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Principal Desires

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Daryl easily lifted Carol onto the bike and then climbed on ahead of her and she held onto him as he then drove about 20 miles out, slow and easy, just like he’d promised, up the main beach strip, past the boardwalk area and all of the hotels and motels, past the bright lights of the nearby casinos, amusement parks and strip malls, then past the town of Savannah itself until they were on one of the ocean side roads that ran parallel to the undeveloped Georgia coast and after a while, only the occasional passing cars, the bikes sole headlight and the clear moonlight overhead was lighting their path.

It was beyond romantic and Carol wasn’t afraid in the least because he’d kept his word and drove at a relatively slow, yet steady speed. She still held tightly onto his broad, muscular chest however, but that was just because she REALLY liked touching his body. His delicious smelling cologne was intoxicating to her and she couldn’t help occasionally burying her face against the side of his muscled neck and planting kisses there.

Daryl liked the way she felt up against him, it was like her arms holding onto him was how it was meant to be. And when she surprised him by nuzzling and kissing his neck, it made him want her even more all over again. Once they arrived back in Savannah he didn’t take her straight back to the beach house, he pulled over and parked near the boardwalk area so that they could walk on the beach for a while. They stopped for ice cream cones on the boardwalk then walked hand in hand along the shoreline line near the hotels for well over an hour, and while out there, Carol ended up telling him the entire story about Ed's abuse, and later about her passionless marriage and later divorce from Tobin. He then told her about his own brief marriage and divorce when he was much younger and the pain he’d dealt with concerning his break up from Rosita that past year. They then discussed a few other not so pretty aspects of their past relationships and it soon became evident that they’d both been looking a long time for someone to make them feel precisely what they were feeling for each other. Carol felt it was a little soon to lay all their past relationship issues out there but she then reasoned that time wasnt promised them. They weren't getting any younger. There was no time like the present and she wanted them to be honest with each other about the past before possibly starting a future together. What they had was new and pure and honesty was the best policy. All they had left was their future together and she couldn’t wait for it to begin.

Hand in hand turned into arm in arm and soon Daryl’s strong arm was wrapped protectively around Carol’s shoulder, holding her tight as they walked along the shore. They hugged and kissed a lot too but after a while it started getting really late and a bit cool out as well so they finally decided to head back to the beach house.

Once there, Daryl walked Carol inside and before heading to the pool house, they shared another hot goodnight kiss that lasted so long they were breathless afterward. They stared at each other intensely before he spoke. “I’d better go now. I want you bad, Carol,” he panted.

“I want you too,” she admitted, then kissed him again and again. “I want you so much, but…”

“No buts, honey. I need ya tonight. Do you want me to stay?” Daryl moaned, running his big hands up her back while softly sucking her earlobe.

“Mmm... I do… but I just don’t want to ruin it too soon. Please... Can you just...”

“Anything you want, Carol. No pressure... please just tell me what you want me to do,” he panted against her neck as he kneaded her ass in his strong grip.

“Mmm.... Daryl?”

“Yeah, sweetheart?” he murmured between licking and nibbling at her neck, making her moan.

“Mmmm… the way youre touching me and kissing me... I can hardly think straight! Its your last night here. Would you... sleep with me Daryl? Please?” she asked shyly. "I want to feel your body against mine... Your strong arms around me."

“Hell yeah I will, woman! Thought you'd never ask,,” he growled, breathlessly, attacking her lips again with more hot kisses while sliding his calloused hands up her tank to get to her breasts, then thumbing at her stiff nipples through her lacy bra.

“Oh that feels so good… mmm.. how did you know my breasts are so sensitive?” she moaned.

"Had a hunch," he murmured, pinching and squeezing at them gently.

She moaned again but then reluctantly squirmed away. “But I really just meant sleep with me, Daryl. As in SLEEP…” she then added in a louder, clearer tone, staring him dead in the eye and letting him know in no uncertain terms that she DID NOT mean sex. As badly as she wanted him she still wanted a bit more time. It was risky territory she knew; Daryl was a highly virile and due to her getting him all riled up he was currently extremely HORNY, but he’d said no pressure and wanted her to be honest about what she wanted so she put it out there. Somehow she knew he wouldnt cross the line or pressure her in any way she didnt want.

Daryl's jaw dropped however as he stared at her in utter and complete disbelief. Talk about a drop kick of disappointment... to the jaw at that! He felt like she’d suddenly dumped a bucket of ice cold water over his head… ( well, both of his heads!) He immediately stopped kissing her and stepped back quickly. His dick was so hard it could plow packed earth, but even for as much as he wanted to fuck her senseless at that moment he’d respect her wishes if it killed him. He took a deep breath and let out a disappointed sigh. It was the HARDEST thing he’d EVER had to say in all his life, but he replied, “Uh.. yeah…. umm… sure Sweetheart, whatever you want. I’ll..." he gulped, "sleep with you. I mean we can SLEEP together. But ummm… I um,” he gestured and stared down at the tent his cock was making in the crotch in his jeans. “I uhhh… really need to take care of this first. Let me go take a cold shower real quick.”

Carol felt a little bad about the current state of his cock (and deep down she wanted to DEVOUR it in more ways than one) but she squealed inside from happiness because he was being so understanding and patient with her. It only made her want him more and she knew that when they did finally do it he was gonna TEAR her ass UP... in the BEST possible way! “Great. I don’t wanna move too fast. I just need you to hold me tonight. Go get your shower in the pool house. I need one too after that bike ride and walking on the beach for so long, so I’ll head up and leave the back door open for you. My room is the first on the left when you come up the stairs.”

He gulped. “Ok… see you shortly.” He pecked her lips again and as she turned to go upstairs, he smacked her hard on the butt and she giggled as she darted up the steps. He couldn’t help gazing at her sexy legs and her perfect ass and once she was out of sight he let out a groan of disappointment.

Daryl shook his head in disbelief as he headed out to the pool house. He was in PAIN; he just knew that his poor, neglected balls were most likely a bright shade of royal blue at that point from wanting her. His rock hard dick was unbearably stiff and it was almost hard to even walk straight but he finally made it to his destination. He ripped his clothes off with lightning speed and as soon as he got into the shower he immediately grabbed his long, swollen cock and abruptly began jerking off hard and fast, moaning Carol’s name out loud from the intense pleasure. He knew it couldnt compare to her warm flesh taking him deep inside but it wasn’t long before he came hard, squirting stream after stream of his hot, backed up seed against the shower floor in record time as he fantasized about ravishing Carol in every position he could think of. Once sated, he laid his head against the shower wall and took a deep breath, nearly exhausted from his explosive climax, yet curiously wanting, needing more. Now that he’d had his release, he knew he could’ve gone for hours if Carol gave him the slightest chance to get inside what he just knew would be her tight, soaked core. She’d revealed that she hadn’t been intimate with anyone in well over a year so he knew she’d feel like heaven inside as he took her again and again. He tried to shake those lustful thoughts and many others from his head but found it nearly impossible as he then scrubbed up and quickly changed into a pair of pajama shorts and a t-shirt before heading over to the house. He knew it was going to take all the restraint he had in him to refrain from making love to her with such intensity that she’d be calling his name loud enough for the neighbors to hear, and at the last moment, grabbed his wallet (which contained several condoms,) just in case…

He darted up the deck stairs in the dark, then let himself inside the kitchen door then locked it behind himself. The low hum of the now working A/C was purring quietly as he crept up the stairs and as he turned left he saw that her guest bedroom was slightly ajar and a single scented candle was burning on the dresser.

“Carol,” he called out just above a whisper. “Come in,” she replied softly and within seconds he was snuggled under the sheets with her and he thought it felt like coming home. She smelled like marshmallows and vanilla from the shower gel and body cream shed used and he inhaled deeply before devouring her neck with hot kisses. As he kissed her again and again, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on her body and he immediately went back for her soft breasts through the thin, short nightgown she’d chosen to wear for bed. He cradled them gently in his hands then proceeded to pull the straps of her gown from her shoulders before covering them with soft kisses then suckling gently at her nipples. Carol cried out from the intense pleasure and he then caressed and rubbed her curvy thighs and that ass he’d been fantasizing about and it didn’t disappoint him in the least. Sh was wearing a pair of lacy panties and her cheeks felt just as firm and soft as he hoped they would and his manhood throbbed from the feeling, but he held it at bay.

They kissed slowly and gently and caressed each other all over while they kissed for well over the next hour or so, gently exploring one another’s bodies with soft touches and kisses that brought tears to her eyes from the passionate pleasure but it was much more romantic than anything, and after a long while she finally fell asleep wrapped in his strong arms and she knew there was no other place she’d rather be.

Daryl on the other hand loved the way she felt in his arms, and just before he finally dozed off, he pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, knowing then and there that he never wanted to let her go.