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The Rise and Fall of Morgan Clark - A Call for Collaborators!

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Although I am just as committed as ever to my series Behind the Gloves, I have realized that the "big picture" story of Clark's rise and fall - a different story backgrounded in canon - may engage readers better (at least initially) than a project that dives right into Telepath history and culture.

Overall, I still intend to show how Telepath history is an intrinsic part of Earth Alliance history. As my friend put it in his comment to the Prologue:

"I love this work. The show leaves so many hints that the Corps' history is intrinsically linked with pivotal moments in EA's history, but they don't SHOW it. Bester provides a fascinating EXAMPLE of one tied into the history, but I'd always wondered why, with Telepathy so crucial to understanding the whole arc of the Shadow war and the civil war, we didn't get a broader picture of telepaths as a whole. I'm happy to find an author who cares about this omission as well!"

Most readers, however, haven't read the canon Psi Corps Trilogy books, and don't (yet) have a starting point as fans why they should care about this subject.

Based on my conversations with fans, I wonder if a book focusing on the rise and fall of Clark (a story that intersects already with the work of Behind the Gloves) may provide a better entry point for readers. I have the outline, and a very clear mental picture of the way this should go, but I've never written a Tragedy before.

Does this idea grab you?

Do you have lots of time?

Have you ever dreamt of writing MacBeth in Space? ^_^

Do you have no time to directly collaborate, but want to beta read and provide moral support?

Drop me a comment and a way to reach you!

I'm leaving the comments to this post open to non-AO3 people, because not all my readers have accounts.