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Principal Desires

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Carol called Michonne’s office and was informed that she would be out of the office for the rest of the week. She remembered that Michonne had mentioned about traveling to New York for a trial so she tried her cell.

“Hey Carol,” Michonne whispered. “Its about time you called me back! My flight to NYC is leaving shortly and they’re gonna make me turn my phone off any minute now so talk fast. What the hell happened with you and baby Dixon?”

“Who?” Carol asked playfully. “You mean dear ‘old Daryl?”

“Yes Daryl! And I know something went down! He told me himself that you invited him to stay over the other night, and I can hear it in your voice that SOMETHING happened! My beach house is the perfect love nest with all the ambiance you need for some serious romance… believe me I know! It’s got fireplaces, candles everywhere, a Jacuzzi and a Queen sized, triple thick memory foam mattress in the guest room, so spill it!”

Carol giggled. “Well… I have to admit, we really hit it off. First he took me to a hardware store in Bayside to get some part he needed to fixed the A/C unit and we talked so long that I asked him to stay so he wouldn’t have to pay to get a hotel room and he slept in the pool house. He took me to see the fireworks and we walked on the boardwalk, then we went to Dale Horvath’s for dinner and we actually got to meet the guy by the way.”

“Nice! Dale’s a real sweetheart.”

“I know, and you were so right about the food! Then on Sunday Daryl and I went swimming together, he took me to play mini golf and bowling and that evening we had a little barbecue, then he took me for a ride on his brother’s motorcycle, which was so much fun and so romantic. He found his brother by the way… come to find out, Merle was out in Vegas all that time... Without his cell phone! That's why he never returned our calls. Meanwhile Daryl and I went to breakfast yesterday morning at a romantic little diner at the beach and I rode with him to meet up with Merle to return his bike… and can you believe while we were out I happened to meet your friend Andrea Harrison, your buddy from law school who suggested my publishing house?”

“OMG! That’s crazy! Andrea called me out of the blue yesterday and left a message but I haven’t gotten a chance to check it or call her back yet. I’ll definitely give her a ring back when I get to New York! The trial for my case isnt until Thursday morning so I have some free time to do some shopping this afternoon and am meeting up with some old college friends for dinner this evening so I’ll call her before I go out. And then T-Dogg called me first thing this morning, saying that Daryl called him while he was on the road back to Atlanta last night and read him the riot act for not introducing you to him sooner since he worked with you all that time since your divorce and invited you to his house all those times,” she laughed. “He said he doesn’t know what the hell you did to him this weekend but whatever it was, Dixon’s plumb crazy about you now! Then he told him that Merle got married out in Vegas and is back in Savannah! So much happened in this one weekend! But you still haven’t spilled the real tea, Carol! Did you and Dixon bump uglies or what?”

Carol squealed with laughter. “Well, I’m not usually one to kiss and tell, but…” Carol closed her eyes, speechless for a moment while reliving the highlights of the passionate interludes they’d shared. Just thinking about Daryl kissing and touching her all over her body made her grow wet with desire for him.

“Well? Come on Carol, spill it!” Michone gasped, literally on the edge of her seat. Just then a flight attendant made the announcement for all cell phones to be turned off for takeoff. “Damnit! Carol I gotta go now… Look, I’ll be at JFK airport in a couple of hours and will be calling you as soon as I land! Talk about bad timing!” she groaned as she hung up and all Carol could do was burst out laughing.