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"John, now that we are no longer at war, I believe it is time to complete our marriage."
"What do you mean, complete? Haven't we been through all the rituals yet?"
"Oh yes, that is all done. However, a family cannot consist of only two people. For Minbari, the number three is considered sacred, as you know."
"You mean it's time to try for a baby? Honey, I couldn't agree more!"
"Not a baby. That will come when it will come. Three is the proper number of adults in a household."
"...Adults? You want us to marry another person? You're not happy with us?"
“John, of course I am happy. Why would I want to complete our marriage if I was unhappy in it? Trust me; I have considered the matter carefully, and since in the human cultures where polygamy is practiced, there is generally one male and multiple females, I believe it would be best to add a woman. I was thinking about Ivanova.”
“Yes. You like her, do you not?”
“Well, yes, but… she's like a little sister to me! And besides, humans only marry one person!"
"In your place and time, yes, but that is only a small section of your culture. Besides, we are on Minbar now, and we should follow Minbari customs.”
“Delenn, I… I am really not comfortable with this!”
“Do not worry, dear. There is no need for you to be intimate with whoever we choose. It is enough that the person be a part of our family."
"Well, yes, she is that more or less already. But what if she wants to marry and start a family of her own? She has a right to fall in love just like we did."
"As I said, there is no need for you to be intimate with her. I believe she will be quite happy. You may trust me in this regard."