been here all this time? With, with the glass and, and the view?”

“The DEO has several facilities around the world, Kara,” Susan answered as she led Kara down the short flight of stairs into the room at large “this is only one of many”

“So, you and Astra knew about this place but you made me come to that cave everyday?” Kara asked

“We’re protecting the planet,” Susan pointed out “we can’t be picky about where we work”

“You know a bat bit me in the last time I was there”

“Whiner,” Susan snorted, pausing as an agent came up to her and began speaking to her in rapid fire French [yes, yes,] she nodded as she replied in kind [go talk to agent Schott about it] she encouraged

“Was that French?” Kara asked as the agent hurried off


“Why would he be speaking to you in French?”

“Maybe because he is French?” Susan suggested sarcastically, she chuckled “we don’t answer to the United States government anymore,” she explained “at least not only them. Ever since Non and Ursa launched Myriad, the other nations of the world got nervous, especially since it was an American organization that shut it down, they felt that the U.S. government couldn’t be trusted to be the sole protector of this planet, the UN even threatened to level sanctions against the U.S. if we kept up our ‘cowboy tactics’ about alien attacks as they called it. Your aunt agreed, and managed to convince both the President and General Lane of this”

“So what happened?” Kara asked. In answer, Susan pointed off to a far corner

“See the flags?” she asked, Kara turned and saw at least seven flags hanging from the ceiling, the U.S. flag, the Canadian flag, the Mexican flag, the British flag, the Russian flag, the Chinese flag, and the French flag

“Yeah?” Kara asked, not getting what Susan was talking about

“Those flags, minus Canada and Mexico, are the flags of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council” Susan explained

“The United Nations?” Kara echoed, Susan nodded

“That’s right. See, Astra had a rather crafty idea, the UN wanted more accountably for the DEO, wanted to make sure we wouldn’t go rouge, so Astra came up with a compromise, a representative from each UN Security Council member-state would be assigned to the DEO as an agent, thus allowing the UN to participate in the defense of the planet without actually committing itself to possible war. In exchange, the UN would ease off on the threat of possible sanctions” she explained

“Wait, wait,” Kara shook her head “when did all this happen?”

“The changeover was finalized last month”

“So, so, who’s the Director now?” Kara asked

Susan smirked

“Who else?” she chuckled, nodding to where Astra stood in the center of the room, seemingly directing everyone’s efforts “that was part of the deal, Astra would remain in charge”

“How she’d get them to agree to that?” Kara wondered

“Basically by reminding them that it was in their best interests to keep her on their side”

“She threatened them?”

“Negotiated” Susan corrected with a smirk…