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Of Hearts and Darkness

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Uta was laying in a large soft bed, wearing only a skimpy pair of shorts. Black luscious silk sheets hugged his slim body, feeling like a caress against his skin. He was trying to control his nerves while waiting for his bed mate. On the other side of the room, various crew members were prepping for the scene. If there was one thing he had never imagined for himself, it was to be here - as an extra in a BUCK-TICK music video, required to have pretend sex with Atsushi, the lead singer. Who was currently in the bathroom, changing. Yikes. Uta bit his lip. He was only a small time, struggling actor, and he did not want to screw up a video of one of the biggest bands in the country, but he was just so incredibly nervous he felt sure he would do something wrong.

The door opened, and Uta swallowed. Atsushi emerged, in a pair of black briefs which showed off a rather nice package. He was staring at Uta as he made his way towards the bed, and the actor was reminded of a panther stalking his prey. He slid under the covers, and winked at Uta, making him blush furiously. The vocalist smirked, pleased with the result.

The director came up to them, going over the scene once again, making Atsushi do a trial round of the movements so they could set the focus for the cameras and make sure the lighting was ok. The young actor was blushing just from the first few touches, and it intrigued the vocalist. Sensitive, was he? And so, so beautiful.

“Okay, go!” yelled the director.

The music started, and Atsushi draped himself over the blushing body beneath him. His hands roamed over soft skin as he sang along with the music. One of Uta's legs was exposed, and Atsushi noticed it was a mighty fine leg. He ran his hand from Uta’s knee down his thigh, landing on his hip. He squeezed, and Uta arched his body up into Atsushi’s.

Fuck. That was gorgeous. Atsushi moved lower down, burying his face in Uta's little tummy. Uta threw his head back and moaned, and Atsushi was afraid he would come right then and there. When was the last time he had had such a reaction?

“Cut!” The director called out. “Good work! Very believable acting, it looks hot. Let me just check the footage and then we'll do another take."

Atsushi rolled off Uta, and could hear an exhale. Of relief? Disappointment? Maybe a bit of both? Either way, the younger man looked about to faint, and the musician decided to try to calm him a bit.

“You're doing good,” he smiled. “Just relax.”

Uta nodded, but didn't exactly look any calmer. When the director called for a retake, and then another one, and then another, Atsushi felt his pretend lover slowly turn to putty in his hands.

“Just one more, the shorts were showing in that last shot. And then we'll move in for some closeups, and then the new angle.” As the director chatted away, all Atsushi could think about was the blushing young man beneath him. In a moment of mischief, he let his hand brush over Uta's inner thigh, the one that was concealed beneath the covers so no one else would notice, and he was rewarded with a soft moan and an adorable blush. Before the shoot was done, he was completely captivated by this gorgeous creature.

After the director called cut for the last time, the assistant director shooed everyone out for a moment so the two could get dressed in peace. Uta was about to slip out of the bed when Atsushi caught his arm and pulled him back down. The young actor’s eyes widened. Atsushi wouldn’t let him get up? True, he didn’t really want to either, this had felt much better than he had thought, but still… The singer couldn’t have thought the same, could he? He was blushing profusely, too shy to say a word. He couldn’t even bring himself to look Atsushi in the eye.

And then the singer leaned in for a kiss that was definitely not meant for the cameras, and Uta gasped again as the older man’s fingers trailed softly over his skin. Could this be real, or was it just a joke to Atsushi? After all, this was a typical day for the vocalist. He saw gorgeous people all day long, so Uta couldn’t do anything but assume he was just another conquest. But still, it felt good, and strangely enough, it felt real. Should he pull away? Or give in to his own selfish desires? He didn’t want to be just another one in a row of people who just says yes to a celebrity, but god, it felt so damn good when Atsushi's fingers found his trembling thighs.

He whimpered at the feel of the other’s hands on him, scared to move, but eventually the longing got to be too much and he raised his hands and slid his fingers through Atsushi’s hair. It felt like silk beneath his fingers. Atsushi's lips were still pressed against his, softer than Uta had imagined, and soon, his tongue slipped into his mouth, drawing out another soft moan and taking the indecisiveness away.

And so, Uta gave in.

The kiss lasted a minute or two, and then Atsushi pulled back, studying the young man’s face. They were both immaculately styled for the shoot and the singer didn’t think he'd ever seen anyone more beautiful than Uta. He gave the younger man a smile before he leaned back in, the kiss hungrier this time, and Uta immediately yielded to him. Neither of them could believe it -  the overwhelming pleasure, the taste, the smell of each other. The heat and need was more than either of them had ever felt before, and they both felt it as they clung to each other desperately, afraid to let go. They needed to stay like this, wrapped up in each other, nothing else existing but pure pleasure of the five senses.

But in a short while, the camera crew would come back to pack up the set, and Atsushi knew they had to keep this to themselves. If it had been just an innocent flirt, he wouldn’t have minded showing it off to the world, playing up his reputation as the one who could get anyone he pointed at. But this wasn’t just a flirt, not to him, and even if Uta didn’t feel the same way (though he really hoped he did), he didn’t want to put the young actor in a position where he would be scandalized in the press for a fling with the singer. And so he pulled back, throwing a glance at the door that Uta quickly interpreted as ‘company’. Reluctantly, they let go of each other and got up, dressing slowly with constant breaks for kissing and touching.

Once they were dressed, Atsushi pulled Uta close, nibbling his neck while at the same time sliding the actor's phone from his back pocket. Uta blinked and looked at him confusedly, but Atsushi just smiled and dialled a number. In his back pocket, his phone started ringing, and just as Uta caught on, the older man gave him his phone back with a smirk. Before he could speak, they heard steps approaching outside. Atsushi cast a glance at the door. Could he make it? He took the chance, and leaned over for a last sensual kiss that left Uta breathless.

"Tomorrow, dinner, my place. I'll text you directions," he whispered in the younger man’s ear, just before the door slammed open and the crew started milling in again. As Atsushi was dragged away by his assistant, Uta was left standing there, still blushing and reeling from everything. What now?

. . . . .

Uta couldn’t decide if he wanted to go. He didn’t want to be discarded, which was bound to happen with a man like the popular vocalist. But at the same time, when would he ever have an opportunity like this again? After dithering most of the evening and the day after, the memory of Atsushi's lips and hands and body proved too much to resist, and Uta made a decision. He would take the chance, even if it was only for an evening.

Atsushi, on the other hand, was lost the moment they got in bed together. He was hopelessly sprung. His thoughts consisted only of Uta, even daydreaming about them holding hands for fuck's sake! His guitarist, Hide, realized something was up, and was able to coax the story out of his best friend. And laughed in Atsushi's face. The playboy, the irresistible Dark Prince whom everyone pursued, was nervous about dinner! Hide called their bass player Yutaka (who also just happened to be his boyfriend), right in front of Atsushi! The vocalist glared at the two betting on how long it would take before Uta moved in.

The night of the dinner, Atsushi was a nervous wreck. Hide came over to “help”, which meant lounging on the sofa with a beer. Atsushi had already changed clothes twice, and threw a pillow at Hide for suggesting he just open the door nude.

“Why not? It'd be sure to get his attention at least,” the guitarist grinned.

"Hide, get out now before I throw you over the balcony,” Atsushi growled, pointing at the door with a determined look on his face. No, he was adamant on doing this right. He was cooking a nice dinner, had bought expensive wine and fixed up the pace so it looked impeccable. If he was hoping for a repeat of yesterday later, after dinner, well who could blame him? But first, he wanted to show Uta that this was a real date, not just a booty call.

And too soon it was time, and the doorbell rang. Atsushi dried his sweaty palms on his pants and threw a last look at the place. He was as ready as he ever would be.

Uta took his breath away. Stunning in all black, hair pulled back, nervous but gorgeous dark eyes enhanced with smoky black. And suddenly, Atsushi felt underdressed, though he was in an extremely expensive suit.He smiled at the younger man, stepping aside to let him in. Uta stepped inside and looked around, eyes taking in the singer's apartment. Holy shit, it was big, and stylish to boot. He bit his lip and fidgeted, and Atsushi had to fight not to fuck him right there in the doorway. But he drew a deep breath before he took Uta's hand, kissed his fingers, and led him inside.

He tried to be suave, holding out the chair for Uta, serving the wine, making conversation. But too often he just found himself gazing dreamily at his date without speaking. It made Uta nervous. Was he boring? Too plain and ordinary for the upscale dinner? He did his best to converse and seem like he belonged in Atsushi's company, but he was too nervous. What was he even doing here? The singer was way out of his league!

After dinner, Atsushi started clearing their plates away, and Uta wondered if it was the older man's subtle way of saying the date was over, thanks but no thanks.

“Well, I should probably get going,” he started, slowly backing away towards the hallway.  “Thank you for a delicious dinner.”

Atsushi nearly panicked. In two seconds he was in the hallway. “No, wait,” he said before he stumbled on the words, not sure what to say that could make this gorgeous being stay in his company. And since his words failed him, he did the only thing he could think of to show Uta his feelings. He grabbed the actor and pushed him up against the wall, leaning in for a blistering kiss that made Uta's legs wobbly.

Uta was taken by surprise and reacted instinctively to the sudden attack of hot lips on his. Whimpering, he wrapped his arms around Atsushi's neck as he kissed the other back hungrily. Within a heartbeat, that overwhelming feeling from the video shot was back, need shooting through the both of them. Atsushi's hands slid down Uta's back and closed around a perky ass, and the actor soon maneuvered his legs up around the singer's waist. The older man lifted him easily, and, still kissing, carried him into his bedroom. The big bed was made up in dark red sheets, and lit candles everywhere gave the room a very distinct boudoir feeling. The couple was too wrapped up in each other to pay attention to such details. Atsushi put Uta down gently on the bed and removed his clothes slowly, as if he was unwrapping the most beautiful present. When he finally had him naked, right there in his bed, Atsushi just stared. Uta blushed, demure all of a sudden, and he tried closing his legs to try to cover up. Atsushi was having none of it.

"Don't," he whispered, putting a hand on Uta's thigh to keep it in place. "You're so gorgeous, the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Don't hide from me."

Uta tried not to smile - he was so sure Atsushi had said this countless times before. But no one had ever said it to him . Atsushi saw the little smile, and gave one of his own. And it just opened up his face and made him seem so honest. It surprised Uta, to see the other so soft and happy, and it filled his stomach with butterflies. Atsushi actually looked as if he meant it! Could he dare believe? His heart pounded hard in his chest when his new lover leaned down to kiss his naked chest.

Uta was soon swept up in emotion and pleasure. Atsushi drank from him as if he were dying of thirst, murmuring Uta's name as if it were a mantra. The actor bucked up against Atsushi, mewling, the need for more overwhelming. Atsushi seemed to find every sensitive spot, his every caress setting Uta on fire. It felt so good that his worries were momentarily wiped from his mind, and he gave in completely to the other.

Atsushi nearly couldn't handle it, this petite beauty, needy and begging for him. It was all he could do to keep himself from pounding into the little doll and having done with it. But no, that would not do. Atsushi was determined to give Uta the most pleasure, to have his body yearning for him. He was breathless with want, with NEED. The feeling was amazing, and he fought hard to control himself long enough for Uta to adjust to his fingers before he could start pounding into the willing body.

Atsushi carefully drove Uta to the edge and back, time and time again, until he knew that neither he nor Uta could take any more. And then, finally, he spread Uta's legs and positioned himself, giving the other a final desperate kiss before he slowly pushed into his lover. The pleasure was immense. Uta felt it all the way to his toes. He whimpered, clinging to Atsushi with his whole being, the sounds he was making driving Atsushi to move harder, faster.

It couldn't last. Not as riled up as they both were, not with the intensity of Atsushi's movements. Uta nearly screamed when Atsushi found his prostate and attacked it  mercilessly with hard thrusts. It didn't take long for Uta to come with a cry, his tiny frame arching into Atsushi's. The musician followed right after, the tightness on his cock and the look on Uta's face too much for him to handle. Atsushi breathed heavily and leaned his head on Uta's shoulder and enjoyed the warmth around his cock. He didn't want to pull out, he just wanted to stay like that forever - sated, happy and connected to this beautiful being in every way possible. He lifted his head and smiled down at Uta, and the younger man was amazed at how soft he looked.

Finally, infinitely slowly, Atsushi slid out of Uta with a slick pop. He went into the small bathroom to grab a warm cloth and clean himself off. Then he padded back into the bedroom and gently cleaned Uta before tossing the cloth back into the bathroom. Uta reluctantly started to slide out of bed, sure that now that they had done the deed, the singer would want him out of there. But before he could get anywhere, Atsushi grabbed him and pulled him to his chest, curling them into a little ball. He nuzzled Uta's throat, causing the other one to shiver.

"Stay with me," he whispered into Uta's neck. "You feel it too, don't you? How we're perfect for each other? I've never felt anything like this before. Stay with me."

Uta giggled. "Has that line ever worked on anyone else?"

Atsushi hugged him tighter. "I don't know. I've never said that to anyone before."

Uta snorted, giggling again. "Yeah, right," he said, the scepticism clear in his voice. And yet, deep inside, he wanted it to be true. He wanted to believe he could have this, because whatever it was, it made him feel like he was actually special, like he was loved. It might only be for this moment, for tonight, but right now he was loved and adored and beautiful.

Atsushi kissed the back of Uta's head. "I'll show you," he whispered. "I'll do whatever it takes."

Uta hummed noncommittally, but he let Atsushi hold him and reveled in the gentle caresses and soft kisses to his neck and hair.Atsushi felt when Uta's breathing evened out, and he smiled to himself as he closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.