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Principal Desires

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Meanwhile, Daryl Dixon ended up spending an hour at the Sanctuary Mall then another 45 minutes at the Savannah Beach Wal-Mart. He hated shopping but he’d taken Michonne’s advice and after splurging on new jeans, shorts, swimming trunks and a couple designer t-shirts at the mall (as well as an expensive bottle of ‘kinda girly’ cologne he couldn’t say no to after the little old lady at the counter made him feel guilty for not wanting to buy it after he let her spray him with it), he’d hit Walmart for tank tops and a 4 pack of cotton boxer briefs, a pair of flip flops, deodorant, a bottle each of sunscreen and mouthwash, condoms (in case he got lucky before the weekend was through after all,) and his final purchase was a Men’s travel grooming kit with a razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, a bar of deodorant soap, a comb and small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and shower gel that thankfully didn’t smell as ‘girly’ as the cologne he’d been guilt tripped into buying at the mall. He then hit the liquor store for a couple of six packs of beer, a pack of chewing gum and some smokes then headed toward Michonne’s beach house.

He was starving since he hadn’t eaten anything other than the sausage biscuits and coffee he’d had for breakfast on the way to Savannah early that morning so he popped in a piece of gum and figured he could just grab something a little later. He still had yet to rent a hotel room as well, so he figured that he could just pick one after he was done repairing the air conditioner then get some dinner someplace nearby. As hot as it was out that day he knew that Michonne’s friend would appreciate him getting there as soon as possible to remedy the problem if he could.

He arrived at the beach house before long and parked his black Ford Bronco truck behind the cute blue Mustang convertible in the driveway and was suddenly VERY curious to meet its owner. Michonne had said her friend would be perfect for him and although he acted like he wasn't pressed, he was VERY interested in meeting her.

Rosita, the gorgeous Latina bombshell who'd stolen his heart that past year, was by that time a distant memory and although he hadn’t said as much, he was beyond ready to move on. He’d met Rosita that previous summer at a high class gentleman’s club in Atlanta where she worked as a cocktail waitress. Rosita and the other women who worked at the club were required to wear skimpy bodysuits and hot lingerie with fishnet stockings and sky high stiletto heels in full hair and makeup while serving drinks and were encouraged to flirt with the patrons to get them to gamble and buy more liquor. Daryl thought that she was the prettiest girl he’d seen in ages with a body to die for.

Several men in the club had their eyes on her that night but she flirted with Daryl all night and before he and his buddies left for the evening he got up the nerve to ask her for her number. They went out a few times after that and it soon became obvious to him that wherever they went, Rosita liked to be the center of attention, and she usually was, and it made him feel proud to have a gorgeous girl like her on his arm. Their mutual attraction to each other was intense and before long they were engaged in a torrid, highly sexual affair. Daryl became totally infatuated with her and occasionally splurged on expensive gifts for her but it was never enough. Rosita was used to dating rich guys she met at the club and although Daryl made good money from owning his own business he was a frugal spender most of the time, which meant he wasn’t rich and in her opinion, anything less than rich was a waste of her time. Despite holding a college degree, her goal in working at the club was to use her looks to snag a rich husband. Before long Rosita was only using Daryl until she got what she really wanted. She enjoyed sleeping with him however, and whenever she couldn’t have her way, she withheld sex and let him know in no uncertain terms that she knew a dozen other men who were dying for a little of her time and affection. Daryl always gave in to her, knowing that she wasn’t bluffing about the other men she knew who would happily give her whatever she wanted just to have her on their arm.

Despite her jealousy and explosive temper that he discovered over time, she easily had him wrapped around her little finger due to her beautiful smile and skills in the bedroom. Daryl tried his best to make it work to hang on to her, but she ended up dumping him for Spencer Monroe, junior CEO of Monroe Construction, one of Dixon Brothers’ biggest rivals in the business and they married not long after, leading him to believe that she’d been dealing with him behind his back all along (which she had off and on for well over a year.) Daryl felt jilted and the break-up had taken a toll on his heart and it took him several months to really get over her, not to mention it had somewhat shot his confidence with women all to hell. He stayed busy however, sometimes working 60 hours or more some weeks to avoid thinking about her and after a while his heart began to slowly heal. He promised himself that the next girl he went for had to have some real substance, not just a pretty face and a good lay. By that point, it had been around 8 months or so since the last time he'd gotten laid and he was beyond ready to get out there and start dating again. Problem was, he still had some lingering self-confidence issues and he'd been working so much lately that he rarely got out to even meet anyone. Michonne had said that her friend was single… and looking, and although he'd never seen her before he had a hunch that she was probably just as pretty as his friend said she was. Even though he looked at Michonne like a sister, he'd always thought that she was gorgeous and he knew from experience that pretty girls always ran in packs, so he was getting a little impatient to see the mysterious Carol for himself.